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A handy list of poisons for writing reference, provided to you by me, Bella

Poisoning is one of the oldest murder tactics in the books. It was the old equalizer, and while it’s often associated with women, historically men are no less likely to poison you. This is not a guide on how to poison people, you banana bunches, it’s a guide on writing about poisons in fiction so you don’t end up on a watch list while researching them. I’ve taken that hit for you. You’re welcome. These are just a few of the more classic ones.

  • Hemlock: Hemlock (conium maculatum) is one of the more famous ones, used in ancient times most notably in Socrates’ forced suicide execution. So it goes. The plant has bunches of small, white flowers, and can grow up to ten feet tall. It’s a rather panicky way to die, although it wouldn’t show: hemlock is a paralytic, so the cause of death is most often asphyxiation due to respiratory paralysis, although the mind remains unaffected and aware.
  • Belladonna: Atropa belladonna is also called deadly nightshade. It has pretty, trumpet-shaped purple flowers and dark, shiny berries that actually look really delicious which is ironic since it’s the most toxic part of the plant. The entire plant is poisonous, mind you, but the berries are the most. One of the most potent poisons in its hemisphere, it was used as a beauty treatment, so the story says, and rubbed into the eyes to make the eyes dilate and the cheeks flush. Hench the name beautiful lady. The death is more lethargic than hemlock, although its symptoms are worse: dilated pupils, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, tachycardia, loss of balance, staggering, headache, rash, flushing, severely dry mouth and throat, slurred speech, urinary retention, constipation, confusion, hallucinations, delirium, and convulsions. It’s toxic to animals, but cattle and rabbits can eat it just fine, for some reason. 
  • Arsenic: Arsenic comes from a metalloid and not a plant, unlike the others here, but it’s easily the most famous and is still used today. Instead of being distilled from a plant, chunks of arsenic are dug up or mined. It was once used as a treatment for STDs, and also for pest control and blacksmithing, which was how many poisoners got access to it. It was popular in the middle ages because it looked like a cholera death, due to acute symptoms including stomach cramps, diarrhea, confusion, convulsions, vomiting, and death. Slow poisoning looked more like a heart attack. The Italians famously claimed that a little arsenic improved the taste of wine.
  • Strychnine: Strychnine (strick-nine) is made from the seed of strychnos nux vomica and causes poisoning which results in muscular convulsions and eventually death through asphyxia. Convulsions appear after inhalation or injection—very quickly, within minutes—and take somewhat longer to manifest after ingestion, around approximately 15 minutes. With a very high dose, brain death can occur in 15 to 30 minutes. If a lower dose is ingested, other symptoms begin to develop, including seizures, cramping, stiffness, hypervigilance, and agitation. Seizures caused by strychnine poisoning can start as early as 15 minutes after exposure and last 12 – 24 hours. They are often triggered by sights, sounds, or touch and can cause other adverse symptoms, including overheating, kidney failure, metabolic and respiratory acidosis. During seizures, abnormal dilation, protrusion of the eyes, and involuntary eye movements may occur. It is also slightly hallucinogenic and is sometimes used to cut narcotics. It also notably has no antidote. In low doses, some use it as a performance enhancer.
  • Curare: Chondrodendron tomentosum is lesser known than its famous cousins, but kills in a very similar way to hemlock. It is slow and terrible, as the victim is aware and the heart may beat for many minutes after the rest of the body is paralyzed. If artificial respiration is given until the poison subsides, the victim will survive.
  • WolfsbaneAconitum has several names; Monkshood, aconite, Queen of Poisons, women’s bane, devil’s helmet) and is a pretty, purple plant with gourd-shaped flowers. The root is the most potent for distillation. Marked symptoms may appear almost immediately, usually not later than one hour, and with large doses death is near instantaneous. Death usually occurs within two to six hours in fatal poisoning. The initial signs are gastrointestinal including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. This is followed by a sensation of burning, tingling, and numbness in the mouth and face, and of burning in the abdomen. In severe poisonings pronounced motor weakness occurs and sensations of tingling and numbness spread to the limbs. The plant should be handled with gloves, as the poison can seep into the skin.
  • FoxgloveDigitalis is large with trumpet-shaped flowers that can be many colors, but usually a pinkish shade. It may have from the term foxes-glew, which translated to fairy music. Intoxication causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, as well as sometimes resulting in xanthopsia (jaundiced or yellow vision) and the appearance of blurred outlines (halos), drooling, abnormal heart rate, cardiac arrhythmias, weakness, collapse, dilated pupils, tremors, seizures, and even death. Slowed heartbeat also occurs. Because a frequent side effect of digitalis is reduction of appetite and the mortality rate is low, some individuals have used the drug as a weight-loss aid. It looks a bit like comfrey, which is an aid for inflammation. Make sure not to confuse the two.

Im seeing people say things like “please bring MCD back, Jess!!” Or complaining about this whole mess or even questioning why they can’t still continue this series. But if you look at the youtube channel you can see why they made this decision.

Most would over look this because these are a bunch of big numbers, but just consider comparisons. Look at the highlighted view counts of the other series outside of the box, then look at the one i marked.

Mystreet episodes get almost 2 times more views than MCD. An animated Mystreet video has almost 4 times as many. A random fucking game that isnt even close to how serious MCD gets has a thousand more views. That is a big difference.

It isnt making them money. Money from youtube comes from number of views and ads seen on videos. When it comes to Jess, a person who has a whole crew and families relying on THIS CHANNEL to bring food to the table, is it better to continue what makes half as much money or almost double that amount?

I know that the recent episodes havent reached their 500k view mark either, but those are RECENT. these videos on this image are a month old. A video of Mystreet thats only 3 days old is growing in a faster rate and getting more than MCD, whos view count growtg is slow.

If it takes MCD 1 month to get 529k but a Mystreet episode 3 DAYS to get to 612k, then it is telling the crew that we dont want MCD.

Jess and her crew cant read each individual message or rant about wanting MCD to stay. If anything what we say is pointless considering the fact that we ourselves dont show the crew that WE WANT THIS AMAZING SERIES TO NOT BE TAKEN AWAY. Not just us individually, but the whole fandom in general. The only thing they can see from us is how many times we watch the series. Compared to Mystreet, MCD is only minority.

Its pointless to beg for MCD to stay if we dont show it ourselves as the whole fandom that we want it to stay. We ourselves want MCD to stay, but does the fan base want to?

This is unfortunately how business works. Thats all what youtube is: a business

lance hc’s

welcome to my twisted mind

is trans

has a blue binder trust me on this its blue

hunk bought him his first one bc lance didnt have enough money on the visa card he bought

(they both cried)

one time lance and pidge watched ghost adventures until 3 AM space time and when they were doing Important Voltron Things one of them wld say a random zak bagans quote

  • on a nice pretty planet thats harboring galra troops
  • “we’re not here for beauty, we’re here for darkness” “lance please shut up”

keeps a diary so that he can accurately tell his family about space if when he gets back, he wldnt want his sibs to hear the Wrong Space Information hes a good sibling

favorite artist is cascada, listens to evacuate the dancefloor at least one time everyday to Keep Him Pumped

“hunk i don’t want to get up” “if you get up i’ll make space pancakes”

“haha guys remember when i almost died? wild.”

actually a good planner? its canon yall

  • “okay so we need to stick together and we’ll-” “uh yeah no. literally the entire universe knows what we look like? and sure it makes sense to stick together if we all want to get recognized and reported to the galra. remember them?? yah so lets split up and stay on the comms dont get wrekt”

“pidge what the fuck even is the midwest, is it real? i don’t think it’s real.” “lance im from iowa, i’m real.” “okay but are you? has anyone actually seen you in daylight?”

“keith why are your hands so clammy take off the fucking fingerless gloves youre not edgy.”

“coran what would happen if i shoved all of keiths stuff into the airlock” “at the rate we’re going, i’d assume they’d be torn to shreds!” “well uh…. good thing i didn’t do that… haha.”

got stuck in blue for 6 hours bc the seatbelt got stuck and he didnt want to tell anyone so he just stayed in there and tugged on it.

  • “i thought you died” “god i wish i did”

one time his foot fell asleep in the middle of a battle, it was the worst moment of his life

  • shiro: lance get back in alignment
  • lance: i cant, i cant feel my leg
  • shiro: OH MY GOD did something happen?? were you hit??
  • lance: nah my foots asleep. also i got shot? i can’t feel it but it’s definitely there and im definitely in shock right now”

shiro and lance bond over their near death moments, they have a club, sometimes they let allura join. they meet once a week.

nicxxtine  asked:

Do you have any advice to those people who want to start writting but they dont know how? I mean, i really want to start a day book but im not really sure of how to do that jaja, and not just write about my days, i want to write something else but i really dont know what jaja, so i really need help for that... Sorry if my English sucks but im mexican so I dont have so much practice😅 besos

You can really write anything!!! From what happened that day and how you felt about it to what you’re eating at that exact time 🤗

Just think of things that you might find fun to read later on. I usually write down the most useless stuff but they’re definitely gonna make my day someday 🐵🐵🐵

I recommend stuff like;

-current favorite music

-movie list

-your own movie evaluation!!! (with #/5 rating )

-current nail color / length

-food you’re obsessed with atm

-profile of your favorite artist

-book quotes

-if you have a pet or a plant, write how you take care of them from bathing/watering to feeding haha

-explain your favorite weather and why

-how you pose when you take a selfie 🤳

-what you think about the products you’re using

-favorite tv show & character

-when you sleep and wake up (the time I mean cause it definitely changes overtime)

-just pick up a leaf or a flower on your way home from somewhere and try to make a page of your own plant dictionary with it

-your drawing of something you like

-what you think about your phone (kinda counts as a product but oh well lol)

-current hairstyle and how you do it

-your crush/gfriend/bfriend/wife/husband (what you like about the person!!!)

-how the sky was that day (from color to clouds explain it as well as you can!!!)

-your favorite restaurant and how to get there + your favorite menu

-what you wore that day from head to toe +accessories

-if you had a skin trouble that day, what you did to treat it (if you did not do anything, just write so loool)

-books/movies you want to read/watch

-your favorite ride at an amusement park 🎢

-languages you wanna learn and short sentences in that language

-write a bucket list!!!

-places you wanna travel

-things you hate haha (see if your opinion has changed like 20~30 years later)

-your favorite accent or favorite letter lol

There are so many things to write I just can’t tell you everything!!!
Hope you have fun writing in your journal / reading it when you get more older 🎠🎠🎠

These are probably the stupidest things to write but I bet they’ll gonna worth so much later on :)
blog rates!!

so i hit 1.5k yesterday (i love oyu all . so much skjfh),, anyway who’s up for some Aesthetic Blog Rates™??


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i desperately need more jihope fics to read do you have any recs?


Here is a combination of every genre and rating since I don’t know your preference. 99% of these don’t have sad endings - because I cant cope with that. Majority of these stories are also completed so I bet there tons of amazing ongoing stories that I havent included. Enjoy! (everything italicized is new on the list)

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who wants to art commission me so i can buy a binder

hi im doc and im an artist. im looking for a job and trying to make money by myself to spend independently outside of food and necessities so i dont put undue pressure on my broke parents

my rates are mix-and-match so you can pay for what you can personally afford. scaling also isnt an issue but we can haggle if you want a really big piece. i take payment over paypal at

send me an ask or pm me if you want to commission me or have any questions and spread this around if you want to help me advertise! also check out my commission tag for stuff ive done for other people in the past! thanks y’all~!

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hey! i really want to start watching samurai jack, but i dont think i want to start from season one. what would be the best place to jump in ?o?

Hello! So the nice thing about samurai jack is that it doesn’t have an overarching story line so you don’t need to worry too much about plot if you want to jump into season 5. I suggest you start with the first 3 episodes, then from there just look at the highest rated episodes and you’ll get a good feel for the show. Make sure you don’t miss The Birth of Evil part I and II, tho.


dont think theres ‘dating’ in Game of Thrones so maybe ‘being betrothed to’ ‘being married to’ just choose what you like :) and i dunno, i tried to make him more romantic

-you’d actually make him sort of shy at first which he would hate

-but he wouldent want to hurt you so he would be like ???????

-it would be so odd for him

-like he’d care about you… a lot

-he’d want to see you smile :)

-so he’d get you nice things

-and pamper you

-the death rate would drop so much

-but you’d have to accept his crazy (which im guessing if you’re reading this you have?)

-people would be so supportive of your relationship

-because when he’s with you he strives to be a man you deserve (a man better than he is)

-he would hate that though? so many contradictions because he’s running on love

-hand prints

-love bites

-only stuff you’re comfortable with though ;)

-he looks at you with adoring eyes

-he would need people to know you’re his

-he would know your favourite food and would get the best cooks to make your favs for you

-dinner might actually be romantic? like candles and shit. he cant even eat he’s just so busy staring at you

-yeah, you’re so distracting

-he hates every second he’s not kissing or touching you

-strong grips on your hips

-dark hallways

-playful (but legit playful not horrible and ending in killing, ending in kisses)

-he’s impatient but he wants you to wear the finest things so he’ll watch you try on expensive dresses for hours (with a super smug smile the entire time)

-cuddling and he’s probably like twirling your hair in his fingers


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"Clock hands? What Clock Hands?"

In a Dark Heresy game, we’d recently taken over a Forge world and outed a group of Heretech magos. Our Techpriest ended up Magos of our new world as a result. The DM then spends the next two session driving him apeshit with shenanigans and intrigue and eventually a revolt on the planet.  A ship managed to get to my Inquisitor’s ship, and summon us to help. We go down, clean house, and are committing the dead to memory…only to find out that the Magos and his men…sent no messeangers…and that the “messengers” are still on my ship (which is run, by the way, almost exclusively by Fenrisian guard and has a contingent of Space Wolves aboard who we assisted. Long story.) Now my ship wasnt rreachable. So we race back and get in to sound the alarm. The so-called messengers are heading towards our Relic Chamber (on the deck assigned to the Wolves). 

However, these poor schleps had split up to different places, and are the only red robes on the ship besides the Magos with me. After a ship wide order that with the exception of our magos–who everyone knew–all red robes were to be “put down with immediate hostility” we hear bursts of gunfire.

But the funny part comes when we bust open the door to the relic chamber.

DM: “And there, you see Invictus standing triumphantly in the heart of the chamber, holding the clock hands (random ancient warp relic we found some months back) before him with aw and an an expression of smug victory. Then he turns to look at you and–”

At this point, I interrupt. “Um…Fen? The clock hands…arent on my ship.”

The DM pauses, sounding very lost and confused. “….wait. What?”

Me, with increasing amusement and glee. “…Dont you remember? Lastraud’s character was eyeing them like candy, so I gave them to Captain Augustine to put in the relic chamber on HIS ship. At the time, I didnt HAVE a relic Chamber and I didnt trust Sairas (Lastraud’s PC) to not go try and play with them.”

At this, the entire group busts out laughing. Meanwhile, Fen, our ST, makes these stuttering…choked sounds of absolute disbelief. “…i……I….FUCK. Whelp. Ya KNOW WHAT? Invictus done fucked up, I guess. I forgot, but I dont want to retcon it…so….Here’s what you see instead…Invictus is standing there, looking around frantically, babbling in that tinny mechanicus voice ‘They’re not here….they’re not here…Where ARE they?”

Almost as hilarious as when he dropped the last boss of the Campaign on us, and our Psyker blew her entire psy rating on a single roll in the first round…and wished the villain out of existance to languish with Horus…whereever he is.

iadvocateglamour  asked:

my favorite animals are rabbits !! I used to have one and she would jump up onto my couch and sit on my lap and watch tv with me. I love rabbits because they are soft and kind but are not afraid to growl at or bite anyone who they don't like or who gets in their way. It takes a lot of patience to befriend a rabbit but when you do it is very much worth it! (also for the blog rate, I'm a new blog so that's why i dont have many posts, but thanks for the rate! I love your blog btw!!)

Awwwww you’re making me jealous, I want one so bad >< They sound like my girlfriend- kind but not afraid to growl at anyone hahahha (I hope she doesn’t see this) <3 

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I saw nature on your blog and I had to follow because I have a side blog called @itswhatilove where I post that sort of thing just for myself to look back at when I feel down~

ok since ppl expressed interest in these i decided to put them up for sale!!! pls excuse this sloppy sales post, i dont think its worth setting up an online shop for 6 stickers haha

these are laser-printed, hand-cut paper stickers, approximately 8 cm tall (theres a loonie in the photo above for reference). i sell them in groups of 3 or 6, which are 4 USD and 5.5 USD respectively. this is a flat rate and covers shipping yall

if youre interested in taking these shitty lovely brothers home, shoot me an email at flarefyre [at] telling me which 3 or 6 you want!!!

i accept payment by paypal only!!!! i really hope you dont find these prices too steep, since after what paypal takes and printing+shipping costs, im making less than 50 cents per matsu lol


hello my friends, i am poor so here we go:


please contact me at - you can message me here on tumblr if you have any questions but business inquiries should all be through email please!

i will not draw nsfw but im open to almost anthing else from ocs to famous people to tv/movie characters to just drawing a portrait of you: idc (if you send me a suggestion that i am uncomfortable with or that i feel i cannot fulfill, i reserve the right to reject it and ill let you know)

all payment will be through paypal (see: how to pay)

i am extremely busy during the week and weekends are the only time i can get art done so it may take some time before i finish (i will let you know and keep you posted if this happens)

please send me at least one reference image - i want to make sure i meet the idea you have in mind

most of my example images are portraits/busts but i will also do full body for the same rates ($3 extra for styles in the first slide)

additional characters cost extra (usually ¾ the price of the original) as well as backgrounds which i charge based on complexity

let me know if you have any other questions i didnt answer here, thank you so much for reading and considering my art!!

You should know | "Never, never part II"

(A/N You should know is a really good song by banks so pls listen to it if u like to hear good muzik)
Request: Do you have any idea what that imagine did to me?? It fucked me up man do you know when I’ll be posted? Or did you need help with it because us anons can help!!


can you do a part2 for never, nver pleaseeee? :3

I want luke to get kicked in the nuts in part two of never never


Dude I need a part two to never, never it’s freaking amazing pleaseeeeee

Ok part two of never never luke gets punched in the face he is pissing me off


Rating: It’s got some swear words, probably gonna make you cry and cuss me out but idc

Word count:


Tears welded up in your eyes as you stood there as the guys argued back and fourth and you couldn’t help but think of all the names Calum had called you.
It honestly really hurt you.
“This has to be a fucking joke!!” Luke spat out, “There’s absolutely no fucking way that Calum would’ve had sex with you!!”
“Well I’m not lying!!!” You yelled as you folded your arms over your chest.“Oh yeah, just like your not having an affair with Michael” Calum added.
“I’m not having an affair with anybody!! I’m not fucking cheating on you.” You pleaded.
“Look guys can we just-” “Michael mind your fucking business okay?! I can have a conversation with Y/N without you butting into it.” Calum spoke sternly. “Well I believe that a conversation includes two people actually talking to one another, not one pregnant girl standing there while two idiots make her out to be something she’s not.”
“She fucking cheated on me with!! There’s nothing else to discuss, she’s a fucking whore and your a terrible friend!!” Suddenly, Michael’s hands bawled into fists an you could see him take shallow breaths.
“Calum, I swear if you call her a whore one more time I might lose my goddam mind.”
Michael’s face was now red as a beet, and an unfamiliar aura was in the room.
“What the fuck are you gonna do about it Mikey?” Calum spoke mockingly.
“Michael, calm down.” You coached and grabbed his hand, but that seemed to only make him angrier.
“Can we, can we just leave?” You finally asked. “Oh so now not even willing to talk to me?” Calum spoke, getting loud again, suddenly he looked more aggravated.
“Calum you’re just calling me names and I’m done listening to it!!”
You let go of Michael’s hand and you began to walk up the stairs, leaving the guys down stairs to argue, seeing as though he had no plans on dropping it.
After all the arguing, you decided on just going to your room for the night, it was the only quite place in the house and you needed sometime to think.
You peeled off you tee-shirt and threw it into the hamper next to your bathroom door; them  did the same with your pants.
You then walked into the bathroom and started at your reflection.
Your stomach wasn’t that large, but you could most certainly tell the difference. Your normally thinner abdomen was now rounder, your regular slim hips now curvier which added some plum to your ass.
You quickly striped out of your bra and panties and tested the shower water before jumping in.
The hot water immediately had began to run down your face, making you run a hand through your not soaking wet hair as you rested on the wall of the shower.
Soon your thoughts drifted away from the topics of the hour, to your unborn baby and as thought about it you honestly weren’t sure that you were actually ready for parenthood.
It seemed as though your babies father didn’t believe that your child was actually his, and everyone else seemed to think the same, so the  only questioned remained; where you actually all the things they said you were?  Was hanging out with Michael the reason your relationship was the way it was?
I mean it wasn’t like you had hung around Michael a lot, well at least not more than best friends should, but you guys never did anything bad with him…you guys were on friends so why couldn’t Calum understand that?
As you soon realized that your so called “Relaxing shower” wasn’t so relaxing after all, so you decided to go ahead and get out.
You stopped the water abruptly and opened the curtain and it made a loud screeching sound.
You stepped onto the cold tiled floor and grabbed the nearest towel and wrapped yourself in it.
Opening the bathroom door you had to adjust to the change in the temperature, for some reason it was colder in your room than before you left.
You slicked your wet hair back and turned around to find the window open; but you didn’t open it.
“What the fuc-”
“I’m truly sorry about this darling.” The unknown voice spoke. “Hopefully we can.. Still be friends after this is all done and over with yeah?” Not even caring what the strange man had just said, you tried to run out of the room, but he quickly ran behind you, picked you up by your waist and threw you onto your bed.
“HELP!!” You yelled out, you a hand and a cloth were placed over your face.

“Shhhh baby girl.. It’ll be okay, just go to sleep. Go to sleep.”
The voice coached, and suddenly you could feel your eyes closing without your permission.
‘Wait, I know that voice’ Your brain screamed, but for some reason you couldn’t find the words to use.
“What-who-w-why are you doing this?” You asked out.

“Shh Y/N.” He spoke.

“You know I’d never hurt you.”

hi please read + im sorry

Hey im baku and im sorry for making this post but I start college in september and I dont have money for anything. This is my third year (I live in the uk) so this is my last chance to get education, as my first two years were ruined bcos of my mental health.

I need clothes and I need supplies, I come from an incredibly poor family and sometimes I struggle to just buy food. I dont want a lot, but I just want some clothes that dont have holes in and that fit me, as most of my clothes i have are 2-3 years old and make me horrifically dysphoric/miserable to just wear- and I really want to be able to buy my books and some stationary for this year so I can do well.

TL;DR I have one last shot at education because my mental health ruined the first two and I desperately want to make this year a good one, but I can’t afford any clothes and supplies and at this rate I may not be able to go back. I need some donations/help.

I dont have a bank account of my own so I have to borrow a family members paypal, so please inbox me for the email so you can donate. Even $5 will help, please dont put yourself at a disadvantage, please just give what you can or just reblog this to help. Thank you.

anonymous asked:

Hey guys! I'm trying to get into con photography and I know you guys are mostly on the other side of the lens so I wanted to ask your opinions: what do you hate when having to deal with photographers? Let's call them photoshoot pet peeves. Also, what do you think makes photoshoots go smoothly? I'm pretty comfortable with my camera I just want another perspective.

First off, be flexible! Cosplayers are naturally SUPREMELY picky. We have to be if we want to be as accurate as possible. Let your cosplayer direct you as much as you direct them. Of course– as a photographer you probably know better about lighting and angles, but listening to their suggestions and making helpful ones of your own makes the photoshoot feel more collaborative.

Communication is key. Some cosplayers hate being touched or directed. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Some NEED it but they are too scared to say so. A nice “Is it all right if I move your hair for you?” helps distinguish the boundaries. ASK them if they have ideas for poses or if they need some for you.

ASK THEM ABOUT THEIR CHARACTTERRERRRRR. For reals. Especially with shyer cosplayers not experienced in posing, helping them flesh out the characters personality will allow you to form an idea about what the shoot should feel and look like. Nothings worse than people asking me to do cutesy poses for a badass character. I have to say “Uhhh they wouldnt really do that”

But sometimes you get a cosplayer who is inexperienced and can’t pose themselves. You may get a bit frustrated when they stand like a statue, for over 50 pics. This is where the “Do you mind if I give you pose ideas or help pose you?” comes in. 

That being said, looking up the character on your phone is a good idea. Plus you get ideas for pose references.


-ASKAKSKSKAKSASSKK!!  “Can I move your hands for you?” “Is it okay if I touch you to move your hair?” “Will you follow me to a better location for a mini shoot?” “Can I tag you on instagram?” “Do you have a card?” Talk to me!! ;_;

-You ask and take me to a non-hallway spot for a more ‘on location’ shoot. SOLID. I am happy!!!!! Mini photoshoots are ALWAYS my favorite thing. Just be sure to ask me if 1.)  we have time for one. 2.) TELL ME WHERE IT IS. If its far and I’m in heels I may not want to go! 

-You show me a couple of shots and ask if I want a specific picture of some kind. (I always do!) 


-USE MY BUISNESS CARD TO TAG ME ON INSTGRAM/facebook/youtube/tumblr. A+++GOODSHIT++ I love you forever!!! 

-You send me a message after the con just to say hi and thanks! This helps me connect with you so we can maybe schedule another shoot for the next con if I liked your work! I have a 90% shoot again with this photographer rate if you DO THIS! 

-Timely photo returns. A couple months after is acceptable. But if its been a year, I’ve forgotten about you and wont go out of my way to shoot with you again.

- A conversation about photoshopping/prints. This is mostly for me. But I need to know whether or not I can shop the photos you took or if I can make them prints. Some photographers dont want their work edited, or they want to be paid copyright. Thats fine, but I need to know! I like being the one to edit my own photos, so if your handing them over to me, please be aware of what your own rules are!!! 

-If you want a private shoot, messaging me BEFORE the con and asking me for a schedule time is great. ****especially if I am a guest cosplayer. we get hella fucking busy and I dont want to seem rude if I dont have the time to shoot with you if you just walk up to me at a con****** 

COMMUNICATION makes a shoot go smoothly. As does DECISIVENESS. Your in control in the end because you have the camera. 

When your shutter starts going off I will start posing. I can’t see your screen – YOU CAN. Your the one who knows if I have a double chin, or the light is gleaming off my prop too much. SPEAK UP and tell me whats on your mind. 

REMEMBER: We both want the same thing, an awesome photo.


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Where do I even START talking abt Zoro?! He is such an awesome character like oh my god? He is the only character that can make me waver in my loyalty towards my actual bias….Bcos hOLY SHIT when he gets badass I SWEAR MY HEART BEGINS TO BEAT SO FAST YOU CAN HEAR IT MILES AWAY O.O





BUT. He is at the same time a freaking DORK…He nearly froze to death when he tried to train on Drum island


Also let’s not forget that he actually fought with a bird…

and risked getting eaten by a gigantic snake just to save his food like yea zoro thats really smart of you


AND look at this marimo pouting complaining abt his crew teasing him..this is so cute and sad at the same time… xD

I love Zoro so so so much, I cannot imagine OP without him. Yes he is stupid dorky sometimes and totally DIRECTIONLESS, but when it is time for him to be serious, he will totally KICK ASS. Also, he is so protective over his crew members, like when he saw chopper injured on skypiea he was SOO MAD, or when he knocked Sanji unconscious so that he will face Kuma alone, and the fact that he even offers HIS LIFE in order to save Luffy. 

Not only that, even though he is very strong, he has a gentle side to him as well, esp with chopper~ I absolutely adooore his relationship with that cute lil reindeer

He let Chopper stay on his shoulders like ALL THE TIME, and when chopper became stronger he was SO FRICKING PROUD OF HIM.


All in all, Zoro is the big brother in the Strawhat crew, and he really lives up to role. Determined and powerful yet hilarious and cute, Zoro is really one of the best anime characters I have came across~

Omg I have ranted on this for too long I should stop, thanks for asking :) aikathedarkangel and my lovely anon chwans

Send me a character and I will rate how hot he/she is

anonymous asked:

hi sorry for disturbing but i dont understand the teen wolf thing? could you please explain it to me? thank you! (you dont have to if you dont want to)

okay so after the ‘birth’ and first insta pic of louis and ~freddie~ one of the teen wolf cast members ian bohen posted this:

notice how the captions are nearly identical too:

he’s very clearly making a mockery of the original picture and the entire idea of louis having a kid to begin with. 

fast forward to this:

and check the caption: ‘Parenting practice’.

For context, the much bigger size of the pineapple is a direct reflection of the ridiculous rate at which ‘freddie’ seemed to have grown in between batches of pictures.

also for the record here’s what he’s said about the importance of lgbtq* visibility in media:

if louis genuinely wanted to be in the closet do you think he’d be talking about the ‘baby’ like this? nope. 

people (especially other celebrities) do not do that to real children.

next we have the most recent incident from cast member eaddy mays in which she posted a response to the buzzfeed article about the baby being fake:

the hashtags are pretty obvious (she knows he’s in the closet and is possibly under the assumption he’s choosing to do this himself which no obviously he’s not BUT she still *knew* there was nothing organic about this situation).

it’s also worth nothing there’s a connection between danielle campbell and the cast of teen wolf via tyler posey: