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–– ♡ ❛ + verse/otp name ideas !

i decided to clean up my spotify playlists and i realized that many of the songs would actually make great verse names. i know how hard it can be to think of verse names can be, so the more master lists of these the better right ? also i always need one and i feel like i’ve been through every possible list at this point. so here is my go at it. under the cut you’ll be able to find 170 song lyrics that could be used as a verse/otp name. hope it’s helpful !

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      ❛ my name is JOHN MITCHELL, and i’ve killed more people than you’ve met.   ❜
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does mondos pickaxe mean something i cant remember or was it just there??? i wonder if spike had a plan for it but just never went through with it

these are important mondo questions]]


          The  sea  will  unmake  you,  bone  by  bone;  leave  you  aching  for  salt  and  brine,  for  the  divinity  it  leaves  in  wake  of  its  kisses.  It  is  always  hungry  and  the  ghosts  it  claims  are  hungrier,  ravenous  and  endless  as  their  paramour,  creatures  of  celestial  concoction  that  leave  bruises  like  flowers  in  place  of  their  touch.     /     written by ash

                             it’s true, he hasn’t been the same since he watched his mother cheat on his father for the fifth time in a row. it doesn’t excuse his actions, but it’s merely the reason as to why he goes out of his way to sabotage every relationship he’s ever been in. or every relationship he’s made the other person feel like they were in. he doesn’t settle down, he refuses to. why would he ever want to be put in the same position that his father was once in? he won’t be a fool, won’t end up with a broken heart – he won’t let any woman get that close. it’s making out behind closed doors, copping feels at parties, making these girls feel special when in reality he feels nothing. he’s numbed himself from the inside out, or how else would he be able to do this?

“i told you what you were getting yourself into the moment you stepped foot into my life. i told you that you were just another piece of ass, so why do you wanna start acting like i made you my wife?” he inquires, the words burning his lips once they fill the air. it’s no different this time around, but the acidity in his prose always comes back around to hit him ten times harder than it hits his victims. “so what? you seen me at a party with another female? why the fuck you crying about it? you KNEW what you were getting into, don’t act brand new.”

I’m actually thinking of adding Goops, Dee, Sans, GG and Virus to @cvaroleplay

Mostly because I dont… really wanna have RPs at @askgaster-wd? It gets messy… But I really wanna RP using those guys… 

I would also add the AU and human ones there, aaa…. 

But I don’t know if I should?

naruto modern shinobi au rp group!

yo, so me and a few other people have started this new, fairly casual naruto rp group and we want YOU to join

its different from traditional tumblr rp blogs; rather than have threads and such, the characters interact as if they are running their own tumblr blog. you post the kind of things you think your character would post, whether theyre an aesthetic or personal blogger or a meme loving shitposter. interactions will be primarily portrayed through tumblr messaging/replies, though para-style threads involving irl interaction are welcome.

more info/available characters under the read more!

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