and i feel really bad for making that person wait so long

  • after not seeing my fav person for a long time: idk if I even really like this person...maybe we shouldnt even be friends idk..theyre kinda bad for me and make me feel shitty all the time.....
  • fav person: hey u wanna hang out
  • me: oh my gosh!! yes!! youre so perfect I love you! I cant wait to see you ive missed you! youre the best to ever happen to me! you make me so happy I lov e you!
BTS reacting to your partner cheating on you (his best friend and crush) with his partner

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He would although he had a crush on you be so disappointed in both your and his partner. He would try to make you feel better by distracting you and telling you that they both didn’t deserve you and him and that you should go on and forget about your ex just as he is doing it with his ex. He wouldn’t want to rush things, though, both of you coming out of relationships and he would approach you with his feelings in a slow manner so both of you can take your time.

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He would be furious that in some way his ex made you cry by having an affair with your ex partner.

He would be sorry and always apologize for the behaviour of his ex until you tell him that it is not his fault and that he shouldn’t worry about it. Secretly, this makes him so happy because he is scared to lose you after what happened because you may have distanced you from him due to what happened with your ex partners so he would be really relieved and after some time, maybe also confess to you.

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Would be just confused due to what happened and maybe laugh for a second until realizing that it wasnt’t a dream or something. Then he probably would murmur something like: “That little bastard.” (because Hobi might be our sunshine but you shouldn’t mess with him).

“Hobi, I know he is a jerk for stealing your girlfriend I feel so sorry for you I don’t know how to make it up to you, you must feel horrible.” You cry out and hug him.

He replies with: “No, he is a bastard for cheating on you, forget my ex, no one is hurting my best friend!”

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He would be pretty open about his crush on you but maybe only after a couple of days of staying by your side and supporting you. Probably, you would grow closer automatically and just kiss and would forget your two exes in a minute that you know how you feel about each other.

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Jimin would be pretty open as well and after some days just tell you about his feelings when he thinks that you are over your ex and think he is a jerk anyways.

“But aren’t you sad about your ex, Jimin?”

“I mean…it is sad that she threw away our time together with that jer…your ex…but I mean if that means that it took all this to have a chance with you, then it should be like that.”

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He would be obvious about his crush, too, but in a more subtle way by just spending time with you and seeing what happens. He would just want to be a good friend to you and not force you into anything new. He would try to make you laugh and smile and just to see you being happy again, because that would be all that matters in that situation.

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Would be pretty mad about your ex and try to help you cope with the situation before making a move himself which might take him a while because he wants you to really get over your boyfriend before confessing to you. Oh, and he would probably visit your ex one time and tell him what a jerk he is, but of course you would never find out about his heroic act;) 

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