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Ohhhhhhh I hate it when people honestly compare batman and iron man and there is always some jackass in the comments like “batman is just better than iron man. Why? Because he’s batman!” Like yes Carl we understand that batman is a meme but we’re trying to have a conversation here and your obnoxious comment is going to be repeated 18374829 times in the notes so just leave please

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Hi! I was just thinking back about all the sterek moments and I remembered the scene in the last episode season three where Derek dreamed of Stiles. I don't remember what he was asking him, but since it was Stiles, do you think they were implying that he's Derek's anchor?

Oh hell yes, they were. 

Let me just rant for a moment…


And let me explain why/how this came to pass.

 Back in seasons 1 and 2, Derek explained that his anchor was his anger towards Kate after his family died in the house fire, but then Stiles came along and outed Kate’s lack of morals to Chris and Peter slashed open her throat, leaving Derek with a lot of unfounded anger that he couldn’t ground and so turned it on everyone around him. Then along came season 3 and that anger turned into depression as he watched the members of his pack - his new family - being killed or found dead. And who was there for hi when all others were scared to go near him? 

Stiles was.

Stiles was the only one who was brave enough and caring enough to break down Derek’s walls and get to him on an emotional level.

But it’s also Stiles who keeps him on his toes and constantly keeps him thinking, and while Derek mocks him at times by saying that to think like Stiles is to think ‘like  hyperactive spazz’, but it’s his connection to Stiles and his ability to think like him that he is able to find Braeden and Satomi’s pack before they all die.

It’s also Stiles who tries to make him smile or tests his patience (like he does in the ‘Let’s see that fist, Big Guy’ scene) to prove that Derek isn’t just a creature of rage and to show him that he’s still human.

So, when Derek is scared and couldn’t tell if he was dreaming or not, his mind went to the person who is his emotional centre and who can help him through any situation with reasoning, someone who knows what it’s like to face loss, depression and anxiety; not Peter, not his mother, not his sisters, but his anchor: Stiles.

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And this is why I hate Jeff Davis: he set Stiles and Derek up as soulmates, as each other’s anchors and saviours, but then he threw that all out the window for the sake of poorly written heteronormative ‘relationships’.

(Thank you for listening, sorry for the rant)

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I don't think Camila wanted to come out. She wants a solo pop career. Lauren was so heartbroken in 2015 and spotted having several breakdowns by fans. One with Camila coming out of a bathroom. 2015 is also when Camila's solo career started being. March/April/May was when something changed with Camren and all the girls. Remember how protective Normani, Dinah and Ally were of Lauren during all those interviews that summer. I think Roger or the label forced Camila to distance herself.

See that’s where I disagree - Camila has always been the one taking little risks when it came to Camren and her sexuality. The hand grabbing I posted about earlier is a perfect example, and there are others, the fact that she needs use gender neutral words or says stuff like “why do you assume it’s a boy?” - plus Camila never said a word against Camren, and I think it’s because she wouldn’t be able to keep a poker face and also because she simply doesn’t want to lie about it. I think the pressure that surrounded their relationship and also the extra attention that came with Reflection’s success, are what broke them at that time. It’s a lot to take in at such a young age and there was a lot at stakes for all the girls. I think both Lauren and Camila took the break up very hard and also had  o deal with new expectations from the label and mgmt - that’s why Lauren had a breakdown and that’s why Camila started having even more trouble with her anxiety.

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I remember once helping out at service desk. Line cleared. Angry guy slammed a box of cards(popular game you battle) at the desk. Went on to tell me how over priced our stuff was rudely. He just came from the Red Ball Store. Which had it 39.99 vs. 69.99 cheaper. I explained I could price match it if he wanted. He kept getting rude it, I just eventually told him I don't control prices. He got mad walked away. Said we where ripping people off. Item was 49.99 btw. Wtf did you want for me?

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60. “Before you decide to murder me, let me explain…” Silverflint.

When Flint finally felt good enough to leave his hut on Maroon Island he had expected to wake up to the crew re-stocking the ship. He had caught a rather nasty cold, complete with body aches and a fever. He’d managed two days on his feet and giving orders when it had first hit him, but after that both Silver and Madi insisted he rest. So he had put Silver in charge. That included relying on him to find a way to get the crew to eat the fruits provided to them by Madi’s people to help fight off a widespread case of scurvy.

Half the crew didn’t believe that fruit could cure such a thing and the other half positively balked at the idea of eating fruit, claiming that it “didn’t go with anything edible.”

So when Flint made his way down to the beach that morning, he looked with incredulous and wide eyes at the sight of dozens of men in various positions and states of sleep strewn all over the place. Beside them were countless rum bottles, their contents in various states of consumption. 

“What the fuck?” he shouted, loud enough to jar the men closest to him wide awake. He marched over to the lone tent in the middle of the mess of drunk pirates. One man was even naked and passed out under a palm tree.

“Silver!” he roared as he threw back the tent flaps. Silver had been seated behind a small desk. He quickly stood up and held out a palm as a peace offering.

“I know,” he started quickly, “Before you decide to murder me, let me explain…”

“Those men are all dead drunk.”

“Yes, I am aware–”

“They look as though they’ve been celebrating for days.”

“Ah, no not that long–”

“I told you to feed them fruit and stock the ship. Was that so difficult?”

“Will you shut the fuck up for one minute?”

Flint’s mouth closed–just. He glared at Silver, feeling like he could breathe fire. Silver stood in front of him, looking quite sober, he notice with some relief.

“We had discussed the difficulties in getting the men to eat the fruit,” he began in a careful tone as if Flint couldn’t comprehend. Flint sighed and waited impatiently for a reason not to commit homicide.

“And we had plenty of extra rum from out last haul,” Silver continued. “So I devised a way for the men to get the fruit into their stomachs without having to suck on tart limes and oranges.”

Flint raised an eyebrow. He studied Silver for a long minute, then said slowly, “You mean to say you spiked their drink with fruit juice?”

Silver bit back a smile and snorted out a laugh.

“When you put it that way…but yes, I did.With Madi’s help and the help of a few others.”

Flint studied him for another long minute, then a smile slowly spread on his lips, eyes turning soft.

“That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Will it even work?”

“It had better work,” said Silver firmly. “Do you know how long it takes to squeeze that much fucking fruit juice into rum bottles?”



With everyone debating what the “last meme of 2014” will be, I’d just like to take a step back and remember the finer things in life. Newgrounds. Albinoblacksheep. Ebaumsworld.

As we close out 2014 I’d like you all to remember your roots and where you came from. Remember: you can take the kid off of Newgrounds and Albinoblacksheep but you can’t take the piece of shit memer aestietic out of the kid.


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I remember a few years ago when Snuff came out I spent a solid amount of it internally rolling my eyes over how heavy handed it was. Like geez Terry, we all KNOW racism is bad Terry. You don't need to beat us over the head with it terry. 1

Bless my naive young heart, now look at where we are :’)             

Lots of people liked to say it was the Alzheimer’s making him clumsy but honestly to me, Snuff reads like someone staring out at the world and realizing they didn’t have enough time left to make it right.

He’s was a man on the shore watching the tide come in, the water rising, and instead of shouting for help, he looked out to us still in our boats and said “Hey, take care of each other, there’s still time for you to fix this!”

The grass is green. - CH

The grass is green, summer is in full swing and when you look out of your window, the streets are filled. You watch the world go by and see families enjoying the sun, you watch couples old and young fall more and more in love yet you stay the same. Glued to your bedroom floor, standing and thinking about the jobs you need to do, when you are going to finally clean out the spare room or the laundry that needs to be collected. Your mind wanders to the new TV show you had promised yourself to start or the books sitting downstairs which beg to be read. Plans, ideas and dreams fill your head, new memories constantly evolving and memories that are fading day by day.

He’s gone. It hits you again, this time worse than it ever has. Like a wave and in that moment you wish the waves would drag you under.

Shouting. It’s all you can remember, the heated arguments and harsh words which brought you to an end. “Calum’s gone” you whisper, as if saying it out loud might help you accept it.

In these moments you swear you can still feel him, his scent, his laughter, and the way you two would be at peace when around each other. Sometimes no words needed, just the silence speaking instead. But the silences became longer, the distance became too much. Too many missed calls, too many texts to say you loved each other but couldn’t speak tonight. Too many tears and forgotten kisses.

And in that moment, home doesn’t feel like home anymore, nothing does. Your skin feels foreign and the place where you sleep is haunted by his touch. There used to be a comfort of his clothes in your wardrobe or the name in your phone that would listen when you needed and arms which you thought would always be yours.

You are trapped, stuck again in your time zone of nostalgia and this time you think you may never escape. The thought of him feels foreign, the idea of tracing his tattoos whilst in bed feels like a dream. His laugh rings through your head, pleading for you to remember. You can’t remember how you got here, how you went from so in love to strangers. It’s too much. Deep breaths you try tell yourself. Deep Breaths.

The grass is green, summer is in full swing and when you look out of your window there is nothing but the past staring straight back. The ten minutes you allowed yourself to think about him is up, you’re going to breathe in and out and walk away. You’re going to be fine. You have to be.

Nino bought a movie ticket for his own movie, and was surprised that you had to pick your seat at the counter. (Baystorm 2/21/2016)
  • Nino: So I lined up, and went up to the counter when it was my turn. Then, when I asked for one ticket for "Haha to Kuraseba", for some reason I was told to pick my seat. I was like, "Huh? My seat?" Then I went "Oh, over here then." And chose. Can't I change seats afterwards? Oh, I see.
  • Nino: It was a month and 10 days after the movie came out on theatres. Well, it was more like a month and 1 week. So it's been so long since it came out that there were empty seats I could move to in the theatre. I wanted to move to a seat where I could see better, but then I remembered that my seat was already designated, so I probably can't move to another seat. So I ended up watching at the seat I chose at the counter the whole time.
  • Nino: Wow, times sure have changed! Don't you think? It really surprised me.
  • ---
  • [Nino... how long has it been since you've last seen a movie at the theatre's?]