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so i’ve been wanting to upload these scans from bsd wan but i had no time because of- *coughs* college. anyways most of them are my favorite panels especially the port mafia ones >:-) i might scan and upload another so..enjoy!

[nb: it would be good if you dont repost them but it’s alright as you dont claim my scans as yours thank you!]

Dan needs to be stopped...

in dan and phil’s monster pop baking video…in just one video….

dan: YES it is time for some more dan and phil festive action. WOAH you all went there
dan: *pinches nipples*
phil: do you think there’s anyone sexually attracted to spiders?
dan: teach me dad
phil: pinch, and then screw
dan: that is a cleaann release, oh and phil is getting bukkaked right in the middle of our kitche- phIL mOVE THE THING
dan: as i just…*lick*…clean up the…
dan: you’re literally going to impale me
dan: god i just wanna pour that all over my body
dan: oh phil lick that spatula you gotta give people what they want. ooh get closer oooh sweeet shit
dan: now i’m hornyyyYYyyyyYYYYYYYYY
dan: cus you’ll get slugs in your mouth and you dont want that unlessyoureintothat i dunnooo..
dan: ok stick me
phil: *makes guttural noise when piercing the ball*
dan: oh that is needing to get flagged
phil: now they’re gunna moNstEr and CHiLL
dan: look at those haaardd ballss
dan: um, consent, guy on the end. you need to respect people’s boundaries
dan: cover it cover it good. yesss get that naughty ball covered in chocolate
dan: ok im gunna go for thIs bad boy
dan: this is gunna be orgasmic
dan: *sexually licks cream off his finger*
dan: *singing* what do i want in here i want your ass
dan: oh im aCTUALLY Having an orgasm ok i need to leave the room
dan: i would eat me any day of the week. mm. i am delicious
dan: yeah thats right you got impaled by dan

I swear dan is a kinky little shit
These boys need to stop do they even realise what kinda power they have

we dem (tres horny) bois 


I currently need to raise $2000 dollars to move out to LA and I will do any commissions you guys want. Any amount helps seriously! Any commissions i undertake will be guaranteed finished by MAY 1st! Here is my list of my prices.

Rough Character sketch: $10 (+$5 for each additional character)

  • Rough Background $20

Detailed character sketch: $25 (+$15 for each addition character)

  • detailed sketch background $50

Cleaned Up Character with flat colors: $40 (+$25 for each additional Character)

  • Cleaned up Background with flats: $70

Fully painted character: $85 (+$60 for each additional character)

  • Fully Painted Background: $115




Here is my secret santa gift for @mintowls for @tsukyamgiftexchange ! I am so so sorry for not having done any of your cool aus like im so inept its horrendous :(( 

I hope you still like this gift tho ;; v ;;;)/ … Happy new year!



one thing that really bugs me is the stereotype that all people with ocd are organized and have perfectly clean houses 

like while that may be true in some cases, it can be quite the opposite for other people. 

like for example, hoarding is connected with ocd. but a lot of people brush off hoarders as being lazy or gross because they dont fit that clean freak stereotype everyone associates with ocd 

and when my ocd was really severe, i would avoid cleaning as much as possible because i didn’t want to deal with being triggered. cleaning meant touching contaminated things, touching contaminated things meant intrusive thoughts, and so on. honestly even today when my ocd is less focused on contamination, i still dread changing the litter box or taking out the garbage for those exact reasons 

and then there’s people with ocd who don’t have any worries about contamination whatsoever. im willing to bet a lot of these people go undiagnosed or aren’t always taken seriously 

basically the whole stereotype that ocd = neat freak is extremely harmful. yes, some of us fit that stereotype, but it does not define ocd, and that idea is actively hurting people 

Part 1 /Part 2

ハッピーバレンタイン!!This is super random. And late. But it will get even better. Look forward to part 2 like i’m lauging already.

AU: end her suffering party night version by @gator-ally

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Just thought I’d try something new for once, as dead as FNAF is and such.
But hey, I had fun making it! ;b
script is down below

thats right,, i did,, i did commit the ultimate sin,, i skinned those little brats alive,,, i stuffed them,, and made my way. no one found out. it was clean,, it was,,, hysterical. ,,, i never wanted this,, to come back,, but here i am,, rotted. decaying in my own damn suit. ,, it sometimes,, still goes off,,
HI KIDS!! MY NAME IS B - BONNIE!!! WANT SOME P - PIZZA??? BUT THAT. ISN’T GOING. TO SLOW ME DOWN,,,,, keep your eyes,, on the cameras,,, and pray to god,, that i dont. find you.

favourite phrases heard in the lab
  • “is it supposed to look like that?” “i don’t know, i don’t care anymore”
  • “dont mind me watching you i just have no idea what i’m doing” “me neither”
  • *walks past a guy’s beaker that’s frothing and overflowing into the sink* “well that’s happening” “it sure is”
  • “if it’s not smelly, it’s not chemistry” “i dont know, phys chem doesnt really smell” “yeah but that’s not real chemistry”
  • “it feels like a great british bakeoff technical challenge”
  • “oh my god it said 1ml not 10ml! oh well”
  • *someone pokes their head around the corner* “is it you guys’ experiment that stinks like fish?”
  • “it looks like a souffle” “then i never want to eat souffle again”
  • *spills hazardous chemicals on self* “oops” *wipes hands on lab coat*
  • “i just broke my beaker. nevermind, at least i don’t have to clean it”
  • “lets try and get this done as quickly as possible. firstly, because it’s friday and you all want to get out of here and go home, and secondly, because it’s friday and i want to get out of here and go home”