and i felt so uncomfortable

I stopped watching Dan and Phil because I felt so uncomfortable being associated with a fandom that’s was so invasive and entitled. His coming out video was so articulate and poignant and addressed so much, he fucking admitted to attempting for fucks sake, but I still saw people commenting “when he said Phil was his soulmate me and my best friend screamed!”. And it’s so fucking disrespectful to call yourself a fan of someone and still make such a point of ignoring everything substantial and sincere that person says in favour of your fucking ship, to the point of ignoring the literal portion of the video where he points out how uncomfortable with the weird fetishisation of their relationship. Like…piss your pants and choke lmao…u fucking gremlins…

daily psa: if you and someone had sex once that does not imply that you give consent every time after that.

Someone throwing me onto a bed??? Giving me raspberries and tickle bites and dancing their fingers up and down my sides?????? If that ain’t a mood I don’t know what is

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what do you think of the addition of Nanaba's final lines? A lot of people seem pissed, but personally I thought they were fine?

it was definitely gratuitous and unnecessary. gurl is getting her limbs torn off by titans after losing three of her friends in battle - that’s tragic and horrifying enough; did we really need the implied past abuse angle just thrown in there last second to make it even more tragic and shocking?  

it doesn’t really add anything to her character except a few seconds of shock value that quickly wear off and leave you just thinking “wait what the fuck?”

maybe if we’d had some backstory or even ONE mention of past abuse from nanaba it’d make a little more sense. as with mike’s death, it again feels like WIT is just hamming up these deaths and trying to make them as horrible as possible - sometimes less is more.  

and it made me feel kind of grossed out too, given there are titans pulling and grabbing at nanaba and she’s screaming to her father to stop - it just made me think of a woman being assaulted and had this gendered violence angle to it and victimized her in a way that really didn’t sit well with me. 

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In the future if you want a different prompt, I'd be really interested to read a fic from Jesse's point of view. Watching Beca, watch and want Chloe and all his mixed feelings about it. Just a thought I had driving tonight! Love all your work :)

I love this idea! What a cool prompt! Thank you anon - I hope I do it justice...

Jesse Swanson was a good guy. He was kind and thoughtful. 

He worked hard in college, attending each of his classes on time, contributing to class discussions, and getting high marks in each of his assignments. 

He earnt money by tutoring some of the freshmen kids that were struggling to keep up with their workload. 

He was Captain of The Treble Makers (Barden University’s second leading A Capella group), and had led them to the finals of the ICCA’s more than once now. 

His parents were very much together and had brought him and his three brothers up within a kind and loving home. 

Plus it didn’t hurt that he was both good looking and very charming.

In fact, Jesse Swanson would be deemed as the perfect guy for anyone, if it wasn’t for the most complicated factor in his life. His girlfriend.

Beca Mitchell was viewed by most as the polar opposite of Jesse. Together they could be deemed as ‘A-Capella sweethearts’ as both of them were Captains of their respective a-capella groups - the two most successful in Barden University’s history. But they weren’t deemed as anything really. She was often moody, stand-off-ish and liked to keep herself to herself. Well, that’s how she was perceived by strangers. Heck, it was even how she was perceived by Mr & Mrs Swanson who had both sat Jesse down in the past and chatted to him about whether he was sure Beca was the girl for him. After all, he was so bubbly and positive. And she wasn’t. But Jesse had adamantly stuck by his decision. Stuck by his girl. He was completely besotted by her.

She was beautiful in her own quirky way (though he still hated all the piercings she had up her ear, and he wasn’t a big fan of tattoos…), she had a smarmy sarcastic nature that he loved, and the challenge of trying to make her smile was a chase that Jesse enjoyed. To Jesse, Beca was a total catch. Her smile was big and beautiful when she revealed it, and he believed she was the perfect height for him, evident on how comfortable their hugs felt when she allowed him to hug her.

Beca kept him on his toes, Jesse not knowing what mood she was going to be in from one day to the next. Sometimes she’d welcome him with open arms. And sometimes she’d not even open the door, moodily telling him to leave her alone.

Jesse had heard about people having depression. He’d never imagined he’d date someone who had it. Dating Beca was a challenge, yes. But he loved her. He’d even told her he’d loved her. Sincerely. And even though she’d kinda laughed nervously and responded with a “Yeah I love you too dude…” Jesse knew they were going to be together for the rest of their lives.


…there was one thing - or rather one person - who Jesse felt confused about. Who could potentially stand in the way of his and Beca’s happy future. And that one person was Chloe Beale, Beca’s co-captain of their all-female A-Capella group ‘The Barden Bellas’. And he didn’t feel confused about Chloe in a “Shit, I think I’m crushing on this girl” kinda way. He felt confused about her in a “Shit, I think she’s crushing on my girl” kinda way. Not only that, his biggest fear was that ‘his girl’ may be reciprocating the crush. A fear that made his stomach churn.

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Lucifer Morningstar x Reader: Sulking

Originally posted by psychosupernaturalhero

Imagine: Lucifer in a bad mod because Maze set you up on a date.


You’ve always felt comfortable at Lux. You knew the place like the back of your hand and knew you were always welcomed here. But looking at Maze’s floor-length mirror in front of you, you’ve never felt so anxious.

Today was important. You had a date. Sort of.

Since your break up with your ex, Maze had been going out of her way to drag you to every club or kickback in town. And that was fine, more than fine considering her original plan to hunt down the sorry excuse of a guy you used to call a boyfriend. You loved Maze’s loyalty, but you also enjoyed not being a co-conspirator for murder.

Needless to say, your last seven months have been the must fun you’ve had since your ex. So it was strange when Maze started passing out offers to “hook you up” with a guy. You hadn’t paid much mind towards dating, but you supposed it wouldn’t hurt to test the waters again. You agreed for Maze to set something up for you, and that’s how you ended up here.

Standing in the middle of Maze’s room with one of her less risqué outfits.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now you were having your doubts. Maze was kind enough to lend you her closet, but no matter how good you looked in your form-fitting black dress and strappy heels, you couldn’t help but feel like you should call the whole thing off.

You fiddled with the hem of your dress nervously before taking a deep breath, giving yourself a short pep talk and striding out the door in faux confidence.

You only made it a few steps into the parlor before you collided with someone and began to wobble dangerously on your heels. You yelped as you felt yourself begin to fall but then pulled upright as they wrapped their arms around your waist.

“If you wanted me to hold you, all you had to do was ask, Y/N.”

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so it has come to my attention that a few terf/truscum people have been reblogging my posts and interacting with me (that second one’s on me; i should check peoples’ blogs before i interact and i’m sorry for hitherto not doing that)

point: if you’re a terf/transphobe/truscum/anything like that get off my blog please you disgusting person. unfollow me. block me. i want my blog to be a safe and comfortable place for people of all gender identities and i want terfs, transphobes and truscums out.

No Need to Worry

Enjoy this little idea that came to me about half an hour ago. 

Plot: H is grumpy and jealous but Y/N knows how to cheer him up.

Warnings: None. Might hint on some smut but not really. 

Gif of this angel isn’t mine.

“Joe is friendly, isn’t he?” 

A deep frown decorated his forehead as he murmured the words, the only give away that the question wasn’t meant lightly. For a moment I’d believed he hadn’t meant for me to hear at all.
I looked over at Harry who was sitting beside me in the back of a cab. His shoulders were tense and his lips set into a pout, his eyes focused out of the window and onto the streets and buildings rushing past us in the dark.
We were surrounded with silence as our cab driver didn’t seem to want music playing and anyway after a long and busy night Harry and I were glad to have some peace together. Although it didn’t feel too peaceful. 
Something was going on in his head and I was determined to find out what. However, Harry didn’t like prying. So I would have to be careful.
A smile tugged at my lips and I reached out to rest a hand on his knee. My fingers touched over the skin his ripped jeans left exposed and my smile widened when I noticed Harry trying to suppress a grin of his own when my thumb tickled him slightly. His hand batted at mine in a half-hearted attempt at disconnecting us. I giggled and let go.

“Joe is an alright person, yes,” I chose to answer. 


Harry shifted in his seat and I swallowed hard when now even the hint of a smile had disappeared from his features. I moved my hand to squeeze his thigh gently. 

“Are you okay, Harry?”

He nodded. When I kept staring at him in doubt he rolled his eyes. “M’fine, Y/N.”


Silently I unbuckled my seatbelt, careful not to let him notice. Then I leaned in closer and breathed a chaste kiss to his cheek, allowing myself momentarily to enjoy his warmth, his familiar smell and the softness of his skin, then I moved away again. My eyes focused onto the trees at the side of the roads we travelled on, all of them decorated with lights that made them shine. London really was one beautiful city. 

“I don’t like Joe,” Harry grumbled from beside me.

I let out a laugh. That didn’t take even half the time I had expected. “Oh really?” 

When I looked at my boyfriend his face was set into a hard mine and he breathed heavily. Both arms were crossed over his chest and one of his knees shook nervously. 

“He’s strange,” Harry explained, though his tone let me know that there was more. 

My body turned to his. I let my knees nudge his gently and lifted one hand to massage his left shoulder. My fingers felt his tense muscles and I sighed, unhappy he was so uncomfortable.
Harry looked at me briefly. 

“He kept touching you.” 

I cleared my throat, unsure how to reply. My head played through the events of the night, entering the restaurant, greeting all of Harry’s mates, sitting down with them and enjoying a meal with friends. It had been harmless, hadn’t it? Joe didn’t even sit close to me. 

“What gave you that impression?” I asked quietly. 

Harry hissed. Loud. 

“What didn’t give me that impression is what you should be asking!”

“Har-” I began but was quickly interrupted.

“He kissed your cheek when we came in, too properly and too long. I saw him squeeze your waist when he thought I didn’t see and I doubt he knows what his plate looked like, given that he stared at you as if you were his piece of meat he’d have tonight!”

A hand brushed over his forehead and only now did I notice that he was actually shaking. I was certain that if we weren’t in the confines of the backstreet of a car he’d explode in rage. His cheeks were flushed and his brows furrowed. 

“Harry,” I spoke soothingly, “He really didn’t seem that pushy to me.”

“Probably ‘cause you think he’s attractive.” 

Harry’s burning green orbs found mine and I shrunk back a little. “Now you’re being silly.”

He fell silent. My gaze was set on him with worry, trying to find out how to calm him when he would clearly not be swayed to believe into the innocence of his friend anytime soon.

“Harry,” I murmured, my hand moving to the back of his neck so I could scratch his hairline, “I love you.” 


I bit back a laugh. My fingers moved up and slightly pulled at his hair. Careful not to make too much noise so the driver wouldn’t be alarmed, I climbed closer to him so I could press myself into his side. The skin of his neck shuddered when my mouth found the shell of his ear.

“You’re the most handsome man I know,” I hushed and all seductiveness of my tone drained when I giggled. 

Harry whined and turned his head away, but he was clearly smiling, too. 

“Joe couldn’t possibly look as good when naked as you do,” I continued, feigning a moan, while my hand trailed up dangerously close to his crotch, “You always steal my breath, Harry. Make me crazy.”

It was when my teeth nibbled his earlobe that his entire body began to wind and turn, his smile and giggle now impossible to stay hidden. 

“Dammit Y/N. Can’t you just let me be pissed of at someone for once?” 

“Nope,” I laughed, “I like your smile far too much, my love.”

His eyes met mine, full of adoration and warmth and he leaned in, nudging his nose with my own. Harry’s arm found my back and he pulled me into him with a short yank. I giggled and embraced him tightly. He didn’t give me any time however, before his lips were attached to my own with needy kisses, almost as if we’d been apart for an undesired amount of time. I whimpered and secured my hold around his neck. His kisses had my tummy flutter and my skin’s heat increase. I could taste his desperation to be close and if we were anywhere else I might just have given in. 
But we were in a car. And a stranger could watch.

“Harry,” I urged, trying to disconnect his mouth from my own, “Wait.”

“M’impatient,” he groaned. 

“Oh I can tell,” I giggled, pushing his wandering hands away from my breasts, “But we’ve got to wait until we’re home.”

He pulled back at last, a pout on his pink lips and lust in his eyes. Harry could be such a boy at times. 
His body relaxed back into his seat and I drew back, only allowing my hand to stay interlocked with his. I let my thumb draw slow circles over his skin before bringing both of our hands up to kiss his. 

“We don’t have to hang out with Joe again if he made you uncomfortable,” I offered. 

Harry shrugged. “I would have thought you’re the one to find him uncomfortable.”

“I don’t,” I explained, “but he’s also not someone I desperately need in my life. Like I do you, for example.”

Harry smiled smugly.

I continued, “So it’d be fine with me.”

Now it was Harry’s turn to bring my hand to his mouth. My heart squeezed happily when he pressed a warm kiss to it. 

“Thank you,” he murmured, “for putting up with me. You know I hate going all caveman on you but something ‘bout him is just off to me.”

“I understand,” I assured him with a reassuring smile, “And a little caveman is quite nice every now and again.”

Hope you enjoyed that! 

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these photographs of urs truly were taken a year apart (170 in the first pic, 126 in the second) i wish i had a full body photo to truly compare i-

Am I the only one that sees it as a little messed up how women’s and men’s formal wear present the wearer differently? Like, menswear looks good, but it completely covers the man with a comparatively loose fit and doesn’t usually present his body as part of that good look. Whereas for a woman, part of looking good for a formal event is her body. Her outfit will show more skin and be more form-fitting than a man’s. She is almost presenting her body as a part of her formal look, which isn’t necessarily bad–it’s just something that’s absent in menswear. Men are allowed to present their clothes first, and their bodies second; women aren’t.

Can we take a minute to talk about bella’s “human moments”? Because I always felt really uncomfortable with them when I was reading the books. We see bella take a human moment when shes flustered, or when she needs to for other reasons. Smeyer doesnt always explicitly say what she does during them, but its implied she goes to the bathroom, maybe brushes her teeth, takes a shower– basic hygiene stuff.

But Bella always seems so embarrassed about her human moments. Theres this weird shame she has about them, like they’re unattractive or gross and need to be hidden from Edward, who never sweats or has to go to the bathroom and has naturally perfumed breath somehow

And I always felt uncomfortable about the fact that bella was so uncomfortable– like it was some dirty little secret that she has human bodily functions. It’s not like Edward doesnt know– he can read minds and he spends most of his time with humans– I’m sure hes aware that Bella, like, sweats. But bella always acted like all her human functions had to be hidden away.

And i think its indicative of the way that society shames women for being people and not barbie dolls– we shouldn’t sweat, we shouldn’t have hair outside our heads, periods and vaginas are gross and not to be talked about, “girls dont fart”– women are expected to be pretty, and put together, and on display at all times, and they’re supposed to hide their basic bodily functions bc they’re “yucky”. And I appreciate that Edward never buys into this narrative, and only ever seems fondly exasperated by bella’s need to keep her human moments hidden from him, but still, smeyer paints bella’s thinking as “normal” and “relatable”, subtly endorsing it.

And I just think it’s really uncomfy that smeyer created these perfect vampire characters who never do anything “yucky”–ie have 0 bodily functions– and then acts like bella being a normal healthy human is somehow a character flaw. It feels like a huge factor in her inferiority complex when compared to Edward, and creates this weird distance between them that’s totally unnecessary.

Smeyer Stop Shaming Women For Having Bodies Challenge

Nightly Inquires

A/N: AHH THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR ALL THE FEEDBACK ON MY LAST FIC! So many of you have shown interest in my work and that’s so flattering?? Ily all. A lot of you have asked to be added to my tag list, so I assume if not specified you meant tagged for the high school AU (which just saying I haven’t decided if I’m writing any more for it). Feel free to ask to be added or removed if I made a mistake tho!

Anyway, this fic is based on this post by @heckoffmate (and by based on I mean that near exact quote shows up in this fic oop s) because I’m bad at coming up with my own ideas. 

I hope you all enjoy

Words: 3,366

Pairing: Logicality

Warnings: Obnoxious fluff, slightly suggestive situations implied


Logan felt consciousness drip in slowly, sluggishly. Things tended to move slower during the night, which was one of the many reasons why Logan went to bed early- and by early he meant at a perfectly reasonable time, but it was always before the other sides went to sleep, ergo, it was considered early. He made a sleepy mental note to enforce better sleeping habits with the others that would surely be forgotten in the morning.


He felt warm. It was not necessarily uncomfortably so, but it was enough for him to notice it was not the regular temperature, or weight of his blankets. Maybe he could compare it to a cat or a dog on his chest; that is, he could compare it as such if he ever had an animal that could do so.


Logan’s eyes cracked open. There was no way it was morning, no possible way. Logan naturally woke up at precisely 6:00 a.m. every morning, and there was never a mysterious weight on his chest, the artificial light from his lamp, or Patton’s excited voice.

Wait a second.

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