and i feel kinda empty

i started a rogue run of da2 after a few years of just mages because i missed bethany and here are some immediate thoughts

  • i miss carver. i missed beth, too, which is why i’m playing with her now, but the game just feels kinda empty without both of them there.
  • bethany is, overall, a lot more talkative, a lot more social
  • and talks a lot softer. it’s hard to pick up much force in her voice sometimes, almost like she sounds bored/detatched from things. it’s less noticable in later missions and with certain companions, tho
  • bethany talks about carver a lot, while carver usually only talks about her when others bring her up. one of her first banters with Varric is about Carver (the braid dialogue)
  • carver, by contrast, seems almost reluctant sometimes even to talk. for someone who wants attention it kinda feels like he’s resigned himself to not being spoken to at all
  • he also seems to not want to mourn, or even acknowledge that bethany is gone. when he and hawke argue later, carver brings up that leandra isn’t coping well either and it kinda feels (is never stated, so this is pure interpretation) that carver internalizes his feelings about it
  • another hc is maybe if he doesn’t acknowledge that she’s gone, then she isn’t. if he doesn’t accept that she’s dead, he can see her again.
  • he’s clearly better about it by the time legacy swings around

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Top 5 favorite Tayley gifs and why 😀

This is like the best anon I’ve ever received *rubs hands together*

But honestly, just 5!! Come on, anon! I gotta say I’m having a really hard time trying to decide. Can I post like 100 instead? No? Okay, I’ll just stop talking and get to it.

1. I think this one is like my favorite gif in history. Just look at them. The way they look at each other, how H hugs T. It’s just so adorable and pure. 🤗

2. I also  like this one a lot because they’re holding hands and do I really need to say anything else?

3. I love hugs and I love when my faves hug so that’s why I love the next ones. Yes, plural, because I couldn’t choose just one. I don’t feel like I’m cheating..

4. Aww man, the feels. I really like the next one because I love when they are playful and mess around together. The cuteness tho!

5. So it’s time for the last one, right? *sighs* I like this one because it’s just Tayor spanking Hayley’s thigh. Nothing more to add tbh!

And well, after facing this hard decision I feel kinda empty so I’m going to bless you (and myself) with some more random Tayley gifs that I love. Enjoy! *drops mic*

Credit: Some of the gifs were made by me, the rest were found on google/tumblr/my phone. So thank you to those wonderful people and tayley shippers who made them!! ❤❤

I’m feeling better and I’m so happy I’m able to draw Kazemaru without a problem. I miss drawing Inazuma kids and it’s been just a week (I feel kinda empty) . Tomorrow is my birthday so probably I won’t post that much but I’ll make sure to watch many episodes. ( I may draw a sketch or something too)

Have a great day!

Do you ever just feel down on yourself but you’re not too anxious really or sad or depressed or anything and just kinda lay there and do nothing? Like you don’t feel anything but you just kinda feel. Empty. I guess. Is there a name for this? It happens once in a while.

I just sit there listening to music like “Huh..I’m kinda a shitty person.”


Barom didn’t text you yesterday and it’s afternoon, he just woke up and tried to contact you. You are worried sick and afraid if something bad happened to him and he lived alone. You are on your hometown to celebrate your grandma’s birthday. You are still mad at him because he is always like this.
“Babe i am sorry, my phone’s battery died and i forget to charge it like usual.”
“Please forgive me~~”
“Okay then i will keep pouting until you forgive me..”
“Wait.. what? You want to date Dabin? Tell me if you are joking! I won’t let you gooo!”
“How is your grandma? I miss her kimchi, it’s good~”
“No no no.. I didn’t say that i love her better than her granddaughter~ But i don’t deny the fact that i love your family too~”
“I envy you because you eat homemade delicious food there.”
“I kinda miss you hmm you know, the bed feels kinda empty without you.”
“Who said that i try to tease you? I only wear T-Shirt and boxer because i just woke up babeeee~”

No more nudes

I’m trying to close it out. it kinda made me feel gross. idk how people do this all the time.

The submissions were great, don’t get me wrong. Just… left me feeling kinda empty.

I want to have claim on a man. Make him smile, keep his stomach full, and hair messy from me playing with it. Want to make a guy mine.

Say five things that make you happy and then send this to the first ten people in your activity!

okay so I was tagged by @carvcredlund thanks! (btw I enjoyed reading yours. the liberal use of “dumb shit” makes me feel maybe we should talk more. XD )

Okay so let’s give this a ago. 

1.) Thunderstorms. You guys seriously that and head scratchies will both put me to sleep in a split second. 

2.) I’m always really happy to see all my tumblr friends. Even the ones I really don’t get to talk to as much. (You’re always welcome to come say hi)

3.) I love dragging other people into my fandoms and/or trashcans. Also them dragging me in to their’s. 

4.) Halloween / Fall. (I could go on for days about this but I would quickly digress  into talks of my fave ugly sweaters and making sweets.) 

5.) Reading. Couldn’t live with out it. Both fanfiction and books. All my writers out there thank you so much. You have no idea how happy you make me. Even sucky days are better because of you. <3 (esp. those of you who write my baes Gadreel and Spock. <3 <3)

Okay for the tagging part I’m just gonna pick some people at random. First few people in my feed and some of you I don’t know as well. <3 <3 

@starfleetorbust  @mrsgabrieltrickster   @bkwrm523   @emilyevanston  @outside-the-government   @srj1990  @christinalibertymikaelson  @babyfacegadreel  @witty-ass-username-here  @lucifer-in-leather @tolieboy

ostinato || part one

summary: the road keeps bending back upon itself, and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. time loop au [part two]
warnings: canon major character death, copious amounts of sadness
word count: 4430


“Do I dare
Disturb the universe?
In a minute there is time
For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.”

–T.S. Eliot, “The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock”

(He doesn’t know it yet, but it begins when he sees a glimpse of skull and bone and the universe turns on its side like a spinning coin.)

Time has never held much meaning for him until he felt the clockwork gravity of the earth settle low in his stomach. 

The decades of human existence were like seconds, centuries mere blips in his periphery. It was nothing to him but an endless stream, ceaselessly rushing forward with no significant value. He stood in the rush of it, untouched.

Maybe this is why, as he wakes up at 8:24 in the morning with his breath stolen from his throat, lifeless green eyes flashing through his head, he thinks it’s a fluke.

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“Story” - Luck and Logic op. English cover by Nathan Sharp

….supposedly for @quiethistess-deactivated2017041… Supposedly… although I sent it to her already… it…kinda feels empty right now… Or is it just me.
Ahhh but anyways, the KuKi will live so long as I’m still here as well! I just really love them together so much xDDD <3

I want to interact with more people on here again, tumblr kinda feels a little empty at the minute, I miss talking to you all, are people still using tumblr as much? my dash just doesn’t seem very active at the minute … 

Whether we are mutuals or not, please come talk to me, comment on my posts, send asks, I wanna be more involved and make more tumblr friends again, because some of the most important people in my life I met here! 

So, yeah, if you wanna be friends, come say hi! 

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Hello. Hope you're doing all right. I haven't seen you for a bit. I just thought I'd check in with you. I hope you don't mind lol.

omg baby you’re so sweet I’m crying. Thank you so much for even thinking to check in on me! I’m alright, I think my game is maybe lacking a bit since I really want pets so it kinda feels empty? But also another game I play just came out with a big patch with lots of new stuff to do and I’ve been hanging around with some new friends I made in the game so I’ve been playing these very moody looking Blood Elfs! Sorry for vanishing for a bit guys! x