and i dont understand how thats different

not every piece of fiction needs to be a how to on morality and artists arent obligated to teach you how to be a good person with their work. i dont think its unfair to hold your audience to basic expectations wrt morality, and to expect them to understand the difference between right and wrong, and i dont think its a creator’s fault when their work is misinterpreted. i feel like the way leftist media crit is heading u guys want everyone to just write heartwarming childrens media that has a diverse cast of good people and only that, and like thats great n all but i kinda wanna ever have fun and write something dynamic and interesting and for adults with a remotely nuanced understanding of morality and i dont think thats inherently wrong 2 do 

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I dont really understand that whole multiple gods from different religions existing at once thing because if Apollo controls the sun how does Ra do the same. The closest i've come to understand is that they brag about the extent of their powers while it isnt true. Like harnessing the suns energy but not the entire sun. Also how Jesus and God exist in their world too. If you've seen Supernatural i think thats also a pretty good interpretation of it. Btw that book idea sounds great

there’s a great book, which is finally being turned into a TV show that looks wonderful, call American Gods, everyone should read it for it’s own worth, it’s strange dark and otherworldly. Any ways the main character keeps having “dreams” of being “in the earth and under the earth” where in he meets a Native American man with a buffalo’s head and the buffalo man (who is America itself) tells him “Believe” Shadow asks “believe what?” “believe EVERYTHING!” which is a basically good guide to Gods in this context, is Ra the Sun god/the sun itself? yes yes he is, just Apollo drive the sun across the sky every day? also yes, is the sun a huge ball of nuclear fire millions of miles away from earth that we’re spinning around? sure. In my book idea I thought of reality as an onion, layers, we see what we see, but doesn’t mean that an onion skin width away from us a giant isn’t walking down the same street, Gods being things that can cross over or be on more than one layer at once, I felt like that was a good way to explain why Norse gods and Greek ones or whatever wouldn’t meet. Any ways i don’t get too hung up on the contradictions in Rick’s Gods, to quote Walt Whitman “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” 

also thank you very much for those kind words. 

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for that last anon, i feel like its important to note that the ussr considered itself socialist, and its capitalist propaganda that defines it as communist. i agree that it was still heavily capitalist though, but thats because im not sure if there really is a difference between state capitalism and socialism. if im wrong about that please feel free to correct, i just dont understand how worker-owned production can exist with a state

state capitalism is where the state controls the means of production, it tells the people who is and isn’t allowed to use something or learn to use something to inevitably use it. 

socialism is where the people control the means of production within their state and don’t have to answer to a government to learn to be able to use it/use it. etc. there’s still a state though, it just doesn’t control the means of production, it just means there are boundaries to where this is true. 

So like the people are bound to their state regarding the means of production. other nations can exist during socialist states where the people do not control the means of production.

communism is where all people control the means of production, there are no boundaries, there are no nation states. basically.

Since im too scared to use my laptop, I still want to post something for you guys! Here's my top tips on writing & staying inspired 💕

- if you cant write for certain characters or for certain scenarios, don’t force yourself!
- if you think that your understanding of a certain character is different from most people, GO FOR IT. Because most likely more people would read your work because of how different you portray your characters

- dont get too detailed or dont get too general. Thats because if you get too detailed, no matter how great your story is, more people cant relate to you. The purpose of you writing is so that people can relate to YOU and YOUR CHARACTERS. Ive seen so many talented writers on tumblr but people cant seem to relate to them because of this and it makes me so sad :( so if you want your audience to get you, get straight to the point. Even if its short. I learned that after someone suggested I try writing shorter. Its good to be descriptive in your scenarios, but youre not writing a novel (yet). Youre writing for a specific person, and a specific request. So it has to stay general because you want your scenario to be able to reach out to others despite it being requested by a certain person.

- youre not confident over the work youve done? English is not your first language? POST IT. Believe it or not, posting works youre not confident on and getting feed back is what makes you grow. If you keep posting on things youre confident on and get frustrated when people dont like it, it will destroy your confidence. So its better to grow along with your content, characters, writing style and etc. over sticking to what you know

- repeat this with me. THIS. IS. YOUR. BLOG.
Ive seen so many writers who reject scenarios because they dont feel it or they think it gets repetitive. Dont take that to heart. BECAUSE WHEN YOU START WRITING, youd see that some of the scenarios ARE alike. So you do have to reject some scenarios when theyre too alike. Not unless you found a new perspective for the same scenario. So dont feel bad if you feel like you cant answer some scenarios. Thats not your fault. Maybe you can answer it next time right?

- TAKE YOUR TIME. Dont rush. Dont do this because people are breathing down your neck to post faster. WRITING TAKES TIME. If your followers dont understand that, then let them go. Because those people dont understand whats its like to try to envision yourself in the shoes of each scenario submitted to your ask box. And its tiring to keep switching it up per scenario. SO TAKE YOUR TIME.

I suggest doing 15 mins break after each scenario OR after a scenario with a lot of characters so your creativity stays fresh and alive. When youre on break do something completely different from what youre writing. Watch your fave show. Go on youtube. Read a book (that isnt what youre writing about) and find inspiration

- find inspiration from your followers. Especially the ones that care about you. They will help you through your writers block.
- find inspiration from your fave books/show/art/manga/etc and take things that make your heart skip a little faster when you see it/remember it. You’ll be surprised how much that helps you when you write
- if you have a pet, play with him/her. His/her moral support will be forever 💕 so when you get frustrated pet them. It will get you back on track

- find music for certain genres! I have a go to angst song that gets me going when I write angst and usually when i listen to that song/playlist, my angst gets better even if im not fond of the character im writing about!

AND LASTLY (and personally my weird way of handling things)

DONT CHECK UR NOTIFS AND ACTIVITY. If you focus on the number of people who are following you. Youre doing it wrong. FOCUS ON YOUR WRITING. It doesnt matter if people unfollow you every minute, or follow you every second. Because that will always be constant. Because once you focus your writing based on the numbers? You’ll never be the best you can be.

So have fun! Breathe! And try making a scenario blog! Because it will be one of the best decisions you’ll be making in your life 💕

the avas demon fandom doesnt seem to understand this new shitty drama around the ava picture is all honestly chalked up to your personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

 this depends on your upbringing and what you’ve been exposed to in your life how youll take these images. some people look at this shit and go right to “PORN THIS IS SOOO PORN” and other go to “wow look at this nice art” and its all stemming from how you were raised and your own personal thought ans feelings and yall don’t understand that how you feel is unique to you and you cant get mad when someone doesn’t see the world from your point of view just because one person gets offended by one thing doesn’t mean some other completely unrelated different person is going to be mad too 

this fandom has a horrible mob mentality i would ask what you find sexual in the picture but i realize i cant because what you consider sexual is based YOUR personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences and thats fine so long as you dont get pissed off at other people because they dont agree with you 

you can preach all the live long day about how you personally find the image to be sexulization of a minor but in the end it is you sexualizing the minor not me or someone else its you doing it and again is goes right back to how you were raised and what youve experienced in your life and because i know the ad fandom likes to say people have no right to speak on certain things ill say i myself am i minor and feel i have some sort of a “right” to speak on this “issue”

how you were raised and all your personal experiences are completely fine and valid and great for you but the moment you try to push it on someone else or try guilting someone else because they dont agree with your personal shit is when there is a problem and you should consider staying away from avas demon because your personal mental health and safety are much more important 

like i dont want people to conflate me w/ gleefully transphobic radfems and i understand that this nuance is beyond a lot of people right now (not saying 2 be hateful, ive been there too, thats just how it is) but like… “terf” means something different coming from someone detransitioned and like, cyber excommunicated for their carefully considered beliefs, vs coming from a straight mom who has been getting on blogger a lot lately and is very excited to have a reason to hate those funny looking weirdos

and im aware that my tone is more patient and softer than some other social justice bloggers. but dont applaud me like “youre so nice unlike those other bitter angry bloggers!!!!!!”

dont invalidate their anger because im nicer

thats just how i am. i tend to be more understanding(?) with people because i dont like engaging in conflict unless necessary

some SJ bloggers are going to be angry as hell, some are going to be softer. people react differently to things

it doesnt mean that my way of things is any better or more correct. we just do our shit differently


This is posted on facebook and people are upvoting it. I would engage in a discussion on facebook explaining these people that this pic is wrong on so many levels but if you see how some Laurel fanatics act there, you will understand why i won’t even bother. I mean the bias is strong and drives them into delusional levels. So lets analyse this pic here one by one:

“Boyfriend/Childhood friend died to save her” Thats correct.

“Dealing with an addiction alone” Last time i checked she has a lovely father who helped her and even arranged her AA meetings.

“Dead sister” correct

“Mother abondoned her” Hello? No, her mother didnt abandoned her,her mother divorced with her father. Huge difference. Her mother left to Central City when Laurel was a big adult girl, that’s not abandoning.

(moving on)

“Constantly kidnapped abused” Which is pretty much the same for every Arrow character, i dont understand how special she is for that.

“Mistreated by Oliver” Correct,yet she run back to him, okay…

“Survivors guilt” Pretty much everyone on Arrow,again how special she is for that?

“Alcoholic father” Correct

“Noone believed her about Blood” Noone believes anyone in this show.

“People lying to her all the time” Have you met Thea? Or you know her father,the one she was lying to for 13 episodes straight? oh right, POOR Laurel.

“Boyfriend cheated on her with sister” Yes,same boyfriend she run back to after breaking up with his best friend ,you know the one that died trying to save her. POOR LAUREL

“Lost her job after years of dedication” That was her fault,yes she was sick ,but she could handle things different if she tried instead of falling into drinking in the first place. Whatever, i mean poor Laurel.

Lets check now what they have about Felicity. Oh right,they have nothing about her. Only :

“Oliver leaves her to join the LoA to save her,his friends,his sister” What? Felicity didnt cry because Oliver went there. She cried because she thought he lost his soul. In a way, she cried because he died ,again. But yeah, when Laurel falls into alcoholism due to a broken heart,she is suffering. Felicity crying(NOT drinking her pain) after losing someone she loves twice is whining. Oh look …i smell bullshit!

(I mean how dare i say this, poor Laurel should be the one crying about Oliver leaving for LoA, right Laurel fan(natic)s?)

So lets see, is Felicity just the whiny girl some people seem to make her look like? Lets write down facts:

  • Abandonded by her father: You know really abandoned sicne from a very young age.
  • Her boyfriend committed suicide: Or at least that’s what she thought for years and felt guilty-left previous life and started a new one- because he took all the fault for their mistake. Dare i say…survival guilt?
  • Her boyfriend comes back  kidnaps her and wants to kill her and her mother: Do i need to explain this sentence or do i just go with the poor Laurel thingy?
  • Remember when poor Laurel was kidnapped: Well how many times has Felicity become a bait for the villains and how many times has she got into danger? I mean, poor Laurel…
  • Oliver died…twice: Yes, people act as if someone that you love and is romantically involved with you dying is totally fine. People said “one boyfriend died and she whines”. Hello, people on the earth, she loves him,not the ex boyfriend who used to cheat on her with her sister kind of love, but the man that trusted her opinions, showed her respect and loved her back kind of love. So yeah,losing him cost her. But yeah poor …
  • Felicity,doesnt have her lovely dad around to protect her and check on her all the time. She has a lovely mother who is far away and sees her only on very special occasions. She was raised by someone who had to work many hours to keep her family together. So she came close with her friends,because they became her family. She lost her job too. Its not only your precious Laurel that lost her job.

So , Oliver “dies” and Felicity mourns for him. Oliver’s soul disappears and she mourns for him again. But this time she does it quietly. Because she has become stronger than before. Even if she had to cry a little. But you know,she isnt poor Laurel but only a  whiny girl.

EDIT:This isn’t an anti-Laurel post,this is a poor Laurel fanatics post. Because that’s how i feel that they have to tear someone down to overhype their fave.