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Ode To The Nature Of Romance

Author: @eradikeats-writes as part of Bangtan University - a series of oneshots with @kpopfanfictrash

Creative Content Contributors: @daegusoftboys (who has provided us INCREDIBLE moodboards for the series)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (of; female)

Summary: As a classical violinist, you understand passion and romance better than most. So why does Poetry professor Jeon Jungkook seem to have such a difficult time getting you to understand?

Rating: NC-17

Warning: explicit sex; explicit language

Word Count: 9,934

It never felt like this, sharing a bed with another body. It never felt like this, comforting, warm, safe. Always, at the touch of someone else’s skin beneath the sheets, you would shrink away, make yourself small, into something less than your true wingspan. Deep in your bones, you would ache to be away and gone and alone. Always, you feel resentment boil in your chest, the heat radiating from their body into yours, causing you to perspire under stress, and anguish, and rage.

But with him, it is different.

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Why Just Fantasize?**



You kissed Joe goodbye that morning telling him you’d be back late tonight. Your day was filled with meetings and interviews about your new and exciting upcoming projects. 

When you left that morning, you expected Joe to film his videos and get a head start on his editing so you two could relax later that night. But when you came home do a dark house you questioned if you should’ve texted him saying that your last meeting was canceled and that you were coming home sooner than expected. 

But it was too late to send a text now.

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Unedited : Calum AU

Description: I feel like Calum’s been hella artistic lately so enjoy some quick photographer!Calum

Word Count: 985

A long shower greets you as you and Calum return from your evening ocean side walk. Calum, being the dedicated photographer that he is, couldn’t resist the particularly colorful sunset that painted tonight’s sky, and insisted that you join him on his quest to capture new material for his landscape portfolio. You obliged enthusiastically, always honored to watch Calum at work. He has such an eye for photogenic moments, many of them framed and hung around the walls of the home you two have enjoyed personalizing over the years. You never tire of walking into a room covered in his artistic talents, and you don’t think you ever will.

After your shower you expect to find Calum waiting for you, warming up the sheets of your bed, but he’s not there when you walk in. You dress in your favorite t-shirt of his and a comfortable pair of cheekies, then wander toward the only other room he might possibly be. It’s not much of a studio, just a bit of open space with a computer desk and a drafting table (because the boy can draw, too), with prints of his pictures yet to be suspended lined up around the floorboards. Sure enough, you find him sat at the desk, his opened laptop holding his complete attention.

The door isn’t closed all the way so you knock softly on the frame, letting your presence be known. With the turn of his head Calum peeks at you, a smile instantly running across his handsome face.

“Come ‘ere, angel,” he says as he leans back in his chair, offering his lap as a seat.

You take a few barefooted steps to meet him, hugging his neck as you sit. One of his strong arms wraps around your waist while the other allows him control of the wireless mouse. The laptop screen displays the pictures from earlier, different shades of yellow and orange being the primary sight. It really was a camera worthy sunset, and you can’t wait to see the masterpieces that Calum has turned it into.

“What do you think?” he asks, scrolling through edited and unedited versions of similar pictures. Flipping through all of them almost acts as a timeline, like you’re watching the sun set all over again.

“They’re really good,” you praise, painfully aware of your bland vocabulary. Calum is better with words as well, something you discovered in an apology letter he left you after one of your first serious fights.

He smiles again and gives your shoulder an innocent kiss, thanking you for the compliment.

“My favorite one’s coming up.”

You watch patiently as he continues to go from photo to photo, each shot somehow impressing you more than the last. It doesn’t take long for the one he was talking about to make its debut appearance, and your heart lurches when you see it.

It slipped your mind that there was a moment when Calum attempted to sneak you into frame while you weren’t paying attention. You thought you managed to catch on in time before he was able to accomplish a task that you’ve repeatedly told him you want to be no part of, but apparently that wasn’t the case. In front of you is a picture of yourself, a moment before you told Calum to stop pointing his camera at you. In it you’re seemingly reaching for the lens, on a mission to cover it with your palm, but your expression betrays you with a small smirk breaking free of its suppression. Instead of looking into the lens, your gaze is focused slightly above it where Calum’s eyes would be meeting yours. Your skin looks especially bronze as you stand in the direct path of the sun’s setting light, flattering your complexion into looking oddly flawless while highlighting the lighter shades of your hair.  

You lean forward as you’re introduced to the picture, baffled by your own face. You don’t usually like having your picture taken by someone else, Calum included, but this one is something close to a miracle.

“You edited this,” you declare, brushing his hand off of the wireless mouse so you can use it.

“Nope,” Calum says proudly.



“Well I look… weird.”

He curls his other arm around you now that he’s lost his rights to the mouse, takes your free hand in his, and raises it to his lips.

“You look like you’re in love with me,” he says.

His observation awakens the butterflies nesting in your stomach. Another glance at the picture gives you the same impression. The half-smiling face you’re making is one of not only annoyance but acceptance, two emotions that only Calum could make you feel simultaneously.  

“Huh,” you huff, leaning further into Calum’s body, “Camera must be broken.”

He laughs and squeezes you tighter, attacking your neck with take-it-back kisses. You swing your legs over his to make yourself more comfortable on his lap. He runs his fingers down the bare skin of your thigh, raising goosebumps in their path. His mouth gradually works its way toward yours, pressing multiple kisses to the lips he can never seem to get enough of.

The way every thought that doesn’t involve Calum disappears from your mind, leaving you lightheaded and consumed by him, is sufficient evidence to prove your little joke false. As you kiss him you’re reminded of the admiration you felt by the ocean while you witnessed him in action. You can clearly visualize the tip of his tongue protruding his teeth as he analyzes his surroundings for the best scenery, and the cute lines that crease near his right eye when he squints into the view finder. You adore all there is to adore about him: his commitment, his passion, his raw capability, and although you hate being made the subject of his artwork, you know damn well there’s nothing broken about that camera at all.  


I realized earlier that I reblogged the meme “love letter from a character” I suggested Ravus Nox Fleuret. | @stephicness Ravus edits and Ravus shitposting you do gives me these ideas. | Honestly I see a love confession/conversation from him being like this:

“…” Ravus stares at her wide eyed, brown and violet eyes conveying a multitude of emotions but they just don’t match the rest of his stony face.

His sister has on numerous occasions called him a “gargoyle”. He just doesn’t know how to express himself, it’s hard to smile and mean it. Why smile when you don’t mean it? But did he want to smile at her? Yes. Why couldn’t he? It was just a simple movement of 26 face muscles to smile.

“Yes Commander Fleuret?” She asked in her kind sincere voice, that sent chills down his spine every time she ventured to say his first name.

Whenever she braved saying his first name it brought chills to his very soul. How could someone have the power to do that?

His eyes are screaming, “I love you, you complete me, you understand who I am and are fine with that, what type of mystical being are you?” But his face is saying, “there is a rock in my boots and it’s hurting my foot.” That pained disgruntled look.

“Commander Fleuret, are you okay? Does your shoulder bother you? Would you like some pain pills?” She asked softly, reaching for her purse that carried everything but the kitchen sink.

“No I am fine why would I be in any sort of pain, the surgery was flawless.” He barked staring down at her, heterochromia eyes flashing brightly as he surveyed her elegant face.

“Oh…You just look like you are sore Commander, I noticed that you were rubbing your shoulder a lot this morning after the meeting.” She said there was hurt in her bright sea green eyes, she was just looking out for him.

‘Fuck.’ He thought noticing she was paying attention to him just as much as he was paying attention to her. His eyes went apologetic but his face or words did not, platinum hair falling into his eyes he turned away from her.

“Anyone’s shoulders would be sore from carrying all those books around for the majority of the morning. How do you carry them around with your small fragile frame?” He asked he had made point to be nice and carrying the books that were needed for the meeting with Lord Vastreal, not letting her do anything.

He didn’t realize there was ten boxes jam packed with heavy text books and they were ones she always brought to the meetings. How did one so small do it? She gave him a brief smile that dazzled him making his heart pick up pace.

“Well Commander Fleuret, it’s my job so it doesn’t matter if it’s painful I need to do it. I take some medicine and take a nice hot bath at night before bed.” She admitted, brushing a few strands of black hair out of her face.

Now he was thinking about her in the bath. ‘Fuck, fuck, this is going south quick.’

‘Think of something nice to say Ravus…she works hard as your assistant. She puts up with your stupid ass all day and never complains while you bitch about something every time you open your mouth. Why is this so hard? I like you…that’s why you are so perfect…fuck.’

She staring at him wondering what mental battle was he fighting? His eyes were flitting back and forth as he was mentally arguing with himself.

“I’ll carry the books whenever you have to join me for a meeting. Though it doesn’t involve me don’t think about asking me to lift them.” He blurted out, sounding curt as he looked down at her.

That was a practical confession right? He was willing do to a thing that would hurt his shoulder but to make sure she wasn’t in pain would be worth it. She’s small and delicate like Lunafreya…

“Thank you Commander Fleuret that is so generous of you, please let me know if it becomes too much I will take over for it again.” She said smiling brightly up at him her dazzling smile caused him to pause, brown and violet eyes going wide at her reaction.

She turned around to walk off long hair billowing behind her, he reached out his left hand silver and purple magitek arm grabbing at her narrow wrist. As she turned around there was a hopeful look on her face, how can her face be so expressive unlike his?

“Dinner.” He shouted out unsure how he managed to say to her…

“Dinner? Sure I could eat.” She smiled sweetly, she didn’t flinch when his thumb unconsciously rubbed over her hand feeling the soft skin, well what he would assume was as sensations didn’t quite work the same with this magitek arm.

Chapter Fourteen

After Niall went up to Manchester for the One Love concert, we headed back to London. Things felt a little hectic as I started trying to organize some kind of schedule of what needed to be done for the wedding and when each task needed to be completed and Niall was busy with more of his radio performances and album promo, but things were good. We came out of our rough patch stronger than before and the buzz of our upcoming wedding had us both on cloud nine. It was like we were in our honeymoon period all over again and I was over the moon.

Almost a week after we were back in London, I was editing a mock up of some potential invitations on a slow day at work when I got a text from Niall.

Gonna be on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge in a few minutes, tune in if you can. Think you’ll like it xx”

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Zero to Hero: Trevor Collins

Word Count: 930

Somehow, despite coming into work almost two hours earlier than usual, you find yourself up to your neck in a metaphorical pile for work that never seems to shrink. There are emails, and slacks, and tweets, and texts, and then there’s all the editing you need to do. Someone lost their footage, someone’s audio track is royally fucked up, someone didn’t sync properly, someone’s capture dropped frames, and someone had their gamma settings different than everyone else.

The only time you had left your desk was to gather a few red bulls before you hunkered down at your desk shortly after arriving and then the two subsequent trips to the bathroom in the aftermath of said red bulls.

“I quit,” you whine loudly, allowing your head to fall to your desk and folding your arms over your head.

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Strictly Dancing

Originally posted by got7jacksonwang

Group: Got7

Pairing: Reader + Jackson Wang

Genre: Angst/Smut

Song recommendation: Sex Trip - Jay Park

Summary: You and Jackson are dance partners and he’s acting strange around you. You intend to find out why.

[Written by Admin Maknae; Edited by Admin E]

**Contains Sexual Content**

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CS Fic: Before You Go

A/N: @shady-swan-jones, not at all what you requested, which was post-break-up fic with the prompt, ‘I literally can’t sleep alone anymore so I’ve shown up at your door in my pyjamas. Can we have one more nap together, please?’ This hit me first from our convo, so I’ll have to go back and write the post break-up version.

Summary: On the eve of Killian leaving town for the Peace Corps, Emma surprises him. 

Words: 1435 | Rating: PG | ao3 | ffn


Killian weighed the frame in his hand, staring at the photo within as he absently pulled a page of newsprint from the pile on the coffee table. It was from a few years ago, just after commencement, Liam standing to his right, a wide smile on his face, while Emma, Belle, and David pushed in on his left, knocking his cap askew. Emma was mid-collapsing in laughter, her hair loose and covering half her face as Killian’s unseen hand dug into her robes, tickling her ribs as he pulled her in tighter. He could almost hear Mary Margaret admonishing them, pleading for them to allow her one photo where she wasn’t going to have to edit it in order to make it so they were all looking at the camera at the same time.

He slipped off the back of the frame, pulling the photo out and tucking it into his duffel bag before wrapping the frame and placing it in the last open box. He was taping up that box when a knock rapped at his door.

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P7: Business Trips

A/N: Hello hello, part 7 of business trips is here and thank god it’s not as long as the last one, it’s quite a short one today! ***LOTS OF SMUT READ AT YOUR OWN RISK*** I’m also collaborating with my friend @freetaetaesforehead. There will be cross-over chapters from “(Y/B/F/N)” over on her blog. ENJOY!

PART 1  /  PART 2  /  PART 3  /  PART 4  /  PART 5  /  PART 6 



(Y/B/FN) stood in the corner of the room watching as you took off your makeup and tied up your hair into a messy bun, trying to tidy your dishevelled appearance.
“(Y/N), I know something’s wrong, you can tell me.. Is it Jungkook?” You turned towards her, noticing that she was covered in what looked like icing sugar. “What’s that?” You snorted, pointing towards the mysterious powder that coated your best friend.
“Don’t change the subject (Y/N), what happened with you and Jungkook?” Hearing the worry in her voice made you realise you had to come clean eventually, you decided to take the sooner rather than later approach, getting it out of the way. You turned to face her, giving her an expression only she would be able to decipher, it’s funny how well she knew you. “Oh.” She exhaled knowingly,
“Did you two kiss again?” By this point she was sat on the bed, looking up at you in confusion.
“I guess you could say that, yeah.” You turned away from her as the realisation of what you’d done suddenly hit you both. (Y/B/F/N) stayed quiet at first, probably not wanting to say the wrong thing.
“What happens now?”
“I don’t know. I’m going for a shower, I’ll see you soon.” You smiled in her direction being careful not to make actual eye contact. It’s not that you were scared of seeing her face incase she was judging you, it’s that you were most definitely judging yourself. You grabbed a fresh towel and your toiletry bag before heading to the bathroom. 

How could you be so stupid? You could lose your job because of this, and for what? Sex in a car with a Kpop star? You’ve put everything you’ve worked hard for at risk, all because you’re so desperate for somebody to want you. After almost two hours of recalculating every single moment between you and Jungkook in the car, a hesitant knock on the door snapped you out of your daze.
“I’ll be out in a second.” You shouted over the sound of the shower.

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this is happening on opposite walls of the same corner