and i dont even like high school aus


okay you wont read this until morning now because you’re a normal human who goes to bed at a human time but HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, LOTTIE!!! We’ve been friends for over two years now which is insane and I am so grateful for your terrible humour and general loveliness. hope you had an awesome day, hon xx

(shoutout to Rachel for being a trooper and cheerleading me through this)


The classroom was too warm. Percy’s eyelids drooped heavily as he stared at the screen at the front of class. His knuckles pressed into his cheek as he propped his head up with his elbow on the desk and tried his best to stay awake but, god, Mr Harries knew how to make the stages of mitosis the most boring thing on the planet. It was a shame, because Percy usually loved biology, at least he enjoyed the classes a lot more when Dr Steinberg taught it, but she had to go and get pregnant and leave her class of Juniors with a man who could make bungee jumping sound like a dull experience.

It was a good thing Percy took AP Biology to make up for the mind-numbing quality of this class. But then again, perhaps it was less the class and its teacher, and more him; it took a great deal to keep him focused in class. When he was twelve years old, he was formally diagnosed with ADHD, something his mother still referred to as “an active mind” but he’d noticed the exhausted look of relief on her face when she was given a name for what her son was dealing with, so they might know how to tackle it better.

Percy had always tried to be a good kid, but he was aware of the strain he’d caused on his mother’s life. Bringing up a hyperactive child alone while working two shitty jobs can’t have been an easy thing to do. Sally Jackson, as far as Percy was concerned, was the best woman in the world, and deserved a far better deal than what she’d been given. She had caught a break recently, when she started dating Paul Blofis. And while Percy was appropriately mortified by the knowledge that his mom was dating his English teacher, he knew the guy made her happy so he couldn’t really object all that much.

When the bell finally rang for the end of class, Percy paid attention to Mr Harries long enough to note down their homework. He had his bag on his shoulders and was standing next to Grover’s desk as his friend hastened to shove his books into his bag and pick his crutches up.

“Where’s the fire?” Percy asked as Grover all but ran for the door, swinging wildly on his crutches.

Grover looked over his shoulder. “Enchilada day in the cafeteria, bro.”

Percy’s head fell back as he groaned dramatically. “Dude, I’m not running to the caf–”

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untelligant  asked:

still screaming bc u like my art now I just wanna do more but idk what to do I'm so hyped ٩( ᐛ )و

ok hello i’m glad you’re here bc i need to say sOMETHING TO YOU,

first of all ANYTIME someone draws ANYTHING that has to do with me, i am just so utterly amazed i fucking scream like actually holler every single time its so overwhelming so have ART made because of me and it makes me wanna freakin cry,,,if u have ever drawn anything for me just know that you are a treasure just,A TREASURE ALRIGHT,

and you drew something from my high school au i mean,holys hit, that really means the world to me. i’m just so glad that people actually like it and the fact that you were really willing to DRAW a scene from it like to you even realize that you made all my dreams come true? like did you know that? because you DID and just,IT MEANS SO muCH TO ME IM FUCKING EMO BYe


I just remembered this one “fake preview” Isayama once drew where Eren wakes up from a dream and is a normal, high school student in modern day.

This doesn’t sound far-fetched now, does it?

“i was deliberately not invited to this wedding so im crashing it anyways, even if that means the angry hot maid of honor is going to murder me” AU, because how could I not. Creds to flameshe for pointing out to me that it would work well.


He’s nursing his second drink when she finally notices him.

She looks just like she did when she was in high school but she also doesn’t; her eyes are just as green and just as bright, her cheeks are just as full and pink and her hair is just as fair, just as curiously ashy-blonde as he remembered it, but she’s also faintly taller, her face has narrowed out, she’s filled out. She fits her pink bridesmaid dress sinfully, and it would take a fool not to notice.

He’s a fool for noticing it even back in high school and still fucking it up, but that’s another drink for another time, and he’s supposed to be celebrating his best friend’s wedding, so he sips his drink and raises his brows at her.

Predictably, her face goes lax. She looses all pretense of the tinkling laugh he’d heard only moments before and she’s eerily shocked for a moment before she collects herself and her brows bunch together and she’s got this wrinkle there that he wants to smooth out with his thumb.

She’s too pretty to be that angry. She’s too pretty when she’s angry. She’s just too pretty all of the time and it’s going to be his downfall. 

And then there’s a hush among the gaggle of bridesmaids that she’d been laughing with only moments prior and then suddenly he’s being ogled openly by Liz and Patty Thompson, and it’s a little unnerving.

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