and i dont know what to gif lol

“we’ve never actually talked about our lives back on Earth.” Chris stated.

“what do you want to know?”

“oh i dont know. lets start off with…” Chris pretended he was thinking, “boyfriend? husband? lover?”

“no. no. and no.” you laughed.


“there’s this one girl i like but she’s not technically on Earth right now so it doesnt count.” Chris.

“you know Lewis has a guy already right?” you teased, knowing he was talking about you.

“Ha ha.” he said sarcastically.

Am i the only one who thinks that phil is like less happy now…. Like i dont know i may be COMPLEETLY wrong but doesnt it seem like sometimes durring like comicon and collabs with other youtubers or something he seems to have to push to get into the conversation like because hes sutch a sweet person that maybe theyre not taking him seriously, and he just doesnt laugh as much as he use to. Maybe its because dans laughing more so i dont notice it as much but i feel like phil maybe isnt as happy like somethings up. When they were makeing tabinof he was really tired and i started noticing this but people were just saying that he was just really tired and its still going on. I know alot of things are happening right now but if this is whats going on, or something like this is going on, phil i hope you phil better ;) *incerts more puns to make him feel better*

There is a lot of you following me now and you ask me annoying questions that piss me off sometimes but overall you’re pretty great I guess, I hope you don’t get bored I enjoy your company.