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Heeeeyy! :D Could you maybe draw Jackaboy with the Blooming palette? Thanks 💚

Here ya go! Isn’t he the cutest? C;

Apologies for how long these requests are taking! My tablet finally started working, so I’ve been really behind ;;

So, after Nebraskon I got really amped about working on prints for tabling next year (which I’d really like to do, since I didn’t get to this year!), so I dug out some of the designs I had started earlier in the year and started to finish them!  The Korrasami one was first because I am a sucker for Korrasami and art nouveau things.  Aaaand I forgot to sign this, but I’ll add it before I print it.  I was too excited to post this, haha.

Also, I have a new watermark, though it’s kinda hard to see.  I’ll be putting it up as my icon/logo thing at some point, haha.

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love when people think we defend characters such as Nathan Prescott and Josh Washington because they're just "troubled white guys." bitCH NO WE DEFEND THEM BECAUSE THEY HAVE CLEARLY CANON MENTAL ILLNESSES AND WERE NOT ABLE TO RECIEVE RECOVERY. it would be the same thing with a character of color. people need to stop using this defense as an excuse to dehumanize Nathan and believe his abuser over his own word.

I agree. Racial (+ religious, gender- & sexuality-based) tensions are often brought up a lot just to try and gain sympathy in an argument. Bringing up the fact Nathan is white is even more vapid in this context, defending Chloe, because Chloe is also white. It doesn’t even make sense.

For me, this argument (racial issues aside) will also always be a thing of selfishness – being momentarily selfish and blinded by your own wants does not make you evil.

Nathan’s actions are evil, I will not deny that. But the motive behind them (wanting the love of a father figure) isn’t evil. If Nathan had theoretically grown up in a different environment, around different people, then he would have never done evil things in order to gain his goal. That’s why it’s so important to try and rehabilitate criminals like Nathan because then he will be helped to find a new, less criminal source of love.

You can apply this theory to the real world too, although it’s totally understandable and plausible for people to be less forgiving, myself included.

I don’t know whether this “good people who do bad things”-thing can be applied to Jefferson, because when we see him in-game in his final form, his motives are not pure like Nathan’s are. Nathan hurts to gain love from others, Jefferson hurts simply to cause pain.

In the final game, Jefferson is too far gone. Nathan can still be saved, and that’s why, as you’ve said, it’s so frustrating to see him pushed down a similar route to Jefferson (if he goes to jail that is – or if he just flat out dies), because then the potential to see a “good person who does bad things” turn into a “good person who does good things” is ruined.

That kind of story and character development is ruined too much:

Josh Washington (Until Dawn), Nathan Prescott (Life is Strange), Ben Paul & Nick & Arvo (The Walking Dead Game), Georgie Porgie (The Wolf Among Us), Handsome Jack (Borderlands), Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter), Jude McGregor (Noughts & Crosses),  – and that’s just the characters I’ve come across.

(I put a watermark on because it feels like I’m gonna have to reference the above again at some point, haha)

((( EDIT because I also forgot Gary Smith (Bully):


I can only think of 3 complete redemption arcs – Alvin (Tales of Xillia):

Luke (Tales of the Abyss):

And Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender):

Most of the dudes above freaking deserved a full redemption, man. Most of the dudes above freaking deserve it.

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Unfortunately, i don't know anything about the score and these things :/// my sister is not exactly involved in the shooting process, but i don't want to say more so i don't expose her. marvel snipers are real lmao who knows what happened to John Lem (the guy whose name was watermarked on cw trailer leak) (jk i dont think my sis knows him). also Elle like the magazine you know?

something i forgot to mention: scarjo was super unhappy with her whole plot in aou and preferred the ending was that natasha says to bruce that she only pretended to like him; can you imagine how much she hates the plot we saw to prefer such a cruel ending? she and renner fought to have clintasha too. he is also apparently a fan of the comic version of hawkeye (the one with the girl hawkeye idk i don’t read comics haha) - Elle

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