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Beanies and Negotiations

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Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Description: Betty and Veronica observe (Y/N) and Jughead’s friendship, Jughead’s signature grey beanie seeming to be a catalyst for the more flirtatious points in their relationship

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,182

A/N: this is my first imagine, feedback is greatly appreciated!

Veronica and Betty sat in a booth at Pop’s, each girl sipping on her own milkshake.  They smiled and laughed as they chatted about random topics, the subject ranging from schoolwork to their friends.  After their giggles died down from joking about Kevin’s antics, the conversation landed on the topic of (Y/N) and Jughead.

“So (Y/N) and Jughead have been friends forever, like you and Archie, right?” Veronica asked.

“Yeah, they’ve been best friends for as long as any of us could remember,” Betty said, smiling.  “They used to chase each other around everywhere. It was so cute.  I remember this one time, we were in first grade and the four of us were playing in Archie’s backyard.  Suddenly, Jughead got down on one knee, took off his beanie, and proposed to (Y/N).”

“No!” Veronica gasped, covering a smile.

“Yes!” Betty giggled. “Archie and I were so shocked, but (Y/N) just smiled and put on the beanie.  She told him, ‘We’re much too young to get married, Juggie.  Ask me again when we’re eighteen and I’ll say yes.’” Veronica laughed and Betty soon joined her.  Once their laughter subsided, Veronica’s wandering eyes found Jughead sitting a few booths away, typing away on his computer.

“Speak of the devil,” she smirked, pointing at him as Betty turned around to look.  He sat by himself, ignorant to the world as he wrote his story.

“I’m surprised (Y/N)’s not with him,” Betty commented as she turned back to face Veronica.  She shrugged.

“I bet you she’ll walk in within the next ten minutes.”

Sure enough, a few minutes later (Y/N) entered the Chock’lit Shoppe.  She stood by the entrance for a minute, her eyes scanning the diner. Finally, she spotted Jughead and walked over to the booth.  Sliding into the same seat as Jughead, she rested her chin on his shoulder.  Betty and Veronica watched as her mouth moved, but they couldn’t hear what she was saying.

“Ugh, I can’t hear them!” Veronica moaned.  Betty nodded.

“Me too.  Maybe we could move a bit closer?” she suggested. “But be subtle about it.”  The girls slowly picked up their milkshake glasses and shifted down a few booths, so now they were within earshot of Jughead and (Y/N). Neither of them seemed to notice.

“It’s very well-written,” (Y/N) commented, her eyes scanning Jughead’s laptop screen.  “Very eloquent and ominous.”  The corners of Jughead’s lips curved upwards, but he didn’t take his eyes off the screen.

“Thanks,” he replied, continuing to type.  Betty and Veronica continued to observe their interactions, watching as Jughead continuously stole (Y/N)’s fries, to which she would reciprocate with a slap on his arm. At one point Jughead became so invested in his story that he completely zoned out, unable to hear (Y/N).

“Juggie,” she pestered him, lightly poking his arm.  “Come on, Jughead.  Earth to Juggie?”  He remained stoic as (Y/N) sighed, leaning back in the seat.  After a moment of thought, she sprung up again.  She smirked as she snatched the beanie off of Jughead’s head and tugged it onto hers.  That seemed to snap him out of his trace, because immediately he slammed his laptop shut and reached out to take it back.  (Y/N) giggled and ran out from their booth, running over to Betty and Veronica.  The two girls shifted so it would appear that they weren’t eavesdropping on their conversation.

“Quick, move,” (Y/N) urged as she squeezed past Betty into the booth.  Jughead slowly approached their table, his eyes never shifting from (Y/N).

“Give it back,” he demanded as he stood right in front of the table.  Betty and Veronica bit their lips in an attempt to keep their giggles at bay.  (Y/N) shook her head.

“Not unless you let me wear it tomorrow,” she bargained.  Jughead scoffed and crossed his arms.

“This isn’t a negotiation,” he told her.  He leaned over to grab it off (Y/N)’s head, but she swatted his arm away.

“This is a negotiation,” she replied, smirking.  “I have something that we both want.  I’m proposing a fair deal to you.  Take it or leave it.”  Jughead released an exasperated sigh as he looked at Betty and Veronica.

“Can either of you please give that back to me?” he pleaded.  The two girls almost missed the slight upward twitch of his lips. Veronica pursed her lips, trying to hide her smile.

“Nope,” she said, popping the ‘p’.  “I think it’s a fair deal.”  Betty shrugged and nodded.

“I agree,” she stated. Jughead let out another frustrated groan and (Y/N) smirked.

“The girls have spoken, Juggie.  Do we have a deal?” she questioned.

“Fine,” Jughead agreed, rolling his eyes.  (Y/N) smirked triumphantly, jumping over the seat and out to stand next to Jughead. He grabbed the beanie off her head and placed it onto his.  A smirk began to creep onto his face.

“You didn’t make me pinky promise,” he taunted before retreating back to their table.  (Y/N) huffed in anger as she stomped back to their booth, sitting down across from Jughead with her arms crossed.  Betty and Veronica broke down into hysterical laughter.

“Oh my god!” Veronica laughed.  “They’re like an old married couple!”

“Yeah they are,” Betty giggled.  “I still can’t believe they’re just like friends.”  They both shook their heads as they turned their attention back to (Y/N) and Jughead’s booth.  The pair had stood up, Jughead’s laptop tucked under his arm, and they exited the diner.

The next day at school, Betty and Veronica gave (Y/N) confused stares as she roamed the hallways sporting Jughead’s signature grey beanie.  

“That cannot be Jughead’s,” Veronica denied, shutting her locker.  “I mean, there’s no way Jughead would actually give his beanie to her. He never takes that thing off.”  Betty gave her a doubtful look.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he let her wear it,” Betty replied as they began to walk to the student lounge.  “He’s completely smitten with her.”

“He’s more smitten with his hat,” Veronica joked, both girls laughing.

Their suspicions were confirmed when they spotted Jughead in the lounge, raven locks flowing freely. He wore no beanie.  (Y/N) entered a few minutes later, still wearing Jughead’s beanie.  She smirked as she walked over to him.  Betty and Veronica turned to face them, not-so-subtly attempting to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“Can I please have it back?” they heard Jughead whine.  (Y/N) grinned and shook her head, putting her hands over the beanie in case Jughead tried to snatch it off her head.


“I feel like an idiot without it on,” he complained.  “Everyone’s giving me weird looks.  And normally I don’t mind that, but I’m feeling quite vulnerable and exposed without my beanie.”

“A deal’s a deal, Juggie,” (Y/N) sing-songed, walking over to sit next to Betty on the couch. Jughead muttered under his breath and shook his head, but he followed (Y/N) and leaned against the armrest of the couch. The four friends chatted and laughed together, and Betty and Veronica couldn’t help but notice Jughead’s frequent glances at (Y/N) and the wide smile that never left his face.

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Rotten Judgement - part 8

AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Hercules!AU After selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the Lord of the Underworld’s slave. Bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. But why?

Word Count:1,997 (see what I did there?)

Warnings: the usual + Blood, Mention of Torture 

A/N: The final chapter. Thank you all for your feedback, you literally tricked me into writing more ;) I adore you guys ♥ There’s an epilogue coming this Sunday bc it was already super long. 

Rotten Judgement - Masterpage

“People do crazy things… when they’re in love.”

Nat gave Bucky a curt nod as she slowly closed the door. He stared at the closed door for a long moment, trying to understand the meaning behind her words.

Was she taunting him? Surely you couldn’t have sacrificed your life unless you truly loved him. He started pacing back and forth as he talked to himself.

“You are, by far, the most stubborn person I have ever met,” Bucky groaned, talking to your lifeless body. “If I say ‘black’, you say ‘white.’ You never listen. It’s like you enjoy winding me up or something.”

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I don’t really feel that famous. I think I lead quite a normal life with the occasional something a bit different. I like getting on the train and normal stuff like doing the dishes, because you can so easily lose your mind in this world where everything’s done for you, you get picked up, driven to things, given stuff for free and all that madness.

Just for the record

This is the reaction of someone being acused of having feelings for their sibling

This is the reaction of someone being accused of having feelings for their close friend

(and please remember he just ran out afterwards without giving a clear answer)

Today i’ve learned that any animal with deer like legs would not be able to sit on a chair, a stool would work tho, but not a regular chair of any type

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What if when Matt went back to normal he still had smol Matt urges for a bit like "Matt what're you doing?" While he's curled up, drinking a juice box and playing with a lil toy shark "nOTHING"

i feel like all of these things could quite plausibly be normal matt behavior


character aesthetics ~ simon heap

muse // hoodoo

BTS reaction: liking their new makeup artist

Sorry that it took me this long to get your request done, but thank you for sending it in! xx

ANNOUNCEMENT: Since, my blog turned 1 two days ago, I’ve decided to open requests for written ships for 24 hours ONLY! So please send me a description of yourself and I’ll ship you with one of the members. And do it now, as I will only do the ones who are sent in within 24 hours. I will put my regular content on hold for a bit to get all of the ships done as soon as I can though, so I hope you don’t mind that xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

I feel like he would act more serious if the other boys are fooling around nearby while he’s getting his makeup done. Like, he’ll want to show his more serious side in hopes that that would make his makeup artist take an interest in him. I also feel like the members would notice almost immediately when he likes someone, so he’d constantly be worried that they would accidentally say something.

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

His crush would be very obvious to the members, but he would put a lot of effort into hiding his feelings from the makeup artist in question, because he would want to stay professional. So there’d be a lot of lingering looks, and maybe touches, and maybe even a compliment or two, but never enough to make it seem suspicious. And of course, loads of cute smiles when no one’s looking.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

I feel like he’d be like Yoongi in the sense that he would want to stay professional, and also like Jin in the sense that he’d want to show his more serious side when the makeup artist is around. But, unlike his hyungs, I feel like he’d give up and go back to normal quite soon. He might even start dropping some hints by acting slightly flirty every now and then. But he’d mostly stay professional.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

He’d probably be very shy and awkward, but try to mask it by having casual conversations when he gets the chance. He’d stay professional, although a bit friendly, and not flirt or anything, but rather get to know them. He’d still have a tendency to destroy more things than usual when they’re around though, because he’d get nervous which would make him clumsier.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

I feel like he’d find some sort of balance between being flirty and being shy? Like, sometimes he’d say a line that’s openly flirty, but then the next day he won’t be able to look them in the eyes? But he would still try to not make his crush obvious somehow.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

I feel like he would stay the least professional out of all of them. But he wouldn’t be flirting or anything either. He’d just be downright friendly and try to get to know his makeup artist. So really, pretty much no one except the members would probably suspect a crush, because he’s just making another friend.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

Shy bun. He probably wouldn’t make much contact with the makeup artist, and almost seem cold. Once he gets more used to their presence he’d loosen up a bit though. He’d turn into a mix of Namjoon and Yoongi, and stay shy, but become friendlier, and still be professional and only make his crush known through longing glances.

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I almost fucked my boss

This has been something that has been on my mind for months and I felt like this is the ideal place to share it….

tldr; me and my boss kinda made out and touched eachother and had a pizza together whilst being so fucking drunk

I went to an out of work event with some people from my work, a big ass fuck off engagement party at this REALLY FUCKING COOL AND CHEAP BARR YESSSS of a former co-worker…. My manager was there too.

When I first arrived at the venue nobody else from work was there apart from him - we get onso I just sat down beside him and we got some shots at the bar before everyone else came. I think four to five other people were meant to come, but, only two came and it’s these two girls who are like, best friends, and who I don’t really work with. They sit with us but go away. So, me and my boss continue to drink and chat a lot of shit. I think this is the right part to state there is a ten year age gap between us but we do get on really well because we have like, almost identical interests/views/whatever. The drinking continues until me NOT HIM ends up fucking slapping his ass and telling him I think it’s fine - God knows what demon posessed me to do this but I am quite touchy/feeling when I’m drunk and normally go out with close friends where this would be fine BUT he tells me he likes mine too and… I’m like hahahahahaha lol cos (1) this guy is my boss and (2) this guy is my ‘hot cool boss’ I tell all my friends about. I don’t fucking know my memory is blurry… we dance with out co-workers for a bit. Drink more. And. I guess we go outside? We sit under this tree and I put music on my phone and like I’m SO DRUNK at this point and he’s SO DRUNK we both can hardly string together a sentence and all I fucking rememeber… God knows how we got onto it but like I’m kissing him and it’s the funniest thing ever and I’m just laughing in his face telling him it’s great but also hahahahahah this is SO SO SO FUNNY. And I think he kinda finds it funny too and fuck idk what happens, I guess we go and find out coworkers and its hard not to say anything but he sits down at the bar and I dance with them for a while and then we carry on like everythings normal BUT then WE GO OUTSIDE AGAIN and he’s like 'touch my butt’ and I’m like 'HAHAH YES OKAY HAHAHA’ and I do it??? 

AND BY THIS POINT I’VE HAD 20+ DRINKS AND I RAN OUTTA CASH AND HE RAN OUTTA CASH and I’m like 'well I’ll go n get an uber home if ya wanna stand with me as I wait’ and he’s like 'NO YOUR NOT GOING IN AN UBER BY YOURSELF I AM YOUR BOSS AND I WILL GET YOU HOME !!!! ;) ;) ;)’ and we fucking stagger for about a mile and make out and fucking touch eachother all over before like we end up on the floor and it’s a Sat night so we just look like drunk idiots and we finally get in a taxi back to mine and he comes inside and ….we both freak out I guess? and I put on a record n we order a fucking Dominoes and then he gets a cab home.

When I woke up in the morning HALF OF THIS INFO WAS REMOVED FROM MY BRAIN and I remember it like 'hahah lol i touched my boss’ butt and told him he was hot and then we got drunk and tried walking back to mine and ordered a pizza’ but if you’ve ever BEEN THAT DRUNK you know… when the memories start coming back and it takes like three days? And I’m worried about what coworkers saw but I come out and ask them and they’re like 'you two were so drunk we couldnt even speak to yous’ and I’m like phew and then I realised I’ve not spoke to my boss in this time apart from le meme tagging and I have to fucking message him don’t I before I work with him???

And we both agree we were fucked and we should keep it on the DL.


how are things now you ask? absolutely fucking fine and normal 

m just needed to share sorry about the grammar getting worse and worse it basically feels like the way I did that night

Garish Room #28 [2017 ver. member A to Z case of Ruki] part 2

- No (work that you would not like to receive by being a member of the Gazette)

Ruki: Unexpectedly, there are so many questions that confuse me (laughs). What could it be? There are too many things and it is difficult for me to choose, but I absolutely can’t stand it when I notice something like how they make fun of the band. Though it didn’t yet happen that I was invited to such places (laughs). I don’t like to go out with someone together, and also I don’t go out to places which I don’t know well. Or those where I could get attention or something like that … well, since I’m invited to such places, I appreciate it, of course, but if I decide not to go out, I do it without any hesitation. Still, I don’t have such feelings that I don’t like the fact that the fans see me. Since if I look at them myself, it wouldn’t be cool, right?  But that’s strange, when we’re on the radio, I feel quite normal. For example, the request to send numerous stories for us was favorably received.

- Obtain (recently acquired thing that increased the intensity of sensations)

Ruki: …… There is no such. There are also no such things that I want at this moment.

- Picture (photo of the times Dainippon itan geisha)

Ruki: This time on the interview page I chose photos from the times of “Gama”, but this hat, there was not even one time that I put it at any performance. Since at that time there were so many cosplayers (which cosplayed it). Probably, it wasn’t difficult to make that hat, right? In fact, I was not going to choose a hat of this shape. Although I hoped for a smaller hat, in the end it turned out to be so huge. In addition, when we have finished, its size was about 2 times larger than in this photo. But having remade it a little, somehow we got this size. By the way, Reita, when it comes to choosing past photos, from a long time, he always says “this is 舐 ~ zetsu”, doesn’t he? (laughs)

- Question (things you are skeptical of)

Ruki: If I have to cite just one example, then I think that probably it will be “why in the films set a certain framework.” This is my personal impression, but it seems to me that Japanese films have become not interesting. Realistic scenes of murder do not show at all, right? But, for example, if we talk about Korean films, the image is very realistic there, right? I wonder why there is such a difference. Strictly speaking, I have an indie mentality, so I think something like “I wonder why it happened that this or that has become to sale this way?” I mean, if to remove all useless things, there will be many things which are rather intricate. Now the dramas are also quite uninteresting. What about “Nigehaji”? I watched it, but only one episode (laughs). Then I turned it off immediately. Once it became a hot topic of discussion, I wanted to see superficially what it is like. I thought that it probably should be interesting. So I felt “this is the so-called way of mass media to extol everything” or something like “don’t you think it’s pretty suspicious?” Then, this doesn’t very apply to “Nigehaji”, but is there really no tendency now to create what any fool can understand?  If this continues, then the ability to think will quickly run out, right?

-  Resistance (not subject to discussion part)

Ruki: I have a lot of things that I don’t concede to others (laughs). And I do not concede even in one thing. I am completely unyielding, but compared to past times, I think I became more tolerant towards the fans. Earlier, when they told me something, I was, on the contrary, absolutely adamant. It also happened that I was viciously behaving. Now I think that, of course, there is something that I want to do by myself, but it is also our duty to make everything understandable to others, and bring it to them.

- Sexy (a favorite part of the female body and gestures that excite the feelings of men) 

Ruki: Before I used to prefer when they were pretty nude, but now I like it better when not naked (laughs). But nevertheless recently I didn’t feel something like “as for me, it’s sexy.”  Already quite a long time, looking at the actresses or something like that, I felt something like that, and it used to happen that I thought “well, she’s not bad.”

-  Treasure  (treasures that you really  appreciate)

Ruki: Well, it probably all comes down to the band. When the main feelings become in the style of “to sacrifice everything”, I think that’s how it is. 

- Under ( kohai, which you accept)

Ruki: Now there isn’t particularly anyone about whom I’d think something like “oh, they are cool!”.

- Violence (episodes when you were very angry)

Ruki: Was there something …? I was angry with the manager, who is no longer with us, if I really need to mention something, then let it be. Other members, I wonder what they will say? In my case, it seems like there was no such case when I would be angry until unconscious.

- Warning (what do you pay attention to in your daily life) 

Ruki: I am aware of the fact that whenever possible I have conversations with other personalities. When you do such kind of work, there are also times when you have to communicate very closely, so from a certain time, I tried not to communicate in this style. In any case, first of all I try to understand the feelings of my casual interlocutor. And even if I get angry, I do it exactly because I digest what they’ve said (laughs). It also happens that I can accept it. Next, what I try to follow is to stop expressing myself in such a way as to attract the anger of others (laughs). Also, every day I try to get up on time. I set the alarm on the phone to ring about 10 times for 1 hour before I need to get up, but I turn off all of them completely.  It was also that after answering “yeah” to the manager, who had already arrived and was waiting for me in front of the house, I immediately fell asleep again (laughs). Earlier, Aoi was also often late, but now me and Uruha are two main culprits.

- X-factor (what would you like to try to do in the future that you never did before)

Ruki: Surprisingly now there is no anything like this, because almost every time I want to do something, it turns out. However, something as I’d like to try a bungee jumping, I definitely haven’t such wishes.

-  Yesterday  (what did you do yesterday, from the moment when you woke up before you went to bed)  

Ruki: Yesterday I didn’t wake up in the morning. It happened at night. And then I watched a lot of films at home. There was South Korean film starring Bung-hun Lei, but this movie was boring and so I got angry (laughs). Ah, that question about what made me angry is just about that, isn’t it? In Korean movies I like to find something hard (violent), and I like films with high average score. In my list there are also action movies, in which there is a chase of something unusual, and in which they consider social problems, or films recommended to me by good people. I don’t watch something like science fiction and anime. Something like “Avatar” and his glowing eyes, this style is a little off to me (laughs). I watched “Batman”, but couldn’t “Spiderman”. Most of all I like things close to dark themes. In general, I watch a lot of movies, and since the beginning of this year I already watched about 6 films. [* interview was Jan, 06]

-  Zero (what you would like to get rid of)

Ruki: For example, unpleasant incidents, they quite strongly affect me. What I did myself doesn’t hurt me at all, but if someone does something to me, it hurts me a lot (laughs).  Therefore, there are many such things. When I think that I screwed up in the video, it offends me, because I want to do it well. Well, we have to do everything so that this won’t happen. And it was that I, altering everything, corrected the video I had already shot in the middle of the night. In this I was pursued by that “part of me that doesn’t concede to anyone”.

translated from japanese to russian by shimizu_ran.vk for the_gazette_quotes.vk

translated from russian to english by me

as always thx for reading and sorry for mistakes ^^

Strawberry Jam

Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: “It’s your fucking birthday, and all of our lovely friends are coming here just for you. Please come out here and get ready now!”

Tags: @neversatisfiedgirl @motleymoose @kyoukohorimiya @wrestlingnoob @ambrosegirlforever @deseraysmiththings

A/N: This is a repost. The read more option wasn’t functional on the previous post of this and it was driving me nuts.

“Come on, you gotta get out of the bathroom, doll,” Enzo pleads with me from the other side of the door.

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(didn’t read the manga so sorry) Maybe it’s just me but I feel like Tenya is a bit underrated. It may be due to him looking quite normal, but I feel like he doesnt have as much good moments in the anime as he could have (not even pairings with him seem much popular). Sure, he is having his time now in the Hero Killer Arc, but I fear he won’t have much after that. I really like him (and his hero costume is awesome!!) and I hope he get the appreciation he deserves!!

Chanyeol scenario - For life


Genre: fluffy smut (my favorite!)

Summary: After a long day of celebrating with family and friends your newly wedded husband, Chanyeol, takes you to your hotel for a romantic evening he planned.

Warnings: Dirty-talk, fingering, virginity (or lack of ;) ) and LOTS of kisses Xx

A/N I actually got two wedding requests so I’m just going to morph them together

For my girls who wanna marry redheaded Yeol

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