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‘Any advice for starting uni?’ … Learn to use a laundromat. Basically if there’s any household chores that you’ve been kind of lazy and leaving to your family to help you out with, you need to learn to do them. You need to learn to shop for basic supplies, you need to learn to cook, you need to learn to clean, you need to learn to do your laundry. ‘Cause you might be like 'I know how to do my laundry’ and then you get shoved into a queue in a laundromat, honestly traumatising. When I was at Manchester Uni, I’m like 'okay, got to go wash some clothes’. I go down there. There’s like a hundred people. I start freaking out, 'cause you know, people, outside, you know, experience. And they’re like queuing and I’ve never used a laundromat 'cause my family had a washing machine, so I was like 'I literally don't know how to work this machine’. What’s the etiquette of waiting? Do you just leave your clothes because then I’ve heard horror stories of people like taking other people’s clothes out and I was just like *freak*. So you need to… That’s what I say. Join some societies, even if you don’t go to them. Because it’s good to make friends and just get to know people. 'Cause the thing is, at university these days - and I don’t care how old or young you are - you can join a club. There will be something that represents you. There’ll be a YouTube fan club, there’ll be an anime club and you might be like 'I don’t like meeting people and making friends. That’s scary’. If you’re at university and you go to a freaking anime society, everyone there is going to be a weeb nerd like you and then  you’re probably going to make a couple of friends. And even if they’re not your best friends ever, sometimes it’s just nice to know some people. And if they have like some crappy activities or you meet up every Wednesday, it’s just nice to have some human contact regularly in your life.

@danielhowell​ during his live show on the 4th of July 2017

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Helpful advice for those starting university in the autumn. (I wished I joined more societies in the beginning to be honest).

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Best friend luke where you overhear him talking to one of the boys about how he likes you and it hurts that you don't know?

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So you’d probably be invited to spend time with the guys before they leave your end for tour again and you’d be having a movie day at your house or something just so you could all spend time together without being harassed by fans or media. Luke would leave with Calum to go outside for some fresh air because it’d be hot inside due to summer and because the movie would’ve finished, you’d all decide to take a break anyway. You’d notice that they’d have been outside for quite a while now, so you’d grow impatient ad go to talk them into coming back inside, but the door would be open and you’d hear Calum giving Luke advice on how to handle he “girl he likes” and once your name would be mentioned, you’d develop a sinking feeling in your heart because you’d remember when he’d friend zoned you and you’d had to get over him. but now he’d be talking about you to someone in the same way you’d felt about him? You’d pluck up the courage to join them outside and ask them to come back in, though you’d not feel the same around Luke just yet

ok so I really cba with turning these things into imagines because I’m lazy so here you go (also I’m sorry I made you wait quite a while for this, I just didn’t want to be inactive whilst I’d be away on holiday)

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