and i don't wanna do homework

Making a vinok. So far this is what I will be using but there will probably be more.

  • Young Akko: One day, I wanna be just like Chariot!
  • Akko's mom: I don't doubt that for a single second.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------
  • Young Andrew: Hey dad, do you think I could be a pianist like Mozart?
  • Paul: No now get back to your homework.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------
  • Akko: ... I'm killing your dad.
  • Andrew: Please don't.

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you say you write with female muses & support female ocs but I don't see it so why even lie

        hello there friendly neighborhood anon! so, I wanted to be very eloquent in my response to this, but I see that you have not truly delved into my blog to support your claim. therefore, me goin on about this would be pointless

       I will say here that the muns of the female muses I associate with are more than welcome to speak for themselves. there’s quite a few on here interacting specifically with Thomas. I was gonna tag, but nah. I don’t know bout you, but I wouldn’t like to be dragged into an anon post, me. so, please, take a little deeper look…
      and if you still feel this way, there’s a lovely button on the top right of my blog that if you click it, it will make sure you’re not following me. you can also hover over my name, and click ‘unfollow’ on the top right of the popup. there’s also a blocking feature located in your blog settings. if you scroll all the way to the bottom, that’s where it is! you can even go the extra step and download this cool add on called tumblr savior that allows you to make sure you REALLY don’t see any of my content



So, my birthday is coming up and I wanna do something to celebrate it here! Since school just started where I am and I have been banned from my laptop during school days unless it’s for homework, I’ve decided to post this a few days early. So tada! Here it is.

To join:

blacklist “#alyssa’s bday” if you don’t wanna see this

**formats are under the cut

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Hello beautiful 💕 Today we have Monday(of course 😅) and also new month! I'm so excited 😆 I can't wait what will happen in May(CBX comeback omg) I don't know what to write here more 😭 Oh stay hydrated and sleep a lot! It's good for your complexion✨✨ I asked before about your fav EXO song so this time I'll ask you to post photo of your bias with the hairstyle that you think suite him the most 🌸 Love ya 💕 Ps. Ka-CHING Ka-CHING Ka-CHING 😂

Okay first of all i wanna apologize for answering this so late!! I had wifi problems for the past 2-3 days and when i had my wifi actually working i had to do homework cant wait till i get to go home so i dont gotta deal with this ndjdj anyways as for my fav hairstyles for yixings… pretty much every hairstyle he’s had since lotto??? idk i rly like the kinda shaved sides/hair pushed to a side ( ??? im bad at describing things excuse me) look but here are some pic i saved on my camera roll of it. 

School Starters
  • "Schools here! I can't wait to fail."
  • "I just wanna turn around and go back to bed."
  • "Hopefully this school year it better than that year."
  • "I'm gonna do better this school year!"
  • "Hey! It's been awhile!"
  • "We haven't seen each other this school break, how are you?"
  • "Excuse me, do you know where room (number) is?"
  • "Are you new here?"
  • "I haven't seen you around before."
  • "You're here too?"
  • "Oh, it's been awhile since I last saw you."
  • "Hey! We're in the same class again!"
  • "I thought you transferred schools."
  • "Too bad we're in different classes."
  • "Show me your schedule, maybe we're in some classes."
  • "We gotta hang out after school."
  • "Wish it was suspended."
  • "Is it too late to go back home?"
  • "Wanna skip with me?"
  • "Heard there was a new teacher..."
  • "Seen the substitute?"
  • "I wonder what happened to Ms/Mrs._"
  • "Avoid those typed, they could ruin your reputation."
  • "Want a school tour?"
  • "Need anything else?"
  • "You'll need to go to the faculty office first."
  • "Promised you'd graduate here with me!"
  • "Why'd you leave me here?
  • "I honestly don't like my section."
  • "Our homeroom teacher is the best/worst!"
  • "Wanna put tape on the door?"
  • "If you don't take studying seriously, then why are you still here?"
  • "Leave if you're just going to dwadle around."
  • "Stop procrastinating and do your work."
  • "Sir/Ma'am can't really expect us to write this long of an essay...right?"
  • "This is impossible."
  • "What does this even mean?!"
  • "I'd prefer memorization."
  • "I'd prefer solving."
  • "Better hurry, the cafeteria piles up a lot."
  • "Better be the first in line."
  • "Why is the line so long?!"
  • "Dammit they're out of (__)!"
  • "How much is that?"
  • "I'll buy you something."
  • "Help me out with my homework here."
  • "Wanna do a group study?"
  • "We're doing the group project later, wanna come with?"
  • "Stop doing nothing and help us out here!"
  • "Just because you provided the materials, doesn't mean you don't help us."
  • "Can I copy your homework?"
  • "I left my homework/project!"
  • "I'm sorry professor, I wasn't able to complete my homework because of (reason)."
  • "I could've sworn I put my work here..."
  • "Did you pass your papers?"
  • "You didn't pass it."
  • "Why are you late?"
  • "I need to wake up earlier than this..."
  • "Dammit, late again."
  • "Go to the principles office this instant."

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You have legit made my week with all these updates! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

No problem, my dude!!! :DDDDD I can’t make any promises, but hopefully I’ll be updating a little more often from now on, so I hope you enjoy! ‘v’)b

Parent/Child Starters
  • "Didn't I tell you to brush your teeth?"
  • "Did you brush your teeth?"
  • "Let me smell your breath."
  • "I don't feel good."
  • "I had a nightmare."
  • "Can I sleep with you?"
  • "Do you want to sleep with us?" (feel free to change if single parent)
  • "Where's daddy?"
  • "Where's momma?"
  • "Is your friend going to spend the night this weekend?"
  • "What do you want for your birthday?"
  • "You made breakfast all by yourself?"
  • "If you don't brush your hair, we're getting it all cut off and you'll be bald."
  • "Do you like your teachers?"
  • "You can watch TV in my room."
  • "Supper is ready."
  • "How'd you do on your test?"
  • "Can you help me with my homework?"
  • "I have a project due tomorrow and I haven't even started."
  • "You're grounded!"
  • "I hate you!"
  • "Well I love you."
  • "What kind of cereal do you want?"
  • "Do you want to go to the store with me?"
  • "Buckle up."
  • "Give me a kiss good night."
  • "Sweet dreams. Don't let the bed bugs bite."
  • "Can you read me a bed time story?"
  • "I'm scared."
  • "Why are you crying?"
  • "Have you finished your homework yet?"
  • "I want to go to the park."
  • "Can I have a dog?"
  • "Can I have a kitten?"
  • "Will you take care of an animal?"
  • "Did you do your chores?"
  • "I said clean your room."
  • "If you don't clean your room the city is going to come in here and condemn this place and you'll be living under the bridge."
  • "Turn the lights off."
  • "Did you turn your lights off?"
  • "Did you wash your hands?"
  • "Did you flush the toilet?"
  • "I don't wanna go to school tomorrow. I don't feel good."
  • "___ kissed me!"
  • "How much longer til my birthday?"
  • "Is Santa Claus real?"
  • "Is the Easter Bunny real?"
  • "I lost a tooth."
  • "Put your tooth under your pillow so the Tooth Fairy can take it and leave you some money."
  • "There's no such things as monsters."
  • "Who hit you?"
  • "Why did you get into a fight?"
  • "Don't fall asleep on the couch. I'm not carrying you to bed."
  • "Now you have to behave when we go out, okay?"
  • "I always behave."
  • "I don't like cheek kisses!"
  • "I love you, Momma."
  • "I love you, Daddy."
  • "Do you want a little brother or sister?"
  • "I don't wanna little brother or sister!"
  • "Does that mean I get to be its big brother/sister?"
  • "It's not an it, sweetie."
  • "If you have another baby, you'll forget about me and love it more."
The Signs And Summer
  • Aries: partyin', partyin', yeah! jk i just made out with my computer tho lol
  • Taurus: i'm getting exercise... i parkour my way to the fridge and work the muscles carrying food..
  • Gemini: Snapchat story- OMG phone has not stopped blowing up lol chilling; Phone- *crickets*
  • Cancer: finally i have the time to do the important things *curls up in the corner and writes gay smut*
  • Leo: actually does stuff sometimes but likes to stay in and relax too
  • Virgo: HELL YEAH SCHOOL IS OUT!!! *2 weeks later* I'm fucking bored.
  • Libra: goes out with friends a lot and it's still not enough; completely forgot about their summer homework
  • Scorpio: What do you mean I need a life? {insert otp here} is my life! don't talk to me or my son again
  • Sagittarius: I wanna go on an adventure!!!!! .... .... i have $2 and a box top.
  • Capricorn: Gets their summer homework done in like the first couple weeks just to get it the hell over with and has fun during the rest of summer
  • Aquarius: has moved like once since the start of summer and has somehow proved the existence of aliens, cured cancer, written a novel, but didn't know how to do the math homework
  • Pisces: sleeps and eats a lot, will find them under the covers and in their laptop
the signs as things my friends have said
  • Aries: "so yeah we just each take a shot of fireball before bed now"
  • Taurus: "do you dare me to eat this lemon"
  • Gemini: "i'm not going to pour you another shot of vodka" (spoken right before pouring me another shot of vodka)
  • Cancer: "i'm at school part time and hell full time"
  • Leo: i was about to double text someone but then i remembered that i love myself
  • Virgo: *walks up to hotel desk receptionist* "is there ice in this hotel"
  • Libra: "as a future not yet practicing hoe"
  • Scorpio: "i remember you like the crystal gems remember rose quartz"
  • Sagittarius: "do you wanna smoke weed on Christmas Eve with a guy who was fired from our work"
  • Aquarius: "i can't not think you are rad like don't even let that thought cross your mind"
  • Capricorn: "telling the truth is always better in the end because it brings order to chaos"
  • Pisces: "my plans for this weekend? probably some combination of homework and screaming"