and i dont know men this movie kills me

anonymous asked:

I need your fav gay things that we dont know, even ships, arts, stories,books, dude idk i need em all i wanna know what else u like

 YES! let’s do this shit.

in no particular order, nonsensical, and barely following the ask.



[spare me any anti nonsense]

  • 19 days - He Tian/Mo Guan Shan, Jian Yi/Zhan Zhengxi, Jian Yi/He Tian (i love it all and you know it.)
  • voltron- (just fucking kill me) klance (kieth and lance)/sheith(shiro and kieth)/shance (shiro and lance)/hance(hunk and lance)/hidge (hunk and pidge.

black butler - sebastian michaelis/ciel phantomhive

shameless - mickey milkovich/ian gallagher

  • attack on titan- levi ackerman/eren jaegerk, levi ackerman/erwin smith, levi ackerman/anyone within 16 miles of levi ackerman

sherlock - sherlock holmes/john watson


rouge - karsura komachi

killing stalking

ten count 

blood bank

raising a bat

Bokura No Mitsudomoe Sensou


that’s all i’ve got off the top of my head. I’ll tag tomorrow.