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ARTIFICIAL LOVE - by baekhyun





Late afternoon sunshine slants through the canopy of trees that surrounds the cabin, glinting off white plumes of smoke rising from the grill.  With the smell of woodfire and cooking meat on the air, you wrangle your two kids away from their game of tag and nudge them into places at the picnic table just as Niall shouts, “Dinner’s ready!”

Penny and Toby give two raucous shouts of joy and you can’t help but laugh as you cheer with them.

“It’s about time,” you tease Niall.  He simply sticks his tongue out at you, grinning around the pink protrusion and setting down the plate of charred burgers and hot dogs on the table by the toasted buns and salad you’d thrown together.

“Ya can’t rush a man’s work,” Niall tells you, his grave expression ruined by the playful gleam in his eyes.

“Yeah, okay,” you roll your eyes.  Still you snuggle into his side when the two of you take the bench across from the twins.

Evenings like this are the most perfect; dinner with your little family, Niall at your side and the kids laughing.  You remember a time when you didn’t think this kind of life was possible for you for whatever reason here and there.  But by some miracle, here you are.  When you peek over at him, you find Niall’s already looking at you and a soft, crooked smile turns his lips.  Before you can duck your head shyly, he catches you underneath the chin and kisses you full on.

You cackle into each other’s mouths as Penny and Toby pretend to gag on their dinner.

“Ugh, mum, dad, can ya please stop!”

“We’re tryin’ ta eat here!”

You give Niall  a playful shove away from you, still giggling to yourself.  “Okay, okay, you two.  But you know, without kisses like that, the two of you -”

Penny throws her hands over her ears, squealing, “No!  No, no, mum!  We are not havin’ that conversation!”

Eyes comically wide, Toby looks just as appalled, “Dad!  Can’t ya do something about her?!”

But Niall is laughing so hard that he’s bent over the table, all too happy to encourage you grossing out your two children.

His laughter will always be music to your ears.  “Okay, I’m done, I promise,” you snicker, but hold your hands up in surrender.

“Thank the heavens!” Penny crows, even with her hands still cupped near her ears, just in case you go back on your word.  

Mirth obvious in your eyes, you wave the twins off with both hands.  “I mean it!  Eat your dinner now; you too, mister,” the last is directed at Niall, who’s mopping tears from the crinkled corners of his eyes.

He indulges in one last kiss to your cheek, still shaking with chuckles.  “Yes, ma’am.  Now, ya heard the woman, kids, let’s eat!”


And finally, what nobody asked for, a picture of me with my teeth showing. Today I got all dressed up just to walk two miles to a Pokestop and I actually felt really nice. It’s nice to remind yourself sometimes that what you wear has nothing to do with “how trans you are”. You are trans enough, I promise you. (He/They)


                               ★★ ½ ☆ ☆

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And sweet Karlie said 'magical' twice in her broadcast and also 'sic' which I bet Taylor dated her to drop in. In the FB one she said 'wildest dreams' in her first sentence. Soon she will be quoting entire lines of lyrics unless they see each other soon!

She was so cute on Facebook live! I feel like Karlie is the sweetest girlfriend ever… Taylor is one lucky bitch! 👌🏻

will u girls and friends want to ask me question so that i could answer with my voicce!!! im just saying this bc i love @drunksuburbancollegegirl ‘s voice when i heard her accent i wanted to scream its so cute, anyways im drunk and feel like throwing up from eating too much chinese food and im obsessed w youtube rn so thats what