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I worked at a craft store the summer before college.  Here are my best (and the best of the worst) moments:

- A man bought 190 mason jars with lids.  I asked him if this was for a wedding, or if he was making jam.  He was doing neither.  He did not have plans for mason jars.  He just thought they were a really good sale.

- A woman bought her brother and his fiance a giant rainbow bow for their wedding present.  She whispered that they had been married before, but that the fiance had dressed as a woman and they wanted to make it real now that it was legal.  She shouted that rainbows are gay.  Her style is unusual.

- A little girl left finger-painted handprints on the inside of the back pockets of the pants I was wearing.  It was the most terrible case of “mistaken mother” I have ever experienced.

- A little girl came in looking for SWAPS for Girl Scout camp (pins you trade with other scouts at camp).  She asked me if I could help her even though I am too old to be a Girl Scout.  I showed her my lifetime membership card and the SWAPS on my keyring.  She told me I am her best friend, and came back two weeks later with a SWAP she had saved for me from camp.

- A woman came through with wedding supplies for her granddaughter and a very nervous outlook on the price.  I asked her what my name was, pretending to forget about my nametag, and when she got it right, pronounced her my good friend and gave her my friends-and-family discount.  She cried.  I might have too.

- A father bought his little boy a doll set.  The boy told me that the last set had been for his friend, but he had liked it much more than she did, so he was getting his own.  His baby sister was chewing on a monster truck.  I liked this family.

- I became known as the cashier who would give you the discounts under my register if you were nice.  The little old ladies who came in every yarn sale loved me.  My coupons and I were their heroes.

- The substitute teacher who had bullied me came through my line and smugly told me that her total was wrong.  I smiled politely and informed her that I had already given her the educator’s discount, but would happily take it off.  She was much less smug after that, as her daughter laughed her out of the store.

- A large woman with a 5 o'clock shadow came through my line.  I told her I liked her skirt.  She responded with the biggest smile I have ever seen.

- And finally, my favorite one:  a nine-year-old girl came up to my register with a stack of t-shirts and told me she had folded them for me, but could not reach where they belonged.  I told her most people would have left them on the floor.  She informed me that I was the cashier who helped her Girl Scout troop mate, and I quote:  "dang it, you do good things for good people!  I want to be a good people like you!“  and skipped out the door, before remembering her mother was still shopping and skipping right back in.

Sometimes, I love retail.

iKon’s Reaction to Someone Getting Too Close to Their S/O When She Is Pregnant {Mafia Leader AU}

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Hi~ I’d like to request an iKON reaction where they are mafia leaders and are devoted to their s/o and see someone getting too close to her while she’s pregnant. Loooove your blog~

I am sorry it took me such a long time to finish this, but it’s finally here! I wasn’t entirely sure what you (the anon) meant by close, so I interpreted it as physically close. I hope you like it~

Warning: contains elements of violence or abuse

Kim Jinhwan

Jinhwan is usually calm and trusting when you are with other men because he knows that you would always excuse yourself if they got too flirty. Especially since your growing belly started to become more obvious, he was cool with you meeting other people on your own - after all, everybody would see that you were his and only his woman. Therefore, he had agreed to the meeting between you and your high school friend who once had a crush on you. However, the cautious person he is, Jinhwan decided to secretly follow you and your high school friend, just for a few minutes until he could be sure that you really were fine on your own. And your husband was glad he did: the other guy soon put and arm around your shoulder and whispered something into your ear so intimately that passersby could easily mistake him for your boyfriend. With an angry snort, Jinhwan would close the distance between him and the other man, forcefully yanking the guy’s arm away from your shoulder. No matter if there were many people around or not, your husband would pin the guy to the wall of the building right next to you and warn your friend with a dangerously low voice: “Who do you think you are, touching my wife like that? Do you know who you are messing with? If you hold your life dearly, then you better stay away from Y/N.” Once he sees the fear in the other man’s eyes, he would smirk triumphantly and walk over to you nonchalantly. Jinhwan would simply ignore the stares of any curious onlookers and walk away with you, pretending that nothing at all had happened.

Song Yunhyeong

The two of you had been at a private party, celebrating your husband’s success of making his gang the most powerful and most influential in the area, and of course alcohol was flowing freely all night. Although you stayed away from the alluring liquor because of your slowly growing belly, it did not mean that other guests did the same. The booze had raised the confidence level of one particular guy who could not stop taking his eyes off of you. Yunhyeong had been watching the two of you for a while, trying to keep calm and not overreact at the stranger’s overflowing attention for you. However, when the man reached forward and put one hand on your hip as if inviting you to dance with him, your husband decided that he had had enough and that it was time to do something against the annoying disturber. Not taking his eyes off of you for even one second, Yunhyeong would snap his finger once and watch with relish how two bodyguards came over and removed the man from his field of view. When you turn towards your husband with a questioning frown on your face, he would walk over to you, pull you close against his chest and whisper: “Don’t look at me like that, baby, you know exactly that I can’t stand when other men look at you that way… it makes me feel disgusted and I was close to personally do something to him. Of course I know you would not have liked, but at least I won’t have to ever see him again.“

Kim Jiwon (Bobby)

It was true that he had told you that he liked seeing you in the red dress he had bought for you a few weeks earlier, and it was also true that the tight piece of cloth around your growing belly made you even sexier in his eyes. But Jiwon did not anticipate that other men would think the same and be so bold as to approach you although it was clear that you were pregnant. You and your husband were at the party he had organized to celebrate his last successful operation, and Bobby had been watching one of the guests flirting with you for the last few minutes. But now that the guy was touching your wrist after telling a joke and laughing together with you intimately, Jiwon had had enough of watching the scene and decided to take matters in his own hands. He quickly made his way over to you and the other obnoxious man and grabbed the guy’s arm roughly. Jiwon would drag him to an empty hallway and throw him against the wall, a death glare in his eyes. Your husband would then pull a small knife out of his pocket and threateningly let it glide over the men’s throat. His voice only a hiss, he would whisper: "If you don’t take your dirty hands off my wife, these hands of yours will never touch anyone ever again. Understood?” Jiwon would not even bother to wait for the guy’s reply and walk away casually. Once he is with you again, he would put an arm around your waist, lower his head and whisper: “I am warning you, don’t you dare laugh with another man like this again or otherwise I’ll make you scream my name and forget about any other male human being tonight.”

Kim Hanbin (B.I)

Since he has a younger sister, he has always been a little protective and your relationship is no exception. He had hoped that once your were pregnant and people would recognize your slowly growing belly, other men would finally stop flirting with you. But, of course he was wrong - after all, you were the most beautiful woman in town. Therefore, it was no surprise that something inside of Hanbin snapped when he saw the bartender giving you a flirtatious wink and leaning dangerously close towards you. Your husband had only gone to the bathroom for a few minutes, and already you were involved in a conversation with another man. Hanbin, very annoyed at this point, would walk over to you and sit down in the chair next to you. He would put an arm around your waist immediately, signaling the bartender that you were his and only his woman. To make sure that the guy understood that Hanbin was serious, your husband would casually pull a small gun out of his jacket, throw it in the air once and put it back inside his pocket, all the while smiling and talking to you, pretending to ignore the annoying guy on the other side of the bar.

Kim Donghyuk

Although he is usually extremely polite and gentle towards you and his other gang members, his temper completely changes when something or someone truly upsets him. The two of you, as well as a few other members of his group, were in the headquarters of his organization, planning their next operation. Donghyuk would never approve a plan without your invaluable input, and tonight was no exception. However, he had noticed one of his members throwing you flirtatious looks throughout the meeting, and his rage built up even more when that same guy went over to you after the gathering and sat down next to you casually. Donghyuk completely lost his temper when the other man put an arm around your waist and pulled you towards him, so close that your faces were almost touching. Although Donghyuk had told his gang members to treat you like family, he was not okay with someone being so close to you, especially since you were pregnant, your growing belly being the proof that you belonged to Donghyuk. Your husband would furiously walk over to his team member, yank him up into a standing position and land a well-aimed blow on the man’s face. With an angry look on his face, Donghyuk would hiss: “How dare you touch her like this when I am present in the same room? I told you to treat her like your sister, but you just crossed the line… If you want to see the sun rise tomorrow, I advise you to fuck off and never show your face here ever again.“

Koo Junhoe (Ju-ne)

Since you had always had an independent personality, Junhoe had always been a little suspicious of other men who were trying to get your attention. He gave you your freedom and allowed you to meet whomever you wanted, but especially now that you were expecting his, your, child, he could not help being a little extra protective about you. He was looking outside the window of your shared apartment, waiting for you to come back from meeting your friend, when he saw you arrive in a big, black car. His face froze and a dark expression settled on it when he realized that the driver sitting next to you was male. Your husband could follow your every movement from his spot at the apartment window, and his anger only rose when he saw the man resting his hand on your thigh while smiling at you widely. A sudden wave of jealously shot through Juhoe’s veins, and he waived his bodyguards closer. Without taking his eyes off of the guy in the car, he growled: "Remove this… scum from my field of vision and make sure he will stay away from Y/N forever. If the guy does not comply, don’t hesitate to use force.” When his bodyguards had almost left the room, your husband would add: “Oh, right, and don’t let Y/N know about this. I just want her to be safe, but she does not need to know everything I do for her safety.”

Jung Chanwoo

Chanwoo had always liked how you offered to talk to business partners and the leaders of other gangs during important meetings since your presence and female charm often meant the successful concluding of contracts and other agreements. However, things had changed when your husband had found out that you were pregnant and his baby was growing in your belly. Although he had told you to rest and leave the talking to him, you had insisted that you were fine and wanted to help at this important gathering with one of Chanwoo’s greater rival gangs. But when your husband saw the gang leader throwing thirsty looks in your direction and you even followed the guy’s invitation to sit down next him, rage started to burn inside of Chanwoo and he no longer cared about the outcome of the meeting. Chanwoo would walk right over to the rival leader and point a gun at the other man’s head. His eyes would glow with jealousy and anger, and only through intervening in the heated situation and countless apologies could you prevent a major conflict, but Chanwoo and the other gang leader would be enemies for the rest of their lives.

Elijah Mikaelson imagine: Not Important (Part one)


Part 2

Summary: Reader and Elijah are in love, but reader pushes him away, because she is afraid she is not important to him and he would always choose his family over her

Word count: 1390

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I sighed as I walked trough the gate of Mikaelsons’ maison. As much as I had tried to keep away from that place, somehow I had always ended up there. 

“Look who is finally here,” I rolled my eyes at the sight of Klaus standing in front of me with his hands behind his back and a playful smile playing on his lips.

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She chose Mon El

You get to choose who you love. 

I think that was the crux of the entire Supergirl episode this week. Even though Mr Imp (please don’t make me type out his full name) turned Kara’s world upside down, he actually had a very important purpose on the show- he asked the question that was on everyone’s mind since Mon El fell from the sky: “Why him, Kara?”

For all his Daxamite arrogant and brutish ways, why would Supergirl, a feminist like no other, want this man as her partner- both in life and out there, fighting side by side her. 

Kara is a woman and somehow people forget that women can make up their own minds. We actually have autonomy of mind which is rooted in our inherent dignity to make our own choices, create our own path and bloody hell, love who we will. 

Time after time, in this episode, Kara reiterated a vital point- you may love someone but you don’t get to force them into loving you. You choose to love someone and you put them first- always. Say what you will about Mon El, but at least he didn’t use intergalactic power to conjure up a super villain just because he wanted to be loved.

To some, Mon El’s constant ‘wanting to save the honour of his lady’ may have been annoying and even Kara thought so- personally, it was so damn cute to watch him be one-upped by an imp- an alien lepricorn.

Kara chose Mon El…warts and all. No one is perfect on this green, beautiful Earth and in the heavenly and not-so-heavenly alien worlds on Supergirl. Even the delicious Clark Kent has his faults. The point is that Kara has thought about all of Mon El’s misgivings, she has hemmed and hawed about her feelings for him for months now, she has thought and overthought this through…

Why can’t we trust her choices? Why are we eager for her to always save the day with her awesome powers but when it comes to something as basic as her making up her own mind about who she wants to date, we are already making a long list of cons. 

Kara is brave, daring and so many other heroic things but she is also damn smart- a characteristic she needs to be given more credit for; can everyone just breathe and let her live her life? Let her be with Mon El because she wants to…

In all the craziness, it’s him she wants by her side…this boy from Daxam who she yells at, who makes her laugh unfailingly and who always has her back.

A boy from Daxam and a girl from Krypton…just figuring out how to keep the world spinning…because nothing is stopping them…

Regret - Part 3

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 

Genre: angst, fluff, slight smut

Pairing: Johnny x Reader, Taeyong x Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Summary: *REQUESTED* You find out that your boyfriend has been cheating on you and you leave him. Almost a year later, he realizes that he hasn’t quite gotten over you and he tries to get you back.

You ended up calling Taeyong a few weeks later. As soon as the line began to ring, you wanted to hang up. What if he forgot all about you? What if he didn’t even remember your name? More importantly, what if he was already seeing someone? Maybe you should’ve texted him first, you thought, as it continued to ring in your ear.

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Such A Flirt

Summary: Bucky gets drunk and flirts with reader.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: nothin’ but fluff

A/N: here’s a lil somethin’ for you guys. If there’s any mistakes just tell me.

Tony had planned a house party. Not for a birthday or special event, no. He planned a party just to have one and he invited everyone he knew, even Bucky Barnes who he didn’t particularly like.

As soon as Bucky got there he started drinking, wanting to test his limits to see just how much alcohol he can consume before getting completely smashed and it took quite a while but he did it. You on the other hand didn’t drink as much, being for the fact that you had to drive you and your boyfriend home afterwards.

Bucky was leaning against the bar counter, glass cup in hand as he peered out to everyone who attended. His eyes were hooded and a smile was plastered on his face. He was indeed, drunk as hell. You stayed by his side, keeping an eye on him so that he didn’t do anything stupid.

Bucky decided to face a different direction and ended up bumping into you. He smiled then gave you a once over before leaning on the bar counter again, this time with a smirk.

“What’s a pretty lady like yourself doing here all alone?” he questioned with his head tilted. You fought back the urge to laugh.

“Just keeping an eye out for someone.” you respond with a nod.

“why don’t you keep your eyes on me, doll?” he tells you, a sweet smile on his face. “You’re very pretty you know.”

A smile makes it’s way to your lips. “Thank you for thinking that.”

“It’s a fact.” he stated. “You’re the prettiest girl in the room. Even more attractive than Natasha over there.” he points to your best friend and you giggle. Is he really flirting with you? You, his girlfriend.

“I wouldn’t say that, she’s far more beautiful than me.” you wave your hand and Bucky scoffs.

“No way.” he says before pausing to take a sip of whatever was in his cup. “What’s your name, beautiful?”

You bite the inside of your cheek, wanting to burst out laughing. “Y/N.”

“Hey, my girlfriend’s name is Y/N! What a small world.” he sighs before his eyes widen. “Oh my god I have a girlfriend.” he then turns to look at you. “I can’t believe I was flirting with you, I have a girlfriend.”

“Bucky-” you began to say but he cuts you off.

“Don’t talk to me, I have a girlfriend and I love her.” he stated with a nod to his head. Just after, Steve walks up to the bar, ordering a drink for himself. Bucky turns to his best friend and shakes his shoulder, startling the blonde. “Steve, where’s my girlfriend?”

You bite your lip as you watch Steve look over Bucky before pointing at you. “She’s right there, Buck.”

Bucky twirls around to you before letting out a sigh of relief. “Oh thank god.” he breathed, pulling you into his arms. “Baby I’m so sorry. There was a woman standing where you were not too long ago and I was flirting with her and I’m so so sorry. I didn’t mean to flirt with her. She had the same name as you but I like that name better on you than her.”

Now you let out a laugh, shaking your head slightly. Bucky takes you in his arms again. “Please don’t be mad at me, I’ll never do it again. I only love you and I’ll forget about that other Y/N girl. You’re the only one I want.”

“Bucky.” you say, pulling away from his embrace to look up at him.

“Don’t break up with me.” he spoke and you laugh again, taking his hand in yours.

“Let’s go home, handsome.” you giggle, leading the way out while also thinking about how you’ll tell him about this funny moment in the morning.

A/N: I hope you liked this! Tell me what ya think :)


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Hi! Can I make a request? How about RFA+Saeran+V reacting to MC who grabbed all of her stuff and left their shared apartment/penthouse/bunker or wherever they live together after a fight and then going after her to get her back? What the fight is about is up to you. Thank you!

RFA + Saeran and V getting into a fight with MC who leaves and winning her back



- You had planned a date for you and him at the park,

- It was something you two had been planning for weeks now.

- But just as Yoosung was about to leave your shared apartment, he got a notification for a new guild on LOLOL.

- He told himself it would only take a few minutes, and he would still get to the park in time for the date, but instead of a few minutes, it was a few hours, and Yoosung completely forgot about the date.

- my love, no

- You were devastated that he forgot.

- You sat at the park for hours waiting for him!

- Rationally, you go home to confront him and asked why he didn’t show up.

- The first thing you hear when you open the door is Yoosung screaming curse words and you can hear the sound of swords clashing. When you look into your room, you see him staring intensely at the computer.

- At first, you are just plain sad because you know he ditched your date – the date you were so excited for – just to play LOLOL. But than you feel angry, and with your anger you shut off the wireless servers so he can’t play.

- “nooooooo!!!

- “Yoosung!” he spins around in his chair and starts begging you to put the wifi back on so he can just finish the guild, but you are way too upset and disappointed to even listen to him. “You ditched our date, and you know how excited I was to spend some time with you!

- “You live with me, MC, what more time do you need?”

- “That’s not the point. We had plans and you should uphold them. And even if we do live with each other, what’s wrong with wanting to spend some more time together.”

- Nothing prepared you for the harsh words that left your boyfriends mouth. How could such a sweet boy suddenly be so cruel? “Did you ever stop to think that maybe I just don’t want to spend time with you since I’m sick of seeing you all the time?”

- You felt your jaw drop and your eyes begin to water. At the same to, you see guilt brimming in Yoosung’s eyes. He tries to say something but you brush it off, already going to the closet to get a suitcase and start packing your stuff.

- He doesn’t even try to stop you spare the few times he coo’s your name.

- He watches rather tearfully as you walk through the door, slamming it shut, making him jump.

- He sits on the couch and cries for a bit before finally getting his shit together realizing he needs to find you.

- Yoosung wastes no time asking Seven to help track you, and he tells you that you are staying at Jaehee’s. Yoosung takes the next bus over and starts running up the stairs towards Jaehee’s apartment and begins banging on the door.

- “Is MC there? Can I please talk to her?

- “Yoosung, why are you here?” You say from behind Jaehee, your eyes red which only makes Yoosung’s heart hurt a little more.

- “I’m so sorry, honey. I ment none of it, I swear. It was a spur of the moment and it was such a stupid thing for me to say. I love you so much and I love to spend time with you. I was being a big meanie by ditching our date, and I would love if you would come back home with me. I promise to make it up to you and plan a even more spectacular date.”

- You giggle a little at how he says “meanie” and you wrap your arms around Yoosung, pulling him into a hug.

- “I’ll come back home, but I want an extra omelet in the morning.”


- “It’s part of the show! Why can’t you understand that?”

- The yelling had been going on for hours.

- It all started that morning when you found Zen and the lead actress of his next movie getting pretty close to each other. You could brush it off if it wasn’t that you saw him whispering in her ear a lot and holding her hand, smiling and making her blush.

- You admit to being jealous but you thought it was rational.

- At home, you told Zen how you felt but he took it way out of proportion.

- “Zen, I do understand! I just wanted to tell you how I feel.”

- “How about I tell you how I feel? I don’t like you accusing me of flirting with the other women on set because you are just that insecure about yourself.”

- You were taken aback at that. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

- “It means that whenever you see me with another woman you get so defensive and accusative. You seem to forget about my job.”

- “But, honey,” he glared at the pet name and you felt yourself shrink back away from him, a little intimidated and surprised by his harshness. “You get jealous all the time if I am just talking to a guy, how is it any different?”

- “The difference is that this is my job and you are just being a slut.”

- Tears immediately began overflowing and cascading down your cheeks as you sobbed into your palms. Zen has never called you a name before, not alone something as crude as that.

- “Well, then I’ll leave.”

- He gasped at your words and instantly tries to take them back, but you couldn’t care less.

- You packed your suitcase with everything you needed and left.

- Zen needed a drink and a good hour to think about what just happened, so he headed to the local bar and drowned out his sorrows.

- For hours, he sat at the bar, drink after drink until he realized how much he fucked up and he needed to fix this.

- He frantically started spamming the RFA chat in hopes to find you, but Seven refused to tell him where you were and everyone else was practically shunning him.

- He decided the only place you could be was Rika’s apartment, or that was the best guess he had.

- He headed the apartment, and thankfully, he was correct.

- You were there and in your devastated state, didn’t even bother to lock the door. He found you asleep on the couch, your cheeks stained with tears.

- To his dismay, he started crying too, collapsing to your side and spurting out apologies.

- “Jagiya. I’m so sorry. What did I do, why did I do that? Why did I call you such a wretched thing? You are the most beautiful, pure, warm hearted girl I’ve ever met. And I love you so much. I don’t want to lose you, please don’t leave me. Let me make this right. Let me find a way to make this right. Let me make it up to you for every tear you shed.”

- You woke during the middle of his little speech, and although you were still hurt by his words, you were willing to forgive him and make things work.

- The two of you walked hoe hand in hand,

- Well, Zen was kinda drunk so he was leaning on you a lot to be honest, god dammit


- Was not a good day at the cafe today.

- Not to mention, you had a cold so you did not go to work at the cafe today, leaving your lovely girlfriend to deal with everything alone.

- She faced disrespectful customers, dealt with clumsy waiters and an overbearing phone bill.

- Overall, she was absolutely done and wiped.

- She just wanted to rest and have some time to herself, but of course, you wanted to spend some time with her.

- She tried to let you off nicely by hinting of how tired she was,

- But you were relentless!

- You needed your baehee!!!!

- She reached her breaking point when you tried to put in one of Zen’s DVD’s, which normally she would be ok with, but with being so on edge at the moment, she didn’t want you touching them.

- “MC, Don’t touch it!”

- “Oh, I’m sorry, Jaehee.”

- Normally your hurt voice would have Jaehee breaking, but today she was ruthless, and angry, and done with everything.

- “What is wrong with you? Have you never learnt to not touch what isn’t yours.”

- There was no room for you to but in, Jaehee just kept going. “Sometimes I feel as if I’m speaking to a child. You have sense of respect for anyone else’s things. You’re like a greedy monster that just grabs at everything.”

- Jaehee no.

- You push yourself off the ground and spit out, “Fine, then I’ll take my greedy little hands and leave.”

- And you did just that. You left Jaehee a little dumbstruck and went right out the door without a second thought. You didn’t even bother to collect any clothes.

- Jaehee sighed and rested her head in her hands before she concluded she needed to find you.

- Her first thought was to ask the group chat where you might be, but then she decided it wasn’t a good idea for 1) You could have already told everyone what happened so maybe they wouldn’t tell her where you were, and 2) If you hadn’t, she didn’t want to accidentally overshare and embarrass you.

- But she was running out of options, so she asked Jumin if he may know any secret spots you might go to considering you guys are close.

- Unfortunately, he doesn’t.

- So Jaehee goes down to the cafe in hopes to maybe find you there just hiding out, and she was lucky because you were.

- You sat at a small table crying softly while nibbling on a cupcake, sniffling too, not just because of your crying but because you still have your cold!

- Carefully, Jaehee sat down and tried to explain herself.

- “I’m sorry, MC. I just had a really bad day. That doesn’t excuse how I treated you and hurting your feelings. I really don’t know what to do to make it up to you or really make you feel better. All I can say is that I am so sorry and I love you so much. Can we go back home and try and sort things out there? It’s really cold here.”

- You nod and smile softly, taking her hand and letting her bring you back to the apartment.

- Once at the apartment, you two cuddle on the couch and have a nice long chat shared with kisses and snuggles.


- Jumin is a very patient man and very good at holding his emotions in.

- But everyone has bad days, including Jumin. And today was one of those bad days.

- His father brought a woman to the office who made quite a scene about the servicemen not being very… charitable.

- Jumin was not only furious about the scene, but that his father stooped so low once again and was blinded by another woman cleary out for his money.

- You have a tendency to talk quite a bit, which normally doesn’t bother Jumin because he loves to listen to your soft voice.

- He especially loves the way your voice gradually gets higher when talking about something you love.

- But today, he couldn’t give a shit what you had to say.

- He just wanted to relax on the couch with his wine and forget about everything.

- Everything with his father and everything about women.

- But here you were on the couch rambling on about something that happened in the RFA chat, and something that you saw on TV, or something that you read in a book. After awhile, he snapped at you.

- “Shut it, MC. Let there be peace and quiet in this household for once.”

- You were appalled at how curtly he spoke. He had never once risen his voice at you before. “I beg your pardon?”

- “Do not make me repeat myself, MC. I am not in the mood.”

- “Jumin, do not think I will let you speak to me that way. I can see that you have had a rough day. Would you like to talk about it?”

- “It is not up for discussion.”

- “Please don’t ball up your feelings. Just talk to me-”

- You were cut off with a mumbled god dammit, but what startled you the most was how Jumin suddenly raised his arm as if he was about to back hand you. He stared you right in the eyes too, his narrowing thoroughly. You shut your eyes preparing yourself, but when you opened them, you saw the shock on his face when he realized what he almost did.

- Now was not the time to think.

- You rushed away from Jumin and locked the door to your bedroom. You frantically started packing every essential into a suitcase.

- You needed to leave. Just for a few days.

- Jumin let you be for a week. He knew you were back in Rika’s apartment, since you said so in the group chat without giving any details.

- After that week, Jumin decided it was time he fix things.

- He knew he messed up, and he knew he was in the wrong. And he desperately wanted you back.

- He knocked on the door and you answered looking rather disheveled. It looked as if you hadn’t bathed since you left.

- Entering the apartment, Jumin gently caressed and kissed your cheek before speaking in that cool, toned voice of his.

- “My love. Words cannot express how sorry I am for the way I was towards, and the way I acted. I would never dream of laying a hand on you, or hurting you in any other way. It pains me to know that I hurt your feelings. I will learn to better control my anger if you please give me a second chance. I cannot live without you, my love. You are my better half. Please come back home.”

- It took a couple more speeches from him to convince you to come back home, but in the end you are glad you did because you truly missed him too, and you did forgive him after all.


- Is it much of a surprise that your fight starts because Seven is ignoring you?

- Even after everything, he will still go through those faces of ignoring you, claiming he is too busy, or too dangerous.

- You were becoming sick of it, truth be told.

- You stuck with him through thick and thin, how long will it take for him realize you are not going anywhere?

- You decide it is time to make that clear.

- However, things didn’t go as plan. You had hoped for a nice, peaceful conversation with your husband.

- Not the yelling.

- “Are you stupid? I said I don’t want you near me. I said to leave me the hell alone!”

- “But Saeyoung-”

- “No! I don’t want to hear from you anymore. Why can’t you be an obedient wife and go when I tell you to?”

- Your brow crosses and you feel yourself start to become increasingly angry. “What era do you think this is? The reason I am not going anywhere is because I care about you and I love you enough that I am worried and want to help you. Don’t you even dare try to dismiss me.”

- Saeyoung makes a huge display of waving you off, sputtering out, “Goodbye! Dismissing you! Try not to let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!”

- By now, you are crying, wiping furiously at your eyes. You decide to do as he says and leave, packing your bags and taking one of his cars too.

- Later in the night, when Saeyoung finishes his work, he decides it’s about time to apologize.

- For someone who prides himself on knowing everything, he seemed to not notice that you left.

- He tracks your phone and absolutely panics when he sees that you are at a cliff side.

- His baby vrooms him to the cliff and when he sees you sitting on the edge, he’s already screaming and begging for you not to jump.

- “I’m not gonna jump, Saeyoung, I’m just relaxing,” you mumble, which calms him down. A lot.

- But he can see that you have been crying, which absolutely breaks his heart. 

- This is all his fault. 

- He sits next to you and tries to take your hand, but you don’t let him. He sighs, knowing he has to fix this and make things right.

- “I fucked up. I’m sorry, baby. I really, really am. I was rude and dismissive and a shitty husband. I’m sorry I hurt you. If I could do anything to just erase this day and pretend it never happened, I would.”

- “You don’t understand, Saeyoung. It’s not like this is the first time you have done this.

- He nods.

- “You’re right, I’ve done this too many times and it was stupid of me. I’m sorry. God above knows I am. Please, it’s so cold out here. Let me atleast hold you so you can stay warm.”

- You smile gently, allowing him to pull you against his chest to keep you warm. After an hour or so, you go back to the bunker where you continue your cuddle session, this time with Saeran too.


- You had never met such a kindhearted man as V.

- However, being with such a kind heart, he has a tendency to let people walk over him.

- Not only that, he tends to live in the past too.

- You’ll find him sometimes in a funk, dwelling over Rika and everything that happened, even after what she did and you two now being married.

- You would be lying if you said that it didn’t hurt you that he still thought about her.

- But what hurt the most was that even after his eye surgery, he will say he wishes he never got it done because now he’s “wronged her.”

- You try to express how you feel, and even get him to understand that he really shouldn’t dwell over Rika anymore. Rika hurt him and so many others, why can’t he just try to move on?

- “You didn’t deserve any of the pain Rika caused you.”

- “Why are you so cold to her? Why can’t anyone understand that she was troubled.”

- “I-I do understand, Jihyun, but that isn’t the point.”

- “What is your point then?”

- “That she didn’t treat you right, and that her illness and difficult past didn’t give her a right to hurt you and all the others. Of course I understand that she had a rough time, and I feel for her, I-”

- “Do you?” V snapped. You stutter a bit, trying to find your ground, but he kept talking. “Do you understand? The worse that has ever happened to you is that you have broken a nail.”

- “Hey, come on. Don’t do this-”

- “Sometimes I don’t know why we are together. Are we even compatible?”

- “You… you don’t mean that.”

- But he didn’t say anything in response, which was a conclusion to you that he did mean it and it broke your heart.

- Without a second’s thought, you started packing your bags and making arrangements to stay at hotel.

- You didn’t want to go to Rika’s apartment, and you sure as hell could not stay here, not if he didn’t want you here.

- You felt the hot tears pooling at the rims of your eyes before finally spilling down your face.

- Your crying seemed to snap V out of a daze and he rushed to you, grabbing your arm and trying to stop you.

- The two of you struggled against each other until you finally stopped having gave in, but you still continued to sob, however.

- “Oh, darling, god. I’m so sorry. I don’t know why I said that. Of course we are compatible. I love you so much, we were meant for each other. You are my star because you are my dream come true. I don’t want to let go of that dream, a dream that only involves you. Please forgive me for my cruelty, I love you, MC. Please don’t leave.”

- You sighed, not seeing the point in leaving, but you needed V to understand something: “Stop dwelling about Rika. No good comes out of it. You don’t have to think what she did was… wrong, but just stop, or realize that you don’t deserve any pain, and that there are people besides you who love you. Love you more than she ever could.”


- Saeran has been through hell and back.

- And you understand!

- You are there for him through every breakdown, tantrum, fit, panic attack, and you will always be there for him.

- But even so, sometimes he tests your patience, and you reach your limit.

- Today was that day. You were sitting on the couch together when you accidently spilt your water on his pants.

- He immediately starting yelling at you calling you names and telling you how useless you were.

- “Dumb bitch! Can you do anything right? Fucking clean this up! Don’t just sit there, do something!”

- Some disrespect, you could put up with because he always made it up to you, but today, you had had it.

- “Don’t you dare talk to me like that. I put up with everything, and I have never left your side. Don’t you think I deserve some respect?”

- “What bitch gets respect?”

- You let out a small pained sob before slapping him across the face. You hated doing that, especially because of his mother, but god his words hurt.

- And you love him, but he takes it too far. He doesn’t even realize it sometimes.

- “Where are you going?” he snaps.

- “Away. I need some time.”

- You don’t even pack anything, just get in a car and drive a good 400 miles out of town.

- Little did you know, and luckily for you, that soon after Saeran got in the car and started driving after you, so it was about 30 minutes till he found you in the middle of nowhere just staring off into the distance.

- When you see him, you’re about to walk off but he gently takes your arm and pulls you back towards him.

- “Saeran-”

- “No, no, please let me just… let me just try and do this right. Just let me try. Let me try and apologize to you. I shouldn’t have said that, and I shouldn’t have been such a dick head. You’re right. I need to treat you with respect. You deserve respect. And I’m… grateful for everything you have done for me. I’m so sorry, MC. I really am.”

- You rest your forehead against his, letting a final tear slip down your cheek. “Saeran… please let me help you. Please work with me.”

- “I’ll try. I love you, MC.” And with that, he gave you a gentle kiss. 


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Back to the Past (Hamilton x Reader) 5

Words: 4500+

Tags: @ghcstflower @princessoftrash1234 @theamazingfeministunicorn @caswhatareyoudoingstahp @fanagelbagel @thefoundingfuckboys @batgurl32467 @21phantasticromances @live-to-the-fullest18 @looneylovegoodx @onelastfic @sbobsessions @gonnamurderyou @goldensabriel @chvck-shvrley @insane-hamilton-imagines @justfangirlingaround @heiloveee @carry-on-my-fangirl @queentyna @feral-tomcat-hamilton @mehrmonga

Warnings: small amount of cursing and a lot of arguing, like, a lot, angst? *maybe

A/N: i was gonna write more, but then i realized that this was getting out of hand and that maybe i should stop lol. im sorry for so much dialogue, but they needed to talk, ya know? this might just be a filler chapter, to develop their relationships between each other more

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part 6

Mulligan let you sleep in his tent instead, criticizing Hamilton for treating you this way. You really wanted to tell him what was actually going on, but it seemed too unrealistic, so you kept it to yourself. You also knew that he liked you, so whenever he flirted with you, you would blush, looking away from him. Lafayette and Laurens talked to you often, trying to find a way to help you get back. It has been more than a month, and you still did not receive that clue from the woman.

Hamilton ignored you most of the time, a permanent scowl on his face when you were near. It broke your heart, and you had to continue to tell yourself that this was not him, that he was no such an asshole. The lines began to blur, though, and you couldn’t help but slowly despise him as well.

Hamilton walked into Hercules’s tent, surprised that you were sitting right there. He ignored you, pretending that you did not exist. Eventually, when he saw you reading a piece of paper, he raised his eyebrows at you. “Hmm, I did not expect you to be able to read.” He said, distracting you.

“What’s that suppose to mean, Hamilton?” You said, exasperated at his insult already.

“You seem uneducated, shame, you were more interesting when I though you could not read.”

“Get out, Hamilton.” Mulligan glared at him, and he shrugged, marching out. Mulligan looked at you, and you shrugged, turning your eyes back to the paper.

It grew to the point where you avoid one another as often as possible. The three boys noticed the change of relationship between the two of you, and tried to let you talk it out, much to your appreciation. But you shook your head at them, telling them that it will never work, that Hamilton will always hate you. After a few days of this, Mulligan pulled you into a tent, closing the tent door behind him.

“Look, Miss Y/N, I do not know what is going on between the two of you, but it needs to end. The atmosphere whenever you two are together, is deadly. I could barely talk with all the anger in the room. We need to get you back home, so that you may be comfortable again. I cannot stand to see you two hate each other.” Your heart warmed at his concern, and you finally realized that you needed to tell him what was going on. So that he could help you.

“Herc, I, there’s something I need to tell you.” You confessed, and he nodded, pulling back a curtain. You widened your eyes, seeing Laurens and Lafayette standing there, their arms crossed against their chest. “What the…? Am I being lectured? You set this up?”

“We need to know what’s going on. Hamilton wanted to court you, and now, he could not stand to look at your face. Please, let us help you.” Laurens pleaded. “I hate seeing my friends like this.”

“Laurens is right, Miss Y/N. I am the tired of arguments. I would like the peace, please.” Lafayette always pronounced his s and a z, and it was cute hearing the accent. Mulligan looked at you, determined.

“I like you, Miss Y/N. But I know that Hamilton liked you, and I would like to know what had happened before I take you away from him.” His eyes were serious, no joking whatsoever. You blushed, looking away from the intense gaze.

You were smart enough to see that Mulligan liked you, but too stupid to see that Hamilton liked you as well. No wonder he was extremely kind and pleasant towards you. Emphasis on was. It was disheartening to think about his heart being affected by that witch.

“I, it’s a curse.” You said and Mulligan snapped his fingers, nodding.

“Makes sense. That was one of our ideas, please continue, Miss Y/N.” You scoffed at his cockiness, but spoke anyway.

“When Herc brought us to the home of that lady, we found her, we didn’t just walk in and find nothing. She let us in, and gave us this, this substance. We were given all these different colors, and we drank it. She sort of, made you guys get into this trance, and gave me an ultimatum. Either you guys stay that way, or she makes Hamilton hate me. I know, I should not have taken the deal. But you guys were just helping me, I didn’t want you to be stuck like that. You didn’t see it, you didn’t see how soulless you were, how empty your eyes were. I hated seeing you that way.” Tears grew in your eyes, and you were pulled into their arms, all of them squeezing you as right as possible.

They all told you that it was okay, that they would have chosen the same. “That’s the thing, you guys. I didn’t even say yes, but she did it anyway. She just, she made him hate me.”

“Y/N, do you have any idea why? Why she would do this?” Laurens asked, and they all let go to look at you.

“She said something about me hurting her before? That I did the same to her? I honestly have no clue why this happened, she probably mistook me for someone else. I don’t even belong here.” You rubbed your head.

“She said that you did the same thing to her?” Mulligan repeated, looking at the other men. You nodded, puzzled.

“Yea, why?”

The three men exchange looks, like they were speaking to each other while keeping their mouths closed. You looked at them, wondering what they were thinking. “Guys, tell me. What’s up?” You asked again.

They sighed, and Mulligan began to speak. “When we first got to the camp, there was this woman. She was quite interesting, she wore a long, black gown. When she saw Alexander, she immediately came up to him, telling him that they belonged together.” You raised your eyebrow. “Yes, well, he thought the same thing. But then she started speaking about this person that may appear in front of him and trick him to like her. She said that she may dress or look different than us. She told Hamilton not to trust her, that the woman that was coming was there to kill him.”

“That's…how?” You said, rubbing your head.

This was too much. She tells Hamilton that they’re supposed to be together, and that you were going to kill him. That makes no sense.

“But, now that I’m thinking about it, I cannot remember what she looked like. It is blurry.” Mulligan closed his eyes, thinking.

Lafayette nodded, rubbing his temples. “You’re right, Mulligan. I cannot seem to either. It’s like, like…”

“Like she wiped your memory.” You hissed. “Do you even know her name?” Mulligan shook his head, and you looked at the other two. They shrugged.

This is a mess, just a big mess.

You were transported back in time, and you find that you were supposed to be there. Then this mystery woman tells Hamilton that he’s going to run into you, that you were supposed to kill him. No wonder he was hesitate when he first met you, his hand staying on the gun. And now she puts this curse, making your friends forget and making Hamilton hate you.

“What is going on?” You said to no one in particular, sitting down on Lafayette’s bed. “I was just looking at images,” you glanced up at the boys, “paintings of a celebrity, and now, now, I made this stupid curse happen? Wow, I completely destroyed the future. Say goodbye to computers and television and porn.”

“Do not put all of the blame on yourself, Y/N.” You noticed that Laurens dropped the miss in your name. “It’s all of ours. We took the chance on this witch, and it was an error in judgement. We will figure this out, we will put Hamilton back to how he was before we encountered that witch.” Laurens tightened his fists, ready to fight.

“Laurens is right, Y/N. We are in together. Friends will do this together. Friends will support the each other.” You smiled at them, then looked at Mulligan. He was looking at you all, smiling.

“Now there is two wars to fight. By the way, what were you saying? Porn?” Mulligan asked, mildly curious.

“Two wars? Oh, are you talking about Y/N?” You heard Hamilton’s voice, and your heart dropped. It was hard to be in the same area as him, let alone in the same room. He did not notice you sitting there yet, since Mulligan’s stature was blocking you. “Can’t we just drop her off somewhere? It is better that she is off our hands, dealing with her is too much of a hassle.”

“You know what, Hamilton? How about treat Y/N with some respect, and stop acting like a complete bracket-faced, lobcock.” Mulligan hissed, glaring at his shorter friend. Hamilton widened his eyes, and you were confused. It sounded ridiculous, but it seemed to work, leaving Hamilton speechless.

“You do not have to be that harsh, Mulligan, you know the situation.” Laurens grumbled, hiding a smirk.

“Ah, but mon ami, he deserves it. I do not understand what he said, but it made me feel insulted.” Lafayette laughed, looking at Hamilton’s red face. You finally appeared from behind Mulligan’s figure, and Hamilton looked down at you, a frown on his face.

“Now you’ve taken my friends away from me? How kind of you.” He said sarcastically, crossing his arms. You were shocked that he was not at least a little bit embarrassed that you were there the whole time. “Why am I being treated this way? Y/N is the one that wormed her way into our lives. The three of you lads should despise her some sort of way.” Mulligan sighed, rubbing his forehead.

“You’re an ass, Hamilton.” You frowned, looking away from him. You heard him scoff in response.

“You were right, Y/N, he is insufferable.” The other two snickered. “Hamilton, we were just talking about you.” Mulligan said, looking at him. Hamilton raised a brow. “Do you remember how you felt about Y/N? Before we all went out with one another?”

Hamilton put his hand on his chin, looking down at you. “I thought that she was beautiful and smart and fascinating. But after that trip, all that seemed disappear. I finally see her for what she truly is. A-“

“Beautiful, smart and fascinating being.” Mulligan finished, looking at you. You looked away from him, and you saw out of the corner of your eyes, his shoulders slump down in defeat.

“You know that is not what I was saying.” Hamilton replied, ignoring the discourse between you and Mulligan. “I cannot stand being next to her. She is a nuisance.”

“Hamilton, if I may say, can you shut the fuck up for one second? She does not need your insults, and you are being worse than Charles Lee. Please, just stop.” Did they even use the word fuck in the 1700s? You looked at Laurens, and he was fuming, staring at his friend. This time Hamilton shut his mouth, finally startled. “Let Mulligan explain what’s going on with you. Then you can comment.”

Mulligan looked at Hamilton once more, then told him everything that I did. Hamilton nodded slowly, glancing down at you. There was still anger in his eyes, but for a moment, you thought you saw a little bit of sympathy show. It was immediately gone though, replaced with hatred. “So you are telling me that you let this woman make me this angry all the time? Do you have any notion on how this feels? To be, just, furious at anything? I thought it was because of the war, but no, it’s you, Y/N. You are the cause of this.” He began walking towards you, but he was held back by Lafayette standing in front of you.

“I do not care want to hurt you, mon ami. But if you try to land a hand on Y/N, I will surely have to.” He glowered fiercely at Hamilton, causing him to back up. You did not hear one word mispronounced in his threat, his eyes never moving from Hamilton’s. Mulligan looked at the commotion, rubbing his head. Laurens stayed quiet, deep in his thoughts. “And this is no one’s fault. No one is at fault here. Y/N did not choose for this to happen, and we did not choose to run into her. This is, how you say, fate. It is meant to happen.”

“Laf, now you’re starting to sound like Mulligan and Laurens. Do you not see that this makes no sense? This is a foolish endeavor, and I am not standing for it.”

You walked around Lafayette, standing in front of Hamilton. He stared you down, and you did the same, putting a finger on his chest. “Then sit down, Hamilton, because we have to deal with it.” You pushed him onto the bed, and he widened his eyes, looking up at you. “I get it, you hate me, you want to shoot me, you want to kill me. Whatever, I couldn’t give a flying fuck about what you think. For all I care, you could run away and act like the brat you are.”

“You know what-“ He started, but you put your hand up, silencing him.

“The Alexander Hamilton I met never acted this way. He never treated me like a piece of crap. I, I liked you, Hamilton. And I feel like I still do. And it’s hard, it’s really hard, to see past this curse that she put on you. But I believe we could rid of it, that we could find a way to stop her from making you into this, this despicable human being.” Mulligan jumped up, another idea in his eyes.

“How about this? We go to the Winter’s Ball?”

“Do you really want to party? Right now?” Laurens grumbled, staring at his Irish friend. Mulligan rolled his eyes, looking back at you.

“No. Everyone from town goes to that ball. Maybe if we go, we could find the witch there? It’s a small possibility, but if it stops Hamilton from being so infuriating and helps lift the curse, I think it is worth going. And it’s in a few days.” The rest of you looked at each other, and Hamilton sighed, getting up from the bed. He ignored looking at you, straightening his shirt.

“Fine, we’ll go. I want to feel like me again. And I want this mess with Y/N to end already, so that we could go back to worrying about the war.” Before any of us could agree with him, he walked out, leaving the four of us alone.

Lafayette looked worried, staring at us. I patted his arm softly, and he blushed. “Laf, if you could hug me before, why can’t I touch you?” He chuckled, rubbing his neck. “I agree with Hamilton, though, Herc. I want this mess to end as well, and I want you to worry about more pertinent matters than me. You have a country to create, an empire to fight. I’m standing in the way of that.”

Mulligan shook his head. “No, you are not. I told you to stop saying that about yourself. You are worth every second that I spend on you. Every second.”

You cleared your throat. “Um, thanks, Herc. I really appreciate it. I’ll go back to your tent, I’m going to take a rest.” You walked away from the rest, rubbing your face. You knew you had to tell Herc that you didn’t recuperate his feelings towards you, but he was so kind, and it was hard to let him down like that. He was your friend, but you needed to tell him that that’s all he would ever be. As you walked out, you bumped into a man. You looked at him, seeing those big, beautiful brown eyes of his. They were not kind anymore, but more of a dark, hard stare. You sighed, turning the other direction.

“Y/N, wait. I want to talk.” You stopped, turning back to him.

“About what, exactly? Are you going to insult me again? Make fun of my outfit? Try to make me cry?” You said, crossing your arms. Hamilton looked nervous, playing with his fingers. You immediately dropped your annoyance, looking at him. “Hamilton? Are you okay?”

“There is a part of me that looks at you, and I feel, I feel like I should like you. Like, we have a connection. But everytime I think of you in a positive light, this dark cloud, covers all of it. That’s why this is so hard to say. I really, really want to yell at you right now. I am holding it back so much. I hate feeling like this, like I’m not even me anymore.” You dropped your eyes to the ground.

Everyone has been trying to take the blame off of you, but it was true, you were the one who caused this. This, this witch caused this. But you were the target, she just wanted to see you suffer as you saw Hamilton suffer. 

“I’m so sorry, Alex. I’m sorry I didn’t try harder to stop this from happening.” He held his head, spitting out vulgar insults and words that made the tears in your eyes fall. You made him into this monster, into this person. You ran over to him, but he pushed you away, his hands in fists.

“LEAVE Y/N, please, just go. I really want to hurt you, and I cannot stop myself for long” He cried out, staring at you. You saw your sweet Hamilton looking back at you, trapped in his own body. You got up and ran away, towards Hercules’s tent. Once you were inside, you dropped to the floor, your head in your hands.

What have you done?

Mulligan gave you a dress that he created for you to wear to the ball. You thanked him for the modest look, it not being as tight as you’ve seen in the history books. The rest of the boys just wore their revolutionary uniforms, ready to leave. Hamilton and you didn’t speak to one another, not talking about the incident that happened just days before. It was even more awkward, the other men in the room exchanging worried glances often. You did not get to see Washington, and hoped you didn’t. The way the men talked about him made him seem like a fierce man, one that you did not want to overshadow. Thankfully, the others always went to his tent, Washington never stepping in theirs.

“Are you ready, Y/N?” Laurens asked, smiling at you. You nodded, anxiously playing with the fabric on your dress. He went to touch your hair, but stopped himself, putting his hands down quickly.

“You know, in my time, if you even tried to touch me, you’ll be prosecuted and killed by gunfire.” Laurens widened his eyes in shock, and you laughed. “I’m kidding, Laurens. Just kidding.”

“Oh…” He laughed dryly, rubbing his arm. “The others are waiting for us. Mulligan got a carriage somehow, and they told me to come and get you.” You nodded, following Laurens out the tent. You walked a little with him, realizing that he was a very interesting person. He was more than just “make the first black battalion guy”, but he was kind and loud. Not as loud as Mulligan, but he was close.

You two walked to the carriage, Mulligan helping you up. You sat across from Hamilton, the scowl still stuck on his face. But his eyes glanced over you, and you could have sworn you saw the kindness come back. But just for a second. 

The ride was quiet, no one even trying to start a casual conversation. It felt like a mission, like this was the end of the line. Either you found the witch, or you were stuck here, for good. The five of you arrived at the ball, Lafayette putting your arm in his. You smiled at him, the nerves bubbling in your chest.

“It will be fine, Y/N.”

“I’m not nervous Laf, do I look nervous? Oh no, is my arm sweaty? Am I sweating?” You said quickly, looking down at yourself. You looked fine. Lafayette was smiling on you, shaking his head.

“You looked beautiful, mon ami.

“Thanks, Laf. You look handsome as well.” He grinned at you happily, the other four behind you. A man held the door open for him, and you nodded, smiling. The two of you walked through, and you widened your eyes at the openness of the room. It was enormous, candles lining the walls. Lafayette led you to a table, and you noticed that it was reserved, all their names written on a paper.

“Nice, who has the connections?” You asked, touching the paper. Hamilton advanced towards you, gesturing to himself.

“Me, of course. Lads, I heard the Schuyler sisters will be here tonight.” He said, ignoring your presence once again. You scowled at him, sitting down at the table. Mulligan shrugged, taking a seat next to you.

“We’re not here to woo the women, Hamilton. We’re here to see if we could find the witch that made you like this? Remember?” Hamilton was ignoring Mulligan, sipping on a drink in his hand. He spotted a woman in the distance, and winked at all of you, striding away. Laurens sighed, sitting at the table. Lafayette did the same, glancing at his retreating friend. “He is such a hassle to deal with. I do not think I could deal with more of this.”

“We’ll figure this out, Herc. Don’t worry.” You said, smiling at him. The other boys were looking around the room, trying to spot the witch. Once they asked what she looked like, your mind drew a blank. “Oh, no, don’t tell me-“

“She erased your memory as well?” Laurens said, shaking his head at the discovery. You cursed, looking at the dance floor. All the women dancing with the men didn’t look at all familiar to you, and you soon realized that this mission was pointless.

“She may be wearing something different? Something that stands out?” Mulligan suggested.

“Or she is normal dressed, like the other maidens.” Lafayette mumbled.

“This is not going to work out well, guys, we cannot find her if we have no idea what she looks like.” You grumbled, putting your head in your hands. You noticed out of the corner of your eye, Hamilton dancing with a woman. He was laughing and smiling at her, the opposite of how he acted with you. You heart ached, watching them dance together. The woman was small, with an olive skin tone. She had long, black hair, waving in the air as Hamilton lead her. Mulligan followed your gaze, seeing you watching the two of them. He looked back at you, a pained expression on his face.

“Would you care to dance, Y/N?” Mulligan asked, holding out his hand. You widened your eyes, shaking your head quickly.

“No, I can’t, I can barely walk on my two feet.” He raised his eyebrow, still holding out his hand. You sighed, placing your hand in his. He walked you to the dance floor, and placed a hand on your waist, the other hand in yours. You put your available hand on his shoulder, and he glided across the floor, teaching you how to follow his steps. You did so, and soon, you caught up to the rhythm. He joked around with you and twirled you along.

“I like you, Y/N.” Herc said as he glided you across the floor. You looked up at him, and he smiled down sadly. “I know, you don’t have to say it. I know you do not feel the same.” You sighed. Mulligan was a really good man, an amazing man, but your feelings for him just did not feel the same as with Hamilton.

“I’m sorry, Hercules.” You whispered. He shook his head.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for, Y/N.” The conversation ended there, and he began joking around again, like he didn’t just confess his feelings towards you.

You could not help but feel safe in his arms, although you caught yourself glancing at Hamilton ever so often. He caught your eyes, looking at Hercules dancing with you. Eventually, he excused himself from dancing with the woman, bowing to her. She curtsied, and he watched her walk away.

He began walking to the both of you, but was interrupted by a woman stopping him. She wore a black dress, different from the rest of the bright colors in the room. You noticed how she touched Hamilton’s arm, caressing it softly. He looked uncomfortably, but kindly spoke to her, smiling at her softly. You looked up at Mulligan.

“Herc, do you see that lady?” He spun you around, looking over your shoulder. He nodded.

“She seems suspicious, and she’s touching Hamilton, like…”

“Like they’re da-courting. Herc, it might be her.” He nodded, letting go of your hands. He began marching over, but you grabbed his arm. “No, you can’t just do that. She’ll see you.” He looked at his friend, biting his lip.

“Then what do we do?”

“We watch her, wait until she does something stupid. Or if Hamilton does something stupid first.” You turned back to them, noticing that they began dancing. You caught her eye, and gasped, digging your fingers into Mulligan’s harm. He touched your hand, rubbing it softly.

“Y/N, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

You could barely speak, looking at her dancing with Hamilton. Her face, no it couldn’t be. It can’t be. Lafayette and Laurens walked over, seeing that the two of you were frozen on the dance floor. They tried getting your attention, but you were stuck, looking at the two of them dance.

“Y/N! Listen to me! What’s wrong?” Herc yelled, and you finally looked at him.

“Herc…that’s, I know her.” You whispered, and he raised his eyebrow.


“I know her! She’s, she’s my friend. She’s the one that told me about the soundtrack, she’s the one that invited me to the Hamilton show. She’s…” The witch, the one that cursed you and the boys.

She was your best friend.

his was such a mulligan x reader chapter lol, i kicked our little ham boy to the side hahaha

Meet the [Bat]Family

A/N: This is the sequel to “You Never Told Them.” I actually really like how it turned out. I would like to point out that I also used some characters that I have never written before so be gentle if I got them wrong lol

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Jason quietly entered his apartment. He wasn’t surprised to find that Y/N was curled up in their bed. He got on his side and gently stroked the side of her face until she woke up.

“I know you said you don’t want to hear my voice or to see me right now, but I want to make things right. And in order to do that, I need you to get up and get ready and trust me.” Jason whispered as soon as her eyes opened. Y/N sat up and rubbed her face.

“What exactly do you have planned?” She asked in a slightly hoarse voice.

Jason’s heart melted at the sight of her. “It’s a surprise.” He said before kissing her cheek. “But you should be ready to meet some new people.” He knew that even though he wanted to surprise her, she wouldn’t be happy to show up anywhere looking like she had crawled out of bed.  He watched as she got up and got ready. “Thank you for trusting me. Even after what happened.”

“Well, I do love you and you are important to me so I figure I can this much.” Y/N said as she grabbed her purse.

“You won’t regret it.” He promised her as he led the way to their car. She got in and sat back as he drove them out of the city. She was a little surprised when they left the tall buildings behind, but she didn’t say anything. She sent him a questioning glance when he pulled into the drive of a large house. She was remained silent as they drove up the long driveway.

“Are you ready?” Jason asked as he parked the car.

“Ready for what?” Y/N asked. She had no idea what they were doing at this mansion. Almost a palace really. It was the biggest home Y/N had seen in her entire life.

“You’ll see.” Jason chuckled as he led her to the door. He knocked once and they were met by the man Y/N had met earlier.

“Miss Y/N. It is a pleasure to see you again so soon.” Alfred said as he welcomed them in. “The others are in the living room.”

“Others?” Y/N whispered to Jason as he led her down the hallway. He could tell she was nervous, so he wrapped an arm around her waist as they entered the room.

Y/N was almost overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people in the room. They all looked up when Jason and Y/N walked in. “Y/N, I would like you to meet my family.”

He pointed to a man with dark hair sitting in an armchair. “That is Bruce. He adopted me.” The man smiled at Y/N when she waved.

“That is Dick and the redhead sitting next to him is Barbara. Sometimes they date and sometimes they don’t. If I remember correctly, this is one of those off periods, right?” Jason pointed to a tan man with dark hair who stuck his tongue out when Jason mentioned the dating part. The redhead laughed and smacked his arm.

“Next is Timberly and his munchkin friend, Stephanie. She is the second spunkiest person I know.” Jason pointed to a young man also with dark hair. God, did everyone in his family have dark hair?

“Second? Who have you met that has more sass than me, Jaybae?” The blonde looked legitimately irritated at her imaginary slight.

“My girlfriend.” Jason smirked when Y/N rolled her eyes and nudged him. Snickers echoed through the room.

“That small one over there is Damian. He is literally the spawn of Satan.” Jason pointed to a boy who had found a spot on the floor next to his father. He glared at Jason, but sent a nod to Y/N.

Jason pointed next to a girl of obvious Asian descent. “This is Cass. She doesn’t speak much, but she has attitude so watch out. She’ll probably love you forever though.” Cass smiled widely and waved enthusiastically at Y/N. “The one with the bright ass hair next to her is Harper.” A girl with teal and purple hair saluted Y/N with a wink.

“And last, but not least. The only person in this family besides Alfred that I actually like, Duke.” Jason pointed to an African american teen sitting on the couch next to Cass.

“Pleased to meet you.” The boy greeted. Everyone in the room said various other greetings, some of them in different languages.

Y/N just smiled and greeted them back. She was a little overwhelmed with all the names and faces, but she couldn’t be happier to finally have met all of Jason’s family.

“Aren’t you forgetting someone?” A new voice said from the doorway. A woman who looked to be around Bruce’s age with close cropped dark hair was leaning against the wall. She hadn’t been there earlier and Y/N wasn’t sure just when she had come in.

“Oh, right.” Jason said with a gleam in his eyes. “Y/N, this is Selena. She’s our step mother.”

Bruce choked as Damian let out a loud “Father?” Y/N could hear the rest of the kids all laughing loudly.

“Sorry, Bruce. We couldn’t resist.” Jason chuckled.

The rest of the afternoon passed seamlessly. Y/N got to know his brothers and became really good friends with the girls. All too soon, Jason made their excuses so they could leave.

“Did you have fun?” He asked as they got into the car. Y/N leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“Yes,” She sighed happily. “I am sorry that I made such a big deal out of this.”

“No, I understand. Family is important to you.” Jason said, “And I want you to be a part of mine which means introducing you to my family.”

“You want me to be a part of your family?” Y/N asked quietly. They had talked before, but Jason had never said anything quite so serious about it.

Jason smiled and dug a box out of his pocket. “I was planning on making this special, but things don’t always go according to plan anyways. So, Y/N L/N, do you want to be a part of my family?”

Y/N smiled and nodded. She threw her arms around Jason’s neck and kissed him hard. She felt him smirk and kiss her back. All of a sudden they heard clapping and cheering. Y/N and Jason broke apart to find that his siblings were celebrating in front of his car.

“I’m never going to hear the end of this.” Jason groaned as he started the car and honked the horn. His siblings jumped and cartwheeled out of the way, squealing and laughing. “Welcome to the family, Y/N.”

Y/N smiled as she watched the house and it’s silly occupants disappear from sight. She looked over at her boyfriend. No, fiance, and felt her heart melt a bit. This was going to be a fun rest of her life.

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I keep seeing this hilarious photo set of 'Hot Frat Boy Geno'. Could I prompt for some high school or college S/G with the location 'back of the library'? Love love love all your writings. Thank you!

this one? 


There’s one table with two chairs tucked into the back corner of the library.

Sid is the only one that ever sits there.

It’s far from the entrance and there isn’t a place to charge your phone or laptop.

He thinks it’s perfect. It’s quiet and secluded and he gets more work done there then he could ever get done in his dorm room.

He’s proofreading his paper on propaganda during World War II when someone clears their throat.

Sid rolls his eyes and looks up.

The guy is tall and lanky in a black sweatshirt and ripped jeans. There’s a backwards baseball cap on his head and he’s clutching a stack of bright gold papers in his hand.

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Madi Scott. Madi Scott has a name and a history and a family and her own internal conflicts and motivations.

So when I see posts lamenting the fact that she’s also in love? That she’s deeply, deeply loved by one of the show’s main characters? Posts fretting over the fact that she doesn’t fit neatly into the “strong black woman who don’t need no man” trope?I want to fucking scream. The urge to scream is actually keeping me from falling asleep right now. Because there is no fucking shortage of black woman characters who exist solely to serve as emotional support for other characters.

You don’t know how many fucking black woman characters that I have loved over the years who weren’t even given a fucking LAST NAME (Michonne, Guinevere, the Maroon queen, for fucks sake) or whose connection to their history/roots/family were flat out ignored (never fucking forget Alisha Bailey being buried in a ditch in the fucking woods without a single family member present).

And then there is Madi, who we’ve seen: confronting and then mourning her absentee father and negotiating diplomacy, the legacy of slavery, and the future of the entire Maroon community with her mother AND coming to terms with her role as future queen AND forging a partnership with the pirates AND managing tensions between her people and the pirates AND leaving the comfort of the Maroon camp - the only home she’s ever known - to sail the high seas AND marching to war alongside her newfound allies AND falling in love AND saving others in peril and (gasp) falling into peril and needing to be saved (which is downright subversive given the many black fictional characters who exist solely to save other, often white characters (Bonnie fucking Bennett)

And despite all this, over and over I see concern trolling posts handwringing over her “lack of development.” And I shouldn’t be surprised but I am anyway because from where I am standing, Madi is one of the most well-developed black woman characters I’ve ever encountered.

And like, you don’t get to erase all that she is, you don’t get to deny her rich characterization and backstory and the historical context upon which her character is founded because you don’t dig her and Silver together or because she disrupts your fave ship. And you don’t get to tell black women, real or fictional, that their chief role in life is to be “strong, standalone and independent black FEMALES that don’t need no man.” Black women can love and be loved and be strong. And you will fucking deal.

The Red Dress

Alexander x FEM!reader


Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 1935

Warnings: War, kinda cheesy

A/N: I know I don’t usually do gender specific readers, so I’m very sorry for that! This imagine is actually based off of how my grandparents met in World War II. I of course changed some things, but it’s very close to my heart. My grandpa would always tell us that he saw the prettiest woman he had ever seen in a red coat in New York Square and just had to meet her! He, like Alexander in this imagine, was about to be deployed to war. So, I hope you guys enjoy this imagine! Thanks for reading! Love ya!

“I’m just saying, this revolution will be worth it. Fighting for our freedom is not something we will regret.” Alexander told his friends as they strolled down the streets of New York.

“I could not agree any less, mon ami. I can’t wait to bring freedom to my own people!” Lafayette said, all his friends nodding.

“I can’t believe we’re finally going to fight tomorrow. We’re going to be one of Washington’s men.” John smiled at the thought.

“It’s going to be amazing! The four of us fighting for something, we have wanted for so long!” Hercules joined in, his broad grin unshakable.

“I can’t believe Alexander hasn’t gone into a full on rant yet.” John laughed, glancing at his friend beside him. He was not paying attention to a single word they said.

“Um, Alexander?” Lafayette asked, snapping his fingers in his face until he turned to look at them.

“Sorry, something just caught my eye…” He trailed off, looking back at the thing that had distracted him.

“What are you…OH! Looks like Alexander’s got his eye on a girl.” Hercules slapped Alexander’s back, laughing loudly enough to catch your attention.

Alexander felt his heart skip a beat at the sight of you. You certainly stood out among the sea of women and girls walking around the town. You were dressed in a beautiful red dress in the midst of browns, blues and greens. He had never seen someone as beautiful or as intriguing as you were. He caught your eye for just a second before you quickly dropped your gaze, hiding a very prominent blush.

“She’s beautiful…” Alexander looked completely starstruck, shocking his friends. They had never seen him so…Helpless!

“Go talk to her.” John encouraged, nudging him slightly forward.

“I can’t do that! I’m leaving for the war tomorrow, I can’t just do that to her.” Alexander protested, his eyes still not moving off of you.

“You know some women find it very romantic to be writing a man at war during courtship.” Hercules stated, the others humming in agreement.

“Look at her, you think she’d want something to do with someone like me? I have nothing! No money, no title, no land. She deserves more than that and besides, she probably has someone in her life.” Alexander sighed.

“What makes you think she cares about all that? Plus, I don’t see a ring on that finger! She’s fair game.” Lafayette attempted to rise his friend’s spirits.

“You see her dress? She’s in the midst of woman in simple dresses and she is wearing a red dress made of much nicer fabric. Hercules can even back me up on this!” Alexander exclaimed.

“He’s not wrong. Then again we don’t know for sure if she truly cares about these things. Besides, what happened to not throwing away your shot?” Hercules smiled, knowing that that would get his friend’s attention.

“You’re right. What do I do?” He asked, his eyes filling with determination.

“Talk to her right now. Do not let her leave before you talk to her. Maybe get her to go on a walk with you. Then, she’ll want to write you. You can court over letters during the war and after, possibly get married. That’s the plan. Can you do it?” Hercules explained quickly.

“Yes, sir.” Alexander turned and began to approach you, who walked slowly with another young woman. He caught sight of a handkerchief on the ground and thanked the stars for his luck. “Excuse me, miss. Did you drop this?” He asked, holding out the handkerchief towards you.

You quickly searched yourself before blushing. “I believe so. Thank you, mister…” You trailed off.

“Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton. And your name, miss?” Alexander asked, holding his hand out for you to take.

“(Y/N) (L/N), Mister Hamilton. Thank you again for returning this.” You blushed as he gently pressed his lips to your hand. The two of you were completely enchanted with each other, forgetting the person that stood right beside you.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mister Hamilton. I’m Angelica Schuyler.” Angelica interrupted the moment. You almost cursed her for it, until you saw a familiar smirk on her face. “I really must be going. I’m sorry that I can’t walk you home, (Y/N).”

“I could do it! It would not be right for you to have to walk by yourself, Miss (L/N).” Alexander immediately volunteered, Angelica’s smirk only widening.

“I believe that would be perfect. It was good to see you, (Y/N).” Angelica quickly hugged you before walking away quickly.

“Shall we?” Alexander asked, holding his arm out for you.

“We shall.” You gladly took his arm, guiding him towards the direction of your house. “Thank you for walking me, Mister Hamilton.”

“It’s a pleasure to do so, Miss (L/N). And please, call me Alexander.” He smiled at you.

“Then you must call me (Y/N).” You smiled back at him, you’re heart fluttering.

“Are you a supporter of the revolution, (Y/N)?” You almost didn’t hear the question he asked. Your focus being on how easily your name rolled off his tongue.

“Of course I am! My father is actually going off to war this next week.” You slightly shuddered at the thought of your father fighting in the war. It was for a cause you supported and knew to be good, but you didn’t understand why they couldn’t just talk it out instead of resorting to violence.

“What a coincidence. I am leaving to fight tomorrow.” Alexander said, you turned to look at him in shock.

“Tomorrow?” You asked, feeling the blood leave your face.

“Yes, tomorrow. Are you feeling well, (Y/N)? You just turned very pale.” Alexander stopped, studying your face with a concerned look.

“I’m fine, it’s just…” You looked away from him, blushing at what had upset you.

“It’s just what?” Alexander asked, the concern not leaving his face.

“This may sound childish, but we just met and I was hoping we could maybe…” You trailed off again, not daring to look at Alexander’s face. Too bad that meant you missed the smile that lit up his face.

“That we might court?” Alexander asked, his face bright and happy.

“Um, yes.” You looked at his smile and couldn’t help one to slowly grow on your face.

“I hoped for the same thing. I can write you during the war and when we get back we can truly court each other.” Alexander reassured you, the both of you turning to resume your walk with grins.

“I would enjoy that very much, Alexander.” You couldn’t hide the excitement in your voice.

“As would I, (Y/N).” He said.

The two of you continued the rest of your walk talking about your likes and dislikes. You were very disappointed when you reached your house. This would be the last time you would seem him until after the war. Even then, there was still a chance that he wouldn’t return from the war.

“You will get a letter from me as soon as it is possible for me to send one. I hope you will write me back.” Alexander grinned, taking your hand in his kissing it once again very lightly.

“I hope I can wait that long to hear from you. I barely know you, yet it feels like my heart is already yours.” You blushed, your hand tingling from his touch. You waved goodbye to him and walked up the stairs to your house, seeing your mother and father watching from the window.

“Who was that?” Your mother asked in excitement.

“An extraordinary man. He’s leaving for the war tomorrow and wants me to write him while he’s away.” You smiled at the thought.

“She’s got it bad.” Your father smirked at your dreamy expression.


Through the long years of the war, you wrote Alexander daily. It was hard for you to hear the horrors he faced at war, but still each letter made your day as it did for Alexander. Everyone in camp could tell when Alexander had read your letter of the day due to his love sick expression. General Washington had began to tease him about it after a couple months into the war, the rest of the camp quickly joining in.

You also got plenty of letters from your father, claiming that Alexander was just as amazing as you had said he was. He told you on multiple accounts of how Alexander had saved the army from its own destruction. Your father wanted you to marry Alexander as soon as the war was over. Alexander agreed with his idea immediately. He couldn’t wait to see your expression after the war, when he was planning to tell you.

Each day you had the same process of running to meet the mailman and tearing Alexander’s letter open as soon as it was in your hands. This was, until you heard the cheers of people saying you had won the war. America was free and that meant Alexander was finally coming home. When this news reached you and your mother, you both had the idea. The two of you rushed to get ready for their arrival.

“(Y/N), quick! Put something nice on before Alexander get’s here. He will surely ask for your hand.” Your mother grinned, ushering you up the stairs.

You looked through your wardrobe in a hurry, not knowing what to put on. That’s when it caught your eye. The red dress you had worn when you met Alexander. The dress that had luckily caught his eye and his interest.

You put it on, hearing a knock on the door downstairs. You could hear your mother answer the door, welcoming Alexander into your house. Taking one last glance in the mirror, you ran down the stairs. Sure it was unladylike, but you could not wait to see Alexander again.

“Alexander.” You gasped at the sight of him, tears springing to your eyes.

“(Y/N).” He grinned, looking at the beautiful red dress that had brought them this far. “I see you thought of me when you choose that dress.” He smirked, slowly raising his arms out for a hug.

You laughed, running to his embrace. He held you tightly, the two of you not noticing the tears you both had streaming down your faces. Neither did you notice your parents in the corner of the room, watching the two of you with smiles.

“When are you going to tell her that I agreed to let you marry her as soon as possible?” Your father called out.

You looked between the two men in shock before pulling Alexander’s face to yours. He melted into it, the two of you clinging to each other as if your lives depended on it. You pulled away, panting slightly. Luckily your parents had left during the kiss, but you still couldn’t shake your shock. You were going to marry Alexander Hamilton. After years of writing him in the war, you were finally going to marry him.

“I love you.” You looked up at him, never wanting to look away.

“I love you too.” He smiled at you, “And I promise I’m never going to leave your side again. Those years at war were too long. I never want to be that far apart again.”

“Agreed.” You nodded, pulling him in for another kiss.

The years of the war had been long and painful, but they were finally over. You could finally be with the man you had grown to love, in a nation that was finally free.

I wouldn’t say it was my peak trans moment but my clarity surrounding how mtts could never truly be women even in a social context came as a result of  Laverne Cox and the speech about misgendering being violence.  My mom had an older neighbor who lived across the alley from her/us who for the better part of 20 years called my mom by the wrong name.  There was another neighbor, an elderly woman, my mom called by the wrong name for nearly as long.  My mom didn’t find out until the woman had passed away that her name was actually Eva, my mom had been calling her Rose all the time they’d been neighbors.  The Head Librarian called me by the wrong name for two years.  In all three circumstances the misnomered had just smiled and let it go believing no animosity.  What is more crucial to your identity than the name you are called by, forget pronouns, your name is a larger piece of you.  And yet women were socialized that it was better to be called the wrong name for two decades than risk embarrassing someone else.  And then by contrast you have the individuals who can look at you with a straight face and say using other than the preferred pronoun is VIOLENCE!! As a woman, a woman from birth who has always been treated as a woman that was a whole level of entitlement I couldn’t even conceive of, nor apparently could any other woman who had just gone on smiling as someone called them Karen when their name was most certainly not Karen.

Satisfied but I made it into a story

“Alright, alright! That’s what I’m talking about. Now, everyone give it up, for the maid of honor, Angelica Schuyler!” Laurens voice echoed through the her mind, and the crowd cheered.

She raised her glass to the left side of the room. “A toast to the groom!”

Upturned chairs, dirty white table cloths, dusty bottle of wine.

Hamilton’s friends had sat there, beaming for their friend. She smiled back, breathless by her tight corset. She made eye contact with Hamilton, and her face flushed. She attributed that to the wine.

“To the bride!” Her smiled had widened for the sister she loved so dearly.

Wine glasses left over, napkins discarded on the tables place markers in a pile at the center, in front of a vase of dying flowers.

She had sat there with her family and Eliza’s friends, smiling a smile that didn’t grace her eyes.

“From your sister, who is always by your side. To your union,” and the cheers that had errupted echoed through her mind. She felt less alone in the empty ballroom. “And the hope that you provide! May you always be satisfied.”

The word affected her the same as it had, her sister’s wedding day. A jolt, a her heart clenched and the feeling of falling backwards; and she was swept up by her memories, and a deep sense of regret.

The Winter’s Ball an occasion to revel in. The ballroom, buzzing with life, made warm by the collective heat of people dancing, and the fire that roared in the fireplace across the room. The golden glow of the room, and the relaxed atmosphere had made it easy for Angelica to be lured onto the dancefloor by her sisters.

They had danced and laughed happily, even talking with various soldiers- most had been drunk, and hadn’t hesitated to boast their strength -maybe dance with a few.

It got a bit tiring after a while, the drunk fawning, insensitive to others feelings, and Angelica moved to the side of the room, away from the chatter and the not-real-smiles and the forced politeness when they got too touchy feely.

And it was there, from the side of the room that she spotted him. One, unlike the others, whom converse with an air of intelligence- something captured brilliantly within his eyes; hazel eyes that reflected the candlelight -and his clothing, his soldiers uniform, the almost hung off his hunger-pang frame.

And it was then that Angelica realised her corset may have been just a little too tight, and the spinning of her heaad and flush of her face couldn’t have come from the missing contents of her glass. When had she downed it all? It didn’t seem to matter.

It was a moment, she’d never forget.

He had made his way over, while she was staring into her glass at the few red drops left, she hadn’t seen. And her name left her as he presented her with a new glass, “Hi.”

Her heart sparked, and then burst into flames and a warmth flowed through her veins, like molten gold. She had hardly replied before he asked for a dance. Her drink cast aside, left on the floor by the wall, they took off, dancing in time to the music.

There was something about him, this soldier, that was unalike the others she had talked to, and yet he seemed to be playing the same game, offer drink, give a charming smile, ask for a dance, doesn’t he know? This is not a game!

“You strike me as a woman who has never been satisfied.” The phrase had caught her off guard. She almost missed her step, but there it was, something different to the other, her attention was captured.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean, you forget yourself.” She had evaded the teasing glint in his eyes, almost scoffed as he smirked.

It fell as he leant forwards, and he insisted with a red face. “Your like me, I’m never satisfied.”

“Is that right?”

“I’ve never been satisfied.”

A chance to start a conversation, she had decided as she introduced herself. “My name is Angelica Schuyler.”

“Alexander Hamilton.”

Bottom lip caught between her teeth, an awkward shuffle of her hands, redder cheeks. He inclined his head, questioning her sudden display of nerves. “Where’s your family from?”

“Unimportant,” His turn. The averting eyes, the shuffle of his hands. “There’s a million things I haven’t done but just you wait. Just you wait!”

And so he set himself apart from the others yet again and an easy conversation blossomed, everything said in total agreement. She felt like she was suddenly free, and enlightened too, like Ben Franklin with his key and kite. But the song had finished all too soon, lasting only two, maybe three minutes.

What a dream, what a dance! Oh how light and young and unburdened she had felt.

Angelica had to admit, he was a flirt. But that detirmination to be more, the way he set himself apart, the way her heart fluttered. She could give him a chance.

But… she had asked about his family and… obviously he was pennyless, flying by the seat oof his pants.

He had flirted with her shamelessly, though, as if none of that mattered.

Peach fuzz, hazel eyes, with flecks of green and gold, long hair collected into a ponytail, a dreamy smile- until he flirted yet again, something witty leaving his lips and a smirk growing as Angelica blushed or giggled -he knew he was handsome, he knew exactly how to charm her. A feeling resonated deep into her core and all she could think of was how she wanted to wisk him away.

From the corner of her eye she noticed her sister, Eliza. A young girl, with a pretty face and innocent eyes. The expression of utter helplessness broke something within Angelica.

As they entered the ballroom Eliza had pointed someone out to Angelica with the words “That one’s mine.” But Angelica had quickly dismissed it, almost forgotten what he looked like. If she had her way, Eliza would be with him most the night, and there were hundreds of other soldiers, what were the odds?

Three fundamental truths, Angelica’s burdens, reigned over her.

1. She must marry rich, and climb the social ladder, for her parents had no sons, so she asked each possible suitor the same question- where’s your family from? -and turned on the charmed, showed she was wittiest around, and she igored the insidious gossip of New York City.

“Where are you taking me?” Alexander had asked as she tugged him from the dancefloor.

“I’m about to change your life.” She replied, because what aelse could she say to keep him interested?

“Then by all means, lead the way.”

She still wanted him for herself.

“Elizabeth Schuyler, it’s a pleassure to meet you.” Her sister voice was soft, and timid.

“Schuyler?” Something knowing hid behind his eyes.

“My sister.” She confirmed.

He was after her because she was a schuyler sister, Angelica knew that. It all added up, at least, you can’t be the daughter off the loaded Philip Schuyler without attracting attention from those who wanted the money, the elevated status. She learnt early on that she could never put that aside.

Now, standing in the empty ballroom she reasons that this is why she introduced him to Eliza, who would soon become his bride.

The hollow in her chest and the wake up call back into the dim, dusty room was shocking, and she closed her eyes because then she could pretend to have Alexander, pretend she was the one who took his surname.

He was right, her eyes opened her chest stayed hollow, she would never be satisfied.

“Thank you for all your service.” Eliza had said, words- unbeknownst to her at the time -that would the the beginning of a relationship.

“If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it.”

Eliza had blushed and Angelica’s lip fell between her teeth once again. She felt the need to pull his attention back to her, like he should have been flirting with her.

She tried to keep the disappointment out of her voice as she excused herself, “I’ll leave you to it.”

She knew her sister very well, loved her more and knew deep within her heart there was no one more trusting of kind. Angelica couldn’t afford to be innocent and nïave and trusting but Eliza could and she wouldn’t take that away. Angelica knew that if she kept Alexander to herself… if she ignored her sister’s dibs, well, it would put a chip in their relationship. Eliza would claim she was fine, after all, she put her sisters first no matter the cost. Silently, resigned, chipped, though not all the way broken, Eliza would have given up Alexander for her sister, she would lie and say she was fine. Angelica couldn’t let that happen.

For nights after they had meet, all the way through her sister’s engagement until the night of the wedding, she’d sat at her window, or if the weather permitted, on her balcony and watched the sky. She fantasized she was in Eliza’s shoes. More then once she’d seen the stars and seen his eyes.

She could keep those in her life at least. He would still be around, and she could romanticise what might have been all the while being his friend. It wouldn’t be enough. It would have to be enough.

She was back in the ballroom, toasting aloud, yet again as she moved back to the wall. Her wine was still there, glasss full, though dust had settled in it. She watched it as she finished her toast.

“To your union, and the hope that you provide. May you always…”

Her sister would be happy as his bride. Angelica stuck out her foot, her golden heels glinted sadly in the dim. She knocked the wine over with her foot, watching as dark red spilled across the wooden floor. She knew he would never- “be satisfied.”

Her footsteps echoed as she strode out of the room, head held high, eyes glossy with the pain of remembering.

She would never be satisfied and there was nothing she could do.

Seokjin Scenario: All Of Our Yesterdays.

Request: Hello, admins can i request a Jin and y/n are former college sweethearts but ended up breaking up because you thought he was cheating on you. But years later you guys meet again because of some College reunion and find out the truth he didnt and you feel embarassed but you guys talk about it and he asks you out for a coffee date in hopes of getting to know you again. thankies! 

Genre: Fluff / Drama

It was such a bittersweet experience to meet your ex again. A part of you, the one that was still hurt wanted to find him changed and ugly, unkind, bored with his life and decisions but the other part of you, the one that had loved Seokjin to pieces admired the way in which he was just like before, handsome as ever while standing in the middle of the room and surrounded by some other former classmates and chatting lightly, with that soft movement of his hands that you liked, with his serene smile and attractive confidence, looking like some sort of model with his white oxford shirt, navy blue blazer and dark jeans; he was the personification of success and wealth and you didn’t know if you missed him or hated to find him there.

You knew that finding Jin there was a possibility, but you had still gone there despite, so you had to suck it up and pretend his presence didn’t affect you at all, that his voice didn’t trigger the memories of your relationship back, that his smile didn’t remember you how it was so easy to fall for him. He always seemed so correct in his manners, so sweet and approachable and you were sure the people paying attention to what he was saying thought that too, had he cheated on the other girlfriends he had after you too? You smiled sarcastically, taking a sip form your drink, maybe those listening to him should know that part of Jin too.

Clearing your throat you decided it was useless to think of that now, things between you had ended a good amount of time ago and you had moved on the best you could after your breakup and the worst day of your relationship when you found that girl naked at his dorm, the betrayal still hurt but you supposed it was normal. You’d gone to that meeting to have a nice time, put on a dress that you knew made you look gorgeous, paired with high heels and planned makeup and hair, so why waste all of that thinking about the past?

–Y/N! – Hoseok, one of your old friends greeted you, waving and coming your way. He’d been in that group of people around Jin and now, with the sound of your name, Seokjin had shut down, looking at Hoseok dragging you towards him. –Come here with us –

You smiled but were honestly panicking a little inside, Hoseok had been a good friend of both of you and you knew he didn’t have many filters, besides, he was aware of how thorny your breakup had been, it was only fair to believe that now that time had passed you would be completely chill and unbothered, so you were left standing next to Seokjin and not knowing where to look when his warm brown eyes fixed on you.

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five letters sansa didn’t send and one she did


The North is different without you. Colder. The people are getting more restless by the day, I fear the worst is coming soon.

Littlefinger has something up his sleeve. I don’t know what but I know that it’s not good. He’ll try to sway me with his pretty words but know that I will never break the trust that you have given me.

I saw you before you left for the South. You came out of the crypt, Littlefinger behind you. Did you hurt him Jon? If you did I fear that he’ll try and make your downfall quicker and more painful. Please Jon, don’t do anything irrational, I know your temper can get the best of you sometimes.

Stay safe.

I miss you.


Arya is home. I missed her.

She’s different than before, though I guess everyone is. She’s scarred and seen things that I wished and prayed she would have never seen. Her eyes though seem to be void of emotion are swimming in rage and sadness.

Arya’s stronger, I’m very proud. Though I fear for her and dare I say it, a piece of me is afraid of her too. I can’t bare to think of what she’s done to survive, I do know it’s not pretty though. Maybe she and I are more similar than I thought.

Littlefinger is curious about her. If I know him correctly a plan is taking place in his mind. I need to put a stop to it. I need my family here. I need you here.


You betrayed the North. Your family. Me. I don’t know if you understand how much I went though to make sure we get our home back Jon, our home. How much I bled, how much I cried and screamed for it. It was so easy to give though, wasn’t it? Gift something that I bled for easily.

I trusted you. You were the only person I trusted, Jon. The person that I put my hands to, showed my scars and told my unfortunate stories, yet I bet that was never on your mind when you bent the knee and gave her the North, did you? Tell me, is the Dragon Queen so beautiful that you forgot your loyalty to the North and your family.

Do not think that the North will forgive this easily Jon. You may be able to sway them to join you into the battle, but after that the war for the North’s independence will rage. Whose side will you be on?

The North remembers, do not ever forget that.


It’s hard not to watch you watch her, it’s hard not to notice the lingering looks you share. It’s hard not to notice my heart hurting every time you do so. Tell me brother, why are my feelings like this? Am I no better than Cersei Lannister? Am I truly fashioning my life after the woman who caused our family’s demise?

It aches, Jon. It shouldn’t though, shouldn’t it? If my feelings truly are sisterly for you.

Even when I deem to hate you I cannot. Hating you should be so easy after what you’ve done…so why is it so hard?


Aegon Targaryen. Are the Targaryens so crazy that they’ll name two sons from the same family the same name? That’s not your name. Not to me, Arya, Bran, Sam or Tormund, not to those who know you, the real you. Your name is Jon Snow, you belong to House Stark, you have Stark blood running in you.

I told you once that I considered you a Stark and I will always mean that.

Rhaegar Targaryen may have placed his seed into Aunt Lyanna but it was Father that raised you, that taught you to be the person you are today.

The Northern Lords will not be pleased but I will be there for you, so will the rest of your family -the rest of your pack.

You will always be Jon to me.


I thought we would never see Spring. I thought I would never hear the laughter of the children again, or the flowers in bloom. See genuine smiles upon the faces of people.

It’s there now though. It’s because of you that happened. No matter how much you try and say that everyone did it, it was you that led them to defeat the Army of the Undead. Who told everyone, who feared for everyone’s safety in Westeros.

I’m proud of you Jon and I know that Father would have been too.

There are talks of you going South with the Dragon Queen.

Don’t go.

Arya and Bran needs you. I need you here, with me in the North trying to rebuild what’s ours. The pack needs to stay together, to survive.

It’s up to you though in the end, my words are nothing, the choice is yours. I know that you have Targaryen blood in your veins but I beg you to not forget us.

If you go South and decide to rule, do not forget the North, your family, me. As we will never forget you.

I lov


Jon held the piece of parchment in his hand, he stood up once again pacing her solar for what seemed like the tenth time. He looked down at the bed and saw the other parchments littered with Sansa’s handwriting. It wasn’t his fault that he found them, truly. It was laying on her desk, half-covered with a book, but he still saw his name and curiosity peaked in him.

The door finally opened and he saw the woman that he was looking for. She still hasn’t noticed him and he was torn between berating her for not seeing there was an intruder in the room, and looking at her.

It seemed like the last time they were alone and he could really speak to her was before he went South. After that, she disappeared whenever he was near and his heart clenched whenever he didn’t see her comforting presence.

“Jon.” Sansa turned around and was surprised at Jon standing in the middle of her solar, a small parchment in his hand.

“I received your letter,” he mumbled.

Sansa nodded, “I can see that.” She moved forward towards her window.

“There was never a choice to make.” He needed to put that out there. How could she ever think that he would choose anything over the North, his pack, her?

She gave him a brief glance, “You never know. People change and so do their opinions.”

“The North is a part of me,” Jon walked up to where Sansa was. He stood next to her, and looked out the window. “I would never leave the North unless I have to.” I would never leave you unless I have to. How much he wanted to utter those words but he knew that he couldn’t right now. Sansa looked at him and he knew right then that she somehow heard the unspoken words.

“If there’s one thing I know in this world for certain, is that I would never choose anything over our family. Nothing in this world can do that. Not for a crown, not even legitimizing me. Do you understand that?” He gently turned her so Sansa could look at him. “Sansa.”

She nodded, “I do.”

Jon took a deep breath, it was now or never. “I need you to understand another thing as well.” She tilted her head a fraction imploring him to go on. “There is no woman that could ever compare to you. There is no woman that I would choose over you. There is no other love I would choose than yours.”

He looked at her and surely he saw her walls crumbling down. He finally saw the eyes that he loved, the eyes that held the warmth and love whenever he looked into them. Gone was his Queen of Ice, here now was his Sansa.

“I never thought,” Sansa started. For once she was at lost for words and for once Jon seems that he has the perfect words.

“I know, my love,” he removed the space between, now holding her as close as he can. As the King and Queen of the North looked out onto the now melting snow of Winterfell, they can briefly see four large Direwolves. The largest looked straight on at Jon and Sansa.

She quickly turned to Jon, a familiar tug in her heart. “Jon, it’s them.”

Jon looked at the Direwolves, the alpha nodded once and then howled. The rest followed, “Aye, it is.” He knew who they were and it was no consequence that he and Sansa should see them after they’ve talked. “It seems like Father’s gave us his blessing.”

I miss her [Part 6/...]

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Words: 1064
Warning: none.

Summary: Bucky and [Y/N] found themselves in the 21st century, the only problem - [Y/N] doesn’t know that Bucky is still alive and that he tries to find a way to get back into her life.


I’m sorry that it always takes me so long to write another chapter but I was really busy in these last days…I’m sorry

[Y/N] stood still when she felt his soft lips on hers again. For her, the time stood still like the whole world would stop turning for this moment. Softly, she returned his kiss and laid her hand on his left cheek where she noticed a small scar. What had they done to him?

After one minute, Bucky broke the kiss and looked into her [y/e/c] eyes. How much he had missed those.

“Please…don’t leave me alone. I can’t live without you by my side…” Bucky’s and her forehead touched as he whispered those words to [Y/N]. He held her hands while his thumbs stroke over the back of her hand.

When Bucky opened his eyes again, he saw a tear falling down [Y/N]’s cheek. Softly, he kissed them away and then her forehead “Don’t cry…We’re together, that’s all that matters right now”

“I would never leave you again” she whispered and smiled up to him. He brought her into his arms and held [Y/N] close to his chest “You don’t know how often I thought about you and our past time together. It’s been so long…too long for my own liking”
“I feel the same, Sergeant” [Y/N] smiled again and snuggled into his chest before she saw to his left arm “What happened with your arm?…”

He sighed and kissed her forehead before he began to explain “When I fell off the train, Hydra found me again. I never told you what really happened. My unit was taken by Hydra and they locked us up. All together, we stood in our cells when they wanted to take some of us with them. I volunteered because I didn’t want them to take the others. Zola did so many experiments on me, I can’t remember when they did which ones but…they were working on a super soldier serum just like Steve’s one. But there was no success…one day they wiped me…made me forget who I was…but it all came back to me when these doctors and Zola left me alone. So when Steve found me and the others, I was repeating myself the whole time. My name, number and…your name. [Y/N], the woman I wanted to return to…”

Another tear fell down her cheek when [Y/N] listened to his story. He wiped them away and held her closer when he continued “When I was back in the camp, I noticed that something was different…I don’t know how to describe it but something inside of me…was different. So when Hydra found me after I fell off the train, they started these experiments again and I started to forget…everything. And I hate myself for forgetting you and Steve and my whole life-”

“Don’t you ever dare to blame yourself for forgetting us” [Y/N] warned him and laid her hands on his cheeks. There were new tears forming in her eyes “They…made you forget. That was not your fault, Bucky. I would never blame you for this…believe me”

“I do..” Bucky whispered and looked into her eyes before he hugged her again “Does Steve know where you are?…Is he here with you?”

“No, I came on my own…I didn’t know what they would do, so I thought it would be better to come alone. I hope that’s okay” she mumbled into his chest while his fingers stroke through her soft locks. Something she missed very much. Softly, Bucky kissed her hairline and laid his chin on her head “It’s fine, don’t worry. I’m happy it was you and not some soldiers from the government. I’m still afraid they will find me someday…and take me away”

“They won’t. I won’t let them. And if they insist on it, then I will go with you. I won’t leave your side again” [Y/N]’s hold on him tighten. He smiled and held her close before he let go “But you know that I would never tolerate it. You in a cell, that’s something I don’t wanna see”

“And I don’t want-”

Her phone buzzed in her pocket. [Y/N] held her breath and looked on the front screen. Capsicle.

“Who is Capsicle?” Bucky asked confused when he saw the name.

“It’s Steve. He calls almost four times a day. But when I pick up, they can track me back and will find me. And when they find me, they will find you” [Y/N] began to get nervous before Bucky took the phone from her and broke it with his metal hand. Her eyes became wide before she looked up again. Bucky smiled at her “So…now, they can’t anymore. If you want to call him, use a telephone booth. It’s safer for you if you want to stay here…with me”

She looked from her broken smartphone to him “Do you think I looked for you this long just to come here and say Hi? Of course I will stay with you…”

Bucky chuckled and kissed her again.

At the same time in New York…

“She hung up again…” Steve mumbled and let his fingers run through his short hair. The others were sitting in the common room and looked at Steve’s smartphone which laid on the table.

“She doesn’t want to talk and we can’t track her back if she doesn’t answer the calls…maybe we can find her in another way” Natasha stood next to Steve before her gaze wandered to Tony who was going through his computer system “I don’t think she hung up. Her phone was broken or smashed because Friday can’t find a connection to her phone in any possible way…”

“Do you think something happened?” Sam leaned back in his chair and observed him while Tony tried everything he could but failed.

“We shouldn’t think about that. Maybe she did it on purpose so we won’t find her and her lover” Stark looked up from his tablet before he gave up and Steve stood up “We have to find her”

“Cap…everything will be fine. If something happens, [Y/N] learned how to make contact with us. I showed her how even if she doesn’t have a phone” Clint spoke up.

“Maybe you’re right…” Cap sighed before he left the room.

It was his fault. Only because of him, she left. They could have find him together. He should have told her what happened to Bucky. He just hoped that his friend was okay.

Well he didn’t know that she was more than just okay…

Part 7

So…that was it. Thanks for reading it so far <3

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Olicity’s Path to Each Other

Olicity is headed into season 6 having shared a few moments towards the end of season 5.  Their path back towards each other has been so very painful (for them and us)!

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Season 5 ended with them still being team mates.

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Little did we know they had bunker sex during the summer~ and oh how sexy it was!

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Then Felicity tried to move on with ~ugh~ what’s his name (I forget, he was so bland).

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And Oliver was with~ ICK~ that woman that was so horrid to Thea!

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Then shit went down!

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There’s talk of weddings and marriage, even from the PTB! So calling all Olicity shippers~ let’s stay strong and continue to support and promote our Olicity!

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missed the last bus (take the next train)

wolf 359 | 4k; complete | ao3 | anne & eiffel

notes: so, i was talking to a friend about how i think eiffel’s going to be immortal because of decima/alien shenanigans, and then he and hera and lovelace were going to be immortal space bros.  and I set out to write a fic about that, but it turned into…this.  i have more fic i want to write in this verse, but for now i tried to keep the timeline vague and hope what i have now makes sense on its own.

also, it’s never directly stated, but in my head eiffera is an established relationship at this point.

It started with a text.  Two texts, actually.

The first was an automatic notification from Anne’s bank, telling her that fifty thousand dollars had been deposited into her savings account.

She didn’t even have a savings account.

While Anne was still staring at that, the second came in, banner alert dropping from the screen.  The number was unknown, a long string that followed no pattern Anne could see, but she tapped it anyway.

Hi, Anne.  You don’t know me, but I’m one of Officer Eiffel’s friends.  He wanted to send the money anonymously.  I think that’s a stupid idea, and since I’m the one actually doing the money-sending, I get to say so. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi I miss you and your rationalism here. Although, after last months events, I think that G is with PM and D is in RS with Monique, I like to read your posts. Emotionally I am still struggling to accept that, but both are showing us who do they spend their time with, so I am accepting what they give us - although David unwillingly. It’s pity you are not here much more.Take care, bye

Thank you, anon, for appreciating my rationalism ;) Maybe bc of these words and few other nice anons in my inbox, I decided to give its voice one more time…… 

You know what is really amazing? How people in this fandom are so quick to on reaching conclusions and misjudging everything and everyone and so easily deceiving themselves! How one can produce sometimes so irrational conclusions, believe in any rumour, throwing away any logic…   

How many times in this fandom David was dating a woman if only we saw him with one? People have decided to follow and stalk M, but I am afraid what would happen if they would also stalk other women he has been seen with. Maybe they would also “discover” that he is dating them all because he spends time with them? They wanted to get “the truth” about David’s personal life so much that they crossed all boundaries with it; not only the girl who posted that video but everyone who followed M and spread “the news” about her pics - mostly interpreted wrongly - to the fandom, not caring at all about the consequences. And was it really worth it? In which way this fandom is better than the worse tabloid?

And about G and PM… we have a year and still, she didn’t acknowledge the guy in any way. Shouldn’t think it is extremely odd? Some ppl here believe Portofino was a coming out, then, explain "the couple” behaviour at Emmys, Gillian’s tweets without mention him, even as the creator of the show she is promoting. Their behaviour around each other scream “we are not dating!”. Gillian’s body language is an open book and very clear. And finally, she didn’t say his name in that interview which was made up for a whole purpose to revealed she wasn’t single. It wasn’t promotion of the Audiobook. If so, she would tag Audible or xfiles. As she really wanted for us to read about her relationship status. And I do want to believe that ppl didn’t take her literally, that she’d revealed where she took her boys and that she’d met with her boyfriend in every second Sunday…This story was only made up to reveal “the news”. 

The lady took a big step and admitted she wasn’t single. In my opinion, it actually announces that she is getting herself ready for a big coming out and PM doesn’t fit in that picture in any way. Bc her relationship with him isn’t a big news and everyone seems to believe in it anyway… She would say his name if that was him bc why this ridiculous mystery? And at the same time, she went to Emmys with him and didn’t even took one joying pic and left him alone for the most part of the ceremony. Wouldn’t she stay with him even if she was bored, only if for the support? Remember how everyone was laughing at her behaviour but no one thought that maybe bc she just isn’t his girlfriend? 

Oh, and did everyone forget already about the podcast which was mysteriously released three months after the Webbys? Why those ppl weren’t talking about the Webbys just after the event? Not to mention the things which were spoken there…

Why people here sometimes go to some bizarre conclusions? Why is it easier to think Gillian is shady and miserable and stupid? Why is it easier to insult her intelligence and her character than to think that not everything is always as it seems? Why is it easier to use her old interviews; the statements about her past and about her past behaviour, against her? It’s so sad that woman wrote a very personal book, where she revealed her struggles and she wanted to share it with all of us, how she dealt with all of it and her fans are doing nothing but using it against her. Why is it easier to think so low of her than maybe admit that you don’t know all facts and maybe not everything is as you see it? Do people really believe that Gillian is sacrificing her personality and happy life for Peter Morgan bc she likes to be miserable? That she agreed to go to Portofino bc “he wanted” or “he made her” - as I read those kinds of comments? That she agreed to expose her private life to the world for absolutely no reason, though she IS an extremely private person? Do you think she is that frivolous?

So sums it up, I absolutely don’t believe Gillian is with that man because of her personality which she doesn’t hide from the public eye and is very open about it. And because I cannot rationally and with logic put “=“ between Portofino, Emmys and the interview. You can?

And David dating that girl is even bigger nonsense.