and i feel somewhat inspired

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But how I love your fiction ��

Get over here and lemme hug you.

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I dunno if you read The Misadventures of Growley and Squirrel or if you’re strictly a Juliet fan.  Demon!Dean/Crowley will be updated soon (as soon as I can wrangle an ending for the bit I’m working on, and then get it beta’ed), after which I’ll start working on a new Juliet fic.  I hadn’t planned on more Juliet, but there have been requests and art and let’s just say I’m feeling somewhat inspired.

not all superheroes wear a mask

It rains for the sixth day in a row. Hope clicks her pen against her desk with a furrowed eyebrow as she scorns out the window at the lightning that briefly illuminates the Space Needle in the distance. There’s a sharpness to the pitter-patter of the rainfall; it almost sounds like hail.

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I finally had the chance a few weeks ago, to start listening to the absolutely incredible Travelogue of Terrence McKenna entitled “True Hallucinations”, detailing his travels through South America and his own personal journey into the depths of the psychedelic experience. I haven’t had such a telling open my mind quite like this, in what feels like an eternity - but this beautiful mans spectacular way with words and adventure has given my soul a hopeless craving for knowledge. I awoke on the following day, feeling fresh,inspired and somewhat content with my own small slice of the world, and this is what was created in our garden to create our own day of pure clarity. For any creature that happens to be interested, you can check out his reading of his tale here:
Complete with groovy 70’s tunes and all.


I’m slowly making progress on my uberhood’s downtown. It’s huge so I’m not doing it all at once. I started with some basics like bus stops, roundabouts and the main boulevard and now I’m just working on small areas whenever I feel somewhat inspired. So please ignore the chaos in the background, nothing to see there (yet)! ;)

This is the administrative district which I finished up this morning. Plus two shots of my rather quick makeover of Go Here Sunshine Park. It’s tiny and far from spectacular but I still think it’s an improvement.