and i fixed the download links

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hey just letting you know that your resources link isn't working? it just takes me back to your posts

i didn’t think anyone actually checked my resources page *eye emoji*….. i’m in the middle of updating it but i fixed the link…… only the links in the genetics and mods tabs work, everything else is a wip!

I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…

overworn nasa sweater. | a mesh edit

I have like. way too many nasa pieces of clothing irl tbh. all ur sims should have the same luxury. enjoy !

  • There’s 6 swatches. 5/6 are from @cupidjuice‘s dream pop palette (it’s a given at this point tbh !!) also shoutout to jade for saving my life w/ their amazing help ily <3
  • the design itself is the nasa logo redesigned to be in simlish. (pretty redundant sorry)
  • should have its own thumbnail
  • base game compatible
  • please let me know if anything goes wrong w/ this in ur game!


UPDATE: this is so weird but for some reason the texture of the old mesh I put this over is showing up for other people. Somehow this didn’t show up for me in my CAS but I know exactly how to fix it! I can’t get to my computer now but I’ll have it fixed as soon as I get back. Sorry for this inconvenience!!

UPDATE UPDATE: PLEASE REDOWNLOAD !!! it should be fixed!!! I feel so bad for not being able to fix it earlier but i literally couldn’t fix it until i got home from work. the file is updated so please download at the same link and let it overwrite the existing file in your mods folder.

서울의 달 (Moon of Seoul)
서울의 달 (Moon of Seoul)

Baekhyun - Moon of Seoul (170206 IG Live)

I downloaded the original recording from here(cr:kyongkyong_0506), but it was lagged and I wanted to fix it for myself. And it turned out pretty well so I thought I can share for whoever wants to listen a (kinda) hd version.

Download Link


KK Winter Gift

Knit long sleeve shirts
Knit muffler
Skinny jeans 02

  • T-E (male)
  • My mesh / All morphs / All LODs
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Muffler : Unisex (But I have not female sim test) / necklace category

✔ Do not re-upload or re-edit. All my CC.
✔ Do not claim to own.
✔ Do not direct download link.
    I agree 

  • Pose 1 / 2 / 3
  • Thanks to all CC creators ♥
  • Special thanks @pansysims​ ♥

✔ 12/13/2016 Top Specular FIX


Bomb A** Traits | PT 2

SO! Here’s the second part to my random traits package. There are 5 traits included in this .zip file (some have buffs but not all of them, didn’t want to overdo it). To use these traits in game, you simply need to unzip the folder and drag the files into your mods folder.

Deadass Savage: A deadass savage sim is always inspired. Other sims often consider their honestly “cool & bold”. They tend to say and do things that other sims wont. They tend to gain promotions in their careers as well as some skills such as logic, wellness, comedy, and charisma. 

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - Do you normally do things that no one else has the guts to do? Do other sims consider you to blatantly honest, funny and cool asf at the same time? Every sim wishes that they could be you because you my friend, are a deadass savage. Facts.

Deadbeat: A deadbeat sim tends to always have an excuse. Whether it be to take care of themselves, take care of others, be a good friend, find a job, actually do their work at their job and welllllll just about everything else. (Refer to in game description)

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - These type of sims always go around talking about how they want to improve themselves but never try. They have children even though they HATE children. They claim they want to get a job but never apply for one. They want to have a healthy relationship but their commitment issues get in the way. They always have an excuse for everything which simply makes them a deadbeat. It takes a long time for them to gain skills, get a promotion (IF they get a job) and even longer to commit to their children or partner. 

♢ IDGAF: These type of sims just never care much about, well, anything really. They don’t care about gaining skills, advancing in their careers, having friends, or even a relationship. Their friendships, romance, career and skills will gain twice as slowly due to them just not caring enough. 

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - You see the icon? Read between the lines. This trait is for Sims who couldn’t give two f**ks. Just like I don’t give AF about writing this description. I think you get the point. Buh-bye. 

♢ Roast Master:A roast master is a sim that loves to roast people. They don’t care if you’re a friend or not. If they feel the need to roast, well then, you’ll just get roasted. Their always focused and inspired to become better at roasting. They tend to increase certain skills quicker, such as, logic, comedy, charisma and mischief.

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - This is for sims that love to roast others. They don’t deserve it but you do it anyways. You can’t control it but you’re good at it. #WhenTheRoastGameTooStrong

♢ Thirsty: These type of sims tend to always be thirsty for some romance. They love any sort of romantic attention. And will do just about anything to get it. They are always flirty and tend to gain physical and charisma quickly than other.

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - You don’t care how you get it. Where you get it. Or who you get it from. You’re always ready to take a sip. The thirst is real. 


***Old & Updated Links in the description. Updated pack icons are NOT the same as the original.*** 

Note: Tag me if you use the traits in game! DO NOT RE-UPLOAD or REDISTRIBUTE.  If you run into any issues, please feel free to message me as soon as possible so that I can fix it. Thanks and happy simming! 😊


Bomb A** Traits | PT 1

SO! I made some traits and decided to share them with you guys. There are 10 traits in total, in which I will be separating into two parts. I tested all of the traits and NONE of them should affect your sims needs (some have buffs but not all of them). Anyways, here are the descriptions on each trait and what they do. All of these traits are pretty self explanatory.

Basic: Due to the fact that this sim is SO basic, they are often inspired to become NOT basic (meaning they want to be everything that they aren’t). Career gain remains the same. Needs decay decreased, some creative skills also increased such as baking, photography, all cooking skills, guitar, and bar tending. All mental skills decrease to -5. As well as comedy, charisma, & mischief.

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - HOW TO: Be a basic sim | 1. You loveeeee coffee 2. Leggings…ALL DAY ERRDAY 3. You only wear name brand makeup (I bet you have the Kylie Lip Kit on right now!) 4. You’re always inventing new hastags on your social media 5. You always give a friendly introduction to every sim you meet. 6. You never turn down a party or date invite. 7. You stay taking selfies 8. You’d rather join the Paragons than any other club. 9. Bella Goth is BAE 10.#You have the right to remain basic.

Headass: The description says it all. This sim can easily make friends but due to them being such a headass their relationship can decay pretty quickly unless if they are really good friends with the sim. This trait will make them dazed most of the time. All skills are decreased (meaning it takes longer for this sim to level up in any skill)

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - If any other sim were to use one word to describe you. This would be it. Headass:- Most commonly used to describe either a person that looks or does something stupid and/or embarrassing. 

♢ LIT: Because this sim is always so LIT they will often always be energized. They quickly advance in skills and in their careers.

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - Are you a sim that is always LIT? For example, you’re at a party and a sim has just passed away on the very same dance floor that you’ve been dancing on all night. Now, you should feel bad or even sad but no, all you can think about is how LIT the party is. So you continue to dance the night away. A LIT sim will always be energized, ready to party and happy. This is what being LIT is all about.

♢ NoChill:This sim tends to be tense all of the time. They can quickly advance in their career but due to having NO Chill, they will often get demoted for being in a bad mood, so be sure to keep their needs up. (Refer to in game description)

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - Are you a sim that can go from 0-100, real quick!? Does any little thing quickly get you riled up to the point where you just wanna beat a sims a**? You’re not a crazy sim, you just simply have NO chill. Sims with this trait are easily irritated by stupid things, other sims, objects, heck just about anything! If you upset them, they’ll never be friends with you again. I wouldn’t recommend getting on this sims bad side. 

♢ RudeBoy: A sim with this trait will always be ready to pop off or fight another sim. If anyone talks out the side of their mouth to this sim, well lets just say that shit will go DOWN. They tend to be mischievous and gain athletic and physical skills fairly quickly. 

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - Are you a sim that’s about that life? Do you even know what “about that life” means?


***Old & Updated Links in the description. Updated pack icons are NOT the same as the original.***

Note:  Tag me if you use the traits in game. DO NOT RE-UPLOAD or REDISTRIBUTE.  If you run into any issues, please feel free to message me as soon as possible so that I can fix it. Thanks and happy simming! 😊 Part 2 Coming SOON! 😊


Hi Guys!

Here is another recolor of @sympxls awesome Comforter Mesh. I choose - again - Boho/Retro Style, because I like it very much.

You get 14 Swatches.

Please note, that sympxls fixed the Mesh! There is a new Download-Link for the fixed version - get here ( you need the Mesh! ) You can download all seperatly. For my recolors you just need the SOLID part!

In the 2. picture are 2 of the same patterns. Thats my issue!


I hope yo like them!


Bunch of sliders were shared today and during couple last days so I might as well throw these in the mix too. For now these’ll be the last ones I’ll post too.

Download sliders

To install just put them in your downloads folder and to uninstall just delete the files. 

One of the sliders is really close to slider Memento released but I decided that it’s different enough to include. For comparison (both are yanked to the end of the slider without any other slider touching the eye shape):

Want more sliders? There’s list of the ones I know exist by now:

Enjoy. :) (edit: fixed the link to crisps&kerosene’s sliders, it apparently broke at some point between writing and posting this >.<)


My very first (decent) cc recolor, feel free to test it and use at your own disposal. This is (one of) my first recolors and I probably do not know what I’m doing. 

Tag me or send me a pic or something if you do use. I wanna see what you do with it.

Credit goes to @kedluu for the original MESH (hey psst. You MUST get the mesh for it to work).

DOWNLOAD (simsfileshare | no ads)

Extra info/updates below:

Keep reading


400+ Tumblr Follower Gift & S4S Exklusive

Round Walls (Fixed version, now with thicker walls)

- simple new mesh with low polys

- 31 colors

- it comes for all 3 wall sizes

- these walls can you find in floor sculptures or type in the search bar “round walls” for easy and fast finding

- activate the bb.moveobjects cheat to use

-  the pics shows you a few simple ideas: for shops, patios, closet etc.

- footprint edit because the girl in picture 8 is walking straight in the closet, now they can use the door

Note: If you want you can recolor these in your own colors and textures without the mesh 

Please let me know trough #mahocreations or @mahocreations you sims new homes with this walls. I would like to see it.

———-> Round Walls - merged FIXED (SFS)

I hope you guys like it!? And if someone find a problem please let me know! Thanks!


Sorry guys for the inconvenience but I repaired the walls and made them thicker. Thank you to @carmensanders​. Now they looks better in game. Please download the fixed link again. Many thanks and have fun with these.

Season 1 and 2 of Skam

Thanks to @skinplaces you can watch season 1 and 2 of Skam. It’s worth the watch if you like season 3. Sorry for crediting the wrong person originally. I assumed they did the work. Much love. Download if it won’t play. Download Google Drive. Sign in to your Google account. right click on clip and click on “make a copy.” Go to your drive. Wait until it loads to either stream or download.  Fixed season 3 link!

Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3

dandelion conversion

@leahlillith – dandelion conversion [hair conversion & retexture]

the hair is kinda shiny in the back, the original mesh is that way and i have no idea how to fix it. and it doesn’t fit with all hats. but still, here ya go. another alpha hair for your lil ones!

– 50 swatches –

for my tou, go here

– custom thumbnail [standalone]

– adult hair mesh not included [you can find it here] you need it to see my conversion –

through here for all my s4 downloads

tag me if you use!


thanks to all cc creators! @owl-plumbob @karzalee @ooobsooo

––– links not working? try right-clicking and opening in a new tab!

~ and have fun ~

{•̴͈ ˔̇ •̴͈}


BOMB A** Traits | PT 3

Alright, so y’all already know what time it is. I have another trait pack containing 5 traits, like usual. Scroll down to see what it do. (Btw, I gave y’all a little sneak peak of a trait I just made that’s apart of PT 4. I wonder if any of you guys will spot it lol)

Weeaboo: A term normally used for people who swear up and down that Japan is the best place in the world. But for this we’re going to pretend that its for all places. This is a trait for a sim that worships any kind of culture and wishes that they were born from that heritage rather than their own.

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - These type of sims love to appreciate other cultures. If they don’t already live in San Myshuno they will wish to move to such a thriving cultural city. They love to explore all aspects of other cultures such as learning different languages, recipes and skills. 

Slayer:  As Queen Bey said….

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - These type of sims are always on point, let it be night or day. You slay at everything you do, whether it be gaining skills, getting a promotions of gaining friends. You’re a sim that prays, slays and conquers the day. 

♢ Suspect: The word “suspect” is meant to suggest that someone is believed to be below par. They are hiding something or are believed to have a serious character flaw which makes them undesirable as a friend or acquaintance.

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - A sim that claims to be vegetarian but eats meat.

♢ Thottie: Just that hoe from down the block.

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - A thottie sim is basically the female version of a fuckboy. She thinks she’s hot shit but in all honesty, she’s just “that hoe from around the corner”

♢ BAE:  I’m wayy too lazy and tired to be explaining this, its 6:37 in the morning.

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - A sim with this trait is the sweetest person you could ever meet. They’re easy to get to know and become friends with. With these types of sims, you will normally form unbreakable bonds that will last the rest of your lives. Meet a sim with this trait and you’ll have a bestie/partner for life!  


***Old & Updated Links in the description. Updated pack icons are NOT the same as the original.***

Note: Tag me if you use the traits in game! DO NOT RE-UPLOAD or REDISTRIBUTE.  If you run into any issues, please feel free to message me as soon as possible so that I can fix it. Thanks and happy simming! 😊


My next piece of cc which I think is a huge improvement from the first one! It’s the combined meshes of the Get Together leather jacket and the skirt of a base game dress. Hope you guys enjoy!

  • Base game compatible
  • Teen to elder
  • 4 swatches
  • Enabled for random
Credits to EA for the meshes!

TOU: Recolors and mesh edits are fine, and tag me if you use it!

DOWNLOAD (Direct Link)

EDIT: There’s a glitch/issue with this dress that was recently brought to my attention and I am currently working on a fix, until then, download at your own risk~

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Hi! I want to start getting into making graphic tees but idk how to start. I know you don't make shirts but you talk to people who do so I'd figure I'd ask you if you had any knowledge on getting started (where to get the shirts, etc). Thanks for reading this!

Hey there! I actually have just started trying to make some designs of my own, so I can give you some information about what I know so far!

So what I’m currently experimenting with is Screen Printing, something I was taught in High School and wanted to pick up again :-) I was planning on making a post on my blog on how DIY Screen Printing, so do look out for that as it’ll include photos w/ better instructions. 

Firstly - it can be quite expensive. I personally didn’t bother buying a ‘starter kit’ because they are very expensive for what little you get.

Here’s what you’ll need for both making & printing the screens.

Making the screens:

You can buy your own screens from an art store, or make your own. I would really suggest just making your own as they’re nothing special, super easy and cheap to make.

  • Cheap/old canvas with a wooden frame (cut out the middle of the canvas, and replace it with the silk screen)
  • Silk screen (I bought this roll, as well as another that was more expensive)
  • Nails/push pins

Preparing the screens:

  • Emulsion and sensitiser (I use the Speedball Diazo brand, you can find it online or on ebay. It can be expensive, and this will probably be the priciest part of it all)
  • Newspaper
  • Push pins (not those flat ones)
  • Dark spot to place the screen

Printing the screens:

  • Newspaper/scrap paper (it can get messy)
  • Your screen
  • Printing paint
  • Squeegee or hard card 
  • Paintbrush (for fixing up any mistakes)
  • Hose/shower
  • Old toothbrush

There is a really great video here that will give you lots of information, I found this one the easiest one to follow as she explains everything really well. You can also download her free PDF that goes into greater detail. This one is also great too, but a little more professional. 

I won’t write down how to actually do the screen printing process as it’s way too long, but you can click through to those links and they’ll teach you a lot. I will be posting that blog post on this DIY soon though, so hopefully that will teach you a little bit as well.

Good luck with it all, and if you need anymore help please feel free to contact me again! :-)

public notice please read

Do not download anything from the link shortener known as “ URL shortener” until a fix has been issued.

I have adblock plus installed plus the highest version of norton, but there was an attempted virus attack when I clicked the human verification button, I suspect, as it opened up a new tab which executed some code and closed.

After that I got a message from norton saying there was suspicious outbound traffic and urged that I run power eraser to find viruses.

so users beware.

Since clearing my browser history, cookies, caches and other browser bits like that I haven’t received any more Norton virus warnings as of right now, so if anyone runs into virus trouble as a result of using that site try that out too as well as the usual steps like a virus/malware scan ^_^


SimmingwithSaints’ Tire Swing with 1 Pose:

Hey guys so I made a deco tire-swing. It’s not perfect and you will probably have to use an OMSP 125%-150% to make a tree big enough to not have a branch going through the Sims head. Depending on your sliders you have there may be some clipping. The shine that are in my pictures have been fixed in the V2Swing in the Zip! I made one pose for an adult with the swing download, I may make more later and have them in a linked download! I would love to see any poses you make to go with my download so tag me please ! Also in order to see the trees when you zoom in for pictures use cheat: “testingcheatsenabled true” then use “fadeobjects off”

In this download:

-Tire Swing (Decor-Plants-37 §) .package and .sim3pack

-Pose (postlist compatible-preview picture is from blender)

-Animation File of pose


Please do not take credit of my mesh

No recoloring my meshes

Do not convert to any other game! (You can always ask me if you can!)

Please give credit if I give you permission.

Do not include the Tire Swing in your download if you make poses for it and please link my blog!

Also if there are any issues please don’t hesitate to contact me!