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13 reasons why playlist

I made a playlist for a few characters from 13 reasons why. Not all of them have 13 tracks, but I tried my best lol. Feel free to add on / edit, but give credit :))

Better than me - The brobecks
All of the drugs - The brobecks
Make me wanna die - the pretty reckless
The cold - exitmusic
Time to say goodbye - twenty one pilots
Breathe me - Sia
When the story ends (piano) - the fray
Nothing - the script
Unsteady - X Ambassadors
Goner - Twenty one pilots
You found me - The fray
I gave you all - Mumford and sons
Empty - the click five

Get on the road - tired pony
Always on my mind - Elvis
If I could fly - one direction
Love you all along - La strada
All I want - kodaline
Turning page - sleeping at last
Angel - theory of a dead man
Johnny boy - twenty one pilots
I found - amber run
Talking to the moon - Bruno Mars
Six feet under - Billie Eilish
Hurts like hell - Fleurie
Terrible love - birdy

She’s so mean - matchbox twenty
Primadonna girl - marina and the diamonds
When you were young - the killers
You’re such a - Hailee Steinfeld
All the boys- panic! at the disco
Down - Jason walker
You don’t own me - Grace ft. G-eazy
When you’re gone - Avril Lavigne
Never say never - the fray
Photograph - ed Sheeran
Oceans - Seafret
Total eclipse of the heart - sleeping at last
Lovesick fool - the cab

My life - billy joel
Gotta get away - the black keys
How could I have known - Keaton Henson
Six degrees of separation - the script
Not over you - Gavin DeGraw
If you’re gone - matchbox twenty
Breaking inside - shinedown
Jet black heart - 5 seconds of summer
Heartless - the fray
Look after you - the fray
Screen - twenty one pilots
Blue - troye sivan ft. Alex hope
Call me - shinedown

Broken - Lund
Golden - fall out boy
Teenage dirt bag - Wheatus
What a catch, donnie - fall out boy
How’s it gonna be - third eye blind
Yellow - coldplay
Truce - twenty one pilots
Not about angels - birdy
This is gospel (piano) - panic! At the disco
Drown - bring me the horizon
Better than me - hinder
21 guns - Green day
The funeral - band of horses  

Bulletproof heart - my chemical romance
Dirty little secret - the all American rejects
Take care - Beach house
Don’t dream it’s over - crowded house
Ends of the earth - lord Huron
The scientist - coldplay
Lullaby - nickelback
Build a home - the cinematic orchestra
Mercury - sleeping at last
How to save a life - the fray
Rewind - Paolo Nutini
Fake your death - my chemical romance
Heroes - David Bowie

Same mistake - James Blunt
Don’t like you anymore - the brobecks
Ghosts that we knew - Mumford and sons
Sleeping pills - the brobecks
I’m not okay - my chemical romance
Taken by sleep - Tyler joseph
Cut the cord - shinedown
Semiautomatic - twenty one pilots

Mr. Brightside - the killers
Bully - shinedown
Gives you hell - the all American rejects
I will follow you - Tolouse
Reject - shinedown
Teenagers - my chemical romance

Saturn - sleeping at last
If I die young - the band perry
Far too young to die - panic! at the disco
Losing your memory - ryan star
Far away - nickelback

Kissed a girl - katy perry
Secret love song - little mix
You’ve got to hide your love - Brian Epstein
subluxate, dislocate, replace - Sovin - Les Misérables - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Les Misérables - All Media Types
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Joly/Bossuet Laigle/Musichetta
Characters: Joly (Les Misérables), Bossuet Laigle, Musichetta (Les Misérables), Grantaire (Les Misérables), Les Amis de l'ABC
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Disabled Character, Friendship, Chronic Illness, Found Family, Family Issues

Chronic illness is hard, is lonely, is exhausting. Joly isn’t used to being believed or supported, though he’s used to hard and unrelenting work. The friends, those are a surprise. So is the self-trust. He’s working on it.

MUST WATCH: Running Man Episodes

here are some episodes of Running Man that I’ve watched and found amazing! (I don’t know the names of some of the episodes so I’ll just put the guest stars!)

Running Man Episodes: not in order
184: Winter Olympics
19: Nichkhun 
 84: Big Bang vs. Running Man
85: Big Bang’s Revenge 
 156: 2NE1, Taeyang
 236: Real Man Competition 
 209: New Idols vs. Original Idols vs. Running Idols
 201: Running Man Idol Wars
 211: 1470 Race pt. 1
 212: 1470 Race pt. 2
 240: Make Big Nose The Winner
 225: The Technician Race
 163: GD, Seungri, and Daesung
 233: Hidden Gemstones
 51: Nichkhun, Minjung
 104: Nichkhun, Yonghwa, Eunhyuk, DooJoon, SiWan, LeeJoon
195: Athletic Idols
 250: TOP, Taeyang, Daesung, GD
 36: Daesung, Yonghwa
 192: Camping pt.1 
 193: Camping pt.2 Civil vs. Mafia 
 194: Camping pt.3 Civil vs. Mafia
 205: Dormitory Rent Battle
 213: It’s Ok We’re Heirs
 178: Running Man vs. PD
 188: Australia pt.1 
 189: Australia pt.2
 191: Australia pt.3
 140: Running Man Virus
 73: Younghwa, and 9 Dragons
 75: Minho, Sulli
271: 100 vs 100 pt.1
 272: 100 vs 100 pt. 2

these are some episodes that made me laugh the most, hope you check them out.


fangirl challenge: [1/10] tv shows
       ↳ running man (2010 - ongoing)

“The Running Man team is very much like a family and I’m happy to have gained another family besides my own.”

When a good man goes to war…

Poem originally from Doctor Who, however when applied to the narrative of Nino as Le Paon against his will, i found it incredibly fitting :) 

Demons Run

Demons run when a good man goes to war.

Night will fall and drown the sun,

When a good man goes to war.

Friendship dies and true love lies,

Night will fall and the dark will rise,

When a good man goes to war.

Demons run, but count the cost.

The battle’s won but the child is lost.

Song version here (they swap two of the lines, but its musically very nice) 

original idea and suit design by @tides-miraculous, art by me ^u^


The first three people in the world to drop a shuttlecock from the Great Wall of China (E61)

H. “If there are trees, are there forests?”

R. “Oh yes, in fact we’ll be traveling through one soon- the largest of all, as it happens- but you must be very quiet there.”

H. “Quiet?”

R. “Mm- you see, that is where trees go to think, and to share their deepest, biggest thoughts with one another. That is why all forests are so quiet; so that the trees can speak.”

miyukills  asked:

Hi hiii~!!!! I love your posts so much xD they make my day! I would love to see more of your iris AU! Especially poor mochi being teased by the cute couple about the arrows on their heads >3<

hi youuuu u3u~

aaah thank you so much!! im so glad that there are people who still support this au hehe. here ya go, a lil smth:

(mochi’s shirt changed halfway sorry haha)

Pencere kenarında dinlenen parçalı bulutlu şarkıların listesini yapayım dedim. İşte aklıma geldiğince.

cute first date idea

“Cute first date idea: hand to hand combat”

requested by anonymous

“Colton. Get in the cabinet.” You hiss, hearing the car pull up. His eyes go wide, and you open the cabinet door. He climbs in, and grabs a towel to hold against his mouth, to keep quiet. You give him a frantic look, images of the past flickering behind your lids.

“You know the rule. If I don’t get you by the time you count to 20,000, you run. Quietly, and invisible.”

“Quiet and invisible.” He says with his familiar lisp. You smile, and cup his cheek for a fraction of a second.

Men dragging you from your camp. Burning it to the ground. Using you as Z bait.

You made a vow, on the day you escaped, to never go back there. To keep Colton safe.

You’ll die before they get him.

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[Cnetz] Chanyeol Back to Black Hair

(note: comments beginning with an *asterisk are from actual Chanyeol fans)

[+645] Even though I’m a VIP, EXO really has some exceptional visuals. Chanyeol’s facial features are so harmless and innocent, too handsome. It seems his ears and nose are also blessed.

[+613] As a non-fan, I think he is the most handsome one in EXO. Seriously.

[+484] Park Chanyeol is so beautiful!!! Though my love for GD-oppa is stronger than gold, I still have to admit Park Chanyeol is really really really really handsome!!!

[+443] Non-fan is attracted, (he’s) really good looking.

[+439] *You said the same thing when he had grey hair. So the conclusion is that his visual is over the roof no matter what. lol the dignity of EXO’s visual.

[+369] (Just) a casual fan quietly saving the first three pictures…….

[+352] His visual is over the roof regardless of his hair color okay? You have to agree with that

[+340] I like him a lot among EXO members. I think he’s super cute.

[+336] I haven’t paid attention to any K-Pop star for a long time. But Chanyeol is really very handsome!!!!

[+320] *His hair color does not affect his visual at all

[+312] His visual is getting even better day by day. I’m addicted, even though I’m only a casual fan.

[+297] *Chanyeol in black hair gives a cool aura~ it makes you feel a refreshing breeze in the hot summer, so soothing. Chanyeol could have very strong and powerful aura, but he could also be a refreshing and sunny boy. He could switch between these two characters freely.

[+295] Anyway, I fell for him the first time I laid my eyes on him in END, he’s really handsome. I even wondered why I didn’t notice him before, such a handsome guy, when I watched Running Man. I just found out later that he was not there. Otherwise, I might’ve fallen for him much earlier. I’m such a hopeless visual mania.

[+275] *Over the roof~ be safe in the jungle our Chanyeol-ah, you could do good this time.

[+ 272] Ever since I saw you playing with Seojun in Return of Superman, I’ve eventually begun to like you. Fighting!

[+265] This visual is over the roof

[+ 237] My impression for EXO was just a K-Pop group that people always compared with TFboys. END made me want to know more about you. Dating Alone made me go crazy for you. A concert had you occupying my entire heart. You actually are “Park Chanyeol, a smile that fascinates an entire city”

[+217] *His visuals are constantly over the roof. This post is so accurate. Park chan-chan good night. Please return safely after filming Laws of the Jungle.   

[+193] *As long as you are healthy, any hair is good. Chanyeol fighting in the jungle

[+176] *It’s an unarguable fact that his visual is over the roof. But hair color does not have much impact on his visual because our Yeol looks good in any hair color ok? He is gorgeous in pre-white/grey hair eras too! But i still love my black haired chan-chan the most. It’s not because he looks like a 3 year-old, as loveable as a senior, as beautiful as an elf, as charming as a phantom (Chel’s note: the original word for this is 妖孽, which directly translates to evildoer. In the context of ancient Chinese fantasy tales, a 妖孽 is often beautiful/handsome, a trait they often used to seduce victims - usually men, because 妖孽 is often depicted as a seductive and alluring woman. Not to worry, the comment means good!), but because black hair is best for his health. We don’t need to worry about him any more!

[+181] This kid is really good looking

[+159] *Chanyeol looks super handsome in black hair otteokhae? So handsome

[+140] *Of course, he is handsome no matter what

[+130] *Yeol is handsome and cute


[+129] Really wish he wouldn’t change his hair color any more. My heart will hurt

[+42] Always thought he’s the most handsome and natural one in EXO

[+30] My personal opinion: when they just debuted, every one looked good. Chanyeol however, didn’t stand out that much. But as time goes by, I got aesthetic fatigue from other members’ visuals (and you have to admit some of them do not look as good as before). Chanyeol on the other hand is getting more handsome and his visuals make you feel more comfortable now. I’m purely a non-fan.

[+29] Non-fan. I think Chanyeol is the most handsome one in EXO.

[+26] Seriously, his visuals could beat any group

[+20] Even though I’m a VIP, EXO really has several really handsome boys. Of course I like Chanyeol the most among them.

[+18] Damn, his handsomeness makes me vulnerable

[+17] Speaking as a non-fan, he looks naturally handsome. I mean, his handsomeness is purely natural, harmless, green and totally won’t make you think of plastic surgery.

[+16] As a VIP, I’m trapped by EXO’s visual. It upsets me so much recently seeing VIPs and EXO-Ls fighting every day.

[+18] He shouldn’t have come down (tn: from fairyland lmao) too early in the first place

[+16] Even though I’m a VIP, this kid is really good looking. I’ve always thought so.

[+16] *Chanyeol has a male god’s look in my eyes. I couldn’t stop myself from loving him.

[+14] I think the most handsome one in EXO is Chanyeol. Non-fan.

[+14] I, as an Inspirit, couldn’t hold myself anymore. Seriously visuals over the roof. Chanyeol-ah~

[+10] Damn, damn, I’m becoming his visual fan.

[+10] “His look could shake the universe.” I’m commenting in a K-Pop journalist’s tone.

[+10] As a hardcore fan of Kaijun Wang (tn: member of TFboys), I sometimes see Chanyeol’s pictures in the Hot Weibo Posts board… I have to say… Chanyeol… really… has god visuals… I’m not interested in Korean stars at all but…… I quietly saved the last three pictures…… I’ve been attacked by Chanyeol’s visual s for an entire day today….

[+12] Damn, as a non-fan, I’d like to say Chanyeol’s handsomeness is very clean and neat.

[+9] Indeed a lot of people agree that he is the most handsome one in EXO, right? His visuals make you feel very comfortable.

[+8] I’m being forced to become a fan of EXO by chanyeol’s visuals.

[+6] His! Visual! Is! Too! Good!

[+6] What? (You saying that) His visuals aren’t over the roof with other hair colors?!

[+7] OMG, I just passed by, but I’m shocked

[+7] His visual is over the roof with any hairstyle. There is nothing you can do about it. His face is too beautiful.

[+7] Non-fan; (I) think he’s the most handsome one, and he has that height!! Seriously!!

[+7] I just checked EXO’s video when there were 12 members. As a non-fan, I think he is the most handsome one.

[+ 6] I just want to say one thing… Why didn’t I notice his handsomeness when I watched EXO before?

[+4] I didn’t find him very handsome before. But why is he becoming more and more handsome now?

Translation by: Genie


You say “Darling am I a chore?”
        I said I know you love me, I am loving you more.

{ giants - bear hands // texas - magic man // smile - mikky ekko // be your shadow - the wombats // rollercoaster - bleachers // killer whales - smallpools // miracle - ghost beach // fourth of july - fall out boy // campfire - staellite stories // im good - the mowgli’s // street fight - smallpools // waves - magic man // isabel - the wombats // i found - amber run // love letter - lisa mitchell // coward - hayden calnin // butterfly culture - benjamin francis leftwich // firestone - kygo, canrad sewell }

– { playlist }