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are their bnha ships that you don't totally ship but are ok with?

mmmm, the biggest is probably Todoroki/Momo. mostly b/c me and @thecrowmaiden have had several cute talks about them. we view the ship more in a…. like a ghibli romance sorta vibe?? like Castle in the Sky, where it’s sort of on the cusp of romance, but not quite?? idk it’s hard to explain haha

i don’t really ship it that much personally, but i think it’s cute and i enjoy talking about it with Crow b/c we’re very much on the same wavelength when it comes to ships in general

Todoroki/Deku is also really cute, and i imagine it would go fairly similarly to Todoroki/Momo

(tbh i think Todoroki in any sort of romantic situation would be kind of hilarious b/c he’s just so oblivious that he would never notice or realize his own feelings, or anyone else’s, unless it was pointed out to him. which could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years)

i’ve seen some Ojiro/Tooru and it’s kinda cute?? 

Tsuyu/Ochako is also a super pure ship from what i’ve seen

Tsuyu/Tokoyami has an adorable aesthetic to it since they’re both dark colored, animal-types and the shortest of their gender (sans Mineta). but beyond the aesthetic tho, i don’t ship it. but the fanart i’ve come across is cute

Kacchako is weird for me b/c i’m half and half with it. i do kinda ship it, but only in a specific way, and if it’s not in that specific way, i’m just like ‘ehhh’

i totally see the appeal of Bakugou/Kirishima and i think, in the long run, it would end up with as a fairly healthy relationship since they tend to be on a similar wavelength. but again, not something i really ship

i kinda like the idea of one sided Gran Torino/Nana?? 

Kamui Woods/Mt Lady is also fairly cute. they have a lot of scenes together and seem to have a pretty good friendship/relationship overall

tho tbh i actually have most (if not all??) of these blacklisted, but not because i have something against the ships themselves. i just prefer to focus on the friendship aspect of the series, and i just… want to stay away from romance in general b/c it doesn’t particularly interest me. plus i headcanon several characters as ace/aro, so it’s also just an interpretation thing. which, you know, differs from person to person

plus, the older i get, the younger teenagers seem to me?? i’ve seen some… rather sexual art of some MHA student ships which, quite immediately, turned me off from a few of them. i view these characters as kids and any romance i imagine with them is going to be very Disney/Ghibli-esque. anything beyond that is just… nope

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I was just wondering (I know this isn't the best question for this blog but) how active is your Colors? Though I have basically moved to here on Tumblr from my Colors (hopefully you will not know who I am ovo") and I am rarely on that site, I was curious to know if you still made art on there!

I’m not very active on colors anymore now…“”“ I posted yesterday to say that I was alive but I’m thinking about moving on tumblr… or at least posting my art here. Colorslive is reaaally empty now, and this emptiness really unmotivate me… it makes me sad because I really love this website. I have so many memories with it, and it’s the only site where I feel easy about posting serious art…(posting on internet scares me. I’m ok with weeabootale, but now posting serious stuff on my art account… it makes me nervous heh)
I’ll try to post more on colors now, but if it’s still that empty….well….
I don’t know what to do hahahaha


The guys in the Dishonored chat gave me the idea to do an Outsider-inspired makeup, however it turned into some kind of closet cosplay just to get the right whale satan mood (I also edited the eye and hair colour). My idea was to make it look like his skin is breaking off to reveal sort of odd-looking veins of whale oil underneath. Idk it’s some kind of void nonsense at least, and it was super fun to make. <3

Some of you already know that I’m a Supernatural newbie and still on my first all-the-way-through watch. Yesterday I watched Hello, Cruel World (7x02) for the first time. The basic plot wasn’t a surprise to me – I knew about Hallucifer, I’d seen gifs of Dean grabbing Sam’s hand and knew that a big brothers’ moment went down there, I even knew that Sam used the pain from his hand to recall reality.

But guys I was pretty blown away by Jared in this one. (Actually, Jensen was excellent to, but I’ll get to him in a minute.) I don’t know how much of it was projecting things onto his performance. That’s definitely possible, maybe even likely. But guys it hit me right in the knees.

Literally as long as I can remember my brain has been my worst enemy and the hardest part of life. For a long time I thought I had to try and fix it (or get it fixed by some external Big Good). Now I think the demons we have are probably there for good and all we can do is manage them and not let them take us down. But either way, my mind has never been on my side. Anxiety, long-term depression, intrusive thoughts: these are the things I remember when I think about my childhood and adolescence and they are the things that have defined my inner life ever since.

No pity party or anything and I feel quite awkward posting something so personal and I hope you don’t all hate me, haha, and I should say that most of these things have become at least more manageable over time. But I mention them because I want to talk about Jared’s face here and my thoughts about it stem from my own experiences. This is the scene where Bobby and Dean are talking to him and he is telling them about Lucifer’s claim that he never left the Cage, that his life ever since has been an illusion.

Wait. Are you seeing him right now?


You know that he’s not real. Right?

He says the same thing about you.

Guys, Jared’s face in this scene made me cry, because that is the face you make when you realise that you can’t trust your own mind. It is the worst feeling I’ve ever felt and I suppose I’ve never seen my own face while feeling it but that is exactly how it *feels*. If someone had said ‘draw your face when you feel this way’ (and haha if I was able to draw), this would have been it: the unfocused stare, the eyes glassy but not crying because you’re too terrified to cry, you’ve gone beyond the point where crying feels like something that will help or even adequately convey what you feel. Bleak despair, not dramatic despair – the drawn face, the set jaw. Goddamn I don’t know if Jared has ever felt like that but if he hasn’t (and, well, if he has) I give him all the kudos in the world.

It’s the same later at the end of the episode when Dean finds Sam in the warehouse. Jared again just NAILS this. Watch and you’ll see that through most of the scene he’s not actually looking anywhere, not focusing. His gaze is somewhere on the middle distance, not able to commit to a perceived, sensate reality OR to retreat to the shelter of his own mind. This is what it looks like when your mind isn’t a safe place anymore.

Sam here isn’t able to engage with the world at all, period, zilch, not even to try to believe something is real because he doesn’t trust his own perception of it. He doesn’t trust his senses. And what Dean does for him here (and what Jensen and Jared so magnificently portray I think) isn’t so much to convince him of anything or even to emotionally connect with him. At least those aren’t the fundamental thing. What Dean most fundamentally does for Sam here is to step in and act as his senses. And because Sam has always trusted Dean, he is able to trust his grasp on reality – not enough to get better, not enough to be OK in any actual sense of the world – but enough to make it through five minutes, enough to take a breath.

And I love two things about how Dean does this.

First, he goes in willing to hear Sam. This isn’t always Dean’s strong point, but here he is perfection, and Jensen blows it out of the water. In his face you can see fear, apprehension, a skilled hunter with reflexes ready to go in a moment, yes – but somehow beneath all of those things that tighten and close off a face, he is still open. His instinctive reaction to Sam acting terrifyingly unlike himself is to try to listen, to try to read Sam, to use three decades of knowing him to try to know how to help him now. And he doesn’t go in with a preconceived version of what’s going on or of what Sam is experiencing.


Okay. Well, here I am.


No. No, I don’t, I…I can’t know that for sure. You understand me?


Okay, now we’re gonna have to start small.

He says whoa, whoa, OK. He doesn’t argue with Sam’s insistence that they had just been driving together, he doesn’t try to disentangle facts (because that would just force Sam to the point, again, of trying to distinguish or debate reality, which is precisely what Sam can’t do right now).

Second, Dean narrows the overwhelming suffocation of detachment from reality down to a single point. Because that’s what Sam needs and that’s all his mind can even try to accept at the moment. I don’t think Dean knows that he’s doing this; I don’t think he’s doing it deliberately; but I do think that maybe Jensen knew that this is what Dean was doing. You feel, watching, like every molecule in Dean’s body is straining to make this one thing manifestly real for Sam, to rouse in him at least enough trust to let Dean be his arbiter of reality here. Jensen has a few phenomenal speeches over the years (and I’m sure he has more I haven’t watched yet) but this one would have been very easy to overact, I think, or play too melodramatic. And he doesn’t. Neither of them do. They just vibrate with the feeling of seven years with these characters and each other.

This is real. Not a year ago, not in Hell, now. I was with you when you cut it, I sewed it up! Look!….
This is different. Right? Then the crap that’s tearing at your walnut? I’m different. Right?

Believe me, okay? You gotta believe me. You gotta make it stone number one and build on it. You understand?

Yeah. Yeah, okay.

And (I’m almost done I promise) I love this look Jared gives in response to Dean. It’s not relief and it’s not hope and it’s not peace and it’s not agreement. But it’s also not unfocused or empty or lost off in the mid-distance. What Dean gave Sam here wasn’t a solution or a fix but it was a tiny, tiny way to engage with something he could trust – not even, I think, at this point, something he necessarily did trust – but something that his emotional and mental muscle memory (as it were) responded to just enough to say ‘yes that, that voice, that’s enough to stay alive till tonight’. It’s a flicker of what might be hope. It’s finding the edge of a step when you’ve been free-falling. Your foot’s not planted yet but you can feel something under it other than air.

FML (Tadashi X Reader)

This story is based on the following FML submission: 

Today, I called this girl I’ve had a crush on for 2 years to confess my love to her. However, as she picked up the phone, I got so nervous that I froze and couldn’t say a word. I was standing there, breathing heavily for 20 seconds. She got so freaked out that she threatened to call the police. FML.

(•–•) (•–•) (•–•)

            Tadashi sits on the edge of his bed, clutching his phone and chewing nervously at the inside of his thumb. The anxiety-filled man was currently fighting with the angel and the devil on his shoulder, trying to gather up the courage to call Y/N. She is a beautiful young woman, about to begin her first year at SFIT. The two had met when they were both in high school, Y/N being a wide-eyed freshman and Tadashi a confident junior. They quickly became best friends, but Tadashi wished for more than friendship from Y/N. This led the tall man to his current predicament: should he call and confess his love for Y/N, or should he continue his silence?

            Hiro groans and rolls his eyes at his mess of a brother. “Would you just call her already?! You’ve been staring at your phone for a solid twenty minutes, Tadashi.”

            “What if I freak her out? What if she doesn’t feel the same way? I don’t want to ruin our friendship over this, Hiro. She probably doesn’t like me. Yeah, no, I can’t do this,” the older boy pulls off his hat and runs his fingers through his matted down hair.

            “You can and you will call her, ‘cause I am sick and tired of you always talking about ‘Y/N this’ and ‘Y/N that’ and moping around every time a different boy gets up the nerve to ask her out on a date and she says yes,” The younger Hamada crosses his arms over his chest, “Now, do you need me to call her for you or are you going to grow up and do it yourself?”

            Tadashi huffs, firmly placing his hat back on his head. He pulls up your contact in his phone, and hits the call button next to your number. He nods confidently as the phone wrings, sure he’s got this one in the bag. He’s sure that 1000%, without a doubt, you’re going to say that you felt the same way and had been waiting for him to finally make his move. Hell yeah. I AM the man. His confidence crashes when he hears you pick up the line.

            “Hey, Tadashi, What’s up?” He can hear your smile on the other end, but feels as if he’s suddenly frozen. “Are you alright Tadashi?” His nerves have taken control, and all he’s doing is breathing.


            Into the phone.

            “Tadashi, is that you?”

            Breathing, breathing, breathing.

            “Okay, well, whoever the fuck you are, you’re really freaking me out.” There’s no answer, just breathing. “If you don’t knock it off, I’m calling the fucking cops, asshole.” Much to your relief, the person who called you hangs up and the line goes dead.

            “What was that all about?” your roommate, Honey Lemon, steps out of the kitchen and slides into her spot on the couch next to you. She hands you a mug of hot chocolate and takes a sip of her own, looking curiously at you. You were still shaking after the terrifying phone call, so you did something very out of character for you.

            You burst into tears.

 (•–•) (•–•) (•–•)

            “Wow,” Hiro says, slack-jawed and staring at the train wreck he was apparently related to. “You know, I don’t think that could have gone much worse. Yep, I’m pretty sure that was definitely the worst possible outcome for that phone call.” He spins his desk chair away from his computer to look at Tadashi. The older boy is now leaning against his bed, long legs sprawled out in front of him, hat off once again and fingers tangling their way through his now unruly hair.

            “I would appreciate it if you would stop talking,” Tadashi seethes. Groaning, he rakes his fingers down his face. “God, how did I fuck that up so bad? I froze up and now she thinks I’m a psychopathic loser. She’ll never want to talk to me again.” Tadashi covers his face with his hands and sighs.

            “So what are you gonna do about it?” Hiro says, wheeling his chair over to his moping older brother.

            “Nothing. I told you, she’ll never want to talk to me again.”

            “Y’know, for someone who’s so smart, you’re really stupid sometimes. She obviously likes you: she gets all blushy and nervous and weird around you, just like you do when you’re around her. It’s gross,” Hiro sticks a finger in his mouth and pretends to gag. “But anyways, you should go talk to her before she gets a restraining order against you or something.”

            Tadashi flushes at the thought of you being nervous around him. Could you really be into a total nerd like Tadashi? He rises from his slouch on the floor, picking up his phone and keys from the bedside table. He ruffles Hiro’s hair, grabs his bike helmet, and quickly and stealthily rushes down the stairs, successfully avoiding any and all questions from Aunt Cass about where he was going this late at night. It was only 10:00, but that was practically midnight to his aunt. He knew he could make it to your apartment by 10:30 if he hustled, so without further hesitation he jumped on his scooter and left his home behind.

(•–•) (•–•) (•–•)

            Honey Lemon opens the door to find a breathless Hamada brother on the other side instead of the pizza delivery guy she was expecting. Tadashi can faintly hear (Your favorite Disney movie) playing from inside the apartment.

            “Hey,” he says, awkwardly waving at the blonde girl, who does not seem particularly happy with him, judging by the piercing glare she’s sending his way.

            “What the hell was that?” She says in a harsh whisper. She steps outside of the apartment and closes the door until it is almost shut so you won’t be able to hear the conversation. Her eyes were alight with a fury he had never encountered from the normally bubbly girl.

            “I freaked out, okay? I was calling to ask Y/N if she wanted to go out with me, but I freaked out and blew it. I had to come talk to her in person because I screwed everything up. Does she hate me now?” Tadashi rubs the back of his neck nervously.

            “I have no idea, it took me a solid ten minutes to get the story out of her because she was crying so hard. Crying, Tadashi. Y/N. She literally never cries,” Honey Lemon speaks quietly, not wanting you to overhear the conversation.

            Tadashi has never felt like more of an asshole in his entire life, and pleads with Honey Lemon to let him talk to you. Sighing, She steps away from the door and allows the boy to enter.

            He slips off his shoes and steps lightly into the clean apartment, which smells faintly like vanilla and has white Christmas lights and photographs on the walls. He lightly runs his fingers over a large, framed picture of the two of you that was taken at your high school graduation in the spring. You were wearing a (your school color) robe and his San Fransokyo Ninjas hat, while he wore a light blue shirt, grey cardigan, and your graduation cap on his head. You were both laughing in the photo, arms happily wrapped around each other. He had a copy of the same photo sitting on his desk at home. Smiling at the photograph, he walked into the living room.

            You’re too enraptured by the movie to pay attention to who had walked into the room. You turn, expecting to see Honey Lemon holding a box full of carb-loaded-love, but instead find the man you’ve been in love with since you moved to San Fransokyo. Now, four years later, with him leaning against the wall in your apartment, you were startled to say the least, judging by the ice cream carton that had slipped out of your hand and was now all over your blanket. Noticing the stream of melted vanilla snaking its way from the carton seems to shake you from your stupor. You see Tadashi leave the room and come back moments later with a wad of paper towels, dropping to his knees in front of you and wiping the gooey mess off your blanket. Sitting back on his heels, he looks up at you.

            “Hey,” he rubs the back of his neck awkwardly.

            “Hey,” you repeat, your guard still up after the night’s strange events.

            “So, um, I want to apologize for scaring you out earlier. The truth is, I was, uh, I was calling to tell you that I really, really, like you, but instead I froze up and freaked you out. Jesus, Y/N, it’s just–damn, you make me so nervous–” Tadashi’s nervous tirade is cut short by your soft lips pressing against his cheek. A blush blossoms across his cheek and reddens his ears.

            “You are the biggest dork I’ve ever met, Tadashi,” you murmur, taking his hand. “I think I’m in love with you.”

            “Y/N, I want to kiss you.”

            “Well, what’s stopping you?”

(•–•) (•–•) (•–•) 

A/N: Hey Guys! So that was the first fic I’ve ever published: I hope you liked it! I would love to take any sort of request or idea you’ve got (although, I am a kinda slow writer)! Thanks for reading!

“No blinding light or tunnels to gates of white                                                Just our hands clasped so tight                                                               Waiting for the hint of a spark…” (x)

my entry for day 2 of royaiweek!


12-24-15 ∴ BTS-ified Christmas Songs 

                                     yuu and mika’s first time

tbh tho i feel like yuu and mika’s first time will be really sweet because i can totally see yuu taking his time letting mika ease into it

and unlike how most of the fandom portrays mika as this smooth talker when hes actually really fucked up mentally and emotionally from all the abuse hes been through, i imagine mika being a little nervous and confused about it because hes never really felt love from anyone in his life before

yuu just focuses on making mika feel happy though, kissing mika all over his body and just making mika feel loved and like hes the most important person in yuu’s world because he truly is and i just asdfghjkl

i need to read a first time yuumika fic like this or where yuu breaks through mika’s mental walls BADLY


I’m fighting off some summer depression. I really miss my dad today, and I start summer college tomorrow in the two subjects I’m worst at. I’m nervous. And I’m constantly tired. But I heard about blackout..thought that maybe actually posting pictures for once might help with something. These are..just a bunch of looks I’ve had, while feeling very different things..happy blackout.

Penelope, Emmeline, Molly, and Daphne

I will be posting One Direction stuff soon. Sucks that I have to disclaim that, but I feel I do. When I get messages saying that I’ve ditched them, it makes my stomach pout.

Let me know if you want me to do something on the sons. I haven’t really written much about them.

I FEEL SO EXPOSED RIGHT NOW. I’m so nervous. Onward …

Name: Penelope Elizabeth June Hemmings Birthday: January 21st Star Sign: Aquarius 

Nickname: Penny, Pen, Pigpen (lovingly by family), Beach Bunny

Clothing style: If she can wear it at the beach, Penelope will wear it. She despises her school uniform and is always getting demerits for the strings of her bathing suit top popping out of the collar of her white blouse or showing right through. She shares clothes with her brothers, the twins Miles and March, and lives in bright colored shorts whether they’re denim, mesh, sweat, terrycloth, or cotton. She would rather be in her birthday suit with a golden tan, living in the waves, than wearing any actual material, but her father insists she cover up. She does have a soft spot for accessories, favoring bangles and a wearing a ring on every finger all at once.

Hairstyle: Shoulder length either in a damp ponytail or let down and frizzy. Eyecolor: Bondi blue Hair color: Champagne blond

Piercings or Tattoos: Conch shell tattoo on her ankle on her seventeenth birthday. Navel piercing and ears, though she wants a nose stud.

Complexion: Sunkissed tan that somehow manages to come out perfect even though she often falls asleep in a hammock without much protection on.

Body type:  Slender except for a butt that she doesn’t care for, but gets enough attention for her father to constantly walk behind her when he takes her to red carpet events because he knows it’ll gain press coverage otherwise for being a perfect peach.

Emotional Level: Chill. So chill that her parents tore her room looking for pot when she didn’t react to them grounding her for a month after she snuck out to go night surfing.

Occupation: Amateur surfer. Student. Wants to be a chef.

Hometown: New Castle, NSW, Australia, but raised in Sydney, AUS.

Pets: She had a turtle named Zoey when she was little, but March set it free at the beach and they never found him.  

Nemesis: Penelope doesn’t care for enemies. She won’t hate you. She just won’t care.

Interests: Cooking, horror movies, surfing, tanning, rollerblading, a good time, and piano.    

Musical Style: The Police are her ultimate favorite band. Luke dedicates ‘Every Little Thing She Does’ at concerts for her occasionally, but she likes classic rock like Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Mott the Hoople, and Queen.  

Favorite Place She’s Ever Been: Hawaii. She dreams of surfing the Banzai Pipeline

Best Friend: If she likes you, you’re her best friend.

Favorite Food: Oatmeal with coconut and honey. Least Favorite Food: Peanuts. Strictly because she is allergic.  

Favorite Tradition: Sneaking out with Emmeline and Daphne to go to Bondi Beach where she would night surf while they gossip, drinking coconut water and cheap vodka, and building sandcastles.   They always invite Molly, but she always replies with: “No, you’re going to get in trouble.” Or “I have so much homework. Sorry.”

Oddest Thing To Ever Have Happened to Her: It’s a three way toss up between being in Women’s Health Magazine at 17 for their Summer Workout Story, when she was almost force fed a king-sized Baby Ruth bar by an intense fan for attention from Luke, but was saved by a one Michael Clifford’s wife, and any time anyone asks for a picture with her because she is a Hemmings.

Personal Goals: To surf Ghost Trees and the Banzai Pipeline, to go to culinary school in Paris, to record a duet with her father, to make her own way without people always thinking of her as Luke Hemming’s daughter, to say ‘I love you’ back to a boy one day.

Most Afraid Of: Never being taken seriously.  

Greatest Strength: Fitting in anywhere, being an awesome big sister, shrugging things off, managing to be there for anyone who needs her, and being able to hear Daphne Hood’s tiny voice across a room.

Weakness: Shrugging things off, keeping her feelings inside, and forgetting plans.

In the future: She wants to open her own restaurant or have her own food truck, maybe even her own cooking show and recipe books. She doesn’t care if she ever marries or has kids, but she thinks it would be cool to have one partner that is loyal to her and vice versa. She wants people to know her as ‘Penny’ and not ‘Penelope Hemmings’. 

Biggest Regret: Telling her dad to ‘Fuck off’ in front of Grandma Liz when he told her she couldn’t go surfing with her friends at Snapper Rock without his supervision.

Special talents: Making the best pink lemonade ice cream pie, licking her elbow, surfing, and opening beer bottles with her teeth much to her father’s dismay.

Most Likely To: Promise she won’t and then do it anyway.

Name: Emmeline Mabel Clifford Birthday: July 31st Star Sign: Leo

Nickname: Emme Sex: Female

Clothing style: Lovingly, her mother refers to it as ‘vintage mess fabulous’. Emmeline is notorious for going into other people’s closets, taking pieces she wants, and wearing them all at once. She brought her father’s Pokemon shirt out of storage and wore it as a crop top on a day out, pairing it with terribly tight bright blue leather pants, a mess of different length gold necklaces, and black espadrilles, her hair up in a large top knot in the center of her head. She loves to go hunting through large department stores or thrift shops, never staying in just the women’s section. She’ll wear a maternity top, a men’s overcoat, children’s plastic clip-on earrings. Emmeline doesn’t really care about being taken seriously.

Hairstyle: Long, unkept, full of split ends, often tied up in a messy bun. Eyecolor: Glaucous blue Hair color: Strawberry blond

Piercings or Tattoos: Small needle point style heart with the word ‘Dad’ in the middle on her left hip, belly button and ears.

Complexion: Fair Body type:  Inverted triangle. She’s insecure about her broad shoulders and short height, but she can’t seem to put on weight anywhere besides her upper body.

Emotional Level: Drama queen, making every  young starlet looking level headed.

Occupation: Model

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Pets: Ragdoll cat named Harriet that her grandmother gave her for her sixth birthday as a kitten. She brought her to New York with her when she moved after graduating despite her parents thinking that it was excessive to do that much paperwork for a cat.

Nemesis: Linda Evangelista. Why: Because she wants to be her.

Interests: Poker, partying, fashion, drawing, pizza, traveling, and all things bargain bin.  

Musical Style: Funky. (Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Pete Tosh, James Brown, Lorde, The Crystals, Bee Gees, The Jacksons, The Shangri-Las, Lady Gaga)

Favorite Place She’s Ever Been: Australia (She’s a hometown girl)

Best Friend: Iden Clifford (Little brother), Edwin Styles (Harry Styles’s son)

Favorite Food:  Pizza with everything on it Least Favorite Food: Wheatgrass. Her agents keep telling her to juice and she makes YouTube videos of her trying to and failing humorously.

Favorite Tradition: Sneaking her little brother into after parties and clubs and requesting terrible songs with him in order to dance like an idiot all night.  

Oddest Thing To Ever Have Happened to Her: When she was eleven, she started receiving e-mails from untraceable accounts that were full of graphic images and details about how much they loved her. They continued on and off, sometimes gifts even coming to her house, until a stalker named Brian Peach from Melbourne, was arrested. When she was sixteen, she started receiving letters, emails, and phone calls as well as a lot of sexually harassing tweets, and once again, she had a stalker. On the outside, she laughs it off, but it has always terrified her. It’s something she and her parents have fought about on countless occasions.

Personal Goals: To be the face of a major brand. To be the muse of messed up famous musician. To make the perfect smoothie to cure her wicked hangovers. To never have a hangover again. To work out without complaining. To be the best big sister. To stop embarrassing her father with drunken photographs of her surfacing everywhere.

Most Afraid Of: Rats and not making it as a model.

Greatest Strength: Her confidence and loud mouth. She has no problem speaking her mind to anyone.

Weakness: Carbs, her brother, and dance music.

In the future: She hopes to have children and a nice man who is obsessed with her, but they’ll still throw raging house parties somewhere in Upstate New York. She also wants to be modeling without a trace of Botox.  

Biggest Regret: Shooting with Terry Richardson.

Special talents: Making anyone laugh no matter the mood they’re in, pulling off karaoke like a queen, drinking twelve shots of tequila back to back, and making Michael Clifford melt with an easy pout of her already oversized lips.

Most Likely To: Skinny dip in the winter with a red bull in one hand and the other tossing up a peace sign. 

Name: Molly Annemarie Irwin Birthday: June 2nd 

Star Sign: Gemini

Nickname: Molls, Sunbeam (Exclusively by her father) Sex: Female

Clothing style: Organic and vegan free and minimal. She practically lives in bike shorts, her long legs like pillars out of the thick black material. Molly doesn’t care about fashion or know anything about fashion, but she knows yoga, hiking, working out, and running around. She is a walking LuluLemon advertisement. A denim jacket, worn out and ripped up, over top of a cotton t-shirt that she bought in order to support some cause or another are generally worn with a pair of Toms or one dollar flip flops from the supermarket.

Hairstyle: Ponytail. Eyecolor: Hazel Hair color: Pale blond

Piercings or Tattoos: Ears, but she generally just wears a pair of gold studs in the shape of the letter ‘M’ that were a birthday gift from her parents.  

Complexion: Light Nude Body type:  Slender and athletic. Secretly, she wishes she had a chest like Daphne Hood’s, but she is flatter than an ironing board and all limbs.

Emotional Level: She would never admit it, but she is constantly walking on a wire with her emotions. Her opinion is that she is very even.  

Occupation: Student, tutors children in English after school.

Hometown: Born in London, England, raised in Sydney, Australia

Pets: Golden retriever, Gatsby, and large mutt, Rocco.   

Nemesis: Naveed Godlewiski-Gupta Why: As the top students in their academy, they have always been pitted against one another. It almost feels natural to be at one another’s throats.

Interests: Science, animals, animal rights, swimming, biology, ukulele, environment, yoga, hiking, biking, reading, writing, and painting.

Musical Style: Folk/Indie (Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Yuna, Tori Amos, Sarah Slean, Lisa Hannigan, Neil Young, Roberta Flack, Gordon Lightfoot, Paul Simon,  

Favorite Place She’s Ever Been: San Diego Zoo

Best Friend: Her dad.

Favorite Food:  Pears Least Favorite Food: Well, she actively hasn’t eaten meat since she was about 12. 

Favorite Tradition: Going to the zoo for her birthday every June 2nd, no matter where they have to go in the family, the Irwin family hits up the zoo. 

Oddest Thing To Ever Have Happened to Her: She failed her driving test four times. It’s the only test she’s ever failed and she’s still not over it.  

Personal Goals: To study whales and sharks. To earn her PhD in marine biology. To have a pet monkey. To pay her bills on her own and not rely on her father. To not just sleep with only books. To go a year without tickets to do anything with driving.

Most Afraid Of: Dying alone and/or never making a difference.

Greatest Strength: Organization, concentration, being able to reach the top shelf, discipline.

Weakness: Eyesight, she’s been wearing glasses since she was three. She cannot balance work and a personal life, can’t keep a secret for the life of her, gets frustrated easily.

In the future: She hopes to have put an end to all pollution and whale poaching and look after her parents the way they’ve looked after her.

Biggest Regret: Not staying out past curfew even once.

Special talents: Absorbs information like a sponge, has finished Hemmingway within an afternoon, can fit a record of 15 marshmallows in her mouth at once, can hold a headstand for three minutes, can hold her breath for four.

Most Likely To: Get pulled over for crying hysterically at the wheel.

Name: Daphne Amalie Hood Birthday: October 28th

Star Sign: Scorpio

Nickname: Daph, Daffy, Daffy Taffy (exclusively by Michael and Ashton)

Sex: Female

Clothing style: Outside of a school appointed uniform, Daphne is most often found in tight clothing. She favors V-neck tops and bright colored skirts, but typically dons flat sandals with bobbles or metallic beads on them. She even sleeps in nighties, cotton, which hug her silhouette. Daphne would call Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Sophia Loren her style icons. Pineapple sends her an abundance of free gear in hopes that she will be photographed in it candidly to promote their own sales. She often has been when her dad takes her out for ice cream after dance which is more often than he probably should. 

Piercings or Tattoos: Ears and upper lobe on her right side.

Hairstyle: Long with blunt bangs Eyecolor: Heartbreaking brown Hair color: Dark brown

Complexion: Medium to olive Body type: Hourglass. While dancing has kept Daphne healthy, genes have blessed (or cursed) her with a body like a cursive capital ‘S’, breasts and hips for days.

Emotional Level: Average

Occupation: Student, volunteers assisting dance classes occasionally

Hometown: Born an unexpected preemie in Vancouver, British Columbia, but raised inSydney, Australia

Pets: Blubber (goldfish, deceased), Blubber 2 (goldfish, deceased).  Marigold, (guinea pig)

Nemesis: Raquel Coin Why: A girl in her grade, transfer from New Zealand, who has hooked up with March Hemmings and frequently pokes fun at Daphne for her failing grades and for being the daughter of Calum Hood.

Interests: Dance (contemporary, hip hop, and jazz), fashion, boys, all things chocolate.

Musical Style: Singer Songwriter (Ray Lamontagne, Jack Johnson, David Gray, James Morrison, Ron Sexsmith, Leonard Cohen, Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay, John Mayer, Amos Lee)

Favorite Place She’s Ever Been: London, England

Best Friend: Penelope Hemmings

Favorite Food:  Chocolate gelato with chocolate shavings Least Favorite Food: Sheperd’s Pie (She’s thrown it up involuntarily all three times she’s had it)

Favorite Tradition: Roadtripping with her mom to dance competitions. Her mom is one of the few people she can completely be herself around, singing at the top of her lungs to the radio and throwing her hair around like it’s not attached to her head.

Oddest Thing To Ever Have Happened to Her: When she was thirteen,an article on an online gossip site started a rumor that Michael had actually donated sperm for her conception and was her real father. It earned more media attention than anyone anticipated and Michael wound up filming a video for YouTube, setting things straight. Some people still think there could be some truth to the garbage article that had really offended her father.

Personal Goals: To dance professionally, to speak another language besides English, to make her parents proud, to earn one A while in school, to not fall asleep in class, to find the lip gloss that can outlast a backseat make out session, and to grow tall enough for people to stop almost running into her or sitting on her (here’s looking at you, Uncle Luke).

Most Afraid Of: Not graduating on time, breaking any limb, getting hit by a car, being publically ridiculed, and the wrath of Calum Hood.

Greatest Strength: Listening though Emmeline and Penelope claim it’s that she can roll into a ball and fit into any small space, making it easy for them to break in and out the Clifford residence on weekends.

Weakness: All things academic, standing up for herself, boys.

In 10 Years: She would love to have been crowned the winner of ‘SYTYCD Australia’, have studied under dancers she’s admired for years, performed in London’s West End and/or on Broadway, happily in the chorus of some production.

Biggest Regret: Losing her virginity to Kellan Carmichael when she was fifteen.

Special talents: Aside from being able to fit into dog doors and through bathroom windows, she can carry golf balls between her butt cheeks (a discovery made after little sleep in a hotel room with all the other band children), and she is the undefeated lawn bowler of the entire extended 5SOS family.

Most Likely to Be: Underestimated.




NEW VIDEO - Online VS Real life You know how I feel when I post a “comedy” video, I’m always a bit nervous. I hope you’ll enjoy this one! :]

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Hey everyone, I’m almost at 7k so I decided I wanted to do another promo :) I was really feeling the blue theme for this, I don’t know why.


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So, I moderate a FB forum for women…the group is primarily for questions and support regarding healthy living, but we have become a very close group and we have a “vents and reviews” page too, where we can discuss non health related things like family, relationships etc. 

The other day I made the decision to post in the group about my bisexuality, as I have known for years but never really came out to anyone until the last couple of weeks. I posted in the group that I was really sad that A) I feel like I won’t ever be comfortable telling my family, as they are very religious - my brother in particular is a judgmental bag of dicks who called me a “disgrace to Christianity” because I support marriage equality. And B) I don’t really feel like I (me, personally, this is not a reflection of anyone else’s circumstance) have the right to be nervous about coming out because, in my case, I am incredibly blessed to have a supportive husband, amazing friends and security in my safety. My heart breaks to read stories of people in the lgbt+ community, especially young people, who live in real fear of abuse, homelessness and discrimination should they choose to come out.

Anyway…this is the response I received from this incredible group of women…most of whom I have never/will never meet in real life. I wanted to share this because it showed me that support and love can be found in surprising places. 

Title: Tides
Pairing: Hiyori x Yato
Rating: (Very mild) M
Summary: Yato’s been driving Hiyori absolutely insane with his constant teasing. 

Okay, I’m sorry this took so long, I literally don’t even know why. I know I promised a smut filled event but honestly, their sex is so hard to write so i did a very mild one (nobody hurt me). I hope you guys enjoy this anyway and please let me know how you feel!

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Hi!  Today I decided to color these, so here they are again…with color? :I I feel a bit weird re-posting them but I wanted to share them!  Meet the main cast of prospective webcomic Snow in Summer, which is getting there!  I’m really excited and nervous to share it with y’all. ;v;

I feel like I’ve already introduced them all at least three times each already, so how about a little fun fact for each of them instead?

-Safra has pretty terrible eyesight and has to wear glasses to read (see above)!

-Ifra went abroad to study politics and came back a history major specializing in women’s studies (or a their-world equivalent).

-Luci isn’t actually from Caproca (the country this takes place in) but the islands off its coast.

-Dura’s last name means Cow Farm and he grew up on a cow farm.  He is a giant cinnamon roll country boy.

-Maimari wearing her hair down is a huge deal because in this culture it’s something one would usually only do in very intimate situations.  Generally speaking, only prostitutes wear their hair down in public.

Important: London Comic Con 2015 [please read]

On Saturday 23rd May 2015, Greta (attackonmytitties) and I will be going to MCM London Comic Con. We will be getting there at around 12pm and staying until the con is over

I’m announcing this because we would love to meet some of you there and if you’re considering going, please choose the Saturday to go as we really want to see as many of you as possible because we never got the chance to last year :c

If you are attending that day and you would in fact like to meet up then just send me a message or reply to this post! I’ll do my best to keep track of all the messages etc but if I haven’t replied by the time the con is coming around, please send me another message because I have most likely just forgotten to reply >.>

If you would like to talk to me at all but you feel too nervous about meeting up with a stranger, I can assure you that I will be just as nervous as you are because it will be my first ever time cosplaying and it will be embarrassing as hell for me. But yeah I really do want to see you all and chat with you about anything at all because I’d love to know your interests and what you do and everything so please please please come up to me if you see me.

Also, we can arrange a time/place to meet up so we can go for food or a drink or just walk about the con as a group or chill on the grass or on the floor or anything you want at all really :D

I’m going to be reblogging this most days with the tag “mcm” so if you’re getting tired of this post, just blacklist that tag. I just want as many people to see this as possible so it gives everyone the chance to meet up if they would like to <3

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask away and I’ll answer whenever I’m online!