and i felt fabulous

You know, Cheritz really did a fabulous job with Mystic Messenger. I’ve never felt closer to a fictional universe before. It feels like I could be going about my life and get a call or text from an unrecognized number and it could be one of them. I’m not exactly sure how to describe my feelings towards the characters but I wouldn’t be surprised if one day one of them bled from the app into other areas of my phone. If the texts and emails and calls from the app one day just started appearing on my actual calling/messaging/email apps.

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I felt bad about the rushed doodles from yesterday from this post because these are super cute fusions/versions and I wanted to properly draw them out. Also Amber!zawa!

Yo guys! @kawaiijohn​, @c-jay321​ & @sevi007​ XD

It's the small things

I went grocery shopping and as I walked through the aisles looking at food I no longer eat, I noticed that I could feel my jeans move when I walked. The jeans I have on didn’t fit 3 months ago and now they are loose enough that I feel them when I walk. The tshirt I am wearing is loose around my midsection. I bought socks today because my socks that I wore to work out in this morning were too big. I don’t think I have ever had a loose sock before. I noticed I was standing up pushing my cart and not leaned on the handle. It has only been three months but the changes are starting to show themselves. No one at Walmart stopped me to point out any changes but I felt like I should have had a smoke machine I felt so fabulous today.

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I know we already talked about it privately, but I just wanna say you're fabulous babe. Never once have I felt like you thought talking to me was a chore- our conversations have always been so easy, and so nice. It honestly feels like we've been friends for years instead of the short time it has actually been. You support not only me, but everyone who reaches out to you. You're so giving and incredibly sweet, and I can't imagine life without you. xoxo, Lips

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Lips, goodness goodness Lips you’re gonna make me cry. Let me just write a novel about you and all the things that make you wonderful okay? I’m sure I could do it. (or maybe not because there’s not enough words to describe how amazing you are)

You’re my everything and thank you for all the conversations and all the love and support. You’re the sweetest bean and I love you to pieces!

Also, can you believe that in TWO DAYS we’ll have been friends for 6 months? I mean, it feels like an eternity, but I can’t believe it’s been (almost) 6 months already!

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I'm the anon who sent you the eating disorder message on Monday. Thank you so so so so so so so much for your reply, I read it all and cried and wrote some parts out and stuck them on my wall. When I got home today and weighed myself I told the scale to go fuck itself and honestly it felt so fabulous I can't even remember what the exact weight was. Thank you for your kindness, I won't forget it. I hope you're doing well <3 <3 <3

That is so wonderful!! I’m so incredibly proud of you, and I’m so glad I could help you get there. Keep being fucking awesome, you.

Remember that time I said I probably wouldn’t do requests, ha. Though they are only lazy ass portraits because I am lazy. (And yes obviously Erwin picked that suit for Levi, since he apparently has the habit of doing so…) Now I really wish to know who you are, anon !~


Happy belated birthday to the fabulous @aloemilk who loves the fluff and the UST as much as I do. I hope you had a wonderful day.


The snowball hits Hermione square in the back of the head, knocking her knitted hat askew and sending frigid globs of slush slithering down the back of her neck. After an initial cry of surprise, she pointedly adjusts her hat and turns to face her attackers.

“It was him!” Harry shouts and pushes a stumbling Ron toward her, then flees in the opposite direction.

“Traitor!” Ron calls after him.

She takes advantage of his distraction to kick a big fan of snow into his face. Magic is fun, but there’s something to be said for winning a battle Muggle-style too.

While Ron sputters and tries to clear his eyes, she picks more snow up off the ground with her bare hands and dumps two handfuls of it on his head, making sure to press some of it into his ears. While he’s trying to remedy that, she picks up another two handfuls and dumps them down the back of his giant sweater.

Now that her fingers are good and icy, she goes in for the kill, quickly sliding her hands up under Ron’s sweater and pressing them flat against his skin.

Ron lets out a shriek more befitting a preschool girl than a teenage boy and flops around on the ground like a fish out of water and she’s having a hard time keeping her hands on him because she’s laughing so hard.

He stops squirming and goes quiet and after a moment she does too because they’re very close together and his skin is hot and smooth under her palms. His heart pounds beneath her fingertips and whatever has been quietly percolating between them all year is suddenly enormous and inescapable.

“Do you give up?” she says, because she thinks she does.

“Yeah,” Ron says, looking up at her. “I give up.”

She’s trying to process her next move when thwunk! the snowball hits her in the head, sending a spray of snow over both her and Ron. Harry cheers, Ron blinks and the moment is gone.

She and Ron quickly leap to their feet, their faces in a raging battle to see who can go the deeper red. She meets his eyes briefly and he gives a rueful half-shrug before his eyes turn to Harry and his gaze narrows.

She may never know what he was thinking in that moment but she is certain that at this moment she and Ron are in complete agreement on one thing:

Harry James Potter is about to rue the day he was ever born.

I did a painting of one of my favorite zelda villains.And probably the most fabulous one. 

The swords are a bit different, I felt like using some purple. It definitely wasn’t because I was  too lazy to look up the exact designs *cough*


Update! Today I said YES to the dress!!!! 👰🏻✨
I took a trip to a bridal shop just for plus sizes… Della Curva in Tarzana, CA.
Let me just say, my experience was amazing.
I know at the beginning of my journey, I wanted an A-line/Flowy dress… But when I put this on, I felt so freaking fabulous. I felt like a Queen. Its a bit big on me, so I will have to have it altered.
I’m just so excited and glad I was picky about what I wanted. I got THE dress. Its good to know what u want, but also be open to suggestions. I’m so excited and happy💘😁😁😁