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Hi I had a question about anxiety I've been trying to figure out if this is all in my head or not but I always feel panicky I break down into tears more than I would like to and I always feel that something bad could happen at any moment and it makes me nervous I've been like this since I was small but it has gotten much worse I don't know what to do anymore

I was feeling like this a whooole lot growing up. I really encourage you to write down a lot of these feelings, just like you have here, and then reach out to someone who can help. 

You are a lot more than your fear and anxiety and deserve peace of mind! Let someone help you get there.

- @marsincharge


john steinbeck // ジョン・スタインベック


Kuroo from @eicinic‘s Superman AU. 
Because Gin is amazing and deserves all the Kuroos in the world (so he better save it).

I’ve been listening to this song a lot while drawing, and I think the first verse is awfully fitting

There’s a war we can’t ignore, waging silence on our lives
We will overcome, let the cowards run and hide

We were born to take it back
This is revelational

I am not afraid

– Dillon Francis - Love in the Middle of a Firefight

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What can u say about the visible lines/marks on Camila's right bicep & then one her lower arm (a little higher from her wrist) some marks not straight but looks reddish on her other arm. The bicep is where the straight marks are really obvious & clear to see. I hope that she doesn't self harm. I mean I feel like she doesn't bc of how much she knows it's not good. She even tells the fans not do it but idk man I'm nervous. They seriously look like self harm marks. Ps U can see from pics you posted

Oh don’t worry sweets - Camila is the clumsiest child ever, she probably just fell on her ass during rehearsal 😂😂

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Top 5 Rogue One moments

I’m gonna try and pick 5 that aren’t universally loved moments in fandom, not that I don’t love The Beach Scene, Elevator Scene and “Welcome Home”, but just wanted to explore other things I found interesting and awesome about R1. :D Thank you for the ask, btw!

5. Orson Krennic ragging on Galen’s choice of farming on Lah’mu. Listen Krennic, farming isn’t exactly easy (neither is working on a giant super weapon, but I digress). I just thought it was a funny introduction to one of my favorite Star Wars villians, since he has such relateable motivations (he just wants to be recognized!!! for what he did!!! he deserves that!!! stoopid Tarkin).

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4. Baze Malbus’s “little sister” line to Jyn. This rivals “Welcome Home” in my book, I mean … Jyn has been without a consistent home, let alone any sort of family, for YEARS. To hear such things in the span of days? It just warms my little “found family trope” loving heart. Also I just want Baze to be my space dad.

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3. Jyn’s face on the beach of Scarif, giving Cassian that “I swear to the maker, Cassian, if you say something romantic or sentimental and make me cry after all of my walls are on the verge of completely crumbling I will cut you” face. It says so much in such a small look, and I swear I have given that look hundreds of times in my own life.

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2. Cassian’s entire opening sequence. I love how he went from comforting and charismatic, to cold and heartless, to self-loathing in the span of SECONDS after killing Tivik. It was then that I knew I was going to fall hard for his character, I live for morally grey characters and coming to grips with their actions, and boy does Cassian deliver all of that (it’s ok bby you’re doing fine.)

Originally posted by capitancassian

1. THIS moment of K2, Cassian and Jyn entering the elevator. To me this was the moment they all realized the magnitude of their undertaking. Jyn sways and fidgets a bit, Cassian’s visibly nervous and drawing a deep breath, and K2 goes “I have a bad feeling about this.” It was such a quick little moment but it said so much to me. While they were stoic and brave in front of their R1 crew, this is where they really let their guard down and let themselves be nervous, but also gather their strength. (also no secret I love these two in their Imperial get-ups so that was a nice plus).

orig gif by @fandomfatale

ask me my top 5 anything!

the outsiders characters staring in ‘Weird Shit I did as A Kid’

Ponyboy: Kindergarten teacher asked me to paint a snowman and I instead looked her in the eyes and used every colour to make a huge grey blob on my paper
Steve: ‘Marrying’ my best friend on the school ground, and having a rumour spread that I was gay after we had kissed to seal our marriage

Two-bit: As a ‘prank’ pouring mustard onto my friend’s eyelids while they slept and then running away as they chased me

Darry: Got in trouble from a teacher for marking other students work in red pen while in 4th grade

Soda: Kept worms that I found during recess in my desk as pets and naming them ‘puppy’ so they wouldn’t feel bad about being small, little worms

Dally: Tried raising money for cancer awareness but ended up spending it on coffee ((Yikes, I know, but I was 9 okay??))

Johnny: Went door-to-door in my neighbourhood trying to become a dog walker and not understand why nobody wanted to hire a 6-year-old?? 

Satisfaction (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! I’m so sorry I took so long to post this, I was busy with my art and some other stuff haha😅 Anyways, I still have one more smut fic to write, oh aren’t you guys nasty lil’ thangs😏 Enjoy!!

Request:Could you write a fanfiction when it’s Bucky’s first time in 70 years he has sex, after the winter soldier stuff, y'know? The reader is normally quite stubborn but is now really sweet to him as he’s extremely nervous and insecure about it and smut occurs? Thank you, love❤

Warnings: smut

Bucky woke up to the feeling of someone kissing his forehead, before trailing down to his eyelids, his nose, his cheeks. A smile slowly graced his face as he opened his eyes, his gaze meeting yours. “Well, hi.”

You smiled as well. “Hey, how was your nap?”

“It was alright,” Bucky replied as he sat up in bed, he noticed as your eyes trailed to his lips, before you looked back up at him. “So, what’s up?”

You shrugged, cocking your head to the side as you stared at him. “I haven’t seen you for so long. I missed you.”

Bucky had been so busy with his missions that he was barely home and you felt as if you haven’t seen your boyfriend in forever. “I’m sorry, y’know how full my schedule can get.”

“I get it,” you said, giving him a small smile before leaning forward. “But at least you’re here now.”

Bucky raised a brow, a smirk slipping on his face as you leaned forward, pressing your lips against his. You reached forward and wrapped yours arms around his neck as he encircled his arms around your waist pulling you closer.

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*clears throat*

Ok so I’m pretty nervous to post about this because I don’t want to get into any controversy, but there are a few things ive seen in reference to discussion on the stim toy “fad” that i feel i want to address bc they are things that are really important for disabled & mentally ill people & i want to make sure they’re not forgotten. so here goes

  • you can’t tell what someone’s mental state is by looking, and even if they say something like “oh it’s just for fun” they still may be neurodivergent and either not realize it themselves or not feel comfortable sharing
  • between learning disabilities, mental illness, autism, sensory processing disorders, and other forms of neurodivergence, there are a LOT of people who may fall into a category that would really benefit from stimming. Probably a lot more people than you realize, even if you are in this category yourself. I’ve seen figures around 20-30% or higher for all these things combined so … yeah, even if it were just these people it would seem like a TON bc we aren’t used to these groups being super open about it
  • many people who really could benefit from stimming may have only just found out about toys designed for it during this fad, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t legitimately benefitting from it & its good that there is more access & awareness
  • in my experience, lots of people who are mentally ill especially are VERY self doubting about it and their mental illness tells them they aren’t really sick, their problems aren’t really that bad, etc. so we need to be careful not to amplify the doubts people might be feeling about themselves already
  • Most importantly, there is already SO much cultural baggage around gatekeeping what disabled and mentally ill people can do. weird standards about how ill you need to be to deserve accommodations or mobility devices or treatment or even just being able to talk about it. Like it is legit constant and the dumbest thing is that most people seem to think that they can determine these things from incomplete info even if they aren’t in a position to be able to do this?? And they act like they have a right to information so they can judge whether we really deserve stuff instead of just accepting we can figure it out on our own 
  • so it makes me very worried to see some people in the community suggesting rules or standards for who should and shouldn’t be allowed to do certain things, just bc this mentality is already so prevalent and ultimately ends up harming disabled people even if its meant to protect them. in my experience the best judge of what a disabled (or any?) person needs is *them* and i think its true for stimming as well

tl;dr: Are there people saying shitty things or acting badly during all this? Of course, and it’s important to discuss this and to correct misconceptions and shitty behavior. But I think these things are important to remember while we’re doing this, bc i know that none of us like having our health/disability judged from the outside, having people demand proof of us being really disabled, or having other people assume they can tell if we are making the right decisions about what is best for us. 

[shaky off-tune kazoo version of the jaws theme playing in the distance]

Hello, everyone.

First of all, I’m so incredibly sorry for just vanishing for more than half a year, especially because I realized my last post was about a hospital stay (which I did mention was harmless, but probably still looks pretty ominous as a last post.)
I feel terrible for making people worry, especially since there’s already enough upsetting stuff happening :c 

To be honest I’m a little nervous writing this post right now after being gone for so long, but I really wanted to give a life sign! This weekend I finally checked my inbox, and I was incredibly touched by all the sweet messages. I can’t get back to everyone so let me just thank all of you who sent messages or replies, or even just thought about me! I cannot put into words how much it means to me ;-; It made my heart hurt in a good way, and I hope good things happen to you!

(Personal stuff behind the cut)

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The guys in the Dishonored chat gave me the idea to do an Outsider-inspired makeup, however it turned into some kind of closet cosplay just to get the right whale satan mood (I also edited the eye and hair colour). My idea was to make it look like his skin is breaking off to reveal sort of odd-looking veins of whale oil underneath. Idk it’s some kind of void nonsense at least, and it was super fun to make. <3

I can’t get over how nervous Dennis is when he says Mac is his lover. He’s wringing his hands, he pauses and mac completes his sentence with the word “lover”, his face shows how nervous he is. And yet in the past where he and Mac have pretended to be lovers, he hasn’t been nervous at all.
Sooo I think now that Mac is out, he doesn’t really have the safety net that was Mac’s “heterosexuality”, he’s realising oh shit we could actually happen, and he’s nervous about Feelings.
idk dennis probably has known about mac’s crush on him for a very long time, probably since mac first tries to kiss him in the ep where they’re taking people’s garbage imo? and now Mac has come to terms with himself but Dennis is still nervous and confused about Feelings

Artists Self Rec Tag

When you get this, reply with your favourite five or so drawings, then pass on to about five other artists.

Got tagged by the lovely and loving @lonepiper5758 so let’s see how this goes! Thanks dear <33

Ngl this feels weird? And sorry this is a long post Idk how to format it really 0A0

1. Puppy Kisses-  It was a last minute drawing but I’m truly pleased with how it came out. There aren’t a whole lot of pics I’ve done where I can say I wouldn’t redo some part of it given enough time but I don’t have that issue here? I’m usually a bit nervous posting things with little Maes so for this to get the kind reception it did was pleasantly surprising as well!

2. Sleepless- @ohsnapsnapsparkspark ruined me with one of her drabbles (as she has a habit of doing) and this was one of the results. The lighting and palette were both enjoyable challenges (I’m particularly happy with the foggy raindrop effect achieved on the window) and I was also somewhat proud of myself using those elements to tie this photo set in with another comic.

3. As Old As Time + Character Designs- Man I went through so many versions of this  pic for @the-flame-and-hawks-eye‘s birthday before I ended up right back where I first started: the LA Beauty and the Beast marquis poster. There’s a few things that need a small tweak but overall I’m good with the outcome because it was such a huge experiment? New brushes, new painting style, hundreds of scales CHARACTER DESIGN, maintaining the integrity of the original without flat out copying… yep for not knowing what I was doing I feel pretty good about it! I think it’s the closest I have ever come to achieving the golden ratio *___*

4. Wedding Prompt-  Ok yeah there’s a reason this has been my header for so long.  I’ve always pictured them having a late September wedding and I feel I captured that gorgeously warm, dusky early fall/dying summer lighting. The lace was fun to draw as well and I’m glad you can actually see it in this one XD

5. Moving Forward- It’s old and a bit messy and stiff in some parts but I am damn proud of this idea and the emotional whiplash with which it was executed. I will always treasure it because it brought my sister to tears and that’s not an easy thing to do ^w^

6. Princess Bride AU 1 and 2 - (doing an extra one just for you Paula :D) Ah yes, my most popular post to date. I honestly don’t know how I came up with all this and tied it all together but the result makes me feel quite clever XD It was one of those things that just takes over your whole brain? Like I remember bolting up in my bed at 2:30 in the morning to declare to my sister who Edward would be in this setting.  I just couldn’t stop adding to it. Again some things need tweaking but I’m still content with it overall. Now I’m just waiting for Buttercup’s Baby to be released so I can work bby Maes in too XDDD

Ok enough about me now to hear from some of my favorite people!
@ask-royai-lty @fullmetal-fitblr @thesilentwatcher @murrchow @kristicles @abstractmouse @meiosis2 and @choestoe, you’re up! (no worries if you don’t want to though ^,^)

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Do you think Jimin is okay? He posted something in the fancafe about feeling weird and confused about the BBMAs. I know he was nervous and probably felt uncomfortable because of not knowing what anyone was saying but I'm really worried about him. :/

probably weird like surreal? i’m sure that he’s okay and that it’s just an overwhelming experience. they all seemed really happy and then he went on to say how it’s a pity they didnt perform lol

Anonymous said:JIMIN WITH DARK HAIR AGAIN IM SO AAAAHHHH! And look at him, he is gleaming, he looks so handsome *Q* also he shoots sparkels with his eyes and his smile is extra fine today, i caaaannnttt! *sorrytobother*

fklsjdf you arent bothering me! and YESSS the color and cut right now reminds me of how it was cut for the butterfly exhibit, I LOVE IT. 

FML (Tadashi X Reader)

This story is based on the following FML submission: 

Today, I called this girl I’ve had a crush on for 2 years to confess my love to her. However, as she picked up the phone, I got so nervous that I froze and couldn’t say a word. I was standing there, breathing heavily for 20 seconds. She got so freaked out that she threatened to call the police. FML.

(•–•) (•–•) (•–•)

            Tadashi sits on the edge of his bed, clutching his phone and chewing nervously at the inside of his thumb. The anxiety-filled man was currently fighting with the angel and the devil on his shoulder, trying to gather up the courage to call Y/N. She is a beautiful young woman, about to begin her first year at SFIT. The two had met when they were both in high school, Y/N being a wide-eyed freshman and Tadashi a confident junior. They quickly became best friends, but Tadashi wished for more than friendship from Y/N. This led the tall man to his current predicament: should he call and confess his love for Y/N, or should he continue his silence?

            Hiro groans and rolls his eyes at his mess of a brother. “Would you just call her already?! You’ve been staring at your phone for a solid twenty minutes, Tadashi.”

            “What if I freak her out? What if she doesn’t feel the same way? I don’t want to ruin our friendship over this, Hiro. She probably doesn’t like me. Yeah, no, I can’t do this,” the older boy pulls off his hat and runs his fingers through his matted down hair.

            “You can and you will call her, ‘cause I am sick and tired of you always talking about ‘Y/N this’ and ‘Y/N that’ and moping around every time a different boy gets up the nerve to ask her out on a date and she says yes,” The younger Hamada crosses his arms over his chest, “Now, do you need me to call her for you or are you going to grow up and do it yourself?”

            Tadashi huffs, firmly placing his hat back on his head. He pulls up your contact in his phone, and hits the call button next to your number. He nods confidently as the phone wrings, sure he’s got this one in the bag. He’s sure that 1000%, without a doubt, you’re going to say that you felt the same way and had been waiting for him to finally make his move. Hell yeah. I AM the man. His confidence crashes when he hears you pick up the line.

            “Hey, Tadashi, What’s up?” He can hear your smile on the other end, but feels as if he’s suddenly frozen. “Are you alright Tadashi?” His nerves have taken control, and all he’s doing is breathing.


            Into the phone.

            “Tadashi, is that you?”

            Breathing, breathing, breathing.

            “Okay, well, whoever the fuck you are, you’re really freaking me out.” There’s no answer, just breathing. “If you don’t knock it off, I’m calling the fucking cops, asshole.” Much to your relief, the person who called you hangs up and the line goes dead.

            “What was that all about?” your roommate, Honey Lemon, steps out of the kitchen and slides into her spot on the couch next to you. She hands you a mug of hot chocolate and takes a sip of her own, looking curiously at you. You were still shaking after the terrifying phone call, so you did something very out of character for you.

            You burst into tears.

 (•–•) (•–•) (•–•)

            “Wow,” Hiro says, slack-jawed and staring at the train wreck he was apparently related to. “You know, I don’t think that could have gone much worse. Yep, I’m pretty sure that was definitely the worst possible outcome for that phone call.” He spins his desk chair away from his computer to look at Tadashi. The older boy is now leaning against his bed, long legs sprawled out in front of him, hat off once again and fingers tangling their way through his now unruly hair.

            “I would appreciate it if you would stop talking,” Tadashi seethes. Groaning, he rakes his fingers down his face. “God, how did I fuck that up so bad? I froze up and now she thinks I’m a psychopathic loser. She’ll never want to talk to me again.” Tadashi covers his face with his hands and sighs.

            “So what are you gonna do about it?” Hiro says, wheeling his chair over to his moping older brother.

            “Nothing. I told you, she’ll never want to talk to me again.”

            “Y’know, for someone who’s so smart, you’re really stupid sometimes. She obviously likes you: she gets all blushy and nervous and weird around you, just like you do when you’re around her. It’s gross,” Hiro sticks a finger in his mouth and pretends to gag. “But anyways, you should go talk to her before she gets a restraining order against you or something.”

            Tadashi flushes at the thought of you being nervous around him. Could you really be into a total nerd like Tadashi? He rises from his slouch on the floor, picking up his phone and keys from the bedside table. He ruffles Hiro’s hair, grabs his bike helmet, and quickly and stealthily rushes down the stairs, successfully avoiding any and all questions from Aunt Cass about where he was going this late at night. It was only 10:00, but that was practically midnight to his aunt. He knew he could make it to your apartment by 10:30 if he hustled, so without further hesitation he jumped on his scooter and left his home behind.

(•–•) (•–•) (•–•)

            Honey Lemon opens the door to find a breathless Hamada brother on the other side instead of the pizza delivery guy she was expecting. Tadashi can faintly hear (Your favorite Disney movie) playing from inside the apartment.

            “Hey,” he says, awkwardly waving at the blonde girl, who does not seem particularly happy with him, judging by the piercing glare she’s sending his way.

            “What the hell was that?” She says in a harsh whisper. She steps outside of the apartment and closes the door until it is almost shut so you won’t be able to hear the conversation. Her eyes were alight with a fury he had never encountered from the normally bubbly girl.

            “I freaked out, okay? I was calling to ask Y/N if she wanted to go out with me, but I freaked out and blew it. I had to come talk to her in person because I screwed everything up. Does she hate me now?” Tadashi rubs the back of his neck nervously.

            “I have no idea, it took me a solid ten minutes to get the story out of her because she was crying so hard. Crying, Tadashi. Y/N. She literally never cries,” Honey Lemon speaks quietly, not wanting you to overhear the conversation.

            Tadashi has never felt like more of an asshole in his entire life, and pleads with Honey Lemon to let him talk to you. Sighing, She steps away from the door and allows the boy to enter.

            He slips off his shoes and steps lightly into the clean apartment, which smells faintly like vanilla and has white Christmas lights and photographs on the walls. He lightly runs his fingers over a large, framed picture of the two of you that was taken at your high school graduation in the spring. You were wearing a (your school color) robe and his San Fransokyo Ninjas hat, while he wore a light blue shirt, grey cardigan, and your graduation cap on his head. You were both laughing in the photo, arms happily wrapped around each other. He had a copy of the same photo sitting on his desk at home. Smiling at the photograph, he walked into the living room.

            You’re too enraptured by the movie to pay attention to who had walked into the room. You turn, expecting to see Honey Lemon holding a box full of carb-loaded-love, but instead find the man you’ve been in love with since you moved to San Fransokyo. Now, four years later, with him leaning against the wall in your apartment, you were startled to say the least, judging by the ice cream carton that had slipped out of your hand and was now all over your blanket. Noticing the stream of melted vanilla snaking its way from the carton seems to shake you from your stupor. You see Tadashi leave the room and come back moments later with a wad of paper towels, dropping to his knees in front of you and wiping the gooey mess off your blanket. Sitting back on his heels, he looks up at you.

            “Hey,” he rubs the back of his neck awkwardly.

            “Hey,” you repeat, your guard still up after the night’s strange events.

            “So, um, I want to apologize for scaring you out earlier. The truth is, I was, uh, I was calling to tell you that I really, really, like you, but instead I froze up and freaked you out. Jesus, Y/N, it’s just–damn, you make me so nervous–” Tadashi’s nervous tirade is cut short by your soft lips pressing against his cheek. A blush blossoms across his cheek and reddens his ears.

            “You are the biggest dork I’ve ever met, Tadashi,” you murmur, taking his hand. “I think I’m in love with you.”

            “Y/N, I want to kiss you.”

            “Well, what’s stopping you?”

(•–•) (•–•) (•–•) 

A/N: Hey Guys! So that was the first fic I’ve ever published: I hope you liked it! I would love to take any sort of request or idea you’ve got (although, I am a kinda slow writer)! Thanks for reading!

RichJake headcanon thing

I have no idea if this has been stated before,
I’d like to think Jake was one of the main reasons Rich came to the realization that he was bi?¿
Obviously there would be other factors here, but hear me out for a second

In the hospital
After he goes and says that the girls are going to love the real Rich
His first thought probably wasn’t just on random dudes
Not if he thought he was straight up until that point anyway

No, it was probably Jake
And how he could be real with him too and see if, after apologizing for burning his h o use down, they could still be friends

This is also one of the first times Rich actually gets to think about Jake for himself here after getting to know him personally
You know, clear head because he’s not worrying about the squip or his home life
So he was probably just like whoah attraction that isn’t being repressed

Besides, Rich wasn’t really shown to be too close to any other males in the show
There could be other people too, but I feel like Jake would be the main focus at that moment

Idk, just something to think about

Regret - Rocker!AU

Originally posted by yixingsosweet

Summary: Regret is a nasty thing, and Chanyeol is full of it.
Genre: Pure angst

“Hey.. it’s me.. Chanyeol,” he spoke softly through the phone, but you could hear how his deep voice was shaking, “I.. uh I know it’s been a while but.. I called because I wondered if you would like to come to see me band play this Saturday at Arko’s.”

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hi, i would really like to say thank you to all of you who have sent me so many sweet words over the past couple of days, whether it was about my mental health story or about my dramatic tags or about my haircut,,, it’s been a weird and turbulent time and i’m really overwhelmed constantly by how kind all of you are. i always feel a bit nervous and dumb about posting a lot of compliments and praise all in a row though, so please know that i really really have taken all of your support to heart even if i didn’t respond to it–i’ve screenshotted every single message to save in a folder so that i can look at them whenever i need that extra warmth in my life. it’s been uplifting to know that this blog continues to be a space where we can not only chat about dnp but all this other stuff happening in our lives and thanks for humoring me w that always :) yall are always way too kind and it means the world, thank you so much ahh <3 

Behind The Scenes 3 (6/???)

Author’s note: Okay so… I just couldn’t wait to post this part. This scene is probably one of my favorites and I feel its different from what I’ve written before. I’m nervous about it, but I just want to get it out there. It’d be nice to get some feedback from you all. I accept all the constructive criticism I can get because I am still trying really hard to make my writing better for this series. Again, sorry for any errors and sorry for any cultural/environmental inaccuracies.

Genre: Action / Friendship fluff (ft. GOT7′s Jackson)

Word count: 4165 (I think this is the longest I’ve made a scene so far!)

City: Hong Kong (Last day)

WARNINGS: Guns (If that should really be a warning??? idk really)

Summary: Rap monster and Jackson handle their deal while Y/n stays behind with maknaes in the hotel.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.


“Oh, he’s right there!” He told Hiro, pointing to the dark street corner. After what felt like hours of navigating Hong Kong, they finally found Jackson to pick him up for the deal.

There, in the dark stood Jackson in black clothes, sunglasses and a face mask. The only thing that distinguished him from the dark time of night was the bright yellow beanie he was wearing, a signal that it really was him.

Hiro pulled the van right up to Jackson and Rap monster took the liberty to slide the door open for his “friend”.

“Finally you guys are here!” Jackson grunted as he pulled himself into the warm van, taking a seat next to Rap monster in the back.

“Well, it’s not like we’re from here!” he retorted. “Hey, your guys know the new plan, right?” He knew he had to double check Jackson all the time. After all these years, he knew Jackson too well.

Jackson may have had his face hidden, but by his tone Rap monster knew he was right to double check. “Uuuuuhhh, yeah! They are like so ready for the new plan! Just let me, uh, let me give them a call!” Jackson said with a hint of panic.

Behind his own sunglasses, Rap monster glared at Jackson who was fumbling for his phone to make the call. Of course, when he finally got the number right, Jackson babbled away in Chinese. The multilingual fuck always made up his plans in Chinese. Despite all his attempts, Rap monster could never grasp the language and always resented the fact that Jackson would use it in front of him constantly. “This is why shit always blows up in his face.” Rap monster thought to himself. “Cuz I don’t have a chance to save his impulsive ass. One of these days though… one of these motherfucking days he’s gonna regret ever breaking off from me and starting his own shit… I’ll take back what’s mine! I just gotta be patient…”.

“Yeah… Bye.” Jackson said hanging up the phone. He turned to Rap monster. “Ok, the plans are still good and they know what they gotta do. The vans are all ready to go. Do your Taipei guys have the boat ready?”

“Pft. Since yesterday.” He assured in a believably friendly manner. “They got the house ready to hold all the shit and I meet the buyer on my last day there.”

Jackson chuckled out of relief, so far things seemed to be going just as Rap monster had planned. He still felt a bit nervous and rummaged through his pockets again.

“Bro, don’t be pulling any on the Cantonese shit on me at the deal. I need to know what the fuck is going on.” Rap monster lectured.

Jackson pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. “Bruh, no worries, that old fuck knows English.” He mumbled as he tried to light the cigarette he was holding between his lips.

Rap monster scoffed at him playfully. “You need to stop smoking that shit. That’s why you sound like a grandpa when you rap!”

“Ha, fuck you! I just need to calm down real quick.” Tobacco smoke soon filled the van and Jackson was quick to simmer down. “But seriously though, this last minute plan of yours better work out. Sheesh! And I thought I was the impulsive one here.” He smirked letting smoke slowly escape his mouth.

“Don’t worry, it will.”

“Yeah sure… Just don’t forget, with this guy I changed my name to ‘Huang’. I told him you were ‘Minseok’.”


“My poor skin!” Jimin cried as he examined his face in the mirror. “This tour is barely starting and it’s already starting to take its toll on my face!”

“Why don’t you use the skin stuff Jackson gave you?” V suggested as he sprawled his limb across the empty bed.

“Oh yeah!” Jimin ran over to the dresser by his bed and pulled out the large box of skin care products. “Fuck! Just by holding this I can remember the ton of shit that’s in here!”

Curiously grew within you and you left your bed to Jimin’s to see what was his gift box.

Jimin carefully opened his box to find that it was packed with all types of elegantly packaged face masks, serums, and cleansers.

You came behind him to take a closer peek at his gifts, “Oh my gosh! You got those sea algae face masks?!? I heard those are amazing!” you squealed.

Jimin pulled out that box you were screaming about. As if it were a precious artifact, he slowly opened it to find that there were ten masks inside.  “Oh gosh, I fucking love Jackson right now!”

“You’re so lucky!”

“Do you wanna try this stuff out?” He offered.

“No, it’s alright. It’s your stuff.”

“No, try it with me!” Jimin insisted. “I don’t wanna be the only one looking stupid with all this on my face.”

You rolled your eyes playfully. “Ok fine, but only since you insist.”

“Let me try too!” V cried, trying to take the box from Jimin.

Jimin was fast and pulled everything away from the tall boy. “No! Do aegyo first and then I’ll think about it.”

V huffed and pouted, but soon broke out into a spasm of cuteness. For a good three minutes he spoke in a complete baby voice, throwing finger hearts and “oppa” and “saranghae” every chance he could. He would have gone longer, but Jimin couldn’t keep himself from laughing.

“Jungkook! Do you wanna do this too?” Jimin called out so that Jungkook could hear him from the other side of the room.

“Nah, I’m good.” Jungkook said from your bed, too mesmerized from the fishes in the tank to care about what you guys were talking about.

“C’mon it’ll be fun!”

“It’s okay.”

“Bitch! Listen to your hyung and get that cute ass of yours over here and do these fucking facials with us!” Jimin shouted.

You and V couldn’t hold back the giggles when Jungkook shuffled his way across the room to the three of you.


The van stopped at the corner of an abandoned warehouse. “Warehouses. It’s always damn warehouses with these people.” Rap monster said under his breath. As he slipped his face mask on, he leaned forward to Hiro. “Keep the van on and be ready. We’ll run back here so we can drive off.”

Hiro nodded, accepting his order.

Rap monster and Jackson got off the van and began the rather lengthy walk to the to the warehouse. From a distance, he could see a guy with a gun standing outside the door looking every which way. When said guy spotted the two of them, he immediately pointed his gun at them.

“Woah, woah!” Jackson squealed. He and Rap monster instantly threw their hands up in the air and walked in a slower, more cautious pace. “We are here to see the big guy! We have an appointment.”

The guard put his gun down and walked up to them both. “Mandatory pat down.” he grunted with a noticeable accent. He stepped up to Jackson first, patting him down practically from head to toe.

Jackson giggled when the guard began patting below the waist. “Hey! Watch what you’re touching down there! You gotta be careful, I kinda liked it!” He snickered.

“Shut up!” the guard barked as he moved over to Rap monster.

Without warning, Rap monster felt a pair of hands slap down on his shoulders and proceed to slap over the rest of his body. The pat down seemed to become more thorough where his pants began. “Damn, Jackson was right, this guy is handsy.”

“You’re both clean.” The guard concluded, letting Rap monster and Jackson into the warehouse.

Inside, the entire place was just one huge, dimly-lit room. There were at least 40 large crates that lined the sides of the small warehouse. Above the crates were metal ledges that also lined that walls of the warehouse. To no surprise, guards were posted to look over the crates and over all who were in the warehouse. As they walked to the other end of the warehouse, Rap monster counted about 20 of these guards. In plain sight, the spot where they were walking to, was a single desk with an older and heavy set man sitting behind it. Behind that man was another line up of 6 guards.

“Ah, Huang!” The man’s voice boomed. “Nice to finally have you… and this must be that friend of yours you’ve told me so much about!” He said as he scanned Rap monster from top to bottom.


With the convenience of the two sinks in the bathroom, the four of you were able to take turns and not be in each other’s way.

First, was the normal face wash. The luxurious cream was so gentle on your skin. You could feel your skin glowing by just coming into contact with it. Next came the exfoliating scrub. You and Jimin oohed and awed at sensations coming from the scrub and the two of you laughed as V and Jungkook kept getting stuff in their eyes because they were scrubbing so vigorously. When it came time to rinse your faces, they also kept goofing off and splashing water at each other.

Next was the fun part. Jimin brought out one of the many containers of a bubble mask cream from the box. You all quickly put on a thick layer, Jungkook and V being savages and using their finger to scoop out the product. “You guys are so lucky that I have more of this shit! If you ever do that again I will cut your fingers off!” Jimin playfully threatening. After the round of laughs you all watched as everyone’s faces fizzed up into a cloud of bubbles.

“Oh shit! You can barely see my eyes!” Jimin shrieked out of excitement.

“Guys! I did it! I’ve finally achieved my life goal of being a cloud!” V shouted.

“I don’t wanna move my face.” Jungkook muttered softly, his face as still as stone. “It tickles too much and I don’t want the bubbles to break off!”

“Bubble pop!… Bubble bubble bubble pop! Bubble bubble pop pop!” you sang as you lightly touched the foam on your face.


Still shielded by his sunglasses, Rap monster glared at the old fuck as he got up from the desk, revealing a gun at his hip. The man steadied himself and limped his way up to them.

“So Huang, you think I’m going to let just anyone in on this gun deal?!? You yourself begged me for months!” His voice croaked.

“Mr. Wu, you can trust him. Minseok has good business in Korea and his drug influence is growing in Japan and the southeastern countries. Allow us to work with you to let you in on our drug trade as well. You’ll have nothing to lose.” Jackson insisted.

The gun dealer continued to scan Rap monster. Rap monster could feel himself getting impatient over the fact that “Mr. Wu” never got to the damn point and Jackson’s gang here in Hong Kong never busted this deal as planned. “Just go with whatever is going on.” He told himself.

“Both of you, take that shit off your face.” Mr. Wu ordered.

Without hesitation, Rap monster and Jackson did were they were told and removed their glasses and face masks to reveal their bare faces.

“Look at you two! Just a bunch of little fucking kids! What do either of you know about this shit?!? Why should I, a man of experience, just make a deal with the likes of you two?!?”

Both he and Jackson stared at the wall across them and Mr. Wu went about his little rant.

“Now, Huang, with you… I think I can trust you, but you’re fucking annoying. This shows that you are loyal in some sense I guess. However, this only makes me question how loyal you are to Minseok…” Mr. Wu then got in Rap monster’s face. “And you! I know nothing of how you are!”

Rap monster fought every urge to push the old man off him. Instead, he stood still, staring straight forward and holding his breath to not breathe in the disgusting smell coming out of Mr. Wu’s mouth.

After a few more thrown comments, Mr. Wu finally reached a conclusion. “I’ll let Minseok in on this deal, but he has to do one thing first.”

“And what is that?” Rap monster asked in a normal tone.

The man limped to the back of his desk and pulled open the loudest, most squeaky drawer in all of Hong Kong. From the drawer, he pulled out a handgun and a single bullet and loaded it into the chamber. “All you gotta do is shoot Huang.”

“What?!?” Jackson exploded. “What the fuck is going on here you old sack of shit?!? We had a fucking deal!” He shouted as he charged at Mr. Wu.

Before Jackson could make contact, one of Wu’s henchmen pointed his gun at Jackson and shot at him. The bullet missed, but the sound alone was enough to scare Jackson back into place.

“You know what?!? Fuck you!” Jackson shouted again. He grabbed Rap monster’s sleeve and pulled him toward the exit. “C’mon, let’s just go!”

Rap monster pulled his arm back and freed himself of Jackson’s grasp. “No!”

Jackson turned back at him in shock.

With no expression on his face, he turned back to Mr. Wu and calmly said. “I’ll do it.”


Now it was finally time to use the face mask you were so excited about. You held back a smile as you all squeezed on to Jimin and V’s bed and laid down as if you were all squeezed into a can of sardines. V shoved the decorative pillows onto the floor to make room for the four of you. From the head board to the foot of the bed, you all laid in order from tallest to shortest.

“Ah, now it is time to let these masks work their magic.” Jimin sounded so relaxed.

“Y/n, what was Chuntao like?” V asked from the other side of the matress. “She was with you backstage last night, right?”

“I thought I saw her front row.” Jungkook said.

“The first night she was in the crowd, but last night she was in the back with me.” You clarified. “Hm, she was rather on the quiet side… She was polite, but not exactly in a very genuine way. The only time she was vocal and involved was when you guys were there.”

“She sounds like a bitch.” Jimin said flat out.

“I don’t know her. I can’t say that about her… Maybe she’s just shy.” You said.

“Nah, she’s a bitch, even Jin thinks so.” Jungkook said. “He said that her personality changes depending on whoever is around her. When he saw her talking to staff, she was practically yelling at them, but around us she tries to be really innocent.”

“Hhhmm, they seem perfect for each other!” V laughed.

Jimin and Jungkook laughed along too, except you. Even though Chuntao might not have been the nicest person, she doesn’t deserve to die. “She only has till tomorrow…” you thought.


Jackson struggled as he was held in place by two of Wu’s henchmen. Rap monster stood a few feet in front of him, the loaded gun already in his hand.

“Dude, don’t do it! Think of our friendship man! You’ve saved my ass so many fucking times! I covered for you anytime you got into some deep shit! I’ve always had your back no matter what! C’mon don’t do this!” Jackson begged.

Wu stood behind Rap monster with a smile on his face. “Go ahead Minseok, pull the trigger. I get new territory with you and you get new product from me. There is no need to involve Huang, he doesn’t bring any benefit to either of us.”

Rap monster weighed his options. “Jackson’s guys never got here and Mr. Wu is right, if I shoot Jackson, I won’t make the deal in Taipei, but I’ll get new deals in the future. If Jackson’s guys do get here and things go down well, we take the guns, sell them, and take a jab at Wu’s gun ring. In that plan, Jackson and I still get something out of it…. No matter what I do, I get something…” he thought.  Without hesitation, he lifted the gun and pointed it at Jackson’s head.

“Do it!” Wu whispered into his ear.

“No! Don’t fucking do it!” Jackson cried. Jackson’s face was filled with fear. Rap monster enjoyed this. He enjoyed seeing Jackson’s struggles and hearing his shrill voice echo through the warehouse. Jackson’s cries were not enough to fully repay his revenge, but something was better than nothing. As long as he was the one to put an end to Jackson, that was what mattered.

“Bye Huang.” Rap monster said as his finger made a slow journey to the trigger.

Just as he was about to pull it, the sound of shattering glass startled everyone. A tin bottle rolled on the floor and soon a cloud of thick smoke began to fill the warehouse. More cans rained in through the windows and the warehouse was quickly flooding with smoke.

“It’s about damn time!” Rap monster said under his breathe. He turned around to Wu just as more more smoke began to conceal everything. Before his new target could be concealed, he pulled the trigger and heard old Chinese man’s body land on the ground with a hard thud.

From the moment he pulled the trigger, he was surrounded by an orchestra of gunshots, footsteps and yelling. Instinctively, he fell to the ground to take cover. He crawled to Wu’s body, taking the gun from his hip. He looked up and all he could see were the sporadic flashes of gun fire. He stayed still, listening out for Jackson. Over the gun shots he could hear Jackson’s voice screaming out in Chinese, but after a few words he heard nothing.

He felt a heavy weight crunch down his leg. Soon the person that stepped on him, tripped over him and fell to the ground. “Shit!” he thought. Quickly, he cocked the gun and shot the guy before he could even turn to see him.

Rap monster shot up from the ground and ran to the direction of the walls to take cover behind the crates for some cover, all the while sending some bullets of his own into the open space. In the process of it all, he felt a burning sensation on his left arm. “Motherfucker!” He shouted. He hid behind one of the large crates and waited.

Not even a minute later a van crashed through the front doors of the warehouse. The tires screeched and the van came to a halt. It unloaded 20 more guys in smoke masks and guns shooting in all directions.

Rap monster decided to be smart and so he stayed put. With all the smoke still hanging in the air, they could mistake him for one of Wu’s guys. The pain in his arm didn’t feel so bad but then again, he was running on adrenaline. He looked down at his arm and thankfully it was only a graze of the bullet.


“This mask smells good. It’s actually making me hungry.” V groaned.

“Me too.” Jungkook added. “Let’s eat something!”

“I don’t feel like going anywhere though.” Jimin whined.

“Ooh! We can get room service then!” V suggested.

Jungkook sat up and removed his mask. “I’ll call!”

Jimin gasped over the fact that Jungkook removed such an expensive mask so soon. “Give me that!” Jimin shouted, ripping it out of Jungkook’s hands and rubbing the remaining residue on his neck, arms, and hands. “This shit is too good to waste.” He grumbled.

Jungkook stared at Jimin as if he were a mad man. “…Ok… Well I want a burger. Tae what do you want?” he asked, pointing at V.


Jungkook’s finger moved over to Jimin. “Jimin?”


Then his finger pointed at you. “My fake jagi?”

“…Chicken?…” you were a bit hesitant about getting room service with them, but then again, you didn’t want to bring down the mood either.

Jungkook got up and went to the phone, finishing the order in a few minutes. “Ok, they said it will be done in 15-20 minutes.” He walked over to your shared bed and grabbed the laptop Jackson gave him. Then he grabbed some sodas from the mini-fridge and passed them to the three of you. “Time for some Netflix!”

Again, you all bunched up on the bed and sat around the laptop. It took a while to decide on what to watch. Most of the time was spent on each of you trying to convince the rest to choose what you wanted to see. By the time the food was brought up to the room, you all still hadn’t come to a conclusion. However, a very sneaky V utilized the food as his distraction and put the movie “Finding Dory” while the rest of you were too busy getting your food off the cart.


Eventually all the smoke cleared and the shots soon died off. Now it was safe for him to come out. Rap monster moved away from the crate, gripping onto his arm. The view before him was dozens of bodies dropped in pools of blood while Jackson miraculously stood injury free in front of his crew and threw orders at his remaining men to load all the crates into the other vans driving in.

“Wang!” He called out as he walked closer.

Jackson looked over at him and instantly his face filled with rage. “You were gonna fucking kill me!” he screamed. He grabbed the gun from the guy standing in front of him and shot at Rap monster without even thinking. Unfortunately for Jackson, there was only one bullet left, but that didn’t stop him from still trying to shoot it. He was in too much of a rage to notice it at first.

As for Rap monster’s “luck”, the single bullet shot into his left arm yet again. It definitely wasn’t just a graze this time and he could feel an immense wave of pain in his arm. Heat radiated on his left side and he immediately screamed out in pain. He fell to his knees and brought his other arm up, pointing his gun at Jackson. Jackson’s men quickly encircled him, making a wall between he and Jackson and they pointed their guns right on him. In an act of stubbornness, he took his finger off the trigger but still kept it pointed at his fellow idol/drug dealer. “I was only playing along you stupid fuck!” he lied. “I was never going to actually kill you.”

Jackson seemed skeptical. “Really?” he asked cautiously.

“Yes!” Rap monster lied again. To make a point, he put his gun down on the floor and slid it away, his good arm going back to pressing down on his wound. Blood oozed down his arm, creating a little puddle of its own right next to his knee. “Jackson, I was never gonna fucking do it.” He let his face drop and he brought his voice down to an exhausted huff. He did anything to make it seem as if he were actually genuine about it all. “I wasn’t gonna turn my back on you like that.”

Jackson signaled his men to put their guns down only after grabbing a new gun off of one of them. His men did as instructed and went about loading the vans with the crates of guns. Jackson walked up to him and looked down at him still with a hint of uncertainty. He kept his finger on the trigger just in case Rap monster tried to pull anything. “I honestly thought you were gonna fucking kill me!” his voice cracked a bit.

“Bro, I wasn’t! What would I get out of it? If I did I wouldn’t be able to take him down on my own and I wouldn’t have my best friend anymore. Not to mention, he was probably gonna take me out once I got rid of you.” He ended with a small chuckle, something to lighten the mood. On the inside however, Rap monster hated this moment. Although he was being smart and faking it all, he hated that he looked so weak. This whole situation should be the other way around and he vowed that he would make that happen.

A small smile broke out on Jackson’s face. “You gotta stop being such a good actor you piece of shit!” He laughed as he pulled Rap monster up.

Relief consumed him and now he was in the clear once again. “Now get back to the fucking hotel so I can get to Minho!”.

This was something really different for me to write. As mentioned before I would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism and feedback. ^-^ (Also, now I really kinda want to do a Jackson spin off…)

Sunday Afternoon’s Thoughts

I feel like I have absolutely nothing to write about right now (<– a sure to be thrilling post, when it starts like that).   It’s been a really quiet weekend for me; so much so I’m debating whether I should extend the rotation I’m on, or not. Right now I head back to Toronto July 1st weekend, however I could stay until the end of October (aka for the summer), but given my intense lack of friends and things to do, I’m not too sure… 

I have a date this evening. I suppose that’s news. As always I’m super nervous and keep thinking of reasons to back out, but it’s also something to do.  I find dating in Detroit to be a lot easier than dating in Toronto; the guys here are mid-west gentlemen; friendly. Or, I’m more easy going.  But… all the dates I’ve been on so far I’m the person who has not wanted a second date, and I keep wondering if I have got to such an independent point now, that it won’t matter if Mr. Right even comes along, because I’m so stuck in my little bubble of one. Cool cool. #dyingalone

I went to CrossFit this morning and did 17.4 (the official CrossFit workout released this week).  I did the 55 deadlifts at 100lbs, 55 wall balls at 10lb, made it through the 55 calorie row, and got one (modified) handstand up push-up in. Felling pret-ty baller right now. 

I was up (laying in bed) till about 4am last night. At 8pm I drank a “decaf” coffee which I’m 99% sure was not decaf, and I want to go back and complain now to Starbucks. 

Have you watched Big Little Lies yet? ohmy, get on it! It’s sooooo good.  I may buy the book, as waiting for the episodes to come out is too suspenseful.  

Next weekend my parents are coming to visit, and the weekend after my friend Veronica. And then friends from Boston are coming in April!  I’m pretty excited to show people around Detroit.  I’ll also admit I’ve sort of been shocked at how much some of my friendships in Toronto have sort of fallen off a cliff from me moving here.  Perhaps my expectations are way too high, but I feel so isolated here, and when I message friends, there’s usually no reply. Cool cool.  Perhaps it’s karma, as I’m pretty terrible with texting at times too. 

I am feeling a really strong urge to go for a run lately. Note, easier to type than actually do.  I’m doing CrossFit four or five times a week, but think I may drop down to three and add one or two runs in.  When I see people running (they’re few and far between in Detroit though!) I get so jealous.  Perhaps I should sign up for a 5 or 10k to motivate myself.  

I built myself a shoe rack today.  It’s the worst ikea-type job I’ve ever done, as I had no screwdriver, just a knife, but it gets the job done.   I’m going to add a photo of it to the bottom of this post because I’m weirdly proud of it. 

I have been really obsessed lately at looking at jobs. Don’t get me wrong I have zero intention of leaving my company (ever, right now), but I keep looking up Product Manager jobs at large tech companies to ensure I am learning and doing items to be able to one day check off all the requirements.  

I’m down to 193lbs. Or, perhaps you could say up to 193lbs.  That being said I had to buy a belt from Gap the other day to help with a now-too-big pair of jeans. YES. And, I went shopping yesterday and fit most size 12 dresses, which is a win, as I think around Christmas size 14 was a stretch.  I’m still counting calories, not as diligently as before, but I’m now 40 days consistently on My Fitness Pal, which is good because it feels like a habit. 

How do you make adult friends? I signed up for Bumble BFF (like a dating app, but for for friendships) and it was SO WEIRD. Almost more awkward than talking to guys.  Ha. Although my friend/colleague from the Toronto office is heading to Detroit for six weeks (starting today!) and she’s living in my building, and I’m super super excited for that, as I think I’ll now have a friend to actually go out with, and/or do a hiking trip up north with. Yesssssssssss! 

And would you look at that, I did somehow have something to say, Happy Sunday! 

My brilliant work. I couldn’t screw the middle rack in, so it’s just balancing on the screws pushed in. ha

Cold Hearted (BTS AU) | Chapter 8

Genre: Post zombie apocalypse

Pairing: Jimin X Reader (Mature…I guess…Ish??)

Will contain:  Violence, Mentions of blood and death and the gross stuff, Fluff, Angst, smut (Wiggles eyebrows.) and major character death.  

Synopsis: The world was once booming with sound, streets full of people, there was always just, something. Lights, the lights that made people feel safe in the dark. But that world soon got took over with silence and darkness. Leaving people alone with creatures they did not know would even exist.

A/N: I felt like updating twice, I had them ready but was way too nervous to post. 

Word count: 5.6K

Chapter 9

Originally posted by fairybcby

( I love this gif, i feel like it fits, imagine Yoongi with his dark hair, and I was meant to use Hoseok for the last chapter gif, so here:) ) 


It’s been a day. No one has really spoke to each other, its mainly silence. Yoongi hasn’t left your side and you’ve avoided Jimin.

Tae returned to you guys after the incident and hasn’t spoken a word since. Not even to Wonho who has worried about him every hour. But Tae won’t speak.

In that day, Yoongi even let Jungkook hold you while you cried. You’ve been clung to both boys since. When Yoongi was tired, Jungkook would carry you on his back, By the time you were awake again, you’d walk hand in hand with your boyfriend. You found another location. A family home. You’ve all decided to stay here for a few days and clear your heads.

Jin and Namjoon went on a rampage and killed every Lurker in site. You feel safe now. But you feel alone without Hoseok making sarcastic jokes and brightening the mood.

Currently you all gather in the living room of the family home. No one speaks. Jin sits with Jimin who also hasn’t tried speaking to you.

Namjoon sits alone. I.M and Wonho sit with Tae, Wonho trying to make the boy smile, sometimes it works.

Jungkook sits in front of you. Your hands playing with his hair to pass the time as Yoongi sits beside you on the sofa. He is quite a distance.

“Maybe we should all just, sleep.” Namjoon suggests.

“What good will that do?” Yoongi replies.

“I just want to pass the time okay.” Namjoon sounds irritated.

You notice Jungkook drifting off as he leans back slightly. You move so he rests down on the floor and you move closer to Yoongi. As you go to touch your boyfriend he moves away.

“Yoongs…” You try.

“I just want to be alone okay. I’ve had you by my side, I haven’t had time to-” He doesn’t finish his sentence as his voice chokes. He needs to cry. You nod understandingly and let him leave the room in a rush, everyone watches him. You look over to Tae who has worn the look of guilt on his face since the incident, but not once has he cried.

As you look at the other body’s slowly drifting to sleep, you decide you want to sleep alone. Just be by yourself to think over some things. You quietly make your way from the room. Passing a few doors but stopping in front of one. Muffled sobs can be heard on the other side and you want nothing more than to hold him in your arms. But you respect his request of being alone and make your way upstairs. The home still has the main bedroom, the bed is decent enough to sleep in so you make your way there. Creaking open the door you look at your new place of rest. Yoongi would like this room.

You feel tears start to form in your eyes, but before you can let them out a hand is on your wrist and you turn to face a sad eyed boy.

Jimin stands before you, his eyes glassy. He followed you. Of course he did.

“Why did you have to avoid me now? I needed you.” He sounds hurt, only making you feel guiltier. “Forget what we’ve done. It’s about Hoseok now.” You can’t help but cry. You let yourself cry. Something you felt like you couldn’t do today, you felt like your other would be annoyed.

“I need you.” You manage out. Looking straight into his eyes. “Please don’t leave me.” You beg of him, realising how much you missed him in just one day. “I want to forget, I don’t want to remember he isn’t here. He was the first person I saw, he taught me to be strong and I can’t be strong without him here.” Jimin eyes you sadly.

“You want to forget?” You nod.

“That’s why I always sleep. He’s alive in my dreams.” Jimin takes a step towards you. Bringing his hand up, he taps your heart.

“He’s still alive in here.” Your heart only beats faster. You look up at Jimin who already let his tears go. “I can make you forget for a while.” He whispers, leaning closer to you. You become selfish. Not even thinking of anyone but yourself as you accept his offer.

His lips gently land on yours, letting your tears mix together as he cautiously moves his lips with your own. You hear the door close only presuming he kicked it with his heel. His hands lift you by your thighs, only for a second as he places you on the bed behind you. You tug on the sweater he always wears. Parting from you to obey your wish he straddles you. Lifting the sweater over his head, you only eye up the body that was hidden underneath, shocked to see abs, but he looked so skinny. You don’t have much time to look as he’s already trying to pull your own sweater over your head. You obey and lean up, letting him slide it off your body.

You only want him more as he eyes roam body for the first time, licking his lips he leans back down, He leaves small, but delicate kisses along your collar bone, moving to the top of your breast as he sucks slightly. You allow it, not thinking of him leaving marks, he’s done the one thing Yoongi hasn’t. He’s marked you as his. Your breath is getting heavy as he trails his kisses to the top of your stomach and slowly down.

For a moment you wait for Jin to interrupt you as Jimin fiddles with the button of your jeans, finally getting it lose. No Jin is seen. He moves from you and stands up again, removing his own jeans. You eye him with hunger for his body. His toned legs making you want him more as you slide your own jeans down your legs.

Your almost bare bodies are together again, lips attack one another and your breaths mix together. Jimin catches your small moans that you begin to release with his own mouth, trying to keep you quiet.

“You’re so beautiful.” His words sending you over the edge, you need him. Your hands run down his back and find their way to the waistband of his boxers, Sliding them down. He nips at your neck as he slides your own underwear down. Is it too late to stop? You know you don’t want to.

“Are you ready.” He looks you in the eyes, you look into his own lust blown eyes and nod. You don’t realise this is the moment your world changed.


 Your bodies move together, a layer of sweat covering you both. You try to conceal your moans with his lips on yours as he thrusts into you. Messing up on being silent you moan loudly as he bites your shoulder, trying to conceal his own moans.

You find your nails digging into his back as the movements become faster. Both of your breaths are heavy and you can’t ignore the bed occasionally knocking against the wall, praying no one can hear you.

“Jimin I-” You try to speak but can’t.

“I know…Me too.” He manages out. Thrusting harder as you both reach your highs. Your back slowly arching off the bed as Jimin laces his hand with yours, holding it above your head. Kissing you harsher than before. You both moans into each others mouths, He lets you finish your high before pulling out from you and releasing himself.

His body collapses onto yours, moving off you, you find yourself cuddling into his chest, feeling it rise and fall with his heavy breaths.

“That was…” You start.

“We really fucked up.” He finishes.

“Yeah…” You agree. He reaches behind him and pulls a pillow to your stomach. You laugh as he cleans you with it.

“Let’s pray no one uses that.” He chuckles with you. He holds you a while longer until he breaks the silence. “We should go back.”

You groan not wanting to move. He laughs as he moves from you. You can’t help but stare at his body as he changes back into his clothes. Picking your clothes from the ground he throws them at you.

Huffing you get yourself changed.

“How do I look?” You question.

“Like you just had sex.” Brilliant.

“You look flustered.” You comment. You’re both screwed.

“Wait.” He moves over to the broken window. You watch as his body starts to look cold. He just looks like he’s been outside.

“You’re not that dumb after all.” He nudges you when you make your way over to him, feeling the breeze on you, cooling you down.

“You ready?” He questions you. You give him a small smile. He leans down to place one last kiss to your lips. You still feel the areas he’s touched burn slightly. He opens the bedroom door, the home still filled with silence. You both cautiously step through the long hall.

You let out a gasp when Jimin is pinned to the wall.

“I fucking knew it.” Jungkook talks through clenched teeth, holding Jimin by his sweater against the wall.

“Jungkook.” He mumbles out.

“No. I fucking knew it!” He pulls him off the wall to smash him back into it again. “I woke up, Worried about her I came up here and I could…I thought it was Yoongi…I was furious…then you both started talking.” He looks at you. “you really fucked up.”

“I know…” You quietly speak.

“How long?” Jungkook turns back to Jimin. You know what he’s asking

“Since the night we got attacked at the house…” Jungkook scoffs.

“You’re kidding me.”

“Please don’t tell Yoongi.” Jungkook only smirks at you.

“Oh no, I won’t. I want to see him beat the shit out of Jimin when he finds out from you.” He shoves Jimin away. “Well done Jimin, you…The one everyone trusts, the one Yoongi trusts to protect her, has literally just fucked her behind his back. You really are a true friend.” He walks away from you both. Stopping at the stairs he speaks one last time. “I bet the innocent thing was a fucking act wasn’t it?”

Once he’s gone Jimin only turns to you.

“What have we done?” Those are the only words you speak.

“I can’t face them.” He returns to you. Deep down you only hope Jungkook knows what you just did.

You just face your fear, Walking down the stairs with Jimin in toe. When you reach the living room, everyone is looking at you. Oh no.

“what’s up with you both?” Wonho questions.

“Yeah you’re acting like you’ve done something wrong.” Namjoon agrees.

“Who is this?” The voice comes from behind you. You turn to look at your boyfriend.

“No one!” You rush out, he only frowns at you. Brushing it off he pulls you by your hand and seats you back to the sofa, throwing an arm over you.

“Just let me have you by my side, being alone sucked.” You only smile at him. You can’t say anything. “I need you okay?” He looks down at you.  For a moment, you freeze.

“I’m…Always here.” You feel worse. He smiles at you lovingly and kisses you softly, pulling away as soon as it began.

“Let’s just, can we start again?” He questions you, you know he means the stuff that has happened over the last few days. You think it over, nodding at him only making his smile grow wider. You need to stay away from Jimin before you get in too deep. But you already know it’s too late.

“We found some canned food, doesn’t expire for another year which kind of freaks me out.” Jin takes you both out of your loved-up state. He eyes you up for a second.

“do you want help preparing it?” I.M offers. You already know the poor family that left this home behind literally left everything, so it wont be hard to find some plates or bowls. Jin accepts his offer and they both disappear. You notice everyone is slowly trying to pretend like nothing has happened, you guess that’s the only way everyone can deal with the loss of someone so special to you all.

You look around the room some more, noticing Tae still seems off while Wonho sleeps peacefully with his head resting on Tae’s legs. Jungkook eyes you with anger filled eyes while Jimin awkwardly sits on the floor near him. Namjoon seems to be in his own little world and you decide to leave him to it.

You look back to your boyfriend, smiling softly as you hear the little breaths he releases, He’s sleeping and you couldn’t be happier, it seems like an odd thing to be happy about, but he is always so stressed, a frown upon his face most of the time. Seeing his relaxed and in peace face warms your heart.

“I need to speak with you.” You frown, until you realize its Namjoon, he’s looking directly at you. He has never wanted to speak to you alone before, this only makes you nervous. Moving Yoongi’s arm from your shoulder you make your way out the living room. Namjoon directs you to an empty room and closes the door behind you.

“You’re observant, I’ve always like that about you.” Okay what’s going on? “Tae isn’t right.”

“Well no shit, how would you feel if you just sho-” He cuts you off.

“No. That’s what I mean. He hasn’t shown any sign of being sad about it, he only shows guilt. I know he would feel guilty but, Tae has a lot of emotions. Something isn’t right. Can you keep an eye on him?” You have never been ordered to do something, well at least not for a while.

“Um, sure.” He smiles at you and just leaves you alone in the room. Maybe Tae has been a little different than what you expected. But its normal, right?

Leaving the room you’re stopped by Jin. Where is I.M?

“You…You have to make a fucking decision.”

“Jin just stop getting involved.” You snap at him.

“Stop!? No! You are going to ruin the both of them…”

“I know okay! I know!” You feel your eyes well up.

“Then why won’t you stop!” He loses it.

“I’m falling for him!” You admit. Finally, you break. “I’m fucking falling in love with him and I’m scared…I’m so fucking scared.” For the first time his eyes soften and he pulls you into a hug.

“You aren’t the only bad guy…But I don’t forgive you.” Understandable. “Neither of them deserve this.”

“I know, I wanted to tell-“You can’t finish the sentence.

“I know…” He pulls away from you. “I’m just as bad for keeping your secret. I’m just begging you to decide and tell Yoongi. You know he will hurt Jimin.” That’s the main reason you won’t tell him. After seeing him at his pure anger state. You fear for Jimin’s life.

“Go get Yoongi…I…I need him…I can’t.” Jin’s eyes widen. You’re beginning to panic at the thought. He rushes off and you hear him shout for Yoongi. You don’t notice you are on the ground, clutching your chest while you rest on your knees. Things fall silent. Too much is going on too fast.

“Hey, baby look at me.” You look up into his deep shades eyes. They look tired. “Breathe okay…Its okay….” Yoongi calms you, giving you space to breathe. You focus on his hand on your thigh as his thumb strokes along your jeans. You feel your breathing becoming steady. You notice a few more sets of shoes and when you finally look up Jin, I.M, Wonho and Jungkook all look at you with worry.

“I’m sorry.” You whisper.

“Don’t be stupid, it’s all a bit too much.” Wonho speaks. “I didn’t know him long, but still.” You smile sadly at him. Looking to Yoongi whose tired eyes only look worse.

“You should sleep.” He shakes his head.

“I need to make sure you’re okay.” He’s an idiot. You really didn’t deserve him.

“Ad youll only grow weak if you don’t sleep.” You notice the others have gone. Leaving you both in the hall alone.

“Come to bed with me?” He questions. It’s innocent, and you know he wouldn’t try it.

“Of course.” He pulls you to your feet, holding your hand in his as he takes you upstairs. Please not that room. You don’t realise you were holding your breath until he goes into a completely different room. You felt relieved.

“Nice, they still have bedsheets.” He pats the sheet and dust flies off them. “Okay no.”

“Oh be grateful!” You laugh. He joins you before throwing his body on the bed. You cough as dust flies in the air. “Thanks babe.”

“Anytime.” You lay net to him. Feeling not only happy, but slightly wrong as he wraps his arms around you. Your skin still burns with Jimin. You lips still feel his touch.

“Yoongs?” You question, turning in his arms so you come face to face. He looks at you.

“Yeah?” He moves a strand of hair off your face, making your stomach flutter as he presses a kiss to your nose.

“Tell me of the time you spent with him. The year without me, and the times before. Tell me your happiest times.” He knows wo you speak of.

“Thought you wanted me to sleep?”

“I want to see you smile.” You know your words touch him.

“Okay let’s see…Oh! There was this one time in Osaka-.”

You spend the next few hours laughing at stories of Hoseok, not once do either of you cry. You remember the good times and learn of things you never knew. You felt happy in this moment. It was all you needed to forget for now.


“Dammit wake up!” You hear the muffled voice. Scrunching your face, you open your eyes. Its pitch black apart from the light from the moon. You are shocked to see I.M.

“Can I help you?” You question.

“It’s Kihyun.” Suddenly you’re wide awake. Causing Yoongi to shuffle around before sitting up in bed.

“Um, kid?” I.M rolls his eyes.

“Kihyun. He can’t fight…” Okay, he woke you for this?

“Why should we care?” Yoongi doesn’t sound happy, he’s always hated being woke up.

“Well I just figured it out, he defends himself with a gun. That’s it. If someone was to knock him down, take his weapon and fight him. He wouldn’t be able to fight back. He’s pretty weak.” He sounds excited.

“You have no idea how much you might have helped us. But why tell us this now…” You question.

“Because he knows…”

“Knows what?” Yoongi questions. I.M ushers you to follow him. You look at Yoongi who only looks at you back. You decide to follow him.

“Why didn’t you wake the others?” You are getting curious.

“Honestly? No idea.” Great. You follow him down the stairs and he leads you out the house.

“Yoongi go wake the others.” He immediately obeys when he sees the site infront of him. Rushing inside.

One by one you all gather. Slowly reacting to the site.

An “X” marks the floor. But it’s not normal. Its written in blood, chills run through you. He’s found you.

“Why hasn’t he attacked?” Namjoon wants answers.

“He’s preparing…He always plans.” Wonho is next to speak.

“Then so will we. After we find somewhere else.” You shake your head at Namjoon’s words.

“No, we can’t keep hiding, we only look scared. If we stay here, he knows we are ready.” All eyes are on you.

“Not going to lie but she’s right.” Jin sides with you. You can’t help but smile.

“Fine.” Namjoon gives in.

“Dude…” Wonho breaks your short silence. Moving over to I.M. You watch as he turns the younger boy around, a piece of paper is safety pinned to his jumper.

“One month, signed with a H.” Wonho reads the note as he gets it off.

“Hyungwon…” I.M whispers.

“So Kihyun didn’t do this?” You point to the bloodied “X” on the floor.

“It would have been his idea. But I’m glad it’s Hyungwon.” Wonho makes eye contact with you as you speak.

“Are we ignoring the fact he literally snook inside and pinned it to my back?” I.M argues. “Little shit.” You can’t help but laugh.

“Be thankful it was him.” Wonho returns.

“Oh no I am, but still. Creepy. He risked enough telling how long we have” I.M shivers at the thought.

“One month. We train hard okay?” You all stand around Namjoonas he gives his orders. “And you. We really got to train you…” He points to Wonho who only nods, he knows he isn’t good enough to fight. He must work hard.

This was the night you all knew you signed your lives away. You didn’t know who would survive.


2 weeks later

“Stop pressuring me!” You scream.

“Stop slacking then! You are one of the best fighters!” Yoongi screams at you. You have both been arguing constantly the past two weeks. The pressure is getting to everyone, slowing tearing the group apart.

“I can’t fucking fight without thinking about Hoseok okay! I’m trying my hardest! Maybe you should stop getting on my back and do some fucking work yourself!” He is taken back by your outburst. raising his hands in a surrender as he backs away from you.

Once he’s gone you let out a frustrated scream, kicking at a street pole. “Idiot!”

“Seems you need me?” You recognise that voice instantly. Turning to Jimin you only let out a huff.

“Where to?” You speak. He only smirks.


You ignore the pain in your back as you’re pressed against the cold wooden door. Hiding your head in his shoulder as he holds you up. His hard thrusts making it impossible for the door to not thud.

“Jimin…” You moan out. He knows you’re nearly there. You clutch to his shoulders, adding to the marks you left only a few nights ago, you and Jimin did this whenever you argued with Yoongi or needed relief. This has happened nearly every other day for 2 weeks.

He moans out your name as you feel his legs shake. He pulls out as he places you back on the floor. Releasing over you. The one thing you never risked was bringing a child into this world. His head rests on your shoulder as you both calm your breaths.

Finally recovering he gives you a small, but meaningful kiss.

“See you after training.” You only laugh, knowing its true, you’ll both need each other again. You pull your underwear and jeans back up. Watching as he buckles his belt.

“See you later princess.” He kisses you once more before leaving the room. You only got away with this because everyone was too busy being over trained. You step out the room, making your way to your own room where you retrieve your bow, time for round 2 of this shit.


Day 28

2 days. It was only 2 days until you were to attack Kihyun. You finally have a rest day and you all spent the time either sleeping, or just alone. It’s like no one even knows each other anymore.

“Here.” Yoongi passes you a sweater. He always rotated between two. Sadly, the other day you tore Jungkook’s sweater you always wore and you even cried, you thought he would be mad, but he only laughed at you and said you’re being an idiot.

“Bout time I wore my boyfriend’s clothes.” You laugh, removing your old sweating and pulling Yoongi’s soft one over your head.

“Suites you.” Tae speaks. He’s become more vocal.

“I didn’t not see you in the room…” You trail off realising he just saw your body.

“I don’t care. Its only boobs.” Only boobs. Wow.

“Yeah well that’s the first time I’ve basically seen them.” Here we go.

“What now?” You frown at Yoongi.

“I’m just saying. We haven’t even had sex yet, like I was fine without it, but how am I meant to show how I feel about you when you won’t even sleep with me.” You can hear the anger in his voice.

“Well considering all we do is argue, I don’t want to know how you feel about me.” You retaliate.

“Then maybe you should show more effort.” He spits back.

“Effort!?” You shout. “Stop picking arguments!”

“Stop pushing me away!” He shouts back. Making you both fall silent and Tae awkwardly leave the room.

“Well maybe I push you away because this is all that happens when we spend time together.” You speak the words more calm.

“Fuck this.” He goes to leave the room.

“See! You always run away, we never sort it!”

“We can’t sort something there no point trying to fix!” You know everyone can hear you.

“I’m trying to fix it now!” You shout at him.

“Don’t bother, you won’t even be intimate with me anymore!” You clench your fists.

“Why does that matter! People go months without having sex until they feel ready, stop pressuring me to do everything!” His eyes flash with anger you’ve only seen a few times. You stop instantly. He realises the stage he’s in and he leaves the room in a hurry. You now he has anger issues. You’re just glad he walks away from it now, He knows he has to cool off.

“When will you two stop fighting?” Namjoon walks in the room.

“When we go back in time and never dated.” You know you’re being harsh but you really weren’t in the mood.

“Yeah. You’re funny.” He sits on the sofa, laying down and closing his eyes. This is your cue to leave. You decide to do something you haven’t done in a long time. The place you have been staying has a porch, just like your old home.

You sit yourself on the steps and look up at the sky. The stars shine bright. You close your eyes as you let the breeze glide by you. You focus on the sounds of leaves rustling and just the sound of the wind blowing by in small rushes.

“Are you okay?” The owner of the voice sits next to you.

Opening your eyes, you turn ton face him. Jimin. You think his question over before you can’t hold it in.

“No.” With that, you break, instantly being pulled in his arms.

“Let it out.” It takes you a moment but you do.

“I’m so stressed, I’m fucking tired. I’m tired of arguing, I’m tired of crying. I’m tired of sneaking around. Jimin I’m so fucking scared. I’ve never felt this scared in a long time.” You feel him stroke your back so you only continue. “I miss Hoseok, nothing, no one has been the same since he left. My feelings are fucked up and I-” You stop yourself there. He pulls away from you, wiping his thumb under both your tear stained eyes.

“First of all, you are the one that’s the strongest here, we have all broke down of the last few weeks, Hoseok would be so proud of you, you know why? He was out best fighter. You move like him, we all spoke about it, you fight exactly like him. I’m scared too, we are all scared, I fear losing anyone else, especially you. But…can you finish that last sentence?” You want to tell him, but you don’t want to admit it. You give him a smile. You tap where your heart beats, then you move and tap his own beating heart.

He looks at you with slight wide eyes before he relaxes.

“Me too…” He whispers. Cupping your cheek, he brings you to his lips. Sealing your unsaid words. He knows. He knows and he accepts it. You move yourself closer to him, moving your lips with his like always, and like always, it felt perfect. As his hand rides up your thigh you deepen your kiss. You want to suggest something but you don’t have the chance. Jimin is pulled from you and you don’t even see where he is gone. You only realise when you hear the thud.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Oh no. You turn. Jimin is on the ground, struggling underneath the dark figure as it tightens its grip around his neck. You shoot up. No no no.

“Yoongi stop!” You panic, running over to both boys. You panic as Jimin struggles, holding onto Yoongi’s hands trying to pull them away from his neck.

“Yoongi you’ll kill him!” He isn’t listening.

“That’s my girlfriend!” Punch.

“You’re disgusting!” Punch.

“You’re meant to be my friend!” Punch.

“How fucking dare you kiss where only I should!” Another punch, you cry at the sight on Jimin’s face slowly becoming covered in blood.

“Yoongi please.” Your voice gets weaker. You’re pushed out the way by Jin, Namjoon following behind him as they both pull Yoongi away from Jimin.

“Why would you do that!” He screams at the boy laying on the floor, trying to stand back up. He only saw you kiss.

“Yoongi…” Jimin tries. Yoongi tries to kick at him but the boys pull him back.

“I told you! I told you once he kne-” Jin starts but doesn’t finish.

“You knew!?” Yoongi screams trying to shake them off. “That wasn’t the first time!?” You’re scared.

“You need to tell him!” Jungkook shouts, shocking you by helping Jimin off the floor.

“You as well! Is this a fucking Joke!” Yoongi looks at you, pure hate in his eyes. “How fucking long!?” He shouts at you. You shake your head. “Tell me!”

“Since the first attack…” Your words are quiet. You know he heard you.

“You little shit!” He breaks free from Jin and Namjoon and for a second you fear he is coming after you, but he turns around and throws himself to Jimin, Jungkook can’t pull him back in time before Yoongi is throwing punches again.

“Stop it…Please.” You only cry more, this shouldn’t have happened. Wonho steps in and pulls Yoongi away, Tae replacing Jungkook and holding Jimin up. He’s completely battered.

“You cheated! With him! I fucking trusted the both of you!” Yoongi is now almost screaming at you.

“All those times you were missing, you were with him, weren’t you?” His voice goes quiet. You can’t answer him. “Please tell me…You didn’t…” You only look at him before the sorrow Is replaced with fury.

“Yoongi no!” Jungkook shouts. But it’s too late. He’s knocked you to the floor. He didn’t hit you, but he pushed you hard enough.

“You fucked him! You wouldn’t have sex with me but you’ve been…I feel sick.” He starts pacing as everyone watched the scene unravel. “When was the last…I don’t want to know.”

“Today…” Jimin mumbles out. Why did he tell him?

“T..Today…” Yoongi stutters. “When did it…”

“A month ago…” Jimin keeps answering him. He’s playing a dangerous game.

“Get away from me.” Yoongi doesn’t look at anyone. He means all of you.

“Bro…” He pushes Jungkook away from him, almost knocking him to the ground.

“You fucking knew! They were fucking behind my back this whole time and you… Both of you!” He looks at both Jungkook and Jin. He begins to back away.

“Where are you going?” Namjoon questions him.

“I don’t want to be a part of this shit anymore.” With that he turns and walks off, not looking back.

“Yoongi!” Namjoon shouts. Before you know it, he has ran inside and is back out, a backpack on his back as he chases the broken man. What have you done?

All eyes are now on you.

“Fucking say it, I’m a whore, I fucked up, I know!” You look at Jimin, you get up off the ground and take a step forward but Jin stops you.

“No. You’ve done enough.” Your heart breaks at his words. You can only watch as Jin Takes Jimin from Tae. Propping him against him as he walks him back inside. For a split second, you make eye contact with Jimin. Your heart hurts for what you’ve caused him. You look away and find yourself walking away from the group.

“Where are you going?” Wonho asks.

“I’d be better alone.” You don’t look back.

“Fuck no.” You hear someone run after you, soon realising its Jungkook.

“Go away.” You spit.

“Look, I fucking hate what you’ve done. You know I’m in love with you, but you clearly don’t feel the same. There is no way I’m leaving you alone, so if it has to be just us again, so be it.” You glance behind you.

“It’s not just us.” You point behind you making Jungkook turn.

“Not being funny but we need to find the other two” I.M speaks.

“We are with you…” Tae next.

“Every group has to split.” Wonho is the last to speak.

“What are we actually doing? Going after Yoongi?” Jungkook questions the boys as he stops you in your tracks, wiping your tears. Why would he still stand by you? You need to talk with him.

“We find Kihyun…” You speak.

“Excuse me.” All four of them say.

“I’m going to kill him.” They all stare at you with shock.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea…” Wonho tries to argue with you.

“I have nothing to lose now…” You mumble to words to yourself, walking away once more, This time with the others by your side.

“We will help you…Always. You fucked up, but you can’t do this alone.” Tae sounds brave. You feel proud of him.

You walk for a few minutes in silence until Jungkook speaks to you.

“Do you love him?” You look at him.


“You know who…” You think his question over. For the first time, you say the words out loud.

“Yeah…I’m in love with him.” Jungkook nods, accepting your answer. Throwing his arm over your shoulder like old times.

“Let’s do this!!!” I.M yells. You all laugh.

Time to get yourselves killed…Probably.


A/N: Kinda shocked I even wrote smut, was that even smut? Like it was minor but still. (Btw…This doesn’t mean Yoongi X reader is done;) who knows what will happen…)