and i don't think he would think of doing it otherwise

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Hi! Congrats on 200! I was hoping for a ship? My name is kara and i love to read and write. My hobbie is writing short stories for fun and dancing widely to music. I like music, books, and teacups (i collect them lol). I hate cheese tbh. If i were in voltron i would probably just be a human because i am boring and plain. Thank you very much, and congratulations again!

Thank you! 

I ship you with: Lance! 

  • Plain? You better not tell him you think that, otherwise he’ll snuggle you for days
  • He thinks you’re really interesting! He admires your way with words when you write, and he loves catching you dancing when you think no one’s watching. 
  • He loves that you take interest in teacups. He thinks it’s unique, and it reflects your personality in ways he can’t describe. 
  • If you don’t end up on this crazy adventure, he’ll definitely miss you while he’s fighting aliens in space.
  • If you do get swept up in everything, he does everything he can to make sure you’re okay, both emotionally and physically. 

I’m just gonna assume until canon tells me otherwise that Gajeel and Levy have actually been in a relationship for a while and Mashima just isn’t stating it outright. Levy didn’t seem at all surprised about what Gajeel said in 488 and the things he said were definitely beyond first time confession type things, even if he was on the verge of death. And neither of them brought it up in the new chapter which would seem odd unless they both already knew that their feelings were mutual. Gajeel being embarrassed about it could just be that he doesn’t usually say mushy, sweet things. Also the blanket thing. Yeah, I’ll just keep thinking this unless Mashima tells me this is genuinely the beginning of their relationship.


Ok I have something to say about all this stuff (not my photos btw)

Who thought it was a great idea to point out to Himchan- a person who in the past has struggled with weight issues and (from the interview above quite obviously) an eating disorder- that he has gained weight? How do you think he would feel seeing this? Fans who think that this is ok and amusing even confuse and borderline disgust me (ofc there are people who genuinely don’t know the consequences saying this stuff brings in which case please take note and don’t do it again ty).

Just imagine being Himchan, celebrity who just like any other celebrity is almost always in the spotlight for any small changes to himself, and after given the opportunity to rest (yes I know a lawsuit isn’t a rest but point is he’s got time right now to recover) and needing BABYs support during this hard time, he’s instead got people pointing out about his weight gain, which obviously would hurt him and open up a bunch of old wounds. I get that fans say this with no malicious intent, and I get that in Korean culture pointing out that someone gained weight is considered to be ‘caring’, but we as people, as humans should know how it feels to have something that is very sensitive to us pointed out to the whole Internet. Its not ok. I can only really hope that he didn’t read the comments because I would feel horrible if I found out he did. We should be writing comments that would support B.A.P during this time, not bring them down (What is your purpose of even writing those comments? Like what do you expect Himchan to say? “Oh yes that’s right BABYs I got ‘fat’ hahahaha”? There is actually no purpose to those comments?)

Finally, Himchan is not fat (even if he is what’s the problem with that?). If you haven’t figured it out already, kpop stars are extremely skinny and unhealthy in terms of dieting and what not. Himchan gaining weight should be something that he’s proud of, not ashamed of, because by gaining weight he’s just becoming healthier.


okay, yes, there’s been tons and tons of implications and images of Stan burning or copies of Stan killed killed that would make us think that one of the Stan twins is gonna die in the finale.

But think about this: Alex is GREAT at misleading us. He implies one thing and then something completely different happens (the most famous example I can think of would be the fake leak revealing McGucket as the author). But of course, he has to do a LITTLE bit of implying the correct information, otherwise that would just be bad storytelling.

Now, whose a main character

lovable enough for their death to crush the hearts of viwers everywhere

and has been the only character thus far to be shown “dead” on screen?