and i enjoy just being around him

adult ponyboy headcanons

•It’s the 70s, and punk is real and it’s rockin’! Punk is Ponyboy’s favorite genre, though he’ll still listen to The Beatles and what not every now and then
•Ponyboy isn’t really a greaser anymore, but still styles his hair the way he did when he was a teenager
•Ponyboy still watches sunrises and sunsets in memory of Johnny
•He also visits his grave A LOT
•Ponyboy’s favorite band is probably The Clash
•When Grease came out in 1978, Ponyboy HATED how silly the greasers were and just overall hated the movie.. but loved the songs. His favorite being “There Are Worse Things I Could Do.” He sometimes sings it around the house.
•Ponyboy got what he always wanted: to live out in the country. Although he misses just walking down the street just to grab a pack of cigarettes, he still enjoys the quiet the country brings him. •Ponyboy writes short stories, reads them to Sodapop, who gives “constructive” criticism. It ain’t constructive, just downright offensive. •Ponyboy has a girlfriend, but he doesn’t wanna get married. They’ve been together since college.
•PONYBOY SOMETIMES VISITS GREASER RUMBLES OR HANGOUTS WITH SODAPOP AND REMINISCES ABOUT WHEN THEY WERE GREASERS. •Ponyboy’s last day of being 29 was spent with Darry. Darry telling him that being 30 ain’t all that bad. Darry saying he got nothing to worry about. •It’s Ponyboy’s 30th birthday. Ponyboy is sad how his 20s went by fast. He just wishes Johnny could’ve been 30, too.

ragdollpieces  asked:

S. Lumbar is shaped like a friend~ I can see him feeding birds and just being best grandpa. Then, at some really important moment, when the mood swells and everyone goes quiet, you hear chirping- because Charles is hiding a bird in his ribcage.

HAHA AW wow cute!

Yes, Lumbar does quite enjoy nature, and probably wouldn’t mind any innocent curious creatures hopping around, or in him.

Nursey Doesn’t Know He’s Bi

Shhh just hear me out ok. buckle up your seatbelts and let’s talk about this doofus of a boy who doesn’t know that he likes boys.

  • Derek doesn’t know what it is about William that makes him enjoy being around him, even if they drive each other crazy.
  • William doesn’t know why this boy won’t just let him live his life and keep his pretty face to himself. It goes to show you that the one boy who William develops a crush on ends up being straight as hell.
  • But there’s just something about him that gives Dex hope.
  • Maybe it’s the way Nursey brings him coffee every Thursday morning before they go to English 111.
  • Or the way Nursey cant help but smile every time Dex walks into the room
  • Or how about whenever Dex gets tired and really just wants to listen and not talk, Nursey will gush for hours about this novel he is reading.
  • Dex loved spending time with Nursey and hell he’d fallen in love head over heels for this boy, but he kept reminding himself that Nursey was straight.
  • Nursey didn’t know why being around Dex was so easy. 
  • He memorized Dex’s coffee preference (cinnabon creamer and two Splendas) and brought it to him every Thursday.
  • He didn’t know why when Dex talked to him, his cheeks started to warm up or his hands would get sweaty.
  • Nursey had no idea why longed to touch his fiery red hair and stroke it until Dex fell asleep in his lap.
  • The only other person he felt this way about was Maggie…who he ended up dating for a year.
  • Holy crap…he…likes???DEx????
  • Nursey suddenly freezes and all external noise just stops
  • He likes? Dex? What? HOw can this be? he had only liked girls or found girls pretty before. Like sure he’d seen pictures of like Chris Evans abs and been like wow id like to like a shot of vodka off him, but who wouldn’t right, Shitty?
  • Shitty: Chris Evans is a beaut
  • Lardo: Shitty isn’t the one to talk about normal str8 boy stuff with
  • Nursey: *hits the blunt faster and harder*
  • Nursey had to take this all in and process it holy crap what was this.
  • When he finally came back to reality, he knew what he had to do.
  • He marched his way across campus to the Haus where Dex was busy trying to get Betsy to run again.
  • He walked in the kitchen and saw Dex with his red baseball cap on backwards and in blue jeans and a tight white shirt with grease stains on it and he could barely breath..
  • Dex heard him walk in and looked up from where he was working. “Hey Nurse,” he smiled, “how’s it going?”
  • Nursey walked over to him and planted a sloppy wet kiss on Dex’s chapped lips and prayed to God.
  • He broke away and Dex was all starry eyed and trying to figure out what happened.
  • Nursey just nodded, “Yup…im definitely bi.” He turns and starts to walk out of the kitchen. 
  • Before leaving, he throws his head over his shoulder and says, “Dex. Dinner? At 8?”
  • Dex nodds, “yeah…totally…that would be like…chill.”

Love on the Brain

Request: Can u make a Bucky smut one shot w the song “love on the brain” by Rihanna and then dancing to it in the kitchen which leads to smut??

Summary: Bucky convinces the Reader to dance with him and things turn steamy when they get into the kitchen. 

Warnings: Smutty McSmutSmut (just [receiving] oral), Sergeant kink.

A/N: I’m so sorry it took me so long to get this out. Thank you for being patient! I also haven’t heard Love on the Brain before today so bear with my lack of music knowledge. Enjoy!

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Grown Up Hot (Stiles/Derek)

loveactually-rps said: Hi Inell, can you please write - Sterek - “i used to pick on you in middle school and then we went to separate high schools but now you’re at my college and your hot as hell and really popular” au - Thank you!

This is #2 for the 2017 Prompt Challenge. I really hope you enjoy it, bb!

Grown Up Hot. Stiles/Derek. Teen. Also on AO3.

Derek’s college Dream Boy just happens to be the nerdy kid he bullied back in middle school. Karma sucks.

“Whatcha staring at?” Erica whispers the question right in Derek’s ear, and it startles him, which makes her laugh. The tips of his ears flush with heat as he tries to give her a serious glare.

“Don’t do that,” he mutters, thankful that Laura and Cora are nowhere around to observe him being snuck up on by a pack member. He’d never hear the end of the teasing if they’d witnessed this.

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Book Store (Drabble)

Summary: Bucky walks into your bookstore to find a surprise.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 575

Warnings: Language.

Based off of this request by anonymous: I was wondering if you could do a thing with Bucky like he meets the reader in a book store and sees her then starts visiting her everyday and then walks in to see her using powers to like move stuff around please. 

A/N: Just a little fun drabble for you guys. Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by foreverlostinliterature

         Bucky walked down the sidewalk, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his coat. Despite the weather not being too cold yet, he still wore gloves on each of his hands. It was standard for him, part of his routine to stay as blended in as possible. He continued down the sidewalk, glancing at all the shops he was passing. Some were department stores, others were small independently-owned shops. He wasn’t too interested in any of the shops he was seeing, so he kept walking.

         That was until he saw the shop for your sign. It was a bit worn, and hand-painted. He looked inside the shop as he stopped in front of the window, seeing a pile of antique books, as well as some new books as well. Figuring that he had nothing to lose and that he had time to kill, he stepped inside. The bell rang to announce his presence, and for a few moments, there was no one to greet him, until you practically sprinted out from the back, carrying a tall pile of books.

         “Hey! Welcome to my store,” you greeted him warmly, balancing the books precariously in your arms.

         “Do you… do you want help with that?” Bucky asked. You shook your head, smiling.

         “Nah, I got it. I’m used to it,” you replied with a smile. “Are you looking for anything in particular? Horror, comedy, romance…?”

         Bucky smiled at you. “Romance. Why not?”

         You quickly put all the books back in order and told him to follow you. You led him over to the romance section, which had a good mix of different authors and types of romance books.

         “Just come and find me if you need anything,” you told him, and disappeared.

         After Bucky picked out a novel that didn’t seem too terribly cheesy, he walked up to the check-out counter. As you were ringing him up, Bucky couldn’t help but stare at you. He did his best not to, of course, as he didn’t want to come off as a creepy customer. But you continued smiling warmly at him, so he assumed he was succeeding in not looking like an asshole.

         “That will be $7.23,” you told him. Bucky handed you the cash, feeling your warm skin even through his gloves. He thanked you and left.

         And proceeded to come back the next week. And the week after that.

         He would buy at least one book per week, and would ask you questions about books even if he knew the book or had read it before, as long as he’d get to talk to you for a bit longer. Eventually, you let him come to the back of the store where you kept the rest of the books, or more accurately the books you wanted for yourself. You knew Bucky enough to where he could come back there on his own – after all, it was your shop, your rules.

         However, when Bucky walked in one week, carrying a list of book requests he had gotten from the rest of the team, he didn’t expect to see you in the back room, with books floating all around you.

         “Uh… Y/N?” he called out tentatively. You turned, and smiled at him, and you moved your hands slightly – the books stacked neatly on top of each other, and slid into their places on the shelves.

        “Oh, hey, Bucky. See why I didn’t really need your help carrying those books?”

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{Reaction} EXO finding out you have ticklish thighs

Hi! Could you do EXO + Topp Dogg’s B-Joo’s reaction to their s/o having ticklish thighs?

This was such a random request, but it was fun all the same! As this is an EXO reaction, I will do Topp Dogg’s B- Joo on a separate post, just so I’m not mixing everything around. Enjoy!~ Fighting!~ Mami x

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by hugx0xo-blog

Chanyeol grinned when he found out that you have ticklish thighs, he giggled into his hands as you crossly told him not to irritate you as you don’t like being tickled.

Chanyeol: “But how can I not when you look so cute, Jagi?”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Kyungsoo’s hand accidentally ran across your thigh, he jumped when you flinched. For a moment, he was terrified you were scared of him, but then he remembered that you just have extremely ticklish thighs. He sighed in relief, pulling you into a hug.

Kyungsoo: “Sorry Jagi, I forgot about it.”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by blondejongin

Let’s be honest, if you tell Baekhyun not to do something, he’s more than likely going to do it anyway. So when you tell him that you don’t like being tickled on the thighs, he going to see it as more of a personal challenge.

{y/n}: “Baekhyun! Get off me this instant!”

Baekhyun: “Not until you admit I’m the best!”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by sehunsbubbleteabooty

Sehun pretends like he isn’t bothered about you having ticklish thighs, but really, he does like seeing you squirm and giggle as he tickles you,s o he will do it occasionally, just to get a reaction out of you.

{y/n}: “What did I say about touching me there?”

Sehun: “Oh no, I can’t remember.” *smirking.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by yixinqs

If you tell Yixing not to do something then he more than likely won’t do it, because he;d a good boyfriend and doesn’t like to upset you at all.

Yixing: “That’s fine Jagi, I won’t do it then.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by xiundeer

Chen grinned as you told him, then he dived forward, pinning you underneath him before he started tickling your thighs at once, laughing as you giggled between protests.

Jongdae: “Stop? Nah, why would I do that when you look so cute?”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by xiukai

Minseok wouldn’t tickle you unless he really had a purpose for it, and that purpose was not necessarily innocent either. He would tickle your thighs to tease you, not too much that it was a turnoff, but enough to get you gasping for him.

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Tao doesn’t really tickle you, because he’s just as ticklish as you are and he also heats would be too bad if you didn’t tickle him back, but he knows that if he tickles you, you will only get your revenge.

Tao: “Okay Baobei, I won’t, just don’t tickle me either, okay?”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by fcukinbikini

Suho didn’t tickle you there for the longest time, but he soon got curious and decided to see what would happen if he tried it. He soon regretted it as you arm swung and caught him in the chest.

{y/n}: “I’m so sorry! Instincts! I told you I was sensitive there!”

Suho: “I know, I know. Curiosity killed the cat and all that, I won’t be doing that again any time soon.”


Originally posted by harlysquad

Luhan tickles you on the thighs all the time now that he knows it’s your weak spot. Even though it annoys you, he thinks it’s cute, and it’s the perfect methods for revenge or when he wants something.

Luhan: “Give me a kiss!”

{y/n}: “No!”

Luhan: “Guess I’ll have to keep tickling you then.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by katherine8595

Kai doesn’t do it all of the time, especially when he knows that it frustrates you, but sometimes he will when he’s feeling particularly daring, or he genuinely matches you there accidentally.

Kai: *Hand glides across your thigh, making you jump* “Ah sorry Jagi, I was aiming for your butt.”

{y/n}: “I don’t know if that’s better or worse…”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by galaxyfanela

Kris doesn’t really tickle you either. With his ‘cold city guy’ reputation to uphold, he doesn’t have time for cutesy couple cliches where he’d pin you down and tickle you in the hopes for a kiss. But he will do it sometimes, if he’s seriously agitated, or wants something a little impure.

Kris: *Runs your hand over your thigh.* “Oops, sorry Jagi, I didn’t mean to get you there. Did it hurt? How about you pull your skirt up so I can get a closer look.”


Paring- Derek x Reader ( relationship) Peter x Reader ( one sided)

Word Count- 1.049

Request (Anon)- Can you please do a peter hale one shot where your dereks gf but his anchor

A/N- I’m going to set this in S5 but Derek didn’t leave and Peter didn’t try to kill Scott so he didn’t go to Eichen house and woo, I’m being productive and writing when I should be doing my piles of homework, Enjoy!

Peter Hale wasn’t much to you, he was really just someone who hung around sometimes, your boyfriends uncle. But you were so much more to him, you were his anchor.

“Derek’s not home” you said when you heard the loft door being pulled open. You sat on the couch, your back leaning against the arm rest and your legs out infront of you with your face in a book, a bestiary to be specific. “I can wait” the voice you recognised as Peter replied, taking a seat on the other end of the couch, slightly squished against the arm rest to avoid touching your feet. He was scared that, even such a small touch as that, would leave him craving more, leave him wanted you to be his even more.

“Mind me asking where he is” Peter asked after a few moments of silence, watching as your turned over a page and flickered your gaze to him for no more than a second. “At the school, Scott needed him for something” you mumbled in response. Peter sighed at the slight tension left in the air, he knew his heart was going a mile a minuet and he could hear your was calm and at ease.

“You looking for something” he asked, standing up and walking to stand behind you. “Trying to help find what Parrish is” you replied, still not looking at him, until you turned the page once again and your eyes widened. “Hellhound… My brothers a hellhound” you murmured, shooting up and darting over to the table, almost throwing the book down. “What do you know about hellhounds” you asked, raising your head to look at Peter, who was stood with his eyebrows raised in confusion.

“They’re harbingers of death, they light themselves on fire, they have some kind of connection with banshee’s” he said while shrugging his shoulders. “They have some kind of connection with Banshee’s..” you pondered, thinking back to the fact Lydia is in Eichen house. “I need to go, I’ll see you around” you rushed, tugging on your shoes and one speeding past him.

He stared at the spot you had been standing in for several minuets after you left, admiring how cute you looked when you were focused. Though you were reeking of Derek’s scent as you were wearing his shirt.

Peter was quick to follow you however, knowing there were three creepy doctors experimenting on people was enough for him to catch up with you and walk beside you.

You burst into the station and practically screamed for Parrish, who quickly ran out with Derek on his heals. “You’re a hellhound” you said simply as the four of you all sat in Sheriff Stilinski’s office. “A harbinger of death, you can help us get Lydia out” you rushed, feeling Derek’s hands go to your shoulders. “Baby you need to calm down” he said softly, Peter hand forming in knuckle to keep himself calm as his nephew held you tightly.

Anyone could see that Derek and you were deeply in love and that you would do anything for each other. Peter was thankful when Parrish cleared his throat, causing the pair of you two separate.

Despite the fact you had promised Derek you would stay home and safe while they rescued Lydia, you knew that wasn’t a option and you wanted to help. Derek knew you would try that too so he sent Peter to keep you home and you had come up with an idea.

“You want tea, Coffee, Hot chocolate” you offered as you made your own hot chocolate. “Coffee please” he replied, turning back to his book, which meant he wouldn’t see your secret ingredient, just for him. You handed him the cup and you were hoping it was only a matter of time before he would be out cold from the wolvesbane you’d put in it.

When you heard Peter’s cup drop and saw his head fall to the side as he fell into a deep slumber, you took off. You had your stun gun inside your hunters jacket, a few smoke bombs and knock out gas bombs in your other large pocket and a real gun in your belt just incase.

You felt a tiny bit bad for drugging Peter but it had to be done, you had to help.

And you were damn lucky you did because If you hadn’t, well Theo would have slit Lydia’s neck and Liam would have been destroyed by a giant guard. Stiles told you to go back and try to help Liam, Derek and Scott get by the mountain ash barrier.

“Y/n I told you to stay at home” Derek sighed when he saw you, “How did you get past Peter” Liam gaped from behind Derek, staring at you with wide eyes. “I may or may not have knocked him out with wolvesbane” you said hesitantly, a smile pulling at your lips when you heard Derek let out a breath of laugher. He kissed you softly. “Okay, we need to go through tunnels, so boys, pull that drain up and we’re going down the ladders” you ordered, watching at the werewolves pulled up the drain and let Derek go down first.

Liam went next, then you and then Scott, who pulled over the drain, knowing there was an exit through the morgue from the basement.

By the time you got back to the loft it was just after midnight, Derek had dropped you off but was going to the animal clinic with the pack, seeing as you were getting tired, you made the decision to go home.

Peter was pacing up and down the loft when you pulled the heavy door open. “Now before you maul me to death, I had to help them” you exclaimed as he turned to face you.

“You had me worried sick y/n” he yelled, you couldn’t deny he did look like he had actually been worrying. “I don’t see why you would care” you shot back, causing him to turn and look at you.

“Why do I care? You want to know why? Because your my anchor”

Christmas Morning Cuddles - Jason Todd x Reader

A/N: It’s day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas!!!!! Enjoy the floof!

Prompt: Could you do some cuddly holiday fluff with Jay? Maybe they are at the manor (the idea of everybody being happy and together on Christmas slays me just pls) and like really cute sweet waking up and then like Dick comes barreling in and belly flops on the bed like wake up bitches its Christmas? IDK I just want batfam Christmas and cuddles with Jay.

You woke to the feeling of Jason wrapping his around your waist and pressing soft lazy kisses every once and while on your neck and shoulder. You smiled lazily and snuggled closer to him, not ever bothering to open your eyes.

“‘Morning.” Jason mumbled, his voice heavy and gravelly with sleep. You cracked your eyes open slightly and smiled up at him. You reached up ever so slightly and pressed a kiss to the underside of your jaw. The two of you cuddled together in silence, simply enjoying the quiet Christmas morning. You could vaguely hear signs of life starting to stir downstairs but you weren’t just ready to leave your bubble just yet.

You and Jason probably would have stayed in bed all day if you could. You probably would have too if your blissful lazy morning wasn’t interrupted. You should have known that a ‘quiet morning’ doesn’t exist in this house.

Your peaceful bubble was popped when Dick burst through the door and jumped on Jason. Jason let out an aggravated groan and tried to push Dick off the bed.

“Come on guys! Get up! It’s Christmas!” Dick said excitedly like a kid on … well Christmas morning. He was already decked out in a hideous holiday sweater and Santa hat.

“Oh my god. Grow up.” Jason groaned

“We’ll be down in a few minutes, Dick.” You said laughing lightly at the two of them. Someone had to be the peacekeeper in this situation. At least Dick waited until a decent hour to bother you unlike last year.

“Alfred’s making breakfast, the entire family will be there! Merry Christmas!” Dick said enthusiastically before leaving the way he came with a noticeable pep in his step. Sweet Holy Night that boy loved Christmas perhaps a little too much.

“We should probably get up before he comes back and drags us out by our antlers.” You suggested. Jason made a low groaning noise and buried his head into your neck.

“Five more minutes.” He mumbled.

“Your funeral.” You joked, snuggling closer to him. You were going to enjoy every moment you could of this before you were both inevitably forced to join the rest of the family.

My Favorite One (Jay Park x Reader)

Requested by anon. This came out super long, i’ve just being very creative these days so I hope you guys like it. Enjoy!

Originally posted by mvssmedia

You and Jay met because of Kiseok, Kiseok wanted to collaborated with you when you just a rookie, he was the reason you got signed in brand new since your song became a hit and your name got around to the khiphop community. You became a regular visitor at the AOMG building, and Jay had taken a liking towards you.

You had a thing for Jay since you met him. To you he was extremely handsome and a funny,caring guy and there was nothing more you could have asked? But to Jay you seemed to appear like a little sister, you tried to be more sexy, try to flirt with him and maybe get more appealing to him. Nothing seemed to work, he just brushed it off like anything else, to be honest with yourself you were just about to give up, when something happened.


“Where’s (y/n)?”

He asked Seonghwa. You never really went out with them, your excuse was that you didn’t drink or smoke and you didn’t stay up late, which was true but the real reason was that you didn’t want to see any girl getting close to Jay. Kiseok forced you to tag along, after he used the “you owe me” card after he took care of you when you were sick for a few days.

“I think she went to the ladies room or something”

Jay was getting nervous. It’s been 30 minutes since you left and that was not normal for you, normally you just stood put in the booth, scrolling through your phone or talking to someone. He decided to take it upon himself and go look for you, just to be safe that nothing bad was happening. He tried to convince himself that he felt that way because you were younger and inexperienced when it came to clubs, although deep down inside he knew that it was more than that.

He lost it when he saw the scene. You were by the bathroom doors, shaking and squirming around to get away from the man that had you pushed against the wall. He runned to you in the speed of light, pushing people and not even turning to see if he hurt someone, he just wanted to get to you as fast as possible.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

He said as he pushed the guy away, thanking himself for actually going to the gym on a daily bases. He stood in front of you- even though you were taller because of the heels-

“Who the hell are you?”

“Someone that knows when a girl looks like she is about to cry, you leave her alone”

“Jay, it’s okay. Let’s just go”

You said as you got in between them, your big eyes looking straight at him. For some reason, he felt much more calmer, his breathing got back to normal as he focused on your facial features.

“Let’s take some fresh air. Please leave us alone”

You reffered to the other man as you grabbed Jay’s hand to lead him outside the club. You felt a bit flattered for a second, he fought for your safety, that died down a second after when you thought that he might have done it our of friendly love.

“If I was a minute late”

“But you weren’t, everything is fine Jay”

“No it isn’t (y/n), he would have swallowed you up, why did you leave?”

“Look at me… calm down and take a deep breath in”

You instructed him as you placed your cold hands on his cheeks. He did as he was told, as the anger left another feeling took over, he didn’t know if it was love, lust or adoration, all he knew was that it was a sweet type of feeling that came from your eyes and your painted lips.

Your lips…. oh those soft lips that he had seen so many times. He started to slowly lean in, getting closer to you and you had no intentions of stopping him.

You felt his lips touch yours and it felt like satin went over your lips. So soft, so warm, so full, you didn’t want to pull away not even for a breath. His hands snaked over you, making your bodies touch and feel the fabrics rub against each other.

This was something he always wanted to do, but he was never brave enough to do. With alcohol in his system and a little dose of adrenaline it made him brave enough to calim your lips as his. The kiss was passionate yet soft, he treated you like a precious thing that he loved but was too scared to harm. Even though your naked arms felt like ice because of the cold wind, even though your lungs screamed for a breath and your feet ached like never before, this was the best feeling you’ve felt for a while.

He pulled away and looked at your eyes. Both of you were desperate for a breath, your chest going up and down trying to feel your lungs with air. You saw something different in his eyes, it was… guilt

“We have to go inside… they will look for us. You should go home”



He interrupted you. ‘He regrets it’ you though, and the best feeling became the worst. You bit your lip as you tried to control your feelings and power through this, you walked with your head hanging low and just reached for the booth to take your jacket and your clutch

“What happened?”

Kiseok asked you. You didn’t say anything, you just took your stuff and left covered in shame, praying to never look at his face ever again


After this you avoided going to AOMG. You took work and new projects as an excuse and begged your manager to fill your schedule as much as possible. You tried to busy yourself away from him and from your thoughts.

You could run, but you cannot hide. You knew at some point that you had to face him, and that point was the collaboration you had promised Gray to do for your new album. So you put your best mask on and walked in with your brightest smile.

“Hello, where’s Seonghwa?”

“In the studio, you know his favorite one”

Hyuk woo informed you. You nodded and walked past the doors and in to the studio, but you were greeted with Jay and not Seonghwa

“Sorry, wrong studio”

You coldly said as your smile dissapeared. Just when you turned your back, Jay pulled you in and closed the door

“What the fuck Jay?”

“I should be asking that question. Why are you avoiding me?”

You scoffed. He had the nerve to ask you that, like he didn’t reject you after the kiss, you crossed your arms over your chest, frustration taking over you body.

“I think the reason is obvious, you’re not that fucking dumb are you?”

“Watch it (y/n)”

“Watch it? Why? what are you gonna do Jay? Ground me? You’re not my dad, you’re not my uncle, you’re not my brother, you are NOT my family, so stop acting like it”

You were now yelling. Jay knew you could be pretty aggressive, just like he can be and now it was time to show it to you.

“Clearly I am not, cause if I was you would know something about manners”

“Now you’re insulting me? Was I that bad of a kisser? Are the girls you run around with better than me? No, they just know how to ride a dick and you need nothing more. Why not me Jay? Am I too young for your liking? Do you see me like your sister? Cause I never fucking wanted that”

“At least they know how to do something, they don’t hide behind their tough attitude the weak little girl that cannot even protect herself”

An open palm met his cheek and the slapping sound was deafening. His head turned because of the force, the stinging pain runned through his body like an eletcric shock. Silence took over both of you, as he tried to process what he said and you tried to make the tears go away.

You sat down in the cahr with your head in your hands. You knew he didn’t mean it, he was defending himself, it still hurt you though.

“I’m sorry”

“I fucking hate you for this”

You whispered. He hated himself so he could understand why you would say that, it was like a knife went through him when he heard you say that. He kneeled in front of you but kept his hands to himself, he didn;t want to touch you cause god knows how you would react.

“I deserved that. You shouldn’t cry over me”

“I’m not crying over you, i’m crying over the fact that I fell for the asshole that is you”

It was obvious to him that you liked him. He liked you too, but he was too scared to admit it, he was a strange man, that drank a lot and had a ormiscuous persona to keep up, he didn’t want to bring that to your life.

“I hurt you didn’t I? I hope that you don’t like me anymore after this”

“Unfortunately I do”

You sniffled. He grinned at your words, as he reached to youch your soft full of texture hair, that he always teased you about and called you a lion. Somehow, the thought of you still wanting him, made him a bit happy.

“You’re not a bad kisser, you are actually one of the best”


“Yeah since i’m at the top”

You giggled at his comment. You looked up to him and his hand glided down to your cheeks to wipe, he saw your soft facial expression and he felt serenity. He had seen every facial expression and they were all beautiful, but right now you felt perfect.

“I love you, not like a sister, I was just too much of a pussy to come clean about it”

“At least you finally did it”

He took you in a hand, placing your head on his chest and his chin on top of your head. You slowly placed yours around his waist and took a big breath of his cologne.

“Are we really going to do this?”

“Yes, if you still love me and my assholeness”

“That’s not a word”

“Is girlfriend a word?”

“My favorite one”

The Hufflepuff

Newt Scamander x Slytherin! Reader 

Request:  @godessofdeath- Sorry, I changed a little bit of it, but I still hope you like it <3 Ten un buen día! 

*Have a nice day :)

Words: 1, 853

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this one!


Originally posted by sweetly87

“I didn´t punch him, he just happened to be too close to my fist. That´s all.” You tried to defend yourself, even if it was obvious you were lying about it. It´s not like it was really your fault, the Gryffindor idiot decided it was okay to mess around with you because he was taller.

Dumbledore sighed tiredly, rubbing his fingers through his face. “You must know that you will receive more than just a scold. Stop being harsh, I can´t follow you around to get you out of trouble.” Albus Dumbledore was always the same towards you. Kind, gentle and a father figure. “You will have to help this afternoon in the potions classroom, I have one Hufflepuff that needs some assistance.” He mumbled coldly when you didn’t apologize for punching the prick.

“At six o´clock. Don’t you dare to assume I will not notice your tardiness.”

“I´ll be there, professor.” Adverting his gaze you waited till he sighed again. Why was he sighing so much? You weren’t doing anything more than defending yourself!

Well… maybe you laughed along with your friends when the Gryffindor –coward- ran towards the infirmary threating you. His exclamations were going along the lines: I promise you will cry next time!  And: You filthy snake!

When you remembered that Mr. Dumbledore was still there, you fought the need of grinning. But you were sure he noticed the way your mouth twitched to the sides.

“I will see you soon.”


“So you aren’t going to the practice?” Damian said, already getting himself in a bad mood.

“Stop being such a narcissist, our poor babe is going to spend her time with a useless Hufflepuff.” Now you rolled your eyes in disagreement, Andro had a short temper when other houses were the issue.

“Don’t be so rude, I don’t even know this person.” Your friends were idiots most of the time, but going to the point of attacking a Hufflepuff was plainly sad.

“If Dumbledore likes the brat so much is probably because he´s a weird bug that stays all his nights on the library. And yes, I must say it´s obvious that the person is a man.” Andro stated harshly, making you feel a little concerned. Andro bit her lip when you observed her with an annoyed glare. “Just don’t let the badger get to your soft spot. I don’t want you to pass me the fleas.”

“Whatever you say, crazy woman.”

Damian chuckled for a moment, before encircling Andro’s waist. “Wasn’t their animal a skunk?”

“It’s a badger.” You defended with a frown.

“Nah, I assure you it´s a smelly skunk.”


You found yourself three steps away from Professor Dumbledore and a freckled shivering guy. Was he cold? Maybe you could lend him your scarf…but having to scarfs would probably be too uncomfortable to him.

“This is Newt Scamander, he´s the student I wanted you to help out.” You nodded slightly, eyeing him with disappointment. It would have been awesome if he were a girl.

“Nice to meet you.” The tall thin guy said with shyness, gazing to his shoes while he talked. “A-as Professor Dumbledore said, I´m going to need a little bit of assistance…” He repeated, obviously rambling because he didn’t know what to say. You were oddly intrigued by his quirky expressions. That just made things a ten percent more acceptable.

After presenting yourself and earning another lecture from the old man -that made Newt almost faint- you both entered the classroom. Everything was in place except one of the tables, the one in the right corner of the room.

“Are we going to prepare a potion?” You asked groggily, there were few things that you hated. And one of them was to stir a dangerous thing in a cauldron till it made your arms hurt. You thought Dumbledore was going to make you clean or something…

“Yes. I must confess is pretty hard to do, but Mr. Dumbledore said you were a capable student.” Capable? You snorted.

“Yeah, I´m an expert.” Whispering, you followed him to the table and leaned to see what kind of potion you were about to do. “Wolfsbane?!” You exclaimed, making Newt jump and look at you in disapproval. “Why?” You asked a second later.

“Because Dumbledore told us to. Don’t question his decisions too much.” He said calmly, everything on him seemed calm and shy. “Isn´t it awesome? We´re obviously preparing this for a werewolf!” Newt inhaled with sparkly eyes. “They are mysterious creatures, I´m sure they could use their abilities in so much ways…” He finished dreamily, letting you with an almost excited feeling fluttering on your chest. The way he said it was just so full of passion that you knew he loved talking about beasts. “Oh! Sorry, I just got caught on something you probably not care about…”

“Care about? I obviously do, I´m a Slytherin. I would have told you the second you began to talk that I wasn’t interested. Tell me more about them.” You grinned mischievously when he raised his gaze to meet yours, beautiful green mottled eyes dragged you into his enthusiasm. “I will be flattered!” He squealed like a love-struck teenager, making you chuckle and lean even more to him.

At that exact moment, the acceptance of the punishment went from ten percent to one hundred percent.


“So…how was it?” Andro´s voice asked, but you didn’t gave a response. You were more interested in looking for Newt´s presence in the dining hall. Where did the freckled sweetheart passed all of his lunches? You couldn’t see him sitting on the Hufflepuff table so you decided it was a normal reaction to go look for him.

“Sorry, gotta go. I need something from the library.” Damian raised an eyebrow and when you rapidly stood up from your seat, he grabbed your cloak.

“Why do you need to go again? You went yesterday.” Andro snatched his boyfriend´s hand off you and gave a court nod towards the exit.

“She´s seems eager to go, just let her be.”


Six months later, you passed all your time alone –without the Slytherins- with Newt. He sometimes talked too much about some Leta Lestrange girl, but it wasn’t a problem, because two seconds later he would compare her to you…even saying that you were more fun

The only problem were your house mates, they didn’t like him at all. Andro patiently scolded you more than once for talking to him publicly but now you didn’t give a damn about what she had to say. Hufflepuffs were way more fun than the Slytherins.

Or maybe that was the platonic love talking in your name. Because trying to spend every single minute with him was totally platonic.

“You always say I am the dreamer, but today you´re stealing away my title.” A blush crept to your face. It wasn’t a good time to receive a friendly arm over your shoulders. “For a second I thought you were avoiding me for being late yesteday.”

“Ha. Not even a snake could make me ignore you, do you thought a badger could?”

“Maybe a bowtruckle would.”

“A what?” A grin came to his face and he stepped in front of you. His hands went to his left pocket and a little human looking thing bowed at you. It was green and tiny, like really, really tiny. “This smol´baby is so precious!”

Newts ruffled hair covered his eyes when he observed his small friend, but you were sure they were filled with adoration. “Yes. I truly believe he is. I found him…outside…”He muttered the last part in such a quiet voice that you were the only one in the corridor that actually distinguished what he said. When you raised both of your eyebrow and pouted, he passed one of his hands through the locks of his brownish hair.

“Let´s not talk here.”

He dragged you all the way out to the lake while refusing to say anything before arriving to a secure place.


“And when were you going to tell me all of this…?”

“I promised Mr. Dumbledore that I wouldn’t say a thing. At the end, the werewolf is just another student, the others may get him expelled…” At least he was saying it you. He trusted you enough to twist Dumbledore´s trust. “I will just ignore the fact that you entered a dangerous forest with a werewolf. But remember, you freak, next time I promise I will punch you.”

Newt gulped loudly and you began to laugh with him. “Earlier, you were talking about our new friend.” He nodded rapidly and showed you the green man, again. “I named him Pickett.”

“Hey there Pickett, I´m pleased to meet you.” He bowed like the last time. “Can I touch you?” When he didn’t made a sound you looked over to your friend. “Can I touch him?”

“Yes, come on Pickett, don’t be so rude with a lady.” The green thing crossed his lanky arms and you chuckled. Even when he was mean he was still adorable. “I´m sorry, he was attachment issues. Pickett doesn’t like to be touched by anyone else. This is his first time going out.”

Being the teasing brat you always were, you smooched the bowtruckle, fast enough to get him confused. “Ow, look at that flushed face!” Pickett screamed angrily, making you smirk.

“Hey, why-why does he gets the kisses?!” Newt stuttered, more shocked than the bowtruckle in his hands.

“Oh, so that means that my sweetheart, wants a kiss?” His face got flushed with embarrassment. Newt thought he didn’t say that aloud, but apparently he did.

“Sweet-, Sweetheart?” He tried to get you to say more and you were kind enough to continue.

“What else should I call you? Love? Darling? Handsome?” Newt´s bowtruckle began to squeak with the same embarrassment that his owner –mum- was experiencing. And then you abruptly stopped. “Mmm, there´s still one thing I can´t be able to name you.”

“There is?”

“Yep. Boyfriend.” Pickett threw himself to your hands in excitement. Something told you that the tiny creature knew a lot about you, and it certainly was because of your friend.

When he realized what exactly did your word meant he gasped. “So you want to call me…your boyfriend? Me?”

“There is no other wizard here, Newt.” His heart stopped for more than a second and a lot of thoughts filled his mind. How could he get so lucky? Was he dreaming?

Just to check he was still alive or awake, he leaned to press his lips against yours. And for Merlin´s beard, he was there. It wasn’t his imagination. He really kissed you. He really felt you shiver and take a hold of his hair just to kiss him deeper.

“Stay with me forever.” He suddenly said, a second after his mouth left yours, not really thinking straight.  “Or just for now, I mean I—I don’t like forcin- I will shut up.”

“You´re so adorable, Scamander.”

(Picket observed you both suck each other’s faces, without amusement. He was –somehow- expecting it.)

Dating Jinyoung Would Include

hello! can I get a dating jinyoung would include thing? thank you!

Note: thank you for requesting! I am loving GOT7 at the moment~ 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used

In the Daytime

Originally posted by pepi-junior

  • Him not really being into PDA outside of your shared apartment, but when the two of you are alone he can’t keep himself away from you
  • Him being very charming even though there’s no need for him to be because you’re already his
  • Pick up lines that will literally make you face palm every time.
  • “I need a map because I keep getting lost in your eyes”
  • Him being all about dates because he loves doing things with you
  • Especially the cinema - he’s all about movie dates
  • But he does enjoy doing that in the comfort of your shared apartment too though
  • Where he can kiss and cuddle you as much as he wants
  • And have popcorn fights
  • Him wrapping his arms around you
  • Literally all the time
  • When you’re cooking
  • When you’re reading
  • He’l just walk over and throw his arms around you because he loves having you in his embrace
  • The inevitable fact that the other members are going to tease you both relentlessly
  • Especially Jackson
  • “Nice love bite, {y/n}, where did you get it?” 
  • “Get lost!”
  • The fans adoring you both and him being happy with that because he loves you, but he also loves his fans. 
  • Him writing, or attempting to write anyway, songs for you.
  • This man is the sweetest thing in existence, never let him go. 

At Nighttime 

Originally posted by markjin

  • Don’t be fooled by this man’s cuteness, he can be too hot to handle when he wants to be 
  • Random conversations at 3am
  • Sometimes it’s about pointless shit
  • Sometimes you’re both being real and deep
  • Most of the time it’s pointless shit tbh
  • Him holding you close to him because he loves the warmth that it gives him and the way it makes him feel
  • Falling asleep as he runs his hands though your hair or tracing the lines of your face
  • Butterfly kisses to help you fall asleep
  • Sometimes he isn’t quite so pure
  • Long passionate sex with sensual, open mouthed kisses
  • Or rough, dominant sex if he’s feeling daring.
lucas looking @ riley pt. 1

alright so y’all wanting this, so i’m giving it to you. i have a folder on my computer that has 179 caps in it, so this will probably be split into like 3 posts so they aren’t too long. they’re gonna be in order, so this post will be s1 and the first half of s2. i’m gonna put it under a cut so it doesn’t clog up anyone’s dash, so have fun, enjoy the suffering !!!

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Every Kiss Has Meaning | Liam Dunbar Imagine

dt: @amylillian22

pairings: liam dunbar x reader

a/n: i really put a lot of work and thought into this so i hope you enjoy :)

a kiss on the forehead - we’re cute together.

The Mccall Pack weekly movie night; Just thinking about it would bring a smile to their faces. Being snuggled up with their closest friends and just spending hours watching movies, Eating food and spending time with the people closest to them. No worries would enter their mind at this time, Supernatural or Not.

There she was, Her head resting against Liams firm shoulder, Her hand pressed against his stomach as his arm was wrapped securely around her shoulder; Keeping her body close to him. They were both snuggled up against each others embrace, Their legs entangled with each other as they both laid under a warm blanket.

Both of them paying most of their attention towards the movie playing on Lydias flat screen, But part of their attention was still towards one another. Y/N would always relax when she felt Liams chest rising and falling at a steady pace under her hand; And Liam would often find comfort when Y/N would occasionally snuggle closer to him and place her head even deeper in the crook of his neck, Inhaling his calming musky scent.

Y/N let out a small chuckle when the movie played a funny scenario, Little dimples appeared on her cheeks when a small smile played on her lips. The sound of her sweet laughter caught Liams attention when he looked down at her, Mesmerised by her small yet bright smile and he swore he never heard a sweeter sound than her laughter. His eyes were filled with adoration at the sight of the one he loved snuggled up in his embrace, Never letting go of his touch.

When she felt his gaze towards her she lifted her head a bit to look at him, Only to find his eyes already on her.

“What?” She asked in a soft chuckle.

“Nothing, You’re just cute when you laugh.” He smiled at the sight of her cheeks heating up into a rosy pink at the sound of his sweet words.

“You’re such a dork.” She laughed quietly as she placed her head back on his shoulder.

“Thanks I love you too.” He joked before placing a soft but sweet kiss against her forehead only to pull away and see her look up at him; A wide smile on her lips and her eyes sparkling with pure adoration towards the boy sitting against her.

a kiss on the hand - i adore you.

The whole pack was gathered up around Scott Mccalls kitchen table, Discussing their latest threat.

While Scott and Stiles were explaining, The rest of the pack seemed all eyes and ears for what they were saying; This included Y/N.

Although she may be human she was still part of the pack, Part of it due to the fact that she was Liams girlfriend and part of it due to the fact that she surprisingly had a lot of knowledge when it comes to the supernatural. But knowing facts about the supernatural and battling against it were two very different things and Y/N still needed to adjust to that.

While Stiles explained about the Dread Doctors Liam glanced down at Y/N who stood right beside him. Her eyes were focused on Stiles and her lips were pulled in a tight line, It would often happen when she would focus on something; Seeing her standing beside him, Listening and focusing on something so important to him; He couldn’t help the small grin that appeared on his lips.

“Any questions?” Scott finally asked, pulling Liams attention back to him and Stiles. The rest of the pack stayed quiet and a few moments later they were all free to go home.

Liam and Y/N made their way out and started walking home, Just the two of them walking hand in hand in the cool air and the dim light shining from the moon and the few streetlights scattered around them.

While they were walking in comfortable silence Y/N noticed Liam sneaking glances at her every once in a while.

“Okay why do you keep looking at me?” She said softly.

“Hm? Oh- Nothing.” He chuckled.

“Come on what is it?”

“It’s just-, I love seeing how strong you are putting up with all of this supernatural stuff for me.” He said looking down at her with loving eyes, His hand holding hers even tighter.

“Liam, I’ll do anything for you. And if it means fighting werewolves and chimeras than that’s what I’ll do. But only if you’re by my side.” She smiled up at him.

“Trust me, I’ll never leave your side. Even if it’s the last thing I’ll do.” He said with a soft smile as he brought her hand up to his lips, Pressing a soft kiss on her knuckles.

If there was one thing Liam never failed at doing was leaving Y/N flustered with her heart fluttering and her cheeks painted pink; But with a smile on her lips.

a kiss on the neck - i want you, now.

She was sitting next to him on his bed; Algebra scattered around them and it seemed as if they were drowning in equations and calculations.

She was wearing one of his grey shirts which was way to big for her size, Explaining why it dropped off of her shoulder; Exposing part of her soft skin. This didn’t bother her but Liam definitely noticed it; And he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. He loved how focused she was in what she was doing, How she nibbled on her lower lip while she looked through her notes looking for the answer to this problem, He loved how completely beautiful she looked even when she had no makeup on, When she wore his clothes on her, When she let her hair just lay messily on her shoulders; Occasionally it would cover her face so she would tuck some of it behind her ear; He loved when she did that.

When she flipped her hair to one side, Exposing her neck; He almost lost it. He wanted her, He needed her, Now. And just moments later she felt his body move closer to her, She felt his warm breath sneak up against her shoulder sending shudders down her spine and goosebumps against her skin. He started pressing soft kisses against her shoulder slowly moving them up her jawline and onto her neck. He heard her breath hitch when he started pressing kisses under her ear; Against her sweet spot.

“Liam;” She managed to say as she looked down at him, His eyes a darker shade of crystal blue. He just smirked and continued peppering kisses along her neck, The soft kisses become more aggressive and open mouthed as he started nibbling on her soft spot sending shivers down her spine.

“Okay that’s it.” She said smirking as she pushed aside her notes and turned to him, Mashing her lips against his soft smooth ones. Their lips moving in sync with each other as her hands cupped his cheeks pulling him even closer to her, And before she knew it his hands were at her hips pulling her to straddle his hips.

She pulled away slightly to look at him, A smile plastered on her now swollen lips and her heart racing. God the ways this boy affects her.

a kiss on the shoulder - you’re perfect.

She stood there in front of the mirror applying her lipstick, Little did she know Liam was standing aside watching her intensely, Admiring how she put so much focus and effort into it. Once she was done she put the lipstick down on the table and moved to straighten her dress, She smoothed the edges and looked at every aspect of her body, Checking to see if everything was just like she wanted it to be.

She would adjust her dress, And tease her hair, And check her makeup time after time; All of this to make sure that she looked good for him. But no matter how she looked, He always thought she was beautiful, He always thought she was perfect.

He walked over next to her and stood behind her as she smiled once she noticed his presence next to her. He saw through the mirror how her eyes suddenly had a spark in them, He saw how the ends of her lips twisted up into a bright smile; And that would be enough for him to smile brightly himself.

He placed his hands on her waist pulling her body closer to his, earning a small giggle from her. He then placed a small but soft kiss on her exposed shoulder before lifting his head back up to look at her.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” He whispered in her ear sending shudders down her spine.

“Well you may have mentioned it a couple times.” She chuckled as she wrapped her arms on top of Liams that rested on her waist.

“You are beautiful.” He said softly as she turned her head to look at him.

“You really think so?”

“Absolutely.” He smiled before pressing another soft kiss against her shoulder, The moment his smooth lips met her soft skin he could hear her heart flutter and he felt her skin burning up as the heat rises to her cheeks, Painting them a shade of rosy pink that could make Liams heart flutter every time he saw it.

a kiss on the lips - i love you.

The clock was showing 30 seconds left for the game and Liam was running on the opposite side of Scott, Both of them running towards the goal. Y/N was standing on the bleachers next to Lydia, Her fingers crossed and pressed against her lips as she whispered almost inaudibly a small prayer for Liam.

“Come on Liam you can do this.” She said softly, Liam sneaked a glance at her on the bleachers when he heard her quiet words; With just a seconds glance he felt strength and adrenaline pump though his veins as he signaled for Scott to pass him the ball. He catches it with ease and throws it into the goal, Scoring smoothly the winning point with just two seconds left until the buzzer goes off.

Within seconds the crowd went wild and The whole team practical swallowed Liam, Y/N rushed down the bleachers and on to the field searching for her boyfriend not knowing that Liam never lost sight of her as he made his way through the dozens of people to reach her.

Once he found her she quickly noticed him, A huge smile on her lips as she rushed towards him practically jumping on to him. He caught her with ease as he wrapped his arms around her waist tightly; Her hands placed around his neck as she mashed her lips against his, In an almost bruising force. The kiss was sweet but yet passionate and intimate, For a short moment they forgot all about the game, And the win, And the dozens of people scattered around them; For a short moment they felt as if they were one, As if it was only the two of them in their own world. Only Y/N and Liam, Liam and Y/N.

They both pulled away panting slightly, They could now see each others features up close. Liam saw Y/Ns bright smile, Her small dimples, He saw how clear her eyes looked, How they had that spark of light in them. Y/N saw how Liams hairline was slightly sweaty when the little hairs framing his face were stuck to his forehead, She saw how much light and life his crystal blue eyes held, Just looking into his eyes would bring a smile to her face, As if every time she looked into them she would be mesmerised by the electrifying blue they had in them.

“I’m so proud of you.” She said softly. You could see in Liams eyes how much that short sentence meant to him.

“I couldn’t have done it with out you.” He said as he pulled her closer into his embrace.

I love you Liam.” She said softly against his shoulder.

I love you too.” He said looking down at her before connecting yet again his lips to hers, And just like their other kiss; The moment their lips touched, They were in their own world, They were one.

And there was nothing in this world, Supernatural or not, That could change that.

anonymous asked:


1. Who is your favourite character? Why?

This is… really hard to answer oh dear. I love so many of them so much, the characters in this show all have such nice flaws and personalities. I think I’ll talk about Yurio here, because he was one of the characters I first felt super drawn to (apart from Viktor and Yuri). Hes so angry and small but he has so much heart and I could see there was a lot to his character just from the first couple episodes. Being around support from Yuri and Viktor helped him open up and I love how much development so many of the characters get in the series in general. I just. I want to hug Yurio.

2.  Which YoI episode is your favourite? Why?

… Episode 7 is… Pretty good. 8′) 

But I also really enjoyed last weeks episode 9 with the reunion of Viktor and Makkachin and the moments with Yurio and aksdnkajsdaksdjask help I’m in this show too deep

3.  What is your favourite Victuuri moment? (if you ship them)

If I ship them haha HA A aHA aa ha *takes sip of tea*

I adored the hand holding before they did the forehead touch thing and when Viktor and Yuri celebrated the scores and he did the ‘hug-lean-into-ear-and-whisper-suggestively-and-smile’ thing. That hit me right in the feels. But apart from the kiss, I also adored the hand kiss in episode 9. *sighs heavily* what the heck is going to happen this week god help me.

9. Which character’s country lies closest to where you live?

I’m a bonafide Canadian, hello.

You know what is so fucking cute about Dan and Phil is how when playing games Dan obviously likes to be in control and dictate what happens and Phil just lets him. He doesn’t seem to get angry he just lets him as if its second nature and it’s not even as if Dan walks all over him because I’m sure Phil gets his own way in other things it’s just Dan has control to steer the game and Phil helps him decide.

Like at the beginning of the world chef video you can see how Dan restrains himself letting Phil be in control but can’t help but take over and Phil kinda just lets him, and helps him control the game over his shoulder because he knows it’s just how Dan is. And Dan has probably had friends in the past that this trait annoys but Phil loves it because he probably enjoys just being around Dan and see him excited by the game and feels omg

Shadows and Time; An Azriel Fanfiction

I put this on but couldn’t post it separately on here until now!

@underthe-mountain  and I bounced around ideas about Rhys’s sister being Azriel’s mate before she was murdered and she came up with this plot line.

I’ve always headcanoned this just because I want to so please don’t come after me. I KNOW it has no book evidence, it’s just fun to imagine. So no yelling please. Just enjoy :)

He wasn’t nervous. He wasn’t nervous.

Stop lying to yourself, the shadows whispered to him. Tendrils of darkness and silhouette curled around his broad shoulders, creeping up his neck in a midnight caress. We see you. You’re afraid. Afraid of her. Afraid of the one who sees us and doesn’t send us away. Why? Why are you afraid? We’re not afraid of her.

Azriel shoved away his shadows with pure determination and will that had been forged in the heart of the Illyrian Steppes.

Those shadows did not control him, he controlled them. And today he didn’t need them whispering in his ear. Not when he was going to see her. Not when he was going to see Nissa.

Azriel had convinced himself that telling Rhys would be the part that required the most courage.

How exactly does one tell his best friend that he is mates with his sister?

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Malevolent Mistletoe

Title: Malevolent Mistletoe

Author: jilliancares

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

Words: 1.1k

A/N: Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!!

“No fucking way,” Dan barked, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring at everyone around him (mostly Phil, because Dan considered this all his fault anyway). They were delusional, abso-fucking-lutely mental if they expected this to actually work, to actually happen. “I’m not doing that.“

Phil just rolled his eyes exasperatedly, as if Dan were being the dramatic one. He didn’t want to do it either, Dan knew for a fact. If Dan could, at all times, be greater than ten feet away from Phil, that would be perfect. As it was, what everyone was expecting them to do would leave them with about zero feet between them, and Dan wasn’t up for that at all.

“You have to,” Pj piped up, smirking from where he stood leaning against the wall.

“I won’t,” Dan said stubbornly. Because it was ridiculous after all. Did they honestly expect him to kiss Phil Lester? The one person he hated most in the world? The one person who constantly picked on and teased Dan, who was all smirks and raised eyebrows and sly, annoying winks? They expected Dan to kiss him?  It was obvious to Dan, very obvious, that everyone in the entire universe had very recently lost their minds. Unfortunately, only Dan had managed to stay sane, though being sane in a world full of insane people made him seem like the odd one out.

“Scared?” Phil taunted and—as if to prove exactly how unafraid he himself was—took a step closer. Dan just cocked an eyebrow at him, allowing him no other expression. Not letting him see how unsettled Dan felt, how hot and itchy his collar suddenly felt around him neck. He hated the fact that there was a crowd around them right now, a crowd of people gathered to see the famous enemies kissed. Well they weren’t going to get what they wanted, because Dan would kill himself before he let Phil Lester’s face get anywhere near his own. Phil probably had several STDs and it wouldn’t do for Dan to catch them. Worse than the diseases Phil had gained through various and plentiful disgusting sexual acts, was the fact that it would actually be him Dan would be kissing. 

“Disgusted is the word I would go with,” Dan said with a casual shrug. Phil just smiled, swaggering another step forward. As if he knew that he looked good, that no one could actually deny the fact that he was attractive. Dan almost wished he was ugly so that he could incorporate it into his insults to Phil—often shouted down the halls—just how ugly the other boy was. That would obviously be a lie, however, and Dan was also almost grateful that Phil wasn’t completely disgusting, at least in the looks department. Dan already had to spend so much of his time despising the other boy, at least he didn’t have to spend any time face-to-face feeling grossed out by his appearance.

“You know,” Louise piped in, also standing on the edge of the crowd, “this is all your own fault.”

“It is not,” Dan snarled at her. She barely even reacted, the corner of her mouth just barely twitching in amusement. Dan wasn’t sure he would stand for this.

“Well, you did shove us under here,” Phil pointed out, and then he actually pointed. At the ceiling. Or more specifically—at the mistletoe dangling from the ceiling.

“Only because you provoked me,” Dan hissed. If his arms weren’t already crossed, he would cross them. But they were crossed. He crossed them tighter.

“If ‘hey Dan, nice hair’ was provoking, then sure,” Phil relented. And it was provoking, obviously. What, the one day Dan’s straighteners break, leaving his hair a horrendous, horrible mess, Phil decides to not only have horrible taste, but to also say something nice to Dan? The second Dan had heard Phil’s words, his face had flushed red and his fists had gone flying, until he and Phil had tumbled under the mistletoe, only for everyone else in the hallway to suddenly go silent. And then cheer.

“Just kiss him,” Jack insisted. “Then we can all be finished getting entertained and you two can go back to hating each other.”

“I told you,” Dan scoffed. “I’m not kissing Phil.”

It was at precisely that moment that Phil said, “Chicken,” and took a step forward. The world slowed, paused—almost, as Phil pressed himself against Dan, as one of his legs stepped slightly in between Dan’s, as his hands came up to grip Dan’s face. Everything went silent, and Dan’s eyes were wide open. This wasn’t happening, right?

With only Phil’s smirk as an answer, his arch enemy titled his head down and slotted their lips together. Dan made some sort of noise against his mouth, something protesting, before Phil’s tongue flicked out against his bottom lip. Dan’s only response was to gasp, the only thing he was even able to do. He felt frozen as Phil explored him, as his teeth nibbled against Dan’s bottom lip, as his tongue snuck into Dan’s mouth.

Dan pulled him closer, tighter against his body—and when had he wrapped his arms around Phil anyway? Phil’s response was to slide one of his hands over Dan’s body, down his side, over his back, and pressed against his arse. It was impossible not to be pressed closer to Phil, not to have their entire bodies lined up against one another’s, warm and hard and soft all at once.

Without warning, Phil sucked harshly on Dan’s tongue, making him moan quietly on accident, and then he was stepping away, his appearance entirely unruffled, as if that hadn’t been the best kiss of his life. Had that not been the best kiss of his life? Dan was panting, he could feel how red he was, how hard he was.

“Wow,” someone in the crowd whispered. Embarrassment flooded through Dan. And hatred. Hatred for stupid Phil Lester, the worst person in the entire universe, the one person Dan wanted dead—

“Coming?” Phil asked, looking over his shoulder from where he’d been walking away. But he’d stopped.

“I—what?” Dan stuttered.

With a roll of his eyes, Phil turned back around. He shoved himself up close against Dan, and sneakily, unseen by the crowd, he reached down to palm Dan through his trousers. Dan squeaked.

“Come back to my place?” Phil whispered huskily.

With barely a thought, Dan was nodding, and then Phil had their fingers intertwined and was leading Dan out of the crowd and to his house to finish what they’d started.

And Phil wasn’t so horrible after all.

Pokemon: It’s Still Snowing Gladion!

Hey guys! This is for the two anons who wanted a haudion request for the Christmas prompts! I really hope you guys like this! Sorry it took so long! Anyway, please enjoy! :)

Gladion sighed, as he waited in the Pokemon Center near the beginning of the new Pokemon League. Glancing around, the blond was grateful for being in a warm place, because every time someone came through the doors, they looked like snowmen. Shuddering slightly, Gladion rubbed his hands together. Just imaging the weather out there made him cold. Hearing the doors slide open again, he green eyes glanced up, and noticed a familiar face. It was Hau, and the boy was covered head to toe in snow. The blond then realized that the brunet was still wearing a short-sleeved shirt, shorts, and sandals.

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Ok so remember the modern!au I had with Jefferson and Lafayette as twin brothers?

Please imagine Lafayette and Laurens as roommates, right, and one morning they’re just pleasantly enjoying their breakfast when IN BURSTS ALEXANDER IN A HUFF. He doesn’t even greet them, just stomps in grumbling to himself about son a bitch southerners or what have you and he points at Laurens and asks,

“Do you still have that black lacy number I used to wear all the time when we were dating?”

And Laurens is just like “???? Maybe in my closet-” and Hamilton is walking past him into his room. There are sounds of the closet door opening and things being shuffled around and Hamilton emerges, lacy black number over his shoulder and scowl on his face. He looks between the two other men standing in their pjs around their small kitchen/living room combo, and says to Lafayette, very darkly:

“If your brother thinks he’s going to win this he has another thing coming. He won’t even KNOW what hit him!”

And then without another word Hamilton is out the door, the black straps and lace fluttering over his shoulder his final fanfare. And Laurens and Lafayette are just staring after him because they?have no idea? What just happened??? They look at each other for a long moment before Lafayette shrugs, turns back to his cereal and says, “he’s your ex-boyfriend. ”

“He was talking about YOUR brother!”

“What Thomas does when I’m not with him has nothing to do with me.”