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random question but why do a lot of people claim twenty one pilots are homophobic?

on the day the scotus ruled that same sex marriage was now legal in the us, lots of celebrities tweeted “#lovewins” or something short of the sort. neither tyler nor josh were active on twitter that day, which i think is kinda par for the course for them since they dont usually post a lot. so people started to get curious and pester them when no hashtag or whatever was posted. they got lots of hounding for their silence

and then tyler posted this:

and people freaked out because they interpreted it as homophobic, bc he talked abt “not being strong enough” to “carry weight” - they interpreted it as him not caring at all abt lgbt rights. but i think its clear here that tyler is not intending to be homophobic. he is condemning the fact that celebrities are emptily tweeting “#lovewins” and nothing else - its like “here lemme tweet this hashtag real quick to virtue signal on social media while not actually doing anything to support lgbt ppl.” thats what tyler doesnt approve of. also, hes clearly supportive of the scotus decision. “any day where love defeats hate” - that really doesnt sound like the descriptor that a homophobe would use. 

also heres a wild idea,,, a Krazy Koncept™,,, u can celebrate and support something without posting abt it on social media??? im p sure i didnt post anything abt it that day, and im literally gay

so thats why he didnt tweet something short and empty. but he also makes it clear that he didnt relaly know what to say. bc he doesnt have as much experience talking abt lgbt stuff as he does with, like, mental illness and the like. he acknowledges that as a straight (unfortunately…he cant marry me) person, he isnt really familiar w lgbt issues and how to talk abt them. hes saying that he would rather tweet something that means more than just a hashtag, but he is not sure what he would say. and yeah the wording was a little weird. but hes basically saying that hes growing and changing and has a lot to learn. which is a good thing for people to acknowledge. 

also, this doesnt really look like something a homophobe would post:

and tyler and josh have expressed support for lgbt fans before! they stated in a 2014 ish interview that one of the most meaningful and memorable fan moments they had was that a fan came up to them with his family and dcame out as gay for the first time. and that it was incredible for them to be there to witness it and give him the courage to come out. thats like. wow. so i think ppl accusing tyler and josh of homophobia are jumping to some incredible conclusions

(p.s. ive almost never met a straight tøp fan,,, you would think a homophobic band wouldnt have a fandom thats like 90% lgbt+)

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Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Genevieve, Jensen
Word count : 1,485
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 14 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

Jared stood there staring at you, his heart sinking into the pit of his stomach. “Wh-what?”

“I’m pregnant.” You sounded annoyed.

“Oh…” His eyes drifted down to your stomach. You could see uncertainty there, and…

You groaned. “It’s yours, you fucking asshole.”

You smacked him in the chest, and made to leave, but he grabbed your wrist and his eyes shot back up. “Wait, what!? But we- It was-”

“I haven’t been with anyone else since I moved back.” You shrugged pulling from his grasp. “I haven’t even dated since coming back.”

“Why?” Now he looked confused.

“You know why.” You answered softly. When he continued to look confused, you rolled your eyes. “Because, I was madly in love with this guy? He’s tall, kind of an idiot at times, married though. But I ignored everything that told me to stay away because he’s the father of my kid?” You glanced down at your stomach. “Kids?”

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Fic: Listen (Chapter 2)

Title: Listen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2.8K for this chapter
Summary: Phil is a successful YouTuber, and Dan is a fan desperate for attention. Sounds like 2009, right? Except Phil is Deaf.
Tags: AU, Deaf!Phil, Strangers to Friends to Lovers
Author’s Note: All dates are obviously completely fictionalized, including Dan’s little subscriber count milestone. This is an AU, in case you hadn’t noticed. :) Extreme thanks to the Treehouse Mailing List for all their support and encouragement!
Fic also available on AO3 here

[Masterlist of all “Listen” chapters on Tumblr]

Chapter 2: Talk to Me

You said to DM you, so here I am. DMing you. This feels weird. Is it weird? I think maybe Im making it weird.
8 September 2009

It’s not weird. Or if it is, that’s cool. I like weird. ;)
8 September 2009

8 September 2009

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here’s a little embarassing thing about me: i am! so! obsessed! with! my! gadgets!

remember how i keep on telling you i’ve been really busy with my preps for CETs and how my parents imposed strict curfews and schedules to maximize the little time i have to study? yep, that’s not exactly how it’s been working out with my life right now. i do study but i occasionally check on my phone, respond on messages on tumblr, tweet things, watch 2 or 3 unrelated youtube videos after finishing like 3 or 4 academic ones and many many more! this is why as most of you might have noticed, despite being “busy,” i still regularly respond to your messages, check on my tag, reblog your stuff, despite running a queue. it’s equally embarassing as it is horrifying. and i feel terrible about it. although i must admit that i’ve had a pretty legitimate and respectable outcomes, at the end of the day, i know i can do better. and guess who’s the culprit who keeps on distracting me? yep, that’s right: my one and only treasured possesion- my cellphone.

two, three, or four years ago, my mother began noticing this quite destructive addiction of mine. she will often times call me out, saying things like: “hey, you should spend more time with your family.” or “i will definitely confiscate your phone if you still act like this in a week.” and of course i was threatened as heck because i dont want to lose my cellphone. so, i will pretend i don’t use it in the morning but later that night, when im all alone in my room, you will see my hiding under my blankets laughing all by myself because of dank memes™ or googling cute dog pictures. being the ‘milennial’ and 'god they’re just being lame because they’re obviously not from my generation’ am, i did not know then the extent of my obsession. not until recently!

there is nothing wrong with using technology or gadgets. if anything, they help us become more productive and practically make our lives way, way easier! however, like what they all say, a little much of something is not a good thing! and the same goes with my so-called gadget addiction.

while scrolling through my feed one time, i stumbled upon this article written by emma on messyheads entitled “cant call, im in cuba” published two months ago. and i was frankly baffled. she opened her article with a scientific study concluding that an average person spends right about 300 times a day checking on their phone. yep, you got that right: 300 freaking times of checking on my emails, my twitter, tumblr, responding to messages, et. and while that figure might seem surprising to you. i’ve read another article stating that an average person spends right about 5 hours per day just doing their thing on their mobile! yep, that’s right five freaking hours of looking on that lil bright screen! and just like what emma said on her article, there’s way too many things that you could do on the span of just endlessly scrolling through your dash like finishing an entire course for my CETs preps/reviews, cooking 10 different dishes, working on my painting, working on my embroidery skills, finishing a harry potter book, etc! and you know what this literally made me realize? technology defeated the purpose of helping me become productive because instead, i end up being even more unproductive. and did achieve anything from all the things that i’ve been? absolutely nothing. the even funnier part is: i have absolutely no idea what i do with those five freaking hours! i mean, time flies so fast when you’re enjoying something, that’s true but i dont even know if im exactly enjoying what im doing because if anything, it only makes me feel even more guilty and terrible about it!

i already have no idea where this text post is going but i guess while writing this i was able to realize a couple of things: my patience significantly declines and i tend to appreciate little things less once get too caught up with my phone.

1. patience: the thing about me is i am an incredibly, commendably patient person. i wait for my turn and i believe in its power and value that is fundamental in becoming an ethical person. however although this is very embarrasing to admit, i have realized that using my phone massively declined my patience. how did i know? well, it took me an entire day to write this post because when im done with like a sentence or two, i tend to get distracted with my notifications and wander off of my notepad and start interacting with people. i know there is nothing wrong with that because the world practically revolves around the internet right now. but unfortunately, when i became addicted with my mobile, i am no longer just using it because i have something important to accomplish; rather it became an itch that needs to be scratched and i use it just because i want to instead.

2. appreciation: this is quite frankly probably the saddest part about my cellphone addiction. you know how much i love the little things about people and the world, right? yep. however, due to this addiction, i tend to focus more on my cellphone screen and not the beautiful things around me. i mean, sure you can google #goals stuff or see even more aesthetic things on tumblr, but i think there is still nothing more beautiful than having the chance to see something magical first hand! furthermore, when im out with my family for dinner, i have realized an even more heartbreaking thing: we no longer converse the way we used to! because instead of communicating or asking for menu first, we ask for for the wifi password and live our social media life instead. i mean, sure we still talk but im not that stupid to not realize that it’s not like it used to be when my brother and i were 11 or 10. it’s an ugly realization that i hope would eventually change.

i have nothing against the usage of social media as a platform to express yourself or to get friends from all over the world. i believe, as a matter of fact, that it is one of the most revolutionary things that this planet was able to create and i frankly believe that it will be for a long, long time. however, i think it is also still very important to shut out of it once in a while, give yourself a break, a breather, and just enjoy your life the way our ancestors or grandparents would even without the internet.

try turning off your gadgets once in a while and i promise you will see a significant difference and feel more comfortable with your own skin! because although it feels good to live a life that’s filled with so many notifications, attention, and validation from all over the world, it feels even better to just have a little space outside the boundary with fresh air, lots of trees, and flowers, where you could be yourself.

size queen yuri plisetsky’s twitter brags

y’all, i thought about this headcanon while i was going to sleep and kept giggling about it and here we are??? i’m also obsessed with yuri being a size queen i literally cannot get enough of it. anyway, sorry for all of this??it got away from me hardcore??

read it on ao3 if u wanna

Yuri groans, buries deeper into his blankets to avoid the sunlight creeping into the bedroom. His skin aches, his head aches, his throat aches; upon further inspection, he realizes there’s nothing that doesn’t ache, which typically means it was a very good night

It’s all a bit hazy, only vague memories floating through the remnants of too much alcohol and the softness of sleep. Yuri recalls finally stumbling to the club after the pre-game at one of Otabek’s friend’s house. He remembers pocketing both of their phones while Otabek took the DJ stand for a set (or two, or three?), but past that…not more much than the burn of booze and wandering hands and, naturally, Beka’s lips, but that all was pretty standard for a night out in Almaty.

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The Journey to SWAY

This is the first version of this and it deals with everything that happened up until the 25th of July it is long enough without me adding sway in. That will be another post.

Now I may have missed something if I have let me know and Ill update it.

Im not going to be tagging this V aldaya because for those of you on mobile you would kill me this post is massive and if it comes up on your dash im sorry.

Its manly pics and GIFS so please dont watch it on phone data unless you have a lot.

and as usual Im relying on the amazing stormyseas77 and her tagging system 

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Michael finds your diary with your suicidal thoughts

You’re touring with your boyfriend Michael and his band. The boys are having some interview and you are sitting on the desk in your hotel room, writing in your tear stained diary.

I wish I could cut off all the fat from my body and then bleed out to death. Whenever I cut my skin seeing the blood falling on the floor makes me feel powerful, like I can control everything and anything around me. The truth is I don’t have control over anything, and that’s why I wanna end my life here, before it gets even worse than it is now.

People think I’m a happy person just because I’m always laughing and messing around; the truth is that when you have nothing to be happy about, even the smallest things can make you smile.

I just wanna die. Is it too much to ask? People die everyday, why can’t I be one of those people?”

You hear the front door being unlocked and you toss the notebook in the closest drawer, not wanting people to walk in on you writing in it.

One second later Michael walks into your shared room.

“Hey, babe” he says, kissing your cheek and taking his jacket off. You crack a small smile, still upset from what you’ve been writing until moments ago. Michael doesn’t notice, though. You’ve become really good at hiding your feelings.

Hours later, after dinner, Michael goes to have a shower. You’re on your phone for a while, but then you get into the bathroom to brush your teeth and he’s blowdrying his hair. It’s a huge turn on for you, Michael is so hot when he’s fixing his hair.

You start kissing his neck and biting his skin, and not even a minute later you two are laying on the bed, clothes being tossed in every side of the room.

“Go get a condom” you giggle, pushing Michael off the bed. You hear him open the drawer in the desk where he hid the condoms.

“I didn’t know you had a diary” he chuckles. You widen your eyes, sitting straight on the bed. Michael starts flicking the pages, laughing. “Let’s see what it says about me”.

“MICHAEL, DON’T” you scream, jumping off the bed. Michael runs away laughing, locking the bathroom door behind him. You sit with your back on the white door, already feeling tears behind your eyes.

He can’t find out. He’s the only good thing you have. He would break up with you, he would never want to be with a freak. You don’t want him to leave you, he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

You hit the door with your hand.

“Please, Michael, don’t read it” you cry, clenching your fists. But he doesn’t listen, he doesn’t even answer. Ten minutes later the door opens and he comes out with the notebook in one hand and puffy red eyes.

“H-Have you been crying?” you ask, standing up from the floor. He doesn’t reply, he just hugs you tight. You wrap your hands around his neck and start sobbing. You hear him sob too and you feel awful because you didn’t want to make Michael cry.

“D-Do you really think those things?” he asks, rubbing his eyes and pointing to the notebook that is now laying on the floor. You nod, drying a few tears on your cheeks with the back of your hand. “I don’t wanna lose you” he whispers and a new tear rolls down his face. “Why can’t you see how perfect you are to me?”

“Michael, it’s not just about how ugly or fat I am” you sigh, sitting on the bed and hiding your tear stained face in your hands.

“Then what is it about?” he asks, sitting beside you and putting one arm around you.

“I…”. you don’t even know how to explain it. “I hate everything. I never feel good, I only feel bad things and that’s awful. I hate never being happy. The only thing that can make me feel something good is you. Because I love you. In my life I’ve never got anything I wanted, ever. In high school I had just a couple of friends, I was lonely, I was always feeling down. Every time I got something, something bad happened and I lost everything. I’m a hundred percent sure it’ll happen with you too and I don’t wanna lose you. I’m not good enough for this life” you cry, hiding your face in his chest. He pushes you away, making you look right into his eyes.

“Hey, it’s not true. You’re never gonna lose me, because I love you and I’d never let something break us apart. I’d give up this band for you, if you asked me to. You are good enough for this life. You can do everything you want because you’re awesome and you have the power to do what you want”. He sighs, hugging you again and resting his chin on top of your head. “God, I wish you could see how much I love you and how perfect you are to me” he murmurs playing with your hair. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself”. His voice cracks, making it obvious he’s crying again. “I don’t wanna lose you. I can’t be me without you”. You’re still crying and realizing how amazing Michael is and how great he’s handling this makes you cry even more. He’s not leaving, he loves you. This time you’re crying tears of relief, even though you still feel really bad about how much you hate the topic you’re discussing.

“Look, Michael, I love you, I do. But trust me, a few words coming out of your mouth won’t change my view on life, sadly” you sigh, putting your shirt back on and laying under the covers of the bed. Michael lays beside you, hugging you again and kissing your cheek several times while you try to look away from him. He can’t understand what you’ve been going through for most of your life. He doesn’t know what it’s like to be always feeling really down and sad but hiding it behind the most fake smile you can pull.

“I swear to God, I’ll keep showing you how amazing and perfect you are and how much I love you until you will believe it. I will help you through this. I’ll help you feel better, because the only thing I care about is you”. He runs a hand in your tangled hair and makes you turn around to face him. He kisses you softly, like he wants to prove you that he’s really gonna help you feel good again.

“I love you so damn much and I wish you could love life half as much as I love you” he whispers, wiping away a tear that escaped from his right eye. He kisses you again and you smile in the kiss thinking about how much you love him and how lucky you are to have him.

I know this is way too short, sorry. i hope you get what i meant to say in the diary part bc that’s exactly how i feel so i put a little piece of me in this

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a/n: I have three things to say:

1) i havent been posting in like forever bc school ends this week and i had a ton of tests and work to do

2) did you see 5sos last video on ig? the one where they talk about milan and turin at the end of june? I LIVE IN MILAN. i preordered the album and applied to try and win the m&g but only 15 people will win and 80,000 will send applications so im definitely not winning *cries a river*

3) 5sos are coming to milan ALSO next thursday AND OMG IM FREAKING OUT bc apprently itll only be a radio tour (theyll be talking to the most popular radios and stuff) and they wont be meeting fans so im sad :(

idek why i was saying this, you dont care about my life lol sorry

my R5 experience!

so i recently became OBSESSED with R5. I consider them one of my favorite bands. and i was lucky enough to get to meet them all and talk to them multiple times this weekend!!! They did a performance on saturday and a hockey game on sunday for a charity called Echoes of Hope which helps foster kids. AND IT WAS THE BEST WEEKEND OF MY LIFE. LEGGO p.s. this is gonna be a really long post 

I got to the hotel where the performance was 3 hours early bc my sister is working at the sundance festival so she had to be there at 5. but lets be real i would have been early anyway. I made friends with like 4 employees at the hotel and with the charity just from sitting around while they set up hahaha! people with tickets started getting there before r5 and the other 4 acts and i waited in the hall and saw them walk in to the ballroom!! i saw ratliff first and then ross (who is my favorite btw) and ross saw me and i smiled and waved and he smiled and walked in. 

I went in and saw rocky, ratliff and ross by the side of the stage and ross was tuning his guitar. i was so nervous and scared that i was going to make a fool of myself bc i always get starstruck but somehow i was possessed by someone who can carry on a human conversation. i said “hey you guys!” and rocky and ratliff looked at me and said hey and i said “i’m so excited to see you i came here just for you guys!” and they said thanks for coming out and ratliff said “do you like my bongo drum this is what im using tonight” and i laughed and said “you are going to burn this place down with that!” idk if that even makes sense but he laughed anyway haha and i asked where rydel was and rocky said “i don’t know, i was just wondering that!” and then ross asked me “are you going to the game tomorrow?” and i said “yes! i’m so excited!” and he said “we’re gonna get our asses kicked!!” and i laughed and he said “you gotta look out for me, i’m gonna be the only one in a yellow helmet!” and i said “Ok! what number is on your jersey?” and he said 32. At this point i was dying inside from joy and i don’t know how i actually spoke to them especially ross bc i like him so much holy shit. then i said “i dont know who to root for now! you guys are split up on the teams!” and then ross said “you gotta root for me i need more support!” and i said ok! and then i asked if i could get a picture and this random guy said he would take it. and then riker walked up behind the guy taking the picture and was looking at the screen jokingly and me and ratliff told him to get in the picture! then we took pictures and i said thank you and i was about to walk away. I wrote a letter to ross that i wanted to give to him so before i left i said “hey ross, actually i wanted to give you this, so if you get a couple minutes you could read it.” and he said “yeah, for sure!” and i said “thank you! i’ll see you later!” and i went to find rydel. i saw her across the room with her mom and i walked over and said hi to their mom bc she saw me first and then i said “hi rydel!” and i said kinda the same thing as i said to the boys that i only came to the event bc they were there! and she hugged me without me asking and i asked for a picture and i said “you’re so pretty!!” and then she just kept talking to me and idk how i held a conversation that long bc im horrible at social interaction but it happened man!

I asked her how many songs they were doing and she said 3 and i asked what order the performers were in and she said they were going last and i said “oh good!” then ratliff came up to us. then i asked what songs and they said they wanted it to be a surprise! and then rydel said “would you be totally bummed if we didn’t do Smile?” and i said “well i kinda assumed you would bc its the new one but i won’t be disappointed bc i love all of your songs! it would be impossible to disappoint me hahaha” and then i said “but my very favorite song from you guys is easy love!” and her and ratliff looked at eachother and were like “OH REALLY!” and i laughed bc i could tell they would sing it haha and then i said “i thought it would be standing up thing so i could go crazy in the front but its just a bunch of chairs and tables!” and ratliff was like “true but you could still go crazy” and i said “yeah i definitely will i dont even care what people think i’m gonna be jamming out!” and i told them how i left to drive there 3 hours late bc of my dad and i was freaking out and i said “and i was like DAD YOU CANNOT RUIN ME MEETING R5 I WILL KILL YOU” and they laughed and ratliff asked where im from and i said idaho, 3 hours away and rydel said they had some family in idaho! and ratliff was like “i….don’t” hahaha and then ratliff tried to think of a pun for idaho and i same “people call it idahome sometimes but thats about it! idaho’s pun game isn’t too strong” and then rydel said my hair was pretty and i said “oh thanks, i grew it myself!” and flipped my hair and they both laughed!!!!!!! I MADE RYDELLINGTON LAUGH IM DEAD OK and i think that was about it with that conversation and i said “well i’ll let you guys go, thanks for everything!! i’ll see you later!” and i walked away.

then everyone was just eating and the whole band went into the photobooth and took pics and they were just talking to people and the other acts got ready and i was obviously staring at ross the whole time bc he looked damn good ok anyway the other acts went on and the 2nd act was this girl and the host guy started dancing and i was sitting directly in the front and middle of the room right by the stage so the host pointed at me and made me dance and i didn’t even hesitate haha and i knew ross would totally see me dancing so i was like boom thats happening and a bunch of other people joined AND THEN ROSS AND RATLIFF (and maybe rocky i cant remember exactly) JOINED IN THE DANCE AND I TOTALLY TOUCHED ROSS’S ARM AND DANCED RIGHT NEXT TO HIM and then when ross was dancing we made eye contact and i pointed at him and i was jokingly like “YESSS!” and he nodded and smiled and did the rock on thing with his hand and kept dancing and they left before that song ended and then the rest of the acts went and they were good but i was dying to see r5 like duh. BUT during one of the other acts I SAW RYDELLINGTON DANCING AND GOD IT WAS CUTE AND I GOT A PIC and my twitter was blowing up and it made it more fun that everyone was like cheering me on and was so happy for me it was amazing!! and then it was finally time for r5 and when they set up i walked up to the stage and asked riker for a video for a fan saying he loved them! and then i sat back down and was too damn ready to see them rock this shit ok!! they did easy love first aND I WAS JAMMING THE FUCK OUT LIKE FOR REAL AND I WAS ONE OF THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO KNEW THE WORDS AND THEN OH MY GOD ROSS DIDNT SING THE END OF ONE OF THE CHORUSES AND HE HEARD ME FINISH THE LINE AND HE SAID “she sang it!” AND POINTED AT ME AND SO DID RATLIFF AND I GOT IT ON VINE *deep breathing* i’m ok i really am rEALLY. and then they did things are looking up and then when ross did his high note he did that shit flawlessly and i screamed “YES! GOOD JOB” AND I POINTED AT HIM AND HE LOOKED AT ME AND SMILED WHILE HE KEPT SINGING ALSDKGAL;KDG i fucking love him ok and rydel kept looking at me and smiling at me when i was jamming out bc i told her i was going to and then they sang smile! AND DURING SMILE RATLIFF POINTED AT ME AND I POINTED BACK AND HE WAS NODDING AND THEN HE FREAKING WINKED AT ME FAM ajlks;djflasdf ok and then they actually did 4 songs and they were all like “what should we sing next…” and someone yelled “turn down for what” and ratliff looked all serious and said “alright this is turn down for what by lil john” and he started drumming the beat it was so funny! but then they sang can’t forget about you and riker smiled at me when he saw me singing! i think rydel did in that song too :)

and then it finished and they got offstage and i walked over to the side of the room they were on and ross walked past me and i said “you guys did so good!” and he smiled and said “oh thank you!” and walked out of the ballroom and then i saw ratliff and he said “i saw you partying out there! i almost dedicated a song to you but i couldn’t fit it in” ALKSDGLAJGDSLKG and i said “oh no thats totally fine i felt the love!!” and he was like “oh good!” aND THEN RATLIFF HUGGED ME IT WAS GREAT and rydel came up to us and i hugged rydel a 2nd time but i cant remember exactly when haha but i know for sure it happened haha and then they walked out to do an interview. then i was in the hall where they did the interview and they were just standing so i got another video for 2 fans saying she loved them with ratliff drumming in the background hahaha! and then i said “you guys are sooo nice!” and ratliff was like “no we’re not its all an act!” and i laughed and then ratliff had his gum in a wrapper and he was like “idk where to put this” and i pointed at this empty beer bottle and said to put it in there and he said something about recycling idek and i was like “they probably wont recycle it so it will end up in the trash anyway!” and he said “true!” and he put it in there hahaha and then rydel was like “whats your twitter name?” and she was typing in her phone and i said my personal account not my fan account and then ratliff was like “oh we gotta take these pictures we’ll be right back!” but then they forgot and went back into the ballroom but its ok bc my sister had to pick me up right then anyway ha. so then i left that hotel and went back to my sisters apartment and i was just so freaking happy and THEN I LOOK ON MY TWITTER AND RYDEL FOLLOWED ME ON THE OFFICIALR5 ACCOUNT AND FUCKING THEN SHE RETWEETED THE PICTURE OF US ON HER OWN ACCOUNT AND FAVORITED MY OTHER TWEET WITH ALL THE PICTURES I LEGITIMATELY STARTED CRYING IN MY SISTERS ARMS IT ALL HIT ME AT THAT MOMENT ALDKFJAKDSLa;lskdjajsld;kg oh my god ok and then i ate some taco bell and went to bed at like 2 AM lol

on sunday i woke up at 8 to TONS of notifications from both of my twitter accounts and vine and i showered and got all ready and headed to the hockey game!! Right when i walked in i immediately saw ross on the ice in a grey beanie, jeans and his jersey and so i took a video of him skating bc he is hella good!!! and then i saw him go into the locker room so i went to the seats right next to the door and right when i walked to the seat ross walked out and saw me and recognized me and i said “hey ross whats up!” and he said “oh hey hows it going?” and went back onto the ice. then i just sat and watched him practice with ryland and i heard someone behind me say “who is number 32?” and i couldn’t help myself i turned and said “ross lynch!” and i explained who he was and that i saw them the night before and how happy i was and all that jazz. then after like maybe 10 minutes the best thing in the history of my life happened pEOPLE ROSS SKATED OVER TO ME AND LOOKED RIGHT AT ME AND REACHED OVER THE GLASS AND SAID “here you go!” AND GAVE ME A HOCKEY PUCK. WITH HIS OWN TWO HANDS. HE SAW ME FROM ACROSS THE ICE RINK AND PICKED UP A HOCKEY PUCK AND THOUGHT “hey, i’m gonna give this to that girl who likes me!” THIS IS HOW I KNOW HE TOTALLY READ MY LETTER BC I WROTE TONS OF NICE SINCERE STUFF AND I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE PUT MY PHONE NUMBER IN IT AND SAID I HAD A CRUSH ON HIM BUT WHATEVERKJSDjklasdjg and i said thanks and i just sat there while he skated away totally frozen in time like what in all hell just happened i was shaking and probably looked like i just saw a ghost and i turned around and looked at the people i had been talking to and i was like “what just happened?” and i was just jaw dropped and OH MY GOD ALSKDGJ my heart is pounding just typing this god it was seriously the best moment of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and then a little later i saw ratliff and i said hi and he walked over to me and i said “do you remember me?” i dont know why i fucking said that but im dumb anyway and i told him that ross gave me the puck and i was like “this is definitely going in my scrapbook ahahahaha” and he laughed and then he said “ok we’re gonna go get ice cream see you later!” and him and rydel got ice cream this was all before the game and then i got as many pictures and videos as i could but my phone was dying so fast bc i was getting so many notifications but i managed to get another video for some fans from rydel! and i got another adorable rydellington picture so yeah!! and i talked to their mom like an idiot and i was like “you made amazing kids, i love them a lot, so good job!” and she said thanks ahahaha

then i just watched the game and took videos and my phone died so i just watched and riker scored the 1st goal and 2 more after that and on the 3rd one after riker skated around in celebration ross turned to his mom and rydellington on the sidelines and said “FUCK RIKER” JOKINGLY AND I ALMOST SCREAMED AHAHHA IT WAS HILARIOUS and then during a break riker was standing in the little area where rydellington sat and that lead to the locker room and i said “riker, good job on that first goal!!” and he said thank you!!! and at some point i said hi to david henrie from wizards of waverly place hahaha and on the ice ross basically (accidentally) knocked david right into the net and he felt so bad omg hahaha and he helped him out aND DAVID TWEETED A VINE OF THAT EXACT MOMENT THE ONE I VIDEOTAPED BUT HE POSTED IT FROM SOMEONE ELSES VINE AND THEY HAD EDITED IT AND ROSS AND RIKER SAW IT SO LIKE THEY SAW SOMETHING I VIDEOTAPED IDK DGKLGLKDSGJSDLG


luke imagine

Hi, could you do an imagine where youre like 4-5 years younger than him and he always protects you? x 

sorry i took too long, i was in a vacation lol 

Your pov 

I was scrolling through my mentions on twitter, all saying the same thing. Tears were rolling down my cheeks while i read the hate on twitter.

“how can luke date y/n shes like 13”

“luke if you date y/n then date me atleast im your age”

Even if they didnt tag me in their tweets, the tweets still managed to get to my sight. 

I dont know how they can hate me so much, i was in the fandom before i met luke.

“Y/N! Luke is here!” my maid yelled. My parents were never home, and neither my sister so i practically lived alone. 

I ran to the bathroom to clean my face because my eyes were red and puffy. I heard my door open while I was in the bathroom washing my face. 

“y/n, where are you?” Luke said

“I’m in the bathroom just wait a second!” I said, loud enough for him to hear me.

i rubbed my face with a towel to dry my face. 

When i came out of the bathroom Luke was sitting on my bed, my laptop  on his hands, his eyes filled with sadness.

I quickly snatched my laptop from his hands. 

“When were you going to tell me about the hate?” He said annoyed.

“I wasn’t going to” I mumbled.

Luke’s face turned from annoyed to angry in a matter of seconds. “Why?” He said.

“Because I thought it would go away.” I looked at my shoes. I really thought it would.

“You know, even if were not the same age, I love you. I love the way you freak out when you have a pimple in your forehead, because you look at the mirror every 3 seconds, i love the way you laugh, because it just makes my whole day better. I love the way you scrunch your nose when you’re nervous, i love how you can make me feel happy without even trying. I don’t care what those jealous fans say, because all they are is be jealous and hate on you because you have all they want. I know this is random, but I can’t help to feel this way.” He said, with tears in his eyes.

I was frozen. Suddenly, I felt like we were the only ones in this world. The usual traffic sounds just shut down completely. Luke just stood there with sad eyes, staring at me, waiting for a response.


PART 2? I know this took too long and it was very short but guys i have so many requests uGh so just ask for part 2 and if i get enough requests, i will do it ok? Also, im so close to my next hundred so if you promote me i’ll make you a blurb, imagine, etc. (whatever you want. just link me where you promoted me and then i’ll make the blurb, imagine, etc.)