and i ended up rewatching the episodes and i sobbed through everything

For Bunnyribbit Week - First Fight/Comfort

I headcanon that D.Va suffers from PTSD. 

I imagine that D.Va, upon meeting Zenyatta for the first time, is extremely cold towards him. She excuses herself from the room ASAP, not even trying to hide how much she wants to get away from the omnic. Lucio watches this and, after warmly saying goodbye to Zenyatta, runs to catch up with her. Grabbing her shoulder, he confronts her about her behavior towards their newest member of Overwatch. She is surprisingly defensive and even petty about this - much to Lucio’s confusion. He presses on, insisting that she needs to be friendlier to Zenyatta because the world is watching and she’s being selfish not to try to set a better example. D.Va bristles at that, shouting that she isn’t selfish just for not wanting to be buddy-buddy with an omnic. Angry now, Lucio brings up her ruthlessness towards omnics when she fought in the Korean MEKA’s - even livestreaming her kills. 

D.Va freezes at his words - shock and hurt clearly shown in her eyes. Tears welling up, she shoves him hard

“You don’t know anything,” she spits, running away.

Later when he’s cooled off, Lucio rewatches some of her old streams from the Omnic Crisis. Seeing how cheerfully she cut down one omnic after another, at first he thinks he was right about her. But the more he watches, the more he notices the little cracks in her facade - the occasional tremor in her voice as she addresses her audience in the camera, the almost manic way her eyes dart around, the twitch in her smile when an omnic dies a particularly brutal death. And he realizes that at the end of every battle she smiles to the camera, reassuring the audience that everything will be okay because she’s protecting them.

And it hits him: how she had been drafted into the war, how she always thought of giving her audience hope, and how big her burdens truly were. 

He runs.

It takes awhile, but he eventually finds her huddled up in the training room with the lights out. She doesn’t notice him immediately. She seems to be muttering to herself, lost in thought. When their eyes meet, he sees how glassy they are - how she’s staring right through him - with a look on her face that makes his stomach drop. Carefully, he cradles her face in his hands and calls to her. She doesn’t respond. He calls to her, cooing and reassuring her, in a desperate hope to bring her back to the present. 

Time passes - minutes or hours, he’s really not sure. But eventually she comes back to him, burying herself in his arms and sobbing.

“Luci-” she hiccups “I-I can’t… I don’t… with omnics- I don’t deserve..!” She takes a shuddering breath, “I don’t deserve their kindness!” Lucio’s heart twists painfully in his chest.

“Shh, no no. You deserve all the kindness in the world. I’m sorry, Hana, I didn’t know. I didn’t know…!” Gently lifting her face, he places a tender kiss to her brow, “You are not a bad person, Hana.”

Bonus: Headcanon #2 - from this moment on, whenever D.Va has an episode, he wraps her in his arms along with a blanket and gives her his healing music to listen to.

Skin to Skin

Part 2

Jughead Jones doesn’t know how the crimson crescents ended up on his palms.

Betty Cooper is clueless when it comes to the messages on her arms.

Soulmate AU where all the little marks and injuries belonging to Betty and Jughead start finding themselves on each other’s skin.

A/N: Here’s part two! as you can see, I write Jughead’s point of view and then Betty’s at one go, so I usually post two chapters together. Thank you for all your support!

Part 1
Link on ao3

Chapter iii

Jughead shoves his keys into the lock of his apartment door and enters, a bag of groceries in in hand. Don’t get him wrong, he can’t cook, but there’s only so much ramen and takeout he can endure.

Although, he can make a mean sandwich, but that can’t really be called cooking, can it?

He’s exhausted. Working at B&N might seem easy, but he was on re-stocking duty today, which meant hauling cartons of books to and fro. In addition to dealing with self-entitled middle aged adults.

Plus, he contract of his book was finally signed today, which meant that he was getting an advance of maybe fifteen thousand dollars, which was a freaking lot. He could quit his job and get a library at home.

But then, his mind drifts to hospital bills, student loans and debts to pay off, so he temporarily forgets that idea.

He dumps his groceries on the tiny kitchen counter and unpacks them with slow movements; he’s tired, but he can’t go the sleep unless he’s eaten. His stomach will not let him.

He takes out some shredded chicken, lettuce, a tomato and mayo- simple, yet so, so tasty.

Yes, Jughead is very easy to impress if one’s talking about food.

He slices his bread (He loves the type with seeds in it, Archie thinks he’s crazy,), spreads mayo over it, and moves to slice the tomato. He vaguely remembers an article he’d read awhile back about a legal battle over a tomato. 1887, was it?

Jughead suddenly yawns; he’s dreaming of his bed, but his stomach is protesting, and all of a sudden, the knife slips and slices his thumb, instead.

“Shit,” He says, shaking his hand, which only results in a little blood behind splattered on the wall plaster.

He runs to the sink and turns on the tap, watching the cut bleed as cold water falls on it. Eventually, after, say, five minutes, it clots up and the bleeding stops.

He needs to find a band-aid, as soon as possible, so he rummaged through some cluttered cupboards to find one. There’s an old Hello Kitty one he finds, which he remembers getting free with some snacks, but it’s the only band-aid he can find. So he puts it on.

He won’t ever admit it, but blood makes him slightly queasy.

He makes himself a cup of coffee as well, and goes back to finishing his sandwich.

Unfortunately, the tomato’s covered with a dark red liquid that is not tomato juice, and he’s forced to ditch that part. He’s too lazy to take out another one.

Finally, he settles down on his battered couch, switches Netflix on and savours the blessing that is shredded chicken and mayo.

Jughead rewatches three episodes of  Black Mirror, his favourite ones. He doesn’t may too much attention to them, though, as his mind wanders to all the things he has to do.

He considers going to bed; but his phone starts dinging. JB is calling on FaceTime.

“Hey, JB.” He answers.

JB is sobbing, and Jughead’s alarms start blaring. He brings the phone closer.

“What happened, Jelly?”

“Dad… He’s been arrested. Again.”

Shit. Oh no.

“Over what?” He asks, biting his lip.

“He’s been accused of involvement in murder.” JB hiccups, wiping away tears from her face.

This hasn’t been FP Jones’s first stint in jail. Hell, even Jughead’s spent some time in Juvie. This family is screwed up.

But murder? It’s never gone that far. FP was the leader of a gang, called the Southside Serpents, back in his hometown of Toledo, which meant getting involved in shady business, behind-the-dumpster type of weed exchanges, and whatnot, but it’s never been this bad.

“Tell me everything, Jelly.” He sighs, mind already scanning through possible ways to help his dad.

He learns that FP’s home was ransacked, that very night, to find incriminating evidence of the murder of a sophomore in Toledo High. The Sheriff had received an anonymous tip-off, and they’d found a gun in FP’s tiny trailer.

FP had been dragged to the station and questioned.

The worst part was, he’d confessed.

“I don’t think he did it, Jug.” Jellybean whispers later. “I know. He owned up to it… But I know he hasn’t done it. I just know, okay?”

“Jelly… I'm​ not sure. He did confess.” Jughead’s eyes are misting up. “I know he’d cleaned up his act for a bit, but if he’s confessed, then I don’t know what to believe.”

JB shakes her head. “Jughead, I’m going to have faith. I will. I know daddy, and he isn’t capable of- of murder.”

All Jughead wants to do is give her a hug.

“I’m going to come home.” He says, opening a new tab to book bus tickets.


He startles at that, and shifts the tab back to FaceTime. “Why not?”

“Jughead, your book is being published. You have meetings to attend, covers to decide, edits to make. You cannot simply put all of that in hold to come over here. It’s your debut book. Your first book!” Jellybean says, throwing her hands up in the air. Her black sheet of hair whips around.

Jughead’s not convinced. “I could do all of that from there, JB. Face to face meetings are almost redundant with the invention and development of technology. How am I talking to you right now?”

Jellybean just shakes her head. “No. I won’t let you come.”

“JB, are you hiding something else?” He knows when his sister is keeping something under wraps. She’s a terrible liar, just like him.

His sister stays silent, evidently trying to think up of another reason why he shouldn’t come.


“Okay,” she caves, shoulders slumping. “Jughead, you know that I love you, right? Dad loves you, too and so does Mom, even if they have weird-ass ways of showing it?”

Jughead nods, eyebrows scrunching up together in confusion.

“And I didn’t want to tell you, because you’d get hurt, but…”

His sister is stalling too much, and Jughead gets impatient​.

“Jellybean, what happened?” He says, curtly. His thumb is still throbbing, and he watches Jellybean sigh and wring her hands together.

“Mom… said she never wants you back. She, well, she thinks you remind her too much of Dad.”


Jughead’s fingers trace the scabs of the fingernail imprints on his palm, processing this information.

“Also, Jug, she still kinda, um, resents you because you chose to stay with Dad, all those years ago, instead of coming with her.”

He stays silent this time, not making eye contact with JB, and unseeingly staring at his palms.

Gladys Jones and Jughead Jones never really had a great relationship, if he was being truthful. It was his Dad that Jughead often went to.

FP Jones had been an alcoholic for most of Jug’s childhood. The boy grew up watching his father drown out his sorrows one bottle after another, and witnessed it only get worse when Jughead got put into juvie for attempted arson at ten and JB was hospitalised for her kidney at six.

But despite that, Jughead always saw the good in his father. He may not always try, but Jughead had faith in the older man. So much, that he stayed behind with FP when Gladys Jones had had enough, taking JB with her.

But during that time, FP showed no attempt at righting his wrongs, and if anything, he got worse. He had been perpetually drunk, and eventually, even Jughead reached his limit.

So he’d moved out, braving homelessness for about six months. When his best mate, Archie, found out, he’d hosted Jughead on his couch for a few weeks, but the brunet hadn’t wanted to overstay his welcome.

Finally, FP had gotten his act back together, and Jughead had moved back in.

When he shifted to New York, though, FP kind of lost it again and got himself arrested for minor transgressions. He’d had been able to bail himself out each time, but a murder accusation was not something you could easily escape from.

But his mom, well, he’d never been that close to. Yes, he’d inherited his Mom’s skill in writing, sense of humour, and some of her facial features, maybe, but that was where the similarities ended.

But not wanting him back at all… that was harsh.

“Jug?” Jellybean whispers.

“Yeah, okay,” he says, wanting to change the topic. “So I’m getting my book advance soon, I could send the money over if it helps with getting a good lawyer, or something.”

“Jug, you don’t need to…” JB starts.

“No, no, it’s okay.” he puts his hand on his forehead, like he’s trying to recall something. “They’ll assign him one, but if we want the court to think he’s innocent.. We’ll need a good lawyer.”

“Which will be easy, because he is innocent.” JB says, stubborn as ever, just like him.

Jughead runs a hand through his dark hair.

“Remember when you used to wear that beanie everywhere?” Jellybean breaks the silence. “Even when you were seventeen?” She sniffs, laughing at the same time.

“Yeah,” He smiles. “I still wear it sometimes.”

“Well, you’ll get all the girls if you don’t Jug. They appreciate a nice, good, mop of hair. Coupled with the leather jacket I gave you, maybe some girl is currently fawning over you.”

Jughead blushes. “No girlfriends at all, JB, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“No boyfriends either?”

“No, considering that I’m not into guys…” Jughead says, fighting back both a yawn and a smile.

“Oh, well.” Jellybean says, and then pauses. “Listen, Jug, don’t forget that I love you, okay? Despite what Mom says, she loves you too.”

Jughead nods. “I know,” he says, simply. “I’ve gotta go sleep, it’s 2 am, JB, and so should you. Don’t you have school tommorow?”

“I’m not going.” She says. “I’ll help where I can with dad.”

“Okay,” He says. “Call me if and when you need anything. I’ll be there, okay?”

“I will.” JB replies, and Jughead moves to end the call. “Nice band-aid, bro.”

He grins and switches his phone off.

He gets under the covers, after completing his bedtime routine and closes his eyes, drifting off into a slumber.

The whole time, he traces the crescent marks on his palm.

Chapter iv

When the alarm clock blares, Betty Cooper does something incredibly rare- she doesn’t snooze it, and instead, actually gets up.

She was going to go to the gym before her shift, on the insistence of Alice Cooper.

Her mother. Betty hasn’t spoken to her since Monday, three days ago, after she’d slammed her laptop shut. She’d ignored all of Alice’s calls, FaceTime requests, and messages, and maybe Betty is running the risk of being cut off. But if and when that happens, she’ll deal with it.

And skipping a day of gym won’t do her any harm.

She sits up, stretching her arms above her head and yawning- she got a good night’s sleep, for the first time in weeks. Tying back her hair, after smoothing down her bedhead, she puts her legs over the side and slips her feet into slippers.

She notices a blood stain on the sheets- and for a moments, she’s afraid she got her period way too early.

But the stain is towards the headboard, and her thumb also happens to be covered in the dark red liquid, which has now dried.

Betty moves towards her bathroom and washed the crusty blood away- only to reveal a cut. It’s pretty long, and deep enough to cause more bleeding than usual.

She’s utterly bewildered. Betty’s not a clumsy person, and considering the fact that she would remember cutting herself like this…

What if it’s a repeat of the random message written on her arm three days ago?

Perhaps it happened when she was sleeping. Yeah, that’s the most plausible solution.

She walks back to her bed, inspecting her bedside table for any such sharp object which could be the cause. There’s a letter opener on the table, but Betty hasn’t touched that in weeks. She’d just forgot to put it back in the stationary drawer.

Her phone back-up alarm blares, and she jumps. Her shift at Starbucks starts in forty-five minutes, and she needs to get ready.

Maybe she’s just making a big deal out of this, she thinks, as she showers and puts a band-aid on the cut. Maybe she was too sleepy yesterday to notice.

Donning her Starbucks uniform and tying her hair in a loose ponytail, unlike her highschool days, she locks her apartment door behind her and sets off to work.

She enjoys working as a barista. Sure, sometimes she wants to throw something at anyone who orders another unicorn frappuccino, but she likes the borderline banal and mundane work- it gives her time to think.

She clocks in, puts her apron on and begins her shift. With this job, she ends up smelling like coffee all the time, but it’s not something she particularly minds.

A brunette comes in, with two toddler twins in tow- they’re noisy, but admittedly adorable, and Betty is reminded of her sister’s kids. Eliza and Cliff.

Polly Cooper eloped when she was in high school- got pregnant in her junior year, and had the babies in her senior year. The special man, and now Betty’s brother in law, was Jason Blossom- the son of Clifford Blossom, who owned an incredibly successful maple syrup business in Vancouver. Jason was set to inherit this giant empire, along with his sister, Cheryl, and so they, along with Polly and the kids, were moving up there this fall. Therefore, Betty had limited time to spend with her niece, nephew and sister.

Having eloped at seventeen, Polly was almost disowned by Alice Cooper and Hal Cooper. They’d almost sent her away to a house- ‘The Sisters of Quiet Mercy’, when they found out that she was expecting. Polly almost ran away with Jason, they almost drowned in Sweetwater river, and basically, the Cooper family was a shitstorm during that particular period of time. It was a soap opera, worthy of the silver screens.

But, eventually Alice Cooper gave into her soft side once the babies were born- and they were the cutest little things. They still are, Betty thinks, smiling as she prepares the machiatto that the woman has ordered.

But of course, Polly’s mistakes only put pressure onto Betty to up her game and be perfect. Which is why Betty wasn’t allowed to have boyfriends in high school (not that she didn’t, behind their backs).

She was also put on birth control and performance enhancing medication, which, in Betty’s opinion, was excessive, unnecessary and too much. But no one says no to Alice Cooper.

Well, except Betty, after Monday’s debacle.

The thing is, Betty still has nightmares. She’s always afraid of failing, she’s always afraid that she won’t be successful in life- her mother has turned her into a two dimensional human being who only worries about being perfect.

Which she definitely did not want to be. She’s grown to detest that word.

She puts a fake smile onto her face and hands an espresso to a teenager.

At least now she has more time on her hands, after quitting. She’s put in a lot more hours into studying these past few days, and she’ll do well this term. She knows it.

Being a journalist is something Betty’s always wanted to be, since she was a pre-schooler. She watched her parents in their office when she was little, and always eagerly awaited the day she would write her first article.

That day came when she was fifteen. She’d reopened her school’s newspaper- the Junipero High Herald, and she’d taken over it, writing exposes about all the minor scams that went in in her school.

That newspaper helped her get into this journalism course here at NYU. At least here mom didn’t interfere here.

Betty realises she has a lot of mommy issues.

Her attention snaps back into reality when someone comes up to the counter.

“One Cafe Americano, no sugar, please. To go.” He says, glancing down at his phone. He’s tapping his foot, biting his lip. He’s in a hurry.

The first thing Betty notices is the Hello-Kitty band-aid on his thumb, and fights back a grin.

“Love the choice of band-aid there,” she says, punching in his order.  

He grins. “Thank you, I happen to have a thing for anthropomorphic beings.” He says, shoving his phone in his pocket. He nods his head towards Betty’s thumb. “ I see you have a band-aid, too, but so boring.”

“Well, not all of us have Hello-Kitty or disney themed band-aids at hand.” Betty says, picking up a marker. “So, what is your name, oh Sanrio stan?”

Jughead chuckles. “Jughead.”

Betty audibly laughs. “Are you serious? Are you one of those people who come in and tell me their name is Voldemort or Primrose Everdeen, or something?”

‘Jughead’ shakes his head and runs a hand through his dark, wavy hair. “Completely authentic, don’t worry.”

“Alright, then, Jughead,” Betty says, jotting his name down on on plastic cup. “Coming right up.”

Her eyes follow him as he moves to the side and wait for his order, eyes glued to his phone, an iPhone 3, which Betty hasn’t seen in years.

His name, by far, is the weirdest one she’s ever had to write.

She gets his coffee ready and calls out his name- saying it with a lilt in her voice, her blatant amusement on show.

He takes it from her with a thankful smile, and Betty notices the marks on his palm. Tiny arcs pepper both his hands- they’re fingernail marks, and if there’s anyone who knows them well, it’s her.

Maybe she stares at them for longer than necessary.

Betty Cooper thinks of her own fists, scarred by her own fingernails. She keeps her fingernails short, but yet she manages to hurt herself. She hates herself for doing it, because the aim to be perfect has been ingrained in her, and this is a weakness.

But, doesn’t she hate ‘perfect’?

Still, her fists curl against her own volition when she’s sad, angry, hurting, and Betty Cooper feels a wave of sadness for this man in front of her. She wants to help him, so that maybe, just maybe, she can help herself.

But, before she knows it, he’s gone, lost in the sea of people, indistinguishable amongst thousands of others.

dallyingdivergent  asked:

Hi hon! Ereri/Riren for the shio meme (bet ya didnt see that coming XD)


Originally posted by timetravelersloth

  • When or if I started shipping them: Hmmm I think (if I remember correctly because it was some time ago) that I started shipping them right before the female titan arc. I never saw myself shipping them because I, like most of the antis, was pissed off because of the court scene. So when I slightly started shipping them I decided to do some research about why Levi had beaten Eren up. I read some manga analyses and actually started agreeing with the “he had to do it to prove Eren could only be ‘tamed’ under Levi’s command so he wouldn’t get killed by the military police”. So after that I rewatched the episodes and started shipping them even more. When the anime ended I started reading the manga and found many more details and little hints of their relationship and I just fell in love with this. I mean their dynamics, and especially their caring and looking out for each other is just heartwarming *sobs*
  • My thoughts: I think I’m a bit to deep in this ship hahaha, I never thought I would be the person who would be shipping fictional characters so intensely. I wanna say much more but I think my answer would fit more to in next question.
  • What makes me happy about them: EVERYTHING! Okay but for real now, I just love everything about them. They have both been through so much but cope with it in a different way. Levi is a very emotional person, but decides not to show it and Eren is only capable of expressing his anger through violence. (in the beginning) I also just love the fact that Isayama himself kinda ships them too (he also ships Armin and Eren) I also love that Eren has always looked up to Levi, and even when he got to know him (and see he is blunt and a clean freak, etc so all his bad sides) he still looks up to him and accepts him. As for Levi: he is the only one who understands and accepts Eren. He has even called him ‘a monster with perfect fearsome beauty’ but for him, Eren isn’t a monster because of his titan shifting. He is a monster because killing comes naturally to him and there is nothing that can stop him, not even love. (he said that not me, I would never be able to put it into words like that) I mean I can go on for hours and hours about what I love about these two dorks, but I think this is enough for now :D
  • What makes me sad about them: It makes me sad to see that there is so much hate in the ereri/riren tag. I’ve never seen an Ereri shipper bashing other people’s ships so why does everyone bash ours? I hate the fact that they call Levi abusive and a Paedophile, if they would do some research and actually pay attention they would understand why the court room scene happened. But they are just so close minded and don’t want to listen or see anything (canon or not) that clashes with their opinion. Okay this wasn’t supposed to be about the antis but I just had to because that’s the only thing that I hate about this ship.
  • Things done in art/fics that annoys me: smut without any meaning. Smut where they just randomly meet and Eren is like “wow he’s hot”, Levi is like “oi brat wanna fuck?”, Eren: “fuck yes”, and boom. I HATE THAT. I NEED DEVELOPMENT IN A STORY.
  • Things I look for in art/fic: I love fluffy artwork where they are just cuddling and smooshing each other. And I also really like slow-build in fanfics, like I wanna see the moment where they go from “why is he so rude?” to “he’s actually really caring” to “shit I think I’m falling for him” to the awkward stages and then to the confession. And I need everything in a story; fluff, smut, very little angst (because I just can’t handle that shit), a good background story, development and a happy ending.
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Eren with Armin, and Levi (I was gonna say Erwin but it is too late for that) so I would say if not Hange, he is gonna end up with his cleaning products.
  • My happily ever after for them: I want them to both be alive in the first place! (Yes Isayama I’m looking at you and still hating you for killing off my boy Mike) If they both manage to stay alive, I hope they will find a cure for the curse of Ymir (If you don’t know what that is just look it up :) ) and after there is peace between Marley, Paradis and the rest of the world: That they will both finally be able to actually admit and be with each other, ( I think that everyone in the survey corps just doesn’t get involved with someone because there is a big chance that person would die and it would ruin the combat if they got emotional.) And then just grow old together outside the walls, in a cute little house, etc.
  • What is their favorite non-sexual activity?: Drink tea while just babbling about whatever comes to their mind.


Have some more cute ereri to bless your dash

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nerdydisney  asked:

Family Au where Keith and Shiro are going out of town for business and the kids are sent to the galra family for the week till they get back.

[The Voltron Family] It was summer and Keith’s company was having an event for a week that required him to bring Shiro. They couldn’t bring the kids as much as they wanted to, so their lil babies will be staying with The Galras.

Hunk: *tugs Keith’s dress shirt carefully* Take me with you, please? *sobs*
Keith: *buttons his shirt* Baby, I can’t. Kids aren’t allowed in there. *frowns*
Hunk: *rubs his eyes* That’s a very mean event if they don’t want kids.
Shiro: *chuckles* *picks up Hunk* Now go kiss Daddy cause we still have to drop you off at Grandpa Zarkon.

Zarkon opened the door and welcomed them to his house.

Zarkon: Good Morning, neighbours. *holding a cup of tea*
Shiro: Good Morning. Sorry it’s still a bit too early but the car’s already waiting outside for us. *points at the back for proof* So we have to do this quick.
Zarkon: *smiles* Oh, that’s fine. Sendak and Haggar are still sleeping because god knows my grandkids are secretly 90 y/o. *chuckles*
Shiro: *smiles* Of course. Anyhoo, Keith will take it from here. *turns around and ushers the kids inside*
Keith: I can’t thank you enough for doing this, Zarkon.
Zarkon: Oh, please, Keith. It’s my pleasure. My kids love having playdates in your house, I don’t see why I shouldn’t welcome yours here? 
Keith: You’re too kind. *places hand on chest* Anyhoo. *gives Zarkon a thick folder* Inside this are the list of food Hunk, Lance and Pidge are allergic to. Also their favourites of course. *smiles* Hunk loves cold chocolate milk before bed, if he’s been good he can get two mugs. Pidge and Lance likes hot choco milk, add a little bit more sugar for Pidge, it helps to keep her brain running. And of course other things are in there too. *brings a box* Here are the DVDs that contains anime shows that they are currently watching. I’ve placed a list inside a schedule and which episodes they are already in. Don’t let Lance rewatch Sailor Moon no matter how many times he tells you, because we’ve rewatched the whole thing five times now. Free! Eternal Summer is what they currently adore. They’re in episode 9 now, so make sure you let them watch the OVAs per DVD. They love those! There’s the movie there, too. Recently bought it. It’s a surprise for them! They’re usually quiet watchers but Hunk gets all giddy when Makoto gets on the screen so just let him be. It’s adorable to be honest. Melted my heart. *clutches chest* Oh and some are in Japanese but it’s fine. My children are fluent. *smiles proudly* Usually Lance has a bit of trouble so I have the iPad here ready for Japanese translations, but usually Pidge will be willing to help—if she’s in a good mood. And—
Zarkon: *stops him* Okay, Keith. I think I’ll manage. I’ll take this… *gets the very thick and heavy folder* and of course the box of shows.
Keith: *beams* Thank you. I still have 3 more boxes! But they have labels and notes so you’ll just have to read through that. And of course my children’s suitcases. Shiro, love, help me with these, yeah?
Shiro: Of course. *helps Keith bring in three big suitcases*
Zarkon: *eyes widens at all the stuff* 
Keith: Okay, I think that’s about it! Thank you so much again for doing this for a week! We owe you! *hugs Zarkon* 
Shiro: Alright, kids. We’re about to leave now so bring them hugs and kisses in.

Keith didn’t want to go. Couldn’t even let go of Hunk but Shiro had to drag him out of the Galra’s lawn just to get his butt on the car. “We miss you already!” Keith shouted as the car drove away.

Zarkon looked at the three kids staring at him, as if waiting for him to tell them to do something. He asked the butler to take their stuff to the guest rooms.

Zarkon: C’mon. Let Grandpa Zarkon show you to your quarters.
Lance: Quarters? What on earth is that?
Pidge: *rolls her eyes* Bedrooms, Lance. Anyways. Grandpa Zarkon?
Zarkon: Yes, dear?
Pidge: If Haggar and Sendak are staying with you, does that mean their mommy and daddy are away too?
Zarkon: Uh, well… you see. *smiles sadly* Haggar and Sendak are actually not related to me at all.
Lance: *blinks* Oh. Like us with our daddies. So what are they then?
Zarkon: They’re grandchildren of my late butler who took care of me ever since I was a child, so he meant a lot to me. They didn’t know who the father was but the mother died giving birth to Sendak. Before my butler died, I promised him I will give his grandchildren the best of everything life could offer. *smiles sadly*
Hunk: *squeezes Zarkon’s hand* You’re very kind, Grandpa Zarkon.
Zarkon: *heart melts* *squeezes back* I’ve never told them so I’d appreciate it if they keep believing I am their real grandpa. It’ll just be our little secret.
Three Kids: You can count on us! *salutes*

The whole week had been great. They ate so many delicious food that they usually didn’t eat back home. The types they couldn’t even pronounce because it was some fancy French food—though Pidge tried. They cooked purple pie in the kitchen with Grandpa Zarkon and it turned into a hilarious mess. The pie was good though. They went to a lot of places and usually Haggar and Sendak didn’t seem to enjoy it but at the end of the day they hugged their grandpa saying their thanks. 

Keith and Shiro video called every night asking how they were and fairly enough they were loving their stay with The Galras.

Lance: And then one time Haggar was able to shoot the arrow straight to the bullseye, Daddy Shiro! She didn’t miss a single one! It was awesome! *giggles as he falls into his bed* Can we get something like that too?
Shiro: We’ll see about that, buddy.
Pidge: Grandpa Zarkon showed me his library the other day. They were some books with weird alien language. Daddy Keith, do you think there are aliens out there? *leans way too close to the iPad screen* Do you, huh? Huh?
Keith: *chuckles* Of course I do, sweetheart. There are just so many unexplainable things that only aliens can do. We’ll discuss that when we get home. I have so many theories on—
Shiro: Okay, okay. That’s enough. *rolls his eyes at keith* Don’t get started on aliens or you wouldn’t hear the end of it from your Daddy Keith. 
Hunk: *hugs Cuddles* Daddy Keith, I miss you and Daddy Shiro too.
Keith: Awww, baby. Daddy misses you too. *teary eyed* Shiro we need to go.
Shiro: *chuckles* For the last time, Keith, we are not booking a flight home.

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i just watched 11x23 for the first time and i just realized how sad the cemetery hug actually was ... omg

Originally posted by b0ttomdean

“is that a reaction or an example”

Anyway yeah it’s something else when it comes to DeanCas hugs >.> Possibly the second saddest is the Purgatory hug but only when you zoom right in on Cas clenching his lil fist like “Aaaaaah conceal don’t feel” in the face of surprise hugging… 

Originally posted by bagginshield

With this one it’s all out there: they’re SO MISERABLE to be parting like this. 

I am really just assuming we’re talking the DeanCas one because of this blog’s main purpose but the Sam and Dean one is actually weirdly empowering and makes me emotional for totally different reasons because it’s concluding the whole Carver era arc as best it can while obviously leaving a few loose threads because we can’t solve it all when there’s a new season afterwards - especially as I was rewatching my way through season 8 before it and have watched the last part of season 8 and to the middle of season 9 since… It does feel conclusive in a way, and not just narratively, which of course it delivers in spades, but for Sam and Dean themselves, they both have waaay too much experience with having to watch the other one die (Sam especially comes to mind just because I’ve also re-watched season 3 in the last month as my rewatched shifted gears to drag my mum into this show :P) and Carver era pokes and prods at their issues with that extensively, as the main cause behind all their drama, at every turn the root of their current argument is something to do with them letting go or not… So to me that scene between Sam and Dean had a sort of acceptance to it which was very hard won through the drama we’d had to go through in Carver era, and the set up was very deliberate to give them that platform…

(christ, DeanCas shippers ruin friggin everything I can’t find a gif of the friggin Sam and Dean hug, all the friggin gifs in the episodes tags are Destiel or Cas WHAT A NIGHTMARE - i’d say this is an algorithm thing but Tumblr is always suggesting I follow J2 and brothers blogs so apparently this is just what you get when you do the search :P)

Originally posted by bubblemish

Anyway yeah, it’s all grim resignation and a deep understanding that this is what they do, they always do it, and their change has come from a deep internal place on how they relate to that fact. Their lives SUCK, because they’re always having to do the sacrifice and they’re always dying, and it’s a very different thing between them, especially with the 4-season long emphasis on coming to terms with that in some way or another, because the opportunities to watch each other die and lose each other KEEP COMING.

But oh, no, Cas… He doesn’t get in on this drama in the same way. He has unfinished business with Dean - he has a need to be with Dean. “I could come with you.” The story that’s going on between them hasn’t hit a point of acceptance or understanding or resolution - it’s as open and desperate as ever between them and this “ending” between them reflects that. Like, yeah Sam isn’t very happy to lose Dean /going for the understatement of the year thing here, but there’s finality in that parting hug. And Dean and Cas don’t have that. Their conversation in the car is interrupted, Cas still says he could go with Dean which suggests there’s still basically a ~journey~ they need to take together, and they don’t have the words for this conclusion. 

Originally posted by irensupernatural

I scrolled past something on my dash this afternoon and unfortunately can’t remember what or where now because I only half-read it while nodding and agreeing, but it was pointing out Dean’s platitudes there:

DEAN: [accepts the hug good-naturedly but then looks sad]



All right.

Like, who’s he even reassuring there… Between him and Cas there’s less the sense that this has to be done, because it’s not the story between them: when Cas loses Dean he doesn’t cope too well:

Originally posted by subcas

He kind of just sleeps and misses Dean as far as we know for this chunk of time. 

Dean isn’t much better without Cas…

Originally posted by supernaturaldaily

but these losses might upset them hugely but they don’t twist the story around them like Sam and Dean losing each other into obsessively trying to recover the other - they just give Dean or Cas a REALLY rough time dealing with the other being dead (the closest it came on either side was Dean dealing with Cas being left in Purgatory/trying to get him out, and Cas being pulled into the save Dean plan at the end of 10, but given a careful remove from the way Sam was handling it, becoming part of the plan after it was too late in many ways)… 

But I don’t think they’ve ever been given a chance to say goodbye like that. Not calmly and knowing full well what’s about to happen and just feeling helpless and out of time. It’s just… I dunno, excessively personal. We’re watching them have this moment and it’s not telling us anything except for how much they don’t want to say goodbye to each other, and the history contained in it is just the history of how much they love each other and how much they’ve lost each other already… 

*still sobbing about this the entire length of hiatus later*

I need to talk about Yuuri's "last time on the ice"

(or so he thought)

I believe this is so important since it’s the part all of us had been looking forward to the most.
(or at least before we realised gala was going to be a thing.)

Victor has been known for making every programme feel like a new beginning, but what Yuuri is going to do here is the opposite, this programme was meant to be his ending.

(Their faces before entering the rink, you can already sense a lot of feels coming up.)

There were so many different emotions in this part, from sad sobs after realising that everything was coming to an end, to happy tears after realising that the goal has been achieved.

I have always loved this programme, but this time it got even better.

We all knew that this one was going to be perfect, that all his jumps would be flawless, but the feelings it gave, oh my God.

(Definitely longer than that 3-page English essay I did last week at school, I’m putting this under the cut.)

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Moments of Truth: Oliver's S1 & S2 Queen Mansion Love Confessions

It was recently brought to my attention that the S1 finale scene between Laurel & Oliver and the S2 finale scene between Felicity & Oliver both took place at the Queen mansion.  Not just the same place - they were the exact same spot, the entryway of the Queen mansion. Coincidence? Sure, absolutely it could be.  Is it probable? No. Mostly because that’s just less fun.

Why were these two romantic scenes filmed in the exact same spot? What were the writers trying to say?  A LOT….so let’s dig in. I’m breaking down two major scenes, so this may get long but hang in there with me. I do have a point.  Thanks to the Anon who asked me to analyze the two scenes, I’ll do my very best.

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Hannibal Rewatch: 1x10

Season 1, Episode 10: “Buffet Froid”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series.

The first time I watched “Buffet Froid” I was streaming it with Jen, and our internet connection was pretty wonky. We kept getting hung up on buffering because we were Too Eager and weren’t just pausing and letting it load for long enough. Finally, keyed up & little frantic right in the middle of the über tense sequence in which Will GOES BACK TO THE HORROR HOUSE AT NIGHT, we just paused the fucker for about ten minutes with the dual goal of a) letting it buffer all the way, and b) gathering our wits together.

Predictably, when we hit play again Georgia IMMEDIATELY flipped the bed onto Will and we SCREECHED and dove away from the laptop. So that worked out well.

Anyway I feel like my rewatch posting is kinda like that? In that we paused for a significant amount of time while I moved across the country and holidayed with my family, and now not only are we back, we are back and maybe screaming? This episode. Oh boy, oh wow, we’re in the thick of it.


Oh I’m an idiot. I’m an idiot I’m an idiot. Why am I watching “Buffet Froid” again. [crawls behind couch]

Ok but if your bed is that far off the ground what do you expect to happen. TERRORS WILL GO UNDER THERE THAT IS JUST KNOWLEDGE.

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*is still deliriously re-watching season 9 and regrets never flailing publicly about 9x18*

It’s been a year, let’s rewatch the trainwreck that turned me into this shipper mess with some serious hindsight goggles. Fair warning I’m only watching at all because I’m ill and exhausted and it’s making me weird so as always the read more is optional when I’m like this, unless you expressly followed me because my delirious ramblings amused you. :P

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I've never watched teen wolf BUT i am such a fan of stydia bc of your fics. can you give me the lowdown of them and their relationship? since season 1? i know thats a lot to ask for. :O or you can just give me the gist of it!

I WILL DO THIS, AND GLADLY. First, because I never ever pass up a chance to talk about Stydia. And second, because you asked and you read my Stydia fanfics even though you freaking haven’t watched TW and you have no idea how much that means to me. Fair warning, this might turn into a character study. And also, no matter what anybody says, I’m right.

Stiles and Lydia probably met in kindergarten– I’m assuming this, it’s not canon. What is canon is the fact that Stiles has had a crush on her since the third grade. When we first meet the characters, they are sophomores in high school, and that means that he has basically been pining after her for seven years. But he’s also been watching her grow and change into a far more plastic version of herself, and as the show goes on, it’s pretty clear to viewers (and, later, Lydia) that Stiles isn’t in love with the Queen Bee Lydia Martin, which we first assume he is at the start of the show. He is in love with the little girl that he had thought she would grow up into, the truer version of herself from when they were children. As the show goes on, both Stiles and circumstance help Lydia become that truer version of herself. Just fucking kill me.

For most of the first season, Stiles and Lydia don’t remotely seem like a viable ship. For one thing, she ignores him. There’s a scene in which he is saying to her that he’s always felt like they had an “unspoken connection” and basically pours his heart out to her. She nods at him like she’s listening and then it is revealed that she was on her bluetooth. My headcanon is that she wasn’t– but she’s nice enough to ignore him, rather than actually letting him down with words. I think that was the kinder thing for Lydia’s character to do at the time.

Their character development has been amazing– Lydia has changed for the better, and Stiles has grown out of his ridiculous puppy love for her and come to love her genuinely for the woman that she is. This is really important to understand: The love that Stiles has for Lydia at the beginning of the series is not the same as it is now. Okay. Good. Glad we covered that.

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Mina’s Monday Recs: End of Hellatus Edition

So I’m back! Kind of, anyway. I have a feeling my rec lists will be pretty sporadic due to university starting in a week, but I have still been reading stuff and watching videos and crying over graphics, and I thought it would be a good idea to get back into the swing of recommending some lovely fanworks now the hellatus is almost over. :)

The Ex-Girlfriend Club by freaoscanlin (Olicity but with a heavy focus on girl power – featuring Sara, Laurel, Felicity, Helena and Shado) – wowowow. This fic is excellent – it is literally the epitome of female badassery and the fic that I would shove under anyone’s nose if they try to use the “but she slept with Oliver!” argument to try and explain why any two of these women can’t be friends. Each character is honestly so beautifully written, and I absolutely love how Laurel in particular is portrayed here. It was written a couple of years ago, and Laurel isn’t the Black Canary in this, but she is a complete and utter badass anyway, and I just adore this version of events with the ladies. Be warned that there is a bit of violence in this fic.

Better Than Anything (nsfw) by gnimaerd (Olicity) – I will never ever ever be over how gorgeous this author’s smut is. Ever. I love how she explores the messy and imperfect parts of Oliver and Felicity’s sex life. Most importantly, though, there is something so fucking beautiful about the way this is written, the emotion I can feel that just makes me know that in spite of the author saying it’s just smut, this fic is so much more than that. I know it sounds cheesy but I honestly do feel like Oliver and Felicity’s souls connect in this story and that is just so glorious to read. :)

At the Break of Dawn by anonymous033 (Black Assassin) – duuuuuuuuuuuuude. Just WHAT. Holy angsty hotness, Batman! I have become so invested in this ship lately that reading this just made me ache. I could literally feel Nyssa and Laurel’s pain and confusion and guilt when I was reading this fic. They find comfort in each other, even though it’s sort of messy because of Sara, and that is definitely my favourite kind of fic for these two. <3

Pillow Talk by @nonbinarytheaqueen (Olicity) – AHHH. Okay, so ever since I watched 3x14 and the “you’re cute” moment happened, I have LOVED seeing how fanfic writers weave this in to fic – the moment when Oliver tells Felicity he saw her five years ago when he broke into QC at Waller’s command. And this story was no exception. I love dialogue only fics, and I could so clearly hear Oliver and Felicity’s voices while reading this. I adore road trip fic, as I’m sure you know, and this was an excellent example of one.

“I thought I was going to lose you forever” by wondertwinc (Black Assassin) – so it’s no secret that I love Black Assassin, but this fic in particular made me cry because, having just rewatched the last couple of episodes of season 3, it was heartbreaking seeing what Laurel went through because she genuinely thought that Oliver and/or Ra’s would kill Nyssa, someone she really cared about. And that is why reading about her reuniting with Nyssa, properly, with those romantic undertones to their gorgeous relationship was just such a joy for me, seriously.

The Window (nsfw) by juliesioux (Olicity) – whoa. I mean, seriously, whoa. This particular author certainly has a remarkable talent with words, and there is something so incredibly poetic about everything that she writes that honestly takes my breath away. I can totally see this happening – Felicity, surfacing from a nightmare in the middle of their road trip, and then finding comfort in Oliver both physically and emotionally. This is gorgeously written and definitely worth a read. And I LOVE the fact that the title is in Hebrew – what a lovely nod at Felicity’s Jewish background.

things you said under the stars and in the grass by darhkfelicity (Olicity) – fics like these are some of my absolute faves. The ones where Oliver and Felicity aren’t a couple and when neither of them have admitted their feelings for each other honestly make me so happy, because I just think it’s so interesting getting into Felicity’s or Oliver’s mindsets at that particular stage in their relationship (as in, before they’re actually in a relationship) – when Felicity is trying to come to terms with how she feels about Oliver.

untitled by queenlysmoak (Thearoy) – OMG, this is so good! I find it really hard to believe that this is Ash’s first fic, because it was so well-written and hurty and full of feels. From Roy’s POV, he gets a series of texts from Thea, and even though she isn’t physically in the scene, you can just hear her voice from the texts she sends, and you can also just feel every emotion Roy feels, how much he misses Thea, and just… argh. There isn’t nearly enough Thearoy fic out there, and this is an excellent example of one.

the healed Heart shows its shallow scar (nsfw) by @rosietwiggs (Canarrow) – WOW GIVE ME ALL THE CANARROW GOODNESS PLEASE. I love this. That moment at the end of 2x13 remains my favourite Canarrow moment ever. I loved the hotness and the fact that both of them were giving into so much suppressed emotion and staving off how hurt they both felt inside in that scene, and this post-coital moment is just so beautifully written.

“You heard me. Take. It. Off.” by thevegantargaryen (Nyssara) – this list is full of angst, and this fic is no exception to that. I love fics that explore how Sara came to be the Canary, down to the evolution of her character to her costume and her relationship with Nyssa and how or why she decided to leave Nanda Parbat to go to Starling City. There is something truly heartbreaking about this story, especially the last line, which – while I won’t spoil it for you – will probably make you sob your heart out if you ship Nyssara even just a little bit.

That’s it for fics. This graphic is by whoeveryoulovethemost and keeps in with the angsty theme of this week (haha), focusing on some of the more heartbreaking Olicity moments in season 3. This is just so pretty and tugs at my heartstrings.

Then there is this fanart by knits-fire based on the Olicity season 4 still we got a little while ago. And, I mean, HOLY SHIT. How is it possible for people to sketch such beauty, honestly?

This homage to Sara Lance by lupinstonks is also wonderful, featuring a lot of yellow prettiness (which is totally appropriate for my yellow bird :) ).

Next up is this Olicity manip (nsfw) by candykizzes24 of Oliver and Felicity, um, christening the new lair which is just gorgeous.

And next is this beautiful al-Saheem graphic by the wonderfully talented cherrychapssstick, which she made for the Arrow Summer Rewatch. This is literally the epitome of the central theme in season 3: identity, and the fact that Oliver couldn’t reconcile two sides of himself. I love how Sara’s explored that in this graphic.

And, of course, my list would be incomplete without this perfect Laurel Lance graphic, also by cherrychapssstick, which actually made me squeal out loud when I saw it because I will never get enough of love for my wonderful Black Canary.

Lastly on the graphic front is this super-cool Olicity manip by faidingrainbow that I just love. The green, the dress Felicity is wearing – just everything about this is gorgeous and I love it.

Finally, I have three videos to share with you all. There’s this amazing Thearoy video by wondertwinc that had me sobbing because, again, there is nowhere near enough Thearoy love out there and I don’t understand why because they are honestly so perfect for each other. The way their sexytimes are in slow motion and the song (Your Soul by Rhodes) and everything is just such a joy to watch.

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Then there’s this Merlance video by ipikaboo which will never not break my heart because, just like Thearoy, they were so perfectly perfect for each other and it upsets me just thinking about them because SO MANY FEELS. And, again, this is the perfect song for them (Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift) and I loved the moments chosen for these two.

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And last but certainly not least is this Olicity video by tvmoviesparks which is so upbeat and fabulously put together that I can’t not love it, frankly. And the song is totally appropriate (I Choose You by Sara Bareilles) because I really do think both Oliver and Felicity made a big choice when they decided to leave Starling City together, and this video illustrates that amazingly.

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That’s it from me! If there is anything on that list that you liked, or that broke your heart, or that somehow touched you emotionally, I encourage you to leave a comment or even just a few words in a reblog of their work. I don’t know when I’ll be posting my next list of recs, but until then, I hope you lovelies continue to spread the love! :)

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