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I Don’t Mean It Pt 5

Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

After dinner and with what Taehyung said, you were heartbroken. You believed his words, although you knew he would sometimes say things he didn’t mean when he was upset. But you knew inside that this time was different. He wasn’t going to ask for forgiveness this time around.

Did he even consider you his friend this entire time? Did any of them consider you a friend? Or were they really only nice because you had information about them. You loved each of them dearly, always wanting the best of them. Ever since they moved in next door, your life had changed for the better. You had always had a special place in your heart for Taehyung too. The way he made you feel when you were with him was indescribable. 

But it seems that all of it was a lie. 

“If he wants me out of his life, then that’s what I’ll give him” you say silently to yourself.

The award show season came and went by in a flash. And for some reason, Tae was itching to text you to tell you all about it. About how happy he was for winning awards. About how he wished you were there to celebrate with them.

But he dismissed any of those feelings and replaced them with his anger. He saw the other boys call and tell you the good news, but he kept his distance, not wanting to ruin their fun. 

A few weeks prior, the group’s manager came up to Taehyung regarding an article that a reporter was going to publish. Within the article was a detailed description of all the places Taehyung frequented in secret as to avoid the eyes of the public. In this article was a detailed description of all the small things that not many people knew about. 

Tae was of surprised. Where had this reporter gotten all this information? His manager had said that he had gotten this information from you when he found out that you both were neighbors. He said that you had received a sum of money for the information. Thankfully his manager had “stopped the article from being published” but he scolded Taehyung for being close with just some girl.

And with that, Taehyung was fuming. He swore never to tell you anything ever again and to have you out of his life. But a voice inside him told him otherwise and he couldn’t push you out completely. He still couldn’t. And he still didn’t tell the other guys yet because he knew it would have only distracted them.

A/N: I think I’m going to end part 5 here for now. I wanted to make this longer, but I’m going to hold myself back and keep it for part 6. What do you think is going to happen? Who wants a part 6? Let me know!! I also want to thank you all for the support once again. And thank you for understanding for when I didn’t post last night! 

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Well, this is kinda angsty, but can I request a scenario where zen & mc are together and in the last rfa party zen slept with jaehee and after a few days jaehee couldn't deal with the blame and told mc in front of all rfa but MC pretended not to believe her (andthenrfa*cof*saeran*cof*tryingtocomforther). This is ridiculously specific, i know lolol but feel free if you don't want to do it, it's okay, or if you want to change anything just do it 😅 I love love love your blog and your writing ❤❤❤❤❤

Ok so this post actually ended up being realllly long and I don’t know how to do the ‘read more’ thing so I’m really sorry to anyone trying to scroll by

And I’m so glad you like my writing, and I’m also really glad I got this request because at first I wasn’t sure how to write it (I basically ended up writing a fanfiction using bullet points haha oops) but I had a lot of fun doing it.

Disclaimer: I don’t think Zen would ever cheat and I actually don’t think Jaehee has any romantic feelings for him, just admiring adoration.

And I know you said I could change things
but it’s rlly angsty 
and I’m an angst monster and I kinda love it sooo i’m gonna keep it exactly how you wrote it  

let’s do it

  • Zen had always been flirty with you
  • And at some had started flirting back
  • And soon it was more than flirting and you found yourself head over heels for each other
  • Constant phone calls too each other where you’d gush over how you wished you could see each other
  • Good morning and Goodnight texts
  • The occasional shameless flirt in the public chat
  • Once you two met at the first RFA party it was like a scene from a Disney movie, you two all but ran to each other and he swung you around once he snagged you in a tight embrace
  • Looking into his eyes you swore this could be love
  • He did too.
  • He really did swear he was in love with you
  • You were everything he had hoped and more
  • You were the person that woke him up everyday and put a smile on his face, you were the person that he thought of when love songs came on the radio, when he was on stage you were his muse, when he lay down to sleep at night you were the final thought in his head, and the first one in his dreams.
  • The next RFA party was a few months after you two had first met in person, only a couple months into your very happy relationship
  • You two had spent the first half of the night joined at the hip, happily enjoying each other’s company.
  • But somewhere throughout the nights timeline you both got distracted by separate guests and acquaintances and wandered away from each other.
  • Zen started drinking. Whoever he was talking to kept egging him on and the two of them were having a good ole time, which is rare for Zen in these occasions because the guests are usually upper class aristocrats like Jumin or if they are there for Zen, it’s as fans instead of friends
  • So he thought he’d treat himself
  • It got to be a bit much
  • The other guests were starting to notice and Jumin was not going to have the press covering Zen’s drunken gusto at an RFA event
  • “Assistant Kang,” Jumin sauntered over to Jaehee while keeping his eyes on Zen. “please escort Hyun to the back where he can cool down, out of the cameras’ lines of sight.”
  • “Of course, Mr. Han” And Jaehee was off. She was relieved that she had an excuse to get Zen out of the room, she too recognized the bad press that could follow this event but felt she hadn’t had the authority to tell Zen otherwise
  • But under the guise of Jumin’s will, she was able to convince Zen to head to the back so ‘Jumin wouldn’t bitch’ (in the words of the actor).
  • Soon it was just the two of them in the back room, Jaehee giving Zen water as he yanked at his shirt collar, complaining it was hot.
  • In his drunken shenanigens he managed to undo all his buttons at some point while Jaehee was getting more water, so she came back to shirtless Zen.
  • Zen knew those eyes.
  • As the assistant stared at his pectorals with a slight blush on her cheeks, he looked into her eyes and saw something
  • Adoration. Admiration. Want.
  • She wanted him.
  • Somewhere, deep in his psyche, behind the pseudo narcissist wall, 10 year old Hyun Ryu craved the attention. The positive attention his mom said he’d never get
  • He had you
  • But in that moment he had Jaehee too, and he couldn’t turn that down
  • Jaehee doesn’t even know how it initiated, she just recalls Zen pressing her against the wall and kissing her with a passion she’s never felt before.
  • His hands undoing the buttons of her shirt
  • His lips whispering praises of how she was not only successful, but also beautiful. And so sweet. And smart. And-
  • She almost cried. Someone as talented as Zen saw something so great in someone as plain as her? Impossible.
  • But he kept assuring her, and touching her, and loving her
  • Loving her the way he should have been loving you
  • The guilt hit her, but she watched it disappear as ecstasy took over
  • Zen passed out once they were both finished, pants undone and shirt wide open, but eyes closed and soft breaths flying in and out of his lips
  • Jaehee was wide awake though.
  • She was leaning against the wall, clothes messily pulled back on and tears threatening her eyes
  • The guilt was back and it felt like the weight of the world’s biggest mistake was sitting on her shoulders
  • She put her hands over her mouth as she stared at Zen, and she started crying when she thought of you.
  • “What have I done?”
  • After every party, the RFA gets together a few days later to go over logistics. What worked, what didn’t, who came, how to convince more people to come, etc
  • Jaehee’s heart dropped as you and Zen walked in together, a bright smile on your face, a blank slate on his.
  • No not blank
  • When Jaehee met his crimson eyes she saw it, the same thing he probably saw in her eyes: Guilt. Remorse. Regret.
  • She could barely stomach the feel as you greeted her and hugged her
  • “Jaehee! Good to see you! I feel like we didn’t get to talk much at the party thanks to someone making a little scene” As you pulled away you playfully rolled your eyes towards Zen. 
  • He just gave a nervous chuckle
  • Jaehee opened her mouth, ready to spill her guts, only to find it was dry as cotton. 
  • You gave her a quizzical look, ready to ask what was wrong, but Jumin’s voice interrupted with “Shall we begin?” looking pointedly at the three of you.
  • “Yahoo~” Seven cheered as he plopped down next to Saeran, who had recently been getting dragged along to all the RFA meetings, given he tended to just sit in the corner and pout.
  • Much like right now. He did little more than look at you and nod, which was as courteous a greeting as you were going to get with him.
  • Yoosung nodded, signaling everyone was ready, and the discussion began
  • You all were about 30 minutes into the conversation
  • Except for Jaehee
  • She couldn’t stop thinking about what happened the night of the party
  • She couldn’t stop looking at you and feeling guilty
  • She couldn’t stop thinking about telling you
  • “I need water” She stood up abruptly, startling everyone a bit
  • Jumin had a bit of an annoyed look on his face but conceded with “Fine. Quick 5 minute break for everyone”
  • Jaehee booked it to the kitchen
  • “Uh…I’m thirsty too.” Cue Zen bee-lining after her.
  • “Are you Okay??” He asked in a harsh whisper
  • “No I’m not okay!” Jaehee hissed back “We…we have to tell her.”
  • “No!” Zen’s eyes widened “No. You and I both know it was a mistake that will never happen again. She doesn’t need to know.”
  • “Zen if you love her-”
  • “I do love her!” He snapped back “I love her which is why I can’t lose her Jaehee. I know we messed up, I do. But..I can’t lose her over my mistakes” His eyes were pleading even more than his voice
  • Jaehee just stared into the crimson orbs, feeling the knot in her stomach grow. She just weakly nodded.
  • There was a moment of silence before she chugged her glass of water and turned to head back towards the living room where everyone was seated
  • She took a strong stride in
  • She bit her tongue
  • She was not going to-
  • You were the first face she met walking back in
  • Your smile welcoming her back to the circle
  • Your eyes cheery
  • Your heart open to her as it had been since the first day even when she treated you coldly.
  • Zen was right behind Jaehee and nearly bumped into her when she stopped dead in her tracks
  • “Jaehee?” You and he called at the same time, him due to her abrupt stop, and you because of the tears suddenly pouring from her eyes.
  • “Jaehee what’s wrong?” You rushed to her, attracting everyone’s attention
  • You caught Zen’s face from over her shoulder, his eyes wide. Knowing.
  • “M-MC” Jaehee choked out
  • “W-What is it?” You asked worriedly taking her trembling hands in yours
  • “MC” Her voice fell. There was just a moment of silence. Everyone in the room was looking, the outburst had even taken a hold of Saeran’s full attention.
  • “Zen and I…we’ve done something awful” 
  • You knew what she was suggesting No you didn’t. No way that’s what she meant you’re just confusing things.
  • “…What did you do?” You asked cautiously
  • Sniffling. Endless sniffling. You looked to Zen, who was pale and looked like he was also ready to cry.
  • “Zen…what happened?”
  • “I’m so sorry” He managed to get out before the lump in his throat clogged his vocal cords.
  • “At the party MC we- we had….” Jaehee couldn’t get the filthy three letter word out of her mouth
  • You dropped her hands and looked to Zen
  • “MC I’m so sorry” Zen repeated, his voice shaking even more
  • Everyone was quiet, waiting for your response
  • You had none. Just an empty stare and mouth slightly agape, waiting for words to come out of their own accord
  •  Finally they did
  • “This is a really cruel joke to play” You feigned a very obvious forced smile as your eyes blinked back tears “I never thought you guys would do such a thing..haha” You wiped a way a small drop ready to roll down your cheek
  • “MC!” Jaehee exclaimed “This isn’t-”
  • “Jaehee.” Your voice dropped. “I really don’t find this funny.”
  • “Neither do I!” The brown haired girl went to take your hand again but you pulled away
  • “And Zen” You turned to him “I don’t- I don’t…” You couldn’t finish the sentence
  • They were everywhere. Pouring down your face, flooding your eyes, gathering in a small pool at your chin. It was an onslaught of tears rolling down your cheeks, choking your words, your thoughts, your everything.
  • “MC” Zen reached out to you, only to have his hand swatted away by yours.
  • You just stared at him and cried, forcing him to look you in the eyes as your faux smile fell to pieces. 
  • You felt a hand softly fall upon your shoulder, and you turned to see Seven looking at you, apologetic pity in his eyes. Saeran stood behind him, wearing an angrier version of his twin’s sentiment. 
  • “Let’s go for a ride, get some fresh air, huh MC?” The red head’s voice was soft
  • You softly nodded and let him guide you towards the door, not even able to muster up to energy to look back at Jaehee and Zen. 
  • Saeran did however, and he looked back towards the two with a face full of disgust, up until the moment he slammed the door
  • “what a good meeting” Jumin grumbled under his breath as he turned a disdainful eye towards Zen
  • You drove for a couple hours probably. Most of it in silence, but a comfortable one. You were in the passenger seat and Saeran was in the back, Seven at the wheel finding desolate roads and flying down them, giving the wind of your open window some sort of purifying feeling. It stung, but it felt good. Your hair whipped around and the land raced by and you occasionally sobbed but that was ok.
  • Eventually you found yourself back at the Chois’ place, sitting on the couch, staring at a TV playing a movie that you hadn’t been paying attention to for the last hour. Your mind was elsewhere, wondering what you had done wrong.
  • You looked at the carton of ice cream in your hand, only doing so because the sight of Saeran setting his own empty one on the coffee table had triggered you to remember Seven had given you your own carton to drown your sorrows in.
  • The redhead had actually gone out to buy more, so it was just you and Saeran on the black leather couch staring at the TV screen.
  • “Do you want this?” You offered the ice cream to Saeran who’s expression turned from bored to surprised, probably because you’d been silent for the past six hours aside from a sob here and there.
  • “You don’t want it?”
  • “I’m not hungry”
  • He stared at you and the carton for a second, his face unreadable.
  • He wanted to insist you eat the ice cream, because personally he found it to always make him feel better, but he figured you didn’t want to hear it.
  • He took the carton from your hands and placed it on the table in front of you two
  • Silence aside from the noise of the TV.
  • He cast a glance to you, only to find your eyes on the floor.
  • “doyou wantalk” You barely understood what he said it was so quiet
  • “What?” You looked to him
  • He thought you were asking out of surprise rather than inaudibility and “My therapist…he says that talking things out makes you feel better.” He looked indignant for a moment, likely remembering how stupid he felt when he rejected the idea only to find later that his therapist had been correct
  • “I…I have nothing to say” Your shell of a voice whispered
  • Saeran furrowed his brows at you. “Say you hate them”
  • “What?”
  • His voice raised a bit “You hate them don’t you? So say it. The therapist said talk about your feelings so start there. They’re scumbags who hurt you and deser-”
  • “No!” You’re voice hit a volume it hadn’t reached in hours. “I don’t hate them!”
  • Saeran was mixed with confusion and anger “What do you mean you don’t hate them? One of your best friends and your boyfriend fucked-”
  • There it was
  • Someone finally said it.
  • The hot tears made a return and began rolling down your cheeks as sudden sobs erupted from your mouth
  • Saeran was alarmed at the sudden show and tried to pinpoint the trigger. He supposes it could be his last sentence but it’s not as if it wasn’t something we all knew.
  • “I….I don’t hate them” You cried once the worst of the sobs subsided.”I don’t even think I want to hate them. I mean it’d be easier but…I don’t. Jaehee…it’s not her fault. She wrapped up in it all. And she’s always liked Zen. How could she have said no. And he..he was drunk” You sputtered out your rationalizations to find that they only annoyed Saeran
  • “The Assistant should still no better. But fine. You know what? She’s not dating you, and clearly she triggered you finding out the truth. So let’s pretend she’s ok? What about the actor? I don’t care that he was drunk. There’s no excuse for him doing that!” The white haired boys voice had become louder and louder, fists clenching tighter and tighter as he began riling up old feelings of betrayal he once felt. “He abandoned you! He left you in the dust and for what? He failed you!”
  • You don’t know when it happened but Saeran had turned towards you and grabbed your hands, squeezing them tight in between his own. His mouth was contorted into some sort of snarl and you saw a fire raging behind his minty eyes. 
  • “’re hurting my hands” You squeaked out.
  • Your small voice dragged him out of whatever memory he was reliving and he sort of faded back into reality with a few blinks of his eyes before turning his attention to his hands. He let go of yours and in a flat voice uttered a “sorry”.
  • You guys were silent again, just staring at the floor, both living in whatever sad memory chose to cross your brains.
  • “You deserve better is all” He finally said.
  • “I know” You replied, voice empty of any real feeling.
  • You looked up, staring at the TV but not actually watching as a man on a horse offered a hand towards a young woman. “I just can’t stop thinking about him. About the him I fell in love with. Is he really gone?”
  • Saeran followed your gaze to the TV, looking on as the girl hopped on the horse. “I think so. That’s assuming he was the guy you thought he was at any point.”
  • “He was.” You said, a little defensive. Saeran looked towards you, watching your emotionless expression, knowing that there was a storm underneath despite the calm appearance. He knew because he often did the same, rocking a stoic appearance while watching all hell break loose in his own head.
  • “Is this the part where I say ‘It gets better’?” 
  • “Do you believe that it does?”
  • “Not a fuckin’ chance” A bitter smirk twisted his lips 
  • “I appreciate the honesty” You sighed
  • “Not in the way that we think it will anyway” He looked off into space somewhere.
  • “Hm?” You turned to him
  • “Everyone imagines that one day soon they’re going to wake up and suddenly it’s not going to hurt anymore. That there’s gonna be a day when you don’t think about this. You’re always gonna think about it. You’re always gonna wonder what you did wrong. Why God hates you. What things would be like if it didn’t happen.”
  • “You don’t think that there can be a day when it all feels ok?” You ask, partially to heal your hopeless heart, and partially because you see Saeran is projecting his own feelings and you’re curious to know how he feels.
  • “Maybe. I haven’t hit it yet though. Doubt I will.” 
  • You stared as he looked off into the distance, feeling as if you could see the scenes of his past playing in his eyes.
  • You were just about to recede back into your ball of depression and hopelessness before he spoke again and took your attention
  • “But that’s me. You’re…you, MC” your questioning look prompted him to continue “You’re…a good person.”
  • “You are to-” You went to say but he cut you off by turning and leaning towards you with a new intensity in his face.
  • “Not like you. If at all” He scoffed. “ You though, everyone loves you. And they’re right too. Because…” suddenly he stopped himself, seeming to turn a little shy.
  • “Because?” You wanted, no, needed to hear this.
  • He gulped down his fear and turned his eyes to the side, unable to look at you as he delivered his next few words, scared of you seeing through him even more than you usually do. 
  • “MC, you’re..everything. You’re smart, you’re cute, and you’re …kind. You always know what to say to help everyone. And that’s the thing. You try to help people, even people trying to hurt you…” His eyes turned back to you “You saw a good in me even when I didn’t. You risked your life to help my brother to save me. You’re…kind of like an angel.”
  • You just stared, taken aback by such kind words, from Saeran of all people. 
  • You were right to be surprised, he wasn’t usually this smooth in conveying his feelings verbally…there must have just been something about you that made it easy for him to talk.
  • “If it gets better for anyone, it’ll be for you, MC” He reached for your hand out of instinct, but pulled back instantly when your skin touched, as if he just realized what he was doing. His eyes did the same, it looked like he just realized how vulnerable he was in that moment, and a sort of wall was raised behind his irises and his whole body tensed a bit.
  • He was scared of being rejected.
  •  …
  • Your hand slowly reached out to his, which was floating in the space between you two, and when he didn’t pull back, you interlaced your fingers together. 
  • A look of awe decorated both of your faces.
  • “Thank you…Saeran.” The light of the TV bounced off your wet eyes, making them look extra glossy.
  • The boy just looked at you, wide eyed, apprehensive for a moment, then nodded and tightened his grip on your hand. It wasn’t the same anger induced bear trap grip from when he grabbed them before. Now it was just firm, reassuring, like a hug.
  • “MC…things will get better for you. If not? I’ll make them.” He gave a subtle squeeze of the hand, giving you the nostalgic feeling of a pinky promise.
  • “You already did.” You let your head, heavy from spinning and sobbing all day, fall on his shoulder.
  • He just looked at you for a moment, before taking a deep breath a pulling you closer, his free hand rubbing your back gently. 
  • Maybe he was wrong
  • Maybe things would get better for him too

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Hi Steph! I'm new to the fandom, could you please share with me the best Johnlock fanfics (in your opinion)? There is so much of them I'm lost... and I don't know which are the 'legendary' and 'must read' ones. Thank you so much! <3

Hi Nonny!

First of all, WELCOME!! I hope you are enjoying your time here!! OH GOSH, okay so funny thing, I’m actually currently making a list of ALL of my favourite fics ever, because someone else asked me ages ago, and now I have 5 other people asking me LOL.

As I explained in this post here, many people have already made great lists of “the best fanfics” in the fandom… But of course I’m stupidly picky about my fics.

Anyway, since I’m already working on an entire list of my biggest most fave fics ever in every place everywhere, how about for now, since I’m due for it, I give you my last bookmarked fics since I last did a list last month? I hope these will tide you over Lovely! In the meantime, you can also check out my ‘my fic recs’ blog tag, and I’ve a tonne of lists, some of which you can see here

I-J’s Last Bookmarked Fics (July 2017)

Upon Reflection, Tenable Frippery by emmagrant01 (T, 1,299 w. || John’s Beard, First Kiss, Fluff) – John was, inexplicably, growing a beard.

Gigantic by BubbleGumLizard (E, 2,135 w. || Size Kink, PWP) – John seems to avoid Sherlock seeing him naked. Sherlock wants to fix that.This is porn. Part 19 of Mystrade NaNoWriMo 2015

What He’s Like by magikspell (E, 2,919 w. || Love Confessions, Fluff, First Time, Inexperienced Sherlock) – Realistic first time. They love each other so much.

Straight Shooter by nefariosity (E, 3,249 w. || Est. Rel., Light Dom/Sub, Military Kink, PWP, Bottomlock) – Sherlock has a military kink. John indulges him.

The Prize We Sought Is Won by deathfrisbees (E, 4,610 w. || First Time, Mild D/S, Oral, Military Kink, Bottomlock) – Sherlock’s in love, or in lust, or both–unfortunately, the object of his affections is not only his completely oblivious flatmate, but said flatmate would probably run screaming into the hills should he find out. John’s been invited to a wedding–unfortunately, the groom used to serve under him back in Afghanistan, and requests that John wear a uniform he’s honestly not sure he fits into. Unfortunately for both flatmates, Sherlock’s got a military kink the size of Kandahar and John wants to know if he actually can fit into this uniform or if his eyes are deceiving him. It goes from there.

Facade by distantstarlight (M, 4,715 w. || Fluff, John’s Beard, No-Shave November, Grumpy Sherlock, Clueless Sherlock) – Sherlock is highly irritated with a challenge John has agreed to undertake. Why does he need to grow a beard anyway?

Telling the Bees by siennna (G, 5,174 w. || Fluff, Beekeeping, POV Sherlock, Love Confessions) – It took a beat of silence for the words to settle in, before both of them realized what John said. “You—” Sherlock started. “I—” John said at the same time. “Love me? You love me?” Sherlock asked faintly. Part 3 of sienna’s favorites

The Death of Doubt by Gingerhermit (E, 6,584 w. || Alternate Canon, BAMF John, POV Sherlock, Sherlock’s Mind Palace, Hurt/Comfort, Angst/Drama, Meddling Mycroft) – Mycroft asks for John’s help in rescuing Sherlock from his Serbian captors.

Illogical, even. by magikspell (E, 9,119 w. || Grey-Ace Sherlock, Character Study, Growing Up, Victor Trevor, Romance, First Time/Kiss, Sherlock-centric) – Five reasons Sherlock never believed in love and one reason he does now.

With This Ring by Quesarasara (E, 9,121 w. || Est. Rel., Marriage Proposal, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Idiots in Love, Embarrassing Hospital Visits) – Sometimes even the best of plans go wrong. And sometimes wrong turns out to be exactly right.

The Painted Man by jinglebell (E, 9,894 w. || Tattoos, Scent / Tattoo Kink, Rough & Tender Sex, Fluff and Smut, Obsessive / Jealous Sherlock, Touch Starvation) – Here stood John Watson – middle name, Hamish, ex-RAMC captain and field medic, favourite brand of jam: Duerr’s, preferred toothpaste: Mentadent. Loyal, steadfast, interesting John had just done the most unpredictable thing merely by being.John’s body was covered, neck-to-waistband, shoulder-to-elbow, in tattoos.

Confidential by sussexbound (M, 10,654 w. || Epistolary, John’s Journal, First Kiss / Time, Fluff, Self-Acceptance/Discovery, John’s Sexuality) – When John accidentally stumbles upon the Confidential file Sherlock’s been keeping on him he is both angry and curious. What he learns about himself, though–well, that changes everything.

At the Edge of Desire by philalethia (E, 16,375 w. || Post S3, Pining, Arse Worship, Humour, First Kiss / TIme, Sexual Fantasy, Awkwardness) – While helping John move back in to the flat, Sherlock discovers a strap-on among John’s things. He finds the discovery considerably difficult to move past.

Tomorrow’s Song by agirlsname (M, 24,645 w. || Post-TRF, POV Sherlock, Angst with a Happy Ending, Virgin / Repressed Sherlock, Love Confessions, Slow Burn, Pining) – How can he think a relationship with me would be a good idea? I am the sort of person to take a break from my life and when I come back after two years, I expect to find it exactly as I left it. In reality I find it shattered to pieces. (I actually equate you with my life. When did I start doing that?)

Where Else Would I Be? by cwb (E, 34,910 w. || Retirementlock, Domestic Fluff, Falling in Love, Parentlock, Fluff and Smut, Reminiscing) – John and Sherlock’s five-year-old granddaughter spends the weekend with them in Sussex. Sherlock happily indulges her whims, and John takes care of them while quietly revisiting the past thirty years of their lives together.

Left by lifeonmars (M, 45,153 w. || Magical Realism) – John Watson is left-handed. He’s tried not to let it affect his life, but as any Lefty knows, that’s almost impossible. {{for some reason this wasn’t bookmarked??? I’ve loved this story for years and apparently I didn’t bookmark it??? News to me.}}}

Bridging the Ravine by SilentAuror (E, 58,883 w. || Post S4, Couple For a Case, Bed-Sharing, First Times, Confessions, Awkwardness, Sex Trafficking) – Sherlock and John go undercover at Ravine Valley, a therapy centre for same-sex male couples in an investigation into a possible human trafficking ring. As they pose as a couple and fake their way through the therapy sessions for the sake of the case, it quickly becomes difficult to avoid discussing their very real issues. Set roughly six nine months after series 4.


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Based on Home By Michael Bublé


Another summer day has come and gone away, in Paris and Rome but I wanna go home

The story goes on and the birds they chirp and the hearts they beat, the world keeps spinning when he’s without her, but time seems to stop. He’s constantly on the move, from planes to busses to the stage, his days are so full of a million different faces, all with eyes filled with adoration for him, but none of them are hers. These days made up of endless streams of love and scenery taken straight out of a movie scene should be flying by, but there’s this silent longing he has. Bone deep in homesickness, it’s making his days feel like months and it’s like time is taunting his loneliness. You see he’s not lonely for company, he can’t get a minute to himself, he’s lonely for home, he’s lonely for her.

I miss you, you know

She has a soul made from wildflowers and streetlights in her eyes and everything feels out of balance without her around. His world is covered by a sky of melancholy cloud lines and he knows it’s selfish but he hopes it’s cold wherever she is so she wants to be near him even that much more. It’s true what they say, that distance makes the heart grow fonder, because every second that he’s away from her his heart aches just that little bit more. 

I’ve been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you

He writes her every day, paper love confessions full of little conversations like the ones they’d have at 2am in bed when he’s with her but still stuck on a different timezone and she’s missed his voice where she’d ask how he was in a tired voice and he’d say simply with a half grin on his face ‘I’m fine baby, how are you?’. They’re full of everything he misses, her singing in the shower as he brushes his teeth, cooking together, whispered ‘I love you’s’ before they fall asleep, the little things. He would send them but they don’t feel like enough, like his words don’t mean enough, like they don’t reveal enough. He’d write her a novel if he could just to let her know that he’s thinking of her.

I’m lucky I know, but I wanna go home

Don’t get me wrong he loves his jobs, forever grateful for getting to do what he loves, but there’s this her shaped hole in his chest that becomes more obviously evident the longer he’s away from her. He craves the comfort, the off-white walls decorated with fairy lights and Polaroid pictures held up with string and pegs that show memories that make his heart swell. He longs for the feeling of a different scene, one full of warmth and love. He longs for home.

This was not your dream, but you always believed in me

He knew she couldn’t come with him this time. Knows she has dreams of her own and she refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn’t boring. She wasn’t fulfilled, she had bigger dreams than to watch him live his. He knew that, knew she had to live for herself, knew she couldn’t be with him all the time, but that doesn’t make him any less desirous for her presence. He also knows she believes in him though, he can feel it even when she’s a thousand miles away. There’s always an overwhelming sense of pride in her smile when she watches him shine under the heat and glow of a spot light and it makes him feel safe in his ambitions. Witnessing so much love in one look almost brings him to his knees. She’s the reason he believes in a light at the end of the tunnel because he knows that after it all, the fame and fortune and Riviera views, he gets to go home to that smile that makes it all worth while. 

It’ll all be alright, I’ll be home tonight

His last night of tour is full of mixed drinks and mixed emotions. Never knowing how to feel when the lights dim and the songs have been sung for the last time in a while. It’s a bittersweet end to an era but he can’t wait to be in her arms again, or just even in her presence. Can’t wait to walk through the door and smell that faint smell of vanilla and honey and he knows she’ll be waiting to love every jet-lagged piece of him. The togetherness will feel like everything falling back into place and when he holds her for the first time in forever he’ll think back on all the beautiful places he’s been and how none of them compare to this. To her.

I’m coming back home

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hi ! i read through all your fic recs and i was hoping you might have some more ? i don't read smut myself, so i really like the ones you rec ^^

omg hi, sweetpea!! but yes, i do have some new recs in my likes that i haven’t been able to add to my recs page! also, thank you for giving me another reason to procrastinate from midterm studying, much love ♡

♣︎ blazing arrows by @daddychiminie

[ jimin x reader feat. jungkook | fluff, angst, future smut | supernatural au ]

part one. part two. part three. to be continued.

it’s a cupid au, and i really enjoy it so far. jimin is cupid and made a mistake by hitting you with an arrow, so he comes down to fix it, and i just really enjoy the playful bantering between the reader and jimin, and it’s so cute. the grocery scene is really adorable in part two, and i laughed way too hard at the magazine incident and the cart scene, oh god, i just really want a boyfriend to do that with me after reading that. AND I DIDN’T REALIZE YOU POSTED PART THREE SO BE RIGHT BACK, GOING TO READ THAT NOW.

edit: okay i have finished reading part three, and i’m on the floor from all the feels. i have never felt anything for jimin before, but gosh darn it, this is desperately making me want a hug from him. 

♣︎ the thing about love by @zephyoongist

[ taehyung x reader feat. jungkook | fluff, angst | college au ]


I’M STILL SO SALTY OVER THIS, PABLO. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS. but anyway, it’s still so very beautifully written and i cry, why do you do this to me and my poor, nonexistent heart?? taehyung is such a angelic and godly human being, he doesn’t deserve this.

♣︎ why people fall in love by @zephyoongist

[ jungkook x reader | fluff | friends with benefits / fake dating au ]


because anything and everything fae writes is magical and wonderful even though she does annoy me about jungcocky all the time. i remember reading this a long time ago, and i said she wasn’t going to love him back, and then you yelled at me. good times.

♣︎ love in colors by @lushguk

[ taehyung x reader | angst, fluff | soulmate / reincarnation au ]


gosh, i love mel so much, and her writing is so so breath taking. this is one of my absolute favorites because art and taehyung? my two passions lmao. i remember throwing my bunny plushie in frustration and then apologizing to it after i read the airport scene.

♣︎ the first and last of us by @lushguk

[ yoongi x reader | fluff, implied smut, angst | childhood bestfriends au ]


let me just lay here and die from the overwhelming amount of emotions i felt after reading this. mel has completely wrecked me with this, and her writing gives such a nostalgic and melancholic feeling that left me wanting to cry a waterfall. i’m pretty sure i screamed about this scenario to her too much.

♣︎ the pistol star by @kairoseok

[ jungkook x reader feat. hoseok | angst, fluff | supernatural au ]


this is a combination of astrology and beautiful beings, and i’m so in awe over this. just the way it was written and how every detail was crafted so intricately had me reading and rereading this scenario over and over again. her writing is really quite phenomenal and unique.

♣︎ 2 assholes play cards against humanity by @cosykims

[ yoongi x reader | fluff | youtuber au ]


because i love cards against humanity and because this is hilarious and cute and i love it. and also because her photoshopping skills for yoongi’s channel is incredible. and i rec her hogwarts!bts bulletpoint scenarios too!! i think i recced them before, but i gotta do it again because they’re amazing and i’m still in love with them.

♣︎ caffeine, crimson cheeks, and cashiers by @cinnaminsvga

[ taehyung x reader | fluff | college au ]


because i love fluff and happy endings, and tae is the cutest, and i can relate to this scenario on so many levels right now. “to noodle or not to noodle, that is the question” is too real. i’m questioning myself that at this very moment. where can i shop to get a cute cashier!tae to ring me up with a date??

 ♣︎ i want to kiss you (i know it’s 2 am) by @1rapmon

[ yoongi x reader | fluff | slice of life au ]


i honestly lost track of how many times i read this scenario because it’s so amazing and shows the dynamics of their relationship so wonderfully. gosh, the dialogue is so great, and i found myself smiling the entire time whilst reading this. del my soft and radiant goddess, ily to the moon and back.

♣︎ the countdown by @dreamscript

[ taehyung x reader feat. yoongi | fluff | slice of life au ]


taehyung is overdramatic, you’re amused, and yoongi is just so done with everything. oh, and throw in a dying confession. this scenario holds such a special place in my heart, and ily, rys, the other half of #rat and all hail rysism. rys writes my favoritest scenarios that have the best mix between fluff and comedy.

♣︎ in watercolor by @annyeongs

[ yoongi x reader | fluff, implied smut | photographer au ]


i love love loooove mia, the prettiest babe in the universe!! i also love love loooove her writing and how everything she types is so poetic and lovely and makes me feel happy. in this scenario, the reader is called art by yoongi, and yoongi is actual art, but mia is the true masterpiece here.

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Hello! I'm your new follower, and i'm amazed! If you don't mind, can you tell me jikook fanfic where at first jimin had an unrequited love towards jungkook for a long time, and it's really hurt. Jk didn't realize it at first, but at the end he loves jimin back. Thank you :)

Anonymous said:
Hiii I was wondering if you could give me fics where jimin’s in love with jungkook but jungkook loves someone else I’ve read literally all of those kind in your blog so it’s okay really If you didn’t find any <3 I prefer it to be happy ending with jikook but if it ends with another pair I don’t mind as long as it’s happy ending For jimin Thank you very very much seriously you’re the besstt

Anonymous said:
thank you for this blog jikook sama~! The god of jikook fanfics! I was wondering if you know any fics where Jimin is suffering from an unrequited love for Jungkook?

Hi everyone! I’m sorry for the delay, and I hope you don’t mind me combining your asks (⌒_⌒;) But of course, here you go! Since you all seem to have specific/no preferences for endings, I tried to include a range of fics :) I hope you’ll find them to your liking!

Oh! I’ve also tagged similar asks if you’d like more recs with unrequited love :)


Title: Four Times Around the Sun
Author: KookieKoo
Rating: General Audiences
Length: 5–10k words
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Or: Taehyung is in love with Hoseok, who carries a torch for Jimin, who is head over heels for Jungkook, who wants someone he knows he can never have.

Title: The Misunderstanding
Author: blindAngelJM
Rating: Not Rated
Length: 5–10k words
Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst
Summary: “Stop loving him. You’re only hurting yourself.” It all starts at a fan meeting. The post-it note, a fan asking Jimin if Jungkook loves him back and a plea from another fan for Jimin to stop loving Jungkook because all he does is only hurting himself.

Title: Take the Pain Away
Author: pastelrainbows
Rating: General Audiences
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst
Summary: Soulmate au where your soulmate can take your pain as their own (under certain conditions). Jungkook has zero interest in soulmates. Jimin is all heart (and soul).

Title: Thoughts on Friends (and Loving Friends)
Author: egbuns
Rating: Teen
Length: 5–10k words
Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst
Summary: it took jungkook so long to finally realize he liked jimin. au where jungkook dates taehyung only to find out he really liked jimin all along.

Title: What Does it Mean to Love?
Author: meiscribbles
Rating: Not Rated
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Drama, Angst
Summary: Jungkook just stood there as he watched Jimin finish cleaning up; his thoughts were running wild in his mind. “Hyung?” Jimin turned to face the younger and felt a pair of lips softly touch his own. His wide eyes closed as he let out a soft sigh. Jungkook broke the kiss and placed his head on his shoulder. “Teach me how to love.”


Title: A Million Ways Home
Author: waterparks
Rating: Not Rated
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Summary: Jimin meets Jeongguk in an empty subway carriage. It’s been twelve months since last time.

Title: Of Heartbreaks and Not-Too-Hidden Solutions
Author: yoonmint
Rating: General Audiences
Length: 5–10k words
Genre: Fluff, Angst
Summary: Jimin couldn’t breathe, then Yoongi slipped into his life along with summer breeze.

Title: Only Fools Fall for You
Author: honeymoons
Rating: General Audiences
Length: 5–10k words
Genre: Angst
Summary: love is a sickness, an addiction, an overdose. that’s why only fools fall in love. too bad jimin is a fool. (but good thing taehyung is there to pick him back up.)

Title: Sorry I’m Late
Author: General Audiences
Rating: eattaholic
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Summary: It’s 9:32 PM and Jeon Jungkook still didn’t bother to show up for his anniversary date.


Title: Feel Again
Author: sleepyjin
Rating: General Audiences
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Fluff, Angst
Summary: jimin is a ghost who can’t cross over until he can feel again. jungkook, who is living in his old apartment, is determined to help him.

Title: Love is 4 Walls
Author: fatal
Rating: General Audiences
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Pining, Angst
Summary: jimin is fickle with love, with lust, with 2am subway ride home i-saw-you, you-saw-me like. (until he isn’t.)

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to vent anonymously for a sec - I was convinced by my girlfriend to watch Voltron and I finished it last night, and I don't understand how it developed this culture of antis at all? There's almost no shippy stuff in Voltron at all. I especially don't understand why I've seen so many people say that kl*nce is a canon m/m couple; they're barely even friends??? How did people convince themselves that they're dating at the end of S3?

the kl@nce fandom has been queerbaiting tumblr into watching vld for the promise of canon gay for over a year now :V it’s incredibly popular and thus widespread, and I’m sure you know how fans talk to each other about their OTPs. I doubt that many kl@nce fans really believe the ship is (currently) canon, but there’s more than a few that really depend on it being VLD endgame.

Reality check: 

  • so far VLD has proven to be pretty close to a true ensemble show and it’s definitely not very shippy in canon. 
  • the relationship dynamic between all the Team Voltron members seems to be Found Family.
  • the target audiences are preteens and adults with nostalgia for the original Voltron (Defenders of the Universe). 
  • Shiro couldn’t be gone for more than a few episodes because he’s gotta sell toys and by all accounts Dreamworks gets huffy every time an episode passes without a giant robot fight. 
  • It’s going to be all plot, plot, plot from beginning to end, with maybe a (straight) romance or two on the side.*

If there’s been a relationship that’s driven the plot forward more than any other so far, it’s been between Keith and Shiro - Shiro being unwillingly tangled up in the plots of the Galra and Shiro trying to help Keith grow as a leader, and Keith’s strong loyalty to Shiro for Shiro’s past kindness and his struggle with his own growth as a person. but other important, plot-driving relationships have been the one between Allura and her father, Pidge and her brother (and Shiro), and Hunk’s fast friendship with Shay.

Poor Lance and Coran! So far they’ve just been ‘along for the ride’, so to speak, with their personal stakes in the state of the Universe being their affection for the rest of Team Voltron. I think Lance will do some plot driving soon, though. (Coran, I’m afraid, is trapped in the Comic Relief Zone.)

But part of what makes Lance so great is that he’s an everyman. He’s relateable. He’s insecure about himself, competitive, likes to show off, friendly and open, and deeply homesick. I get why he’s so wildly popular and why people exaggerate his angst and minimize his flaws. It’s easy to see yourself in Lance. I know I do. and favorite characters inevitably get shipped the most, and honestly: kl@nce is seen as a rivalship, and rivalships are incredibly, unbelievably popular as a trope. of course Lance gets shipped with Keith constantly.

IMO: kl@nce isn’t actually a rivalship. Lance considers Keith his rival, but Keith shows no particular recognition of Lance that way. Lance frequently provokes Keith in S1 & S2 and Keith reacts when sufficiently irked, rarely ‘starting it’ himself and being civil - friendly, even - when Lance isn’t sniping at him. Lance wants everything Keith seems to (effortlessly!) have, but Keith bears Lance no returning ill will except insomuch as Lance keeps attacking him for what Keith perceives to be no reason. But they do butt heads when Keith gets pissed and have opposing personalities and I know that’s enough for many people. 

Now I don’t ship it: rivalships aren’t my thing, and rivalships-that-aren’t-actually-rivalships are even less my thing. I’m sure a kl@nce fan could better tell you why they think kl@nce is a likely endgame. But I can see how people who love the pairing would get a lot of hope from the immediate softening that happened in season 3. Lance did a lot of off-screen growing, it seems: he’s able to put aside his jealousy of Keith to support him post-Shiro’s disappearance, and his decision to respect the Black Lion’s choice and accept that Keith will be leading the team from now on does away almost any reason they had to be antagonistic. Keith responds by warming up to Lance very quickly, and Lance is able to relax into doing what he does even better than before.

But there’s certainly fans who take that fast improvement a lot further than I think canon does.

(I’ll reassess when the main tension in Team Voltron isn’t between Keith and Shiro trying to negotiate their changing relationship dynamic as Keith rotates to leadership and Shiro wrestles his PTSD and injured self-worth.)

*I know the creative team mentioned wanting to have queer representation on the show but I will be quite shocked if it’s she1th or kl@nce. The show is rated TVY7 & the relationship focus is on found family, not romance; conservative parents are very sensitive to their kids being exposed to LGBT content ‘too early’; this isn’t the same directors as LoK, and both DW and Netflix aren’t especially ready to stick their necks out for queer rep. I’m betting on some side characters getting a nod or Coran alluding to a boyfriend back in the day or something.

So I wrote a thing in response to this post.  It makes a few specific references and really only makes sense if you look at that first, but I didn’t want to add this on by reblogging because 1) I don’t want to start an argument or anything (though I think I’ve kept it civil, it’s just a different opinion, I just like to really examine each point and why I disagree okay) and 2) it’s over 1500 words SO

Basically the post is about how Harry should have become the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and I respectfully disagree and here’s why

I have a fricking midterm tomorrow what am I doing

Keep reading

In The Rain Pt. 3

So I wrote this –> and Im out for school so I thought hey! short form fic

So here goes it

Adrien felt the weight of guilt uncomfortably sitting at the bottom of his stomach as he walked into school that morning. He hadn’t been able to get any sleep since last night, after leaving Marinette in the rain. He was ashamed to admit his cowardice, despite the overwhelming dread he felt in that moment. And now he had to see her this morning looking his worst. Even concealer couldn’t mask the puffiness of his eyes.

“Dude, you look absolutely terrible,” Nino winced, having just walked into class and taking a seat beside his best friend. Adrien let out a weak laugh.

“Thanks bro, it’s lovely to see you too.”

“What happened?” Nino brushed past the sarcasm and faced Adrien in concern. Adrien could only shrug, a small frown etched on his face.

“Don’t really want to go into it,” He mumbled. More students steadily poured in, Alya taking her usual seat with a nod, almost bumping into the desk as her phone occupied her attention.

Ten minutes after class began, Adrien’s guilt began to grow and claw at his throat. Marinette still hadn’t shown.

It’s alright- her being late wasn’t anything new. Adrien tried to focus on the lecture, struggling not to blatantly stare at the door. First and second period passed without so much as an interruption from a wide eyed black haired girl.

When break finally came Adrien whipped around so fast that it shocked Alya enough to drop her phone.

“Sunshine, don’t scare me like that!” She scolded, inspecting her phone for any damage.

Adrien sighed, “Sorry.”

Alya hummed and went back to her phone, scrolling through something with a worried expression.

“Al, you haven’t taken your eyes off that thing. Bustier didn’t say anything ‘cause of the situation but I doubt Dr. M will be as complacent.” Nino frowned at his girlfriend, trying to carefully pry her attention away from the screen. Adrien looked between the two in confusion.

“Wait, what’s going on?”

Alya snapped her attention towards the model in surprise. Her hands gripped at her phone tightly that her knuckles became white.

“Haven’t you heard? It’s been all over the news.” Her eyes flickered toward the empty seat beside her. “Marinette has been akumatized.”

Adrien’s blood ran cold. His hands clenched watching his two friend’s expressions to see if they were joking.

“That’s not possible.” Was all he could manage, as panic began to fill his very core. “The city would be in chaos.”

His Lady couldn’t get akumatized, the miraculous prevented it. Right? And wouldn’t he have known? The city wouldn’t stand a chance under Marinette’s fury, there would be no one to stop her.

All Adrien could think with a sickening lurch in his chest that it was his fault.

“That’s the thing dude,” Nino began, “she’s akumatized- the whole get up, powers and all- but she hasn’t done anything, only sit on top of the Eiffel with this blank expression.”

Alya nodded, also looking a bit queasy. “It’s absolutely terrifying. When police noticed her and tried to get her down, something went wrong and they came back with the same expression, completely unresponsive. No one has tried to get her since.”

“The area’s blocked off now, no one has managed to get in touch with Ladybug or Chat Noir.” Nino glanced toward the back of the classroom. Adrien turned and with a sad realization noticed another missing seat. “Nath, hasn’t left the base of the tower since he found out this morning.”

Adrien felt a pulse in his chest and his ring felt heavier on his hand than it had ever been. He tried not to show his distress but he felt like he was going to throw up.

Marinette was in danger, probably because he messed up and hurt her. Echoes of her face as he turned to leave, the split second of her entire resolve crumbling began to resurface in Adrien’s mind. His Lady was akumatized, subject to Hawkmoth’s influence, and without Ladybug he had no idea how he would even begin to save her.

How could everything have gone so wrong in just a matter of hours?

He couldn’t think of a response, he couldn’t even feel his legs at that moment. Hands trembling, he could only think of how he let the 2 most important- no, the ONLY important person in his life down. His Lady, his princess.

First things first, he had to find her.

Plagg shuffled in his bag, and Adrien got up from his seat. Usually the chaos would give him an excuse to transform, but as the teacher walked in to begin class Adrien ignored her confused look, and simply walked out. Despite the protests of his friends, and the threat of detention or worse, he calmly walked down the stairs and out the school.

He needed to get to Marinette.

A bit of info on the Au!

Hello! Im making this post bc I’ve gotten a few questions that don’t neceserally need the character’s to answer them + a bit more info about the AU!

In my last post i explained that there are different ways to get your powers! Some are born with it and some have, ‘help’ to get theirs. Everybody has the potential to have their powers but if they are not born with it they have to experience a life or death situation to ‘activate’ them, or they die if they aren’t strong enough to handle it. More info under the cut!

SQUIPs can ‘activate’ a persons power when they see that they either, need them, or simply to fulfilled their purpose (to make someone cool). They do their math and calculate the percentage of somebody surviving the ‘activation’ and take the risk if they need to, but if the persons too weak they don’t take the risk.
Their powers grow depending on how much they practice with them, it’s like a muscle they need to train it constantly or else it’ll just stay weak.
Now to go a bit in depth into two characters who have been the targets of all of the angst u guys have!

Michael (since he is the target of a lot of angsty questions,, i see u) : Michael, as most of ya’ll know can travel through electronics, electricity is coursing through a thing? Yup Michael can go through it! But if he were to say get trapped in one of those electronic devices he will slowly start to disintegrate since literally the only reason he’s inside of that is because of the electricity. The bigger the thing the easier it is for him to travel too since he doesn’t have to force himself so much to go through the device. Yes he has tried to go through SQUIPs since technically it’s a super computer and it has electricity i mean it’s shocked Jeremy with electricity! In short it didn’t go well, the SQUIP is extremely small and Michael had to endure a few minutes of being in it and it strained his body heavily plus the SQUIP went into a 'Self Defense Mode’ since there was an intruder. That’s all I’m going to disclose on Michael because i don’t want to ruin all surprises ;)

Jeremy (2nd target for all ya’ll angsty asks, why do u guys like hurting the boyf riends sm?): Jeremy can control electronics and the electricity in them, but he can not make electricity out of thin air he can only control previously existing electricity in a device. Jeremy is extremely careful when using his powers around Michael when he’s in devices and especially careful when he pranks Michael by turning off electronic devices around him (not the one he’s in of course), and anyways he can only hold it for maybe a minute or two before giving in because it eventually starts to drain him, but after an accident involving Michael he tries to limit when he does it so really it’s not something he does a lot anymore.

Like I’ve stated I don’t have a definitive story to this au, mostly tailored the questions i get so… YOU guys are the one growing this story, with a small push from me dropping hints if i have an idea and want it to go somewhere!
P.S I’m sorry if sometimes the answers don’t make sense or if they contradict each other. I’m just one mod and this is my first time seriously dealing with an ask blog! Don’t let the multiple art styles confuse you It’s simply just one 15 yr old who doesn’t have a definitive artstyle.

P.P.S i don’t know if this either helped answer a few questions, shed a bit more light on the au or inspired more questions! I just hope that this was helpful to a small degree,,, Please remember that this is actually just fantasy and a bit of sci-fi! Not everything’s gonna make sense, ya’ll just gotta roll with it (I won’t purposely start to make things confusing or not understandable now but there will probably be a few things that just cant be explained!)

Any questions that i see the could have been answered here won’t be answered by the characters! I try to upload a few answers a day and I don’t want to put time into an answer that’s been answered here sorry! Previously asked questions wont be affected tho, just new ones that come in after I’ve posted this but like a day or two later bc heck I don’t expect everybody to read this today.


Also small hint: read the tags that i put on the answers ;)  Some have bonus info

** As the au grows I might add more info here, don’t worry I’ll keep you guys updated if i do!

anonymous asked:

pLEASE write out some arranged marriage au's for perc'ahlia. i BEG you

literally all you have to do is ask, so long as you don’t mind a summary of ideas rather than actual fics because…..i would die if i tried. but i have many ideas regarding these two and marriage, and quite a few are arranged marriages. let’s see….

You have your classic arranged marriage, based on a timeline where the de Rolo family is alive and Vax and Vex are far more controlled by their father’s wishes. I like to think of this one as the left overs idea, seeing as it’s founded on the principles of Frederick and Johanna having to arrange a marriage for their third child who will not go out courting, and Syldor having to make a match for Vex before he can feasibly find a future husband for Velora. The deal is struck after months of arguing, when Vex finally agrees to marry some little lordling from the north because, well, the rumors about him are that he can’t be bothered about a wife, so he ought not to mind one that spends more time in the woods than by his side, right? And she’s heard Whitestone is lovely if chilly and distant (thought, really, that’s a virtue when it comes to getting as far from Syngorn as possible, and she even gets to take Vax with her).
They meet as proper nobility and this would be the fic in which Percy politely offers to cut his finger on the sheets. Instead, they stay up most of the night with Percy carefully explaining Whitestone’s traditions and Vex explaining how rubbish some of that is, and the maid finds them asleep against each other in the morning, still propped up against the headboard in casual day clothes, a map and what looks like half a written and scribbled-over argument in parchment pieces strewn across the bed. She’ll have to be checking the linens later, then.

Then we have the canon-compliant arranged marriage that I have seen written in some form or another, where Vex was supposed to be married off to Percy, but then of course the Briarwoods happened and Byroden happened and it never got all worked out. This idea mostly involves me wanting to write Vax being an ass about it on principle and/or Cassandra casually mentioning Percy’s betrothed, which causes a whole slew of confusion and one ill-fated quest to make sure he isn’t still engaged (which of course he is) because Percy really does not want to be engaged to anyone but Vex (which of course he isn’t). The endgame of this whole comedy of errors being Vex holding the papers legally binding them hostage, while Percy tries to grab them back because “It ought to be our choice, I don’t want to push a deal on you that you had no say in.” “Oh, so you’re not interested in making deals you don’t know the full repercussions of now, hm?” “I’m not - It’s not the repercussions I’m working about, it’s - I’d rather make this deal with you - give me the damn papers, Vex!”

I also have this idea for something very Swan Princess-esque where Vex and Percy grew up knowing they were going to be married, but then i also have this love of doing things a little backwards. So Percy is the one who starts falling in love first - in tiny inches, with the way Vex stands straight and tall with her brother when they’ve gotten in trouble again, with her laugh when it’s soft and light and then also when it’s too loud and sudden and she sometimes looks as though it’s caught her by surprise. He falls in love with her messy braid and the feathers in it, her awful-sounding Abyssal and the way it makes their tutors cringe, her insistence on keeping both a pet bear and a table full of cosmetics, the both of which she learns to wield and treasure for how they keep her safe and happy.
Vex, on the other hand, feels only a grudging sort of friendship. Sure, Percy’s alright. He’s clever enough and polite and stopped trying to lock her and Vax out of his rooms years ago (for all the good it ever did him when Vax was more than happy to pick said locks). And Vex knows she’s going to marry him one day, and that will be fine, but she doesn’t expect him to have grown to tall over a year. She doesn’t expect him to have a jawline she can see her lips following or eyes that beg to go darker with passion, and she certainly doesn’t expect his familiar wry grin to punch the breath from her chest when it’s directed at her now. He shows her the siege arrows he’s made (”They’re much more powerful than the exploding ones, you see. You’ll have to test them, but I’ve also had an idea for something like a grappling arrow that I’d like to try if you’re willing to give me some input.”) and Vex remembers the things he’s made and done for her and all the times she never thanked him and he never seemed to mind, and oh. Well. There’s an idea. Perhaps he loves her, and Vex finds herself a little in love with the thought.

The last thought I’ve had is angst-ridden and only half-formed, but it begins with the Briarwoods deciding to marry off the surviving de Rolos instead of Percy escaping, and he gets shipped to Syngorn. Vex is determined to hate him, just like everything Syldor has ever brought into their lives, but he’s so damn fragile when he arrives, and Vex has never been able to walk away from broken things. He’s her husband, yes, but Vex does a lot more of being his only friend than being a wife, and Percy slowly opens up. The twins are not nearly as bad as he’d dreaded and it’s certainly better than staying trapped in his old home, shadowed by monsters and wraiths, or chained in the dungeon and left to Anna’s tender mercies. He behaves because of Cassandra, but she is also why he never can quite enjoy his new life. Vex catches him, eventually, in a moment where he seems to be truly happy for once - and a breath-taking sight that is, when he’s creating and thinking, beautifully vibrant and casually sharp-tongued - just before he catches himself out and remembers to be quietly miserable.
“Tell me what you’re thinking about when you do that,” Vex insists. “What is it that always makes you force yourself to look guilty for enjoying things.”
Percy tells her, in halting, almost forgotten and definitely avoidant sentences, about his home and the people who took it from him, about the sister he left behind and why he’s never on anything less than his best behavior. Because if word ever gets back that he isn’t, it will be on Cassandra’s head.
“Well,” Vex says, after she’s swallowed down the impulse to simply hold Percy as close and as tightly as she can. “Let’s go get Vax. If we have to go liberate our city, we’ll need him.”
“You don’t have to get involved,” Percy tries. “It’s my problem, not yours.”
“By law, it’s half mine,” Vex says, flippant in the way she knows gets across how serious she really is. “The problems and all. That’s marriage, darling.”
It’s the first time Percy says he loves her, so quietly any human wouldn’t have caught it, but luckily, Vex is half elf.

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okay I'm going to ask you this because i've always loved your take on things, especially about malec. have you seen the sdcc trailer? do you think they'll break up?

No. I don’t think Malec will breakup.

About that trailer. I know a lot of theories are going around but, here’s what I think. Possible spoilers below so please skip this entirely if you don’t want them. I had fun discussing the trailer below but please take it with a grain of salt. These are, after all, just theories.

Keep reading

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Hey, can you recommend me some good malec fanfics? Don't care if it's fluff or smut (i heard you are a fan of botton!alec 😉 ) just tell me if there's anything good


Hello! Thank you for coming to me for this. I have lots of Malec recommendations! Right now I’m just going to give you some of the one’s I have in my new phone but maybe later I will add the one’s I have in my previous phones.

-This fanfics are a mix of a lot of things: fluff, angst, smut (yes, I’m a fan of bottom!Alec :D), some AUs, and some are very dark.

-I put some Notes to express my opinions and other stuff (they are kinda lame :p sorry haha) 

-Just click in the title to open the fic and if there’s an issue with the link just let me know. 

-I put how many chapters each story has and where is posted next to the title.

-They are not in order of how I like them or whatever, it was just how I found them, I put them here.

-Also I put a (*) before the fic title for the one’s I think you should really read!! The one’s I really loved the most of this list.

-I’m sorry if there’s some mistakes in my English, it’s not my native language.

Good Things Come To Those (Who Stutter In Front Of Their Crush) (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec is fairly popular, he has his friends and his brother and sister, and no one seems to mind that he doesn’t talk that much. He’s not exactly shy, he’s just awkward and gets nervous around strangers.

Magnus is a senior, a year above Alec, and he’s quite possibly the most beautiful person Alec has ever laid eyes upon. The problem isn’t that he’s a year older, however. It’s that he has a girlfriend.

And, of course, if Alec ever was to start a conversation with Magnus, he’d probably trip over his own feet, stumble over his words, and faceplant into the ground … or something.

The embarrassment just isn’t worth it. Or is it?

Notes: This is a really sweet AU with a cute Alec with glasses.

* Reminiscent (33/33) (Ao3) 

Summary: I’m trivial. I’ve always believed I’m trivial. But he says that’s not true. He says I’m a lot more than trivial. He says I’ll always be more to him. He told me I’m his first of safe and risks. He told me I’m his first in his mind which shouts important and unnecessary recollections. He told me I’m his first of anything but trivial. And I can’t help but wanting to believe him.

Notes: This has a lot of angst, I’m serious. You suffer with this but like I love angst, wow, it was amazing. And the end… well, it ends with angst but also in a good way (?)

Religious Obligations (16/?) (Ao3) 

Summary: The Lightwoods have long since been cursed with corruptibility. In the year of the Angel 1645, Robert made a deal with the devil himself. In exchange for the security of his position, he took an oath to give one of his children. Now the Prince of Hell has come to collect.

Notes: I haven’t read the last chapters, I think I’m in chapter 13 but this story is so good! It has a lot of potential and the plot is really good and unique.

* Tale of Wolves (2/2) ( 

Summary: Alec was an Omega. And he had never expected his Alpha, Magnus, would pick him as mating partner. Warnings: Altered ABO, sexual content. A two-part story.

Notes: This is an Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamic fanfic, with mpreg mentioned. Smut. *spoiler* But also how Alec starts to get over his insecurities.

* The Moon wants to shine but the Sun is too bright (14/16) (Ao3) 

Summary: “I don’t like it”, said Magnus.

Alec looked at him with perplexity.

“You don’t like what ?”

“I don’t like it when people are touching my things !” he answered angrily.

Alec frowned, did someone touch Chairman Meow ? He didn’t notice the possessive glare of Magnus focused on him.

Notes: oKaY THIS STORY IS AMAZING! The summary doesn’t make justice to what the story is really about!! It’s amazing!!!! Right now everything is getting solved and I’m impatient for the next chapters!! Oh and angst hehe.

* Five Times Magnus Isn’t a Good Boyfriend And One Time He Is (1/1) (Ao3)

Summary: Being a high profile celebrity makes it difficult for Magnus to find enough time for his personal life. Alec’s feeling lonely after spending yet another night alone.

Or, in which Magnus is spending too much time at work, Alec confides in Chairman Meow, and Magnus tries to make everything better.

Notes: Slight angst but has a sweet end.

* Under Nobody’s Wings (23/?) (  

Summary: The Circle which led by Jonathan Morgenstern was hunting Downworlders. Jonathan’s lover, Alec Ligthwood, suddenly showed up and asked Magnus for help with a baby in his arms. Said Warlock never expected the pain and love followed. Through their way to redemption, something developed between them. *Hints of abuse, sexual content and Mpreg

Notes: amazing plot!!!

Feeling Alive (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec has one job and he intends to complete it.

Notes: zombie!au but I’m warning that is tragic. This author’s fics are really angsty but I love them. 

* Satellite (6/6) (Ao3) 

Summary: All Alec wanted was for his family to be safe. Unfortunately, a dangerous mutant ability and a terrifying mistake can’t–won’t–leave him and his siblings alone. If he wants his loved ones to survive, he’s going to have to face his fears, and worse, himself.

Notes: Xmen Universe AU. Again, wonderful plot! This is going to have a second part but it’s not posted yet. This First is finished. This author’s fics are really angsty but I love them. 

* In which Alec regrets wearing black (5/?) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec is a ballet dancer with a permanent scowl

Magnus is a glittering fashion designer with a knack for gift buying

They meet and misunderstandings take place. This is their story.

*All characters apart from my own belong to the genius that is Cassie Clare*

Notes: oHmYgOd I’m in love with this!!! Ballet dancer!Alec is everything!! So cute and also kind of stalker!Magnus. The author changed slightly Alec’s appearance but I’m ok with it <3. And the chapter are so long!

darling tonight, i’ve got you in my sights (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: _

Magnus nips at Alec’s perspiring, over heated flesh with an enthusiastic mouth, tongue flicking out to lap at the subtle rivulets of sweat and his groan reverberates through Alec, deep and intoxicating. His agile fingers stray under the hem of Alec’s shirt, sweeping blistering trails of fire across his abdomen, muscles quivering and tensing under the numbing ministrations. The pure skin on skin contact is devastatingly stunning, by the Angel, and Alec clenches his teeth to smother his cry, head tumbling back onto Magnus’ shoulder.


(clubbing and some sexy dancing leads to some hot, rather filthy sex.)

Notes: yeess smut but it’s well written.

Intimacy (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: “Here, take what you want, what you need.” the warlock whispered, moving his hands to Alec’s to lace them together.


Or five times Magnus and Alec failed at having intimate moments and the one time they didn’t.

Notes: It’s literally what the summary says, and powerbottom!alec.

Too Much Of A Good Thing Won’t Be Good For Long (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: Boxing AU

Notes: short but so good!!

Bullseye (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: When Alec Lightwood is approached by Magnus Bane as a recruitment effort for a mysterious cause, he most definitely doesn’t expect the series of events that follow.

Notes: This includes experiments, if I remember well. A clandestine organization.

Magnus Bane’s School for Young Warlocks (20/25) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec had never dreamt he’d be a father by the age of 25, let alone the father of a Warlock. He’s sure he can handle it alone, though. He doesn’t need anyone and neither do his kids.

(Or: Alec takes Max to Warlock School and finds himself falling fast for his teacher).

Notes: I haven’t finished reading the last updates but has angst and denial from Alec’s part.

* Counting Lies (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: 49. Superhero and Villain AU

The city was torn apart by the fight between the mob families and the vigilantes, but Alec and Magnus were far away from all that. They were just two normal guys in a normal relationship.

Number of lies: 3

Notes: AMAZING!! AND HAS A LOT OF PLOT TWISTS!!!!! Everyone should read this. WOW.

Let’s Put That Mouth To Good Use (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: Magnus and Alec discuss their sex life via Cosmo quiz. Sort of.

Notes: This is good smut. I’m just saying that. Hehe.

In the Name of Promise (15/15) ( 

Summary: Years ago the Lightwoods asked Magnus for help: sending their only child Alexander to a mundane family and being raised like one. 17 years later Magnus received a call and he had no choice but rescue Alec, both physically and psychologically. *Warnings inside. Malec, AU.

Notes: This story deals with dark topics and Malec’s relationship develops slowly (at least the romantic one).

* Better Angels (10/10) (Ao3) 

Summary: When there’s only one active Shadowhunter in the whole crazy mess that is New York City, it’s bad.

When that one Shadowhunter is living with three adults who are cursed to never leave the Institute’s grounds, two of which hate each other, it’s very bad.

When that Shadowhunter’s happiness and even mental stability is sacrificed in the pursuit of perfection, it’s monstrous.

When that one, fourteen year old Shadowhunter is found crying in an alley by the High Warlock of Brooklyn, it’s a matter of life and death.

Notes: This story also deals with dark and sensitive topics too, like self-harm. Author’s tumblr: @witchlightsands

* Home Wrecker (93/93) ( 

Summary: Ever since his Father got caught with another woman and thrown out of the house, cheaters have disgusted Alexander Lightwood. So what is he to do when he falls in love with one? / AU, more chapters to come.

Notes: This a LARGE story, well it has a lot of chapters but they are not that long. I read the story in like 3 days? And it’s good, I mean, I wouldn’t have read it if it wasn’t great. Somethings are kind of… off. But I loved it. ALSO it has age-gap. Magnus is 30 and Alec 18 then 19, I think.

* Take Me Back to the Basics (39/?) (Ao3) 

Summary: Modern Malec AU where you can see every color but the color of your soulmates eyes.

Soulmates are a lost romance that have been shrouded over with fear of abandonment or fear of love, but sometimes lost romances can be brought back. Sometimes all it takes is a color. Maybe the color gold.

Alexander Lightwood thought he was normal. He has a normal family, a normal school, a normal life. But when his parents decide to move him and his two siblings from Chicago to New York, Alec’s would is turned upside down. Between meeting his somewhat famous soulmate and his parents’ demanding an mysterious job, Alec realizes that his life is far more complicated than he thought.

Notes: AMAZING STORY! This is a soulmates AU but also deals with other topics and right now one of the main plots is starting to reveal itself.

BlindSpot (4/?)  ( 

Summary: Malec orphanage AU: Magnus has lived there since he’d been nine years old, and now one year before he has to leave the Institute, a new kid comes along. Alec Lightwood hates orphanages, hates foster families. He just wants to be left alone with his anger at the world. Two worlds clash like thunder and lightning and both guys are in for an interesting year.

Notes: This amazing story is written by one of my favorite Tumblr users: @freakypumpkin Also check her other stories in her fanfiction profile, they are awesome! (also check her opinions of the TMI books on her Tumblr, omg <3)

Something Old Something New Something Red (18/?) ( 

Summary: The man with the cat eyes spoke, “Alexander?” Alec froze, all the memories, all the dreams that he’d had with this man came flooding back to him. This was his soulmate, his soulmate that he hasn’t seen in much to long.

Notes: Sometimes confusing and sometimes frustrating when some things happen (I’m not going to say them because spoiler) but is good.

* Learning to Be (26/26) ( 

Summary: When Alec was 13, he stopped speaking for almost a year. Five years later, Alec is forced to deal with the trauma of his past while learning to accept and love himself. Malec, Alec/Jace friendship and Lightwood family dynamics. See warnings inside.

Notes: Deals with dark topics and has a lot of angst. There’s a second part for this story and you can check it on the author’s profile.

The curse of love (18/?) ( 

Summary: While out on a hunt, Alec is cornered by a shapeless demon that seeks to use him to have his revenge against the warlock Magnus Bane. The demon casts a curse making it so that if Alec and Magnus do not vow and prove to love each other forever, the shadowhunter will die, the catch? Alec and Magnus are broken up! loosely based in the song “Sweet curse” by Floor Jansen.

Notes: this curse omg. I’m waiting for the next chapter like crazy because somethings have happened and maybe it’s gonna be over soon.

The heart inside (9/10) (Ao3) 

Summary: “The good thing, it’s that I will get some paid vacations to Los Angeles, and that I am convinced that Alexander Lightwood has a lot to hide. And I will find out every little dirty secret he might have and show it to the world to let them know that their golden boy it’s nothing more than a fake.” I let out and evil laugh. This was going to be fun.

Notes: Interesting story and there’s just one chapter left that the author hasn’t posted and maybe she or he would never post but chapters 8 and 9 wow yay.

* I Won’t Let You Fall (4/?) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec Lightwood is the most beautiful and talented classically trained ballet dancer at the New York Arts Institute. He’s pressured by everyone in his life to carry the honor of the Lightwood name in the New York performing arts world, he feels trapped in a box. Magnus Bane is the most liked, respected, gorgeous, and innately talented hip-hop freestyle dancer who was accepted to the Institute on scholarship. He puts on the happy face for everyone around him, but inside he is broken and badly scarred by his past. When Alec finds himself wanting to branch out and add free movement to his final senior piece he seeks the help of the one person he’s been secretly drawn to for years. The one person he knows lives very much outside of the box.

Notes: I just read this a few days ago but omg I’m in love with ballet dancer!Alec and I want more!!

* Malec Alphabet Soup (21/26) (Ao3) 

Summary: Twenty six (from A-Z), stand-alone one-shots about Magnus and Alec.

Chapter 1: Anniversary (mpreg)

Chapter 2: Birthday

Chapter 3: Cuddle

Chapter 4: Dork

Chapter 5: Everyday

Chapter 6: Family (part 1 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)/(mpreg)

Chapter 7: Goodbye (character death)

Chapter 8: Hand

Chapter 9: Injured (part 2 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)

Chapter 10: Jealousy

Chapter 11: Kiss (mpreg)

Chapter 12: Late (part 3 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)/(mpreg)

Chapter 13: Mortality

Chapter 14: Neglected (smut)

Chapter 15: Opposite (part 4 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)

Chapter 16: Pregnant (Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamic)/ (mpreg)

Chapter 17: Quality (Time) (part 5 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)

Chapter 18: Rape (Aftermath) (mentions of rape)

Chapter 19: Surprise (mpreg)

Chapter 20: Timing (spoiler: Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy)/ (smut)

Chapter 21: Upset (Mpreg)

Notes: I just love this. And the mpregs are amazing if you like mpregs. Chapter 21 is a roller coaster of emotions D:

The Babysitter (28/?) ( 

Summary: AU story: Alec Lightwood is a freshman at college looking for a job. Magnus Bane is a single parent looking for a babysitter. Magnus thought it would be simple getting a babysitter, and it was. Though it’s not so easy to keep his hands to himself from this sexy freshman… Age-gap, M-Rate later, kinks, smut and other sexiness.

Notes: This story has a lot of smut! Like A LOT!! I’m serious, and like it says it has age-gap for like 6 years? More or less.

Mortal Embarrassment and Other Flirting Techniques (32/32) ( 

Summary: Magnus is at the top of the social ladder, and Alec is the anti-social new kid. Plus there’s a little issue with Hodge and his serious psychosis. High School AU, all human.

Notes: The story is sweet, obviously has its own plot with climax like the Hodge thing and some stuff Magnus does (also another character that I won’t mention…)

Let me love you (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: “What?” Magnus said but was soon surprised of the fact that Alec practically ripped his shirt apart throwing it onto the ground of the warlocks loft.

Notes: one word to describe this? PowerBottom!Alec. Huh… I don’t know if that’s one word but whatever.

I hope you like at least one of them <33 I’ll add more later, I don’t know when but I enjoyed doing this. 

Not alone

John put their cups on the kitchen counter and poured the last drips of milk into their teas. “Anything I can get you from Tesco? Seems we ran out of um… Apparently everything.“ 
Sherlock didn’t respond, he just ended his quiet sonate. The whole night he had been playing his violin. All of John’s favourites. 
John placed the cups on the desk before he let himself fall into his chair, cupping his tea with both hands. 
"So, anything planned for today? A case, ruining Mrs. Hudson’s china or are you finally planning on getting rid of the ears?” John tried to get at least the hint of a smile out of Sherlock, who has been focusing on his cup, running his slender fingers over the notes on the desk. 
“Throw the ears away." 
"Are you sure? You’ve been working on this for weeks, you wouldn’t let me come near-”
“Garbage. Today.” Sherlock remained stone-faced.
“Fine, good. As you wish.” he threw his hands up in surrender.
Sherlock’s expression shifted, now showing worry, even sympathy. 
“John we-” he took a deep breath at the pure anticipation John offered him. “you need to stop this." 
John’s heart clenched, he kept on smiling. 
"Stop what?" 
"You know exactly what I’m talking about." 
He knew. "No, I- don’t" 
"For God’s sake John! Wake up. I’m not here.”
“You do this all the time, why can’t I-”
The flat went quiet. Just the steady noises from the busy street reached his ears. He couldn’t look at Sherlock, not now. 
"I think I should get ready. Appointment with Ella. I want to finish the groceries beforehand. Risotto for dinner? What you think?" 
A tremor forced him to clench his left hand as he stood up. 
He would buy mushrooms, Sherlock always liked that. And milk, he mustn’t forget about the milk. 
"John, please.” Sherlock’s voice was just a whisper.
And maybe a new bottle of scotch. 

John scooped the burned risotto into the bin, fully aware that Sherlock was surveying him, disapprovingly so.
“There’s still a can of beans behind the tea." 
"I think I’ll let it be for tonight. Sorry I’ll make up for it tomorrow.” John sounded defeated. He felt defeated, by goddamn risotto. 
“You shouldn’t be drinking." 
"Doesn’t mean I can’t.” he said raising his glass in Sherlock’s direction before taking a huge gulp. John edged past him, his glass in the left, the alarmingly light bottle of scotch in the right. 
Sherlock sat in his chair, hands folded in his lap, his eyes sharp as a knife observing John’s every move. 
“Could you- not do that” he mumbled casually. The alcohol was already paralyzing his tounge, making his skin warm and almost numb. Numb was good. Better than the alternative. Numb was bearable.
“Do what?" 
"Condemning every single decision I take." 
"I could. As soon as you stop condemning every single decision you take.”
Very funny. Hilarious indeed. Another gulp. 
“Touché” he ran lazy circles on the fabric of his chair. 
“So what your therapist said today…” Sherlock leaned forward.
“I don’t wanna talk about it." 
"Yeah, that’s what you told her." 
A bitter laugh escaped John’s throat. 
"You need to get it out." 
More Scotch. 
"What for?! It wouldn’t make a difference.”
“Right. Better keep up with the drinking. If you’re lucky you won’t even last two more weeks.” Sherlock has always been a righteous arse, but he has never been this- mean.  Not to him.
“Then I should probably try harder.” The faint of a broken smile played around his lips. 

Minutes passed without a word. Not a single sound would break the silence. His throat burned, the pattern on the wall was nothing more than a blurred puddle, made no sense. Nothing made sense. 
“Go to bed.” Sherlock’s voice was so calm, so quiet, as if he was afraid to scare John. 
He didn’t respond, just tried to get up, kicking over the bottle of Scotch at his feet. He needed to force himself not to reach for it and throw it against the next wall. 
Slow unsteady steps, clumsily hitting every piece of furniture in his way. 
Sherlock was in front of him, moving motionless, like a statue, slightly blurred maybe due to the alcohol, maybe because he began to- it must have been the scotch. It must.
He heard murmurs, voices, muffeled, far away. Cars and wind and-
“John. Call someone. You shouldn’t be alone right now." 
"I…I’m, I’m not alone." 
"John.” Sherlock still didn’t move, a figure of marble, poorly lit by the kitchen lights. 
He felt panic creeping up, everything seemed distorted. The room, his voice, Sherlock. 
He kept hold of the table, resisting the urge of letting himself fall to the floor. 
“I’ll be fine. I’ll be. You’re here.” John’s voice cracked. “You won’t leave." 
"John!” Sherlock was pleading, almost screaming his name. 
“You can’t. Y-you won’t do this. Please.” Shivers ran down his spine, he could feel the cold breeze on his skin. Please. Distinct voices, alarmed, yelling. 
“Goodbye John.” Those very familiar words. Just centimetres separated them. But his voice, tinny and so far away. 
“No. No.” John closed his eyes. “Stop. Don’t! Stop!” He sobbed, his whole body was trembling.
A dull crack and then- nothing. Except for John’s short sobs. His nails were digging into the table, his last sense of reality. 
“John. John open your eyes." 
"Look at me.” He felt so close, his tone so clear. 
His body was disobeying him, but eventually he opened his eyes, blinked away hot tears, still not daring to look up. Counting tiles around their feet to calm the fear. 
“Good. Now look at my face.” Sherlock paused for a second. “please." 
Ever so slowly he let his eyes move upwards, along the buttons of the Bellstaff, over the collar of his shirt, his pale neck and jaw. 
"Please” John begged. He didn’t want to.
Blood ran down Sherlock’s face, thick drops, creating the perfect contrast to his skin, coming from a deep wound on his forehead. His curls, dampened, glued together shimmering red in the light. Eyes wide open, staring into the void expressing the absence of everything. 
John’s lips began to quiver.
“Sher- please talk to me.” His voice broke.
Sherlock remained silent.
“Sherlock!” John cried out, drool running from his mouth. “Please. Please. Please. Please.” He reached out for Sherlock’s cheek, but before his fingers could touch his skin Sherlock laid on the floor, limps spread morbidly into all directions, his cold eyes still fixed on John.
John slipped on to his knees, bending forward, holding himself, sobbing. ‘It’s not real. It’s not real.’ He repeated it over and over. Almost choking on his own saliva. 
“It may not be real. But it’s reality.” The voice came from behind. Calm, steady, naturally cold. 
“I, this, this can’t be. What can I do?” It was still hard to talk. His throat burned, he felt like vomiting.
"Nothing.” He scoffed turning his head in the direction of Sherlock’s voice. 
“I- it needs to stop. Just make it go away. How can I make it stop?" 
"Accept it." 
John crawled over to the wall and sat down. His head fell back, beside him sat Sherlock, in his favorite dressing gown, perfectly fine, smiling sadly at him.
"How could I? I had to watch my best friend jump to his death right in front of my own eyes. How’s that acceptable?" 
"It’s not." 

John sighed, it’s been almost an hour since either of them said something. At least his mind stopped playing tricks on him.
"I’m sorry." 
Sherlock looked puzzled, just raised an eyebrow.
"I- I shouldn’t have said that. That ‘machine’ thing. It’s my fault." 
"John, stop it." 
"It’s true, isn’t it. I deserve this. It- you should haunt me for the rest of my life." 
Sherlock laid his hand on John’s and for the breath of a moment he imagined he could feel the weight, the warmth. 
"It’s not. And you know this." 
"It’s not fair.”
“No it’s not. Death is never-”
“That’s not what I meant. You know, holding a monologue, your 'note’, without even giving me the chance to say something, anything." 
Sherlock turned his head to the side, now looking directly into John’s eyes. "Then say it now.” His face was all edges, sharp lines and still it was the softest thing John ever laid his eyes on.
“It won’t change a thing.”
“It won’t." 
John smiled. Earnest. 
"I love you." 
Only a vaguely perceptible tremor in the corner of Sherlock’s mouth and wet eyes testified that he heard those three words.
John took a deep breath, saying it, out loud, hearing himself uttering these words. Making it real. He expected pain, despair, sorrow, instead he felt calm for the first time in weeks. 
"And now?” He asked facing away.

A little post Reichenbach fic that has been floating around in my drafts since tld.
Ankita’s little thread today reminded me of it, I hope you like it 😈 @love-in-mind-palace

Don't Worry, We'll Be Fine

Prompt: I can take care of myself just fine. 
Word Count:
A/N: This is for your submit-a-prompt thing! I swear it was supposed to be less angsty, but angst is usually where I end up. I haven’t done many prompt-based things like this before, but I liked the challenge!


   The night that they ruined Family Day, the night before Ben’s coronation, Jay couldn’t sleep. Chad’s words mixed in with the rest of his worries.
   “You like to hurt people,” 
Like it, no. Instinct? Maybe. Back on the Isle, hurting people was how he survived. Pick a fight in the market when someone tried to scam him, punch and wrestle his way to the supply barges so that he might have a chance at getting some food, sock someone in the jaw at school when he caught them hurting Carlos. If anyone made one wrong move on his best friends, he’d find them and make them every single decision that led to that mistake. 
   In the morning, he’d have to be prepared to fight for his life, assuming Mal can actually get the wand. Then what? He’d hurt Ben, who had brought him here in the first place. He’d hurt his team members, who were beginning to accept him as one of their own. And what if he failed Mal? What would happen to her and Evie and Carlos? What would happen if he failed to protect them?
   "Jay?“ A quiet, hoarse voice broke Jay out of his thoughts. Jay didn’t say anything, not trusting his voice to not break. 
   "You’re not okay, are you,” Carlos said. He was just so good at reading people that Jay wished he wasn’t.
   "You’re worried about tomorrow, and about what Chad said,“ Carlos continued. Jay stayed silent, his back to Carlos. He couldn’t show weakness, not in a time like this. The other three needed him to be strong. He needed to be the one they could rely on to keep them safe. 
   "It’s okay to be worried. I know you think that you have to be the one to protect us, but we can take care of ourselves just fine. We’re not weak. You’ve seen Mal with a knife, you’ve seen Evie take out three guys at once. You’ve watched me blow up whole buildings with a broken computer. So why won’t you let us handle things on our own?” Carlos continued to prattle on, the ungodly hour showing through in his voice. 
   Jay sighed. “I don’t think you’re weak,” he mumbled, his voice not as steady as he’d like it to be.
   "Then why, Jay?“ Carlos demanded, but there was no hostility in his tone. 
   "Because the last time I failed to be there for you you could have died! Don’t you remember?” Jay snapped. A silent tension filled the air between the two boys. 
   Of course they both remembered. They’d had a poor run-in with the pirates when he and Carlos accidentally stumbled into their territory after a not-so-successful food raid. The pirates had jumped them, and Jay found himself overpowered. They held him back while they beat Carlos senseless before holding him under water until his struggling body went slack. Only then did they release him, their howling laughter pounding into his skull. He had scooped up Carlos and ran back to the hangout where Mal and Evie had just been able to get the water out of his lungs. Jay had sat there, useless and not knowing whether or not his best friend would have lived if his friends haven’t been there. It was the worst he had felt in ages. 
   There was shuffling, and then the bed dipped behind him. Carlos pulled his blanket up over their shoulders and curled up closer to him. 
   "It’s okay to feel helpless,“ Carlos murmured. “It’s okay to be falling apart, just let us be there to put you back together.”
   "Carlos?“ Jay asked. 
   "Are you okay?“ 
   There was a pause.
   "As long as I’m with you,“ 

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Do you hear that, it’s my screaming at the fact I love this and the fact someone submitted me writing!?!?! This is amazing!!! 💙💜💙💜💙💜

If anyone else wants to submit me writing they’ve done with the prompts I posted( with canon ships or reader inserts, whatever) I’d love to read them!

Thank you again @probablyonearth

Meghan’s Top 10 Destiel Fics

For Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day, here are my top 10 fics that are still available on AO3. There are a couple favs that have been since taken down (Lost Souls by lastknownwriter I believe is down for publication? That would have definitely made the list!) so I’m only adding ones you can go read RIGHT NOW! MAKE SURE TO LEAVE COMMENTS on all your favorite fic today!!!!

(In absolutely no order, because narrowing down to 10 was hard enough.) (Well fuck, there’s 11. Oh well!)

Apres (canon) thevioletcaptain - The angels fall. Cas lands in France. Dean comes to get him. The fluffiest fluff to ever have fluffed, WHILE being amazingly in character. Not easy to do. If you held a gun to my head and made me pick top 3, this would be there. (If you made me pick #1 I’d probably die tbh.)

Clean Air (au) anactorya - Holy shit. This is a BOOK. It’s based off a book I haven’t read (but now want to) so don’t let that stop you. It is completely self contained. Post apocalyptic (but not endverse) community lives in an underground silo. They are told they are the only humans left alive on an uninhabitable planet. Until Dean intercepts a radio signal from Cas, who is in another silo. Intrigue, world building, CB radio Destiel - UGH just go read it.

His Fucking Kids Verse (canon) subjecttochange8 - Emma lives, and Claire ends up with Dean & Cas (long before she showed back up in the show!). They retire from hunting to raise the two teens, who are complicated and surly and angsty and wonderful. I really can’t do this verse justice, it’s one of the best things you’ll read in this fandom so get to it.

Pie Without Plot (canon) apocalypse-patisserie & robotmango - Ok, it’s on every rec list ever, but there’s a reason for that. The boys take a break from hunting to run a bakery, for Reasons. AMAZING development for all three of them. Hilarious, heart wrenching, fluffy in-character awesomesauce. While you’re there, read all of Major & Orange’s back catalogs - you won’t be disappointed.

rvr ro11435 (au) @ferritin4 - Dean & Cas work for NASA (but not in space). The story is from Cas’s POV, and he is the SNARKIEST GRUMPIEST POTATO I LOVE HIM. 

The Breath of All Things (au) @twentyonelizards - Dean was paralyzed in a car accident, and is full to the brim with self loathing, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Cas starts volunteering at the care home where Dean is living. Mind the tags, but it has a happy ending (without anyone “fixing” Dean’s disability because that would be gross). One of those fics that sticks with you.

The Story of You and Me (canon) the-diggler - Dean wakes up 2 years in the future, a journal in his handwriting telling him that he has frequent amnesia, he lives in Bobby’s renovated house with Sam & Cas, and oh yeah … him and Cas are a thing. Domestic adorableness with a twist. This fic will tear you apart and put you back together. HAPPY ENDING I promise, even through some angst.

What I Need (au) Jacqueline Albright-Beckett - Dean is a surgical tech, and he’s just been assigned to the biggest asshole of a surgeon (Cas of course!). Enemies to lovers, hospital!Destiel, amazing banter and characterizations. SO much snark and sexual tension, omg!

Every Living Thing (canon) Askance - Wow. This is. Wow. Talk about sticking with you, you’ll never get this fic out of your head. It’s literally the end of the world. The boys try for a while to stop it, but have to concede that there is nothing more they can do. They hole up in an abandoned firehouse while the last Great Flood destroys the world. Angst, hurt/comfort, finding each other in the darkest times, there is great Sam development as well. AMBIGUOUS ENDING - you can read it as hopeful, or as MCD, so if that bothers you you should steer clear.

Every Man’s Got a Right (canon) MollyC - Endverse-not-really-endverse! I’ve seen a few fic with this premise, but this is my favorite. Instead of dying, Endverse!Cas gets sent back in time to the Wincheseters circa Season 2. We follow them as they go through the cases & plot points leading up to the apocalypse, with the added bonus of Endverse Cas along for the ride. I *devoured* this fic! This should have much more kudos than it does, but it was wrongly tagged MCD for a while.

Just More of the Same Verse (canon) outpastthemoat - This fic will make you ache. Cas falls, and is completely overwhelmed and nonfunctional. This is the long process of Cas & Dean figuring out who they each are now, and who & what they are together. This will pierce your very soul, but definitely in a good way. Hurt/comfort of the absolute best kind.

(Honorable Mention - Hands, From Which All Things Are Built (canon). Of the 5000 fic written between S8 & 9, this is arguably the best. Not making my “official” list because PWP is up there already, but this fic singlehandedly made texting!Destiel EVERYONE’S jam. You better not pass it up because it’s rated T. I will find you and I will end you.)

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I noticed that you don't have any imagines for Jiraiya and he's not listed under your rules post. He's a fave of mine, so I gotta... headcanons of how Jiraiya would act upon finding out that one of his sexcapades ended up in a daughter, and he now finds himself responsible for her? (Thank you so much)

*slams hands on desk* THIS IS THE SHIT I LIVE FOR MAN

also holy shit i really want to write a few small drabbles of jiraiya’s daughter and she really looks up to kakashi (in short it’ll be a kakashi fic if i write it xD)

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Jiraiya As A Dad

- He was never told that one of the women he slept with had become pregnant. He wasn’t in contact with her, and truth be told. Jiraiya was pretty drunk so he hardly remembered what she looked like. Probably one of the women at one of those establishments. 

- When she arrives at his place with the babe in her arms, he’s slightly confused. Who is this woman? Why is she here with a baby? He’s stunned to silence when he’s told that he is the father, that he’s now responsible, as she can’t take care of her baby. 

- “It’s a girl,” She says before turning to leave. “Treat her nice, alright?” Jiraiya never sees her again. That smile is the last thing he remembers. 

- He grew up in a time of war and instability! How’s he gonna be able to raise a kid - his kid? It’s a challenge for him, raising his child, forcing a few things his ‘research’ for instance on the back-burner. He sees that she’s got his hair, pure, and white as snow. It’s softer than his. Fluffier, so he can’t do much without some form of hair straightener. 

- He names her “Misaki” as the mother never left a name. She’s one of the most beautiful thing to ever have graced his hands. “Beautiful Blossom” it means, and he’s certainly not wrong. She clearly got my good looks. He’s entirely proud of her.

- On her seventh birthday, he watches as she walks out with that ninja headband in her hands, holding it up high and proud, finally a Genin. His smile is like her mother’s. That’s all he can remember of her. He doesn’t care. His baby girl is a ninja now.

- His books are still being written, those haven’t stopped, so when Misaki picks one up, the curiosity setting in, Jiraiya lets out an ungodly scream as he runs over to her, grabbing the book from her hands before she got too far in. Her poor cheeks are already red.(gj ero-sannin you’re gr8)

- Misaki’s 13, now, and she’s in the Chuunin exams. She’s fighting exactly the way Jiraiya taught her. He’s proud, he sees how much she’s come. He’s done what he can to support her, and now it was up to her.

- She’s at that age now, where Jiraiya’s almost always worried that she wouldn’t come home by herself. He’s not one to push away her friends, he’s the type of person who’s always welcoming her friends, but when it comes to the significant other, whether it be a girlfriend or boyfriend, they’re going to have to make sure that they get through Jiraiya’s approval before they can get to her. His daughter understands this.


- Jiraiya’s leaving for a mission, his last, he assumes, and leaves his daughter a list of things to buy. He’s left a small piece of paper on the back of which she has no idea. 

- After the inevitable death of Jirayia (it never happened, shh it’s like neji all over again) his daughter gets hit just as hard as Naruto does, if not a bit more. His last thought was of her, her pure, snow white hair, the markings under eyes just as evident as his own. He recalls her smile, the smile that reminds him of his daughter’s mother.

- Just as she thinks she’s moving on, she finds the note that Jiraiya left for her. “I’m proud of you.”

Dick didn’t mean to get nostalgic, but sometimes it happened— the Manor was like that. It was hard to walk through a decade of memories without feeling them, especially when everything looked the same. Of course it did. Bruce didn’t like it when things changed on him.
Dick ran a hand over the kitchen counters as he passed, up onto the wall and across the room. Yeah, exactly the way he remembered, minus Alfred at the stove. He was out today, probably at the grocery store or waiting in a middle school parking lot somewhere. It was about that time.
His circled the kitchen until his fingers hit the doorframe and stuck on the tape measure glued alongside the wood– right on top of his own name written in Bruce’s handwriting, accompanied by a date six years old. He’d been awfully small back then, hadn’t he? Dick bent down to read the very bottom of the chart, smiling a little bit at the memory. He would have been eight back then. He made Bruce mark his own height on the wall the first time, even though Bruce had protested that he already knew how tall he was. But that wasn’t the point, and he’d given in eventually.
That mark was still there: the highest one on the wall. Dick remembered staring at it every time he got measured, pleased by the way the gap closed as he grew taller, wondering if it would ever close entirely. It didn’t. Dick had stopped growing four inches beneath Bruce’s 6’2.
He was trying not to take that metaphorically.
Measure up, he thought. Funny. He paused over the only thing about the kitchen that had changed— the two marks on the height wall that said Jason (half an inch and three months apart) and wondered if Jason stared at Bruce’s mark too. Or maybe even Dick’s.
Good luck, Dick thought, and left.

Tim understood why Bruce was angry, although “angry” might have been the wrong word. He was upset really, but on Bruce upset and angry looked the same— like slamming doors and punches that were just a little bit too hard. Like not looking Tim in the eye, but staring at him when he thought he wouldn’t notice.
He noticed. Hard not to.
You didn’t do anything wrong, he reminded himself, and Bruce knows that. He’ll get over it in a few days. He always does.
Until then, Tim figured it was best to stay out of the way. He was hiding out in the kitchen, well away from Bruce, staring at the cause of this month’s episode: the growth chart in by the door, specifically two marks labeled Tim and Jason.
Tim’s mark was higher. That made it official— he was taller than Jason had ever been.
Bruce must have seen that coming, but maybe plain seeing it was harder. Tim didn’t blame him for being upset or angry or whatever he was— maybe feeling upset made him angry?— especially when he felt guilty himself. He didn’t mean to outgrow Jason, by any definition. He was just… growing. By himself. Shouldn’t that be a good thing?
Yes. But that didn’t mean it was good for Bruce.
Tim tapped aimlessly on the kitchen table, searching for the source of the guilt he could feel eating through his chest. He hadn’t done anything wrong. He was doing his best to minimize the problem. What else was there?
It was perfectly reasonable for Bruce to be upset. Jason was his son— a more important person than Tim, who was not— and death was hard to handle. Tim knew that. More important. Jason was more important.
Tim wished he wasn’t. He hated himself for wishing that.

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"Don't listen to them. Don't you EVER listen to them!" With tomco please

Sure I can! I still support the heacanon that demons are seen as warriors and not highly regarded in other dimensions. It’s probably not going to happen, but it’s fun to write about.

Send me an angst prompt!

“Don’t TOUCH him!” Tom screamed. He cut in between Marco and the group of monsters, sent to capture Marco by Miss Heinous. Tom picked Marco up, and threw him out of the way, so he fell to the ground, but somewhere safe.

“This doesn’t concern you, demon.” The monster minion narrowed his eyes and Tom growled. His eyes were glowing a dangerous red and he was surrounded by fire. “Go back to your liege. They’ll be missing their guard.” He hissed. Tom raged and collected a large ball of fire over his head with his hands.

“Marco IS MY LIEGE!” Tom screamed, throwing it. The monster got blasted back into a tree, leaving a mark where he was burnt. The other three monsters let out a battle cry and charged at him. Tom fought two of them while the third tried to attack and capture Marco.

“Let me go!” Marco cried, kicking it in the face. The monster growled and Marco threw them away. The other monster grabbed Tom by the shoulders, and flipped him down, so he fell on his back hard.

“Quit fooling yourself.” He growled. “You’re a demon. A war machine meant for fighting for a princess. That’s all you’re doing now, isn’t it?” He asked. Tom’s eyes lit up again and he kicked the monster off of him.

“I am the prince of the underworld! And I am protecting Marco because I love him! And he loves me!” Tom yelled. “I’m not JUST a warrior!” He then tried. The monster continued to lunge at Tom, who kept dodging.

“You are! And you know you are!” The monster yelled. Tom gritted his teeth and kept lunging at the monster. “You’re a demon! You’re disposable! A million more demons can be made from flames and used as a servant! We can make one that won’t talk back! You think the princess Marco would ever love you?” He asked. Tom fell back, the question actually making him think. He then shook his head and looked up.

“Yes! He would love me! He DOES love me!” Tom cried.

“Princess Marco is an interdimensional icon. She’s freed the princesses at St. Ogal’s and is regarded as a hero to most. That’s why Heinous wants her so badly… and that’s why she could never care about you!” He hissed. “All you are is an accessory. To fight and DIE in battle!” He continued, pushing him down again. The other two monsters joined in at fighting Tom, who gave up at fighting them at one point.

“HEY!”  A voice cried. The monsters backed off, looking over at Marco who was staring at them. One still had Tom by the neck and horn, the demon was whimpering and squirming, trying to get away. “Let GO OF HIM!” Marco demanded.

“It’s a demon.” One of the monsters hissed. “You can get a new one.” He then smiled sickly and tightened his grip around Tom’s neck. Tom sputtered something and kicked his legs. “This one actually seems to be a defect. What sort of good soldier gets captured this easily?” He asked. “I’ll just get rid of this one.” He growled.

“Stop it!” Marco ran forward and pushed the monster back hard. He dropped Tom to the ground who gasped for breath. “Oh Tom!” Marco cried, throwing his arms around the demon. He then looked up at the monsters with furious eyes. “Don’t touch him! Don’t you ever touch him again!” Marco screamed.

“We aren’t here for something so worthless!” The other monster hissed. “We’re here following orders to bring YOU to Heinous! Trust me… we want nothing to do with your defective demon.” He growled. “Keep your guard.”

“He’s not MINE! He’s his own person!” Marco hissed back. “Now get back!” He demanded. He jumped up and kicked one of the monsters square in the nose, so he toppled over back into the portal. One went to try and grab him, but he fell back into the portal with his ally. Marco then narrowed his eyes at the last one. “Leave.” He commanded.

The monster narrowed his eyes at Tom and went to leave. “You’re nothing, not to Marco, not to anyone. You’re nothing more than the dozens of other demons we have at the academy.” He growled, before leaving. Marco huffed and watched him go, watching the portal close behind him, gritting his teeth.

“They always get fought off so easily.” Marco muttered. “Well at least they’re-” Marco turned around and cut off mid sentence. Tom was standing with his arms wrapped around himself and tears flooding down his face, watching where the monster had left. “Tom?” Marco asked, but the demon just ignored him. “Tom!” He cried, wrapping him up in his arms. The demon clung onto Marco and sobbed.

“Marco I’m sorry I’m so so sorry.” Tom sobbed, holding onto the human tighter.

“Tom, you didn’t do anything! You didn’t do anything at all!” He brushed Tom’s hair away and the demon sobbed harder.

“It’s true! All of it’s true!” He cried. “I-I really am nothing… I just thought that you’d see me as something more. But it’s not fair to ask that of you and… Oh Marco!” Tom sobbed and Marco held him close, rubbing his back soothingly.

“Tom don’t say that. Don’t ever say that. You’re worth so much more than you think, and so much more than that horrible monster said you were!” Marco insisted. But Tom just pulled away.

“No! I’m not!” Tom cried. “Ask anybody! Anybody in any dimension who knows about demons and they’ll tell you the same thing! We’re worth NOTHING! I’m worth nothing! I’m just a warrior meant for fighting… ask anyone!” Tom dared. “Everyone tells me the same thing! I’m worthless! I’m replaceable! I’m-”

“Don’t listen to them! Don’t you EVER listen to them!” Marco demanded, cutting Tom off. His harsh tone made Tom jump a little. “They’re all lying to you! All of them! You’re worth everything! You’re worth everything to me!” Marco exclaimed. “Tom look at me.” He grabbed Tom’s face in his hands and pulled him into a kiss. Tom looked at Marco with wide eyes, tears still falling down his face. “Tom, please try to understand. You’re so important, to me and to Star and to Janna and even my mom and dad adore you.” Marco assured.

“I just… I just want to be good enough for you…” Tom closed his eyes and let more tears fall away and Marco scooped him up in a hug. Tom sobbed and held onto the human, and Marco covered his face in kisses. He just held Tom for a long time, letting him cry and holding him close.

“You’re good enough. You’ll always be enough.” Marco promised. He pulled back and gave Tom a deep kiss causing the demon to blush. “Never talk like that, never ever talk like that. They’re all wrong.” He continued. Tom sniffled and nuzzled Marco’s hoodie, nodding. “Look at me.” Marco told him. Tom looked up, still with tears pooling up in his eyes But Marco gave him a warm smile and kissed away the falling tears. “Perfect. You’re perfect.”