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Popcast on Getaway Car:
  • Jon Caramanica: This feels the most Old Taylor. And by Old Taylor I mean emotionally authoritative, texture details, interesting turns of phrases, things that kind of make an unexpected left, but don’t jolt you. Just that kind of pull you in an unexpected direction. I think it’s beautiful.
  • Jon Pareles: The way the metaphors bounce between actual love on the rebound and robbery is pretty clever.
  • Jon Caramanica: Is it love on the rebound or is it cheating?
  • Joe Coscarelli: Well that’s alluded to throughout the album. "I have a boyfriend he’s older than us, he’s in the club doing I don’t know what."
  • Jon Caramanica: Neither do any of us because his records are undistinguished.
  • Joe Coscarelli: Or maybe Hiddleston was in the club. We don’t really know. Chronologically--
  • Jon Caramanica: Like hunting club maybe. A foxhunt club.
  • Joe Coscarelli: ...Something else that I’ll say about Getaway Car that is Old Taylor and harkens back to Country is the final chorus switch, where at first he’s driving the getaway car and then she’s driving the getaway car. I mean, going back to Our Song, that’s a classic.... And it’s the plot twist at the end of Dear John.
  • Jon Caramanica: Getaway Car, in addition to me liking it a lot, I also found very reassuring. Because there was still part of me that, even though I enjoy these records, I enjoy this album, there is part of me that’s like, oh, this is not why I used to like Taylor. This is me liking Taylor for other reasons... It’s notable that she took a risk in how she presented herself and more or less pulled that off. That’s not something that a lot of her peers are doing.

           all the cameras watch the accidents,
              and stars you hate,
              they only care if you can { b l e e d }. 

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My favorite feeling is feeling your lips on mine