and i felt the quote was fitting with the theme of the gifset

i’m familiar with the so called x-files

This is not going to be nearly as coherent as I wish it could be, which is a byproduct of it being almost midnight and also the fact that teeny baby Mulder and Scully just met on my screen, for the 1st time, for the 100th time, and I started crying and now it’s hard to type. But anyways, this was bound to happen at some point. 

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Supernatural 9x14 "Captives" / Queen of the Damned

I have been meaning to make this gifset for a while now (but since I am really only still a complete newbie at making gifs and didn’t have “Queen of the Damned” on DVD I kind of was unable to do it up until now). Ever since the spoiler about the episode title for 9x21 “King of the Damned” came out. I have been writing a spec/meta on possible parallels, etc. back then already (see here for the original post), but I thought I’d just attach what I wrote back then to this post anyway, because this scene bascially sparked the whole spec and meta in the first place.

So since the info on 9x21 being titled „King of the Damned“ was leaked, I couldn’t stop thinking about the vampire movie „Queen of the Damned“ from 2002. I have no idea, whether in any way the writers might have felt inspired by that movie or not (I rather lean towards the latter), but phew, even if they didn’t, there sure are lots of things fitting to SPN’s current arcs.

Beware: This is going to get crazy!

So what’s „Queen of the Damned“ about? I admit I never was into vampire movies much, but I always like „Interview with the Vampire“ and „Queen of the Damned“. The latter sure isn’t the best movie ever written - in fact it’s kind of cheesy, but hey sometimes you can just watch for the eye candy ;P. That being said, the general overarching theme fits perfectly to SPN. So here is a short recap.

We have Lestat, a vampire, who went to sleep multiple centuries ago, because he was jaded and fed up with immortality and struggling with the thought of having to live forever, but having no one to share it with. Fast forward a few hundred years and Lestat is awoken by the sound of music, because you see, Lestat has loved playing the violin (and as later gets revealed, he still owns his violin, which kind of represents that in some ways he still clings to his humanity – the violin is a metaphor for his humanity). He becomes a rockstar and openly talks about being a vampire and with that getting all fellow vampires wanting to kill him. He however gets „saved“ because as we learn in a flashback he once drank the blood of the queen of all vampires and that exact queen, who centuries ago, was asleep when he drank from her and kind of got really high from it, ogt super strong and got tons fo flashbacks of her killing people, but also growing to like the taste), now is looking for him. To cut this short. Lestat goes with Akasha. Akasha wants him as her new king and create their own kingdom. Together they go on a murder spree. But before everything truly goes to hell one vampire family, Lestat’s maker Marius decides to take Akasha out and they manage to do so, but to tha later. The other important part, you have to know about is Jessie. Jessie is human and fascinated by vampires, studies them, etc. and eventually falls in love with Lestat and in the end is the key to „save“ Lestat from certain death.

So far so good. I think I will go about this spec/meta a little different, meaning I will walk through the movie via quotes here and there. But before that, one thing you can keep in mind here. Most of the time these characters could be seen as mirror to oen another.

Akasha = Abbadon

Akasha’s blood = the first blade

The king = Crowley

Lestat = Dean

Jessie/Marius = Cas

In some instances Akasha/Marius can also be seen as Crowley though, so it’s tricky.

In a flashback we see Lestat drinking from Akasha, who has turned into a statue centureies befoe he finds her, because she stopped drinking blood, because her king had stopped drinking blood. We learn that together they „nearly drank the whole world dry“. When Lestat drinks from her, he gets intense flashbacks from her killing people and vampires alike, but also seems kind of overhelmed by the feelings. In fact he kind of look similar to how Dean looked when he held the blade in his hands. When Marius finds out, what Lestat did, he restrains him.

Lestat clearly wants more blood, even says it and he almost gets free from being tied down.

Marius: „You drank the purest of blood from the oldest of things”

Lestat: „Her blood is like liquid fire.“

Marius: „You have no idea who she is. She has no respect, except for blood. A taste for human and immortal alike. Her and her king nearly drank the world dry together. She made you quite powerful.“

Lestat: „You won’t stop me!“

Marius: „I hear her blood in your voice.“

Lestat: „She chose me.“

Marius: „I chose you“

After their fight, Marius leaves Lestat, who shortly after decides to go to sleep, but he says this about that time

Lestat: „My teacher left me to my darkest lesson: That in the end, we are alone.“

And with that he cannot deal.

So, this whole scene mirrors what we saw happening in 9x16 „Blade Runners“ almost to a t and what effect the first blade had on Dean. Even Lestat’s and Dean’s motivations are similar or rather state of minds. They simply loath to be alone.

Throughout the whole movie, one gets the feeling that Lestat, sure likes to show himself, but also is tired of living. He is missing someone to spend eternity with, he craves to be living and being with a human. This is where Jessie (Cas) comes into play. She falls for Lestat and he also has a soft spot for her. Not much later, when Lestat as rockstar is about play concert and he needs time to relax, we see him in a coffin (see gifs above) with his headphones on. Drowning out the rest. And we even get the same shot, camera going through his whole place and then stopping on Lestat who suddenly wakes up, eyes wide open – just like Dean in 9x14 „Captives“.

Anyway, he feels someone’s presensence. Marius comes to visit him, his old companion so to speak. And he tells him that Akasha woke up and killed her king and with that

Marius: „She absorbed the king’s powers.“

Lestat: „Then let her come.“

Marius: „You are no match for her.“

Well, to me this is such a good possibility to what might happen to Crowley. Abbadon might kill him, absorb his powers and then kind of seduces Dean into working with her, which is kind of how Akasha goes about with Lestat. Akasha is fascinated by Lestat kind of like Abbadon was fascinated by Dean in 9x02 „Devil May Care“. Then during Lestat’s concert (Jessie is in the crowd), during which all the vampires, whose secret Lestat gave up, want to kill him, Marius tries to help him, but in the end it’s Akasha, who takes him with him, ~saves him, wants him by her side. She sedcuces him, he drinks her blood (very much alike to Sam and Ruby) and that is making him stronger as well, but also kind of ~dependent on her.

While Lestat and Akasha go on a killing spree together, Jessie along with her family (who turns out to consists of vampire as well) wants to take Akasha down while she is most vulnerable, which is when she lets others drink her blood. Who drinks the last blood kills not only her, but will die himself as well. Speaking of the devil, Akasha shows up at their place, Lestat with her, seemingly merely a puppet on a string.

Jessie: *sad* „What has she done to you, Lestat?“

Lestat: *evil smile*

Akasha makes clear that they either „join her or die“, „obey or die“. To prove how much powers he holds over Lestat she tells him to kill Jessie.

Akasha: *to Lestat* „You love me?“

Lestat: *nods*

Akasha: „Then prove it.“

Lestat: „She is nothing to me.“

Jessie: „It’s okay, it’s what I want.“

And so Lestat very gently kills her (or is he?). Afterwards she wants the rest to bow to her, but instead of doing that Lestat resists her, tells her he wants the crown. Akasha likes it, tells him he is a true king and lets him drink her blood.

Akasha: „See how he obeys?“

A little later she gets nervous, because Lestat doesn’t stop drinking her blood, so she pushes him off with difficulty. That’s when the other vampires atack. They nearly drain her, but stop, because the one to drink the last drop, would die alongside with her. And so Lestat jumps into action, but just seconds before he’d die the aunt of Jessie walks in and takes his place.

Of course this is all wildly speculative and crazy, but I could see this happening as a fighting sceanrio between Dean and Abbadon as well. Like, the whole thing. Especially with Cas being ready to die for him. But just like Jessie, in the end Cas will be alive and will also be the one, to remind Dean of his humanity, show him that his heart isn’t truly missing (that it’s just misplaced). The same way Jessie reminded Lestat of his humanity by pointing out that he kept his viloin. A symbol for his humanity.