and i don't think it has to do with potential

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I'm curious if you know about a kind of rpg I don't really know how to search for. I'm thinking of something with larger than life, powerful characters doing incredibly mundane things. Dragon slaying heroes who have accounting jobs and worry about bills, or better yet DRAGONS who have accounting jobs and worry about bills. Something about people who could level city blocks but are more concerned with avoiding awkward social situations and keeping their crappy undersized car alive.

The previously discussed (note: two separate links) Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine has probably the largest potential out of any game I’ve ever played for the size of gulf between the power level of the characters and the scale of the action. As the linked posts describe, the basic premise is that it’s about young gods growing up in a pastoral small town; owing to the complexity of character creation, it’s typically played using supplied pregens, among whose ranks you’ll encounter:

  • The eponymous Chuubo, the Wishing Boy, whose Wish-Granting Engine is quite literally omnipotent, though his wishes are typically along the lines of “I wish I had an ice cream cone” or “I wish I were a seagull”.
  • Leonardo de Montreal, Nightmares’ Angel, who once sacrificed his own heart in order to kindle a new Sun into the sky, and who now mostly uses his incomparable command of nightmare science to impress teenagers.
  • Miramie Mesmer, the Dream-Witch, who assembled herself from the broken shards of a defeated world-devouring god-monster, and whose greatest ambition is to own a tea shop.
  • Natalia Koutolika, the Prodigy, a human child whose peerless martial arts could strike down God Himself, and who spends most of her time angsting about the fact that she doesn’t have any friends.
  • Jasper Irinka, the Child of the Sun, a primordial god of Hope who’s trying the humanity thing on for size (she’s almost gotten the hang of this whole “sneezing” business).
  • Entropy II, the actual, literal God of Evil, who serves as principal of the local high school (and also moonlights as a mysterious vigilante, except there’s no actual crime, so he mostly spends his nights fixing potholes).

Other notables include a cosmic blasphemy from beyond space and time who accidentally became a dorky teenage boy and decided he liked it better that way, a straight-up mythological hero, and an ogre whose strength is axiomatically infinite (she teaches social studies).

Basically all of them are grotesquely overpowered even by tabletop RPG standards - several are capable of working miracles that affect the entire observable universe - and a lot of the fun comes from trying to apply those skills to problems that wouldn’t be out of place in a typical high school dating sim. The staggering disconnect between the scale of action you’re capable of and your actual forum for action leads gameplay in some fascinating directions.

i feel like i’m the only one who genuinely likes black paladin keith

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Consider: Greek gods au. Think it through your head. You don't have to do anything about it. Just imagine. Thank you for your time.

Oh but I want to think about this and share it because it has so much potential and mythology is my thing, man. I love love love mythology. I’m gonna challenge myself and limit myself to male identified deities so this should be fun.

Okay, I’ll get the cliche obvious one out of the way first. Roman is Apollo. Handsome, princely, represents many things, likes boys, has had some majorly unlucky love affairs. It just fits so well.

Its obvious to me that Virgil would be Thanatos, the personification of death. He is dark and intimidating and it’s hard for people to like him, but he’s a necessary thing.

Patton is a bit trickier. There’s not really any good and pure deities in Greek mythology. Especially not male ones. I’m gonna go with the Slytherin Patton headcanons and say that he’s Prometheus. Prometheus made humans so he’s kind of like our dad and he tricked and charmed a better life for them. He got them fire, good meat, attention from the gods. And he suffered punishment for it. I’ll bet you anything you like that Patton would take that risk too.

Logan would be Hades. Huge nerd, considered to be boring by his family, loves dogs, is fair and just, and probably really likes puzzles. Also he’s buds with Thanatos so that checks out too.

Shepard the public speaker
  • <p> <b></b> (I'm so sorry exams have ripped my life to pieces recently. Forgive me.)<p/><b>Paragon Shep:</b> We stand here today in the presence of friends and comrades. These are the people you surround yourself with, not only in good times, but also when clouds darken and life seems to turn sour. The worst of these sour times has passed, but it is our duty to remember those whose comrades died in sacrifice. We must always remember who lost their lives to further our own.<p/><b>Renegade Shep:</b> *grabs the mic* Listen here kiddos; I'm only gonna say this shit once. Every damn one of you has potential. I don't give a flying fuck if you think you're "past your prime" or if you're a teenager riddled with angst and puberty. You have choices. Powerful ones. You can either grab life by the balls and make it your bitch, or let it walk the fuck over you. So stand the hell up and make a difference. I don't care if that means so much as helping your mother make dinner, you fucking do it. I am Commander motherfucking Shepard. I fucked up Saren, I fucked up the Collectors, I fucked up Cerberus and that Kai Leng bitch. I even fucked up every reaper in the galaxy. So if I believe in you, you better damn well believe in yourself. So stop being a little bitch and show life who's in charge.<p/></p>

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"Best Arrow finale yet. Yup, even better than S2. Have the tissues ready though, because there will be a lot of emotions tomorrow night."-GATV. Ugh... this makes me really nervous. I just really hope they don't do anything to Olicity. I really hope Olicity stay together for good now! Do you think they will? Thanks.


I saw his tweets earlier and was excited to see what he said in the end. I feel the same, the bar standard for awesome finales is definitely 2x23. And I’ve felt for a while now that this one had the potential to be better. If he says so? I will trust it for now until I get to see it myself. 

I’m not sure how much (if at all) him saying that has to do with Olicity, tbh. Olicity isn’t the issue in the finale (it’s why they handled their relationship prior, with 5x20 and 5x22). I have a feeling the emotions will be about Merlyn’s sacrifice and also the flashbacks showing Moira getting the news Oliver is alive and things like that. I’m also hoping the resolution with Adrian is emotional and we get to see some beautiful (and earned) moments with William and Oliver. He’ll learn Oliver is his father, I believe. 

Hearing this helps me get more excited for the finale. I can’t wait to see it!

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So I bought an overpriced Magikarp from a shady sales guy (rookie mistake I know!!) and now i want to build it an aquarium or a pond in my home. what's the tank size requirement for a young Magikarp? Also if I don't train it do I have to worry about it evolving? I don't think i can handle a full grown Gyarados right now!!!

Any Magikarp has the potential to evolve, so look into an Everstone brace (most are sold to fit the tail without impeding swimming).

Also, how do you know it’s young? Magikarp do not grow according to age, but according to food availability, water temperature, and exercise.

As for the habitat size, you’ll need at least 180 gallons to keep your guy healthy (most Magikarp home tanks were deemed inhumane in the early ‘70s, that’s why you really only see them in movies nowadays). Favor horizontal space over vertical, and keep in mind your guy can and will jump, so consider fencing.

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Hi, Keith! Do you think Voltron has a weak plot? I'm people talk about how VLD has the potential to be great and has lots of elements that make it stand out from other kid's shows... But they are also talking about how it's only popular because of the characters and how the fandom comes across to other people, seeming only to care for shipping. I personally don't agree with this, but I'd like your opinion on it as someone who goes through great lengths to analyze the show. Lotsa love to ya. <3

i don’t think it has a weak plot at all. i think the main story behind the show is great overall, i’m very interested to see where they’re going to take it. i would not be watching it if i didn’t at least somewhat enjoy the plot and only liked the characters, but there are obviously things they could do better. so far, they don’t give equal attention to each main character, which they should be doing since it’s an ensemble show. like, you can focus on one character’s arc sometimes while still developing the other characters without sidelining them/reducing them to one trait. hopefully, character development will even out over time. also, sometimes it just feels very messy because there are SO many plot points happening at once and then at times, it seems like some of those plot points are forgotten (i think this is more so because they’ll come back into play later in the show, hopefully). the Not All Galra storyline is like… my biggest criticism of the show thus far, i hate it. all of that being said, i do think a lot of its popularity comes from people who just really like the characters but it’s not as if all of those people aren’t interested in the plot, as well? the characters just make it more enjoyable. i also agree that to outsiders, the fandom most definitely does come across as only caring about shipping. i mean, i literally started watching voltron because i saw klance art on my dashboard but then i ended up really liking the show as a whole because i love the concept of it. klance is just a bonus.

Wait a second… Iron Fist is a show where:

  • the protagonist is hypocritical, inconsistent, ultimately shallow, and the only interesting and likeable stuff about him is ruined by his unlikable characteristics and actions which the show refuses to acknowledge.
  • the best characters are the women of color. The other side characters range from boring to wasted.
  • the story is padded out with plot-lines that add nothing of real value, and should have been streamlined and/or removed entirely
  • it ends with an attitude that can only be described as ‘if you wanted something good, you better be here for the big crossover event‘
  • it has a need to be very serious to fit with the tone that the previous show(s) set, which means the stuff we want to see isn’t nearly as fun as it could be.
  • it has no sense of pacing or rhythm.
  • it uses copyrighted music that doesn’t match with the tone, mood or even genre of the show, which makes it feel jarring to listen to.
  • And a specific group of hardcore MCU stans still love it and think the critics are wrong and they’re making a big deal about problems that just don’t matter.
  • In summation, has some potential, but ends up a shell of what it could have, and should have been.

Was… was Iron Fist an attempt by Marvel to create their own DCEU movie, just as a Netflix show? Cause if so… mission accomplished?

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So it seems quite a few Reylo fans don't think a mutual, two-sided romance is possible or likely for Kylo and Rey. If Rey never returns his feelings, what sort of a relationship do you see them having moving forward?

I think that’s just people being cautious to cushion themselves from disappointment, since we have only seen an adversarial relationship between Rey and Ren so far. I do think there will be a reciprocal romance there going forward, since I feel that that angle has the greatest dramatic potential and offers the best possibility of ending this new trilogy on a hopeful note.

The only way for things to go if they decide to run with the unrequited love angle would be to have Rey at least develop some pity for him, with Kylo eventually realising that he can only truly demonstrate his love through a monumental display of selflessness (e.g. sacrificing himself to save Rey’s life, or maybe the life of someone he knows she loves). But I hope they don’t go with that, and find it unlikely because I think it would simply be too tragic and depressing. 

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Why does the face of a set HAVE to be a planeswalker? When a walker makes sense, sure, go for it, but if not, I don't think you should force it. There was nothing Saheeli did in-story that required her to be a planeswalker, which was a huge waste of potential. And most people would have preferred a UR artifact legend over a UR planeswalker. And Kaladesh block had an extra planeswalker anyway. Saheeli being a legendary creature but still the face of the set totally could have worked.

Avacyn has been the face of a set, so we do it on occasion. Saheeli being a planeswalker, in contrast to a legendary creature, was as much about representation as anything else. We’re trying hard to make our planeswalker line-up as diverse as our players.

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Okay but for real I'm curious - if Mac and Dennis were to get together, do you think it would actually be a full on relationship, or just a one episode type thing? Because I always imagine it being kind of like when Dee and Charlie got together for like, one scene of one episode - like they don't talk about it a lot after that. I would absolutely LOVE if they got to be in a long relationship at some point, but realistically I think it will be like what happened between Dee and Charlie. Thoughts?

i’ve thought about this (a lot) and here are some ways i think that macdennis could potentially be handled on the show, ranked from most to least likely:

  • mac and dennis say/do something incredibly gay, and someone else (dee probably) makes an off-hand comment like “god why don’t you two just bang already and get it over with” and mac and/or dennis has a “NEWSFLASH ASSHOLE” moment and reveal that they’ve been banging each other the entire goddamn time - but we’re never actually shown anything
  • they’re paired together for a scheme and somehow they find themselves hiding in a tight spot, pressed up against each other and they share an intense look and one of them licks their lips and the tension just snaps and they bang but it’s a one-time thing
  • dennis returns from ND and mac is welcoming him back and in doing so accidentally kisses dennis and they immediately bang but it’s a one-time thing
  • dennis comes back from ND because of mac and confesses this and mac confesses that he’s been trying to replace the hole dennis left in his heart with meaningless sex with random men and they both talk through their feelings and a beautiful long-term relationship blooms and we get random snippets of comedic domestic moments between the two of them
Headcanons for the Modern College AU

I know I’ve joked about this a lot, but I do actually think this AU has a lot of potential and I’ve actually got some real headcanons for it in the events it became a real AU. Some you may’ve heard me talk about before, and some of them you may not have. 

@crab-child@distractibledingo@peri-plum160@sliceoflove​ if you guys have any yourself feel free to add them on to this post!

- In high school, Moana and Maui were what can only be described as “attached at the hip” best friends. Even with contradicting schedules, they were somehow always spotted together.

- They won the Senior Suprelative for “Best Friends Boy/Girl”

- They met freshman year when Moana signed up for a tutoring program for a class she was struggling in. She just happened to be assigned to Maui, and they clicked instantly.

- When Maui claims his goal is to befriend everyone in the class, he means everyone in the class. He’s the most sociable guy you’ll ever meet.

- Maui’s always loved the idea of helping people. That’s why he tutors, and later decides to major in Education once he gets to college.

- Throughout her senior year of highschool, Moana struggled between deciding to major in Marine Bio or Apia studies. At the end of the year, though, after a good long talk with her grandmother about it, she decided to major in both, because she loved both topics equally.

- In his free time, Maui likes to participate in musical theater. He’s always been loud and exuberant, so he tried it out figuring it’d fit him well. He loves it. 

- He also likes going to the campus gym and working out when he can.

- Moana, not unlike her counterpart in the movie, loves the water. She swims, often uses her free weekends for trips to the beach, and loves to go out sailing.

- Maui is the kid who either goes an entire week without sleeping or sleeps for an entire week straight. There’s no in-between for him.

- “I heard Maui once blended Red Bull and Five Hour together and poured it into his coffee maker as a replacement for water. I hear he didn’t sleep for a month and a half straight after that”

- Because Maui is Tangaroa’s adopted son, Maui, in the case that he ever ended up in his class, would slip up and call him Dad in class all the time. Tangaroa probably thinks nothing of it, but it would embarass Maui to no end.

- Because Moana’s so close to Maui, she knows Tangaroa personally as well. After the first day of class ended she took a picture with him and sent it to Maui because you’ll never believe who my Intro to Marine Bio professor is.

- They probably bond over sharing the same first name.

- Senior year of high school after they both got their acceptance letters to the same college, Moana and Maui half-jokingly talked about renting an appartment and living together for their junior and senior year of college. 

- They do end up living in that apartment together juior and senior year

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i am a bit worried about the wheelchair thing, because we really don't know the context behind the image and it could go really bad. whilst there are some not able-bodied armys who are fine with it, there are also some who do feel a bit off about it. but as we don't know the context i don't think that it is fair for people to attack bangtan or bighit for it, but i understand that this has the potential to be offensive. i really hope that they do this right...

it’s bts we’re talking about here. they have never once disappointed me ever since i started stanning them (one of the besr decision of myself) and constantly educate themselves and even me with positive notions :) i have trust in them and i see no reason to make any judgement before any detail is revealed

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the idea of a 13yo naruto somehow traveling back in time and ending up at a point before the kannabi bridge mission has the potential to be so funny. i don't think kakashi would know what to do with two bright, happy idiots becoming friends with each other.


That would be so cute! And Kakashi’s suffering would be hilarious, okay, I am all for this. 

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How the hell do you see Pidge as a potential love interest for Lance when you don't see Keith as one? Surely even if you dislike the pairing, you can see all the evidence for it. Sometimes I genuinely think you weren't paying attention when some klance scenes happened lmao. If Lance ended up with anyone but Keith it would be anticlimatic and meaningless considering the most relationship development in the show has been between Keith and Lance.

That’s assuming homosexual Keith and Lance being into men are the default, which again, they clearly aren’t. Also I would seriously argue that the most development has been between Keith and Lance but you seem to have your blinders on in the worst way on this.

And why is it so hard to view Pidge as a love interest for Lance? She fit all the criteria bought up, seems to be annoyed by Lance’s flirting yet still has a close rapport with him, and clearly enjoys his company even if she’s a little snark machine. There’s this weird mental block with Klance fans where the very idea of Pidge being a romantic interest offends people, same as the idea of Keith ending up with a woman.

Finally, if I annoy you so much, why do you keep coming back?

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In fanfic Dean is often a mechanic (or stripper!) because he fell in to it to help Sam go to school etc. but what do you really think his career would be if he had a 'normal' childhood? (disregarding his djinn dream because I don't like it and I think it sold him short)

(the djinn dream is all about Dean’s own bad view of himself, not who he really would be so don’t worry!).

He himself said he wanted to be a fireman because of his mom obviously, but I think he also has a real potential as a teacher / doctor / nurse.

He’s clearly very clever and capable, he deep down wants to help people and he’s good with kids so any of these I think work well. 

The mechanic one is obvious because of canon but also… Baby is for sure something he loves but also it has the negative connotations of being a part of his emulation of his father so I personally don’t like it so much.

He also loves Dr Sexy… for so many reasons but also I think this fits this as part of his escapism.

Doctor/nurse is my personal reading :)

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Hey, how are you? What do you think about the possibility to release a deluxe edition of 'Fifth Harmony' with some new songs? Considering that the album has only 10 tracks and that they still have 2018... I don't know, it was just a thought because I don't see any of the songs as a worldwide hit. I guess it depends also when 5H is going to split.

The only deluxe album I want is one with 1000 hands on it. 

I’m feeling kinda disappointed with this era if I’m being completely honest. I feel like nothing is being hyped, their music isn’t reaching its full potential and I can’t understand why. I think the whole dynamic is different this time round, and its something thats not resonating with me one bit. It’s like the calm before the split and it’s putting me on edge. I’d rather the girls split right now and reach their potential as individuals than the group weighing them down. Thats what it feels like at the moment. That’s completely the labels fault. They’ve ruined something beautiful and something that could have had and still does have so much potential. And to be honest, I’m high key excited for both Dinah and Ally to finally get some recognition and accreditation for their talent.

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Have you seen Yuzu's 4Lz??!!!!!!! I am still in shock!!! Apparently he said he is not going to include it in his layout next season, tho. How do you feel about that? I don't quite trust his words on this. That's so unlike him. Plus he is sending some mixed signals there... something about limits beyond limits... and I think he is very well aware that he will need it for the extra BV. What do you think?

Yes, I’ve seen it. FINALLY.

Landing can be better :P ;) But it has a great height, his usual no pre-rotation at all on toe-pick (AHEM), a super deep outside edge, even more marked than his deep outside edge on triple, great ease on rotation AND it’s done using his usual short entry for 3Lz. A thing with a lot of potential, that 4Lz.

As for including it or not, I can only say that it would make little sense to declare now what his plans are. From all his interviews it’s pretty clear to me that his broader strategy is (unsurprisingly) to put up the hardest layout he think he can execute clean and up to his standards. That means that if 4Lz is stable enough, it will be in. If two 4Lo in FP instead of 1 is a stable enough option, that will be in, if, if, if. But he hasn’t been in Canada since Helsinki, he probably still needs to discuss properly about these things with Brian and his whole team, why on Earth should he say I’ll do A, B, C, and D to media first?

That said, the excuse of not wanting to train too much 4Lz if it’s not stable enough not to risk to mess up timing for his 3Lz is very cute.

Yuzuru, dear, I hate to have to tell you but anyone who know their stuff noticed about your 4Lz linked - 3Lz timing issues 3 years ago, maybe now it’s a bit too late to bring that up, just saying :P

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I saw the live stream and I still don't get what magic soaking my spine means 😭 I think it's about drugs right?

Lmao I mean as with most Killers lyrics there’s probably a bunch of ways you can interpret this one, but for me it’s referring to that feeling of happy, excited, nervous anticipation that builds and builds inside you before you do something that has the potential to make you super happy. Or drugs.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: While I think it's wonderful that Nancy and Steve ultimately decided to give their relationship another chance at the end of season 1, I don't think that that in any way lessens the chemistry and romantic potential of Nancy and Jonathan's bond, one that was clearly and carefully established by the writers. At the moment that bond has expressed itself in the form of a deep friendship and, while I appreciate that the writers did not ruin that with a forced romance, I definitely see in their dynamic the foundations of a future, beautiful romantic relationship built on the solid understanding and friendship they already share. I do not see what happens at the end of season 1 as the death knell of a possible future relationship between Jonathan and Nancy. In fact, precisely because nothing explicitly romantic has happened between them, the show has set itself up for a beautiful slow-burn romance that is all the more likely to flourish and be genuinely beautiful and healthy because it is NOT predicated on the failure of Nancy's relationship with Steve.(Whose arc and growth is one of my favorites in the series.) While the show cleverly avoids falling into the trap of setting up a love triangle that sends the message that Nancy should reject the "bad guy" (who actually wants to change) for the "good guy" (whose only purpose is to show her the meaning of life), and thus reducing each character to a stereotype, neither is the show using Nancy x Steve x Jonathan as a way to deconstruct the false "good guy" trope. Nancy and Jonathan's connection would not have been explored as deeply as it was or be as moving and genuinely innocent as it is if it were only intended as a kind of subversion of usual romantic tropes or a clever way to dupe the audience's instinct and expectation. While I will (probably) happily accept whatever direction the show wants to take Nancy's love life (as long as it is truthfully and delicately handled), I don't think I'm "missing the point of the story" by shipping her with Jonathan. Both romantic relationships have potential and appeal, just as both boys (and Nancy) have faults and failings that need to be overcome. Personally, I really value the innocent chemistry and instinctive understanding that form the backbone of Nancy and Jonathan's relationship and at some point I would love to see that develop into a real romance, though I am also able to admit that it is great to see the way Steve owns up to his mistakes and does his best to change for her.