and i dont remember his name


#remember at some point Lex was genuinely Clark’s best friend #he was someone who Clark went to for advice #he was someone who Clark constantly defended despite his last name “Luthor” #they both saved each other multiple times #and fuck i’m seeing some parallels in Supergirl #they both start of as friends #Lena and Lex at some point just wanted their parents to love and accept them #they both betrayed their parents in the end #point is i think we’re all hoping Lena doesnt turn bad #and we’re probably thinking “eh, she betrayed CADMUS” #she’s good #but look at lex #he still ended up as superman’s arch nemesis #AND I SWEAR TO RAO IF THEY TURN LENA BAD #i’ll cry

this isn’t even necessarily about shipping ok?

Years from now
  • [about 15 years later Ed and Oz are now friends and they have kidnapped batman]
  • Ed: It's sweet Detective that you can still love people. I remember years ago there was a woman named Kristin. She was my first girlfriend.
  • Oswald: Don't take love advice from someone who killed his first girlfriend.
  • Batman: oh my god just kill me

[!] NCT will be doing Victory live ep.3 on the korean talk show, Non-Summit! (Also known as, Abnormal Summit)!

i dont know why i suddenly remembered it but the memory of the fucking movie where rodney dangerfield is a dog just hit me and now i cant get the image of rodney dangerfields basset hound fursona tugging at his non existent tie saying NO RESPECT, NO RESPECT AT ALL and singing ID GIVE UP MY BONE FOR YOU is repeating in my head and ive never craved death more than i do now

autistic arnold cunningham
  • the first time we see him is when hes trying to speak to someone abt mormonism at the door, but ends up yelling too loud and saying the wrong thing
  • admits he has a lot of trouble making and keeping friends 
  • can be blunt (’i lie a lot!’)
  • has a lot of trouble telling when kevin is uncomfortable with him
  • nooo sense of personal space
  • huge special interests in sci fi and fantasy!! its how he tries to relate to kevin, and compares their situation to lord of the rings, etc. and probably used his sermons to infodump which is how so much star wars/lord of the rings/etc got in there
  • relates more to fiction than the real world, and has to use concepts he learned in fiction to understand the real world (ie, associating africa with the lion king)
  • repeating phrases he hears from tv/movies/etc, even if they dont exactly fit (’if you order now we’ll also throw in a set of steak knives!’)
  • takes some things literally (kevin regarding an epiphany: ’i woke up!’ arnold: ‘of course you woke up, you drank 12 cups of coffee!’)

One of my schooling stories that always makes me chuckle just because of how ridiculous it is was when i was in 5th or 6th grade.i dont remember i was in the locker areas with a few kids. take note that the the ceiling there was EXTREMELY high up, it was 2008 and i think obama had just gotten inaugurated. remember that for later. there was some kid whose name escapes me had this one toy that was shaped like a little man with sticky hands.

like this. it was the blue one. the kid then proceeded to yell something along the lines of “HERE COMES BARACK OBAMA” at the top of his lungs and managed to fling the fucking thing upwards so hard that it stuck to the air vent on the ceiling. i was in tears. Ceiling Obama became a living legend with that group of kids. it stayed there for almost 2 years. i think someone finally convinced a janitor to get it down and we all got sad. end of story

no, but Johnny getting emotional over debuting made me emotional too. He has waited almost 10? years for this and now its happening, with fans already behind him, you can see and feel how much this means to him. You can hear his excitement too, which usfjksjfsfj. I dont know about you, but when Johnny debuts, he might not be my bias, but i will cheer his name, I will let him know how much he, and his debut means to us (or me) as well, that we are just as excited as him, that we have waited for his debut as well. That we love him, we have and always will. He hasnt even debuted and im already emo, what is this witchcraft?

My main point is that i love Johnny Seo, Seo, Seo much. (geddit)  and i always will. Congratulations, you deserve this. Remember that.

So I had my first Voltron dream last night. I don’t remember most of it, but I do remember Lance, Shiro, and Pidge floating in space. Lance and Shiro looked at each other for a a while, and then they whispered each others names and started making out in space in front of poor Pidge, and then they were back in the castle being a happy couple and the only one who was even a tiny bit surprised by it was Hunk, who spit out his food goo. That’s all I remember, but I just thought it was weird because I don’t ship Shance…whatever


a couple ocs me n techh have been messing around with together

TODD! a socially awkward young man who might be time-locked in the early 2000′s he just cant get away from them (i dont remember why his given name is tawdry but there you go)

SNOOZLE! todd’s lifelong imaginary friend turned tulpa/boyfriend who’s colors FUCKING ELUDE ME THESE ARE PROBABLY NOT FINAL I HATE HIM

they are bffs and its good they’re good kids