and i felt guilty not posting anything

I’ve taken the last two weeks off of my studyblr (at least when it comes to posting original content) because I’ve been sick. I have to admit, for the first couple of days, I felt super guilty about it!

Basically for anyone in the situation of being sick, or if you’re having issues with mental health or anything else that is stopping you from being active on your tumblr, firstly I want to say don’t stress about it and definitely don’t feel guilty about it!

I’ve also created a little list of tips for how to keep going if you are sick:

1. Take a break if you need to

Seriously, you will feel so much better if instead of pushing yourself to absolute exhaustion and burn out if you take a step back and don’t worry about it. Just be smart in how you do that.

If you’re super sick and literally can’t do anything, that’s totally fine!

On the other hand if you’re sick but you’re well enough to do things this is where you need to be smart about how you do it.

Classes for me are usually a priority, just because I’m worried that I’ll miss information. If there are classes that aren’t as important though (which sounds bad but for me that’s one of my Chinese classes because all the work is posted online) then do take that time for yourself!

If it comes to studying, I usually stick with light revision and I shorten the period of time that I study. In this, don’t be too harsh on yourself either! So like, if you’ve done 15 minutes but you’re struggling to stay focussed, listen to your body! Do something else, you can get back to it later if your head is a bit clearer.

Assignments are also something I tend to avoid when sick unless absolutely necessary. Usually I will have prepared in advance so I don’t have many issues with that, I just find that if I’m sick, it’s definitely not an assignment that I would want to hand in.

Now, is there anything extra curricular that you’re forcing yourself into? Consider how you’re feeling and use that to determine whether or not you’ll go. It’s probably not a good idea to do a really intense workout, for me that kind of kills my lungs and I tend to feel more sick afterwards. If it’s something like debating, or a music club, or some kind of social thing, again, you’ve got to listen to your body in this one and figure out if it’s worth it. Last time I went out to a social event when I was just slightly recovering from a flu, I ended up with a lung infection covering half of my right lung and was out for two entire weeks. Definitely not worth it, and not something that I have repeated.

Your studyblr definitely falls into the last category too. I’d say this is one is just an unnecessary pressure that we put on ourselves.

2. Try to eat

This is one of the things that I struggle most with when I’m sick. I have a temperamental appetite at the best of times and when I’m sick my appetite is the first thing that I lose.

All I can say is try to find foods that you enjoy eating and try to eat at least a bit of them. If you’re really struggling when it comes to consuming any solid foods I totally recommend just trying some kind of a chicken or vegetable broth. My father always cracks an egg into a broth and it’s got a bit of nutritional value and isn’t super hard to eat.

3. Stay hydrated

Seriously, drink whatever it is that you can. You’ll see a lot of health professionals that will say drink whatever you can, whether it’s coffee or tea, or a sports drink. Obviously, your doctor will recommend water because it’s typically healthier, but what you need is to just stay hydrated and any kind of liquids that you consume will help you with that.

Also, while some of the sports drinks, juices and other alternatives may be high in sugar, they can potentially be a source of certain vitamins that can be helpful to you.

4. Get up, get outside

Basically, this one is kind of just a thing that I’m putting in because it helps me. I should probably add that you should do this if the weather is decent and also make sure that you’re dressed properly so you don’t get worse!

Yes, it can be super hard to get up and try to go outside when you’re not feeling well. But for me, a little bit of movement and fresh air is something that can be surprisingly refreshing and helpful. If not, occasionally getting up and doing a small walk inside to stretch out your muscles can help out a bit.


I wanted to practice drawing suits, so here’s Penguin in some new duds. (I mayyyy have developed a crush on this silly bird boy)


My husband, @risingfox and I actually did this photoshoot last summer, but I was hesitant about uploading these online since I absolutely hated the way how I looked. :( First I procrastinated and didn’t go through the photos in the camera for 3 months, and when I finally did, I was pissed and depressed on how shoddy I looked in every single photos. Eventually I just didn’t even want to bother looking at the damn things and decided not to bother posting them.

I also wasn’t going to bother doing anything for the Mulan Anniversary this year (I know it’s 2 days early), but being a fan and not doing anything just made me feel kinda guilty in the back of my head, so I sucked it up and decided to post these.

I’ve been to conventions cosplaying Mulan, but I was never happy with it since I wasn’t confident with it… just feel like I don’t have the right Mulan look (felt a lot better cosplaying Genderbent Shan Yu and the long-haired Elite Hun warrior, because I’m an EXPERT at staring daggers and looking like a baddie; not looking cute and graceful like a friggin’ Disney Princess). D:  

More importantly, the photoshoot itself was hell since my hubby kept on telling me I look pissed or depressed at all times (when I was making every little efforts to try to smile):

“You look upset.”

“You look pissed.”

“You look very confused.”

“You look like someone ran over your dog (even though we don’t have any dogs).”

“You look like you want to run up to someone and hack them up with a machete (how about the Matchmaker? >:D ).”


Well I tried and this is the best I can do as Mulan. >:(   

Cosplayer: Me  
Photos © @risingfox

The longest job I held down was three and a half years. This job easily gave me enough stories to post here once a week for…indefinitely. Mostly of the “fuck managers” variety; they were 100 percent the reason I ended up quitting. Here goes (long story ahead)

The summer of 2015 I found out very suddenly I needed surgery. I asked my doctor if there was any way I could postpone until the fall, when we slowed down (because I would miss the 4th of July which is one of our busiest weekends). He said if I waited that long the surgery would be much more risky and he would have to refer me to a specialist in Atlanta. So we went ahead and scheduled the surgery and as soon as I got home, I put in the time off request on our scheduling app, and texted my KM (kitchen manager) and let him know what was going on, and that I would need accommodation, mostly carrying heavy things, afterwards. He approved my time off and my vacation days (yeah, we didn’t get sick days. Some vacation.)

Now, I was the prep cook in this restaurant. The only prep cook, in a scratch kitchen. There used to be two of us, but the other woman quit because they cut her down to ten hours a week, a whole damn year ago. I had been begging for them to hire another prep cook, because I was working 6 days a week and not taking any breaks because there was just. So much that needed to get done. So much. On my one day off the KM would do (the bare minimum of) prep, the rest of the time he’d send a line cook to help me out as time permitted, but I couldn’t ever count on that.

So what did they do? Three days before I had my surgery, the KM walked into the prep kitchen with a new hire and told me this is our new prep cook. He had actually been hired to work the line but it occurred to them that, hmmm, our only prep cook is going to be out for two weeks, and maybe only having ONE person besides the KM who knows how to prep is maybe not a good thing, just, in general? (Ya think?) So I had three. Days. To train this guy. Thankfully he was smart and a hard worker, he even kept a notebook. But still there was no way he was gonna learn it all in three days.

So, anyway, I had the surgery, but had some (pretty scary but ultimately very fixable) complications that set my recovery time back a few days. Again, I texted the KM, letting him know what was up, basically just that I had complications and had to go back to the hospital. Now I’m not fishing for attention by any means, but the polite thing in this situation is to express concern and well wishes. He responded to my text with “Heard”. That is literally all he had to say to me having to go the fucking ER two days post op.

Then to top it off, I came down with a stomach virus the day before I planned to come back, and that knocked me flat on my ass (again). And of course, I wasn’t supposed to lift anything more than 20 pounds. I know I should have taken another week off, but I felt bad for the New Guy because I genuinely liked him, and felt guilty for basically throwing him to the wolves (even though it was zero percent my fault), so I went back to work still feeling like crap. Around noon I was reeeaally feeling that mistake, and decided to go home, but I ended up staying because they hadn’t even bothered training New Guy while I was out, just gave him busy work like slicing meat and portioning things. So I kind of sat around and directed him.

Then even after I was feeling better, I still had to have him carry heavy stuff for me because my incision was still healing. And then come to find out the KM was badmouthing me, acting like I was lazy because now I had a ~man~ to do the heavy lifting for me. Just, fuck that guy.

But, I did have a small measure of satisfaction. About…8 months after I finally quit, KM called me out of the blue, to check up on me, he said. Asked me how my new job was going, etcetera, and he said a couple times, and I quote, “I ain’t mad at ya”. Now my first reaction was to say “I wouldn’t care if you were”, but I’m not that unprofessional. Still, I got suspicious, cause you weren’t interested in checking on me when I had major surgery. So I texted one of my old coworkers and she confirmed New Guy was still there, but the person they hired to replace me was basically useless and that prep was shit now (confirming my suspicion that the KM was feeling me out about coming back to work for him).

Lmaoooo good luck with that. My ass is gone and it’s staying gone.

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I literally love your account and I'd like to request something if you're taking any! Ok so can you write about y/n being a celebrity and she was a child star and she has issues from growing up in the public eye and she's dating harry and she finally has a breakdown backstage somewhere and it takes her hitting someone for everyone to realize she needs help??? How would harry handle this???

I would love to take requests like this and maybe turn them into blurbs so if anyone else has any requests just send them in. I don’t think I’m the best with angst but I hope you like this :)

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I know this is hella weird but it's the same anon as the don't die on me or (something along those lines) WHICH WAS AMAZING AGSFDHDJE B U T,,, Can I request RFA + V + Saeran reacting to an MC who killed someone purposely and they see the bloody body or something,,, (omg and she asks if they could help her out) like would they be scared and still call the police or would they stick to MC? Its fine if you feel uncomfortable with this request it's pretty out there. ~Dylan

oh, hey again, thank you for coming back! ahhh I’m glad you liked the last drabble thingy\ ˚▽˚ / 

and yeah, this is a pretty out there request, but hohoho i’m gonna do it! I hope you like this one too^^ feel free to ask for as many as you want!!

[tw: mentions of death and blood  ]

….ok so, loopholes. ¯\_(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯  also seven’s is short, i apologize;;


  • the label director zen was signed under got to mc’s last nerve 
  • he had to go, they were going to limit him so much! not only in their relationship but his acting! and they were going to leak more about his past?? no on mc’s watch 
  • but then they call zen over because Regret 
  • “i’m sorry, what did you do? was it an accident?” when they say no he’s literally about to have a mental breakdown 
  • but mc looks like they regret it and are about to start crying, “zen, help”
  • zen is so thankful he doesn’t believe in god right now 
  • here comes a plan! it wasn’t at the apartment, but near the sidewalk between these two buildings 
  • he pulls mc into a hug and whispers “just let me do all the talking, okay babe?” 
  • calls 911 and puts on his Actor Voice™ on and tells the operator he and mc found a dead body 
  • when the police come and ask about the blood mc, zen tells them she tripped and fell on it, which is how they found out 
  • oh look, they bought it
  • they don’t leave the house for at least 2 days and they both have nightmares for almost a month..they also cuddle a lot 


  • this one panics understandably 
  • they were in the parking lot of a convention and this one asshole who had been both picking on yoosung and making advances towards mc got in the way of their car (mc: :)) ) and by advances i mean the rly bad kind
  • “oh no~ yoosung, i need your help” “how am i going to help here, mc? i can’t call the police-” 
  • mc, who somehow is still calm, tells him yes, he can. 
  • “listen, just give me the phone when you call” “..ok mc”
  • when they get an answer, mc switches their tone to nervous and scared
  • yoosung is lowkey impressed 
  • they hang up eventually and give yoosung’s phone back
  • “we’re not in trouble, the police are going to ask a bit of questions, but it was an accident”
  • now he’s terrified because did mc just…get away with murder? 
  • decides to repress it 


  • mc really thought they weren’t going to get caught
  • but jaehee went out to the back of the cafe to check them and almost screamed
  • mc covered her mouth 
  • “mc!” she whisper-yells “what did you do?! why did you? oh my god-”
  • “wait, jaehee, look who it is.” 
  • “is that….that same person who threatened to destroy the cafe and us last week?” geez ams, what are you putting the cafe through?
  • they nod
  • “oh my god” 
  • eventually decides to help
  • is the one who rearranges the scene to make it look like they had no idea
  • both she and mc talk to the cops and its like a mad libs story they have the same plot to 
  • this is never going to happen again


  • mc totally snapped at this reporter who was following around for a month
  • so they were like “i’m just going to kill them”
  • but then it worked
  • they panic and tell jumin when he gets home
  • he is Shocked but also immediately has a plan 
  • tells all the guards to leave he and mc alone for like an hour 
  • they’re used to this and leave asap its usually for ~sexy times~
  • but this is not sexy
  • they position the body at the end of some stairs (turns out jumin has like a trapdoor in the penthouse and they put it there for it to lift up when mc passes by 
  • mc acts like the reporter was still following them until they reach the end of those stairs it was really only like a few minutes, they pretended to leave them and jumin’s room
  • the police are called and it was determined the reporter fell 
  • no reporters are allowed near mc anymore 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • so it was for this one guest who was…making mc uncomfortable
  • this guy was probably there when it happened and came up with a plan in advance 
  • he doesn’t even call the police, he just hacks into the person’s records and now their dead
  • died from a heart attack, apparently
  • he and mc act surprised along with the rest of the rfa when word gets out 
  • no one has to know
  • no one else knows
  • they “celebrate” with honey buddha chips

v / jihyun

  • why would you put this man through this?
  • some weird mint eye supporter that wasn’t saeran was going after mc
  • they broke into mc’s apartment and mc had no choice really
  • no question would stick by mc and take blame for them if they ask
  • but they don’t 
  • they ask him for a story they could tell
  • he was surprised, but also…has the perfect idea
  • jihyun “i don’t know how to explain this so the body is in the ocean now” kim 
  • they tell no one 
  • seven found out, though because of the camera 
  • “you know you could have just…vouched for self-defense, right?”
  • yeah, ok smarty-pants, but when you’re in a panic, the body goes into the ocean
  • please don’t do this to him again, mc


  • it didn’t matter who it was to saeran
  • it didn’t matter what they did, either
  • he probably gave mc the tools they needed
  • also knew the perfect place to hide a body
  • and came up with the perfect story
  • no, he didn’t force mc to do anything, but he does have all the details covered
  • cops? what cops?
  • not when saeran also hacked into the person’s records 
  • take that, dead person
  • if mc feels guilty afterwards, he shares a blanket with them and tells them that if they felt like they needed to do that, the person deserved it
  • and that if anything really did come up, he’d take the blame for them 
  • so mc doesn’t bring it up again
Please support Sleepykinq

WARNING, I’ll be talking about rape, suicide, or murder in this, as well as cussing.

Hey, I just wanted to talk about something that’s making me worry so much that I’m literally crying whenever Sleepy is going through these situations. I’m going through too much and this to add onto my problems is making it worse.

Now listen, you can dislike Sleepy’s animations, characters, or the kind of content he’s been posting. I respect your opinion, however if you are going to try making Sleepy feeling so guilty that he starts doing self harm, then that’s wrong. I was doodling some ocs earlier and decided to go check on Sleepy’s Tumblr page to see sleepykinq saying things like:

Sleepy-kinq: “I just wanted to check deviantart out of boredom and now I’m actually shaking”
sourmintss: “Why?”
Sleepy-kinq: “There’s hate everywhere. I don’t know if I can handle this”
shelathecat: “Oh no, not again. Are you ok?”
Sleepy-kinq: “I dunno people are leaving random insults and telling me to kill myself or to hurt myself and that I am disgusting and I dunno I just feel so guilty of this thing I can’t do anything about”

He also posted:
“It’s been a while since the last time I felt so suicidal”
“Oh, but you can’t say that because that’s playing the victim card”
“I want them to leave me alone but I don’t want to be left alone”
“I’ll go away if that’s what you want.

Yep. He feels suicidal. Is that what you want? You want him to commit suicide? I thought you guys hated sleepy for his sexual content, but oh, not just that. His content about murder, or Alfred self-harming himself. You people don’t support these things but you are literally making sleepy, a 15 year old, want to KILL himself. And no, don’t even fucking dareee to say that he’s playing the victim card. He’s not saying this shit just to make you all feel bad. He is actually meaning it. Now I understand that he’s done really bad things in the past but can’t you fucking give the guy a fucking chance? Just give him some time to become a better person. He’s gone through so much in the past before he decided to join deviantart, youtube, etc. Just give the guy a break, okay? Please, just- no more telling him to do this harm to himself, it’s making him feel really depressed.

And if he ends up killing himself? Well guess what. You all just pretty much murdered a 15 year old kid who doesn’t know much about the world. How do you feel about that, huh? Do you really want his parents and his siblings to see what the internet has done to him just for making many mistakes that can be fixable?? Do you want to see how Sam, Sleepy’s boyfriend, would react to this? Really, guys. Please. He’s trying his best, and he will improve as a person, I know it. Yeah, I know rape is bad, murder is bad, anything like that is bad, and whoever had to go through rape then I’m really, really sorry for you.. But Sleepy isn’t that kind of person, that’s his character’s stories that are supposed to be like this. He made his NSFW blog public again but only because tumblr was glitching (I personally think he should’ve waited til the glitch was fixed and kept the password on there, but he said he didn’t care if he got hate. Now this made me panic a lot because I knew something like this will happen.)

If you are going to rant on him for problems and how he can fix them, that’s okay.

But if you’re going to be a fucking cunt and decide to tell him to hurt or kill himself? That’s horrible. What a horrible person you are.

I’m not here to hurt anyone, I’m here to save somebody’s life. And if you keep it up or decide to hate on me, then it’s not going to change my mind. I’m defending and supporting sleepy as a person, but not the fact that his characters involve rape, murder, and torture.

Please support and care for @sleepy-kinq because he really deserves all the support. even if he doesn’t know me, or may not know any of you well, give him as much support as you can, please and thank you.

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i live with my best friend and her family & it was just her mom and I in the house for the weekend. Her mom was at work, and I was out with my boyfriend. We couldn't think of anything to do, so I debated letting him come in the house as I was scared her mom would show up. Eventually I gave in and we ended up messing around in my best friend's bed, then we fucked and he came all over! I felt super guilty and to get to me shut up he started fingering me again and we fucked again!! It was amazing😍

Rowaelin Gym AU Part 5

SURPRISE!! Early upload. I edited this super speedy fast because I felt guilty for not uploading in a long time. Also I just found out what a tag list is so if you want to be part of that let me know. This took kind of an unexpected turn but I am absolute T R A S H for this trope so don’t judge me. Anyway I hope you enjoy. Constructive criticism is welcome, as always. One of these days I’ll make a post with all of the chapters in one. Also I have a few ideas about my next project but if you have anything specific you’d like to see let me know. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the smut I promised or the kiss cam fic. Ok, I’m done. Read.

Previous Part

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Scu11y22 Fave Fanfics


I remember when the “Scu11y22 Fave Fanfics” tag was born back in February. I was in my car running “mom” errands, and was thinking about the rabbit hole that I fell in that was Olicity fanfiction. I couldn’t BELIEVE that I was reading such amazing works for FREE. Most of it was better than some books I paid good money for! And I couldn’t stop reading. I almost felt guilty to be getting so much enjoyment without giving anything in return, I had to thank them. I had to do it in a big way. And I had seen people do fic recs, and compilations, but I wanted to try something different - and have a little fun! Then I thought -

- what do I like the most about Tumblr posts (other than the interactions with others)? THE GIFS! When authors publish books, they usually get a dust jacket. Sooo…. I made a digital dust jacket. Including art, link to the authors Tumblr, link to the fic (whether AO3 of, even just as a Tumblr text post), and then a line or two from the story - hoping that hooks people in. It’s easy to scroll past text, but when you see this:

Who’s not going to look. TRY NOT TO STARE AT HIM. I DARE YOU. (link to fic rec post Flawless by machawicket here)

But I truly had NO IDEA how HUGE the fanfic base was in the Olicity fandom. So many terrific authors. So many different styles and ratings. It was a virtual smorgasbord of fics! And all of a sudden I couldn’t keep up! (Good problem to have, I know)

And as much as I enjoy reccing the “big names” and popular fics because - HELLO - they’re awesome;  I get the most out of it when I hear stuff like this from people like Dawn, sailorslayer3641, whose fic I recced back in March. She is now one of those “big names”. THIS is what makes me happy. Writers that are either putting something out there for the first time; or are coming back to writing after a long absence. This fandom is so terrific that this is where you chose to share something of yourself. And it’s AMAZING. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE - AND I LOVE YOU!

I’ve “met” SO many authors that have now become friends, and they literally thrive on ANY feedback you give them. Kudos and favoriting are wonderful, but comments are LIFE GIVING. I fear that I don’t do that enough - BUT I TRY.

So I’m not going to list authors here, since there are so many that I wouldn’t know where to start. But just know - whether you’ve written one fic or one thousand; have one comment or one million; YOU ARE SPECIAL. YOU ARE AMAZING. YOU ARE APPRECIATED.

(Final Note: I have a “ficbridge” on my page wherein I have tried to link fic authors to their other social media urls (AO3,, Twitter). So if you’re looking for anthfan on twitter - well, no, bad example, she’s Anthfan EVERYWHERE - if you’re looking for diggo26 on AO3, she’s NerdyAddict, and dust2dust34 is Bre. If you want to be added to the list, please let me know here. I really want to help you guys get your fics recognized and get people talking about them on ALL social media outlets!)

p.s. Remember that EVERYDAY should be fanfic writers’ appreciation day. Leave a note when you reblog, click a kudos, favorite, comment on AO3 and and…

Arranged (I)

A/N: Ok i was gonna make this a one shot (and i may turn it into one once I’m done with the story) but I felt guilty not posting anything for so long so here we go

Summary: You and Bucky Barnes are arranged to be married. The only issue there seems to be is that you two despise each other. What could go wrong?

Word Count: 1,426

Originally posted by mybuchanan

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A little late for the Sanders Sides Anniversary

I kind of felt guilty for not doing anything for the one year anniversary of the sander sides. The thing is I can’t write, I can’t do art, I honestly don’t know what to do; so, @thatsthat24, even though it’s a little late, I thought I’d just give a huge

Thank You

  • For cheering me up on bad days
  • For brightening up my life
  • For giving me and my sister something to bond over
  • For being the reason I’ve made new friends
  • For teaching me valuable lessons.


  • Teaching me it’s okay to not be 100% original
  • To take little steps in achieving my goals (new year resolutions in some cases)
  • To let both my mind and heart be heard
  • To avoid cognitive distortions
  • That growing up is not a race
  • That even though change is scary, it CAN be for good as well and that I need to accept that change DOES happen
  • How to battle anxiety
  • How to accept that having anxiety is OKAY and ESSENTIAL as long as it is still manageable
  • And how to love and accept yourself

Thank you Thomas. Thanks for a whole year of Sanders Sides. We love you 💙💜

About commissions

Ok I’ve some people asking about commissions because an old reblog of the bird posts where I said I’d draw a bird for £5 has suddenly gotten popular

Back then I was really struggling financially and was ignorant to how much I should be paid. I am still struggling, but like I was on the verge of being kicked out of my house by my landlord bc I had no money so I was taking anything I could get, even if it was below minimum wage. I was also not as informed on what I should be charging and felt guilty for asking for more than that. Then I spoke to other artists who do commissions and was told I was seriously undercharging.

Minimum wage where I live for my age group is £7.05 per hour, those drawings take 2 hours in average to do. I have people wanting me to do them for £5, That’s £2.50 an hour.

I feel like a jerk for saying I can’t do them for that little because I know everyone’s struggling, but time and effort goes into those and I’m poor as fuck and recently unemployed due to workplace bullying. I can’t afford to make so little, you know???

I’m still 100% interested in doing commissions though! I’m still amazed people like them enough to commission them actually


Hi everyone! It is I, your local Boo supporter, who has not been doing the greatest job supporting him and SVT :(

School has just been crazy. I’ve started practicum this year, and just the amount of readings and work in general has intensified and I basically have very little time for myself. And when I do, I find it hard to come on to Tumblr just cause it feels like extra work and I hate that. I still keep up with new music but I just can’t keep up with schedules and posts and updating Tumblr so I’ve decided to put this blog here on hiatus :(

I contemplated it for a long while cause I felt bad in a sense, and also guilty, like a bad fan and a bad friend to those I talk to on here. But reality is that I’m a freak about my grades and the thought of anything less than my expectations just isn’t acceptable, and Tumblr is a distraction from that during the school year :( I’ve been doing pretty well though! I’m enjoying school for the most part and being involved in clubs and stuff (which is also why I’m so busy) so don’t worry about my health or anything!!

I still luv svt with my whole heart and I might even peep in during their comeback (y pledis y it gotta be during November) but for the most part, I will continue to be MIA on here. If we talk on here a lot and still want to pls PLS just let me know and we can just katalk or sc or anything of those sorts, I still want to keep up with people!

I have a queue running and I’ll continue to let that run but I’m not sure if I’ll even queue more posts for after that.

I hope everyone is doing super well and I’ll be back in December during break!! I miss this place and I miss all of you, pls luv svt enough for my missing place for now ❤️

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Dying from morbid obesity at the age of 30 shouldn't be your life purpose either.

Wow…just wow.

When I first read this message, I was going to delete it, because I didn’t really want to give you the satisfaction of seeing your message posted, but I changed my mind because…I can only assume I’m not the only one who receives messages like this, and while I don’t think you deserve a response, because none of this is your business, I’m going to give you one.

The funny thing is, I don’t usually reblog posts like the one you’re referring to. (For people’s reference, this post) But when I saw that post, I decided I wanted to, because you know, sometimes we all need a bit of positivity in our lives, and of course, look where that got me on this shitty ass site. My mom always told me that people are quick to be judgmental of overweight people, and I always would argue with her, saying people aren’t so shallow, and yet here is a person hiding their cowardly face and judging me for reblogging a silly little tumblr post.

Something you may not realize is that there are overweight people who are perfectly healthy. This being said, yes, being overweight can lead to major health problems. However, that post, in my mind, was simply promoting positive thinking when it comes to losing weight.

I don’t want to make assumptions about you, like you have done to me. But maybe you don’t know how difficult losing weight can be? It takes the most extreme amount of will power, courage and tenacity to make goals and stick to them because in today’s society, it is SO EASY to fail at losing weight. So many events are focused around food. Dinner parties, house parties, just a simple night out with friends often times includes food, or drinking. When you’re losing weight, you have to consider all these things and it can become an obsession. Wondering what you’re going to eat, constantly counting calories, etc. Then when you start losing, you weigh yourself almost everyday and feel guilty when you don’t lose a pound or if you gain anything back. Losing weight can consume your life, and it’s a very intense, emotional process.

So yes, it’s important to lose weight and be healthy, and yes, this is something I personally am struggling with, and trying to do. But the reason I liked that post was because I like the idea of not letting your weight loss journey completely take over your life.

Yet for some reason you assumed I was promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. And for some reason you felt the need to take it upon yourself to butt in and be “worried about my health” (or well, I assume that’s what you’re trying to say even with the rude way you worded your message). This really is none of your business.

And lastly, how kind of you to tell me this on anon, because obviously, you are so brave and so noble to tell me this, that you must do it faceless. And I wonder why? Is it because you don’t want to receive hate for body shaming? Huh, isn’t that funny that you can dish it out but are too scared you’re going to receive hate in return.

So, if you’re following me anon, kindly fuck off and unfollow, because I don’t want or need these sorts of messages. Thank you.

God. A few weeks ago I felt so motivated to write posts and read about new cases, but now I feel as though all my energy is gone and I feel so guilty about it. There were times where I would post new content almost daily on here and was so eager to share my writing with you all but now.. ugh. I just want it to be like this again, but I can‘t help myself.

I’m honestly disturbed that some fans want Sansa to be with Littlefinger. Petyr Baelish is the man who is responsible for EVERYTHING! Because of Petyr being rejected by Cat, handling it like a meninist who believes the friendzone exists(which he does by causing a war that destroys The Starks which gets Cat the woman he “loved” killed), and he only wants Sansa because she looks just like a younger version of Cat, so he’s just using her as a substitute for Cat just because he can’t learn how to handle rejection, like at all and really he’s a disgusting pedophilic asshole. And god, he is certainly very close to becoming the Christian Grey of Westeros. And I call bullshit on anyone saying that he felt guilty or seeks revenge for The Red Wedding because the Littlefinger of the books shows that he had no regard of Cat’s life whatsoever. Like Robert he romanticized Cat and in love with the idea of her rather than her as a person.Catelyn rejected him and he sees Sansa as a younger and more beautiful version of Cat. Losing Cat didn’t effect him really when he has Sansa in his grasp. And a post  shows this in more detail.

And really, he manipulates Lysa to the point where she was willing to do anything and everything and her love for him drove her crazy, had Lysa kill Jon Arryn, manipulates Ned and then betrays him and then Ned dies, masterminded the war of the five kings which led to the death of House Stark, he is the one who crushes Sansa’s hopes of being married to Willas Tyrell by telling The Lannisters which then forces Sansa to marry Tyrion, he is the one who had Dontos spy on her and lead her to his path(Dontos is who Sansa thought was her friend only to be revealed as his spy) practically brainwashes Sansa into becoming Alyane and his daughter(seriously who the fuck says “come give your father a kiss” just…UGH) and it’s even more disturbing and creepy where the manipulation makes Sansa reliant on Petyr. But more to the point. Why would ANYONE want them together? Petyr is the architect of Sansa’s suffering, and by the time Sansa becomes a player, Sansa will eventually find out that Petyr had Ned betrayed and did unspeakable acts to her best friend Jeyne Poole and gave her to the Boltons and hopefully once she is wed to Harry, Littlefinger will finally die or if he is slippery enough to evade Sansa’s justice, he will be killed by Lady Stoneheart.