and i forgot wtf

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about F being almost bj’s waist height, even if she is leaned back she’s actually in creeper platform shoes, so this kid is literally almost as long as her legs AND platform shoes wow louis prob wasn’t even that tall until he hit puberty wtf

skjdhkshdsjkd true i forgot she’s wearing plataform shoes it’s even funnier

me, discovering a kpop group : oh so many members it’s too bad i can’t memorize all their names

the following day : *knows the fanchant backwards, can name each member by looking at their toes, has multiple otps, has written 22 fanfictions of each, knows each member’s killing part, knows the choreography of each song, has seen all their stages + the behind the scenes of each, knows all the members’ hair colors through the years and has been biaswrecked 793518 times*