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SKITTLES~ A headcanon for when the RFA + Saeran keep losing video games against MC? Are they bitter about it, or congradulate her/him? I need to knoooow >~<

I can relate to this cause MY COUSIN ALWAYS BEATS ME AT MARIO KART AND I HATE IT. Like, I always win against my dad and brother, and I’m happy when my other cousins win, BUT I GET SO MADE WHEN ONE OF MY COUSINS BEATS ME AT IT. LIKE, WHY, I’M SEMI GOOD AT THIS GAME, I SHOULD’T BE IN 11th PLACE!


•He’s a mixed between happy for you and sad.

•Like, he’s really happy that you won! It’s always fun when you’re evenly matched with someone. It’s just that..


•He does get happy for you, though! Just not when you beat him at something that he was trying to beat for days…


•All I’m going to say are two words: Just Dance.

•Zen doesn’t play video games much, but he will with you. He expects you to beat him at them since he doesn’t play them often, and is happy when you do.

•Except when it’s Just Dance.

•He gets SO COMPETITIVE when you play Just Dance.

•His career involves dance, so of course, he’s going to be a bit salty when he looses.

•And by a bit, I mean a lot.

•He always apologizes after, though.


•Honestly, I think Jaehee secretly loves video games.

•She just doesn’t play them often because of work, but when she does, she tries to not play them for too long.

•She’s EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE, but the good kind of competitive, you know what I mean?

•She always congratulates you when you win a game and vise versa.

•Playing video games is one of her favorite things to do with you because there’s usually bickering going on, but you both mean well and it’s all in good fun. These are things that Jaehee thinks are essential and she’s glad that there’s something that you can do together that’s not only fun, but unintentionally keeps your relationship healthy. (Wow, I didn’t expect to be writing something that’s actually pretty good advice. Play video games with your s/o, kids, it keeps your relationship healthy)

Jumin Han:

•Yeah, he expected you to beat him.

•Yes, he owns video game consoles (that I forgot the name of, oops. I know one is Gray Station, but I forgot what the other one’s called), but that doesn’t mean that he knows how to use them.

•I mean, come on, the man doesn’t know how to use a vending machine, how on earth is he supposed to know how to use a gaming console.

•He doesn’t play videos with you often, but when he does, he always looses and congratulates you.


•He gets salty about it.

•His entire career has to do with technology, it’s like a stab to his pride.

•Though he complains about the stupidest things.


•Yeah, video games are always a blast with him…


•Surprisingly, Saeran’s a really good sport whenever you beat him.

•And I mean a REALLY good sport.

•Like, smiling and complimenting you, good sport.

•He thinks it’s boring when someone keeps loosing against him. He likes that every round is a surprise, seeing as the winner switches every time you two play video games.

•Saeyoung’s jealous.

•"How come you don’t throw the controller at her head!“ "Well, one, she doesn’t scream "I, the God of games, has beaten you once again, suck it.” every time she wins. Two, unlike you, I actually like her.“ "I HAVE BEEN BETRAYED BY MY OWN TWIN BROTHER.” “Now you know how I’ve felt for ten years.”

What the ever loving fuck is wrong with you people?

You people  You Antis, NST, Truthers, Haters, wtfer name you want to be called or are called. You people. You know I’m talking to you @noshippingallowed @contemplatingoutlander @goldenoutlander @adhara112 @aliceinoutlanerland (oops you forgot the d in outlander. get a d.) @whylimewhyanything (put the lime in the coconut) @whoreallyknowswho (it’s whom! whom! unless you just forgot to finish your sentence) @prodigiousreblogger @bestof60 (are you 60?) @vividdreamer318 (your imagination is certainly leading you astray) @breezylouisey (is that you weezy?) @momofmusa (i thought you were mom of USA lol)  @alittlebitmasss (oops your s key got stuck)
Anyway, there are more of you and I’m sorry I didn’t give you a moment of thrill by acknowledging you by name but I mentioned the Tumblr accounts that I’ve seen making horrendously wild, hateful, fictional, hurtful accusations against other Outlander fans with no speck of proof - accusations meant to inspire others to emulate you and spread hate to those people as well. Let me get this straight. From what I can tell, you are super hopping mad about the content of certain Twitter and Instagram accounts. Fine. Totally fine. You are entitled to your opinions. I can see why those accounts might make some people mad. I mean, irrelevant to my life but maybe not yours.  You are mad that certain Twitter and Instagram accounts have been created for the sole purpose of throwing shade and mocking a certain celebrity you hold in high esteem. I get that. Fine. Be outraged! Express yourselves!!
Speaking of fine I know you will go through this post with a fine toothed comb for anything you can argue with and attack me over because god forbid you actually read the message, digest the information, thoughtfully consider the content and then share your thoughts and opinions and maybe answer some of my questions. Nope that’s not your style. Attack attack attack half-cocked and don’t put any thought or concern for reality into it. Yes you are the borg of Antis as the foil to the Shippers. I didn’t create that world, you did. You wanted to be the anti-shippers. You are gathered on Tumblr together to be this Anti-Shipper fighting army. Go forth and fight uhh I guess? WHY???? 
See, shippers are motivated by love. That’s really obvious. There are all types of shippers just as there are all types of people (and even all types of antis), but what brings them together is not just their love of Outlander (and you guys love Outlander too! Whee we have something in common) but their love of the LOVE parts of Outlander and all the LOVE associated with Outlander in promos, BTS, interviews, Q&As, social media banter between the cast and crew, etc. LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE. So you generally don’t see shippers on social media attacking people with hatred and lies and accusations of criminal activity. Wait wait wait. Correction! YOU see shippers doing those things but no one else does. You mostly see shippers doing those things with accounts that aren’t even recognized shipper names. They are basically troll accounts that you have deduced are shipper accounts. You do have these long convoluted narratives of what certain shippers are alleged to have done and you bandy them about so frequently that your telephone game grows legs and walks it’s own marathon and becomes some weird beast-mode attack shipper who does horrible things. You say you SAW these things but you haven’t. Show me a tweet, a facebook post, an instagram post from an Outlander fan who identifies herself as a shipper and has a known persona in the fandom and is attacking, hating, committing these horrendous crimes you claim. What I mean is, SHOW ME THE MONEY! SHOW ME PROOF to back up your narrative. You have specifically named a number of Outlander fans and made outrageous claims as to their character, behavior, beliefs, actions, off-line actions and more. YOU HAVE NO PROOF BECAUSE THESE STORIES ARE FICTION.
I’ll give you an example of how your lies have grown wings, run a marathon and turned into beast-mode:
So a certain blue check account posts that a certain object of your hatred and hate-mongering did something so illegal that she would have been arrested and would still be in jail. You all headnod, mouth breath, feel righteous for having attacked her because you were soooo right, bang away at your keyboards and continue the lies and hatred and stoke the fires for uhhh fun? Yet you all know that she isn’t in jail and couldn’t have done this highly illegal thing because you watch her every move and you saw her posting pics of herself just last weekend participating in a fitness event. Hmmmm. Are you collectively dumbing each other down with your groupthink or all you all that stupid? YOU KNOW IT’S A LIE. But you’ve all convinced each other it’s ok to lie about it, malign, spread hatred and misinformation about certain fans and tarnish their reputation in the fandom because… because? because why??? Help me out here. So it’s because someone has said rude bad things to an actress you believe is Sam Heughan’s girlfriend even though he has never once said so. You BELIEVE it so it’s your reality. And the fans that you malign? You do that because they believe something else. But the weirdest thing is that you do malign them by tossing out totally unfounded and false accusations about their behavior and ascribe all kinds of unsavory activities, motives, and behaviors to these fans you have chosen to malign. You do the thing to them that you so claim to hate they are doing to the objects of your admiration. 
I’m still working on this and I still need your help. So because you BELIEVE that two actors are dating and BELIEVE that it’s wrong that internet trolls make claims that they are not and some internet trolls say really rude things and tag them, you feel fully justified in making claims that the trolls are not just trolls but actual recognizable Outlander fans. Are you like shippers of trollworld or something? 
I’ll just come right out and say it. Kim Hickey is not behind any of those trolls accounts you claim she is. I know this and you know this. You know which accounts are legitimately hers because she identifies herself. You are even attacking her My Peak Challenge account that she posts inspirational memes and encourages people to donate to Bloodwise. Are you for fucking real? You’re attacking a charity endeavor in your blind hatred of…. hatred of who fucking knows.  Even if you didn’t know she wasn’t behind the troll accounts, you absolutely have no basis for claiming she is. You are making shit up and publicly proclaiming it as truth just like that thing that Shippers do that you claim to hate.  Also, let’s talk about me:  I am a public person online. I don’t hide behind cutesy names. You can look me up and it won’t even be doxing me because it’s all right there, isn’t it? I have no sock accounts. I put my name on all my accounts because I own what I say and share. This tumblr account was created in the middle of last summer as a parody of Starz Obsessable campaign therefore it did not need my name on it. I never had a Tumblr account before that and I have never even sent anons on Tumblr. I never pretended I was anyone else or made any attempt to be anyone else. I posted freely about myself and my life when it was topical, including photos of myself. If you were like BINGO I’m such a supersleuth I figured out who is behind that blog!! you’re not smart or observant. It was obvious. The thing is, though, shippers didn’t know who I was. Not because they didn’t know who was behind “Obsessive Sassenach” but because they didn’t know who Nipuna was. Isn’t that funny? One of the Outlander fans on the top of your BAD SHIPPER LIST WHO MUST BE EXTERMINATED list isn’t even known by other shippers. What makes me a shipper? Just that I have heart eyes for Sam and Cait and think they have chemistry and oh wait, whoah, ZOMG, Arthur Kade thinks that too. Josh Horowitz does too! and ummmm ummmm that one lady at TCA that one year and that one book author who was on the NYT best seller list and you know I could go on. It’s not a crime to be fully happy to enjoy Sam and Caitriona’s chemistry. And if that makes me a shipper, yay. But the only reason I’m actually a known component of the shipper community now is because you guys have dragged my name around and created ridiculous lies about me. It’s like I’m some sort of Shipper Legend (to you, not shippers) who does these super crazy Shipper things in AntiLand. Remember the grave story that was created by one of you weirdos because a family friend of mine who is a caretaker for a military graveyard in the USA was friends with Sam’s father? You guys turned it into: That Crazy Shipper Nipuna stalks Sam’s father’s grave in hopes of running into him and Caitriona making a baby on his dad’s grave in Scotland. Or something like that. Anyway, tour bus guides in Scotland think there are crazy Outlander fans who stalk Sam at his father’s grave but if they stop to think they realize they don’t even know if he has a grave or if it’s even in Scotland. 
You’re maligning the whole fucking fandom you freaks! You’re creating these outrageous, convoluted piece of fiction because you are all worked up about uhh something and then you tag other nasty people and get them to repeat the stories and then the stories get embellished and repeated and you sit back and watch the telephone game continue. But don’t you realize that you’re fucking the whole thing up for yourselves too? I mean, I guess not if you like chaos and mayhem. But most of you profess to care about people being nice and kind and cry out that bullying is bad and wrong. But then you do just that when you pick an Outlander fan and create detailed and convoluted lies about her behavior.  The people you lie about know they are lies, sure. And lots of other people know they are lies and ignore you, but you repeat the lies over and over and you know that saying about how if you repeat a lie often enough people will start to believe you. So you repeat and repeat and then sit back and with self satisfied smiles. Or maybe it’s just that your mouth is open because you’re breathing through it. Whatever. I don’t know your motives. I don’t know what attracts you to fan the way you do. I don’t know what fulfills you. I know it’s not LOVE. But do you even know? Are you just running around half-cocked and brainless and letting yourselves be lied to? What gives? Can you help me understand why you are constantly naming and targeting certain people and pointing others to attack them and if that doesn’t work creating stories that will hopefully motivate them to attack? WHY???

Stucky is cute, staron is cute, clintasha is cute, romanogers is cute, samsteve is cute, sambucky is cute, scarletwidow is cute, Sam x Nat is cute, natsharon is cute, steggy is cute, scarletamerica is cute, winterwitch is cute, brucenat is cute, pepperony is cute, scarletvision is cute, Tony x Rhodey is cute, t'chucky is cute, they’re all cute!

What’s not cute is leaving hate in the tags or spreading negativity about a particular ship for no valid reason, so let’s all just please try to not bring others down, and spread some more positivity and love in the fandom (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Praying for all of our followers in Florida, Cuba, and Puerto Rico (sorry if I forgot to name a few other places). If you can please evacuate before Hurricane Irma hits! It’s category five & is expected to be worser than Hurricane Katrina. AND on top of that another hurricane is forming behind it, Hurricane Jose. It’s expected to hit 36-48 hours after Irma. Stay safe y'all! Help others in need & don’t stay in your home trying to protect things that can be replaced! -A


listen, I know it’s cliche as hell but dammit, I worked on this for almost a month,,I think, it’s cause the background mostly, it’s why I took foreverrrr to finish this,,,also let’s ignore the sloppy rain

but anyways yeah, I haven’t mention the guy in the green flannel hoodie yet cause I’m workin on him and some other stuff but for rn I’ll let ya’ll know his name is Ethan and then there’s Rex who’s a talented dork who’s upset over somethin,,maybe a debut went wrong? I dunno, it’s up for debate

seriously tho, I love this ship, I even made a “rex is jessica rabbit” thing like a few weeks ago,, help m e 

oops, almost forgot to- @etherealpoison there! rex belongs to himmm (follow him for ocs that’ll take over your life!)


Itacho Sushi (Bugis Junction)

#B1-05 Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, Singapore 188021

Mon - Thu: 11:00 - 22:00 | Fri - Sat: 11:00 - 11:00 | Sun: 11:00 - 22:00

First try at Itacho, having heard good reviews from friends. Tried mainly the sushi, Aburi Salmons and the two rolls. We really liked the the sweet and spicy mixed sashimi roll (oops i forgot the name) - must try if you’re not a purist! It was a interesting taste that got us wanting more. The other roll was good too, but seemed more ordinary in comparison. The aburi salmons were good - but not too outstanding or different.

Just by Bugis MRT, and really good atmosphere and good food - what’s there not to like! 

Food: 4.5/5 | Ambience: 4/5 | Location: 5/5 | Price: $$$ ($20-30) - honestly depends on how much you eat

So that Anti-Anti-Johnlock post is going around and I just...
  • Johnlock: So you're homophobic and denying the fact that these two men love each other.
  • Anti-Johnlock: I just ship Sherstrade/Johnstrade/Holmecest/Johncroft/Anderlock/literally anything else.
  • Johnlock:
  • Anti-Johnlock: Not to mention the toxicity of their relationship on BBC Sherlock puts me off a bit.
  • Johnlock: So you're homophobic.
  • Anti-Johnlock: What did I just say.

what i want in season 3 of stranger things:

jopper happens, complete with jokes about will being mike’s brother in law now.

eleven goes to see eight (i forgot her actual name oops) again BUT SOMEHOW CONVINCES HER TO REFORM

dumb cute and innocent mileven stuff

eleven and max open up to each other and become friends

max’s brother bill gets a ton of character development like steve did while that douche of a stepfather somehow gets killed

all the kids have chances to be friends and be happy together without any of them being hurt/gone/etc

steve fully heals from his heartbreak and finds someone else (mAYBE eight?!  idk how their chemistry would be but??? it’s a interesting concept????)

Guess who had a baby?

Meet Michi Manabe.

But no one cares about that, cause next chapter WE’RE GOING TO MUTSUKI’S HOUSE. AWWW SNAP SON GET HYPE!!!!!$&&!!!?$)??@&&!!!!!!!!!!


Now I’m not getting my hopes up, since Takaya-san did state that Yuki and the others WONT be making an apparence waaaaay before Another made its debut. But it’s like…c'mon fam. Show me like…the backside of Yuki’s head. Lol

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Ooh! Remember that one doodle of Gold and his bf with the caption "when you're a skinny tol/strong smol" and Gold is carrying (wtf his name is cuz i forgot)? Grump and not-so-grump version of that plz!PLZZZZZZZ!


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Do Otto for the tag thing :)

Full Name: Otto. He doesn’t have a last name (Since that’s not a lago thing, apparently.)

Gender and Sexuality: Male and gay af.

Pronouns: He, they.

Ethnicity/Species: Space Lagomorph.

Birthplace and Birthdate: B’eel and I forgot the date oops.

Guilty Pleasures: Overworking, working, work. You get my idea.

Phobias: Sickness, was afraid of loving others.

What They Would Be Famous For: His mechanic skills!

What They Would Get Arrested For: Maybe for punching some poor loser who made him angry.

OC You Ship Them With: Cocky from @askcocky <3

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: So far??? None :o

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Mystery and Poetry!

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Main girl character always falling in love with the main male character.

Talents and/or Powers: Kinetic intelligence (Basically can do anything with his hands like building or playing instruments with ease.) and spiritual magic.

Why Someone Might Love Them: They are cute and pretty awkward but once you know him you know he’s a good guy <3

Why Someone Might Hate Them: He can be cold and might look down on you, but that’s only after you happen to offend him in some way.

How They Change: Otto didn’t want to grow closer to people after losing his whole family, in fear of having to lose more. He changed when Cocky came and learned to lower his walls.

Why You Love Them: Otto is one of the characters with the most story here on Tumblr I dare say- he’s been on countless adventures and he’s grown a lot from where he started. It’s funny because I only wanted to draw a Sam and Max OC after seeing Cocky-mun’s blog, but since the design got a lot of positive feedback, I couldn’t stop myself from making a blog <3

your name is forever written in ink [the soulmate au]

Special thanks to @sticks-and-mints for coming up with this title for me! It’s awesome, and you’re awesome <3

Summary: Soulmate AU where they have each other’s name tattooed on their body from a young age. Percabeth.

Percy’s POV:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Annabeth’s POV:

Part 1 |

I have a generic soulmate AU tag right here that has all of the parts plus my other soulmate AU right here! Also, new parts are coming to this fic when I get out of school next week!