and i dont know whos photo that is

Then: My first time in LA, in a child talent competition called Best New Talent, my first time modeling, looking uncomfortable af.

Now: I live in LA, entertaining for a living, uncomfortable only because those heels are a size too small.

Never thought about it till now, but I’m truly grateful I lost that competition. Who knows what kinda person I would be now? (Also this pic is from 2003. I looked and I really dont have any photos of myself from 2006. It was dark times yall😂)


I’m gonna punch someone. How stupid and rude can you be to a person you don’t even know? Yeah, sure, BamBam is a funny kid who likes memes and is up to date to Internet trends but seriously? I don’t even wanna read any comments left on that photo. You people really need to take a look at your life and reevaluate it if you think it’s okay to go throwing your kinky fantasies to an idol who’s just enjoying his holidays with people whom he loves and love him! Can’t you see how wrong it is, that even BamBam, one of the most funny and open-minded idols out there has to speak up bc people keep making him uncomfortable? Ugh, I’m so mad.


I was tagged by @chan-yoongi to do the bias selfie tag.
[thank you snow bunny <3]

Please bear with me, JK is still 1000~ times cuter and prettier than me.
[also I’m wearing no make up which is making me so much more insecure…]

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im so uncomfortable that ppl have formed opinions of my appearance based on photos of me like u dont understand i am a toad who knows their angles do not believe a word of it!!!!!!!

am i the only who whos starting to think true crime is starting to become i dont know how to say this a trend? Because in these last few weeks its been starting to fill with girls who dont know shit about columbine let alone other shootings, murderers and unsolved cases they just pout and pose in their natural selection or wrath t-shirt for the aesthetic all they do is reblog eric and dylan photos and caption them with 78 emojis along with obnoxious kink names? I mean yeah sure were all a little into e/d (who wouldnt be) but this is just pathetic. They just come here to act edgy (because thats the new trend apparently) and act like they don’t care about the victims at all because im fucking sure if one of their loved ones was to die in a mass murder im pretty sure they would fuck shit up this is just starting to become ridiculous.


Even - I dont like my bed

Isak - What’s wrong with it?

Even - I just gotten so used to your bed. When are u done studying for your test?

Isak - It’s friday and i’m fucked. I’m so far behind.

Even - I can study with you

Isak - Hahaha

Even - You should keep in mind i’m in 3. grade. I know so much more than you

Isak - Hahaha you dont know anything about physics?

Even - How hard can it be?
I had physics in Elvebakken ( his old school)

Isak - Physics and media?
(Photo and link to Mikaels interview)

Even - Hahaha. Are you stalking me?

Isak - Yes
Who is Mikael?

Even - The previous man in my life

Isak - Shitdude (asshole)

Even - Nah. You are the only one.

Isak - ❤️ (heart)

Even - Ok cant talk more now. Gonna take a shower.

Isak - Dont

Even - Huh? What?

Isak - Fuck it. Come over

the signs and their main factkins

aries: dr phil

taurus: dr phil’s wife

gemini: liam payne

cancer: hannah montana

leo: the guy who voiced mr krabs

virgo: martha washington

libra: the first person to ever step foot on the moon

scorpio: the first person to ever spot a scorpion

sagittarius: billy ray cyrus

capricorn: andrew hussie

aquarius: the guy who started the expand dong meme

pisces: ur fave stock photo kid


Im just going to be straight up and put these here for the internetz… I’ve yet to come out to most of my friends and not to mention my family, which I dont know how exactly I will come out to them but im sure ill figure it out.

Posting these photos here is huge step for me, not that it means anything for anyone who doesn’t know me. I’m pre everything and anything. Been hiding for a while but I just want you all to know that this is me. The real me… not the me you see when I’m hanging out with friends, or at work (both of which I hope to be comfy enough to do soon) but the me when I come back home from work or social activities. The me that can wear what she feels comfortable in, the me that can say what she feels comfortable saying and most of all the me that is afraid of bringing the reality with her when she steps out her door.

For those of you that I’m acquainted with or related to and who are seeing these… All I can say is, I’m sorry for not telling you earlier. If I haven’t come out to you already, it’s not because I don’t feel that you’re important or anything like that, it’s most likely because of the circumstances and/or predicaments that are holding me down. Some of you will not appreciate it, some of you will not accept me and some of you will (hopefully not) want to harm me. I just want to point out that you haven’t had any issues with me so far, then you shouldn’t have any issues with me now and from now on. The only difference from before is that I go by different pronouns and I’ve changed my attire. I’d really appreciate it if you could at least try to use the correct pronouns. Thats all I ask. Though I would want none of it, I know that a lot of you will judge me.

Here goes something, right?

i found some dhmis behind the scenes photos and this one is hilarious 

yellow guy: i hate life end my suffering pls,, im so tired
red guy: i think i misplaced my socks,, coLIN DO YOU KNOW WHERE MY SOCKS ARE???
colin: who cares?? look at this cool bookshelf i found. im very clevery and i want to read a books. also my arm hurts

anonymous asked:

is it bad that when i see the anti thing jack did for pax i get really depressed? like i think it's really cool that he did something like that for pax but .... not all of his fans can go to things like that and i dont know it just makes me feel really sad. like that other anon said about not being invited to a fun party.... i dont know maybe im just being dumb

nonsense, i totally understand what you’re saying and i feel the same! conventions are always hard, especially for those who can’t go, whether it be money or time or location. and yes it’s a bit upsetting, but there will always be other conventions, there will always be other opportunities to meet them. don’t let it discourage you. and besides, they keep us updated whether it be photos or livestreams because even though we may not be there, we can still experience it with them.

one day we’ll all get a chance to meet our faves, i know it. 💛

“You Never Walk Alone” Theory

OK LISTEN UP PEOPLE so i was talking with one of my friends about who died and what not and i think we have it:

in the “spring day” mv jimin is seen with shoes, which later on are tied up to a tree. for those who dont know when someone dies people hang that person’s shoes up on a tree, power line, or something up high because when the person’s spirit returns, it finds it’s shoes so it can “walk high” (basically going to heaven).

so my friend suggested that all of the bangtan members died before jin (this can also be supported by the i need u  mv with all of the member’s deaths). it’s also evident in this run photo shoot that:

jin is the only one wearing shoes, while the other’s are barefoot.

- the members have just died and their spirits are yet to find their shoes

ive also gathered from the wings photo shoot:

jin is the only one barefoot, while the others all have footwear on.

- jin has just died and the member’s spirits have found their shoes

why did jin die? i dont know the actual reason and i cant guarantee you about this but:

according to my friend “a european thing is a kiss on the lips is meant to be more of a loving thing” of course he loves his friends and if they’re all dead he’ll obviously miss them? as we can see in the blood, sweat and tears mv once jin kisses the statue it shows jimin and v (in this case they may be representing the other members aswell)  having similarities to the statue

if jin misses his friends he’d probably want to “join them” right? which may explain his death 

after jin died, the members hung up his shoes so he too can walk high with them - “you never walk alone”

alright so my friend just brought up another theory: 

so there’s this kdrama called “come back, ahjussi” which i haven’t seen myself but according to my friend:

when they die they wake up at a train station that takes them to either heaven or hell and there’s all dead people in it”

they’re all on the train together.

That one Moment 2016 was clearly in Derry, North Ireland. After the loss of my father in 2015 and my move back from Ireland to Germany, 2016 was mostly a year for taking care of health and starting with more serious photography helped a lot. Also meeting a person there, who gave me one of the happiest days in the past couple of years and made me forget everything. I have never seen so many facette in a human being, setting me free and believe again. I dont know how it was for the other person, I probably will never know, but ya this was one of the best Moments 2016 if not the last 5 years.

Thank you for sharing “That one moment” 2016 with us!

PWS - Photos Worth Seeing

clairvoyant. (m) part two.

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Author’s note: just so you know there isn’t any smut yet, that M is just there for future chapters bc of the things they’ll contain okay awesome. also still dont know who its centered around, what a thrill. 

 Word count: 3k

part one. part three.

The stares you were getting as you walked across the quad that separated the girls dorm from the boys were definitely something else. Maybe you had something on your face? Oh wait, no, it was because you were carrying a giant size photo of Taehyung’s ass.

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for those of you who dont know why im posting this, let me shine some castihalo updates on y'all:

i am planning to open an online shop, therefore i tried ordering some keychains with my designs to see the quality of the printing shop’s products, and here they are! I LOVE IT OH MAN they’re acrylic and they’re not easily fragile and they come in a very affordable price!!

the bottom photo is to compare the size between my hand and the keychain. tell me what you guys think! are they good enough? big enough? small enough? teeth-rotting worthy enough?