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Some fun stuff with obstetrics.

Okay so I crunched some numbers re: that panel with Touka’s due date and Yoriko’s notice, and here’s some fun stuff I figured out:

(Credits to @juuuzo and their post for the pic above and for illuminating some things for me!)

x Firstly, I don’t think it takes a genius to glean from this panel that the Touken baby is due 12/28 (which apparently is Ishida’s birthday… making the Ishida the One Eyed Prince?? dundundunnnnn)

x For the Obstetrics nerds: It’s hard to see based on just this panel if Touka really did use Naegele’s rule to figure it out, but if the due date really is 12/28, a couple of the numbers highlighted above (and a few that I squinted at) correspond to the formula. But it’s really hard to tell because Touka’s writing is shit lmao.

x But using some reverse engineering (not really, I just like that term; I used the Qx calculate app), if the due date is 12/28, Touka’s last menstrual period was 3/23.

x This is Yoriko’s execution notice:

x The penalty was placed 4/15, and Kaneki received the notice approximately 4/17, which would be the current date of the story right now. (How did I figure that out? See this post.)

x By simple math, we can estimate Kaneki Jr’s current gestational age as 3 weeks and 4 days. Taking things further, the end of the first trimester will be on 6/15.

x I have the urge to discuss the stage of embryonic development Kaneki Jr is currently in, but 1) ghoul biology might be different, and 2) really? do we really want to get into that? lmao.

x Interestingly, I looked back in the calendars, and comparing Touka’s calendar, the story seems to be taking place in 2016.

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not all straight people hate gay people though?

Alright I’ll tell you a story today I told my friend that I was bisexual/asexual and this is their response: You’re not into me right? Like the girl legitimately felt uncomfortable because I was bisexual.. I have had no romantic feelings towards her before bc she a bit ugly (soz girl but u a lil ugly)


((….did…. did anyone else see this or did someone drug my dr. pepper))


StarlightChallenge: Favorite Drama

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When you started out as an artist, were there times you got very frustrated with either your art or how slow progress was? If so, what did you do to conter that frustration?

I always say, I wasn’t frustrated with my art or the slow progress, but with myself. I have weeks and even months in which I feel like I just create bullshit. No lie. It’s not about the slow progress but how it looks in general. I have a picture in my head of how I want my style to look like and sometimes my skill says no and then I am mad. 

For me it helps to just talk about it with my friends. Or just suffer for the time and someday it’ll get better. I am not the best example for well treatment of that issue. I am just grumpy when it happens. But still, I love to draw so I draw anyways. No matter how it looks. Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves, that it’s not always about how it looks like but what the intention is. Like what do you want to portray? Is there something you want to portray? Maybe right now is not the right time to draw it perfectly but to just get out your feelings in the most simple way possible. Draw easy things. Like seriously. Draw cute simplyfied sheeps. Just stuff that makes you happy and forget about the goal you set for yourself. 

I remember how I drew in kindergarten just for fun. just patches of colour and a big mess on the paper and it made me happy because I created it. I dunno. I sometimes want this feeling back because it was so without frustration. It was just me being me without any demands. 

We don’t have to create perfect things. “perfection” will come over time, as you spend time doing the thing you love the most. Because even tho you don’t think about it, your hands and your eyes learn. Just try to let go of the stress if you can. 

I don’t know if that makes sense, but I feel that way at the moment. 

So, I’m going to brag about @dexukiart and what a wonderful friend she is! I don’t deserve such kindness in my life but she had this perfect and wonderful video made for me but I wanted to share with the fandom because most of my followers are fellow hell dwellers and I’m sure they could use a little extra Solas in their life. Of course GDL was kind enough to record this and my heart is soaring and I am screaming!

Hopefully you all can enjoy this with me!!

Thank you sooo much Jo, for being a wonderful gem in my life!!

*screams forever*


Behind the Scenes of Fear Her - Part One

Excerpt from Jason Arnopp’s behind-the-scenes article from DWM #372

When DWM arrives on this chilly January morn, that lazybones David Tennant has already completed his one-and-only scheduled scene. The rest of today’s filming all features Rose Tyler.

Preparations are made for the scene in which Rose attacks Chloe’s bedroom door with a pickaxe.  It’s Fear Her’s homage to Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1980 fright-fest The Shining.

“How many doors do we have?” asks Billie, naturally nervous about the prospect of messing up this scene. Two, comes the answer. “Oh, I reckon we’ll be done in two,” she breezes, suddenly more confident.

Billie takes the pickaxe and steels herself.

“Just enjoy it,” winks Nina Sosanya, playing Trish in this scene. “I’ll cover you!”

“Yeah,” grins Billie, “Then you can do a drop-roll!”

Billie’s first take earns applause. She’s even more accurate on take two.

“How exciting was that?” says Nina.

“Very!” laughs Billie. “I loved it. I’m not going to play it down: it was great!”

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Okay but seriously

Who all would be interested in a discord and/or Linkshell specifically for planning events for Tribal/miltitribal Xaela RP? Like the Naadam, other meetings, trade, games, tournaments, etc.

because I’m down to set one up if people want it, and I can find a few people to help me run it.

Feysand Reading/Cuddling Headcannon:

• Being High Lord and High Lady is tough and sometimes all they want to do is snuggle in their bed at the end of the day.

•Feyre lies half on top of Rhys with a book in her hand. A candle is lit so they can read.

• Their legs are all tangled together and Feyre’s backside is pressed against her mate’s front.

• She buries her head into the crook of his neck and hums softly.

• Rhys presses a kiss to the back of Feyre’s ear and she squirms in excitement. He has to command her to open the book because she forgets why they are both snuggled under a warm blanket with a book in her hands.

• She opens the book and tenderly flips through the pages until she reaches the page where they had left off and she begins to read out loud.

• Rhysand carefully wraps his arms around his mate’s waist and she giggles, pink flushing her cheeks before continuing to read to him.

• After a while, Rhys closes his eyes and listens to the words rolling off his mate’s tongue, her voice as sweet as honey.

• After a while Feyre pauses and lets out a massive yawn. Rhys sleepily half opens one of his eyes and whispers, “Tired darling?”

• Feyre only yawns again and laughs softly, wordlessly putting the book on the nightstand next to their bed.

• She then lies next to him, snuggles close and rests her head on his chest. Her breathing evens, small (very cute for Rhys) noises pass through her lips as she drifts off to sleep listening to her mate’s heartbeat.

• Rhys doesn’t take long to fall asleep either. He gently wraps his wings around the two of them just before he follows Feyre into oblivion.

The next morning:

• Feyre wakes up to find Rhys’ arms banded around her waist with his wings cocooned around them both.

• Feyre lets out a small sigh and gently starts stroking her mates warm, muscled chest.

• He soon responds, his fingers gently stroking her waist. Slowly making their way further… and further down…

• Feyre lets out a loud, delighted shriek when Rhysand’s hands suddenly slip into her lacy under things.

• Let’s just say that things escalated rather quickly after that and they didn’t manage to leave their bedroom until lunch time. Most of the Inner Circle mock gagged when they entered the meeting very, very late.

• But not everyone had arrived yet.

• Nesta and Cassian were both somewhere other than the meeting…

the second installment of this fucking incredible bach au where Sophia is dead and Cap had an argument with MTT about TV or something??

holy shit this is convoluted, TST, we’re reaching underswapfell levels of AU here

@totalskeletontrash and @ginger-delight-writes, the partners in this crime


I am the anon who was requested to speak of their experience leaving Larrie fandom.

I meant it when I said I had a nervous breakdown when Briana got pregnant. It was a Tuesday and I spent the rest of the week sobbing and unable to function at work. I had to lie to my boss and say I was having personal issues with family. I deleted my blog the day Louis talked about the pregnancy on GMA and unfollowed the whole band and everyone connected to them on social media, deleted their music from my iTunes, cut off ties with all tumblr friends. I went into a depression, and a deep rage, against “management”, against Simon, against Briana, against The Enemy. I did my best to avoid all 1D news. But my mom told me when Freddie was born and when I saw the birth certificate, it’s almost like I snapped out of my fog and realized it was real. Freddie was a real baby and Louis was the father and Briana was the mother and everything I had thought for years was a lie.

I spent most of 2016 feeling so fucking stupid for having fallen for Larry. I never interacted with any of the family members or friends or girlfriends on social media, so I considered myself “a good Larrie”. But I also reblogged from Amy, Kati, Lisa, Verily, Emma. I told people about the Treatise and made people read it. I was complicit in the harassment, and did nothing to attempt to stop it. For me, I was more ashamed of my silence in the face of the harassment than the shame pf having been a Larrie. I considered myself a good person, but realizing I watched silently while these “saviors” destroyed these people’s lives, I wasn’t actually a good person at all.

I started getting back into fandom when the TV commercial for Harry’s single aired on television. I went to the blogs I used to follow and saw the hatred, the fear, the distrust, the suspicion. So I went to a few of the “anti” blogs I could remember, and saw excitement, and happiness and joy. I HATED antis as a Larrie. Loathed. But I knew if I got back into fandom, I could not be miserable. So a couple times a week, I would check in on anti blogs and see the happiness and excitement, and started enjoying 1D again.

I don’t have advice for ex-Larries. Leaving Larry is fucking scary. 2015 was such a terrible, horrible, miserable time in fandom. Seeing that so many of the main players in Larrie are still around does not surprise me. Their faux outrage to get notes, their drive for attention and validation. They do not believe a word they are spewing, I think. They are in too deep and have to keep up the facade of Good Larrie to keep the attention, the adoration, the love. The number of notes have decreased dramatically, but they are still getting the attention they want so they are still around.

Larry is not real life. I think if I had gone from Larrie to anti and continued blogging, I would still be emotionally connected to the band, just in a different way. Completing cutting myself off helped me remember there is life outside of fandom, outside of 1D. A complete detox is needed for Larries for them to a) reconcile their actions and b) be able to enjoy fandom in a healthy way. So much of the strong reaction being had by smaller Larries who still believe, is because they live eat breathe Larry. They have nothing else. When they discover other hobbies, activities, interests that are ENJOYABLE, letting go of Larry becomes infinitely easier.


Thank you for submitting your story anon.   

My main priority has turned into sending @nickireadstfc asks with no purpose other than to make her life hell