and i feel proud of myself

Okay okay okay, I SO need to share this peeps.

See. Today I went to the restaurant with my mother for lunch. And there was that little group of teenager girls sitting at a table. They were pretty rude, mocking people’s appearance to whoever came in the restaurant (They even insulted me and my mom), they were making fun of people, like if no one could listen to them.

I personally didn’t made a big deal because HEY, they’re teenagers and some can be really dumb because they’re young. But since it was making many people uncomfortable… I surprisingly stood up, looking at them with a serious expression and said:

“Hey girls, do you feel any better about yourself when you make fun of people ?“

(I honestly never intervene in that kind of situation but I surprisingly did today.)

And they looked away, with a shameful expression on their face as if they just realized that people could heard them.

Peeps… I have never been so proud of myself in my entire life.

I Love Her

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Perfect Masterlist

  I sat on the stage, a room about a quarter full of people sitting in front of me, taking pictures and videos. Jared was running a little late for our breakfast panel so I decided to head out and entertain the crowd until he got here. Before it would have freaked me out being on the stage by myself but I found myself enjoying the thrill. 

  Hands went up around the room to ask me questions that I surely wasn’t prepared to answer. I had my grande black coffee that Y/N had picked me up this morning while she let me sleep in. I was still exhausted from filming in past few weeks before hiatus and she always made my life a little easier when the time came around. 

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Ma'am I have a request. Stop Fucking with me emotions XD

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can’t stop won’t stop, however, for your reading pleasure, feel free to hop on over to Benevolent Vices, the happy AU where no one dies and nothing bad happens (probably)

ok so that blog is empty right now but i do have screenshots that i’ll be queuing later today

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Feeling fucking excellent about myself tonight. I made more money in one night than I ever have before and I’m feeling like a proud high volume ho. I had soooo many clients tonight and made soooooo much money and I’m a goddamn sex machine 👍👍👍

i walked 2 hours straight today. and before that i walked 30 minutes in the morning then 40 minutes on my lunch break. i know walking is like the easiest thing you can do with like nothing to show for it (or at least feels that way) but hey i’m pretty proud of myself for at least getting out

How Things Should/Shouldn’t Be

Body Positivity

Shouldn’t: “You need to think every body is attractive and if you aren’t attracted to someone you are a terrible person. Skinny people are privileged and individuals should be attracted to overweight people even if that isn’t the type of body they are naturally attracted to.”

Should: “Everyone should love themselves no matter what and you shouldn’t hate yourself just because you’re upset with how your body looks. If you are unsatisfied with how you look, feel free to work towards a body you’re proud of achieving but there’s no reason to beat yourself up over it because someone will always love you no matter what, and no one should judge you for how you look.


Shouldn’t: “I hate all men and they’re all disgusting pigs. I want to use every opportunity I have in order to push for male rights to be stripped away. I will harass and abuse men online because it makes me feel better about myself.

Should: I believe in equality for everyone, and I think everyone deserves to be treated with respect. I’m strong and confident, and I’m not going to let anyone take advantage of me or disrespect me. Sometimes a few members of the opposite sex may irritate me but I know not to judge everyone for it.

Online Discussion/Debate

Shouldn’t: “I’m going to yell and scream at the person I’m arguing with. I’m going to insult them in order to try and make them feel bad about themselves. If I say something illogical or without facts, and get corrected, I won’t admit to it and will only ignore them because they disagreed with my opinion.”

Should: “I’m going to respect the person I’m discussing with. I am going to approach the subject with an open mind. I’m going to calmly state my opinion and then carefully listen to the other person’s. Perhaps we can agree on some things, or compromise. I also won’t get defensive when I realize I may have said something wrong, because sometimes humans make mistakes and that’s okay.”

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Gimme as much smut as possible aboht any and all of the gang

-Darry has a daddy kink
-calls you little girl (did you just hear me nut)
-picks out your underwear to wear while he’s at work
-when he comes home (or when you do) he has no shame in putting his hand in your pants feeling if you’re wearing them
-“good girl, daddy’s proud of you”
-loves to spank you
-puts you in your place when you’re a brat
-doesn’t do with pouting or whining
-and let’s be honest you love it when he bends you over his knees or the couch
-Darry is a really passionate lover but sometimes loves to be taken care of
-I’m talkin about random blowjobs during the day
-like when he opens the bills and get stressed, he looks down to see you on your knees
-puts his hand in your hair and face fucks you
-maintains eye contact
-“thank you baby, you know just how to make daddy feel better”
-does you from behind or with you on top
-isn’t all that into missionary
-lives for using toys on you
-beads, handcuffs, vibrators, floggers, you name it
-loves when you’re vocal but sometimes does the quiet game
-“shhh baby, one more noise and I’ll stop”
-loves the clit, will use the clit, will cherish the clit
-over stimulation and encouragement
- “daddy won’t stop till you give him what he wants baby girl”
“I can’t daddy, I can’t”
-plot twist; you can and you did
-daddy’s favorite (and only) princess

constantly caught between “I can’t use this obscure term to describe myself bc no one will know what I mean” and “how are people going to learn what this obscure term means if no one ever fuckin uses it”

Self-love challenge

I was told by @villainouswebsandshadows  to list five things I like about myself publicly and then send it to ten of my favorite followers. Glad to see I’m one of your favorite followers :) Alright, here we go: 

1. My ability to stay awake even with so little sleep (seriously, it’s like a superpower). I feel like shit, but I’m an awake and alert piece of shit. 

2. I actually like my body. I got some nice breasts, y’all, and tbh I’ve accepted my tummy rolls. They’re cute. 

3. I’m really proud of my writing, not just my fanfiction but the stuff I write irl. Writing is my passion. I live and breathe for it. Fanfiction is the less stressful writing lmao. 

4. I like how I never went through that phase in high school/middle school where you hang out with a bunch of assholes just to seem “cool/popular.” I figured out early that it’s so much more worth it to have true friends that have your back. 

5. I’m like oddly cool about not taking sides. Like I can see the reasoning coming from both sides. Of course, there are some things I’m adamant about, but like if you like both men and women but don’t wanna call yourself bisexual, I understand. You do you, boo <3

Imma just tag y’all instead of sending it: @shehowlsatthemoon  @personalphilosophie @ace-ingit @daxcat79 @politicalmamaduck @articianne @krystellbarraza @red-applesith @martell-arianne @kagomehime369 @briarlily @unapologeticreylotrash @headinfantasy @anshealin and @ben-solo-needs-a-timeout

So, I kinda cheated and put more than ten, but only cause y’all are the best. Some of you I know personally. Some I don’t. Come talk to me if you’d like! And thanks for all the reylo love <3 

for @cobains-apologies, who requested “sad iwa with oikawa cheering him up”.

iwaoi after the match vs karasuno. After seeing this request, I thought that, “ah, Oikawa doesn’t actually need to make a grand gesture to show Iwa he cares, right?” Hand holding from Oikawa is easily enough to cheer Iwaizumi up.

I should’ve made this sadder (sad Iwa??!!), but I was already feeling devastated today because my seijoh boys finally made a reappearance in this week’s manga chapter but the third years weren’t there anymore!!!! why do this to me ( ; ω ; )

here is where you can send me art requests! (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜 

Why Commenting On FanFiction Is Important

Alright kids, Boo here with a hopefully non-arrogant PSA.

I’m a writer of FanFiction because I like it and it’s my preferred genre (also a great way to receive feedback on writing that I can use on originals, bref). But like with most artistic work posted online, I have very little feedback.

When I was in a slightly writing rut, I cranked one shots left and right, nothing out of the ordinary. But instead of people commenting with their thoughts and good feedback, they just gave me requests.

I don’t think I could ever put into words what that felt like, but I’ll try (the irony of being a writer). It suddenly felt tiring, being a writer, and very quickly I stopped writing altogether. I only ever showed my friend what I wrote and left it at that. I haven’t published anything for a while after. It felt like people were treating me like a mule wanting me to do work for them, and I just wasn’t up for that. I lost my will to write, and then I began to think, “If I post something else other than what was requested, will people even read it?”

Then you get the infamous comments, “You haven’t forgotten about my request right??? Here’s another.”

That just adds anxiety and guilt. I’m purposely ignoring the comments to save my own uncreative ass, at least that’s what it feels like.

After weeks of convincing myself that my stories are worth sharing no matter how many people read them, I started writing and publishing again while working on some longer pieces. Slowly it got better.

Now this week, I remembered I joined another fanfiction platform, and realized I had never published anything on it. I had an idea, and so I started writing. It didn’t come out as I imagined it would, but I was so proud? Like, I started feeling happy about what I created again. Like genuine happiness that I haven’t felt in months since my last published work.

A few hours later, I get this comment:

I cranked out three 3k stories after reading this.

In four days.

It never happened before, and I don’t know how many times it will happen again. It was one comment, but it gave me so much fighting spirit that I think I’m on my way to regaining my initial writer mindset.

Fanfiction writers depend on feedback as a validation that their stories matter to people. If you’re wondering why your favourite author hasn’t updated/posted in a while, ask yourself, “Did I do everything that would convince them to continue writing this?”

Neymar playing with little kids on the field after his training with Brasil. The father of one of the boys wrote the following with the video. | 27.03.17

“They [the kids] had already taken multiplayer photos. Dream accomplished. Then Neymar arrived.
They at the height of the excitement asked: “Neymar, do you play football with us?”
I replied: “No, now he’s going to rest because tomorrow he has a game. Another thing, I remember what we agreed on was, if you enter the field uncle (security) will drive everybody out.”
Then Neymar turns and says: “You want to play football?”
They respond: “Siiiiiiiimmm”.
Neymar: “Then come!”

There, their lives will never be the same again” 


supergirl season one appreciation week → day one: the moment you fell in love with the show

“What do you think is so bad about ‘girl’? I’m a girl. And… your boss and powerful and rich and hot and smart. So if you perceive Supergirl as anything less than excellent, isn’t the real problem you?”


asoiaf meme (minor characters): 1/1 king ~ jaehaerys i

Though young to the throne, Jaehaerys revealed himself from an early age to be a true king. He was a fine warrior, skilled with lance and bow, and a gifted horseman. He was a dragonrider as well, riding upon Vermithor—a great beast of bronze and tan who was the largest of the living dragons after Balerion and Vhagar. Decisive in thought and deed, Jaehaerys was wise beyond his years, always seeking the most peaceable ends. // halit ergenç as old jaehaerys, patrick gibson as young jaehaerys