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So, I just got done watching the livestream fundraiser for hurricane victims. They raised over 100k!! GR8 JORB GUYS!!!

In all, it was a fuckin’ gas. I was thoroughly entertained all day, what a roller coaster. BUT THE LAST FIVE FUCKING MINUTES OF IT, THE STANCHEZ DUET

i don’t ship stanchez (sorry y’all, I’m a Rickford kinda chick) but god dammit that was glorious. SOMEONE, FOR THE LOVE OF RICK, PLEASE ANIMATE IT. I eagerly await our fandom’s enthusiasm to unleash all over this fuckin’ stream.

here’s a few of my personal favorite highlights:

  • fuhgebadobit
  • “Yeah I’d like to get a refund for this prayer?”
  • homedude got FACE MACED
  • Justin randomly babbling as Rick and or Morty
  • Alex’s surprisingly good Morty impression
  • Justin’s drunken eye spoon adventure
  • Morty legitimately getting a prayer for Rick????? lmaooo (Also she definitely called him Mharti hahhh)
  • Harvey the hawk
  • the Stanchez duet
  • Stan calling Rick honeypants

There was so much more. Everybody please call the prayer line at Joel Osteen’s church and pray for Beatrix at your earliest convenience.

anonymous asked:

(1/2)Interesting viewon the anon question about mary and the boys working together. But I think there is even more to it. First af all the Alpha is a loose end from season seven that definitely needs some kind of wrap up. The other thing is: There are other monsters who can live without killing humans we have kate and garth as werewolves, this kitsune chick who only killed once to save her son and this things in the episode Donna was introduced. But vampirers are the only ones who can be cured.

(2/2) So concidering that they killed humans in episode nine and this girl (I forgot her name) in episode 4 what would they do to a newly turned vampire even if the boys told them the vampire could be cured

Yeah… I don’t think the alpha being loose has really been a priority considering the bigger issues they’ve had to deal with since s7. I’m not even sure he would’ve ever come back up on the Winchesters’ radar had the BMoL not interfered. Sam and Dean don’t just seek out monsters to kill because they exist, you know?

The family business isn’t just “hunting things.”

And yes… there are other monsters that can live without killing humans, and that has long been a theme on the show It’s just in the episodes that have had vampires as monsters of the week, the current plot themes that were being delved into tended to deal with “the monstrosity of humanity” as one of their core themes. Unrelated to the actual vampires. The larger underlying lessons were about HUMANITY. Because MotW episodes are rarely ever solely about the monster. They’re the episodes where we get the big emotional and interpersonal beats. For example:

2.03: Dealt with Dean’s grief over John’s death, and Gordon Walker’s absolute loss of his own humanity in his bloodthirsty drive to eliminate ALL vampires. He told Dean about how he’d killed the monster that killed his sister… AND HE’D MEANT THAT HIS SISTER HAD BEEN TURNED INTO A VAMPIRE AND HE HUNTED HER DOWN AND KILLED HER. Rather monstrous, no?

3.07: Gordon’s own bloodthirsty desire to kill Sam leads him to be trapped and turned by a vampire, stripping the last of his humanity away. And Sam gets to behead him with razor wire. Yikes.

6.05: Dean gets to spend a hot minute as a vampire… because of Sam’s total lack of humanity (he was soulless!). He gets cured, but not until after he crosses a line with Lisa that he can’t uncross… He’d become too monstrous himself, and it cost him that last tie to “normal life”

8.09: Benny is being framed by another vampire who wants Benny to join his nest, and Sam has sent Martin to spy on Benny (because Sam doesn’t trust Benny). After Dean tells Martin that the hunt is done, and the vampire responsible has been killed, MARTIN GOES BACK TO SET A TRAP FOR BENNY. He ties up Benny’s great-whatever-granddaughter and torments her until Benny capitulates. As soon as he can, Benny kills Martin and flees. Who’s the real monster here? Also in that episode, Dean did some rather monstrous stuff to get Sam out of the way… >.>

It’s not the vampire THEMSELVES that’s monstrous in the vampire episode. They just seem to be the monster of choice when Sam and Dean are dealing with THESE SPECIFIC THEMES about humanity.

Which is exactly what Mary is going to have to confront in herself, lest SHE become the monster (not literally a monster, but in the way that Gordon or Martin had become monstrous).

spoiler alert for OB S05E08

ok, I never make posts like this BUT BIIIIIIIITCH

this episode fucking made my life better and destroyed me at the same time. I just really want to point out some stuff and maybe add a few comments:

- felix getting a bf and being successful and selling his art and being happy!!!!!! YES PLEASE

- the clone swap thing was genius!!!! 

- when ferdinand was rachel’s “savior” I GOT SO MAD. I hate him. but then when siobhan said she was the one who called him to help rachel, my heart melted. can u believe that??? SIOBHAN IS RACHEL’S SAVIOR DON’T @ ME.

- ok let’s talk about when siobhan was sitting by rachel’s side on bed, talking to her. that moment was such a nice moment. 

- siobhan acknowledging rachel as the powerful and intelligent ceo she is,   siobhan trusting rachel, like???? YES!!!! she trusted rachel to do the right thing. of course she couldn’t have any guarantee, but she believed in rachel enough to put such a big deal on her hands

- rachel acting like she was on ferdinand’s side was such a power move. I even thought she was going to fuck shit up and I was like “NNNOOOOOOOBUT THEN SHE GIVES HIM AN EMPTY PEN DRIVE!!!!!!!

- siobhan in that suit. fuck fUCK.

- ferdinand seeing the pen drive was empty. his face was the best, I was like “GET FUCKED U PIECE OF SHIT


- Kira meeting Charlotte. CUTEST SHIT EVER MAN

- cosima and delphine making everything public, cosima crying tears of joy. “you own me” OMG THE COPHINE THIS EPISODE YAS GAWDDDD

- everything about helena in this episode BUT MAINLY helena trying to run away with that other chick whose name I forgot, being such a good person bc in fact she wanted to kill her. AND THEN THAT BITCH COP FUCKING SHIT CAUGHT HER. FUCKING HELL.

- but can we talk about rachel calling siobhan, telling her to be careful, siobhan thanking her. honestly, this entire rachel/siobhan bond in this episode was so perfect. I think that rachel was legit worried about s and happy she did the right thing destroying neos and stuff.


- s dying is not ok tho, I’m not happy. 

This episode in general was so nice. Of course, many fucked up things happened, i.e rachel calling ferdinand daddy, siobhan dying, helena being captured… I loved seeing the whole delphine/s/rachel thing developing, love seeing felix being happy and doing his thing, loved seeing sarah being finally relieved, them all being finally free. plus alison’s hair. 

TALKED MOSTLY ABOUT RACH BUT I APPRECIATE EACH ONE OF THEM SO MUCH. this show is amazing and PLEASE send me a message if u wanna talk about it.

Kurobas Cup 2015

I realized my last post was four months ago aaaaaa

Hello! I have been quite busy with RL these past few months, but hopefully, I can reintegrate into the internet again?? *crawls back* Even if I’m not online, you can be sure my love for Akashi and Kurobas still burns!! 

Thank you for the messages in my mail, and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to reply to them and now they’re probably months old. I’m doing okay on my end!! I’m just quite busy and tired by the end of the day. However, I was able to go on a day trip to Tokyo for Kurobas Cup on my break! \(*^o^*)/

I joined the Afternoon Batch because I don’t live in the Tokyo area so I had to go home before the day ended. I wish we could attend both batches!!!! Once is not enough!! But I guess that’s what the DVD is for!

I almost missed my ride back home but I MADE IT JUST THREE MINUTES BEFORE DEPARTURE. I ran so much that day to catch my train and it’s funny because in the same row as me inside, two women were across the aisle and were also out of breath and they had the same Kurobas cup wrist band as me.

(ALSO, on my way TO Tokyo, a lot of girls who were also waiting for their buses had various Kurobas bags/merchandise which made it obvious we were headed to Tokyo for the same reasons *cries proud tears* kind of like in August, you just know everyone’s going to NatsuKomi…)

I’m very happy I was able to join IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL I LITERALLY CRIED WHEN IT STARTED. The girl sitting next to me also told me she cried. 

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