and i feel sexually aroused just to look at his moles

Star Versus the Forces of Evil: A Timeline and Analysis of Feelings, Part 2

Here’s a link to Part 1!

Yea okay so life slowed me down a lot on writing this but then I remembered that if I believe in dinosaurs, then somewhere, somewhen, they believe in me too. So I busted out and got this finished. Well, except for part 3 (Just Friends, Face the Music, and Starcrushed) but MOVING ON.

TL;DR: Sleepover confirms Star’s crush on Marco (even though she is not consciously aware of it), while simultaneously confirming that Marco does NOT have a crush on Star (conscious or otherwise). Bon Bon the Birthday Clown has Star consciously realize that she has romantic feelings for Marco. The process sucks. She decides to bury those feelings due to her own issues and the circumstances, and to change her behavior in the future.


Sleepover is a great episode on several levels (art style, characterization, etc.). But this is about shipping uh I mean unbiased and objective feeling analysis and timeline stuff that’s no way tainted, uh, influenced by my own experiences. Yea. So let’s hop right in.


One of the big themes of this episode is honesty and the truth, especially how mutable those things are with regards to emotions. The Truth Cube is asking “who do you have a crush on” to a bunch of young teenagers. Nobody in the group is over fifteen, and when you’re fifteen, your definition of a crush and true love and all those things is pretty limited. Case in point, when the Truth Cube goes around asking for everyone’s crush, Jackie answers “this really cute guy from skate camp last summer” and Janna answers “John Keats.” Jackie barely knows the skate camp guy beyond “he’s really nice” (she doesn’t even say his name!) and Janna’s talking about a long-dead poet. A crush is a pretty surface sorta thing, as opposed to being in love, so let’s keep that in mind. These answers are deemed truthful by the Truth Cube, and it’s not that Janna and Jackie are lying, it’s that their experiences of crushes (and love, although it’s not brought up here) is somewhat limited (due to their age) so they genuinely, fully believe their answers.

Why is this relevant?

When the group is going around trying to figure out who is lying, Star says “and I love Oskar Greason” as opposed to “I have a crush on Oskar Greason.” Sure, Star probably didn’t mean that on a deep level, but it also shows what her concept of love is still fairly naive and unformed. She’s a 14 year old princess so that’s kinda to be expected, but the use of “love” fits with Star’s character/development arc. Star thinks she wants a bad boy who defies the rules and who does what he wants (Oskar), but as she grows as an individual through the course of the show, her romantic interest also changes (to Marco). But like many people, Star isn’t aware of this shift. Star’s brain genuinely believes what she is saying, that’s why she answers the Truth Cube without any hesitation. But her heart doesn’t agree, and that’s what the cube uses to determine that Star is “lying.” Even at the end of the episode, when the Truth Cube reveals that Star has a crush on Marco, Star clearly isn’t aware of it.

The Truth Cube can be fooled if a person genuinely changes their mind, but it cannot be fooled by feelings that are not actually there. Star’s answer didn’t fool the Truth Cube because in her heart, she doesn’t actually have romantic feelings for Oskar, which is independent of whether Star realizes this. Also, this makes what Star’s saying in the above photos hilariously ironic.

This has a big implication though for Marco too: the Truth Cube would have detected any unconscious crush Marco had on Star even if Marco said that he only had a crush on Jackie. Thus, as of Sleepover, Marco doesn’t have a crush on Star (or at least romantic feelings to a noticeable degree). Sob.

One last important takeaway from this episode that can be easily overlooked is Marco’s perspective on Star’s feelings. A lotta people think Marco can be an idiot when it comes to his emotions (they’re not wrong), and that he should’ve known that Star was getting a crush on him (that’s wrong). Remember at this point, Star has still explicitly shown (sexual) attraction (even though it’s comparatively shallow) to Oskar and barring Blood Moon Ball, only Oskar. Marco’s seen this several times in Season 1 alone, such as during Mewberty (when Star lifts up Oskar and his car), and has been told directly by Star herself, during Cheer Up, Star. Most recently though, Marco saw Star’s attraction to Oskar during Star on Wheels, and he wasn’t surprised or jealous at all. By the time of Sleepover, Marco has no reason to doubt Star’s crush on Oskar. One, he’s seen the evidence that she does have a crush on Oskar, and two (and more importantly), Marco trusts Star and what she says regarding her feelings. Granted, the point of this episode is in large part “people don’t necessarily know how they feel towards someone” but that doesn’t really negate the whole trust dynamic. Now, you might be thinking “but the cube said that Marco wasn’t lying, so Marco could have deduced that Star was the one lying.” Keep in mind that 1) Marco knows that the Truth Cube can be fooled by feelings, so he’s not sure if it can even be trusted and 2) what Star said threw Jackie’s own feelings into doubt, and Marco’s attention was pretty focused on that change. The end of the episode even has Marco in a daze, since he confessed his crush to Jackie and she gave a strong signal that she might reciprocate it. Basically, lotta stuff going on that probably prevented Marco from focusing on Star’s (unknown) lie.


Whenever you can use this Simpsons reference, you know it’s gonna be good. Terrible, soul-crushing, but good. But that’s skipping ahead, so let’s go back to the beginning of the episode.

Remember that at the beginning of this episode, Star is still not consciously aware of her own feelings towards Marco. We see this reflected in how she is still pushing Marco and Jackie together, and is totally supportive of Marco going to dance with Jackie. 

It’s only when Star sees Marco in the suit does her heart finally get her brain to realize that it’s been bamboozled. Previously, Star’s heart was basically fully in the “falling for Marco hard” stage but her brain was still on the greasy Oskar page. But when Star sees Marco in the suit and makes this face, the gears in her brain start turning that page.

Now, the juxtaposition of this particular shot is interesting, because in a vacuum (i.e. without Sleepover and the rest of this episode), it could be argued that Star’s making a “wow Marco looks so good in that suit” face in a totally platonic manner. In fact, the very next shot is of Marco’s parents going “OUR SON” and being proud of how handsome he is, and they have a similar expression to Star and that sure as hell is non-romantic.

But the thing that really starts dragging Star’s brain into consciously realizing (note, not accepting) “I HAVE A CRUSH ON MARCO DIAZ” isn’t actually Star seeing Marco in the suit.

It’s Star seeing Jackie’s reaction to Marco in the suit. Jackie’s pretty STARstruck (kill me), and that arouses some jealousy in Star. Oh, Star doesn’t want to acknowledge that. She takes the photos that Marco’s parents want, and watches dejectedly as Marco and Jackie leave.

The above photo is when Star realizes that not only has Marco gotten his dream girl, but from Jackie’s expression, she’s gotten her dream guy. Star’s seeing a bit of herself in Jackie, in that they both had a similar reaction to Marco in the suit. But Star’s not going to the dance with Marco, Jackie is, and that’s what’s starting to sink in here.

As the episode continues, we see Star being more and more not-okay with Marco and Jackie going to the dance. There’s the bit with Star asking Janna if Marco changing his mind and gonig with Jackie was cool, Jackie’s “moles,” and Star calling Marco several times. It’s pretty typical jealous behavior, and it’s amusing but painful to watch.

Star’s jealousy in the episode culminates in using The All-Seeing Eye to spy on Jackie and Marco. When Star sees Jackie help hold up Marco on her skateboard, say “Don’t worry, I’ve got you,” and Marco and Jackie look so happy together, we get this very telling reaction.

Jackie’s not only close to Marco in a way that Star isn’t (romantically, not physically), but she’s able to make Marco genuinely happy as well. And that’s torturing Star, who has been jealous of Jackie the entire night. And it’s at this point, Star is FINALLY truly, consciously aware of her feelings for Marco.

Because Star wants so badly to be in Jackie’s spot-not just on the skateboard, but in Marco’s life-at this moment. But she isn’t. And she can’t.

The climax of Bon Bon the Birthday Clown is a turning point for Star in her character arc as well. In a tiny span of time, she’s lost the Book of Spells, an incredibly important part of her family history and her position as princess and her mentor Glossaryck. I also believe that this scene at the end of BBtBC shows that Star thinks/accepts that she’s “lost” Marco to Jackie, in a romantic sense. It’s all hitting Star all at once and understandably, she gets a bit overwhelmed.

From here on, Star changes her approach to a lot of things. She takes studying magic (Raid the Cave, Baby) and her role as princess (somewhat) more seriously. She’s trying to be a better princess and person, be more responsible, even though it’s hard for her. And in line with how Star’s trying to take more responsibility for her actions and mistakes (but not always going about it the right way, or succeeding), Star’s gonna “give up” on her crush on Marco and push him closer to Jackie. Because that’s the “responsible” and “right” thing to do, since she missed her chance fair and square. The consequences of this line of thought will come up soon.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Next time-which will be before the S3 premiere I swear-I’ll look at Just Friends, Face the Music, and Starcrushed, and explain how and why Star keeps digging herself deeper and deeper.

Merry Christmas, tsumi-noaru!

Title: “Poor Derek”

Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2995
Warnings: underage (but same age), very versatile boys

Author Notes: Sterek High School AU, pre-bite!Scott, no Hale tragedy, brainy jock Derek and wild boy Stiles in high school

Betas: koshweasley and wings128 – many thanks to both of you!

Summary: For high-scoring, scholarships-and-a-bright-future Derek Hale, the worst thing that can happen is to stop thinking.  Rule-breaking, trouble-on-two-legs Stilinski has exactly that effect on just about everyone.


“Poor Derek.”

That’s what they were going to say when his grades slipped, when he missed application deadlines, when his scores were more like, well, like Stiles’ scores.

“Poor Derek.”

It’s exactly what they did say, especially Derek’s AP study partner, Lydia Martin.  She said it sarcastically the first time, but after she heard Stiles was involved, it was mournful, like she was losing a friend to drugs.  Scott said it with deepest pity.


“Poor Derek,” said Stiles, watching the new kid flip through his binder to find the map of all the classrooms.

Stiles said it like he didn’t care; he’d led more than a few guys at BHHS astray and Derek looked like an easy mark.  This time, though, something inside him twinged even as he tried to be bad.

Derek, for his part, never felt self-pity or regret, not even as his GPA ticked downward.  He did feel one thing very clearly from the start and that was the ache in his chest when this kid – this lithe brown-eyed guy with a staggered line of tiny moles across his cheek and neck – slid himself into the seat next to his in Health Ed and lifted his eyes slowly, all the way up Derek’s body, pausing to bite his lip somewhere around Derek’s crotch.

Derek ached for those eyes, for the mouth that curved up at one corner, and the long, widespread muscular thighs. Lightly hairy forearms gripped the edge of the desk as he lowered himself smoothly into place facing Derek.  Derek whined audibly and it was like prey sounds to this predator in the next row.  The long nimble fingers were reaching out now to tap on his desk and Derek’s eyes flicked up and down – fingers, eyes, lips.

“Be my partner,” said the lips, and the eyes more than backed that up with their own winking promises.  The fingers tapped impatiently.

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Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)

*Very long smut*

It was one of your work friends’ birthday parties and she’d hired out an amazing club room, complete with a fantastic DJ, five star food and tasteful décor. People were already up and dancing when you arrived, telling you that it was going to be a good night, even though you didn’t know too many people there. 

“Happy Birthday you!”

 You cried happily as you spied her through the crowd and walked up to give her a warm hug. 

“Thank you! (Y/N), have you seen who’s here?”

 She questioned, raising her eyebrow.

 “No I just got here, why?” 

You were deadly curious.

 “Look five o’ clock…and he’s heading our way.”

 She warned. You scrunched your eyebrows together as you turned around. Immediately, your mood turned sour, seeing your rival Kim Jonghyun strut confidently towards you, oozing sex appeal. That white blond hair haunted your dreams; you hated the singer but why did he have to be so damn hot?! 

“Hi (Y/N), looking very pretty tonight.”

 He said with an arrogant smirk. 

“Oh save it Jonghyun.”

 You snapped, making him chuckle. The deal with Kim Jonghyun was that you once had a ‘thing’ back in the day. He’d seduce you, take you to bed, and then act like a total dick, constantly pulling you close then pulling you away like an elastic band until you put your foot down. Since then, he hadn’t given up on trying to make you fall back in to his spider’s web. 

“Hey now, why so serious? I was simply giving you a compliment.” 

He teased, his stunning deep chocolate eyes twinkling under the disco lights. Even though your heart was pounding like a bass drum and your palms began to sweat, you still had to stand behind your brick wall which shielded you from Jonghyun’s sensual trap. 

“Yeah well I don’t want your compliments Jonghyun so save it for a woman that will put up with your shit.”

 You felt like you needed a pat on the back for pushing Jonghyun away. It was more difficult than it looked, denying a sex god what he wanted but you were a goddess yourself who needed respect. At first, Jonghyun’s alluring grin was wiped from his kissable mouth but soon, it came back with vengeance.

 “I forgot how feisty you are. It’s really sexy.”

 It wasn’t surprising how you wanting to melt like butter in to his arms; with that body he had, it was difficult to stand up straight. Anxiously, you gulped, trying to keep your nerve.

 “Back off Jonghyun. I wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole.”

 Suddenly, you were interrupted by the birthday girl. Comforting you, she held your hand.

 “No fighting kids, let’s keep it friendly.”

 You knew she was teasing but Jonghyun and his charm was no joke.

It was pitch black, chilly and damp outside; the time was getting late yet the party seemed to be just starting. As you walked, you stumbled a little, indicating that you were getting a little tipsy. Alcohol gave you a warm buzz and confidence that you couldn’t collect without it. Still, you thought it would be best to get some fresh air seeing as the room was unbearably hot and too crowded for your liking.

Standing outside, you thought you were alone. Taking a moment to yourself, you looked up at the blinding white full moon and the sparkling diamond-like stars; it was a perfect clear sky with not one cloud in sight. It was beautiful. 

“Star gazing, (Y/N)?” 

Jonghyun appeared from the darkness; a child of the night. 

“My god Jonghyun why are you everywhere tonight?! Are you stalking me?!” 

You barked at him like an irritated dog but he didn’t seem to be scared of you; it only seemed to amuse him more. The sex god chuckled, looking so damn fine in his tight white jeans and low cut V neck black shirt, showing his cute mole on his toned chest.

 “Any man would be crazy not to want to be around you (Y/N). What’s the matter with you? We used to be so good together.”

 Jonghyun edged closer as he spoke then softly placed his hands on your waist. You didn’t want him to see how breathless he made you.

 “We were before I realized that you were just another player Jonghyun.”

 You took his wrists and threw them away from your body. 

“Why do you keep fighting me? I know you want me.” 

He whispered in your ear, his hot breath tickling your ear lobe and sending shivers down your spine. Jonghyun had you pressed up against the wall, hot and vulnerable; you didn’t know what to do or think. 

“Do I hell.”

 You panted, your voice full of lust, telling Jonghyun how you really felt. With his plump lips so close to yours, all you wanted to do was grab him and kiss him hard. Again, he placed his hands on your waist then slowly, slid them down on to your behind. Being as cheeky as he was, he gave your butt a squeeze.

 “Just admit it (Y/N). Say it. You want me.”

 His touch was smouldering; you were already so lost in him. It was like your mind and your body were driving in the opposite directions; your fingers playing with his fluffy hair and leaning your head back so his lips could caress your neck yet your mouth was saying 

“Back off Jonghyun or I’ll scream.”

 Subconsciously, you were pressing your body against him, your mind in a muddled mess being confused by the reality; you wanted Kim Jonghyun so bad. 

“Or I could make you scream.” 

At that point, the bomb had finished ticking, the brick wall collapsed. It was time for the eruption. You grabbed him by the neck of his shirt and crushed your lips against his. 


You growled against his smirking lips. 

“I want you Kim Jonghyun.”

Your bra fell to the floor, joining your panties and the rest of your clothing. Within seconds, Jonghyun’s face was in between your breasts.

 “I’ve missed you (Y/N). Come back to me.”

 He hummed before passionately taking your nipples in to his mouth and nibbling on them. 

“Oh yes baby.”

 You moaned, grabbing fistfuls of his hair, throwing your head back in pleasure. His tongue felt so great swirling around your sensitive nipples. On the floor, he kneeled before you like you were his queen, beautifully nude, his muscular body turning you on like crazy. He’d worked out a lot since you last saw each other naked.  Roughly, sloppily, Jonghyun began to kiss and drag his lips down your stomach. He couldn’t have been more in a rush to taste all of you; to have you back next to him in his bed where you used to lie. His mouth continued exploring you, moving down south until he reached his destination. Inside, your lungs were heaving, your heart was punching against your chest from all the adrenaline shooting through you. Loudly, you moaned as you felt his tongue lick playfully at your clit.

 “Oh my god!”

 You cried, grabbing his head harder and controlling where you wanted to focus your pleasure. Expertly, he sucked up your juices that were dripping rapidly from your pussy; you couldn’t help being so aroused. It was a Jonghyun thing, he knew what you liked and wasn’t afraid to push you over the edge. 


 You purred his name like a cat, being sent in to heaven by his mouth. He tasted you like you were the most delicious meal he’d ever tried in his whole life, not wasting one bit of your wetness. Jonghyun pushed your legs back so your body fell on to his bed, making you giggle; you still had a buzz of the alcohol but Jonghyun made you the giddiest. Dominantly, he climbed on all fours on top of you and pinned your wrists down at either side of your head.

 “Kiss me.”

 He growled. Kissing him was like letting all the sexual frustration that he’d built up out though you wanted to grab him; he wanted every bit of control he could take. His throbbing manhood jabbed the very top of your thigh, making you crave him so much; you wanted to feel him fill every bit of emptiness you felt. As you chased his tongue with yours, you began to grind your pelvis up against him and listened to his deep groans.

 “Do you even know how crazy you make me? You turn me on looking so damn sexy and then you won’t let me have you. You don’t play fair.”

 His voice was deep and heated, making you fall in to his submission. Finally, he had you where he wanted you and you were too turned on to care. Claiming your body, he pulled roughly at your bottom lip, sending just the right amount of pain and pleasure through your system followed by a hard bite to the neck. He bruised your skin no doubt; Jonghyun wanted to tell the rest of the world that you were his and his only. 


 You whimpered as he bit down on your shoulder. 

“You never play fair either Jonghyun. Please, quit playing with me.”

 You needed to beg him to let your wrists go so you could have your way. Jonghyun’s puppy dog eyes were alive and burning, needing you to fuel his flame. To Jonghyun’s surprise, you picked up the strength to flip him over on his back so you were straddling him. That sexual, Cheshire cat grin returned on his flawless face. Deep down, he liked that spark, the playfulness you had running through your veins.

 “Make me not regret this in the morning.”

 You uttered softly before leaning in and kissing him hard, delving in to his mouth and, as you kissed, you got hold of Jonghyun’s ever growing manhood. Taking your time, you placed it inside of you. Jonghyun immediately groaned in the kiss, making your lips vibrate. You let out a sigh of relief as he filled you; Jonghyun had a cock that was the perfect fit for you like Cinderella’s glass slipper. Together, in sync, you moved your hips together so he had every single inch inside you until he was balls deep in your dripping pussy. Making you bite your lip, Jonghyun squeezed and spanked your ass cheeks as you rode him hardcore. You leaned your head back, exposing all of your top half, your breasts bouncing as you went harder, feeling your orgasm building in your core. Frustratingly, Jonghyun didn’t want you to cum yet; he still wanted to make you insane for him.

Jonghyun picked you up, wrapping your legs tightly around his waist and carried you outside on to his balcony. 

 “Jonghyun, people could see us!” 

You hissed, your voice still spilling with lust. Jonghyun silenced you, placing his finger gently against your lips. 

“I don’t give a fuck. Let them see us.”

 You never thought it would but the thought of people seeing made your pussy squeeze tightly around his cock. Still holding you close against his chest, he began to lift you up and down on his cock, flexing his stunning muscles. 

“Oh my god.” 

You panted, resting your head against his, the mixture of his cock fucking you and seeing his perfect body in all its glory made you need to cum so hard. Jonghyun grunted, working his biceps and hips; he couldn’t get any deeper within you. Whilst he fucked you, he penetrated your thumping heart too, reminding you why you left in the first place. You couldn’t deny it; you’d always feel something for the beautiful musician. 

“Oh Jonghyun, harder! Please!”

 You screamed it so the whole world could hear, your cries echoing it down the street. On the ground, you could see your silhouette; the shadow of you and Jonghyun making love under the stars. Sinking your nails in to his shoulders, you let go of your orgasm and lost all control.

 “Yes baby! Cum for me. Give it to me.”

 Jonghyun grit his teeth as he felt you tighten around him whilst you came, your orgasm spilling all over him. You could have rolled your eyes back in to your skull; he felt so damn good inside you and now you needed his orgasm too. 

“Give it to me Jonghyun. Fuck me harder!”

Making you squeal and giggle, he took you back in to his room and threw you on the bed. Carnally, he claimed your lips once more, thrusting his pelvis harder, faster, getting possessed by his passion; he made you scream his name over and over again. You saw his eyes getting deeper, almost black and his pupil’s dilating. The sex god bit his on his bottom lip. 

“I’m going to cum! Fuck!”

 He roared like a lion. With one final thrust in to your pussy, he exploded like a volcano inside you, spilling his hot lava. For a moment, the two of you stayed perfectly still, feeling his cum leak from you and letting the orgasm fade in to bliss. Surprisingly, when he pulled out, he curled up and rested his head on your stomach. Jonghyun looked so adorable; you couldn’t resist stroking his hair.

 “I’m sorry I acted like a dick..truth is..I fell in love with you a long time ago.”

 He uttered, beginning to draw love hearts on your navel with his soft fingertips. Hearing that, butterflies began to flutter and crash around in your stomach. 


You questioned. With loving eyes, he looked up at you and nodded.

 “Why wouldn’t I? You’re beautiful. After you left…I realized just how much I need you.”

 He got up and placed a chaste kiss upon your lips. 

“So, here’s my proposal. I quit being an asshole and I take you on a date as soon as the sun comes up.”

 Oh, you couldn’t say no to that jaw dropping smile. Innocently, you giggled, gazing in to his sweet eyes.

 “It’s a deal.”

Use Me *Part One*

Original Request:  Could you do one where Castiel needs a female vessel and he asks to use yours for an undercover case. And he comes back to the bunker and is curious about your body so he makes you play with yourself, while you’re begging to let you out and very kinky Dom!Cas smut ensues. :) Ugh, I would love you for always.

Pairing: Cas x Female reader

Warning: Smut, swearing, blood. 

Words: 1702

Originally posted by cassammydean

               We were sitting in the bunker, the four of us. Myself, Dean, Sam, and Cas, we were currently discussing the best way to handle a womanizing demon that was creating havoc on this medium sized town we were visiting this week. “Guys, I can be bait!” I’m the exact same profile as the other guys who’ve been taken,” you sighed annoyed. The boys refused to acknowledge I was speaking.

           “No, Y/N, you will not be bait, not by yourself that is, this demon is too strong for you take out on your own, even with the angel blade,” Cas answered too quick for you cut him off. You sat back in the chair defeated, crossing your arms like a pouty two year old. Sam shot you small smile and shrugged his shoulders.

           “I don’t see why you’re always so worried Cas! I’ve been a hunter longer then I’ve known you and I have been bait hundreds of times before. What’s the difference now!?” You said to the baby in a trench coat, exasperated. Cas stood from the table, he slammed his fist down in front of you, cause a small crack to shoot through the table. “The difference Y/N?” The difference is the fact this demon is targeting and torturing women that look exactly like you! I couldn’t stand to think that you would be taken and you wouldn’t be able to kill it yourself and then you would die. Y/N,” his face softened, ‘I can’t let that happen, I’ve lost too much, I can’t lose you too, not to scum like that.” You stared at the Angel, mouth hung open slightly, taken back by his forcefulness, it kinda turned you on a little, but you pushed those thoughts aside. Staring up at the angel standing front of you, you glopped and nodded, taking a shallow breath, shaking.

           “Then what do you suggest Cas?” you softly, laying a hand on his. He smirked a little, looking into your (e/c) eyes. “I have one idea, it may be our best shot.”

           “While what is it Cas?” Dean demanded. You tilted your head as Cas kept starring at you intently, he looked over to Dean and back to you.

           “I’m not sure how Y/N would feel, but I could possess her and be bait as her?” You looked at Cas as if he was off his bloody rocker. “Excuse me? You mean use me as your meat suit for a few hours, while I just sit back idly in my own mind?” You couldn’t believe he was actually thinking about it, “Are you out of your stupid angel mind? Did falling from heaven knock a few screws loose?” You starred at him, sitting up from your slouched position. Dean looked at you and shrugged, your jaw dropped. “Seriously? Do I get any say in this whole thing?”

           “Of course Y/N you have to give me permission to enter your body,” He said innocently, but that was not at all how you or your brothers took it, Dean went to the edge of his seat and Sam blushed crimson. You couldn’t help the remark that fell from your lips, “Oh, Cas, you make me all tingly when you talk to me like that,” your voice dripping with sarcasm. Cas cleared his throat when he caught on to what you were saying. He coughed and looked anywhere but your face, “But, fine you can wear me to prom Cas. But what happens to your man suit, while you wear my lady suit?” He looked at you, and shrugged. “I suppose he can just lay on a bed while I use you.” You rolled your eyes at the trench coat wearing angel. “So, I, uh, give you permission and whatever to use my body,” you winked at Cas and licked your lips, Dean groaned. “God Y/N, do you need to act like that? It’s weird enough my best friend will be in my little sisters body, you don’t need to make it sexual.” You shrugged it off and stood up, ready for Cas to wear you like a nice pant suit.

           “You may feel slightly uncomfortable Y/N,” Cas said laying down on the bed next to you. You rolled your eyes, “like this whole situation isn’t slightly uncomfortable.” Dean nodded, as did Sam, this was gonna be awkward. “Wait Cas!?” You asked quickly, “What happens to me, while you’re inside my head?” Cas smiled up at you, “you’ll feel as if you’re asleep, you’ll have no control of your body or thoughts, I will control you for the next 24 hours. Are you ready Y/N?” You nodded and this weird icy feeling filled your body and then you blacked out momentarily, falling back. Dean caught you, “Hey, Y/N? You okay?” Sam was standing above you, concern etched all over his giant features.

           Cas woke up and looked around, so this is what it looks like to see from her eyes. Cas looked up, and seen Sam damn she is short, she wasn’t kidding when she said she felt like a mole hill next to mount Everest when she stood next to Sam. “Y/N? You okay? Dean asked, Cas (you) nodded, “It’s Cas now, not Y/N,” he answered. Dean cocked any eyebrow, “I must say, a female vessel suits you nicely Cas,” he chuckled at the angel who now was wearing his little sister as a meat suit. Cas looked down at his new body, her body is very nice, she looks lovely from these angles.

           You groaned in the back of your mind, which felt like an overstuffed burrito, god, this is uncomfortable. You let your ‘mind’ slip into the back, no need to be talking and causing Cas to pay attention to you, while he was working. “I quite like this body,” Cas said as he slide his fingers down the sides of your body. Even though it was your voice talking, you could hear Cas’s real gravelly voice in your head, and even though it was your hands, it sent a shivers down your spine. Cas noticed and, smiled a sly smile. “Alright Cas, let’s go and get this over with.” Cas grabbed his trench coat from his former vessel and slid it on his arms, which now were way too small for the coat. Dean looked at Cas, “I think you’re gonna have to leave that behind buddy.” Cas nodded and took the angel blade, putting into your over the knee leather boots.

*After the hunt*

Cas walked back into the hotel room which you were staying in by yourself, for womanly privacy as you always said to the boys. You didn’t want to share a bed with your brothers. Hmmm, wonder what she thinks about from time to time? Your ‘mind’ jolted awake as you felt Cas rummaging through your brain. Shit, hopefully he stops, you whined in the back and prayed he’d listened. But of course he didn’t, but he soon stopped when he stepped into the bathroom, he took your clothes off slowly and your mind went crazy, even though ‘you’ were undressing yourself, it felt like Cas was doing it. And from the smile on your face, you could tell Cas was enjoying himself, a little too much. He stood in front of the mirror, starring at you nice breasts and down torso, to your cute little toes, Y/N has such a beautiful body, he thought as he slid her hands down her body, ghosting over her nipples, which became hard from such a simple touch. Cas liked the sensation of how your body reacted to ‘him’ touching you. He could hear you in the back of your mind, saying something but it was muffled and static. He slid your hands down further, past your navel, and down to your fiery core. Your body was dripping wet, and smell of your arousal filled the small bathroom. Your wetness seeped from your soaked core and dripped down your leg. Cas smiled at how he could tear you apart from the inside now. I know you can hear me Y/N, I know how much you like this. I wonder what fantasies you have for me, your Angel of the lord. His voice was thick and lustful, as he quickly crawled through your mind. You wanted him to stop, this would be awkward in the morning, but you couldn’t help yourself, you loved being dominated by him from the inside. So you’re quite the kinky one little Y/N, and the way you think about me, doing those things to you, it’s quite appetizing. You couldn’t help it, you were screaming for Cas to stop, let your body go, so he could pleasure you with his usual vessel, so you could look into his amazing cobalt eyes and scream his name to the world. But of course he didn’t listen.

           Cas smiled and looked in the mirror, looking at your body, before dipping one of your fingers into your core, and grazing over your enlarged clit, a strange glint crossed your eyes. Cas did this again, this time harder, causing a small moan to escape your lips, you were losing it in the back of your mind, you were climbing the walls, and begging for him to stop and let you go. I like when you beg, keep going and I’ll think about it. He ghosted your fingers across your clit again, beg for your angel lord to let you go and to come and tear you apart in every way possible, beg Y/N, beg. You couldn’t take it anymore and begged, you pleaded for him to let go, a small smile ghosted across your delicate face, Cas walked you the shower and sat your body down. I’ll be back my little angel. With that your body felt empty, and you opened your eyes, looking around blinking a few times. ”What a rush,” you whispered and took in your surroundings, you were in the shower. ‘Why am I here,’ then is dawned on you Cas left your body there when he left your body and said he would be back for you. So you sat and waited like any good little angel would

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I wanted to go one of two ways with this color, really really fluffy or super sexual. I’m hoping to incorporate both, but we’ll see how it works lol.



The room felt alive, as if the magic both Simon and Baz had was flickering and cracking in the air. Simon knew he should sleep, that he should ignore what he was feeling, but he couldn’t do it. Baz was his enemy, everyone knew it, in fact everyone wanted it. The Mage, Baz’s family, the old families, the school, hell even Baz, they all craved to see them battle it out. But late at night, when things got quiet, Simon felt what he wanted to feel, warm and tingly.

His own breathing was spiked, his skin soaked in sweat. He knew that he should get a grip, that Baz’s enhanced senses would eventually pick up on him, But he couldn’t help it, he felt like he needed to jump into a freezing lake just to calm down.

“For crowly’s sake Simon if you’re so aroused can you just go sneak into Agatha’s dorm!”

Shortly after Baz’s outburst Simon felt a pillow smack him in the face.

“What?” Simon sputtered. 

Baz groaned.

“I can smell it all over you. It’s like your body is screaming it at me. You’re sweat…”

Simon swallowed painfully.

“I’m…sorry. I just…”

Baz turned on the light and glared at Simon. His night shirt was loose, revealing some of Baz’s collar bone, Simon briefly entertained the idea of licking it. He clenched his teeth and threw off the covers.

“Snow honestly this is getting awkward.”

“Shut up please.”

Baz sneered.

“I’m not the one with screaming hormones.”

Simon felt like he might burst, like all the embarrassment and desire in him was going to break his sanity. This is why you weren’t supposed to bottle up your feelings, it just made them that much more desperate to come out.

“Snow I’m losing my patience.”

Simon spun around and stormed over to Baz, feeling somewhat lightheaded. It was four in the morning, he was sleep deprived, and all he wanted was to kiss Baz. He couldn’t be reasonable anymore, could no longer listen to the rational voice screaming in his head.

“God you’re so frustrating. Are you blind? Just shut up before I do something stupid Baz.”

Baz studied Simon, looking somewhat vulnerable suddenly. He stood up, his cheeks brightening to a soft pink, as close to a blush as he would ever get. Although desire was coursing strong through his body, Simon also felt his heart warm when he saw the rosy pink on Baz’s face. 


Baz stood up, facing Simon shyly.

“This isn’t about Agatha is it?”

Simon felt trapped, felt like the warmth that crackled between them was something he could no longer ignore.


Baz nodded, his eyes filled with some hidden emotion. He stepped closer to Simon, reaching a hand out tentatively to touch Simon’s shoulder. Simon couldn’t believe it, and shuddered when Baz’s hand gripped his T-shirt. He kissed Baz, moaning lightly when Baz kissed him back. He hadn’t expected Baz to let him do this, he definitely hadn’t expected Baz to kiss him back. For a while he kissed Baz roughly, needing to be sure this was real. Baz fell back onto the bed, pulling Simon with him. Simon rolled onto his back and lifted Baz on top of him, taking the time to feel Baz’s back muscles, enjoying the way they tensed under his touch,. He opened his mouth sloppily, letting Baz in, enjoying the way their teeth knocked accidentally and encouraging the careless way Baz teased his tongue. It felt good to kiss someone who didn’t care about how kissing worked, to kiss someone who only knew how much they wanted it. Eventually though, as they got sleepier, the kisses turned softer, gentler. Baz kissed Simon’s moles almost reverently. Simon wrapped his arms around Baz lazily, squeezing him so that he could wrap his warmth around Baz’s cool skin. 

Eventually light peaked through the windows, the pink of dawn coloring the bedsheets. Baz was asleep in Simon’s arms, resting his head on his shoulder. Simon smiled happily, feeling as pink as the sky was.