and i drew the branches are you proud


Youkai: I tried to take a shortcut and found myself trapped in this mansion.

Taki: My grandpa put up a lot of talismans and things when he was still alive, so I looked up where the spells and talismans were and drew him a map.

Taki (to the youkai): I hope you can make it out.

Youkai: If I do, I will leave a branch of flowers by the gate as a symbol I have succeeded.

(Taki finds the flowers)

Taki: I was so happy. I realized that sometimes I could save someone with that circle.

Natsume: I’m glad. (Thinking) Taki still believes that not all encounters with inhuman things have to be scary. She’s right.

I’m so happy for and proud of Taki. All she originally wanted to do was connect with yokai, talk to them and help them. Then she had a terrible experience where she was tormented and terrorized by a yokai and other people almost got hurt and killed too. She really blamed herself for that and felt like she was useless and couldn’t do much to help anyone. She’s certainly proven otherwise since then, having helped out Natsume several times and even being greeted by the yokai that loved her grandfather, but it’s undoubtedly something that still plagues her. 

 After that, she began to doubt she could have any positive relationship with the world of yokai, that she could accomplish anything positive with the circle. She treasured what her grandfather left her so much, but began to feel she wasn’t worthy of it and that she couldn’t use it to help anyone. 

Yet, she didn’t give up. She didn’t give up on the idea that there had to be good yokai out there, there had to be something she could do to help them and that she could still have positive, important connections with the yokai world. She wanted to be able to use this power.

And because she didn’t give up she found out that yes, she can make a positive impact, she can save someone with her circle, she can help yokai, she isn’t useless and the power she has access to doesn’t have to be a bad thing. With compassion, determination and intellect, she helped this yokai out of a bind and realized what she is capable of and that she is not only worthy of her grandfather’s legacy, but she can even do things he is not able to do and mitigate any damage he may have unintentionally caused. 

This is a huge thing for Taki, and she was able to accomplish thanks to the fact she didn’t give into fear or prejudice or self loathing, even though it would have been so easy to do so. Instead, she kept an open mind and did whatever she could do move forward, and she discovered the good she could do and the good experiences that were out there for her.