and i find i look forward to her scenes

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I wanted your opinion on something that has been bothering me for a while... the Print Shop frenzy! Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to this scene as much as anyone...But I believe that the scene at Madam Jeanne's is just as important in J&C reuniting. This scene flows so beautifully in the book, it shows them completely finding each other and becoming whole I really hope that they present this scene with the importance it deserves. I mean he burned for her for 20 years!

I agree with you - the print shop scene will be fantastic, however, I too am looking forward more to all of the scenes at the brothel.

There have always been so many parallels between that scene and Jamie and Claire’s wedding night.

It’s truly their second wedding night - two strangers coming together due to circumstances beyond their control.

A first time together that is fast and a bit awkward. Subsequent times together that are slower and much more meaningful.

On both wedding nights they each possess big secrets - the fact that Claire is from the future, and the fact that Jamie has married Laoghaire.

Both times, Claire asks Jamie to remove his clothes:

“Take off your shirt,” I said, sitting up and pulling at the hem of the garment.  

      “Why?” he asked, but sat up and obliged. I knelt in front of him, admiring his naked body.  

      “Because I want to look at you,” I said.

I kicked off my shoes, and curled my legs up, feeling the warmth of him through his shirt. My hands found the button at the throat, fumbling to open it.

“I want to see you.”

“Well, it’s no much to see, Sassenach,” he said, with an uncertain laugh. “But whatever it is, it’s yours — if ye want it.”

He pulled the shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor, then leaned back on the palms of his hands, displaying his body.

And by the time they wake up the next day, they realize just how deeply they are connected - how deeply they love each other.

Yes, anon - I too am looking forward to the brothel scenes. For the print shop is where they find each other again - but the brothel is where they marry each other again.

Between the lines

Allo! Another missing scene during 3B. This one probably sucks but I struggled with finding something for this episode. I hope it’s okay. Many thanks to everyone still with me lol. 

Also found on AO3

Moment 6: Dreaded thread

During 3x18 - Emma tries to get through to Killian during a laundry emergency.

Emma trudged up the stairs of the inn, feeling the day’s events weighing her down. She was looking forward to joining Henry in their room, eager to crash on her bed for a while before the stress started back up again tomorrow. For now, she was off the clock for a few hours.  

She reached the second floor where could see her door right at the end of the hall, when a heavy crash halted her by the nearest room.

A muffled ‘bloody hell’ followed, cluing her into just who resided inside.

With all the bad luck they were having lately, she didn’t want to leave anything to chance. Testing the door and thankfully finding it unlocked, she barrelled into the room, fully prepared to battle whatever Hook was facing within.

What she wasn’t expecting was to find the man himself staring at her, mouth agape while his leather vest hung from his hook in mid air.

Silence surrounded them for a beat, both frozen and staring at the other.

“Hey.” Emma finally managed to greet him quite lamely. “I heard crashing and kind of expected the worst. Sorry.”

He relaxed at her explanation, managing to throw her a polite smile.

“It’s alright, Swan. Just taking my frustrations out on the dressing table. Apologies for the disruption.”

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Stydia in 6B

Okay, here’s my hot take on Stydia in 6b.

Their story is essentially over. When they filmed 6.10 they didn’t know if Dylan would be able to come back for any of 6b, so they wrote it in such a way that provided a definitive conclusion to Stydia. “Everything’s changed.”

And honestly I’m satisfied with it. Lydia went from not knowing who stiles was to literally tearing a hole in the universe with the force of her love for him. That’s so fucking iconic. Without a doubt, their love story has been the most powerful of Teen Wolf so far and they were given an ENTIRE HALF OF A SEASON dedicated toward their love coming to fruition.

Now, we’re finding out that Stiles is in a few episodes of 6b, and that there will be more Stydia scenes to look forward to. The way I see it, these are like post-credit scenes. They’re little extra tidbits. They’re the icing on the cake. And since ANY stydia in 6b is more than I expected, I’m going to be happy with whatever they give us.

My stydia thirst is quenched. So I’m going into this final ten episodes completely stress free. And honestly, I don’t want to be spoiled about the few tidbits we’ll get. I want to enjoy them when they come. And we know we’ll get them, so everyone just relax and enjoy the endgame 😎

Magdalene, Deckard and Owen Shaw *F8 SPOILER*

To those who are fans of Helen Mirren and the ‘villanous’ Shaw brothers (They aren’t really) I find this family funny.

I find Deckard’s opinion about his brother Owen, funny. I like how their mother Magdalene is ‘manipulative’ in a way. LOL, even her own son can’t say no to her. 

I won’t say much about the spoilers, But I still want to give you something to look forward to, when you go and watch the movie. There’s a scene near the end, where you see both brothers. And damn… they were KICKASS!! (AND I’M MAKING GIFS WITH THOSE SCENES, ONCE THE BLU-RAY IS RELEASED!!)


Hi Peepz! The GIFs are available here! ENJOY!

Hope & Legacy, traces, etc. (空色羊 @sorairohituji)

The awesome @sorairohituji has kindly allowed me to translate her wonderfully detailed review of Hope & Legacy, Yuzuru’s FS program this season, from her blog.

Pay attention to 1) the traces for each part of the program, 2) how it all fits with the music, 3) “…there is a spot where Yuzuru brings his hands forward and looks into it. In that scene, Yuzuru finds himself looking into the mirror.” What is Shae-lynn talking about?

Original post is here in Japanese. Translated by gladiolusc .

After I was done, I realized I should have done the traces from 4CC instead of GPF, given the many fan cams from different angles available. I did GPF’s because I thought that the original layout was better, but the tracks going into 3A-lo-3S was almost the same as the ones going into the emergency 4T2T… *sweatdrop*

There may be many parts that are a little displaced, the curves might want to be expanded, or not, etc, but please pardon me. Since I am an amateur who has never skated before, please let me know if there are any mistakes in in the steps & turns.

External image

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E: So.. the other day when you said you felt something. Is that .. the kind of stuff they teach?
P: What do you mean?
E: That you can feel something instead of seeing something.
P: No, no it doesn’t work like that.

All Caryl interactions in Season 7 (indirect or direct) and what it means:

Season 7 Episode 1: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be:
Daryl, injured and hopeless, kneeling, facing potential death, thinks of mostly Carol in his potentially last moments. He could be about to die any second here and he thinks of her, mostly. He remembers the Terminus hug (5x01) and he remembers when he gave her a shoulder massage (3x01). 

Now, let’s think: Why would he remember those specific moments out of any other? Terminus reunion was probably because that was the happiest he’s been. He lost Carol out of his own control (like he has with his mom and Merle), he, perhaps, even though she was dead. He thought he would never see her again. He missed her so much. 
But then, he sees her. She FOUND him. She SAVED them. There she was, in all her precious flesh, apprehensive, wondering how they would all react. The woman he loves is alive and she found them, in a hopeless world. She found them. Happiness can exist even in that world. As hopeless as it seems, in the misery of it all, they reunited. 
And he runs to her. He hugs her so tight, lifts her off the ground. Teary eyed. So happy. Nuzzles her. Just can’t get enough of her. 
‘’ You’re here. You found me. You’re here again. I’m never going to let you out of my sight, I love you. ‘’ (he didn’t say those words specifically, but with his actions, his facial expressions, says it all.)

Why did he remember Terminus? Because of everything I stated above.

Why did he remember giving her a shoulder massage? He was bringing her comfort. He was going out of his way to do something for somebody he loves (something he’s never done for anyone else, I may add). She looks at him with a huge smile and he stops. ‘’ We should get back… ‘’ he says.
‘’ Pretty romantic. Wanna screw around? ‘’ she asks. 
He scoffs. He looks back at her almost like ‘’ wait… is she serious? ‘’ and instead, they both laugh. 

Slow burn, people. Slow burn. 
Why did he remember the shoulder massage? Because it was physical affection. It was him bringing her comfort. His memories with Carol, his happiest one’s, are ones that include physical touch. He could have remembered literally anything else. But he didn’t. He remembered memories that include him initiating, all on his own, physical touch and affection. THOSE are Daryl’s happiest moments. 

Moving on. That was Caryl interaction in Season 7 Episode 1. It was indirect, but it was there. In his last thoughts (for all he knew), he thought of Carol.

Season 7 Episode 9: Rock In The Road:

Rick: Did you find Carol?
Morgan: I did, yeah.
Daryl: Where is she? Is she okay?
Morgan looking at Daryl: Well, she was here and then she left. 
*If you notice, Daryl stops in his tracks. No movement. None. You cannot even tell he’s breathing. 
Morgan: You know, she wasn’t too happy with me following her. She wanted to get away from us. From everyone.
*Daryl starts pacing side by side*
Morgan: But when I found her, she was shot.
*Daryl stops moving again*
Morgan: Just a graze, I got her back here, they got doctors. They good. 
Daryl: *angry, grunt voice, almost snarling* Was it them? 
Morgan: It was. 
Morgan: She had crossed with some of them and one of them followed her and tried to kill her.
*Shot of Daryl’s face, who swallows as he’s told someone tried to kill Carol. He looks very angry and upset.*
Morgan, who by the way is looking straight at Daryl, almost with an apologetic look, continues on saying:
I killed him. I had to. Carol was here. She got help. *looks at Daryl*
Morgan: Now she’s gone. 
Daryl: Looks sad and destroyed, confused. 
*Shot of Rick also looking at Daryl.

Now… this scene wasn’t for nothing. This was to show how close Daryl and Carol are and how others around them, even others who don’t know them that well (Morgan) know how close they are and how important Carol is to Daryl. This scene had Daryl pacing, frozen, swallowing, angry, concerned and sad. This? It wasn’t for nothing. This was yet another indirect Caryl scene that didn’t necessarily need to be there and wouldn’t have been there had they planned on erasing Caryl.

Moving on to one of our favorite episodes (yes?)

Season 7 Episode 10: New Best Friends: 

Scene 1: Daryl brings up Carol out of nowhere. (Necessary? No.)
It starts off with…
Daryl: Hey. Where’d you go in them trucks?
*Morgan walks over*
Daryl: You went to see them, right? 
Morgan: Yeah. 
Daryl: Part of your deal?
*Morgan looks away*
Daryl: What the hell is wrong with you?
Daryl: You’re bleeding. They did that to you. You know what they are.
Morgan: I do. 
Daryl: You know…if Carol were here, she saw all that, if she knew Abraham… and Glenn… she’d be leading us right to them, ready to kill them all.
*evaluate Daryl’s voice… his voice is low. Almost angry. Snarling. Almost mocking Morgan.
*Morgan is quite obviously a bit offended*
Morgan: She would. And that’s why she left, man.
*Daryl, looking at him with anger and walks away*

This scene, was it necessary? No. What did it show? That Daryl is thinking of Carol. He knows her. He knows how badass she is and how she takes no shit. He admires her. He’s PROUD of her. He knows this woman is fierce and he has no problems randomly letting Morgan know. Out of nowhere. Because he is thinking of her.

Scene 2: Richard set up a plan to get Carol killed in the hopes to push Ezekiel to want to fight. Let’s skip that dialogue and get to what matters.

Richard: It’s just some loner he met 
Richard: Sometimes he brings food their way.
Daryl: Why don’t they live in The Kingdom?
Richard: I don’t know. She lives out there, she’ll die out there.
Daryl: … it’s a woman?
Richard: Does that matter? She’s got more balls then you and me. She’s gonna die either way.
*Notice the sounds, the music* 
Richard: When the saviors come and find their buddies dead, if they know their elbow from their asshole, they can follow an obvious spore. They are going to go to the weapons cash and into the cabin. They are going to attack this woman. 
Daryl: What’s her name?
Richard: Maybe they kill her, maybe they don’t. But it’s going to show Ezekiel what he needs to do. 
Daryl: Her name. What is it?
Richard: She’s tough. Maybe she’ll live.
Daryl: *raises his voice* Say her damn name!
Richard: … Carol. I hoped you didn’t know her. But I didn’t think you’d care. Cause you know what needs to happen.
Daryl: No.
Richard: Maybe she’ll live. Look this is how this can happen. This is how we can get rid of the saviors. This is how we all can have a future (A future for Daryl without Carol? NO. That’s what the show is saying).
Richard: She’s living out there alone just waiting to die.
Daryl: *raises voice again, walking away* NO.
Richard: If we don’t do anything, a hell of a lot more people are going to die, people who want to live.
Daryl: *immediately turns around and gets right up to Richard’s voice* 
You stay the hell away from Carol, you hear me? 

Saviors driving up, Richard still wants to go with his plan and Daryl, realizing that he’s going to do it, throws Richard to the ground, beating him up. 

After, Richard talks some more nonsense, prompting Daryl to say:
‘’ She gets hurt, she dies, she catches a fever… she gets taken out by a walker… she gets hit by lightening. Anything. Anything happens to her, I’ll kill you. ‘’

Was this scene necessary? No. This scene just showed us how much Daryl loves Carol and how she is the most important thing in the world to Daryl. That’s not for no reason. Nothing is wasted screen time. This is to remind us, after all this time, Daryl still loves Carol and will protect her by any means necessary, even if it means beating or killing someone. 

Scene 3: The Grand Reunion:

*We see Carol opening her door and is just looking annoyed. Ezekiel and his people are there. Carol says she only opened the door because they tripped her wire. Jerry gives her cobbler, she takes it and tells them to go.*

*She’s seen sitting down, picking up a romance novel called Denim Dreams, when she hears a knock on her door*

*She opens the door, ready to rip Zekeyboy a new asshole, when she loses her breath, realizing it’s Daryl* 
Who, by the way, is wearing denim and so is Carol.

Daryl is looking apprehensive. Sad. Carol is beginning to cry. She walks forward in his arms and he hugs her back with one arm (because crossbow on his arm), he sniffles and moves her arm gently to look at her. Because he needs to know. He needs to know why she left. 

Daryl: Jesus took us to The Kingdom. Morgan said you just left… I was out here. I saw you.
Daryl: *voice breaks* Why’d you go?
Carol: I had to.

This scene shows us how upset and devastated Daryl was finding out she left. 
This scene highlights to us, again, how important she is to him. How much she matters and how much he loves her. How much he doesn’t feel okay when she’s gone away.

Scene 4: 

Carol: I couldn’t lose any of them. I couldn’t lose you. 
* Daryl raises his head to look right at her*
Carol: I couldn’t kill them. I could. I would, if they hurt any of our people, anymore of them… that’s what I would do. And there wouldn’t be anything left of me after that.
Carol: The Saviors. Did they come?
Daryl: …. Yeah.
Carol: *crying* Did anyone get hurt? Is everybody okay? Did the saviors… is everybody back HOME okay?
Daryl: *hesitating* 
Carol: Daryl.
Daryl: They came. We got em all. Made a deal with the rest of them like Ezekiel. Everyone’s alright. *Carol here is starting to breathe more easy… and Daryl reassures her again… ‘’ Everyone’s alright ‘’ in such a comforting voice. 
Carol: *crying out of happiness with a huge smile*
Daryl: We gonna eat or, or I got to be a king or somethin’ to get food around here?
Carol: *laughs* softly responds ‘’ shut up ‘’.
She brings the food over and pours some in Daryl’s bowl. Looking at him. Smiling.
Daryl: Ezekiel. Is he okay?
Carol: Yeah, I think he is.
*Daryl starts eating, has wonderful table manners around Carol by the way and meanwhile, she’s smiling at him, barely taking her eyes off of him

This scene. All of this here, is important. This is Daryl lying to Carol because he loves her. Sounds weird, right? Hear me out.
This is Daryl, who just finished hearing that the woman he loves couldn’t kill anymore because she was afraid there would be nothing left of her after that. 
Daryl lies because he wants to keep her safe. Protected. Away from this war. He lies because he loves her, and like Norman said ‘’ He doesn’t want her to get hurt and fuck her up basically. ‘’. 
This is a selfless act. This was for her. Him and Team Family could benefit from having Carol fight alongside them. Hell, Daryl even brought up Carol’s badassery to Morgan. He knows she could help them win. He knows she’d be a huge benefit and asset. But he doesn’t care. 
Not at her expense. He needs her. He needs her alive and healthy. If this means potentially sacrificing everyone else’s life, so be it. They can find another way. They can find another way that doesn’t involve the woman he loves. For her.

Scene 5: 

Daryl is walking out of the house when he suddenly turns around and looks at Carol for a second. She looks awkward, putting her hands in a pocket. Daryl doesn’t want to leave. But he knows he has to. So, he walks to her and gives her a hug. She grabs his hair and he puts his face down in her shoulder. We see Carol, her face, clearly shows she doesn’t want Daryl to leave. 
She nuzzles his shoulder and breathes him in. You can hear her. This is incredibly intimate. Neither of them want to let go, but Daryl knows he has to. Every moment that he lingers is tempting him to stay more and more. He knows he has to go. So he raises his hand up her back and moves away, looking right in her eyes… ‘’ Watch out for yourself, alright? ‘’ he says, in a very quiet voice. 
He walks away, without turning around. Because he knows he can’t stay. Not yet. 
Carol, however, is about to go back inside before she turns around. She’s struggling. She wants to go after him. She wants him to stay. (Melissa McBride confirmed that Carol was obviously struggling with Daryl leaving) 
But she goes inside anyway. 
(May I add that the music, to me, was pretty romantic? I loved the sounds. So calm, gentle and loving.)

Scene 6:

Morgan confirms that Daryl is holding onto Carol. Daryl is holding onto Carol because he loves her. 

Moving along to…

Season 7 Episode 12: Say Yes: 
(This is more a parallel)
Rick says to Michonne: ‘’ I can’t lose you. We say that to the one’s we love. ‘’
Carol just got done telling Daryl that she couldn’t lose him in Episode 10. 
Because she loves Daryl. Daryl’s actions prove that he can’t lose Carol. Because he loves her.

Season 7 Episode 13: Bury Me Here:

Carol knows something wasn’t right. Why did Jesus bring the group to The Kingdom… what happened? She can’t sleep. She goes to find Morgan.

Carol: Why did Jesus bring Daryl and everyone else at The Kingdom? 
Morgan: They, um… They wanted to see if we could all start working together on things. 
*Carol getting teary eyed* The saviors are still here. They are not fighting with The Kingdom. Daryl said they beat em back at Alexandria… Is that true? That they made a deal with em? Is everyone okay? Just tell me if it’s true.
Morgan: You need to talk to Daryl about that… You wanted me to keep the whole story about you from everybody. Told me not to say where you were and I did what you asked. Daryl didn’t find you because of me. And what was said between you and him was said between you and him. I will go with you to Alexandria if you want to make the trip. If you want to talk to them. 
You shouldn’t go alone. 
You found what you wanted, right? You got away from everyone. Is it what you wanted? Or was it just too late to get away?
*Carol is crying at this point*

This scene is also important because it shows that no, Carol didn’t really want to be away from everyone. Especially not Daryl. This conversation was mostly about Daryl here and Morgan understands what’s going on. She already loved Daryl. She already loves him. It was confirmed Carol was running away from love. Carol was running away from Daryl. That’s what was happening in Season 6. 

It was also confirmed by Melissa McBride, that when Morgan does tell Carol what happened at the end of the episode, Carol was thinking of Daryl and how she’s sorry that he felt he couldn’t tell her.

And now… here we are, rolling into Episode 16 and her running away? It’s done. The ‘’ One Way ‘’ sign was pointing backwards, away from The Kingdom. She calls Alexandria her ‘’ home ‘’… but there’s someone there specifically. Daryl. 

The best is coming. Her and Morgan’s arc is officially closing. Carol is fighting alongside them. She will reunite with Team Family in Season 8. She will reunite with Daryl in Season 8. It’s been set up for us to see them have a conversation about this. Season 8 is a NEW chapter. Caryl is coming, slowly. But it’s coming. 
Also, we have a great reputation with season premieres for Caryl. ;) 

Stay strong, guys. Season 7 DID show us that Daryl loves Carol and Carol loves Daryl. 

Time For Us (Zach Mitchell x Reader) Part II

Zach cast you another look as you flashed him your encouraging smile, urging for him to stay in the line to go on the ride with Gray. You were waiting in line with them for the gyrospheres, and as newly found soulmates, you both were a bit reluctant in leaving each other.

Already, with your guidance they had seen the T-Rex, the mosasaur (which soaked you all, but was still exciting every time!) and had chances for exclusive hands on experience with some dinosaurs. Gray was super excited to check out everything and learn as much as he could, while Zach was glued by your side trying to learn as much as he could about you. To you, both of them were really sweet.

You could feel Gray tug your arm, as you turned to look at him. “You know usually by now, Zach’s staring a group of girls. I think this shows how close you two are going to be!” His face scrunched up for a moment as he thought. “Maybe we could go on something else, I feel bad for split you two up…”

“Don’t be silly,” you exclaimed, ruffling his hair. “Coming to Jurassic World with exclusive VIP wristbands is hard to come by, I want you and Zach to enjoy every single part of it to the best this place can offer.” 

“I want to spend more time together,” Zach said, reaching over and grabbing your hand. Your eyes were immediately drawn to your intertwined fingers before meeting his irresistible brown eyes. “We just started to get to know each other.”

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Alex Drake should have been revealed as Uber A instead of Cece Drake back in season 6 after the Dollhouse. Sara Harvey should have never existed and instead Cece should have been her accomplice as they were sisters. Cece should have been red coat and Alex could have been black widow. Looking back it was clear PLL should have ended then but i appreciated the time jump and seeing all the characters development. I feel the disappointment for everyone, how it wasn’t a character we already knew but Troian did an amazing job in my opinion and none of the other liars would have pulled it off. 

Small detail that bugs me is why they didn’t call her Avery or Alice. In fact when Alex first spoke and said her name in that terrible british accent i misheard her and thought she said Alice Drake.

The way Wren played a part in the finale was very unexpected. It made no sense how he would be so loyal to Alex who he just met when he knew Spencer first and was kinda in love with Spencer and always cared about her. To think he went along with Alex’s plan and didn’t even try to warn the girls upsets me. Im sad he was only in flashbacks and my heart is broken that Alex killed him. Also i find it strange how he agreed to be the father of the Twins. Such a sad ending for one of my all time favourite characters. I feel Marlene didn’t do Wren justice at all. 

Melissa. When the black hoodie turned around and it was Melissa i was really delighted. I would have been super happy with her reveal. Sadly it was a mask.

Bethany Young. I am most annoyed that we wasted most of season 4 on Bethany Young and trying to fit her into the mystery. She clearly had no significance at all and i don’t understand why the writers didn’t try to tie her into the finale. 

The episode was rushed. I felt the first hour was fine but boy was the last 20 minutes pathetic! I needed another hour for closure…

I loved Aria in the finale and Ezra too. They deserve to be happy.

I really thought Hanna and Caleb would be getting a divorce by the end of the finale..

When Alison met with Pam i interpreted the whole conversation wrong and i thought Pam was sick and going to die or something.

Toby’s decision to pick the real Spencer was very satisfying to watch and i appreciated Jenna’s sense of smell in warning Toby lol.

Mona. Im glad Mona got her happy ending. What a final scene. It really brought everything full circle. Iconic.

The whole ending with Addison missing was funny i was totally expecting that but it also brought the full circle effect.

Overall im happy. Of course we will find a thousand plotholes but the show needed to end now. Im sad there won’t be another episode to look forward to ever again but i can’t wait to rewatch the show for the rest of my life because it will always remain my favourite even though it tested my patience along the way!. I enjoyed reading every theory and theorising myself throughout the years as it made the experience worthwhile. This isn’t the end for me because i will still theorize about the show and talk about it like it is still on screen forever bye

“Yuri!!! on the Rocks”

((I imagined this one being another multiple-chapter kind of fic, so if you all like it, I’ll write more!))



“You won’t be disappointed if we split off from here, will you?” Chris leaned in to shout over the music, but Victor was already distracted again.

“Victor. Darling.” He waved a hand in front of Victor’s face. “You haven’t had that many.”

Victor pulled himself out of the puddle he’d been slouched in at the bar. As well as the literal puddle in which he’d been resting his elbow.

“Huh? Sorry.”

He made a face as he realized his sleeve was covered in something sticky and green… Jello shots?

“Are you sure you’re alright?”

Chris was eyeing him hard.

“I’m just tired,” Victor mumbled as he brushed half-heartedly at his shirt with a wet napkin. “I think I’m going to call it a night soon.”

“That might be a good idea. As for me~” Chris downed another shot and pressed a lime between his lips. “That guy from earlier invited me home after this.”

That got Victor’s attention.

“Wow! That didn’t take long.”

Chris winked and batted his lashes dramatically in response.

“Have a good time,” Victor blessed.

“Oh I will. You know how to get back to the hotel from here?” Chris checked. He kept arching his back on the stool, scanning the crowd around them impatiently.

“Yes, yes. Go.”

Chris wrapped an arm around Victor’s waist and gave him an affectionate squeeze.

“Meet you tomorrow for hangover brunch!”

Victor watched him slink back into the crowd, sweat-slicked muscles in a fishnet top glistening under the neon lights. Victor sighed. Even though he wasn’t in the mood to socialize, he immediately felt Chris’s absence. It would be hard to go back to the room alone. He wondered if he would be able to fall asleep. He missed Makkachin…

“All alone?”

Victor turned around to find one of the bartenders clearing glasses from the counter in front of him.


“Your blond friend,” the bartender repeated, louder this time to combat the heavy bass. “Did he leave you all by yourself?”

“Oh- Yes,” Victor smiled. “It’s alright, though. He came here looking for a man.”

The bartender was rolling his sleeves up past his elbows, bending over what must’ve been a set of sinks just out of Victor’s line of sight. He was wearing a long apron, the strings wrapped around his body an extra time to fit his slim hips. He kept wiping his forehead with the back of a soapy arm, pushing stray strands of short black hair off of his face. He straightened up, hastily drying off his hands with a towel. He caught Victor’s eye and Victor realized he’d been staring. The bartender smiled brightly.

“What about you?”

“Pardon?” Victor asked. It was hard to make out the English clearly over the music.

“Are you here looking for a man?”

Victor was glad it was dark because he could feel his face heat up under the bartender’s gaze.

“No,” he laughed nervously. “I’m going to spend the rest of the night by myself.”

“Well, here-” The bartender set a clean glass in front of him. “You were drinking Mai Tais earlier, right?”

Victor nodded cautiously as the man grabbed a cocktail shaker.

“Alright. This one’s on me.”

He poured Victor a drink, tossed in a straw, and stuck a lime wedge on the edge of the glass.

“Thank you-”

“My name’s Yuuri, by the way,” the bartender flashed the nameplate pinned to his chest. “What’s yours?”

“Victor,” Victor managed.

“Get home safe, Victor,” Yuuri winked and walked away.

And just like that, Victor was smitten.


Victor let out a long, horrific groan, sprawling out in the booth like a misbehaving child. Yurio scooted a bit further away from him with a grumpy expression.

“He was so gorgeous!” Victor lamented, sitting forward suddenly to drop his forehead onto the table.

“Victor, please sit up. You’re drawing attention,” Mila whispered curtly, hiding her face behind a menu.

“He probably wants his fans to find us,” Yurio muttered.

Georgi’s eyes, lined with charcoal, darted back and forth across the restaurant. He looked like an anxious raccoon.

“You don’t think we’ll run into any here, do you? I thought you said this place was secluded.”

“I said, if we don’t make a scene, probably nobody will recognize us,” Mila emphasized. She kicked Victor in the shin.

“If this guy’s so special why don’t you just have dinner with him, instead of bothering us about it?” Yurio asked, ignoring Victor’s quiet dry sob of pain.

“Yurochka’s right, you should ask him out,” Georgi declared. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the heart never waits.” His voice wavered with emotion and he suddenly clasped Victor’s hands in his. “Don’t lose your chance!”

Victor didn’t bother to lift his head off of the table.

“How can I ask him out when we’ve barely spoken to one another?”

Mila set down her menu with a sigh.

“You sure are in deep for someone you barely talked to…” She fixed Victor with a pitying smile. “You want to get to know him right?”

Victor nodded, still pouting.

“Then you have to go back there and talk to him!”

“But what if he doesn’t even remember me? He was probably just thinking that I looked pathetic sitting there on my own,” Victor mumbled. The thought made him feel heavy. He inhaled deeply and pushed himself upright.

“So what? Then just fly back to Russia and never see him again.”

Yurio was punching the small packets of crackers that had come with his soup into pulp.

Mila opened her mouth to scold him but then realized-

“That’s a good point, actually. If it doesn’t go well, you never have to see him again. So what do you have to lose?”

Victor’s eyes clouded over. He couldn’t seem to get Yuuri’s smile out of his head. Yuuri’s smile, and the taste of rum with lime…


thanks anon for the boost of motivation! 🤗 here’s my fic! it’s a fluffy one:) i don’t own anything but irene! hope you all enjoy!
“Mouch. Mouch. Mouch!” Mouch was articulating slowly, emphasizing on the letter M each time he repeated his name to the intuitive, yet confused, Irene. His head kept on shortening the distance between him and the one year old.

Sylvie couldn’t help but intervene when the two were practically touching noses. She knew that Mouch meant no harm, and Irene didn’t seemed bothered, but it made her feel better when her daughter was back into her lap.

“Aw, Brett.” The firefighter complained as he got up off of his knees. “She was beginning to get the hang of it! So close!”

“She wasn’t saying anything.” She corrected him, grabbing a toy off of the table behind her. She handed it to Irene, who let out a shriek of joy at the sight of one of her favorite toys, a small activity ball with various contraptions all over. “All of you guys are pushing her too hard. The fact of the matter is that she will say one of your names when she is ready.”

Irene has been saying words for about a month now. But other than Diego and Eva, which sounded like “Eg-o” and “Va”, she hasn’t said anyone’s actual names. And even though Sylvie had verbally voiced that she expected Gabby to be the next name to come out of her daughter’s mouth, they still held onto their stubborn beliefs that each of their names were going to be it.

“But if she says my name first I’ll get free drinks at Molly’s for a whole weekend!” Mouch looked at her with wide eyes, like he wanted her to be on his side. Probably, Sylvie thought. He would then try to get her to repeat his name all the time.

“Free drinks?” She was skeptical at that piece of information. Herrmann thought offering half priced drinks was generous—him giving away free drinks was uncharted territory. At least from what she could remember.

“The stakes are high, Brett.” He had a very serious look on his face, uncharacteristic of his usual personality. “If Hermann wins we all have to help him do an annual cleaning of Molly’s.” He shuddered at the thought, like washing tables and sweeping floors was the equivalent of getting shot by a bullet. “And we can’t let that happen.” He had the audacity to point to Irene, as if a one year old could really contribute to this.

Irene followed his finger, so enthralled with the new distraction that she dropped her toy on the ground. Obviously, she didn’t understand that she was just a source of gambling entertainment to her mother’s coworkers. Wanting to avoid a potential temper tantrum if she kept her daughter from approaching Mouch, she placed her on the ground. A new walker, a week and a half ago was the first time she took her first steps, Irene waddled over to Mouch with only one small stumble.

“I think I have to tell Antonio that we need to find new babysitters.” Sylvie grumbled, watching as the scene from minutes prior was replaying in front of her again: Mouch, in front of Irene, saying his name over and over again.

“Do you really want to get on Trudy’s bad side?” He gave her a look, before releasing a toothy grin back at Irene. The toddler giggled, reaching forward to tug on his nose.

“I think you should be asking yourself that question, Mouch.” She said back, as the grin on his face turned into a grimace. He knew she was right.

Despite the squabbling between them, Sylvie appreciated the company. They were in the kitchen before with the rest of 51, but she had taken a fussy Irene into the next room to calm her down. A few minutes later, Mouch had followed. Yes, his main intention was winning the bet, but she couldn’t remember the last time she spent one-on-one time in the firehouse with someone other than Gabby. It was nice. Of course a little annoying as well.

“When’s Antonio coming back anyways? You know you’ve gotten lucky that we haven’t gotten a call this past hour….” Squad 3 had gotten one, but Truck 81 and Ambulance 61 have been both enjoying their extended break. Sylvie had been thanking her lucky stars, as Antonio had dropped by unexpectedly with Irene an hour ago, saying there was an emergency at the state’s attorneys office. Marley eagerly offered to watch her if Sylvie had to go out on a call. Since she didn’t know Marley too well, even though she seemed to be very kind, Sylvie was relieved that her baby didn’t have to leave her side.

“Don’t jinx it, Mouch!” Sylvie warned, leaning down to grab Irene’s discarded toy. They were quickly approaching the estimated time of arrival Antonio had given her, and she would feel rather uncomfortable not physically seeing Irene leaving with her father. “He should be here soon, anyways.” She added, answering his question.

Herrmann, Otis, and Stella burst into the room. Well, so much for peace and quiet. “What the hell—” Herrmann’s signature loud, raspy voice boomed through the room at the sight of Mouch.


“—What are you doing in here?” Herrmann was unfazed by Sylvie’s scolding, only giving her a shrug as an acknowledgement. “You’re always the last one to leave the table when we all eat!”

“Free drinks, Herrmann. Free drinks. They’re on the line.”

“Or how about ‘I wanted to spend time with the cutest one year old in the world’?” Sylvie got up out of the chair to pull Irene into her arms. Her daughter squirmed for a few seconds, not expecting to be picked up, but soon was content again, gripping onto Sylvie’s collar as she watched the new entertainment, babbling away quietly to herself. “Pretty sure precious, human life trumps alcohol.”

Otis, Stella, Mouch, and Herrmann didn’t answer her. But that was enough of a response for Sylvie to know what their response was.

“Whatever.” She sighed, deciding not to want to get so wrapped up in their game. She had more important things to worry about. Like if Irene just let out a fart or shit her pants. Since the smell wafted away a few seconds later, she was relieved that it was the former. “If it helps you sleep at night.”

“It does.” Otis piped up with a grin. “I sleep like a baby imagining Mouch scrubbing toilets this weekend….”

“I thought that was if Herrmann would win?” Sylvie voiced her curiosity aloud.

“Well, since I work at Molly’s too, I thought it was a brilliant idea.” Otis explained, lopping a friendly arm around Stella’s shoulder. “Luckily Kidd here agreed too.”

“You see why this is so terrible?” Mouch moaned from the ground, who still hasn’t moved even though Irene was back in Sylvie’s arms. “They are arming up together!”

“How did this ridiculous thing start anyways?” It’s been happening for weeks now, but she couldn’t really remember how it came about.

“You can thank your lovely sister-in-law, Gabby, for that. It started between her and Casey.” Stella revealed. “We all overheard while eating and wanted in.”

“Where was I?” Sylvie asked, trying to rack her brain around this new piece of information.

“I’m pretty sure it was the day Irene had a fever….” Stella guessed, finger tapping on her chin. “Because Trout was there, and you can’t really miss his big mouth.”

“Oh.” That would make sense. She had to call off of work that day to stay home with Irene. Which would mean this all started about two and a half weeks ago. She shouldn’t have expected anything less from Gabby. Competitive was her middle name.

After the explanation, Stella turned her attention to Irene. “How’s my Reney doing?” She cooed, waving her fingers. Irene, always a fan of the attention being on her, let out a big giggle.

Ugh. 'Reney’ was the terrible nickname Stella had taken to saying. Ever since Sylvie had slipped out the nickname 'Chunks’ around Stella and Gabby, they both decided that she needed a better one. It had just been a name between her and Antonio, because of Irene’s chubby baby rolls. Sometimes it varied from chunk, chunky, and chunky monkey. Really, she was mostly defensive of it because it was her little family’s 'thing’ and it was being made fun of. And then was attempted to be replaced by a name that sounded like a 1980’s porn star. So despite for her usually being pretty laid back with things, this was certainly a sore subject.

But since her daughter was in her arms and she really has been a sour puss this whole time, Sylvie decided to bite her tongue. She’d save her talk with Stella for later. “She’s been doing really well despite the curveball thrown at her usual routine.” She complimented her child, gently brushing a side of her hair to the side. Irene had inherited her father’s hair, thick and black. But then, unfortunately, got her mother’s curls. “Since Antonio never works weekends, she’s always with him normally.” Sylvie explained.

“Reney is just the best of the best.” Stella pressed a loud, smacking kiss on the top of Irene’s curls, making her let out another laugh. “Don’t you love Stella? Stel-la.” To no surprise, the firefighter began slowly articulating her name to Irene.

“Are you guys still doing that ridiculous bet?” A familiar voice called out from behind Otis and Herrmann. The two parted, revealing Antonio. He clapped both of the firemen on the shoulders in greeting, but his full attention was on Sylvie and Irene.

Irene let out a squeal of excitement at the sight of her father. “Dada!” She said, pointing a stubby finger at him.

Sylvie couldn’t help but smile too. Out of relief and pleasure. It really was a miracle that she didn’t have to leave the firehouse during the timespan of having Irene here. She thanked her lucky stars. “That’s all they’ve been doing since Irene arrived.” She informed him with an eye roll, pressing her lips against his briefly. Despite Irene leaving with him in a couple minutes, she wanted to go to her father immediately. She squirmed in Sylvie’s arms, not stopping until she was handed over to Antonio.

“You couldn’t handle a few more minutes with me?” Sylvie pouted at her daughter. Irene, finding her mother’s facial expression to be humorous, began to laugh.

“You’re a lot to deal with, Brett.” Otis piped up.

Sylvie knew he was joking, but she couldn’t help but bring up something he told her months prior. The look on his face would be worth it. “I remember you telling me how great of a roommate I was.” She pretended to think about this, tapping her finger against her chin.

His face fell at that comment, not knowing how to respond. Even if he had a response he was fishing for, the arrival of Gabby brought on an entire new subject.

“Bee!” Irene’s face lit up with recognition, thrusting one of her hands out wildly towards her aunt. “Bee!”

Gabby’s face, which was already looking excited at the sight of her niece, lit up even more at the word that came out of her mouth. She threw a victorious smile at the four shocked firefighters before looking back at Irene to pull her into her arms.

“You got to be kidding me.” Mouth groaned, shoulders slumping in defeat. “You had an unfair advantage! Shouldn’t count!”

“This was between me and Matt at first,” Gabby reminded him, “Which was one hundred percent fair. Then you all wanted in, and didn’t give up even when I told you that we already had an advantage.”

“I….I don’t remember that.” Mouth lamely responded, scrambling for excuses.

He wasn’t going to get anything past Gabby, though. “I’m sure everyone else does.” She said, eyes going across the rest of the dismayed crowd. “I look forward to seeing you guys bright and early Saturday morning to do yard work.” She cheerfully said, the most upbeat Sylvie has ever seen her during work. It wasn’t surprising considering how much she hates anything to do with yard work and gardening. Forget having not a green thumb, Gabby didn’t have a single drop of anything green in her whole body.

“Jesus Christ.” Herrmann swore under his breath, before sending Gabby a look. “Hey! Why didn’t you pick cleaning up Molly’s!?” He asked incredulously.

“Really, Herrmann? Cleaning a bar versus my back and front yard?” Personally, Sylvie would rather do the second option. She actually enjoys gardening and yard work. Gabby however, said her obvious answer. “I would choose cleaning a bar a thousands times over getting down on my hands and knees in the dirt just once.”

“The short answer is that she is just really scared of worms.” Antonio butted in, a teasing smile on his face. Whether he was telling the truth or bothering his sister, Gabby didn’t seem happy either way.

“You should be careful what you say, Tonio. I have your baby in my arms.” She threatened.

“Oh? What are you going to do with your precious niece?” He was not affected by Gabby’s words, knowing that’s what they were, just words.

“Oh, who knows.” Gabby pretended to think. “Could teach her some bad words, my tricks from my own childhood. And teen years, when she gets old enough.”

Antonio looked freaked out. Sylvie, who didn’t know too much about how Gabby was when she was younger, was clueless. But when it comes to Irene, she was feeling very cautious. She inched closer to Gabby, suddenly wanting her baby back in her arms. “That’s not funny.” Antonio said, a frown on his face.

“You know he wouldn’t be the only one that would suffer from your cruelty.” Sylvie brought herself to Gabby’s attention.

But Gabby had no mercy. “Sorry, Sylvie. That’s the price you have to pay for marrying my brother.”

Sylvie was done with this sibling squabble nonsense. She normally found it amusing, but with her daughter being the pawn she did not enjoy any of this. She had scooted closer and closer to Gabby throughout the conversation, and her shoulder was brushing her sister-in-law’s by the time she began to grab Irene out of her arms.

“Don’t you want to go tell Casey the good news?” Sylvie questioned before Gabby could continue talking about her diabolical plan.

“I should go tell Matt.” She repeated Sylvie’s words, thinking about it thoughtfully. Her face then brightened even more, another thought popping in her mind. “I can go rub it in his face that I beat him!” Gabby was then gone, fast walking away with determination. She was so set on her course that she forgot to even say goodbye to Antonio and Irene. Everyone else followed along, probably eager to see their lieutenant’s face when he found out that he lost the bet.

“Well, I think we should go, too.” He said, turning towards Sylvie as his sister was out of eyesight. She gave him a look, to which he rolled his eyes and sighed to. “It’s almost time for her nap. Unless you want her sleeping schedule to be completely whacked—”

Point taken. “Fine, fine.” She interrupted him, shoving Irene into his arms. “Send me a picture when she does go to sleep though, you know how much I love that. Extra motivation.” She explained, running a hand through Irene’s black curls. The soothing motion made her begin to close her eyes, showing her tiredness. Her trip to the firehouse must have worn her out.

“It’s a plan.” He watched Sylvie and Irene’s interaction for a moment, then leaned in to press his lips against Sylvie’s forehead to say goodbye. “We’ll see you later.”

Sylvie nodded, stepping back from them, knowing if she didn’t they would end up staying longer. Which would mean keeping Irene from her nap. “I think she’s our good luck charm,” She couldn’t help but add, watching as the one year old let out a small yawn. “Gabby and I haven’t had a call this whole time.”

“Better get ready then.” The two of them began walking through the firehouse. Sylvie began to slow down once she spotted Gabby and Matt, along with an audience of Otis, Herrmann, and Stella. They had just caught them in time to witness Gabby’s reveal to Matt. Her paramedic partner’s back was to them, so they were unable to see her facial expressions, but the others probably masked what hers was: excited anticipation.

She ignored the urge to stop completely, knowing Antonio had to get Irene home. Before they completely left the kitchen, they were able to hear Matt’s dismayed “no!”.

“You better get back there fast if you want to catch the rest of that.” Antonio gestured with his head at the ruckus forming in the room they departed. When Sylvie tried to deny wanting to, he shook his head with a laugh. “Go. You know you want to. If you don’t leave us now I think you’ll end up following us home.”

After what her coworkers have put her through these past few weeks with the bet, her annoyance mostly because of them using Irene as a source of gambling entertainment, she did want to be able to relish in the fact that this ridiculousness was finally over. “Okay, I’ll leave you two here.” She reluctantly decided, leaning up to briefly lock lips with Antonio and then directing her attention to Irene. “I’ll see you later, my chunky monkey.” She cooed, resisting the urge to take her into her arms to make the goodbye longer. A simple caress of her cheek and kiss on her forehead would suffice.

Before they were out of sight, Sylvie wanted to remind him again of her request. “Picture!” She called after him, redirecting herself back to the room she had just left. Antonio’s response was a laugh, but it was a good enough answer for Sylvie. He would follow through.

“So, Casey. I hear that you are very excited to spend your weekend doing yard work while Gabby and I drink mimosas on the deck.” She inserted herself smoothly into the conversation, giddy by the dismayed sigh by her brother-in-law. She could tell that he had been doing a lot of them since Gabby had revealed the results.

Casey’s response had to be put on hold, as the intercom began to call for Ambulance 61. Sylvie locked eyes with Gabby, and without an exchange of words, they began their trek to their vehicle. Pushing the afternoon’s events to the side, they both immediately entered work mode and began to drive off to save lives.

“Be patient, Miss.”

“I’m finding I’m not as patient as I thought I was.”

Seven Suitors for Shirayuki by @sabrael

A little fanart of this beautiful fic. I tried really hard to catch the mood of that scene (but kinda failed), it doesn’t turned out the way I wanted it to be. But I look forward to do more drawings of my lovely OTP and hopefully I improve in drawing them.

anonymous asked:

"What is the name of the pic that is Lauren g!p and Camila cheats on Shawn with Lauren and Lauren cheats on lucy? It starts off with a smut scene during a thunderstorm where all the girls live in a shared 5h apartment. Thanks." 'Wanting You Forever'

“Can someone rec amazing Laurinah fics please?? #thebestship #otp ”

“Someone please help me find the fic where Camila loses her memory I believe from a fire and wakes up married to Lauren. I think it is g!p. Lauren races cars too! Please help me find it! ”

“What happened to the sequel of Wishes?? Dreams i think?? That was so good! Plus, I was super looking forward to the smut haha. Please update! ”

“Does anyone remember the name of the fic where Lauren is a spy who was kidnaped and tortured. Then Camila comes and she trains her and they end up doing it in a dojo. Anyone know what I’m talking about ? Lol ” - That sounds like ‘Undone’.

“Everybody should read The Iceberd Method becauae it’s sooo bloody good and so bloody underrated!! Its author is great with words so go check it outtt!! ”

“Can the writer of "An unfortunate fortunate coincident” continue with the fic ? “

I’m reading queen of shadows and I got to the part where Aedion finds out about the blood oath. I’m just so annoyed with this scene, I liked Rowan in Heir of fire but here he’s just a dick, i can’t stand him. Also, I didn’t like how Aelin lied to Aedion, and then made it seem as if it was his fault. Like why ? How ? And then she’s basically telling him to fuck off. This was his blood right and ok you can do what you want but don’t lie about it and the moment you’re caught up in your lie, you yell at him and bring up the whole i’m a queen and will kill you part. Just no.

Sorry I’m just so mad. Every guy in this book is worshipping her, every guy wants to protect her knowing that she can protect herself and them too combined. Every guy is basically having a pissing contest and the worst thing is that she’s amused by it ?

Also wtf is it with Rowan and Aelin ? When the hell did they suddenly become attracted to each other ? Does every boy/girl relationship has to end up with a romance ? Why does every single guy in Aelin’s life have romantic feelings for her ? SERIOUSLY ? Sam, Arobynn, Chaol, Dorian, Rowan, even Aedion who is basically her cousin has an ambiguous relationship with her, also that guy prostitute who organized Nehemia’s death had a thing with her. What the actual fuck ? You can’t tell me that that is believable. This is so annoying and makes me hate a character even though she is a really good one but for now she’s just meh. This book doesn’t even need romance yet it’s such a huge part, i just want idk more world building instead of this shitty romance between Aelin and every single person in the books.

So far the only thing I’m enjoying is Manon. I think she’s such an interesting character and I’m so happy we’re not having romance in the mix. She also has actual character growth. I’m also really looking forward to her relationship with Elide and Asterin. I really like it and I find it interesting. I hope I’m going to get to Dorian/Chaol scenes when they rescue him. I also hope to learn more about Dorian’s magic because so far after being Celeana’s love interest, then the guy who liked her from a distance then the guy who moved on from her by being with a random girl who ended up being beheaded (btw that was really bad, I’m so tired of random woman being used as plot devices, and killed off just to further a man’s plotline.) he basically had no relevant scenes, like i want to know more about him his magic what he’s doing with it, his relationship with his mom, his father, his brother.

Anyway if you can’t tell I’m really angry. Sorry to all the fans it’s just I’m reading it right now and it’s so cringe worthy and annoying.

Bride of the Water God episode 1~2 thoughts

This is my new crack now and yup, I’m hooked. I’m loving the whole set-up and the comedy line. The plot though is still building up.  ‘Coz tbh, I dont really care much about Habaek–the water of god, to-be the king of water country, to-be emperor of the realm of gods and his quest of finding those stones. HA

But, I’m looking forward to see So-ah’s arc. Yeah, her character is a bit predictable… tough, uncaring, cold on the outside but then we get to see glimpse of her gentle character here and there *cough* tsundere type, none-the-less, I still want to see her sob story. 

Oh and I dont really get the hate that this drama is getting. I mean, the acting was okay. Sure, the editing needs improvement (err lengthy, unnecessary scenes) but so far, this drama is entertaining. Plus, I wasn’t really expecting anything when I decided to watch it… 

P.S If you truly want to enjoy this drama, just dont compare it to the manhwa because THEY ARE REALLY DIFFERENT. *sighs* I know, I dont get it either. They could’ve just chosen a different title and character names. The only thing they kept is the world of gods backdrop sheesh

Regarding Chapter 3 of My Tongue in Your Mouth (Nyannya)

So the raws have been out for only three days now, and I’ve already gotten a few questions inquiring if I was almost done scanlating it (REALLY GUYS??).  Aren’t I known as the slowest/laziest scanlator on tumblr?  Anyway, the usual drill is when I get the raws, I post a spazzing spoiler rant.  Then, I start translating immediately in order to find out what happens.  So look forward to that post when I get the raws!  

However, I too am dying to find out what happens next, so I pulled that spoiler page that Nyannya-sensei posted on her twitter, and gave it a ROUGH scanlation (I literally spent only 2 minutes translating + editing, so it’s nowhere near perfect.  The pic itself is really low quality, so obviously this page in the final version will look much much better, and have a much better translation). I initially kinda ignored that page, because I was like, “eh, just a boring high school scene” (student life manga doesn’t really interest me usually, but this series mostly occurs outside of school, at least for now).  However, now that I translated it, I’M KINDA REALLY WORRIED!!  So here it is:

So why is Luke covering his eyes with sunglasses?!

My two theories are either his eyes are really red from crying, or maybe he has a black eye (presumably from Eric).  If either of those instances are correct, that would mean things didn’t go well after Luke’s bold statement last chapter, “If I can’t find one [an erogenous zone], then I’ll just make one myself!”  Hopefully I’m very wrong though!  Luke is like the best boyfriend ever, so I really want things to go well for him!

PS - I know everything isn’t perfect on that page…so please don’t harass me about it.  Really, the main thing to take away is that he’s covering his eyes to hide something.

Unexpected Preferences (Bias x Reader) Pt. 4

I know I said I’d stop with the series, but some are still reading it and it’s stuck in my drafts. Hate deleting unused work. Requests are still open my reader babies ^-^

Once B/N gets to the hospital, the doctor is surprised to see him with another woman in the same condition.

“Same as before?” he asks sarcastically.

B/N ignores the question, “Just help her,” he’s waiting outside the room, his head bobbing from exhaustion when he hears someone call his name. It’s Gyuri and she’s leaving with her parents. 

“You’re still here?” she asks.

“Um, yeah. Why are you leaving so soon?”

“There’s no point in staying any longer and I can’t sleep in a place like this. But why are you here? I thought you left earlier,”

“Yeah well, I thought I’d come back,” he lied, “Do you feel safe leaving?” 

At this she smiles, “I’d like to see them break through my security. But I’m okay now, so thanks for waiting,”

Right then the doctor exits the room that had the other woman inside, “Nothing serious has happened, but she may not wake up for a few more hours,”

B/N stands between Gyuri and her parents and the doctor, “I think your information is a bit late doc, she’s right here, well and standing,”

The doctor looks from Gyuri to B/N, “Um,”

“Gyuri, head on home. I’ll see you later, okay?” she nods and turns with her parents to leave.

B/N faces the doctor who looks at him unamused, “How many more women should I expect to receive tonight?”

“That should be it, I think. Will she be alright?” he asks.

The doctor nods, “Yes. But she’s suffered a fractured rib and a dislocated arm, along with other minor injuries. What exactly happened?”

“Thank you for your help doc,” B/N pats his arm and turns to leave as well.

“Wait, you’re leaving her? What’s her name? Who’s going to pay for this bill?”

B/N didn’t sign up for this. He liked her, well he was interested in her. But tonight went beyond what he imagined. But looking at her through the small door mirror, he realized that he couldn’t just leave her like this with nothing. He already went this far in saving her life, might as well keep going. He turns to the doctor, “I’ll be back. I’m just going to get her stuff,” 

He’s decided to head home for two reasons: check if the cops arrived and to finally go to sleep. But when he arrives, he sees that no one is even there. No trace of cops, and none of the men he fought. But he does see one security guard. 

“Did people get arrested tonight? Say around, three men?” he asks the security guard who’s name is Kyung. 

The guard shakes his head, “There was an officer that passed by. But he left with three men, they didn’t look like they were being arrested though,”  

B/N pauses for a moment, dialing the police, “Were people arrested last morning, say at around 4:00am?” 

“May I ask why you’re enquiring?” 

“I’m looking for my father. He’s usually out drinking at this time and he hasn’t returned home yet,” 

That gets the job done, “No. It’s been quiet all night,” 

A sense of discomfort looms over him. If the men weren’t arrested then what happened? 

“Can I see the security cameras?” he asks Kyung. 


“I think someone broke into my apartment and I just need to clarify some things,” 

“I can get fired for this,” 

“Come on Kyung,” he says nudging the chubby man. Nothing, “I’ll let you into my club free for a month,” That gets his attention but not his compliance, “And free drinks,” 

“For a month?”

“Yes,” B/N says through clenched teeth, his patience diminishing. 

Kyung looks around nervously before pulling B/N inside of the security office. He shows him the cameras on the 8th and 9th floor, back to the time of the fight. 

“Oh my God,” Kyung says leaning in close to the screen. 

“I told you,” B/N says, removing all suspicion. He sees the man and the woman fall down the steps. That would explain the dislocated arm and fractured rib. He starts to choke her, but she’s fighting with all she has. Finally, the man injects her in the leg and B/N finds that his jaw is clenched painfully tight from watching her struggle that way.

That’s when he arrives on the scene, “Wait, is that you?” 

“Am I the only person who wears all black, Kyung?” 

“Yeah but-” he looks at B/N attire. 

“Fast forward,” 

Kyung does and B/N sees when the officer heads inside. But he’s not arresting the men, he’s helping them. He takes them outside and then they’re gone. 

“I’m calling the police,” 

“That’s what I did,” 

“What do you mean?” 

B/N doesn’t reply. He pats Kyung’s shoulder, “Thanks. Free drinks and entrance for a month, as promised,” with that B/N heads back to his car, speeding back towards the hospital.

He pulls out his phone, dialing the one person who would understand the situation without needed information, “Lee, I need you to keep an eye on Gyuri for me,” 

“Got it,” he says.

You’re shocked to find yourself in a hospital. And you’re even more shocked to find a man sleeping in the room with you. His head is down and you slip out of the bed, careful not to wake him. He’s probably one of the men from last night. You see your clothes on the other side of the room and you quickly get dressed. You turn the doorknob, only to have it squeak in return. Of course.

“Hey, wait,” the man says once he wakes up. You pull the door open, racing down the hospital hall, searching for an exit, but the man has caught up to you and grabs you. 

“Help!” you scream but he clamps his hand over your mouth, looking at you hard.

“I’m the good guy,” he says, “I saved your life,” he further explains, “Those guys that were at your place were going to take you, do you understand?”

You nod, eyes wide as events from the night before return to memory, “I understand,” 

“Good. Now, would you like a ride somewhere?”

“I need to go home,” you reply, heading towards the exit. 

He stands in front of you, “You kind of can’t,”

“Why not?”

“They know where you live.” 

You stand there, your eyes burning in frustration, “Hey,” he says and you look at him, “It’s going to be all right,” 

You ignore his words dripping with false hope, “I have to go home,” 

He sighs before nodding, “All right. I’ll take you there,” 

You shake your head, “No, no. You’ve helped me enough and there’s no way I could repay you for this,” You give a slight bow before heading towards the hospital doors.

“We live in the same building, so I might as well take you there,” he says coming up beside you.

You turn to him, realizing you have no idea who this man is, “Who are you?” 

He holds out a hand to you, “I’m B/N,”

You take his hand gingerly, “Thank you, B/N,” with that you turn to leave again. 

“When someone gives you their name, you’re supposed to say yours back. It’s basic greeting courtesy,” you ignore him, “I called the police and-” 

“You what?” that gets your attention. 

“I called them but something was odd. The cop helped those guys.” 

“Of course. He’s on their side,” you say more to yourself than him.

You stand there for a moment, taking in the situation. You can’t stay home. You really have nowhere to go, and a friends place is out of the question. 

“Hello?” he says waving his hand in front of your face, “Still want to go home even though I’m recommending you not to?” 

You stand there, feeling helpless. But you need your passport, “Yes.”