and i feel like i will never stop loving them and being angry about what the writers did to them

Hey, all!  Amy here and feel free to skip this, but I noticed a huge thing going around with fanfiction writers and fanfiction readers. Kinda throwing arrows at one another over mistakes and how they should be addressed.

Okay, first off: stop.  Ew.  It’s gross. Y’all are big boys and girls and y’all can act like it.  You don’t need to attack each other at the knees behind the safety of your screens.

Secondly:  there are points on both sides.  People who write have a right to be proud of their work and can choose not to accept criticism.  On the other hand, people who read and absorb the work have the right as well to point out mistakes they noticed if it’s meant to be helpful.

So how can people interact civilly when it comes to fanfiction and it’s accompanying critiques? By following a few internet rules, plain and simple.  No, I’m not gonna tell you to forgive and forget or just roll over and let the other person have their way.  That’s not what you do IRL and that’s not what you do online either.  Instead, both persons have a series of rules to follow in order to try and make the most of their experience.

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I start with you because you’re the ones who have poured your heart and soul into this baby. And I get it, I do.  When you spend hours and hours slaving over your baby, going over the idea thousands of times in your head, trying to get the idea on paper, and trying to make it look good, then oh heck to the yes it’s your baby and you’re gonna defend it to the death.  I expect that and that’s okay.  What’s not okay is when it interferes with your ability to check in with the situation and see if they actually meant harm, so here are a few rules I’ve started to use over my years of fanfiction writing:

  1. Read the entire comment for content.  This is a bitter pill to take, especially if they sound condescending or snarky.  I’ve run into a few of them, and they’re never pleasant to deal with, but some of them have good ideas.  Try to filter out the junk of the comment and get to the meat of it all.  (I’ll get to what to do if there’s no meat later)
  2. Take a break from the comment when you get angry. And chances are that if it’s an unsolicited comment, you’re going to get angry.  This is your baby and you’ve worked hard on it.  If the crtiquer isn’t at least taking that into account, you may even get furious.  Get up and walk away.  They do not deserve your wrath.
  3. Decide for yourself if they have a point. Most critiquers tend to leave their comments because they’re trying to help in their own (somewhat obnoxious) way. If they’ve got a point, thank them, but also try to express if the critique was delivered well.  If it was, tell them so they can help more people. If not, tell them so they can work on it.  IF THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY POINT AT ALL AND ARE JUST BEING RUDE, get rid of it.  They’re not worth your time.
  4. Respond or toss.  This is up to you.  If they had content that was actually useful, then they were being helpful like they were trying to be.  If they had content and it wasn’t useful, it’s up to you what to do.  If they had zero content in their critique or it wasn’t relevant at all, skip it.  They’re not worth your time.

I actually formed these rules after an encounter with a critiquer who was completely neutral in tone, blurted my mistakes for the world to see, and essentially made me feel like the absolute worst writer in the world.  They weren’t harsh, but their critique did hurt me, especially because I’d still just been starting out.

The first thing that happened was I got angry.  I was livid, furious.  Like, how dare they?  Couldn’t they just sit back and enjoy the story?  I spent a good week or so avoiding my fanfiction account just because I was so pissed off.  I ended up talking to my mom and she asked me if they had any points.  I think she was going for “if they don’t, then they’re not worth your time”, but they did. After that, I went back and tried to see it from their point of view.

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Didn’t mean I suddenly wasn’t mad at them.  I was mad, but I also realized that they, in their own roundabout and hurtful (to me, who reads inflection into typed words and winces at every loud noise and criticism) way, were trying to help me.

I worked on it, and I don’t think they ever commented on my stuff again, but the people who already loved my stuff?  The people who said that my stuff was ‘cute’ or ‘genius’?  They loved it all the more!  The critiquer may not have stuck around, but those who did benefited.

(It really took me a long time to stop being angry at them.  Now I just kind of take a lesson from them.  As a fanfiction writer, and as a critiquer myself.)

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I’m saying this as someone who has pretty high standards for what I read.  I look into formatting, tenses, plot, characterization, spelling, and even comma usage!  These little things do actually bug me, and sometimes enough to the point of wanting to comment, but I’ve been on the other side of it and remember the frustration and the anger that can come from a wrongly worded comment, so there are a few rules that I’ve formulated in order to be the best critiquer I can be and help as many people as possible get as amazing as they can as a writer!

Note:  These rules are for critiquers who actually do want to help writers get better and improve the overall quality of internet written works. If you’re here because of some superiority complex, these rules may be difficult for you to follow.  I, however, encourage you to do your best and perhaps one day you’ll be a good critiquer.  *^_^*

  1. Find a way to figure out if the author even wants your critique.  One way to do this is to respectfully ask them.  Always open with a positive.  Something like “Hey, I liked ___ about your story, but I noticed something was a bit off. Can I give you a constructive critique?” Typically, an author would be happy to know you cared about their opinion, so this will go either one of two ways.  They will either (A) allow the critique and actually listen to what you have to say or (B) politely decline the offer.  This means they have made up their mind and you are to let it go.  The back button is a wonderful friend at this point.
  2. Follow the sandwich format.  This is a tried and true method for getting people to actually listen.  If you start in with the critique, the author will feel attacked and immediately get defensive.  Instead of wondering if you’ve got any point, they will find ways to contradict you and argue.  Instead, open with something you liked about the story.  There was a reason you read it all to the end, wasn’t there?  Mention that first (AND BE HONEST!  NO ONE LIKES SOMEONE WHO GIVES OUT FALSE COMPLIMENTS), and then get to the critique, or ‘meat’, of your critique.  When that’s done, exit with a thank-you for being willing to listen to your comments.  It takes a lot for a creator to listen to someone point out the flaws in their baby, even if they’re trying to learn.  Remember that you want this to be a positive interaction, not a demolition derby.
  3. No insults or other derogatory comments. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the writer is trying their best.  Insulting them makes them less willing to hear you out, much less accept your comments and get better.
  4. No elevating yourself over them.  It’s a no-brainer.  You’re not there to school them, you’re there to help them.  Helping requires a serving mind, which puts their needs before your ego.
  5. Do not hound the author.  If they listen but don’t take your comments, you’re not allowed to harass them.  Most likely, they don’t see a point in your comment and have elected to ignore it. And that’s fine.  The point is that you managed to bring it to their attention once.  Maybe they’ll come back to it later, maybe not.  Either way, once your critique is given, it’s done.  Unless they come to you asking about it, your job is to pack up and vamoose, or simply to sit back and enjoy watching the rest of the story unfold.
  6. Make sure your comments are objective.  Like, if there’s a comma problem, tell them about it. If there’s verb tenses being messed up, inform them politely.  If person A didn’t get with person B, then you’re not critiquing.  That’s a matter of opinion and doesn’t belong in the critiquing category.
  7. Be respectful.  They’re going on a limb and listening to you, and it’s the author’s choice whether or not to continue the correspondence. You don’t have to ‘kiss up to them’ or ‘serve them’, but you have to make sure you’re not being a jerk and that all your comments are warranted.

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I know there are a lot of rules, but critiquing is hard, especially with how a lot of people view them.  But you, the critiquer, ARE NOT EVIL.  You’re not the bad guy.  You’re not messed up.  You’re not ‘sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong’.  You’re human and you’re trying to be helpful.  These are just tips and tricks on how to go about it the right way and maximize your helpfulness.

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The last thing I’ll say is that not everyone will follow these rules.  They will think they’re stupid or pandering or all-around dumb. Some people who claim to critique will continue to slander our good name by acting like holier-than-thou snits. Some people who write will continue to get outrageously angry for persons daring to say something went wrong.

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Here’s how to deal with them:

  1. Leave the computer.  Or the website, just for a bit.  Enjoy the sunshine, take a walk, talk with your best friend, eat some ice cream, go play.  See if it just blows over.  They don’t get to take away your happiness because they’re angry.
  2. Delete the hate.  When you’re good and happy, you can delete the hate mail, or maybe grab a friend to laugh at it.  But don’t respond to hate with anger.  As my good friend Warlord Okeer said, you shall inflict “the greatest insult an enemy can suffer. To be ignored.”
  3. If they chase you down in anger, block them. This is okay to do.  For fanfiction writers:  if they continue to pester you with their comments after you say ‘no thanks’, block their tails.  For fanfiction critiquers:  if they got angry over a critique you gave, provided that they said okay and provided that you followed the rules of critiquing, you’re allowed to block them. You did it right.  Don’t even stress.

And then there are the times where we forget to follow the rules and insult someone on accident. It happens.  If you realize you’re in the wrong, it’s just one rule.

  1. Apologize.  No, you don’t have to grovel for forgiveness, but understand that your actions may have hurt someone else and react accordingly.  If they won’t take it, at least make the promise to yourself to be better in the future.

And that’s it.  I know it seems like a lot to swallow, but it all boils down to making sure your words are respectful, kind, and true.

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Victor Nikiforov Appreciation Post!!!

I just want to take a moment and talk about how much I love Victor Nikiforov and how he’s just such a refreshing character. I know everyone and their dog has done a post like this already but I’ve been crying over this lovable goof for months and this had been sitting in my drafts for too long now anyway and also I’m avoiding my textbooks AND THIS SORTA TURNED INTO A CHARACTER ANALYSIS I’M SORRY.

So as far back as the PV, there were assumptions flying around that Victor would end up being an antagonist of some sort. That either he was using Yuuri for his own gain, or was just straight up evil. Laughable now, of course, but the reason those rumors were prevalent was because we see it so often. How easy was it to think that Victor was “helping” Yuuri only to further his own goals in the end? We’ve seen this common mentor-betrays-student trope before and it’s no wonder that early on fans were afraid of this even as the show progressed. And honestly? This would have made for some great drama—for Victor to turn out to not be such a nice guy and for him to eventually become someone Yuuri had to defeat in competition. However the show did not go down that route at all. It turns out that yeah, Victor is actually just a really nice guy who cares a great deal about Yuuri and the people around him. He doesn’t show up in Hasetsu with any evil ulterior motives—he just wants to get to know Yuuri and help him take his skating to the next level, and maybe find inspiration (and love) along the way.

Also how could a man with a heart-shaped smile be evil???

(Continued under the cut.)

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Moving On

pairing: Lin x reader

warnings: alcohol. swearing. SADNESS.

summary: TEN moments in the journey of moving on

I rose from the dead to bring you all some PAIN. It took me a while to get this done because I wanted to get it right. A big thanks to @l-nmanuel for being my sunshine, @linslovelylocks for helping me out with the Pain, and @gratitudejoyandsorrow for making me read Love & Misadventure (which inspired this fic). (@imkindapassionate-kindasoulless)

words: 2,592

ONE (play is all it takes for her to fall in love)

You remember seeing him for the first time in a school play, all untidy black hair and dark wild eye. He was confident, almost arrogant in the way he commanded presence onstage. You ran to him after the play to congratulate him on his excellent performance.

You expected a haughty smirk from the lead actor, but instead he grinned bashfully and admitted that your pieces in the school magazine was always the highlight of his Tuesday.

“If only I was as good a writer as you are, I could write the greatest play in the history of ever,” he had said.

Just for a moment there, you saw the bleeding edge of insecurity underneath his sunny exterior. All it took was an exchange of numbers, a series of texts overnight, and by the next day, the two of you were already best friends.

TWO (people play acting. or are they?)

Lin is pacing the length of his bedroom, looking absolutely terrified for his audition tomorrow.

“I wish I could help,” you say absently, editing your article on your laptop. His head immediately snaps to you.

“Help me act out some scenes?”

You raise your eyebrows at him. He grins, pulling on his ‘but-I’m-your-best-friend’ face. You’ve never been able to say no to that smile. He grabs your laptop from you and types something, then shows you a list of prompts. So you spend 5 hours switching between at least 20 different characters, ranging from an angry grandmother to a hot girl he meets at a bar. You both turn to your laptop to see the final prompt.

‘A and B are best friends. A’s reaction to B getting married. ’

“Congrats,” you say, turning to him, already in character.

“That’s a lie.” He gives a mirthless laugh.

“I’m not! Congratulations,” you repeat, wondering where he was trying to steer the script.

“You’re lying! Why aren’t you happy for me? What are you trying to say?” he said fiercely, his black eyes boring into you.

“I’m trying to say that I’m in love with you!” you yell.

Right after the words leave your mouth, your heart stops. That isn’t part of the prompt. Your feelings aren’t supposed to get tangled with your improvisation. Wait, your feelings? For him?

“You have no right to say that just before I’m getting married,” Lin hisses.

“I’ve tried, you idiot. You think I want this?” you snap.

“I’m sorry. I can’t do anything about it,” he says, looking down. Your heart drums against your chest, and then you grin.

“Aaaand, scene.”

THREE (times he rewrote the script and it was still rejected)

He slumps down in the seat next to you, everything in his movement looking drained. You ask him if anything is wrong, but he just shakes his head mutely. You try again, taking his hand in yours. And for some reason, he tells you.

“My script was rejected,” he says quietly. “I thought I already knew rejection, but not this. I put everything into this. I rewrote the entire thing 3 times.”

You squeeze his hand. “Keep rewriting. You have all the time in the world.”

His smile is sad, and grateful, and something in your heart tightens. You smile back at him, hoping that he can’t see the butterflies in your stomach. You stare at his brown eyes. They aren’t the colour of the ocean, but you can drown in them anyway.

“Mi corazón,” he says, smiling at you.

“My nerd,” you reply affectionately.

(at) FOUR (a.m. he decides to get a tattoo because he can’t stop thinking about someone)

Lin gets paired up with Natalie, the future valedictorian, for a project. You see them and the first thing that you feel is a loud, stinging pang of jealousy, but in the back of your mind, there’s a click that tells you they’re meant to be. You ignore it and keep it to yourself, because that’s what you do best.

He texts you. ‘hey i’m getting a tattoo of a mic, come with?’

You accompany him to the tattoo parlor as he gets the mic. He’s over the moon as you drive home.

“What do you think?” he asks, trying to catch a glimpse of his tattoo for the first time.

“Personally, I wouldn’t get a tattoo that says daddy in cursive, but-”

“What the fuck?” he yells, wheeling around to try to see his back in the mirror.

“I’m kidding! Who inspired you to get a mic anyway?”

His face transforms into a wide, carefree smile, and his entire being relaxes. “Natalie.”

You turn up the volume of the radio so he doesn’t hear your heart breaking.

FIVE (Gordon Ramsay insults. technically, the last one isn’t an insult.)

You’re there when Lin finally kisses her.

It’s her birthday, and she tries to pass it off as low-key by calling it ‘just a barbeque’, but the truth is that it’s a very expensive beach party. You and Lin are piling food into your plate, trying to fit in with the rich kids by shouting Gordon Ramsay-esque insults.

“The pork is so raw it’s still singing Hakuna Matata!” you yell, stabbing it and taking a big bite.

“Why did the chicken cross the road? Because you didn’t fucking cook it!” He says in a terrible British accent.

“Maybe you should give this piece of meat to the gods; I hear they like burnt offerings.”

He puts both hands on your cheeks. “What are you?”

“An idiot sandwich,” you say, faux tearfully. The two of you cackle in amusement, stealing bits of food of each other’s plate. Lin is about to launch into Ramsay mode again when Natalie approaches the two of you.

“Hey, guys,” she says happily.

“Hello, linda,” Lin interjects quickly, taking her hand. It’s a joke he always uses when trying to pick up girls - calling them linda so they’d say “my name isn’t Linda” and he can reply “linda means beautiful in Spanish” and watch them turn red.

Instead, a dusty pink blush spreads across her cheeks. “Quiet, you,” she laughs. Lin’s eyes light up in disbelief, like ‘holy shit, this amazing girl knows Spanish, she just got even hotter’. His eyes flit to you for permission, and you give him a big thumbs up.

You watch as Lin walk Natalie to the edge of the water, and they sit down. Gently, he puts his hands on her cheeks and says: “What are you?”

Natalie grins. “The love of your life?”

Even from a distance, you can hear Lin’s warm laugh, fading away as he leans in to kiss her. Everyone ceases their conversation to cheer and whistle at them. When Lin pulls away, he’s wearing a smile similar to a Cheshire cat’s.

Daniel, Lin’s roommate, lunges forward and pushes Lin towards the water. Natalie’s friends catch on to the idea and push her towards the water until the two of them are knee deep in water. You laugh along with everyone, until the crowd starts to dissipate. You return to your room.

It’s past midnight when Lin tiptoes into your room to grab fresh clothes that he keeps in your drawer. “Good night, Lin,” you whisper as he passes your bed.

He gasps. “Shut up, (Y/N).”

“I’m happy for you.”

“Shut. Up.” You can’t see his face in the dark, but you’re pretty sure he’s smiling as he leaves the room.

SIX (songs that aren’t even dedicated to her)

The worst thing about being in love with your best friend is that you can’t tell your best friend about it.

Your heart skips a beat when Lin texts you. ‘heya i’m making you a mixtape! it’s cute and adorable and fluffy (like me)’

You reply within seconds. ‘hm, what’s it about?’

‘SHIT sorry that message was for natalie!! actually, since you are a fellow pretentious fuck when it comes to music, can you help me out with the mix?’

‘sure. tell me about it.’

‘okay so i already have Perfect by Ed Sheeran, for obvious reasons, and Don’t You Forget About Me. what else?”

‘Ignition (Remix)!!!!’

‘are you fucking kidding no way’

‘come on, dude.’

‘fine. I’m also feeling The Fray. How To Save A Life?’

‘no wtf that song is mainstream and irrelevant. Heartbeat.’

‘good one. 505?’

‘YES. also. Cherry Wine.’

‘It’s done! It’s a mini-mix, i’m putting together a longer and better one for her birthday. THANK YOU, wingwoman.’

‘send it to me for prooflistening!!’

My Only Sunshine, by Lin-Manuel

Heartbeat - The Fray
505 - Arctic Monkeys
Ignition (Remix) - R. Kelly
Perfect - Ed Sheeran
Cherry Wine - Hozier
Don’t You Forget About Me - Simple Minds

‘nice job, cabrón.’

SEVEN (billion people in the world and she chose to fall in love with the one who doesn’t love her back)

“Natalie’s parents are thinking of saying no if Lin proposes to her,” Chris announces, placing a plate of eggs in front of you.

“What?” you splutter, dropping your spoon. “No. The wedding has to happen.”

Chris gives you a long, measured look. “I thought their wedding being cancelled would save you from a great deal of pain.”

“It doesn’t matter if I tear my own heart in two. Because if Lin is happy, then it is worth it-”

“God!” Chris’ eyes narrows. “What could possibly be worth it?”

“Everything that I have lost!” you shout. “Lin!”

Chris breathes in and out slowly, and there’s something like pity in his eyes when he looks at you. “7.5 billion people in the world and you had to choose the one who doesn’t love you back.”

EIGHT (bottles of beer and she still misses him)

“What’s up, big shot?” you slur, holding the phone in one hand and a bottle of cheap beer in the other.

“Fuck,” he exhales, realising you were drunk. “I’ll be at your place in 5 to make sure you’re okay.”

“You’re so far away, Lin,” you complain. “Souls don’t understand the notion of distance, you know that? They only know how right it feels to be with one another. I miss you even when you’re just a room away, because my soul only feels the absence of yours.”

He laughs, and through the haze of alcohol you feel warmth spread through you, like a sun peeking from behind the clouds. “You only miss me when you’re drunk.”

“I’m drunk because I miss you,” you say softly. A beat of silence passes, and time stands still. You wonder if he hung up.

“Natalie’s calling.” The sound of her name shatters the moment like glass. You can’t find it in you to reply.

“Don’t do anything stupid until I get there,” he jokes. His voice is rough, scratchy, and he mutters a goodbye before hanging up.

True to his word, he appears 5 minutes later in your doorstep. He notices the empty bottles of beer on the floor and sees you lying down on the couch. Without hesitation, he gently pushes you to make space for him and lies down next to you.

You grin sleepily up at him. “Thanks for coming, but I’d rather sleep.”

“Sleep, mi corazón,” he whispers softly, pulling you closer to him. You know that he isn’t going to stay the night, but it’s still a slap to your face when he’s gone in the morning leaving nothing but a note taped to a glass of water.

For the first time, you feel white-hot jealousy flare up in you. All you wake up to is a hastily scrawled note, while Natalie gets to wake up to the life-sized, walking, talking Lin: to the sizzle of him cooking bacon, to his raspy humming, to his brown eyes half-lidded with sleep, to him.

(he’s on cloud) NINE

“(Y/N). You should fall in love. It’s amazing.”

He sounds drunk, but he actually isn’t. Drunk on love, maybe. It’s a joy for you to see your best friend like this, but it hurts like hell to see him like this because of another girl. It’s like he can’t stop talking about her, he always slides her name into every single sentence, twisting every conversation to relate it back to her.

You become so worried about losing your best friend that you check his phone to see what your name is in his contacts. You breathe a sigh of relief when it’s still mi corazón. You look for Natalie’s contact. Mi alma.

Mi corazón, my heart. You’re his heart; you know what he likes, what he hates, you see all his dark and you love his light.

Mi alma, my soul. She is his soul; he lives and breathes her, she sees the stars in his smile, everything he does is either with her, because of her, or for her.

TEN (years after meeting him and she finally lets him go)

Lin appears in your house with two cups of coffee. “I’m thinking of proposing to Natalie,” he says, after taking a long sip from his cup.

“Do it,” you cheered, grinning. He looks at you, searching for any kind of falseness, but there is none.

“I- Are you sure?”

“Yes. When I met you, I thought you hung all the stars and the moon in the sky. But I came to realise that you are just like me. You know the shape of my soul and the words of my heart. You’re my first love, Lin, and you always will be. But I deserve someone who loves me back, so I can be the poem instead of the poet I’ve always been. I’ve been stuck in your orbit for years, and this is me breaking free.”

He bites his lip and stares at the ground. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” you say softly, pulling him into a hug. You savor the moment, drawing it out for as long as possible, and then you pull away. The smile that he gives you afterwards is worth everything.

The next day, you’re out at dinner with Natalie, and you can tell that she has something to say by the way she cuts her chicken into smaller pieces than is necessary. “I think Lin’s going to propose to me.”

“Really?” you enthuse. “That’s great!”

“Any words from his best friend?” she asks.

You’re silent for a long moment, trying to find the words. “Take care of him. He looks like he has enough love to give to everyone, but sometimes he needs love as well. Be honest about his work. He enjoys criticism. He’ll sometimes think he’s the dullest of the bunch, when in reality he’s the brightest. With every word, pen stroke, and touch, you’re going to fall deeper in love with him. Please, just love him with everything you have.”

She holds your gaze, and between the two of you, there was some kind of resolve; an understanding. She knows. And she knows you’re moving on.

“Oh, and Natalie?” you ask, just before the moment fades.

“Yeah?” she says, with a smile that eases your mind. Not many people deserve Lin, but she definitely does.

“Don’t you fucking dare break his heart.”

It’s BS to trash this season because it doesn’t go your way.

 Two things I’ve noticed, and they are certainly related…

1- People have always put Sana on a pedestal. Her fans don’t acknowledge that she’s a flawed character just like the others and that she’s got to face her fears and learn from her mistakes. People are saying « she so pure/nice/an angel/doesn’t deserve this » but no one saying she played a part in this mess because she’s not communicating with her friends. She thinks she can handle everything on her own and doesn’t confide in people. She doesn’t want to appear weak. I’m not saying she’s the reason for what’s happening. I’m saying that she let the situation with the girls get worse by not expressing her feelings. Why didn’t she confide to Noora about Yousef ? Why not talk to Vilde or Sara about the russbus situation? In yesterday episode, we saw her almost reply to the chat discussion. Why didn’t she ? Why keep it all inside and alienate herself from her friends ?

Being fake is a recurrent theme in Skam. All Skam’s main characters were fake in their own way. And this season Sana is also fake. Yes, she’s a badass. She’s assertive and doesn’t hesitate to express her points of view on various subjects. But what about her personal feelings ?  People complain about the girls not listening to Sana, but did she try to talk to them ? Sana is a spectactor. She’s always listening, watching but never unload like a Vilde or a Noora. And when she feels the need to she steps in to save the day. She always has this superior attitude, like a mother watching and educating her children. When you don’t express your frustration, disappointment, fear or anxiety, people start to think you’re a rock and they tend to lean on you so much they forget you have your own shit to deal with. Does it make the girls bad friends ? Not really, and especially not when they asked Sana several time what’s going on with her and she didn’t answer them and choose to avoid them. 

Why is Sana like this ? It might come from the bullying she went through in her previous school, or maybe she’s always been like that. I believe the point of this season is for Sana to learn how to stop the pretense : she doesn’t always need to be strong, she can lean on her friends.

2- I’m wondering if the Sana brigade really love the character for what she is or if they just want her to be an irreproachable representation of a muslim girl. They want the show to educate people on Islam but guys, Skam isn’t a sociology documentary. Skam is a tv show about teenagers learning to grow up. I can understand they were delighted to see a muslim girl on tv, they felt they could identify with her. But to be this angry because the story isn’t the one they expected ???

Things they’re criticizing (slow development, unanswered questions…) were already in the previous seasons. That’s Skam’s trademark ! They’re doing Sana a disservice by not appreciating her character’s development as a whole and only wanting to focus on her religion. Of course Sana is muslim and it’s an important part of her but it’s not everything. Why every complain is about Islam and muslim representation ? Sana is also a teenager, she has concerns such as fitting at school, falling in love etc. Do we need to cry because we didn’t get a Ramadan scene yesterday? Of course it’d be great to have this scene, it would add realism to the show. But if we don’t get it, it will not be the end of the world. I’ve read things like « this season is about us » or « this season should represent muslims this way or that way ». Really ? I guess I didn’t know. I thought Skam season 4 was about SANA…

I’m an african-french woman and here there’s almost no POC representation on tv. I think once a year there’s a movie made for tv about POC and their struggles. That about it. It’s frustrating and disheartening but when I watch a show with black people I don’t expect to identify with them. I just follow the storyline and the characters progression. I don’t expect the writer to educate people on our ways of life and beliefs. And I don’t expect the show to change the way the world sees us!

Attention Seeker | Part Three

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 2.241

Part OnePart Two

Water kept running into your bathtub as you stood in front of it, just staring at the gently splashing water. You had closed the bathroom door, in order to deaden the sound of Jimin calling out for you and the echo of his fists hitting your front door over and over again. 

Tears were running down your cheeks as you turned the water off after it hit the edge of the tub and made the first step into the bathtub, soaking your pants completely. You didn’t care though. Right now, nothing but the pain your body was experiencing, was important to you. All you could feel was the pain in your heart, consuming all energy and all thoughts. So you continued to slowly slide into the tub until your whole body was under water, except for your head.

“Of course it’s a joke (Y/N). ARMY would never say those things and mean it.”

You shook your head in frustration.

“You’re only jealous because I spend so much time away with them and can’t give you enough attention.”

Another knife being slammed into your heart.

“You know you’re being really dramatic right now, right? Quit the games and face reality.”

A tear rolled down your face, leaving a salty taste on your lips.

“I risked everything for you!”

Sure he did.

“I always loved you more than you loved me and I’m basically giving you a second chance but you’re being like this.“

His words wouldn’t stop running through your mind so you ducked your head under water, taking a deep breath before doing so and closing your eyes, reminiscing in the dullness of being underwater. The quietness should have made it worse to ignore your thoughts but somehow it soothed you, making goosebumps rise all over your body as you just laid there on your back. The water was cold as ice but none of your senses registered the feeling of tiny needles ramming their way into your skin, leaving a numb yet painful feeling. In the distance you could make out the noise of a door crashing and yells becoming louder but nothing bothered you in that situation. 

Your lungs started burning, aching for air and your brain slowly seemed to throb inside of your skull but your lips formed into a soft smile. Weirdly enough, you were at peace in the middle of this chaos and your mind was relaxed while your body began to fight against the lack of vital resources.

All of a sudden, the dull sound of a door being slammed open, making your makeup fall of the sink and scatter all over the floor, your name being called hysterically, was audible. Two firm hands closed around your wrist, dragging you out of the water in one swift move and wiping your gentle smile off your face, replacing it by a shocked expression while gasping for air hysterically. Chokes erupted through your body while your lungs felt like someone was squishing them together, not letting go before you breathed properly.

“(Y/N)!”, Jimin’s cries were accompanied by his heartbreaking sobs, strong arms engulfing you in a painful hug, his tears molding together with the icy water on your skin.

You just stayed there in his arms, like in a trance, not realizing what had happened. Leaning into his touch, you breathed in his scent, closing your eyes in a loving yet heartbroken state. 

“Jimin…”, you whispered against his body. In response he let out sobs while gently placing his hands on each sides of your face, eyes staring at you widely. Tears streamed down his face as his thumbs softly rubbed over your cheeks wiping away your tears, shaking his head in shock and disbelief.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N), so so sorry. I.-”, he choked on his words and you wrapped your arms around his shaking figure, forgetting your own pain as you saw him breaking in front of you.

“I’m such a fucking idiot. I- I should have listened to you -I”, he cried out, not letting go of your small frame in between his arms as if to make sure, you wouldn’t step back into that bathtub. 

“Shh, Jimin”, you said calmly, surprising yourself by the calmness your voice carried while your mind wouldn’t stop running wild. What the hell did I just do?

“I don’t deserve someone as wonderful as you (Y/N), you were always there for me b-but when y-you needed me I-I was a complete d-dickhead!”, his eyes were puffy and swollen as he hid his face in the crook of your neck, taking in your scent. The scent that he thought he might never smell again. From the person he thought he had lost forever.

“Please don’t leave me”, his body was shaking under your touch, goosebumps visible on his arms.

“I won’t, I promise”, you answered and kissed the top of his head gently. 

You were sitting on your couch, wrapped up in a fluffy blanket, a cup of tea in your hand and Jimin sitting right next to you. There was space between the two of you, no part of your bodies was touching the other one. You were quietly sipping on your tea while Jimin was just staring at his fingers on his lap, small tears still streaming down his face. Your face was blank but Jimin’s looked full of hurt and regret, self hatred clearly displaced on its features.

After a while of just sitting next to each other in silence, he turned his face over to you.


His voice was shaking and his eyes had millions of different emotions in them, making it impossible for you to tell what he was thinking. All you could make out was the pain being supported by his tears and fragile state.

“Why what?”, you asked in confusion and slightly furrowed your eyebrows at him before taking another sip of your tea he had made for you. It had the right amount of sugar in it, just the way you liked it. He knew how you hated bitter drinks.

“Why were you in that bathtub? Why-”, he sighed deeply and looked away for a split second before focusing on your face again. “Why did you promise me that you wouldn’t leave me when I hurt you so bad?”

Again, his eyes filled with tears as he bit down on his lips, kneading his fingers together in anxiousness. 

“You thought, I was trying to take my own life right?”, you whispered, letting your index finger glide under his chin, lifting it up so he would look at you. He nodded in response, erupting in new sobs and you quickly grabbed his hand, trying to sooth him a little bit.

“I didn’t. I was just trying to get the pain away from my heart onto somewhere else on my body”, you sighed as you looked down. “I thought I would die from the pain I was feeling in my chest. Getting your heart ripped out by hand while someone else stabbed you in the chest seemed to be less painful than the heartache I was experiencing. That’s why I went in there. I wanted to feel pain somewhere else to be able to ignore or forget the pain that was making me go crazy. As soon as I sunk into the water, the iciness took over my body and everything went numb. I could relax.”

Jimin sniffled next to you and you looked up to meet his gaze. “Even though I wasn’t planning to kill myself, it felt so soothing to be in there. I don’t know if I would have just forgotten myself after a while and let the numbness take over me”, you squeezed his hand as your thumb slid over the back of his hand. 

“Thank you for getting me out of there before I could have done something stupid without noticing”, you breathed out just loud enough for him to hear and he let his head fall back in pain, biting down on his lips in frustration, holding onto your hand in desperation. 

“I promised you to not leave you because that’s what I’m going to do Jimin”, your voice was stern, making his eyes turn to you again. “I’m not going to leave the way you thought I would. I’m not going to commit suicide, I will not hurt myself or do anything stupid. But we’re still over Jimin. I’m sorry.”

Desperation broke out of Jimin as he jumped up but fell down in the next second, landing in front of your knees, hands placing themselves around your legs, face looking up at you pleadingly. “No please (Y/N), please don’t let us be over! I beg you please, I can’t live without you. I-”, he took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down before his emotions could take over him completely. He was already losing control over them but he realized, he needed to prove to you why you shouldn’t leave instead of just pleading and begging. He had hurt you deeply, deeper than anyone ever had. 

“I saw it. I saw everything. I was about to leave your front door when a group of fans came up the stairs and I hid behind the plants your neighbor has in front of her apartment. I heard what they said about you. Cruel things, things only mad people would say, as they left notes in front of your apartment. When they left, I opened the letters and I’m so sorry for not believing you (Y/N). I’m such an idiot. After I read their threats, I went downstairs and saw the same girls being chased away by the caretaker of your apartment building. I was furious from the letters still but confused as to why he was so upset and angry at them but as he got closer, he recognized me and stopped. You know what your caretaker said to me? ‘This is the third time this week that they vandalize our walls. If your people don’t do something real fast, I’m suing all of you and kicking (Y/N) out. I can’t afford all this painting and repairing anymore. I don’t shit money like you!’”, his voice broke and he closed his eyes in order to keep new tears from streaming down his face. By now, you were the one crying.

“I believe you, I believe everything you said. I know that saying this now won’t make my behavior from earlier disappear. Honestly, I don’t know what to do to make you realize that I love you more than I love myself and that I regret it so much that I didn’t believe you from the beginning. I regret being so ignorant and thinking that the love of my life would invent something like this, something so serious that she has been dealing with since we started dating. I can’t believe you were able to hide all of this from me for this long. You went through this every single day and never told me because you wanted to keep me safe. And what did I do? Treat you like complete shit. I’m such an asshole (Y/N) and I understand that you want to erase me out of your life, because I would do the same if I were you. But please, please give me another chance and let me show you that I can treat you better than that. I can treat you the way you deserve to be treated. I will shower you with flowers every day, I will write you love letters that I usually keep to myself, I will make you breakfast every morning before I have to leave. I will make sure everyone who even slightly sends hate towards you, gets sued and charged for their behavior. I will do everything so that you know that you’re my princess, you’re my everything. I’m nothing without you (Y/N).”

You had your hands pressed over your mouth, stopping yourself from sobbing out loud as your face was covered by salty water. Jimin had made a mistake. A huge mistake that he regretted deeply. He had hurt you worse than anyone could have ever hurt you. Worse than anyone could ever imagine. The pain had been unbearable and sitting across from him, having him say all those words, made your chest hurt yet your tummy fill with thousands of butterflies. It was mixture of emotions, a feeling you couldn’t describe. A feeling you didn’t know existed until then.

“Do you mean this?”, you asked in confusion, not knowing what else to be saying in that situation. Jimin frantically nodded his head, holding your hands now in his own, softly kissing every centimeter of them.

“I wouldn’t say these things if I wasn’t being honest, you know me.”

Erupting into heartbreaking sobs you knelt down next to him, flinging your arms around his neck and pulling him close. Jimin instinctively wrapped his arms around your frame, holding the both of you up as you sobbed into his shoulder, while clinging onto him in exasperation. 

“I love you Jimin”, you sobbed and he sighed audibly. “I love you (Y/N). So much.”

You slowly leaned back to look into his eyes seriously. “If you ever do something like this, you’re dead.”

A small smile spread across his lips before he nodded. “Got it, babe. I will make sure that I will never be this stupid again, I promise.”

Feel Again

Characters: Y/N Sanders (reader), Misha Collins, Benjamin Sanders (OMC), Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles,

Pairing: Benjamin x Reader, Misha x Reader

Warnings: Cheating (not Misha), it is flangst nothing too bad.      

Word Count: 1300ish

A/N: This is 1 out of my 13 entries for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Fanfiction Challenge where I chose the album “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons. The song prompt for this fic is: Gold

Thanks to the amazinly sweet and talented @blacktithe7 for betaing this one for me

This life had been all you had ever dreamed about since you were a small child. You had always wanted to be a singer. You wanted to perform in big stadiums with an band behind you and people screaming your name. You had loved watching your idols at the Grammys wearing pretty dresses on TV and dreamed of being there yourself one day. This was your life now. Designers was begging you to wear their products, like some sort of walking commercial. You did it because it was required , not because you enjoyed it. Not anymore atleast.

Everyone around you seemed to want something from you. They never seemed interested in getting to know the girl behind the facade. They never seemed like they really cared about you. They only wanted what your name could get them. You had thought Benjamin had been different, but at it turned out your judgement wasn’t what it used to be. When you had found him in bed with his assistant, all he talked about when you were throwing his clothes out of your shared house, was how this was going to look to the public. He didn’t tell you that he loved or that he had made a mistake. He only cared about losing the star power having you on his arm had provided and what that loss would mean to his career.

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Request: Requested by @neverabandonthejeep: One shot pls :) where some other guy at school is trying to hit on you and stiles gets really mad and picks a fight with them even though he knows he’s gonna lose thanks 😘.

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader.

Warnings: Violence, language, and mentions of blood (not too graphic though).

Fandom: Teen Wolf.

A/N: Sorry this took me so long to post and forgive if it’s bad, I had a serious writer block till now. Also I changed the request a little bit, hope you don’t mind.

(Not my gif, credit to its owner).

The lacrosse team dressing room was packed. There were boys showering, others changing to head out of the school and others were talking about who knows what.

Stiles and Scott were discussing quietly some supernatural issues while gathering their things to finally go home. Everything was fine until Andrew Jones, one of the team Golden Boys and full-time jerk entered the room.

“Damn it, how can someone with just their presence bother everyone’s existence,” Stiles grunted at the sight of Andrew laughing with his gang of brainless friends. Scott turned his head a little to catch what his friend was observing.

“I don’t know why you hate him so much, I mean yeah, he’s a complete idiot but apart from that, he has never done something bad to you,” Stiles let out a fake chuckle to put on a serious face after. “You, my friend are too good to see that he is a complete asshole with a ridiculous personality, and don’t for-” Scott’s laugh interrupted his best friend rambling. To say the Stilinski boy didn’t like Andrew was an understatement, but this whole exposition of reasons just lead to one main argument: Jones had a thing for you, Stiles girlfriend.

“Are you sure, this has nothing to be with the fact that Andrew likes (Y/N)?”

“Maaaybeee, but after all he’s insufferable,” The two mates felt silent as they stared at the boy in question getting closer to them with his group of friends.

“Look what we have here, the athlete and his loser best friend,” Andrew commented earning a killer glare from Stiles and an eye roll from Scott.

“What do you want, Jones?” Stiles fumed, he honestly didn’t have time for this or anything that involved Andrew Jones.

“Nothing, really. Annoying you just gives me satisfaction,” Scott scoffed, this asshole was being beyond ridiculous and yes, he understood why his best friend hated him.

“Oh yeah? You know what causes me satisfaction? Not facing jerks like you who can’t even understand a proper phrase” And with that Stiles turned around to leave, followed by Scott.

“Alright Stilinski, leave but please say hi to (Y/N) for me and don’t forget to mention that I wish I could see that body of hers,” Oh no, that went way too far. Nobody made that kind of comments about you, not if he was there. His body shifted so now he could face the jerk in front of him.

“What did you say little fucker?” Stiles voice came out low and threatening and his eyes were blind by the anger. The smirk Andrew had just got bigger at this reaction.

“I said, that I wish to see your girl in all her magnificence,” That was it. Stiles curled his hands into fists and punched Andrew with a strength he didn’t even know he had. The boy fell from the force, and everyone looked at Stiles amazed; usually he would attack someone verbally, he never punched and kicked his way out of situations, but this time something really took him to the limit.

“Son of a bitch!” Andrew shouted; now the big bad guy was angry. This wasn’t going to end well. Rapidly recomposing himself from the blow, he pushed Stiles making him fall and started to punch him repeatedly. The blood was starting to drip from Stiles‘ nose and he was sure that his face would be dark purple in certain places.

“What the hell is happening here?” Someone gasped, all the boys in the room getting out of their daze to see a feminine figure standing shocked at the view of the other two guys wrestling on the floor.

“Scott! Do something!” You shouted, was he really watching his friend being beaten and doing nothing to stop it?

“Shit! Right,” The werewolf used his muscles to throw Andrew to the other side of the room, probably leaving him unconscious, and his group of friends flew off after witnessing Scott’s strength.

“My gosh, Stiles!” The boy tried to sit straight but his body was in pain, you rushed to his side and helped him. There were bruises starting to form in his beautiful skin and his nose was bleeding, that sure hurt.

“I’m fine (Y/N). It’s alright,” The comment didn’t make things better, this situation was not fine at all.

“No, it’s not alright you dumbass. What were you thinking? I mean look at you!” You stressed. He stared at your face that even with a frown of worry looked beautiful. By now, Scott was helping you to put him on his feet so you could go to the infirmary.

“(Y/N). Love. Calm down, please. It doesn’t hurt because it was for a good reason” Stiles half smiled at you, but hell, you were angry at him for getting himself in this situations.

“And what was that good reason?” You asked, scanning his features.

“I was defending you. He was saying bad things about you. And I-” He was interrupted by the feeling of your hand on his sore cheek.

“Look Stilinski, I love that you wanted to stand up for me, but a bump fight isn’t the solution,” And it was true, you’d rather being called things that watching him get severely hurt.

“She’s right man” Scott agreed with you. Stiles smiled lightly, knowing you cared deeply about him.

“Okay, Okay. Now, you two fools take me to the infirmary. This hurts like hell” You and his werewolf friend laughed at his sass.

“Alright, princess” You responded jokingly.

when you last left me my blood was in a jar | (1/1)

and you kept it on your mantlepiece

She must be doing something wrong that her son thinks the best way to go about proving his fairytale identity is to steal a sword. She must be doing something wrong to indulge this.

Given everything that Storybrooke and this storybook has thrown her way, it must be wrong that Killian being Captain Hook isn’t the worst option.

notes: love it when i’m just scrolling my dash, minding my own business, and a silly prompt shows up and my brain fires in the completely wrong direction where “MY KID SHOPLIFTED FROM YOUR STORE AND I MARCHED HER BACK HERE TO APOLOGIZE TO YOU AU” becomes nearly 6k of a s1 cursed hook au. anyways, glad that i apparently still know how to put words on a page in something resembling a story, hope you enjoy!

also on ao3

“Did you really think I wouldn’t notice the sword?”

“It’s not a sword,” Henry grumbles. There’s no masking the disappointment of a ten year old child, and Henry’s mastered the pout. Emma’s not falling for it today. There’s letting him join her for a cup of hot cocoa at the diner when he’s already late for getting…to Regina. But letting him pocket a -

“What is it then?” Emma asks.

Henry simply says, “A replica of Excalibur.”

“The Knights of the Round Table that hard up for money? Franchising a magic sword?”

Henry shakes his head, in that way he does where he sees her sarcasm as something to power through rather than acknowledge. He’s remarkably good at that, too, because when he replies, “No. Emma, you were supposed to read the book,” she actually feels guilty.

“Yeah…yeah, I did. Refresh me though?”

Henry sees her for a liar, liar pants on fire, but he’s mature enough not to say it and Emma’s immature enough to near smile when she looks up at the telephone wire above them.

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Warnings: kinda angsty

Request/Summary: Could you please do one where the sister is deaf/mute and the brothers are having a hard time with it, just a lot of fluff!! I saw the post that you were having writers block, I completely understand if you don’t get around to this quickly, take you time :) x

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister!Reader

Word Count: 1,149

Y/N: your name

Y/N/N: your nickname

Age: anywhere between 12 and 16

2 months. 2 months now you haven’t been able to speak. Not because you didn’t want to but because  you were almost too afraid to speak. By the second week of you not speaking your brothers decided to take you to a physcologist, they then said to take you to a psychiatrist and they then told them to take you to a speech-language pathologist whatever that is, nonetheless they took you anyways. You didn’t understand why you had to go all three if they were all going to say the same thing. You had been diagnosed with traumatic mutism.

“Traumatic mutism comes after a child witnesses a death or a traumatic event, isn’t able to process such event causing the child to become mute.” said the so-called speech-language pathologist upon being asked quite rudely by Dean. You and Sam decided to wait outside of the doctors office while they continued to speak noticing how the conversation was affecting you slightly.

“Okay, and what the hell can we do to fix her” Dean answered back. He didn’t mean to be rude he was just desperate. His baby sister wasn’t talking for christ’s sake.

“She isn’t broken.” The doctor said raising her brow, “And if you don’t mind me asking, can you tell me what traumatic event she witnessed?” she asked Dean, quite curious really.

“Oh uhh,” Dean thought for a second, he hadn’t thought about what to tell the doctor, “our dad, he uh past away an’ she was with him when it happened.” he answered quickly, it was in fact true that you were there moments before your father died, but that wasn’t what really caused you to become mute. He didn’t really know what happened, neither did Sam.

Okay.” she answered back skeptically. Although you were outside you heard everything they said, making you even more anxious.

Now, you were in your room sketching in your journal. Even though you didn’t want to speak you had to let out your emotions somehow. You were afraid, anxious, sad, angry at yourself for not saving those innocent people, it felt as if every negative emotion was in you and you were to full of them to do anything.

You heard a knock on your door, you simply looked at it already knowing who would walk in. And alas you were right, Sam and Dean opened the door to your room and saw you sitting at your desk scribbling away in a small journal.

“Hey what’re you doing?” Sam asked tenderly moving to you in three long strides with his long legs. You simply looked at him and then back at your journal where you had drawn what seemed like a werewolf

“Oh you’re drawing, that seems nice.” He answered to your silence. They both seemed awkward and tense making you anxious. There was an uncomfortable silence in the room which you couldn’t muster up the courage to break so instead Dean did, but how you wished he didn’t.

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Arrow 5x15 “Fighting Fire With Fire”: We All Got Burned

Originally posted by gameraboy

I’m not quite sure how the Arrow writers are managing this but every single week this show has gotten worse. The issues plaguing the show have only dug in deeper, taking root and I’m not quite sure how Arrow at this point can rid itself of the legacy this season is going to leave in regards to the industry and the fans.

I fully understand that everything is a journey and when you are writing a twenty-three episode series, they tend to draw out plot points that a 13 episode series would conclude rather quickly or smartly avoid. But there is the difference between taking the long way to your destination and setting the car on fire while you’re still driving it.

The Arrow writers have completely forgotten this. Their oft-espoused “back to basics” really meant they were going to erase years of character development. I do not recognize these characters anymore. I do not know Oliver Queen anymore. This isn’t the character that I’ve loved; that I’ve defended like a momma lion; and that I’ve championed a hero even when he wasn’t working with his better angels.

This character is an asshole. I was rooting for impeachment. I’m this close from starting up a Prometheus fanclub. I was once a huge The Vampire Diaries fan. And then Elena Gilbert became a vampire and the show was ruined for me because the show ruined its protagonist. Everything about her character was erased entirely just to perpetuate a love triangle that they had supposedly resolved at the end of the previous season. In doing so, they turned Elena Gilbert entirely unlikeable for me. I just never got over her 24-hr brother swapping or her irritating personality change that was never really explained properly. I never thought I’d see another show destroy its own protagonist as swiftly as TVD managed to do. 

Thus it was funny that I would go on to watch Arrow and root for Oliver Queen, who had his own history of sister swapping. But the difference was that kind of behavior was clearly in Oliver’s past; he was beyond that. He’d grown and learned that he’d been an asshole because karma had kicked his ass something fierce. I’m not saying he didn’t screw up in the present because Lord knows he did. The revival of Oliver and Sara’s relationship was in the worst taste. But it was a little more believable than this push for Oliver and Susan’s relationship in S5.

I thought that douchebag behavior was behind Oliver. Especially once he and Felicity had gotten together. He’d found his light and the one to help him harness it. Oliver had attained a kind of emotional maturity and then the BMD happened. It’s really all been downhill for Oliver since 4x08. It only got worse when S5 started. And yet somehow in 5B they have managed to make all of it worse than 4B and 5A.


I am at my breaking point with Oliver. This isn’t a good feeling as someone who loved his character; as someone who loved this show and was rooting for him to come out the end a better, fully-developed person and hero; and as someone who shipped him with my favorite female character. Because here is the hard truth that makes my stomach hurt to even think: Felicity deserves better than this version of Oliver. I think I’ll stick with what I named him last week: Ollie 2.0. And without some sort of magical reversal, I can’t quite see how any kind of reunion between Olicity could be a good thing, let alone believable. I actually have tears in my eyes writing that out. Like a physical pain has lanced my chest. But I feel that defeated after this episode. I am grateful that we have a couple of weeks off before this reel disaster returns.

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Real To You

Requested: “Sooo with all the 13 reasons why stuff lately… I really love that serie and I was wondering if you could do an image where shawn and the reader watch it together and then say kinda come that she tells him about her thoughts (after he “begged ” her) of killing herself a few years ago a day than all fluffy you know? AND BY THE WAY I LOVE YOUR WRITING!“

A/N: TRIGGER WARNING:I realize now I should probably put trigger warnings on any imagines I have that are related to sensitive subjects, and I apologize for not having warnings on my past imagines. That being said, I don’t exactly know what requires a trigger warning because everyone has a different definition of what triggers them. So, I guess I’ll just mention that this imagine talks deeply about suicide/self harm. ALSO CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM 13 REASONS WHY. And, I didn’t fully understand this request and I’m sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted!

It was fictional. Everything you were watching, everything you couldn’t take your eyes away from wasn’t real, but it felt real. You were on the verge of tears as you watched her use the blade to cut into her skin, spilling blood into the bathtub water. You noted the warning that Netflix gave you before you played this episode, but you ignored it, thinking that maybe since things were different now, it wouldn’t affect you. You thought that about some other scenes the writers warned you about, but you were wrong. The whole series you were watching was emotionally draining you, but for some reason you couldn’t stop watching. It was like old times, being addicted to your own pain and continuing to perform sins that cut into your heart, but for some twisted reason you enjoyed it. And now you were sitting on your couch with your boyfriend trying to finish this damn show, without losing it. You couldn’t sit still in your seat and so Shawn’s hand gripped your leg, worry written all over his face. You couldn’t handle yourself, him, or what was playing in front of you anymore so you got up as quickly as you could and ran to the bathroom hoping that Shawn wouldn’t see the tears spilling out of your eyes.

Everyone is just so nice until they drive you to kill yourself

You remembered that quote very clearly and it made you think. Think back to when you wanted to kill yourself, to when you truly believed you were nothing. Memories of years behind you, came flooding in and you were suddenly falling apart.

“Y/N? You okay?” Shawn was knocking on the door now and you didn’t know what to do.

“Uh yeah.” You said as casually as possible, praying that he couldn’t tell you were crying. But, Shawn being who is, of course he could tell.

“Baby open the door, what’s wrong?” You didn’t respond and you just stood there, staring at the door. Shawn had no idea about how your life used to be and you didn’t exactly plan on telling him considering how much you hated thinking about it. But now it was coming back, and how could you not tell him? All thanks to that damn TV show, all thanks to Hannah Baker. That was the issue though. You used to be Hannah Baker.

“Open this door right now Y/N.” Shawn said one more time, in a loving tone. He wasn’t mad, he just wanted to help you. And so you weakly opened the door, falling into his arms. He kissed your head, and kept quiet like he usually did whenever he comforted you. He never forced you to talk about anything and he’d let you cry it out until you were ready to speak. But this time there was only one thing you could thing of to say;

“It’s not fair.” You mumbled through Shawn’s now tear soaked t-shirt.

“What’s not fair?”

“Life isn’t fair.. Hannah didn’t deserve it, Jess didn’t deserve it, and Alex..” You couldn’t breathe properly and you felt pathetic. Shawn probably thought you were insane for getting so worked up about events that didn’t happen. But they did happen. They happened to you, they happen everyday to people all over the world and that’s why 13 Reasons Why fucked you up so badly. Because of how realistic it was, and because of how incredibly they portrayed the mind of a depressed teenager. It was almost as if they based Hannah Baker’s character on you. You and millions of other teens who’ve experienced such horrific events.

“Everything’s okay, it’s not real.” Shawn said trying to comfort you. He didn’t understand and he wouldn’t, unless you spoke up. You wiped your eyes, trying to get yourself together to say something, but nothing came out.

“Unless.. Unless it’s real to you?” Shawn said and pulled your hands away from your face, so he could look at you. He held onto your hands, and squeezed them, making you feel slightly better. You had been with Shawn for so long now, and he should know about what happened. You held onto his hands tighter than ever and finally spoke up.

“A few years ago, I tried to kill myself.” You said bluntly and as honest as possible. You couldn’t look at Shawn, you stared at the ground. He stayed silent for a small five seconds but it was long enough for you to go off.

“But it didn’t work. I wasn’t as lucky as Hannah Baker. It didn’t work Shawn.” Your voice cracked, and you were almost yelling now. You felt angry, angry at yourself for several different things. The fact that you even tried to take your own life angered you, because you had so much to live for, you just couldn’t see it. But of course, with the luck you had it didn’t work. You remember feeling so pathetic, and there was a time when you envied those who got away with dying, by suicide. The one time you actually find the courage to kill yourself, it doesn’t work, and you’re stuck in a hospital bed wondering where you went wrong. You had wished that you were lucky enough to die, the way Hannah Baker did. It was so easy for her. Shawn’s arms were suddenly wrapped around you, and he was holding you tighter than he ever did before. You almost couldn’t breathe, and your crying was immediately stopped for some reason. Everything was quiet until you heard Shawn sniffling, and you knew he was crying now. He hasn’t said anything though, and so you pulled away, wondering what he was thinking. You grabbed his face, and felt his now wet cheeks.

“I didn’t know. I’m so sorry, I wouldn’t have let you watch that fucking show if I knew it could’ve been an issue. You’re right, life isn’t fair. And it’s not fucking fair that you ever had to feel like that Y/N. No one deserves that especially not you.” Shawn said while gritting his teeth, as if he was angry at himself. You felt bad for not letting him know sooner, and you didn’t know what to say other than, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, are you kidding? You’re perfect, you’re perfect the way you are okay? You have nothing to be sorry for. I’m sorry, I feel like such a shit boyfriend.” Your heart broke at his words.

“What? Why?”

“Because I’m supposed to be there for you, you shouldn’t feel sad, like ever. I’m gunna do better, I promise. I love you so much, you know that right? You deserve everything in the entire world, and you-” He was rambling and rambling and although you loved it, you cut him off.

“Shawn. You’re not a shit boyfriend for not knowing about my issues. I’m the one who didn’t tell you. You’ve done so much to help me throughout our relationship, and I love you. I couldn’t thank you enough.” You said and he didn’t say anything, he just stared at you, his thumb rubbing circles on your cheek.

“I love you.” He whispered softly.

“I know, you already told me baby.” You smiled, your eyes watering still.

“Well, I wanted to tell you again. And I’ll probably tell you again and again later. I love you, I fucking love you.”


friend, let me teach you a valuable lesson in life.

you will go through something that will bruise you. damage you. wreck you in ways that you won’t be able to put into words. i promise. this will happen to you like it has to everyone, at least once in your life. when you go through this, you will be angry. terribly angry. and sad. and full of bitterness and nerves.  when you feel like this, you will have two choices: keep doing what you’ve been doing, or rebuild yourself. now, it’s not as easy as it sounds, and that is why not a lot of people do it. a lot of people acknowledge it, they acknowledge the situation and the pain, but they don’t let it make its way behind their walls, they don’t let it dive into them. they don’t let themselves feel it completely, and so it clings onto them for the rest of their lives. don’t get me wrong. they became content again. successful. they keep living. but they never heal completely. they never forgive completely. you know what i’m talking about: the ones with the insecurities. the trust issues. the incapability to let someone love them again. you know why? because they know if they do let it in, it is strong enough, big enough, to break them. and they are afraid of the breaking point. they are terrified of feeling it. they are terrified of starting over. but listen. by letting it break you, it will explode. and the explosion means it’s gone. it’s gone. and then what you are left with are your roots. the ground. the beginning. and your chance of a comeback. you have no choice but to make yourself into something again. and guess what? it’s your chance to make yourself into something you always wanted. don’t get me wrong, it’s hard. people will tell you you are just distracting yourself from what happened to you. you will lose people. people you always thought you’d never lose. you will gain others. ones you thought you would never welcome in. you will fall short. you will want to give up. you will remain angry. especially when you see happiness everywhere you go. you won’t understand why it hasn’t caught up with you yet. you won’t want others to feel it, and then you will think you are a bad person for feeling this way. it won’t be easy. but let me tell you this. when you get to that point, the point where you become who you always wanted to be - and i promise you, if you don’t quit and stay focused and determined, it will happen - that’s when you forgive. you heal. you let go. you thank the universe for doing what it did to you, instead of cursing it. when you realize that you wouldn’t be the person you are now, the one you love, the one you always dreamed of being that’s when you start realizing that it wasn’t something to mourn about, it wasn’t something to stop you, but it was a push. it was a push to help you become who you were meant to be, because somewhere along the way, you stopped trying to mould into that person. and the universe knows this. it saw you stopped trying. stopped growing. so it does what it needs to do for you to try again. to grow again. to become. this wasn’t meant to end you. i promise, it wasn’t meant to end you. so don’t let it. if this happened to you, it just means you have potential: it means you are strong enough to go through it. it just means you have something inside you that needs to come out because what you have, is great. it’s bigger than what happened to you. and the universe knows, that the only way it’s going to come out is by breaking your walls down.

friend, have the courage to break. i promise, there are tiny seeds inside you waiting to grow. and god, they are so beautiful.

I Loved You And You Left

Author: @riversong-sam
Request: Anonymous said:
Chuck x reader, he and Reader were best friends before he went M.I.A and Reader is helping Winchester’s with Amara when Chuck comes back she starts to yell at him and then the brother tells her that he God and Reader starts to laughing at them. Thanks
Word Count: 672
Parings: Chuck x Reader
Warnings: Angst  
A/N: I hope you enjoy this! Feedback is greatly appreciated. possibly part 2?

Walking into the library because Sam had come by your room and asked you to come out to meet someone your eyes land on Chuck. He had been your best-friend before he just up and disappeared.
“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” you screech at him. He looked just as shocked to see you as you did him.
“(Y/N) calm down.” Sam tells you
“CALM DOWN! DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME TO CALM DOWN!” you snarl at him and walk over to Chuck slapping him, making the brothers wince.    
Lightly rubbing his cheek Chuck stares at you.
“(Y/N/N)” he begins
“OH NO! Don’t you dare (Y/N/N) me. You don’t get to talk. You left me! You not me. You.” Every word you poke his chest and stare at him menacingly.
Dean pulls you away before you hit him again.
“(Y/N) he’s not who you think he is.”
“So he’s not a writer who I lived with and took care of? He wasn’t my best-friend?” you sass
“No (Y/N) he’s the big man upstairs.”
“You mean..”
Both boys and Chuck nod. You look between them and laugh. This carries on for several minutes until tears are streaming down your face.
“You are funny.”
“(Y/N) the Winchesters are completely serious.”    
“Well good for you. Just because you’re all powerful you think you can disappear willy-nilly.” You begin walking away only for him to grab your arm.
“(Y/N) Please allow me to explain. I had to leave to protect you.”
“PROTECT ME!” you screech “I LOVED YOU! I loved you and you left me. No explanation whatsoever. You disappeared I searched for months!” your voice wavered as you rip your arm away and retreat to the safety of your room.
Seeing him again brought up all those old feelings of abandonment. He was your whole world, had been at least. You had told him things you’d never tell another soul. He had listened and never judged and helped you though things. He in return confided in you as much as you did him. You cooked and cleaned and edited his writings. Took care of him when he was sick or hungover. You had loved him with your entire being and the one thing he knew you were afraid of he did to you.
You didn’t realize you were crying until you felt hands on your face brushing away your tears. Blinking you look up only to flinch away when you see Chuck.
“(Y/N) please.”
“No leave me alone you’re really good at that.” You spit out.
He flinches he knows about your abandonment issues. He also knew you had every right to be to be as angry as you were with him for leaving how he did. He truly felt awful, he had always known of your feelings for him, feelings he whole heartily return. The problem was he screwed this up and had no idea how to fix it.
“(Y/N) please hear me out. If you don’t like what I have to say then I’ll leave and won’t bother you anymore.”
You watch him from your spot on your bed where you’re curled up and nod permitting him to speak.
“(Y/N) I’m a poor excuse for a friend. I knew of your past yet I left the way I did. No amount of apologizing on my part will ever make-up for it. I don’t expect you to forgive me, to ever trust me how you did before. I’m very, very sorry for what I did. I left because I was afraid to love you. I was afraid that you would end up hurt because of me and I was not wrong. My sister will use you against me. I beg of you to stop helping them, stop helping to defeat Amara. I can’t lose you.”        
“You already lost me Chuck”
He sighs this was going to be more difficult than he thought. He wanted you safe, with him. He wanted you back. He also wanted to win you back without manipulating you with his powers.

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Breathe, Y/N, breathe. You told yourself as people scurried around you and hooked you up to mics. There was a lot riding on this interview going right, your manager wanted publicity for the show, but he knew you were shit in front of a host. But you looked passed the cameras and saw Namjoon standing there, he gave you a smile and you nodded back at him. He had somehow convinced you that it was all going to be alright, so even with being only a couple weeks post-op, you sat down in front of HD cameras for an interview. The host came over and shook your hand.

Hello, Y/N, now this segment shouldn’t take too long and we are just going to ask a couple of questions. Your manager approved of them, so you should know them. Are you okay? The host spoke quietly and quickly and you simply nodded. Taking one last deep breath, you put a smile on your face. Everything is going to be okay. You said to yourself one last time and the lights went bright.

I’m here with Y/N, bestselling author and soon to be screenwriter, how are you doing today?

I’m doing great! You said enthusiastically and smiled at the host. It was strange being under all these lights and you could feel your armpits start to sweat, trying to push your anxiousness down, you continued to speak. It’s been a long time since I’ve done an interview like this. I’m used to sticking behind the scenes. You laughed a little as the host smiled.

True! You’ve only done 3 interviews on television before. Why is that? The host already caught you off guard. This wasn’t one of the approved questions. You could feel a bead of sweat roll down your spine.

Uhm, well I get incredibly camera shy. I am a pretty good writer, but I seem to go completely blank when a camera is on. You tried to laugh it off, but the host raised her eyebrows.

Ah, yea, television isn’t for everyone. She replied and it felt like a jab. You looked over and Namjoon’s face had become stern. He looked angry, but you were determined to make him proud.

Yea, you could say I’m one of those people it’s not meant for, I love being able to write and see things from behind the camera. Which is why this new drama with Jeon Jungkook will be so interesting and new to work on. It is my first series that I am writing alone. You see, I’ve helped a couple other screenwriters with scenes here and there, but I’ve never written every little part. It’s quite a rigorous process. You spouted off and looked over, Namjoon still looked angry at the host, but gave you a smile. He knew you were trying your best, but he felt as though the host was being unnecessarily harsh towards you.

You and Jungkook seem to be quite close. Anything there? The host looked almost disinterested in what you had said earlier, but when you brought up Jungkook, her eyes sparked. You felt your nerves come back.

We are just friends. Since Namjoon and I started filming We Got Married, I have gotten to know all of BTS, but since I’m writing for Jungkook, we thought it would be good for us to really get to know each other. It helps that Namjoon and I are dating, because Jungkook seems to always be around and will come over to hang out with us. The host looked a bit angry at your ability to give her an excuse for your close proximity to the idol.

So you and Namjoon are dating? She asked, but it was through gritted teeth. A part of you could see that this was the cause of the issue. Don’t you think you’re a little plain for an idol like Namjoon? She said and the entire film crew went silent. You could hear Namjoon’s chair move against the floors, but you didn’t look at him for reassurance. This wasn’t his fight. Your mind went into a small frenzy, a myriad of different bitchy comebacks, but something snapped in you.

You’re a bully. You said simply and the crew audibly gasped. I lied before about being camera shy, the main reason I don’t do interviews is for the sole purpose of people like you. The ones who will turn to someone like me and try to belittle me. You are too worried about getting a story or causing drama that you don’t seem to think about the feelings of someone else. I used to hide from cameras and the gossip because I didn’t want to get caught up in the horrible nature that you guys call entertainment. But I came on this interview today because the man I love and truly care for asked me to, and that guy is Namjoon. So if you want to spout of insecurities and tell the world stupid lies about how I’m breaking up BTS, then be my guest. But don’t think I’m going to subject myself to your horrible behavior and praise you at the end of it. You finished your sentence and stood up. Looking at the camera, you slathered on a smile and continued. I truly love Namjoon and I know it might bother some of you. I also hope that this outburst doesn’t cause you all to turn your backs on Jungkook for his first drama. Anyway, back to you guys at the main studio or however the hell you sign off on these things. I’m going home. You walked off the stage, leaving a stunned host behind.

The crew followed you as you began taking the mics off. They bowed and stepped away, but one crew member came up to you with a large smile on his face.

That was awesome! He exclaimed and you tilted your head. She’s always a bitch to her interviewees and I want to smack her, so thank you for mentally doing that today! You’re seriously badass! He high fived you and walked away. You chuckled and saw Namjoon trot up to you.

Well hello little miss feisty. He laughed and you rolled your eyes.

This is why I hate interviews. I’m not meant to be beat up in front of cameras like that. You mumbled as Namjoon pulled you into his chest.

Ah, I think you did a pretty good job fighting her off. And damn, it was hot. He said in a low voice that caused you to raise your eyebrows.

Oh really? Should we head home? You questioned and he held out his hand.

Of course. He began walking with you, but stopped abruptly. When you turned around to look at him quizzically, he said something that completely floored you. Oh and by the way, I love you too.

Resistances and Dalliances

Chapter 15: Flurry in the Sand

“The wind… the sand… the cliffs,” Ryder murmured, shading her eyes as she scanned Elaaden. “Very scenic!” she pronounced.

“I have sand in my… no, I have sand everywhere,” Jaal complained.

“Let’s find these prisoners and get off this cursed rock before we cook,” Evfra muttered darkly.

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anonymous asked:

Hi hun~ hope you're doing wonderful! So, I always wanted to know why Amy boom doesn't show her feelings to sonic, so I have this little head canon that there was a moment when she decided to stop following Sonic around and start acting more grown up, but, Sonic not necessarily likes the change. I would like to see you write something with that. sorry if is not clear enough :P but you can do whatever you want with it, I just want to read some Sonamy boom. You are an incredible writer <3

I have my own theories on that, where Amy figures Sonic’s ‘cool-guy attitude’ means he’s not interested, when he may actually just be doing his version of ‘flirting’.

But I like this idea and I’ll go with it ;) I think Modern Sonic would get a bit suspicious if Amy stopped being so ‘doting’ on him and wonder if he upset her. So this kind of ‘worry/concern’ or ‘did I do something wrong?’ (supposing he noticed, lol!) could transfer over in hilarious ways to Boom!Sonic. Since… he’s technically a ‘chibi’ version of Sonic, as in he emotes WAY MORE than Modern Sonic usually allows for his emotions to be expressed.

(x) this is so cute xD


Sonic was snoozing off in his hammock, not really stressing as it was a warm day and some light was hitting his body just right while the rest of his face was laid in shadow.

Jumping into his dreams, we find him having more of a ‘replayed memory’ type of dream, where Amy, looking very nerdy with glasses, was doting on Sonic as he posed and seemed to arrogantly be looking over his bandages.

“There gonna be the new sensation.” he turned his hand back and forth, admiring his fashion sense, before frowning to her as she fawned.

“You’re so cool, Mr. Sonic~” she lifted a leg up, blinking her big eyes as he looked away, looking less than interested.

“Right, well. Of course, I’m Sonic The Hedgehog!”

“Right! And I’m-”

He put a finger to her mouth.

“Not important. Look, you gotta go… what? Study something, right?”

“U-uh,… archaeology, Mr. Sonic.” She pushed her dorky glasses up.

“Heh, sounds neat. PFft. Anyway, catch ya later!”

She frowned as he raced off, before looking angry and taking her glasses off.

“I’ll show him! Hah!” she threw her glasses down and smashed them, storming off as Sonic passed Tails, also having braces and looking very dorkish.

“Wow! It’s Sonic!”

“Ugh, I’d rather be caught dead than have nerds as friends!” He rolled his eyes.

Sonic woke up, in a bit of a shock, before rubbing his eyes and looking down.

“Wow, I really was a jerk back then!” he moved his feet off the hammock, and let his hands and head hang down a moment. “…I really shot her down… didn’t I?” He scratched the back of his head.

Then an idea popped back into his head. “Hang on…” he tilted his head up, perking his ears slightly. “If she doted on me once…” he looked to the window, before darting over to a scrapbook and opening it up, “Good thing Amy randomly makes these things for us.” He looked at a page she organized and saw a picture of them younger, her having drooped eyes up at him while he made an epic pose and tried to be the center of the picture.

He tightened his mouth’s line, and then smirked, closing the book.

“You can never get over your first love…~” he turned to bounce his eyelids and then took off.

Sprucing himself up, he thought he looked pretty good, but Amy would just walk passed him, under the impression he was just being a little weirder today, and continued her chores and other such things.

He tried to first help her fetch water from a well, but while trying to impress her, fell in and had to have Sticks bark to Amy that he was stuck.

The next time he tried helping with groceries, but he had carried too many and the bags all broke, causing Knuckles to follow the trail of food and eat all that she had bought.

The last straw was when Amy was trying to sunbathe, and he was so bored just laying down that he tried to entertain her, but ended up kicking sand all over her. To make matters worst, he brought out a boombox and started dancing, trying to show off that way and get Amy to fawn on him again. But according to Sticks, Sonic’s ‘ancient rain dance’ had sparked the storm of a century, and the gang all huddled in Amy’s home, as Tails freaked out with thunder and would crawl deeper into the huddled bunch, shivering.

“This is all my fault.” Sonic looked away, admitting it for once.

“Sonic? Are you okay? For one, you don’t admit you’re mistakes THAT easily, and two, you’ve been trying to do nice things for me, which is CLEARLY against the natural order unless you’re naturally in trouble. So what gives? Why have you been tormenting me all day?!” Amy was on the other side of him, across from Knuckles, Tails’s twin tails since his head was pushed further into the couch, and Sticks.

“I.. I just missed the old days, alright?!”  he looked away, not wanting to have this conversation.

“Old days? What are you talking about?” Amy blinked in confusion, as Knuckles laughed.

“Old days? Haven’t we always been this age?”

One of Tails’s tails whacked him on the side of his face.

“Ouch! Hey..”

“I don’t understand.” Amy looked more concerned now.

Sonic sighed, growing frustrated under the blanket that they were all using to dry off and keep warm.

“You… you thought I was so cool back then! Everything I did had no flaw, no blemish… all of a sudden, all you ever do is point out my flaws, where I trip up at, where I don’t measure up to your ‘perfect’ image or whatever.” he looked away, rolling his eyes, shaking his head, before looking…. kinda hurt.

“I just wanted to be liked again.”

Everyone but Tails looked over at him, but Tails’s tails did turn as if heads, as all eyes looked perplexed by his confession.

“Oh, Sonic.” Amy smiled, bending her own eyelids back to show more fondness in them, a tender look of love. “We barely knew each other back then. There are way more things I like about you now!”

“There are?” he turned back, before getting freaked out by everyone staring at him.

“Oi! Get your own conversation!”

Everyone immediately turned to one tail of Tails’s, and started conversing and talking about odd and in things to them, as they also pretended to move around and speak as well.

Then thunder hit and Knuckles, Tails’s tails, and Sticks all ducked under the blanket, leaving Amy and Sonic having some privacy.

“Well, now that we’re alone.” Amy sarcastically stated, making a funny face. She giggled, “I don’t quite get what you’re saying, Sonic. I usually don’t. But You’re much more caring about your friends then you were before. You accept us the way we are, and you always do your best to keep us safe and happy.” she beamed, and Sonic felt pretty good about himself for a second, even closing his eyes to motion his head up, taking in the praise.

But then his eyes blinked and he looked away, “But you… um…” he shifted his eyes to her, and then back away.

Eyes peeked up from the blanket.


They ducked under.

“Sheesh.” Sonic shook his head, looking upset by their ‘rudeness’ before clearing his throat and gesturing to her, still being a bit shy.

“You don’t act like you used too… still.” he looked away, folding his arms and ducking his head, a bit insecure on asking why that was.

“…Oh, um.” Amy turned nervous, giggling slightly and twiddling her fingers. “W-well, I’ve grown up, Sonic… I… I may not always show it as much as I ‘regrettably’ used too but I… I still… well,-”

The team all peeked up again.


The gang ducked their heads as Knuckles’s fists came up and bonked Tails on the head from underneath the blanket.

“I told you that was less than 5!”

“Sticks bumped it and it was reset! I had to start it up again from my best estimate!”

The thunder strikes again.


Tails dug up cushions and hid under them as the two sighed beside him.

“Go on.” Sticks stated from under the blanket. “Our apologies.”

Amy and Sonic looked back up to each other, and then away as Sonic folded his arms, looking nervous as Amy played with one of her quills, stroking it down and sucking her lips in.

“…Alright, I kinda… I feel bad about how I treated you back then.”

“How you treated us all..” Tails muttered, as Sonic glared.



“Thank you.” he looked back to Amy, “But I honestly don’t want you acting any way, shape, or form out of who you naturally are! I’m sorry for making you feel you had to ‘grow up’ but I just want you to know that-”

Amy suddenly placed a hand on his mouth, smiling, “…Not important.” she winked, “Thank you, Sonic. But it wasn’t completely you that made me want to change. I grew up without you influencing it. Haha!” she laughed and then lowered her finger, pushing against his chest playfully.

“I wanted to change. And I’m glad I did.”

“..But..” Sonic pouted, looking away. “You don’t … react the same way around me as you used too.”

“Hehe, why? Want me to start cuddling up to you again?” Amy teased, moving closer and blinking her eyes a lot.

He scooted back, “N-not a chance!”

She laughed, leaning back. “Then I think I’ll stay just the way I am!”

He sighed, before giving in and nodding, scratching the back of his head. “But I think… I may want to change now… just a bit. You know,… for even more untapped levels of awesomeness to be expressed.” he chilled back, going back to his usual self as Amy wondered what that could mean.

Was he going to change for her?


The three all threw the blanket off, gasping for air.

“Oh boy.” Tails tapped out, leaning back with his stopwatch. “I didn’t know how long I could take the heat anymore.”

“Your tails are too hot!” Sticks kicked them away, growing as they flopped around before Tails withdrew them back around him.

“Eh-heh. Sorry.” he looked apologetic before the rain dissipated.

“Hey! It’s sunny again!”

The gang turned around, but as everyone looked outside, Sonic looked to Amy, who felt eyes on her and turned to look at him.

The two smiled.

I called out your name, but you were already there. You kept quiet, lost in the stories of my skin, your hands trekking the soft terrain for new natural wonders. I turned my face towards you, I could tell you knew I was watching you; your head slightly ticked upwards but almost in the same motion you looked back down and seemed to have found another fascinating thing about me. You never said a word, but the language of your body screamed that you were longing for me, even though I was right here. Somehow you transferred your feelings into me, and I became conscious that I was tense. Even my face was squeezed into an expression as if I were begging. I was holding it all in, trapping my emotions inside my lungs; I hadn’t noticed I was holding my breath until my body begged for air. I released them with a heavy exhale and subconsciously repeated this until time in-between breathes grew shorter and shorter.

You finally looked up at me and leveled your face with mine. My eyes flickered between yours eyes and lips, but your eyes stayed fixed on mine. They were commanding me to look only at them. No, they were patiently waiting for me to finally stop at them. But it wasn’t of my own decision that I did, not entirely. You suddenly had mine locked onto yours like some sort of instant magic spell. We stopped time staring into each other’s eyes, looking at one another as though we both had the answer to the meaning of life right in front of our faces and it was everything we had hoped it would be. I felt vulnerable, uncovered, like the entirety of my physical being had disappeared and only my soul was left. Overwhelmingly loved and not knowing what the hell to do with all of it. My container of emotions was filling up past its capacity and overflowed in the form of tears, trickling down past my cheeks, dripping from my earlobes. A hint of worry shifted your brows but the way I kissed you assured you that everything was more than ok. I held onto you tight with anticipation and you soon sent me drifting off into a different plane of existence. I slipped into a world within a world, somewhere far beyond my imagination, but somehow I knew it was just for us and only we could get there. I began to sing, softly at first, then gradually more powerful. It forced its way out of me just as easily and naturally as every rapid breath I took. And then you joined me. We harmonized, we sang our own sweet melodies together, we gave each other solos. This was greater than love, this was a new emotion never before known to mankind, this was…

My eyes shot open only to go half closed from blinding sunlight. I could feel my body still tense, a pain like a lump in my throat, my throat ridiculously dry and my heart winding down from racing. Symptoms of a dream being all too real, actions within them passing over into real life. I reached over, sloppily searching for my phone, and grabbed it to check the time. 11:53 a.m. That’s what these kinds of dreams do to you; screw up your body clock, send you sleeping all through the morning, waking up wondering where the hell the time went but simultaneously angry to have woken up. Already I began reminiscing. Thoughts of your touch became so vivid, a tingling sensation would form wherever I imagined them. Your lingering songs inside my head were urging me back, so I forced my eyes shut in hopes that I’d find you right where I left you. Let’s waist away the afternoon too.
—  j.m. // deprived
You Make Me Melt //Part 2

Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Modern AU

Warning: fighting, swearing

Prompt: 159. “I don’t know why I’m crying.”
176. “I may be an idiot but I’m your idiot.”
180. “I think I’m in love with you and that scares me to death.”

Word count: 2,303

Two weeks. It has been two weeks and she and John haven’t spoken once. Of course there are those awkward moments in English class where accidental eye contact is made. But other than that, it’s just radio silence. Too be honest, you really didn’t see this coming. Never in a million years did you think that you would just blurt out those three words. Nor did you ever think that you would get to kiss those lips. Johns lips. Beautiful, soft lips gently pressing against yours. Lips that you will never again get to feel on your own. It was clear he didn’t feel the same way when he quite literally ran from the room and well, you. And yeah that hurt. The rejection was a painful throb that had remained since it happened, but what really hurt, what made you ache in misery, was the fact that nothing would be the same anymore. It was obvious that John didn’t want to be around you. Not after what happened. After what you said.

So here you were sulking in your apartment, trying and failing to do the homework that has been steadily growing in size on your desk. You knew you needed to get it done, but after having experienced the sensation of your heart being ripped from your chest, well you just couldn’t muster the energy for something like that now. So you sulked. But of course you couldn’t even have that, not when Laf was around and he was always around. He was making a point of not leaving you alone for too long. Why? You weren’t really sure, but secretly you were glad. Lafayette took your mind off of John when he could. And while it all still hurt, Laf made it hurt less. And while your other friends could see something was going on, no one dared to ask.

“Alright that’s enough,” Lafayette suddenly declared from his place in the couch beside you.

“What’s enough,” you knew what he meant, but asked anyway.

“You can’t keep moping over him mon amie. You need to talk to him. This avoiding thing you guys are doing is not working.”

“I’m not av-” you cut yourself off when he gave you a look. “Yeah okay fine. Maybe I am. I just, I don’t know what I’m supposed to say to him. I kissed him and told him how I felt. He’s the one that ran. Not me.” Your eyes started to blur when you thought of that moment, but the one thing you refused to do is cry. You hated crying and had managed to not ball yours eyes out with the situation with John. But the rejection hurt. Your hurt. And it was becoming harder and harder to fight the tears that were filling your eyes. It wasn’t long before they started to slide down your cheeks, but you quickly wiped them away, ashamed of them.

“I don’t know why I’m crying. It’s stupid. I’m stupid. How could I have thought that someone like John would ev-”

“You better shut up right now Y/N. The last thing you are is stupid. If we’re playing that game then John is the stupid one. You are great. You’re tres beau and and so smart. You are one of the kindest people I know and it’s only a matter of time before John comes to his senses and realize what a dick he’s being,” Lafayette cried and the more he spoke, the thicker his accent got. He didn’t let you respond before he stood from the couch and made his way to the door. You were quick to follow.

“Where are you going?”

“To punch some sense into John,” he growled.

“Wha-no! No Laf don’t. It’s not his fault that he doesn’t feel the same. People can’t help what they feel. I’m an obvious example of that,” you tried to reason with him, but you weren’t sure if you got through.

“Laf it’s fine. I’m fine, really.” You tried to look convincing, but your eyes were rimmed red and your bottom lip still wobbled.

He sighed and for a long minute he stood there with his hand on the door knob before he turned around to look at you, but didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to. His eyes said everything you needed to know. He was pissed. You tugged on his arm and pulled him back to the couch to finish the movie you guys were watching. It wasn’t long before you started to nod off, your head resting on his shoulder.


He didn’t get it. He really didn’t. How could John just, walk away like that. Walk away from you. Lafayette looked down at you, your face burrowed into his chest and he was mad all over again. You didn’t deserve to feel like this. And a part of Lafayette thought you were too good for John, but he knew that John was a good guy and that you guys would be good for each other. John was just blind, and an idiot. How could he not see what’s right in front of him. How could he not understand how lucky he is to have your love. He didn’t deserve it. Plain and simple. Every time John hurt you, even unintentionally, Laf was there, he was your shoulder to cry on, even if you hated when you cried. And it tore him up because he knew there wasn’t a whole lot to do. The only thing he could do was comfort you, but that never seemed to be enough. He knew he needed to do something because this couldn’t go on forever. Either John needed to realize what he has before he loses it or you need to move on. And Lafayette knew the latter wouldn’t be an easy feat.


It was only the next day when Lafayette just couldn’t stop himself. Every time you saw John and Lafayette had to see the way your face crumbled, the urge to beat the shit out John’s freckled face became stronger for Lafayette. And well it had come to the point where he didn’t care anymore. Lafayette couldn’t stand it anymore. So when you and Lafayette left class and were making your way across campus, John, Herc and Alex were all walking in your direction and it wasn’t long till you and John made eye contact, and well Lafayette just lost it. He sped up his walk, going straight up to John and shoving the other man back a few steps.

“Whoa what the hell Lafayette?!” John cried out in surprise.

“Don’t what the hell me Laurens! You’re the one being the douche bag! Do you think it’s funny? You just walk around like nothing happened!”

“Wh- I’m not acting like anything. You don’t under-” John was then promptly cut off by Lafayette’s fist slamming into his face. That’s when Herc and Alex stepped in. Hercules holding back Laf and Alex helping John up from the ground all the while you just stood back in shock. You knew Laf was mad, but you didn’t think he would actually hurt John.

Lafayette struggled in Hercules grip as he yelled back at John,

“Don’t understand? I understand perfectly. I understand that Y/N is hurting and that it’s because of you! I understand that you ran off like a pussy when you should have told her how you really feel!”


At the sound of your voice, all of the guys looked at you, as if just realizing that you were there. John was starring at you with wide eyes and Laf, though still angry, looked resigned. Why? You weren’t sure. For Herc and Alex, well they both just looked extremely confused. You weren’t really sure what to say. To be honest, it kind of felt good to see John get punched, but you quickly squash that feeling because you know that it’s no his fault that he doesn’t feel the same. You look back towards Laf and find that you can’t really be mad at him. Sure he shouldn’t have done that, but he was only trying to knock some sense into John.

There was one thing that you didn’t really understand. What did Laf mean when he said that John should tell you how he really felt. You thought you knew. It wasn’t hard to get. Ever since you confessed your love to him, all he’s done is avoid you. But then again he never out right told you. Deciding that you didn’t want to stick around to actually hear the verbal rejection, you quickly left, leaving the four remaining men to either their anger or their confusion.

“Um okay, so uh, what the hell was that about,” Hercules asked once you had left.

“Yeah I feel like I’m missing something,” Alexander added.

“Yeah John. How about you fill them in on what going on,” Lafayette said through clenched teeth, feeling angry all over again.

John wasn’t sure what to say. They weren’t just his friends, they were yours too and he knew that once he told them, they wouldn’t exactly be happy with how he handled the situation.

“Well uh, funny story really. See a few days ago, I went over to Y/N’s, we were supposed to get lunch together and uh well long story short we kissed and she uh, told me she loved me.”

“What! Dude that’s great! I mean it’s Y/N, this is what yo-,”

“And then I might have just, well uh, left,” John cut Alex off.

And there it was.

“You mean to tell us that, after pining for the girl for the last three years, you literally had the perfect moment to tell her how you feel and you just- aaahhhgg! Why- why would you leave. I mean what in the hell were you thinking. Oh wait, that’s it. You weren’t! Is that why she’s been acting like someone killed her cat?! You must be out of your God damn mind if you think-”

“I know! I know. I’m an idiot okay, I get it. I just didn’t know what to do, I panicked.” John cut Alexander off again because he knew that rant wasn’t gonna end anytime soon and he knew what Alex was gonna say. He fucked up. He hurt you. And all because he was a coward.

“I’ve gotta fix this.”

“Damn right you do, and if you don’t Lafayette isn’t the one you’re gonna have to worry about,” Hercules threatened.

It didn’t take John long to catch up to you. He could see you walking away from him and the small writer part of him could see that this could actually be the part in the story where you walk away. Leave him by himself. You’ll go on and finish the story by your self and he’ll just be some sad chapter.

For all the good things about you, you had your faults too and yes, right now you were hung up on all the pain you were feeling, but John knew it would pass, you would realize that you would be okay and realize that you didn’t need John. It was only a matter of time before you came to your senses. He could see how badly you had been hurting and it just about killed him because he knew he was the cause. John needed to fix this, he needed you.


The sound of your name made you pause and when you realized that it was John’s voice, you turned around. Seeing that you had stopped, John sped up his walk to a run so he could catch up to you.

“What is it John?” You asked in a quiet voice, you could barely look at him.

“I’m sorry.”

“John, you don’t need to apologize. It’s okay, I get it, you don’t feel the same.”

“No Y/N, that’s just it. I do feel the same. Christ! When you kissed me, when you told me you loved me, I just, I panicked. I never thought that you would feel the same way for me. I mean you’re you and I just, I don’t think I could ever deserve you.”

“John,” you try to talk, but he just keeps going.

“And I think I’m in love with you and that scares me to death. And I’m so sorry for how I made you feel, but please forgive me, I can’t be without you.”

Oh. You weren’t sure what to say to that. He just, did you hear that right. He loves you? What? But what about-.
You punch him hard in the arm.

“Ow! What the hell Y/N?! I’m trying to profess my undying love for you.”

“If you love me so much, why the hell have you been ignoring me for the past two weeks huh?! Why is it that every time we go to a bar, you have to fuck the first stranger you see with legs and a pair of tits?”

“Because I didn’t think you wanted me! I was just trying to get over you, not that it worked much. I just thought if I was with someone else, I wouldn’t be so hung up on you,” he finished quietly.

Well now you weren’t quite sure what to say. So you decided not to say anything. Moving quickly, you walked closer to John and wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled his mouth down to yours. It wasn’t like your first kiss, tentative and slow. This kiss was hard and fast and passionate and you never wanted to stop. You felt like you could melt. You pulled away slowly, the need to breathe becoming more evident as seconds passed.

“You’re an idiot.”

“I may be an idiot but I’m your idiot.”

Bellamy Blake x Reader (The 100 Prompt)

Request: I love your blog so much You’re an amazing writer, and I wonder if you could write a Bellamy imagine with prompt 2

Prompt: “I never stopped loving you. Not even once in my whole life.”

Your throat was dry and your eyes were burning at the sudden light. You step out of the drop ship, feeling the cold wind brush your hair to your side and you look around. You notice the trees, the tall, green trees, the tallest things you’ve ever seen and then you see the sky. The clouds scattering around in a background of light blue. You can’t help but feel euphoric, you had made it to the ground. You thought you had come alone, but as you hear your name being called out, you know you were wrong. Of course he’s here, deep down you knew he would be here and you snuck onto the drop ship anyway.

“Y/N?” He’s here. You feel your stomach turn anxiously as you turn around and see him standing there still.

“No,” you mutter, your breath catching in your throat, “N-No…” You can’t even speak. You shake your head, turning away and almost running into the wilderness. Your chest is filled with pain and you think of the last time you saw him, he barely even said a goodbye to you before he got himself arrested. You thought he might’ve been floated or held in the skybox but he got put into the drop ship like he had planned and he barely even said goodbye to you. He just told you he was leaving and then he did. He left you – his girlfriend of 3 and a half years and best friend since birth – like you didn’t even matter. That thought kept replaying in your mind and you felt tears prick your eyes as you began to sob. He didn’t love you anymore, he chose earth over you. You feel your chest tighten up and you feel as though you can’t breath the fresh air you’ve been given, so you sit down next to a thick tree and you squeeze your eyes shut. Bellamy Blake doesn’t love you.

“Y/N!” You hear him yell, sounding angry and you look at him. His face softens when he sees the state you’re in, “Baby…” He trails off, walking closer and you turn away, wrapping your arms around yourself comfortably.

“Please don’t call me that.” You whisper as he sits down next to you, “You don’t mean it.”

“What do you mean?” He questions in confusion, hesitantly placing his hands on your wrists as you cover your face.

“We used to call each other that when we were lovers… When you loved me. And now it just,” you swallow the lump in your throat, “hurts.” You finish, the whole time you’re avoiding his eyes.

“Why wouldn’t I love you?” You hear his deep voice come out in a whisper and his hands rest on your hands as you place them in your lap.

“You… You left me.” You reply reluctantly. You really didn’t want to talk about it because you know you’ll end up crying and you don’t want to show how much you’re hurting when he looks absolutely fine.

“Look at me,” he orders but you shake your head, “please, b– look at me.” The tips of his fingers lift your chin up and you look at him. His features look harsh and you expect him to say something that is going to make your heart catch on fire – and not in the good way. But he doesn’t say anything. He just leans in and places his warm lips on yours and you close your eyes, traveling to another world when you do, a world of happiness. His hand moves to your cheek and he holds your face and you decide you have to be touching him somehow, so you place your hands on his strong chest as you lean into him, so that you’re closer together. But then you pull away before you can completely lose yourself and you stand up quickly and turn away. You’re conflicted, “I’m so sorry,” he confesses and you feel your heart shatter when you hear his voice break, “I never meant to hurt you, I–”

“You barely even said goodbye.” You raise an eyebrow, tears falling from your eyes and Bellamy just watched you wipe them away, “But that’s not what hurts the most I–” you choke up, welcoming the immense pain that begins flooding your chest, “It’s that you don’t… You don’t love me anymore.” Bellamys head snaps up and his face falls at your accusation.

“That’s not true.” He replies quickly.

“I’m in love with you and I would never do that to you.” You state as Bellamy takes a hesitant step towards you and you feel the need to just leave. To run away and not look at his face.

“Y/N.” He sighs as your eyes trail along his freckles and you notice his eyes are red and he’s holding back tears with furrowed eyebrows. Your eyes widen in shock, this must be as hard for him as it is for you, “You think I stopped loving you… But I didn’t. I never stopped loving you. Not even once in my whole life.” You just watch the man you admire as he takes a small step forward, “I will love you with all my heart until I take my very last breathe. You are my best friend and my soul mate. And I can’t begin to explain how sorry I am for hurting you like this. I never meant to hurt you like this.” A tear escapes his eye and rolls down his cheek and he doesn’t wipe it away from his neck so you run it away with his thumb. He swallows hardly and you look up at him.

“I just– I thought you were going to die and that I’d be left alone and I can’t live without you, Bell. I love you too much.” Your hands run through his hair and for the second time that night, both your lips join and this time it’s filled with so much emotion that you pull away and instead, you wrap your arms around him and he hugs you back tightly and you feel as though maybe now, it is going to get better. His arms are around you and his lips still touch yours and maybe better is not far away.

“You’re mine,” he whispers into your ear endearingly, “you’re my only love. You always will be.”

A Little Thing About Troy Bolton and Why I'm So Defensive of This Poor Kid:

Troy Bolton is a tragic character when you really stop to think about it. Yeah, I’m well aware that he wasn’t intended to be (we’re talking about a series of subpar Disney Channel movies aimed at twelve year-olds), but consider this:

His entire life, Troy has been brought up to be a star basketball player. He’s the basketball coach’s son. Everyone in the community refers to him as “the basketball guy”. As long as he leads his teammates to victory and continues to be the star athlete of East High, everyone adores him. That’s a ton of pressure to put on a kid, but no one ever stops to think about how Troy might feel about it, or how the application of all of that pressure might affect him psychologically.

Then, when he’s sixteen, Troy realizes that he’s pretty good at singing. In fact, he actually enjoys it. He believes that Gabriella, the girl who just happens to aid him in this discovery, is someone that he can confide in, someone who would like the real Troy, the kid behind this image of East High’s “Primo Boy”. 

Of course, we learn that Troy is completely wrong about that. Gabriella ultimately turns out to be just one more person that only values Troy based on how associating with him can benefit her. She never supports him, unless doing so would make her look good, or he’s doing something that she can profit from. She sees the “real him”, alright, and she uses that insight as a means of mocking (“The Wildcat Superstar is afraid?” “You’re crazy, Wildcat”, “You have your team and I have mine. It’s where we belong. Go Wildcats”) or emotionally wounding him (“It doesn’t just seem like new stuff. It seems like a new Troy”, “The club talent show is a big deal to Sharpay, and, evidently, for your future. So, it’s cool. Make it happen. Wear your new Italian shoes”). She pressures him to live up to impossibly high standards (“I thought you were my fairytale, my dream when I’m not sleeping, a wish upon a star that’s coming true”, “I hope some of those activities include a job”, “Let’s just focus on right now! ‘Cause I’ve never been in one place for an entire summer”, “I want to remember this summer”), and when he inevitably fails to meet those standards, she harshly criticizes him, heaps on passive-aggression and guilt, and then abandons him until he apologizes for causing his own abuse at her hands. 

Troy spends a good chunk of his summer vacation getting sexually harassed by the daughter of his employers’. The sexual harassment is not only played for laughs, even when it takes a turn for the skin-crawlingly disturbing, but Troy also gets blamed for it by Taylor, a character who holds a grudge against him simply because he’s a jock and a boy, Gabriella, and the narrative, itself. 

His friends demonstrate how fragile their sense of loyalty truly is, as well, that summer. The very moment that Troy stops doing what they want him to do, they turn on him. 

Only once is Troy ever allowed to get angry at this behavior, by the way; in the first movie, when his friends/teammates’ selfishness and inconsiderate behavior almost ruins Troy and Gabriella auditioning for the musical, and would, as a result, obstruct the ultimate message of and resolution to the film. 

After that, Troy’s self-esteem begins to plummet drastically. And, this plummet is visible to the audience. He dubs himself a “jerk” for being concerned with his future. He believes that Chad- his best friend since preschool- and Gabriella- who has only been in his life for about six months, or so, at that point in the series- know him better than he knows himself. Troy is convinced that his future isn’t important if him trying to ensure a decent education for himself makes his friends unhappy. He allows his friends and girlfriend to bully him out of going after a scholarship, informing Sharpay that although performing in the talent show for the boosters from the University of Albuquerque could change his life, he’s “more interested in what [his] friends think of him”. He then apologizes to Chad for trying to better himself. 

Troy is so focused on pleasing other people, he just stops caring about his own future until around the last few months of his senior year. And, when it looks like another momentous opportunity is being extended to him during that time period, a potential scholarship to Juilliard, his friends and girlfriend all laugh at him. Not a single one of them is ever reprimanded for doing that, making it seem like the narrative wants you, the viewer, to think that Troy, himself, is one big laughing stock, and the very idea that he could ever get into one of the most prestigious performing arts universities in the United States is outright laughable. 

Troy reaches a point where he feels like he needs Gabriella to pick out his clothes for him so he’ll “look right”. His truck constantly breaking down results in Chad getting angry at him for needing help pushing the truck home, and Gabriella laughing as the engine splutters, and expressing complete apathy as the vehicle breaks down right outside her house. She stands there on her balcony, watching as Troy is left with no option but to walk home, too busy wallowing in self-pity to do anything for her boyfriend that she supposedly loves. 

Troy is guilted into encouraging Gabriella to accept the early enrollment at Stanford, and when he does, which is actually incredibly mature and selfless of him, Gabriella whines about how it’s unfair to her, and that she wishes everything would slow down to a stop, just for her, or that she could go back to kindergarten. 

Sharpay, the very girl that sexually harassed him relentlessly, the previous summer, winds up taking Gabriella’s role as Troy’s girlfriend in the school musical. 

When Troy considers looking into colleges outside of the one his dad wants him to attend, he’s scolded for it and pushed into having his second onscreen emotional breakdown. This one is astonishingly not made into a farce, unlike the previous one. 

Troy is told that Gabriella extensively stringing him along, only to decimate his hopes at the last minute that she’s actually going to follow through on her word and come down to attend the prom with him, makes her “one step ahead”. 

In the end, he “decides” that Gabriella getting to have her cake and eat it, too, is more important than his psychological well-being, and he follows her to college. Not a single person tries to talk him out of it. 

Think of how people would have reacted if the roles were reversed, if a teenage girl followed her selfish, passive-aggressive, emotionally abusive boyfriend to college, and was never allowed to figure things out for herself, or even accept credit for her own personal accomplishments, because the narrative was biased in her boyfriend’s favor and gave him credit for things that she did.

Think of the outrage that would have ensued. 

I will never understand why this was allowed to happen, and I’ll never not be angry about it. The appalling level of negligence and apathy that the writer showed to his main character, who happens to be a truly likable, sympathetic, good kid, is why I can’t stomach watching High School Musical 3: Senior Year all the way through ever again. Seeing Troy be forced to bend to his abusers, apologize for “causing” them to mistreat him, and wind up following his main abuser to college to please her, because she couldn’t make an effort to be with him, is like someone telling me that I deserved to be mistreated by my dad, that he was right in how he treated my family, that he deserves to have his house back, and that we should be more understanding of how he feels. That we should just accept him back into our lives and apologize for getting a protection order against him. It’s like telling anyone else with a history of abuse, or who is currently in an abusive relationship that if they don’t do exactly what their abusers want them to do and it makes their abuser angry, that they’re a “jerk”,  that their abusers clearly know them better than they know themselves, and that they aren’t worthy of love or friendship because they aren’t putting their abusers first at all times. It’s saying that if you just give in and let other people control your life without question, then and only then can you be happy.

And, that’s WRONG. I shouldn’t even have to get into how WRONG that is.

Sharpay kind of got the short end of the stick from the writer; never being really developed due to the “Status Quo Is God” trope resulting in her continuously reverting back to her scheming and manipulative state from the first movie, no matter how many times she learns her lesson, and being characterized as the “villain” when she’s actually more sympathetic and likable than Gabriella. 

As did poor Ryan, who they not only tried to unceremoniously shove back into the closet, but also receives very little screen time, in spite of his undeniable status as a fan favorite, is short-changed in the merchandise department, and, according to the merchandise that he is fortunate enough to appear in, isn’t allowed to have any friends other than his sister, Sharpay. Even though Zac Efron and Lucas Grabeel went to great lengths to depict Troy and Ryan as being very close, as in 'sexually and romantically interested in each other’ close, and Ryan is one of the only characters that treats Troy as though his feelings matter.

But, what happened to Troy is utterly inexcusable. Peter Barsocchini, Kenny Ortega, and anyone else involved with sealing Troy’s fate should be ashamed of themselves. Not only for promoting this repulsive victim-blaming mentality and glorifying a character as vile as Gabriella Montez, but for some of the most unforgivably bad writing I’ve ever seen. Kids movie or otherwise.