and i don't want to miss the opportunity

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I genuinely don't understand why Sam isn't at BAFTAs. From a networking point of view wouldn't it be as important for him to attend something like this as Cait? Leaving aside shipping or any relationship they may have but isn't he missing opportunities by not attending? I'm not sure I understand the logic. Is Cait's presence just down to the fact that she won the Scottish Bafta? Doesn't being a nominee give Sam any sort of kudos in these things?

It’s not his choice whether or not he gets an invitation. It isn’t a matter of just wanting to go. There’s a hierarchy and politics at play with all of this. Many actors would love to get a ticket to a high profile awards show, but it’s competitive. If you’re not “in” at the moment (like Cait is off a Scottish BAFTAs win and multiple GG noms) or riding on legacy, you’re not going to be part of it. Think of how many actors win Oscars who win Oscars and are suddenly presenting the following year? Success begets success and visibility begets the same. Sam is in good company with a thousand actors who have a few noms under their belt and haven’t had a moment to propel them upwards to this arena yet, and they’re all jockeying for the same thing. There is no way to accommodate them all. It truly isn’t personal, it’s business, and a fleeting, fickle one at that. An invitation this year for Cait doesn’t mean one next year. That’s just how it goes in their industry and the smart ones figure it out quickly and don’t let it get to them. 

the thing is like… mandy explicitly says that she doesn’t want a relationship with dennis? she doesn’t seem to need his financial support either? she genuinely seems to just want her kid to have a relationship with his father. she’s been doing just fine on her own as a single mom for two years.

so dennis is going to show up on her doorstep like “surprise i’m ready to be your husband” and she’s going to be like “i don’t want or need you to be my husband i just wanted to give you an opportunity to be in your kid’s life” and then dennis is going to be like, living on his own in north dakota maybe seeing his kid a few times a week and he’s going to be so lonely and he’s going to Realize how much he misses mac and the rest of the gang

So I just stormed out of the restaurant.

I am struggling to put words to my feelings but I was uncomfortable when they started calling someone they knew who worked at blizzard and tried to get me to talk to them when I just asked for their phone number. I think I must have felt like I was being mocked when I refused and afterward they laughed and said I was missing an opportunity just because I wanted to avoid being awkward.

I don’t like it here. I want to cry again. This is more stress and discomfort than I thought I would have. I feel like they’re greatly disrespecting me. Or maybe I’m just being needlessly difficult. I don’t know.

when i was at deh i was talking to the guy that hands out the hearing devices & he gave me a number/said he’d put in a word for me if I wanted to work there part time!!! id pick my hours and get to see dif shows defending on where they need me and they’d pay me to do That but im so nervous to call god F


↳  Halsey I fucking hate it, the idea that something like that would be trivialized down to a fucking hashtag. I mean, there’s a ton of biphobia —people refuse to accept bisexuality as an actual sexuality. And i’m biracial, but also white-passing, which is an unique perspective. So these kids say, like, “Oh, fucking tri-bi Halsey! She’ll never miss an opportunity to talk about it!” I want to sit them down like a mom and go, “Six months ago you were begging for an artist that would talk about this shit! But then i do, and you say, ‘Oh, not her. Someone else.’”

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I'm watching S8 and even though Mulder's back it's not the same. I get that they're spending time on Doggett instead of just MSR because David was leaving but so many opportunities were missed for msr. So I wanted to ask for something with msr talking about the medallion that Scully gives Doggett in Alone. Because Mulder finds it I just got the feeling that he seemed a little hurt by that. Thank you! (and i know you're busy so pls don't feel rushed or even obligated if you don't like the idea)

Ficlet:  “Re-gifted”

Rated:  PG/PG-13

Notes:  Thanks for this, anon.  This has always bothered me too.


The hospital parking lot was underground, a sickly grey hive of cement that urged escape at every turn. Mulder pulled the keys from the ignition as Scully peered out the window, visually measuring the space between them and a mauve minivan.

“Will you be able to get out?”

“You might have to grease me up.”  It was a pregnant belly joke, not a sexual one, but the silence Mulder once would have filled with flirtation stung.  

Instead, he dangled the keys from his hand, snapping them in his palm, swinging them out once again.  He was either playing with an imaginary kitten or he was making a point.

Scully waited with her fingers on the door handle – chin dipped, lips pursed, eyeballs forward. The quicker she said it, the sooner she could get to the commissary’s very decent chocolate pudding.

“I’m sorry,” she said, feeling the sincerity of it like a tiny electric shock.

“Hm?  What?”  He was faking, and faking the faking, and beneath who knew how many layers of fakery there were.  Had he ever really wanted her?  Had he just fallen into something, the heat and convenience of her lithe and willing body (oh God, would it ever be that again)?  She had treated him as a benevolent donor even as they shared their bodies, their French toast, their two AM thoughts.  She could not expect him to love her and want her even as she carried his child, or because she carried his child, as other men did.  That wasn’t the deal they’d made.  

“Oh, you mean this,” he said, holding up the keys.

There it was - shining, catching the unforgiving lights of the parking lot - security lights – dutiful, indelicate.  The eagle landing on the moon, planting its clutching feet in that stunning and terrific spot, lured by beauty to a place where nothing could sustain it.  

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Hetalia Gothic
  • Have you watched Hetalia? Your friend asks you. Have you watched Hetalia? Your sibling asks you. Have you watched Hetalia? Youtube asks you. Have I? you ask yourself. The name repeats and repeats and repeats in your browser history; but you still ask yourself. Have I?
  • Like the morning mist, the Hetalia episodes on Youtube disappear with the dawn. A part of you frantically looks for them, but the rest is relaxed for the first time in many moons. You’re free. You’re to walk away from this now nonexistent cell, and to never look back. You drink in the feeling of freedom, as you open the Hetavols blog and drown yourself in it.
  • This is Italy. This is Germany, this is Japan. This is America. This is England, and Russia, and France. This is the Asians, this is the Nordics. Face mush into each other and so do names. They make up an obsession. It looks at you everytime you sleep, and hear you chant the name again and again. It never leaves.
  • You watch the fights happen in front of you. You see they yell America and France’s name, and throw fists and kicks, and it all descends into chaos. They bring England with them. He is engulfed by the fire of war. There’s nothing left of him to ship.
  • You often hear the name of the Creator. The All-Father. People chant it as if it can protect them. The All-Father draws himself with a peaceful smile. No one knows his real colors.
  • This place has been a desert for quite a long time. People travel it, time after time, seeking even a single word from the All-Father. The air is dry and hot; everything is so quiet, everyone is alone. People pray and laugh in madness. The All-Father is not here, but they keep seeking. The All-Father hears them, and decides to reward them. He sends his words, again and again, and water the withered soil with tears and blood. The desert takes the fallens’ souls in, and comes back to life.
  • The map laughs at you. The news channels laugh at you. Your textbooks laugh at you. Your teacher laughs at you. Your friends laugh at you. Don’t take their bait, you tell yourself. But the grin has already found its way onto your lips. It’s too late.
  • You bring your hand up to trace the circle. One more time. Then once more. The circle has no starting point. It won’t end, either.
  • A scream tears the atmosphere into shreds. You jump slightly on your sit. Look around yourself, you acknowledge that no one seems to be disturbed. The All-Father smiles at you. Here, a kitty. Isn’t it cute? More screams echo in the air. Everyone is still patting their cats with a hazy smile.
  • Mortals are so fun to play with, the All-Father muses. Remember Jeanne d'Arc? He ignores the cries and tears of the people. Oh, here’s Davie, too. It doesn’t take long before he starts taking interests in the immortals themselves. They must be fun to play with, too.
  • You try to make Italy’s curl for your wig. You can’t make it seem more natural, no matter how hard you try. You look up tutorials. By the time you move your eyes from the screen, the curl has already grown long enough around your arms to reach your neck.
  • The doujinshi titles are endless. You wait in line to get your share. A woman tugs on your shoulder, Hey, I collect doujins of finest quality, wanna have a look? You almost agree to, but then you see the title ‘Dolphin’. The woman’s smile widens, and she open her bag to reveal another fancomic titled 'Titanic’. You freeze in terror. She stares at you. You can’t even breathe.
  • Before you can stop it, the art has already evolved. It is now unstoppable. You weep next to the old art; the lifeless, disfigured shape laughs and pats your back. Its laughters taste bitter.
  • The people mumble to themselves. Their OCs follow them around like their shadow. They all look the same now. They all look desperate.
  • No one knows where the USUK ship comes from. It eats away everything. There is no more Creator. There is no more canon. You go to his blog, there are only America and England kising each other. You break the screen. You can’t see them anymore, but that does not mean you have stopped them.
  • Everyone is gay. Germany? you ask. He’s gay. Italy? He’s gay. Japan? He’s probably gay, too. America? Gay. England? Gay. Everyone is gay. Your own gayness scratches on your inside. It wants out. This is its utopia.
The Music Man {Sentence Starters}
  • "Never allow the demands of tomorrow to interfere with the pleasure and excitement of today."
  • "I rant and I rave for the virtue I'm too late to save."
  • "You watch your phrasology!"
  • "I'll do it, but I don't like it."
  • "Your daughter and I have been going steady behind your back."
  • "I'm having a party on Saturday. I'd like it if you could come."
  • "You mean you live in this town?"
  • "I know all about your standards."
  • "Don't believe I caught your name."
  • "A man can't turn tail and run just because a little personal risk is involved."
  • "No, please, not tonight. Maybe tomorrow."
  • "It's as clear as a buttonhook in the well water!"
  • "That was pretty good, but you made a couple of mistakes."
  • "Its fine if you want to go around in your drawers all day."
  • "I don't know about you, but I'd like to make today worth remembering."
  • "The sadder but wiser girl's the girl for me."
  • "I can't believe I almost missed this opportunity!"
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: you know at the end of Right Hand Man when they go "HERE COMES THE GENERAL" "what" "AND HIS RIGHT HAND MAN" and then there's 5 descending notes before the BOOM? Why don't they go "A-LEX-AN-DER HAM" "BOOM"?? It even rhymes. I sing it every time. I want Lin to know about this. About this missed opportunity. It haunts me.
Heather Honaker



The first time I got to this point I teared up something terrible. I’ve loved this moment ever since, despite the horrible heartbreak.

I’ve been wanting to try and do this part for a long while, and I finally had an opportunity to record. It’s been a good long while since I’ve done any voice acting but dude am I glad I got to do something cause I miss having time for it so much.

Please play Undertale, you wont regret it.

Music + Sound effects by Toby Fox
Asriel Dreemurr  voiced by Me

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I miss John Murphy. Do you think he's ok? Is he clothed? Is he fed? I hope he isn't surviving on whiskey and crackers alone. Do you think seeing a guy shoot himself onscreen shook him in any way? Do you think he's investigating what he has witnessed? What will he do about it? Will he look for Jaha or just chill in the bunker for three months? There's quite a time jump there, I really hope he doesn't get in trouble in the meantime. But I also don't want him to become a hermit? There must be a chance for him to become a valuable member of the Ark society in the future. I hope season 3 explores that; his relationship with his own morality, with his people and most importantly himself. In a way, he's the one who truly found the promised land, if by "promised land" we mean a place in the world where he can have an opportunity to prove himself different (better) than who he was before. I'm worried about him, but I'm also excited for what's to come. I believe in John Murphy. I miss John Murphy. I wonder what he's doing right now. But seriously do you think he's ok?

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You keep saying you ship Caryl because it's so different and deep. I just don't get it. They don't touch each other all that much, they barely even speak and with Beth he at least talked. Just look at how much bonding went on in Still. The hand hold showed that Daryl wanted Beth more. He took Beths hand but Carol had to grab his. I don't see deep I just see him uncomfortable with Carol. Maybe you see yourself as Carol or Melissa and want to date Norman but that's no reason you make up a ship.

Hi there “friendly”,

Thank you for wording your question so politely and carefully that I almost missed the sly little presumption you threw in at the very end! I gotta say nicely played my friend - gold star for effort!
Because you expressed your inquiry with some thoughtfulness and because let’s face it I will use any and every opportunity to share some CARYL love to the masses, I decided to address the ginormous canon and real-life errors in your ask.
Let’s begin!

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Today I felt proud (actually with each day that passes) because I have an opportunity to go and see my ex boyfriend, but I don't. He still loves me and wants to talk to me again after he broke up with me and I cut him out of my life, but I haven't contacted or seen him in months even though I miss him dearly. (It sounds weird I'm sorry!)

There’s no need to be sorry about anything!! It’s something that has been difficult for you and you’ve been able to press through the struggle! Go you! 

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: The show missed an opportunity to bring Lady Stoneheart into season 4, but they might actually bring her into season 6. We've seen shots of the Red Wedding, the Freys are back in the show, Starks are coming back and rising again, Jaime and Brienne are both coming to the Riverlands, the Brotherhood Without Banners was mentioned, and the show is finally bringing up important plots from the books that they neglected in previous seasons. Lady Stoneheart is finally, FINALLY coming!

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hi! i know you don't normally do this, but do you have any post hoo percabeth headcanons? its really fine if you don't want to but it would be nice :)

;______________; I ACTUALLY LOVE GIVING HEADCANONS BUT THE OPPORTUNITY NEVER USUALLY SEEMS TO PRESENT ITSELF. BUT YES! Post-HoO Percabeth is my number one jam and I promise you, I have pages and pages worth of stories about the nuggets. i love them so much it’s gross

Anyways! Here are a handful of the ones at the top of my head! As usual, quite a monstrosity. Angstier ones are under the cut.

Life after HoO

  • Technically, they missed junior year! But as always, good ole Hermes is there, ready to hand off a few favours to the needy demigods (with a price of course.) After a few changes in units, some bribes, and a good summer school deal, they didn’t have to repeat the level and were guaranteed a slot for Annabeth in Goode the next year. Hermes had Percy and Annabeth on call if he ever needed anything from them.
  • Annabeth had to go to San Francisco for a week or so to settle things with her family about the rest of her schooling, and it almost drove them nuts. Nevertheless, Iris messages were fully functional again, and the goddess gave them a handful of free calls because they were great heroes who helped her through a rut, and also because she’d do anything to help the current Brangelina of Olympus. 
  • They Iris messaged until they fell asleep. Bedside fountains//waterwatches courtesy of Tyson and Leo (who was alive! the ass). 
  • Senior year was a blast and a challenge–Percy did much better in school with Annabeth breathing at his neck (also because he wanted to impress her), and they excelled at sports. Even if they usually kept to themselves, they became that one couple everyone wanted to date but not really. 
  • It had become a challenge for the mortals to flirt with either of them. They cast bets. While Percy replied muddled and blushing, Annabeth didn’t have time to say anything because Percy would be by her side, making out with her in an instant. They were both the jealous types.
  • The other eight often visited the Jackson’s place with pizza, but always made sure to call before their trips and have bronze daggers tucked in their pockets just in case.
  • College was a whole other story. 
  • The fact that two obviously Greek demigods were welcomed into a singularly Roman place opened up several possibilities of building a safer world and sanctuary for demigods of all kinds. 
  • Other than that, Percy did well in the entrance test for that New Rome university because there was an option to take it in Latin or Ancient Greek. Other than Sally and Annabeth, people were surprised that he aced the test. Percy got into Marine Biology, (as well as he did, school still wasn’t his thing. He picked the course to make learning a little bit easier and more bearable.) and Annabeth chose Architecture. 
  • Before they could pack their things and head on to the other side of the country, Percy and Annabeth were surprised with a party in Camp Half-Blood where the littlest campers widened their eyes at the sight of the famous heroes. Also, the Aphrodite cabin, to Annabeth’s dismay, made them a cute collage book, where pictures of their not so inconspicuous PDAs were printed and pasted on a notebook. Percy accepted it with glee.
  • Once in school, they behaved like the normal cutesy couples–they shared a dorm room and practically lived together in those four years. Living together made their relationship a little more real in each other’s eyes–and although the commitment would’ve scared other people, it exhilarated them both.
  • She made him coffee every morning and he made hers at night.
  • When there were Froot Loops for breakfast, Annabeth always spooned all the blue ones out and dumped it in Percy’s bowl.
  • Annabeth usually brought up stuff about the future–”where will we live? do you want children?” and Percy loved it.
  • “Are you going to marry me?” she asked one day, and he had to hold back his eye roll and “you think?” and instead replied with a “yes, of course” and a nice long kiss. 
  • After a year of living with her, he decided he wanted to do it forever and proposed at nineteen. No one batted an eyelash–not even Annabeth. She was actually the one who insinuated the thought in the first place, and in all honesty, everyone expected it sooner.
  • However, like all couples, they took a break from each other.
  • But… it lasted two hours. After their argument about never having the time for each other anymore, Annabeth slammed the door and announced that their relationship was on hold and that she’d be sleeping in a classmate’s room tonight. However, once Annabeth was out the building, guilt consumed her. 
  • She cut her classes for the first time and greeted Percy with blue jellybeans, blue licorice and a teary ‘I love you.’ Percy was on the dining table, angry sobbing while eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s “I just Blue myself” and staring at their seven year-old dog-eared photo in his wallet.
  • They make out.
  • Nope–they’re not taking breaks ever again.
  • They get married right after they finish school, and it was like Prince William and Dutchess Kate’s wedding. While only a few were invited, everyone came. They get married on the beach right next to Camp Half-Blood, where it all started. 
  • Despite the original plan, they don’t stay in New Rome–Percy and Annabeth move to a lovely Manhattan apartment where Annabeth could take her masters and where they’re surrounded by friends and family. Especially near grandma Sally.
  • Because Annabeth gets pregnant really quickly. 
  • Right when their healthy girl comes out, they fall in love a second time.
  • She’s a ball of sunshine–and a terror. Annabeth’s intelligence and commandeering personality mixed with Percy’s stubbornness and sarcasm, minus the ADHD and dyslexia, made her a legacy born to rule the world.
  • And when the next one is born, a healthy baby boy, Hermes finds himself by the hospital bed. In return for helping them pass Junior year, he asks them to
  • “Name your son Luke.”

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there has never been a show that i’ve wanted to rip out of a creators’ hands more than rwby.