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puella magi mystic messenger

this is such a dumb title god, but while i was falling asleep last night i started thinking about a mahou shounen/ pmmm-based au of mystic messenger, it was more crack than anything but i realized the potential in it ???

MC starts out as a average human girl with your average life. one day she gets led on by some mysterious text/glitch messages on her phone and starts following the strange silhouette of a boy leading her into an alleyway. suddenly trapped in the lair of a witch her ass gets saved by the 5 members of the RFA 👍 nice. 

successful in saving MC, the RFA reach a..conflicted consensus in introducing the world of puella magi, wishes, and magic to MC. they tell her that the RFA was founded by Rika, a magical girl who wanted to establish an organization in connect other magic-users with each other for the benefit/welfare of mankind. Rika had the vision of alliances among puella magi and unite them to fight for a common cause. in addition, she wanted protect people from the fatal clutches of witches and inform those that tread upon the world of magic the dangers of making such a covenant. however, she ‘passed’, choosing to end her life when her Soul Gem was on the verge of becoming totally black. Yoosung often blames V, her romantic partner-in-crime, who failed to sacrifice one of their Grief Seeds and help her. However, V has since disappeared and visits on occasion, causing an uproar among RFA members.

Basically the story is about MC finding about the RFA members and on her own volition, decide to make a wish and seal the covenant of a magical entity or not.

ill add my visions/ideas for endings/routes/character skills ?? under the cut, but if u guys have idea feel free to pitch in :>

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