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I am a huge fan of your style! It's absolutely lovely! How long have you been drawing and how did you develop your own style?

 ive been drawing my whole life! (always an odd question for me bc like…. yall stopped drawing after kindergarten? what did you do all day??)

as for developing style, my biggest piece of advice is just! keep! drawing! its been a bit hard to follow my own advice lately because my depression keeps fucking up my motivation and for the first time in my life i just dont feel like drawing, at all, ever. but if youre having similar motivational issues or if youre just starting out and you just arent feeling satisfied with your art, dont give up! the less you draw the harder it will be! i have a personal policy (that i dont actually remember to follow) where even if i dont want to, even if i hate how it looks, i have to draw at least once a day every single day. i swear it will improve your work if you do this. its hard, i know, i havent been doing it, but follow my advice not my example! (honestly im the embodiment of that quote “I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.” by Lewis Carol)

the other piece of advise i have is honestly…… steal art. 

“gasp! but Kate,” you say, “stealing art is bad and wrong!!” you say, “i know because of all those ‘art theft is bad and wrong’ posts i reblog!”

look. thats not what im saying, im not telling any of you to try to pass anyone elses art as your own, or use other peoples art without their credit. dont to that its bad and wrong. what im saying is LOOK at other peoples art and copy what they do. copying other peoples art styles is how every artist has learned for centuries. i started out drawing myself as a powerpuff girl or as a pokemon character just like everyone else. hell, i used to straight up print out and trace drawings i found on deviant art, which is a perfectly viable way to learn styles (muscle memory) so long as you dont try to pass it off as your own work then honestly its not stealing.

for example recently i was trying to draw these cat characters i had come up with, and i could not for the life of me draw these cats they were just turning out so ugly,

so i was like “well fuck this, i just need to find a simpler style” and by some kind of MIRACLE, while i was looking up drawings of cats i stumbled across this one blog, daily cat drawings. and it was like, holy shit this is it this is the exact style i need to draw my cats in. so first thing i did was try to follow some of their drawings exactly, not tracing but the closest you can get by sight. 

this is one of dailycatdrawing’s drawings:

and this was my attempt to copy it:

after i felt like i kinda had it down i drew that athena. NOT based off of any one of dailycatdrawing’s pieces, but still using the basics of their style. after that i felt confident enough using this style to draw the rest of my cats and they turned out great! naturally i had to draw hermes again because i couldnt just use such a blatant copy of another artists work, and it turned out even better than before!

which proves my earlier advice about how every single time you draw youre improving! its also important to note that even if you try to copy an artists style exactly you will probably never have it perfectly, and thats a GOOD THING! because it means that you arent truly stealing someone elses work, youre just using it as an example of ONE WAY a drawing can be good. by paying attention to MANY artists styles you can use all of them together to make your own unique style! even trying to copy dailycatdrawing’s style to a T i still ended up using elements from other artists and my own experience to change the style just enough to make it personal. looking at hermes’ face you can tell ive unintentionally taken some inspiration from lackadaisy’s art style, another artist i really admire. 

this turned out way longer than i meant it to, sorry, i always get so caught up in explaining things when people ask for advice. hopefully this helped someone!

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What is your opinion on the whole "Taylor is missing" thing? Do you think she's using us? I personally think she's doing just fine, there's no need for high fan or public involvement two months before the album, people will just get sick of her before it actually comes out

she’s not missing, lol she’s just not living a public life now (like she hasnt been for almost a year, idk why this is surprising) bc even living a semi public life during the last era brought her constant shit and bashing. 

and this is gonna get lonnnnng but let me just use this one anon to answer the pile of similar ones i have in one post. 

 I am completely stunned if people can not see that by not being public about her life - and i dont just mean her bf, i mean the entire thing -  she is diminishing a significant majority of the reasons she got hate. is it at the expense of not being able to ‘see’ her? yes. but it’s … her life, she’s not some character in a tv show that people should be able to tune in to every other day or week and see what she’s doing and know all the details of who she is with or what she is wearing. She’s an amazing talented artist who i love but she is also a person, and she - like all famous people - deserve the chance and choice to live a life outside her career w/o everyone butting in and knowing about it. And bc of the paps and the fact everyone has a camera nowadays in their pocket, the only way to achieve that is to live as privately as possible, avoiding photographing situations and avoiding situations where walking out of a door becomes a news story. 

she’s about 10x more involved w/her fans than any other artist that i follow bc the other artists are involved 0%, so um, to that end i think anyone complaining about the level of fan involvement being disappointing or not good enough or fake or using fans is just complaining because they want more from her and to that end i would ask, aside from the fact it is rather demanding of someone to always want more, what ‘more’ do they want of her … that she can reasonably do w/o backlash for it? let’s run throught the options. first off…  interviews about her personal life ( i thought it was ‘all about the music…’?) .. interviews where even if her personal life were off-limits, and she wanted to only talk about making her music, there is no way that any interviewer would not take the opportunity to ask her about the backlash of last year, trump, kk, feminism, being hated, all that was a part of the album’s coming-together and process, and why the fuck would taylor want to sit there and be asked about all that? sounds fun, haha, not? that would all only lead to more criticism and spur the news cycle even more?  does she want another feminism 2.0? or maybe talk about her friendships which brought along the whole squad nonsense? if people can’t quite frankly see that interviews right now would inevitably or immediately be turned against her i think they were not paying attention the last 3 years and watching what happened. she’s obviously saying what she wants to say to the public via her music / mv and the way in which she is presenting her music thus far in lieu of any sit-down interview. . now that said if she decides to do interviews then fantastic, i would love them too, i’ll be the first to read them,  but i have to say if she doesnt, then i can 150% understand why not. Why set yourself up to be attacked and have your own words used against you later?

maybe these folks want candids? missing taylor is fine and valid and that is okay, and you can want candids, there is nothing wrong with wanting to see her, but to be actually upset with her not wanting / allowing the paparazzi, who are the actual impetus to so many of the rumors about her and a significant majority of the bullshit she  has faced (not to mention the stalking), and ½ the reason for the overexposure,  to make money off unsolicited pictures of her? who can blame her? what good would those pictures have for her …. so that she can be plastered across the news, making the public sick of her again at a faster rate than she would be otherwise? or to lead to stories made up about her about being pregnant/having a boob job / about to b/u with her bf/ or just simply having her picture taken when she doesnt want it taken?  Look at the pics of her and joe running into her apt from the other day. they were picked up by a lot of sites. and those were blurry, shitty, no-face pictures. imagine what would happen if she casually walked from the car to the door and smiled for everyone? 

are people upset bc of things she experimented with during the 1989 era… like the secret listening sessions… so that the fandom can fight again about who got picked and who didnt? it was a wonderful idea she had to do that and generous and kind, and i’m happy for the fans who got to be a part of those types of things, but it also caused a lot of sour feelings. Same with swiftmas and other fan-specific things. you just can’t please everyone or people feel like there is favoritism and hurt feelings,… maybe it is better to treat the whole class equally… than only have a small group over for your birthday party, hmm?

 maybe people are upset of the lack of replies and reblogs on tumblr .. sure those were fun!! even tho it led to people thirsting for her attention harder which maybe made the experience for her on tumblr disingenuous? maybe if that expectation of getting involved in posts or fans’ personal lives is gone then that expectation will subside, and she can stay focused on liking things that pertain primarily to her music - and occasionally a few about her? her likes so far have been 99.9% pertaining to her and her music. not to mention the replies/rb’s let to buzzfeed and bustle etc running articles picking apart her replies? 

 or perhaps people are upset about the lack of  instagram posts so that those can also be dissected and mocked for whatever content? her insta was constantly regarded by the media as a bragger, ‘look at me, my life is so great, but also im a cat lady with a lot of famous friends’.  Trust me i loved seeing her ig pictures too, i love her sense of humor and that came through in some of her posts, but i have never seen someone’s instagram more attacked than hers in the last 3 years no matter what she posted unless it was a direct relation to her work … and even some of those were the source of negativity. her friend ships were attacked so hard, it became a topic of discussing and mockery in other artists’ interviews “are you a part of ‘the squad.’ Then there was the whole craze if she didnt wish someone a hbd, suddenly that friendship was in turmoil and there go the tabs again. So she’s using her ig like most businesses use theirs: to promote their brand. Seems reasonable to me. Why set yourself up for attacks. And back to tumblr, look at what happened last time she reblogged a certain blog playfully, it led to a story running across every outlet mocking her when she was just trying to have fun and being goofy re: the og blog’s sassy post? who can blame her for going, ‘guess i cant do that anymore’? even her ‘likes’ are being reported by the news now!! there is no ability to have a semiprivate fan-artist relationship because the media. gets. ahold. of. everything. and. they. ruin it. 

and since we are a society who loves to blame, if people want to blame someone for the way things are, blame the press, blame the paps, but don’t blame taylor. she’s simply reacting and adapting to the culture around her.

and i do expect she will do performances around the album launch, bc those are generally well regarded and not torn apart… 

and as for ‘using us’ .. .thats just an insult wow. first and foremost no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head. the door is right there. use it if her current approach is so bothersome, but to sit here and whine about it? If you hate your job, find a new one? if your friends suck, stop hanging out with them? but to sit there and bitch? come on. if you’re that unhappy and think taylor is some changed person you dont like/relate to anymore.. then go! the ongoing complainy judgmental negativity is puerile and rooted in underlying selfishness … and we are only three weeks into this era.  

i have heard people feel ‘disconnected’.. i thought the whole reason people liked taylor swift was to connect and relate to her through her music? isnt that what ultimately, every reviewer has said since the beginning of time: Great music, Great lyrics, Very Relatable. love story, fifteen, white horse, trouble, enchanted, all too well, sio, 22, clean, i could keep going but arent those all songs people have really related to, got them through good and bad times? was it not the music people related to with taylor from the beginning, to her experiences, growing up, love, love lost, coming of age, that she shared in lyric? that’s how i have since ages ago? it was always music first. The rest was gravy? but if some connected to her primarily through her personal life - interviews, instagram, baking, cats, boyfriends, friends, clothing, outfits -  was really where it was at…… and the music is just a footnote… if people are truly disconnected now bc the above don’t exist .. then maybe it is the very right choice of taylor to remove them… remove the ‘other’ way people felt connected .. .because maybe she really only wants people to *feel* connected to her through her art, not her private life?  i respect her choice to try to keep something to herself. 

idk if people were simply not paying attention, but taylor seems to have cut everything out of her life that people ragged on her for in the past. like, wouldn’t you? isn’t that basically self-preservation and protecting yourself? if someone is going to use something against you, why would you continue to do it anymore? wouldnt that be rather masochistic? i mean really give that a solid five minutes of thought. if you are taylor swift and you are doing something that you are repeatedly and vigorously torn down for - like all the things i have mentioned above - why on God’s green earth would you continue to do them? honestly, why? is pleasing some fans by doing A, B, and C above really worth the expense of allowing your life to be one where you are trashed daily by literally the entire media? what kind of life is that? 

good for her for putting herself first.

So this is the Bullshit

I don’t believe in call out posts. I think they’re unnecessary and usually create a tidal wave of drama over a misunderstanding or an issue that might have been resolved with a simple click of ‘unfollow’ or block’.

This is one of those instances where it is necessary. Where the actions of one person are genuinely harmful and quite likely malicious and it’s actually impossible to know the extent of everything they have done.

Before I proceed, I want to make it clear that I do not condone sending this person hateful asks-or, indeed, any- asks about their behaviour. If you wish to unfollow or block them-or not- then that is your business. But I did not make this post to encourage spiteful behaviour.

I want to thank everyone who contributed to this post, whether it was sending me data, good vibes, proofing or just cheering up my cranky butt at varying points between now and April. Without further ado:-

This is a callout post for user Vallanoble, for actions spanning back to February of this year.

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nct dream as tumblr blogs

this also ended up kinda like nct dream as tumblr mutuals but only a lil bit 


  • honestly he probably only made the blog to promote his tracks on soundcloud bye
  • he came for the promo, stayed for the memes
  • meme master 9000 ????

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i love reading narry fanfics, can you recommend a few? help a girl out please!

ooohhh I have read sooo many (you’ll see what I mean after you read this entire ask), this might be long, take a seat

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you know for all it is it’s funny and sad to me that both Kurapika and Leorio are driven by similar stuff but deal with it differently.

they both suffer from the loss of people they loved, and are driven by it but took opposite ways, Leorio in a healing way driven to never let it happen again and Kurapika in a (self) destructive way because he lost everything and can barely think about rebuilding himself.

they both have a complex negative dynamic with money, Leorio since he grew up poor and wanted to do things that were unaccessible without money, Kurapika because his people were objectified and sold for people who had enough money. Both of them figured ways to use it to their own advantage though, Leorio seeking for a way to make money and Kurapika using rich people to get the eyes back. Both, in a way to fix the unfairness they faced due to money to start with. but Again, Leorio did it as legally as possible where Kurapika joined mafias and used people.

Both have their sort of pride - Leorio doesn’t want to be looked down upon, probably because of how he suffered from it most of his life. Kurapika is prideful because he loved his people and knows what happened was unfair, and as the last of his kind it’s a way to carry on their memories. But there too, Leorio seek for approval where Kurapika is ready to throw his pride away for his people.

They are both really stubborn and can get angry, but Leorio would angrily reacts to little situation and be more collected when big trouble awaits, while Kurapika is the complete opposite, mostly collected but would eventually not think as straight when faced with a very big situation (especially spiders related)

While the circumstances that led them to those similitudes are different and therefore, that the ultimate results are different, it’s still amazing for me to see how it works also for them as people. Like their path crossed once before parting again.

It’s especially something i find fascinating considering how they met, and first disliked each other because the other was acting in a way the other would hate. By being Greedy Leorio reminded Kurapika of those who objectify his people, by being Prideful Kurapika reminded Leorio of those who looked down on him. Before eventually realizing that they were the opposite of that - Kurapika who had left his village to find a doctor (and therefore realizing Leorio was better than he thought when he rushed to save the seaman on the boat), and Leorio probably realizing that Kurapika didn’t care this much about his pride (which was already kickstarted when Kurapika apologized and treated him with respect).

There’s something about them that is all about balance in the way. it’s not just that they are different, it’s that there are similitudes between them, on stuff people can hardly relate to, but that they treat it differently. And that it led them to hate each other before realizing the other was better than their initial thoughts, until eventually being able to balance each other as equal.

I guess I’m overthinking it at times, but i just love this kind of little things about them.

Here’s something I want you to do for me  :  go to a blog that you appreciate, or someone you see on your dash right now, or someone who you think could use some cheering up. On or off anon, tell them something  nice.  Spread positivity  because we’re a  community  of writers. Let’s not make drama and hate make us forget that  !  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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i didnt want to say this before but man.. Danny kind of.. sucks, at least in the heart of canon. i get that he's young and learns "Those Valuable Lessons" and but people dont acknowledge most of this douchebag's shitty antics cause he's a cute boy or whatever. although Danny has a very excellent premise for a character, he is sincere sometimes, but overall its not executed well. he falls into too many awful high school tropes

i guess im glad people are making use of his character premise by reading too closely than the show intended, or by making content of their own interpretations. but we cant ignore that he is quite a goddamned piece of hell shit who i fucking hate in the real show sometimes. i feel there’s just too much emphasis on a character and show that wasn’t well crafted and well managed to begin with. its kinda sad when all the hate is somehow directed towards other characters like Sam.

it feels like most people are praising him and the overall show for what they imagine it to be instead of what it actually is. srsly this awful goddamned fuckboy sells stuff garage lab items he aint supposed to just to buy some fucking clothes??? uses ghost powers to spy girls in their locker room?? he fuckin destroys ghost writer’s writing and then doesnt feel sorry about it just cause it’s christmas-related and he’s so pissy about it.

so.. yeah. i dont get why people think he’s literal kid Jesus and always wants to protect this little fucker. he puts himself in alot of mess. the “D” on his suit stands for “dick”, bc that’s what he is.  i want to beat him up sometimes


Normally, I delete all character hate on sight, because the point of my blog is to focus on the show’s strengths and how the weaknesses could’ve been done better. I get critical sometimes, but I like focusing on a characters’ strengths rather than their poor writing and garbage like that.

This was so long, detailed, and harsh that it’s really hard to ignore. Maybe I should. Stick to my guns and not let some anonymous rant change how I work. You came to me, though, so if you want to debate this, then alright. I’ll bite.

First off, who in the fandom is portraying Danny as a kid Jesus? Maybe it’s just the circles I’m familiar with, but one of the most reblogged posts that pops up in my notifications is one with a ton of additions arguing why Danny totally deserves to suffer. The majority of the fandom loves tormenting this kid. Even those that do say he needs to be protected never claim he has no flaws. Far from it. They just acknowledge he has it hard for a kid and he deserves a break sometimes.

Second, have you ever…met a 14 year old? As someone who spent most of his career life working with kids and who is the oldest of 5 (with one brother who’s turning 14 this November), lemme tell you that the main trio are saints for their age.

People talk about the terrible twos, but 14 year olds are so much worse. I’m not slamming them, because it makes sense. They’re in a tough transition period between childhood and adulthood. Adults tell them to act more mature, but refuse to acknowledge their voices in serious situations. Middle school and high school are cutthroat places, and one mistake can ruin the entirety of the four-six years you spend there. They’re pressured to get good grades or they’ll fail, they have to be part of the cool crowd or they’ll fail, and people are more likely to blame them for whatever goes wrong in their lives than anything that goes on around them.

Doesn’t change the fact that they can be little demons sometimes. With all the hormones and drama, young teenagers can be really emotional and make problems bigger than they seem. They can be harsh and judgmental, because that’s the environment they’re being exposed to. They need guidance, but they don’t want it. They argue with adults and to some, it seems like they want to make their own lives miserable. They can be tough to work with unless you’re willing to take them as seriously as they take themselves, and most people don’t want to bother.

There are shitty things Danny does in canon, but that’s true for literally every fourteen year old. And heck, are you telling me you didn’t do some ridiculously stupid stuff at that age? I actually stole money from my folks to buy something I wanted. My group of friends frequently set stuff on fire in their backyards. And fuck, nobody can prove Danny was spying on girls in the locker room. While I think the scene is shit and refuse to accept it as canon, all we see is Danny coming out of the locker room. He could’ve been just looking to see what it was like in there. Nothing says there were actually girls in there. But I’m so sick of talking about that shit scene, so I’m gonna leave it at that.

Danny has flaws. He can be selfish and petty and inconsiderate. But really? You wanna beat him up for that?

Are you forgetting that he canonically already does get beaten up every single episode? Whether it’s by ghosts, bullies, his own goddam parents, or whatever, getting beat up is something he’s familiar with.

The reason some fans cut him some slack is because, hey, yeah. He is a kid, and you know what? He’s entitled to be a dick sometimes. He loses sleep every night, almost dies on a daily basis, has his dreams ripped away from him often, and is picked on at school. Despite all of that, he still fights ghosts to keep his town safe, and he’s under no obligation to do that. He saves lives, even when people hate him for it. He puts himself in danger, even for those who are cruel to him. He tries to use his powers for the right reason more often than not, and he’ll take the high road against his bully because he feels like he shouldn’t stoop to his level.

We acknowledge that canon can be shit. We acknowledge that sometimes, Danny’s writing makes him out to be a dick. At the “heart of canon,” though, as you so eloquently put it, he’s the kid who risked his life for a little girl he barely knew that nobody else would miss. He’s the one who saves the lives of his own bully, the teacher who used to be so hard on him, and the parents he fully believes would cut him open if they knew what he was. He’s the one who could so easily be Vlad, but instead he tries his best to be a hero.

You’re under no obligation to like him, and you don’t have to ignore the shitty parts of canon like some of us do. I do it just because I enjoy thinking about what the show could’ve been, not what it was. You don’t have to do that, though.

But really, are you going to march into your nearest high school and beat the shit out of the first kid you see messing up? Seriously? You honestly think that the mistakes Danny makes outweigh the good he’s constantly trying to do enough that he deserves that? Even when he already gets beat up in every single episode already?

Well, fine. That’s your pessimistic opinion. It’s not fact, though. How many cartoons do you watch? You gonna beat up Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron, too? They can be right assholes. What about Jake Long? He’s a shallow, obnoxious, irresponsible kid a lot of the time. Sure, he’s just 13, but why should we show mercy to kids who mess up? Serena/Usagi from Sailor Moon? Yeah, let’s ignore all the people defending her and just focus on the fact that the show makes her a dumb kid who doesn’t have enough backbone to immediately become the savior of the galaxy. Come to think of it, where’s your rant about Dash Baxter? Or is he not popular enough for you to rag on?

Perfect characters aren’t the ones who are the most upstanding. They’re the ones who are realistic and flawed. So Danny sells his parents stuff. So he sneaked into the girls’ locker room. So he took out his anger on an innocent person.

I’m not saying any of those things weren’t wrong, what I’m saying is that kids make fucking mistakes. And sometimes, they’re huge ones. Sometimes, kids get curious and break into a house. Sometimes they get hungry at the store and shoplift. Sometimes they lie and cheat and make fun of each other. Sometimes they can be perverted little leaches.

So fucking what? We’ve all been there. We all need to learn and grow.

And seriously, if you’re going to be one of those people who gives Sam a break, don’t turn around and start criticizing Danny for the same shitty writing he sometimes gets. That hypocrisy is exactly why I so adamantly defend Sam.

I don’t know what you wanted to accomplish with these asks. Maybe you just wanted to vent. Maybe you were looking to stir up drama. Maybe you don’t know what you wanted and you just sent these asks randomly without any real reason.

Regardless of what you think, I’m still gonna enjoy my fucking fictional character, even if I don’t always agree with how he’s written. I relate to him, his struggles, and even his mistakes. You have fun ripping on characters people like because you don’t think they should be allowed to make mistakes, but let the rest of us have our fun, too. You’re not helping anyone with this, so maybe just fuck off, m’kay?

Being stupidly nice is kind of my thing, but I’m tired of putting up with this self righteous crap. Let characters fuck up. Let fans rewrite things they don’t like. Let people enjoy their fucking cartoon, because they aren’t hurting anyone. I’ve yet to find a single phan who considers the DP cartoon to be completely canon anyway. They enjoy it for the fan content or the few really spot on episodes. We’re already aware that there’s shitty stuff in there, and we don’t need you to tell us.

If I ever get any asks like this that rip on characters for stupid, petty reasons again, I’m deleting them on sight. That was my initial plan anyway, but I really needed to say my piece here.

Tumblr, maybe stop being such judgmental pieces of fucking shit, okay? You’ll accomplish nothing good by being so harsh toward anything that doesn’t fit your standard of “perfect.”

The formal callout for Driad aka Daniel Mahone

Daniel Mahone from Cambridge UK is an online sexual predator. We are unsure about his age since he’s changed his age many times but he’s claiming to be 18 currently. He targets very young teenagers and coerces them into sexual conversations and has done this for years without repercussion.

He’s currently off tumblr as far as we know but he remakes often and having this widespread for awareness is a priority.

Some examples of the things he’s done are under the cut, general tw.

urls: driad, cptdriad, captaindriad, dryad

twitter: captaindriad

skype: mrdriad

kik: cptdriad

steam: bigbrownbat

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so um hi y’all. ikram here!! i’ve never made a post like this bc i never felt the need to but i’m feeling very emotional right now and everyone on my dash is feeling emotional right now. also my cat is very emosh right now. and this all resulted in me writing a long ass speech with little notes for everyone who has ever made me smile on here. i just wanted to make this post to let you all now that im very grateful for you. some of you i have never talked to because i’m shy and you intimidate me bUT i need you to know ur the

💐 💐  these are for you, thank you for being such a beautiful soul. 

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                     1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. ya’ll know me, i hate making things serious and sappy but i really did want to get around to writing something more for my one year on this babe because she means so much to me ( and so much more now that i’ve been writing her for a year ). ontari is such a wonderful and complex character, and it’s a shame given the show she was given she was only in there for one season it’s always an honor for me that ya’ll are willing to accomidate me into your lives, rp timelines, and plots ! i’ve honestly adored spending this last year with yall. with so much that’s happened irl in this past year it’s been such a blessing to have a steady place where i felt comfortable and identified to be able to hang out and write creativly, plus the bonus of enjoying my bbies ( that’s you lot ).  and i know i’ve done some pretty shitty shit in this past year. and this is deffiently also a thank you letter to everyone that’s stuck by my side despite everything i’ve done not to deserve it. so this is my personal way of saying THANK YOU for being here, for wanting to write with ontari, for wanting to write with me, thank you for those 2AM movie nights, for the 4AM rush replies because a thread was just addicting, thank you for bringing a smile to my face for introducing me to friends new and old and freinds i wouldnt have been able to make if not for this blog. thank you so much. ya’ll don’t understand how much this means to me. and i dont think you will. so here’s a small little thank you notice for those of you that care:

if you were to LIKE & REBLOG this post ( * yes both ) you’ll be entered to win the following provided to you by YOURS TRUELY examples including ( all my rp blogs legit just look at any of the rp blogs ): a THEME BG + CODE * only if u want a custom code by me ofc it’s up to you, a PROMO SET, a DASH ICON, a MOBILE HEADER and !! an AZGEDA EDIT of your character because how tf would you not want more azgeda around !! 

now that we’ve gotten that out of the way and i’ve given ya’ll a small thanks, i want to give you an even bigger thanks ! and wanted to give a big shout out to my fave babes whom have stuck by my side through a whole lot of shit that is hella undeserved ! but yet you’re still here ! despite it all and i owe you all the world so thank you. so much. 

@murhys - MOON !! love of my life. cas to my dean. actual other half. salt king husband to our salt kingdom. moon you’ve been there for me since day 1 and are probably the only person on this website i’ve never had a disagreement with. you wormed ur skaidad into my baby icekids heart which i thought would be impossible and it’s magic how much i enjoy ur presence really. you’re deff like my other half babe. ultimate husband. ily

@azgona / @braverstars - HANNAH !! b to my v. actual partner in crime when it comes to like anything ! legit we write anything and theres so much perfect chemsitry between the characters that i think we were meant to b babe. like legit anything we do its magic and you really need to have more faith in this community because we need u man. we need you. 

@kiingbuilt - LENEE ( STARS ) !! actual babe. positivity queen lenee. honestly ur so sweet and so perf and idk what you want me to say bc ur awesome in every way ? you put up with me who’s like the dark hole to ur sunshine but like i’m always so greatful i don’t think there could be a better person i’d want to play tari against than you, roan and her have such depth and it’s so wonderful to be able to talk at lengeth about our ice siblings and what could have been like ! ily so much thanks for legt taking care of us all better than what we deserve

@leyosgona / @saviorbuilt - SOCHIE !! my babe sochie waht to i say about you. well lets start with the fact i don’t think i’ve ever become trash for a ship quite as quickly as i became trash for catari like wtf man. i’m going to second that with sayig ur clarke is presh and i love her to death ? and top it all off with the fact hat you legit always put up with me spamming u wit random af things without ur permission and are a okay with it all the time which makes u way too cool. 

@humansympathies - CHARLES !! legit one of these days im sealing u away form ur wife just u wait ( * hamilton an american musical plays in the bg  )  honestly i still need to thank you for making me so goddamned comfortable with being okay to write something i had been so nervous to write before because of the context of th show. you are the reason i was able to come out of my bubble and im so fucking thankful for that sitll am going to add #actualjohnmurphy bc nothing u do can change that

@ginatcnic - LAUREN !! gg lauren ur always around to help me when i need it and i really think i dont deserve you as a friend you’re amazing and always there for me and put up with me ranting @ you about the randomest bullshit and being vauge af about it and whatnot. ilysm babe dont forget ever that you are one of the most important parts of this fandom and we’d be lost without you. 

@foxofthe100 / allofthe100 - BRITT !! things i never expected i would do: ship with britt. things i’m super thankful happened: shipping with britt. not that we needed it to be friends bc w were friends beforei. but i deff think that foxtari has brought us closer and i’m so glad that it did !! you’re such a fun and acomplished person, and your view on things are always so well balanced and lovely to hear ! being who i am i love understanding things and you always put things in prespective. just in time to drop an angst ball on me but yknow. 

@si02built / @rainkiing - CHUCK !! yo you. yes you. i love ya man. like i do love you so much i don’t think you understand how much you’re amazing. you’ve been there for me since day 1 and i know that it dosn’t matter if i havent spoken to you in a day or in a month we’ll jump back into things just as they’ve always been meant to be and i think there’s a sort of treasure in that tat can’t be sahken. i love you man. kisses. take care

@damnleader - NIKKI !! i dont know where to start with you man. i started off as ur biggest fan and now look at us. we’re trash and i love it and you legit need to get ur ass back onto this account so i can yell at you about how presh u are and how much i miss talking to you and ranting and bless. 

@youngcst​ - MOO !! moo. legit i never knew whether to call you that or lois but you know what it don’t matter much now does it. waht i will say however is how thankful i am that we were bros for such a long time, and how much it means to me what nova and tari built toether and their relationship like i sob over our babies so often you don’t even know ! please always keep bringing us babe characters. 

bonus shoutout - @ CONSQUAD because yall put up with my ass for 4 days and if anyone can do that i think they deserve like a gold medal or smth like pls yall are honestly some of the best people keep being you !! @banishhim ( black hole ) / @algaenotwar ( milky way ) / @stellarstolen

bonus bonus shoutout - @ icesquad because AZKRU BEST KRU - some of ya’ll are inactive and need to get ur asses back here just sayin’ @icymenace / @azhaihefa / @aznofi / @azkeyva / @azgedaechoes / @azgada / @aznontu / @komashdaun /  @azenblida / @dubiousloyalty / @challengedloyalty / @shudameika / @aiopgona / @zosimekomazgeda / @wintamnontu / @deathwants / @icebuilt / @icebitxh / @leyosgona / @kiingbuilt / @haihefaroun / @firraun / @rcyalscars / @acrownofice / @youngcst 

i also wanted to make a sort of like FOLLOW FOREVER ? like ? idk how you make a solid one of these but just like all the blogs ? i’m in awe of whenever they come on the dash seemed like a good idea ? like these are all so quality all the time eve if some are inactive i refuse to unfollow just because of the chance they’ll come back, they should be a shoutout bc they are my inspiration to write they make me a better writer every day ! and love the hell out of them: @wolfsouled / @rattledbybullets /  @ragnarsscn / @princeubbe / @belomi / @soldiiermade / @imqetuous / @everyturnanycost / @noximperator / @lionoffrance / @praycd / @redempticnarc / @bloodshedbound / @allvanquisher / @murdocksredemption / @damnmechanic / @leaderbuilt / @casuistic / @headstrongblake / @crimiinalchemiist / @noukru / @starxbcrn / @arroworn / @survivorbuiilt


@toppdyke - top of the list for being a dyke transphobe ://

@terf-tips - terf blog

@radfemtori - hates trans ppl

@dorkinlesbian - gross terf (lesbian)

@uwubanners - hates trans ppl and is a ugaf terf

@theultimatesjw - terf bc they talk abt periods a lot :/

@larpandtherealgirl - transphobe

@terfmutual - literally a terf..

@cecaeliawitch - 🤢🤢

@auntiewanda - also a gross terf

@radicallyvegan - rad in their url *yawn*

@thegirlshaveme - criticized my list

@peachy-nihilist - ^^

@radfemmikuu - reblogged a cat licking a cat to symbolize cis lesbians

@radmei - she thinks mei isnt a smol trans boi

@radicalmei - shes @radmei side blog

@tycutioss - they hate trans ppl

@vegan-radfem-witch - vegan and fadfem, meaning they wont eat meat (penis).. TERF

@radscumblr - they r rad scum 🚫 block

@bagelzinkiev - wants to be on a terf list

@dyke-blr - lesbian

@rootfauna - lvl 17 terf 😱😡


@redkatherineee - very kinphobic and gross:

@sjwbaphomet - harrassed me after redkatherineee told her followers to send me hate

@ex-terf - is clearly still a terf bc he did the above



@vagina-dentataa - (((cis))) vaginas r trash 😘

@terfstillmeanslesbian - terfbian

@womyn-are-rad - (cis) womyn r bad

@unrulyfeminist - u wrote a paragraph attacking riley dennis saying she is doing conversion therapy,, yikes

@a-broader-sensibility - “However, I am still a radfem/TERF/witch/committer of Literal Violence/thought criminal/SWERF/REG/Feminazi/anti-fun feminist who hates sex and joy and ponies and strip clubs and ice cream, so I just want all my libfem and MRA hate readers not to feel any disappointment.” um ok that says it all for me terf witch bitch

@uumans - uhh misogyny?? doesnt exist??? stop posting about it silly

@tooiconic - ,,, talking about periods mmmm wants to listen to terf arguments 🤔🤔🤔 umm terf???

@spookyterf - “hate stalk” 🤔 mmmm why do u hate trans ppl

@iliveforthediscourse - started harrassing me on a trans positivity post 🚫 bye sweeti 😊😊

@dyaotic - they attacked my trans headcannon of dipper :///

@kisschugger - terf sympathiser

@daisydeadhead - ugly cis bitch harrassing minors

@baehraini - disgusting transphobe 4channer larping as a lesbian

anonymous asked:

all my friends make fun of me bc I love the big bang theory, thanks for making an amazing blog that shows I'm not the only one out there💕💕

What? Seriously? That sucks of them.

And don’t worry, you’re most definitely not alone, along with the millions of people that watch this show around the world. There’s a reason why we’re going to 12 seasons.

I definitely think this show suffers from what I call “The Broccoli effect”, much like kids from my generation hate broccoli because every kid’s TV show in my childhood claimed it was yucky, even though none of us had ever tried it.

Same with this show. Someone once made some criticisms about it and it seems almost everyone on the internet has accepted them and decided not to give it a shot– I see this a lot in my reblogs. I get a lot of reblogs like “i hate this show but this scene was nice”. And I mean, a lot. If those people gave it a shot they’d probably love it. And btw, I’m not claiming there isn’t anything wrong with this show, but it’s not all bad. Like, I’m not the biggest fan of the Lenny relationship right now, I really hate the slightly homophobic comments, and I wish they’d just let Raj go full bi and date a guy already but…

Again, it’s not all bad. I watch like 30 TV shows and this is still the most relatable out of all of them. The only reason I found the courage to get into engineering in the first place was because of this show. The Shamy relationship is the only one I’ve shipped consistently for years now. Anyways,

anonymous asked:

idk if u care or not but the artist of that acxa and ezor post u reblogged is a shaladin

hey, thanks for telling me this! i really appreciate it but i’ve been thinking about this topic for a bit and i’ve been wanting to talk about it (nothing against you!!) 

so i know it’s gonna be controversial or whatever but i’ve decided that i’m going to reblog content regardless of who the artist/creator is, as long as the artwork/post itself doesn’t contain any nasty ships. i have an ever-growing list of content creators that i know ship shalad!n ships to know who to not to reblog onto my safe blog and i’m realising that a lot of artists here ship them, and it’d severely restrict the content that i have on my blog if i make sure that every single one of the artists i reblog from is anti-shal/sh@l@din-free. plus, the regulating (??) of these isn’t always 100% and i only delete posts when i get anons telling me that _____ ships sh@l@din so it’s kinda unfair imo 

i’m in no way condoning shal ships bc i still really hate them but i’m just really tired of having to go through the process of making sure that every post on my blog is from a safe content creator. that’s what @safevld is for. 




@niamhfthemmings obviously i have to put my wife first. ur the ethan to my grayson, I’m the bob to ur rob, and ur the first friend i made in the dolan twins fandom. ur super funny and i love you sm omg

@pinksnapbackbullshit probably the first dolan twins account i followed! ur blog is so entertaining and i love your imagines. keep on keepin on 

@sunsetveiw u r so loyal to me i love u YOU ARE ALSO SO PRETTY and adorable and ur blog is so nice and ugh

@overalldolan for supplying my FAVORITE smuts and making me melt help i love you

@vincentvangrayson for putting me in my feels with every blurb i hate you but also i love you do u see my problem

@punishmedolans for always giving me TOP QUALITY content to post. seriously whenever i dont have anything to post i will always go to ur account and reblog/queue things so thanks

@jiminycricky your posts make me want to hunt the twins now right now and kiss them. i have ur post notifs on bc i am so whipped

@artdolan i see u in my notifs sometimes and it makes me happy bc u seem really cool and hi

@grethanscudi first of all i love ur url its really cool and i wish i had it and I’m also here for efin and gracie

@dolantwinsaus u always reblog my stuff which makes me emo and I’m also a bitch for dope video edits which you always post/reblog so THANK YOU

@grethansdolans ur facetime edits are so cute its so nice how u do that i cry, and let. me. tell. u. the 4 days imagine actually sent me to hell. 1 like = 1 cry

@thedolangifs​ MY IDOL WHO SPITS IN MY MOUTH seriously her fics make me want to jump off a building. we also share love for ethans hands and graysons thighs


@staff this is not a good update and I’m going to try and calmly explain why.
First off, this feature has a lot of issues. Half the time I get recommended blogs I
1) already frequent but have not followed, because I dont want to or can’t follow them (follower limit)
2) have avoided bc I dont love the person behind them
3) literally have blocked
4) blogs I’m in no way interested in at all and in fact are part of hate groups or movements I don’t associate with but tumblr has taken my discussion of them as meaning im interested, bc its based on an algorithm
Also, much like your “recommended for you” and “in your orbit” features, its pm only helpful for someone who has just started their blog and doesnt have any connections on this site. Even then, most people don’t want to be randomly recommended things all the time and prefer to have control over this kind of feature, but esp when they’re already overwhelmed by content.
So this feature doesnt benefit me all that much to begin with, but it wasn’t bad where it was, in a section it belonged. It didnt ruin my whole day on the search bar. When you moved it to the middle of the dashboard I wasn’t happy because my scrolling would be disrupted often with blogs I wasn’t interested in. If this was a push to get people to use the feature, not seeing it was never the problem I garuntee
But this. This is really bad. I know that’s not professional or calm but this is a really bad move. Its ugly, its disruptive, it clutters the blogs, its basically advertising when no one has agreed to advertise, its recommending content on a blog that has no real consensual affiliation with that content, content the blogger has no consensual affiliation with, and furthermore, blogs are not the dashboard! Theyre private realms tailored by the creator! If the dashboard is one big blog that tumblr ultimately controls, then blogs are private worlds bloggers control. And you’ve violated that sense of privacy and control, to bring a feature people have already talked about at length why they do not like. You remind the users that you’re using their content as a means to your own end in one of the most blatant ways possible. And its distruptive and alienating to put this feature on blog, but especially the target users blog! Especially unadvertised and with no way to turn it off, or at least no instructions about how to readily available!
So please, discontinue this feature as soon as possible. This is just one more step in ruining the functionality of your website and driving your userbase away

20 Questions with Dr Ferox #8

My gosh, there’s just so much stuff you vetlings want to know, isn’t there? Well, knowledge is good, so here we go with yet another info dump as I try to answer a big slew of your questions in one hit.

Anonymous said: I sometimes get your patreon emails or an update on your blog while I’m studying/struggling in the wee-hours of the morning (vetmed). I’m in WA, so where-ever you are it’s also late/early. What are you doing up in the witching hours?

First of all, I am an AdultTM and as such I am permitted to set by own Bed Time. There are many reasons why you might receive notifications from me so ‘early’.

  • I have a blog post on queue every morning between 5am and 6am my time (so probably 3am and 4am your time). It goes up automatically, so I can see initial responses before I go to work.
  • I think Patreon sends its emails at the same time each day, regardless of when I post. I certainly don’t type there early in the morning.
  • Sometimes I’m on nightshift and can get kinda bored at 3am sometimes.
  • Sometimes I just can’t sleep, especially with the changing day/night cycles.

Most of the blog runs on queue, honestly. At least three posts a day do.

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How do you survive voltron fandom? My depression and ptsd is just not helping (and antis are doing pretty much everything to trigger it) yet I keep coming back to it because I love the characters.

oh bud, im so sorry to hear that it’s a tough fandom i can’t deny it. probably the worst fandom i’ve been in but…. but there is so much good here! it is possible to have a good time and find your place. it may take you a while to do it, but it’s possible to stick around and have fun.  I BELIEVE IT’S POSSIBLE!!! 

i can’t speak for everyone and i apologise if any of this accidentally sounds patronising bc i’m just gonna talk through how i personally handle myself around here with some of my own advice in hopes it will help somebody else. i’m having a Blast, so maybe it’ll give some insight as to how you can achieve that too. 

also this is…. really long im so sorry!!! and it took me a while to put together so apologies for leaving you hanging, but i tried to cover as much as possible to give you a good hand. i hope this is something that will make you feel a little more reassured.

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Let’s get cracking: 

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