and i don't need this bullshit

Reminder that you don’t have to feel bad about liking Age of Ultron.

If tumblr is making you feel like a bad person for enjoying a movie you’ve been looking forward to seeing please, please know that it’s okay and you don’t need to feel uncomfortable and brought down because of a website.

This place can be very emotionally detrimental to those of us who are already anxious or have problems with guilt.

Stay safe out there, Avengers.

We’re told we have to pay taxes on pads and tampons because they’re “luxury items”. Apparently having blood oozing down your legs is an option.
—  A classmate of mine

I am sick of Feminists saying shit like “All women are scared of men”, “All women cross the street to get away from men”, “All women walk alone with their keys sticking out of their fist to fight men”, “All women walk with pepper spray to spray men”.

You all need to stop because no not all women do this shit. Not all of us are so wrapped up in paranoia that we treat all men like terrible human beings.

I get it if you’ve been abused or raped by a man, or more than one man, because I’ve been there and have had that done to me but that doesn’t make it okay to group every single man into a rapist, abuser, murderer, etc.

If you’re that paranoid of men you honestly need to go get some help. You really need to fix this paranoia because you’re always going to come into contact with men and no way are they all that bad.

Also quit it with the #yesallwomen bullshit because literally none of what’s said on that hashtag applies to all women.

I do not want to be grouped in, as a woman, to these “All women…” Or #yesallwomen “movements” because they’re not movements they’re lies. Stop grouping every woman into your issues because not every woman has paranoia to men even when they’re alone with men around and never in the world will #yesallwomen be true.

  • Man to woman:You look so hot in that dress! Look at your legs! Look at that body! Your boobs look amazing! You look stunning!
  • Feminist response:sexual predator how inappropriate! He's such a misogynist! No respect for women at all!
  • Woman to man:OMG look at your muscles! Can I touch your bicep? OMG I'd love to see you naked! Damn you're so hot! Can I see your tattoos? I'd love to be your cardio work out if you know what I mean (;
  • Feminist response:she is a strong, confident & independent woman and she is not a slut for enjoying casual sex.

Why does everyone act like Lexa was the best thing to ever happen to the show? She wasn’t? You guys didn’t feel the same when Anya was there, why is the soggy white bread any different?
I will fight any clexugh shipper that acts like they’re entitled to the show and that it should cater to their every need. Like no, Alycia was never supposed to be a part of it for that long or to that extent, and everyone knew she would be killed off because she’s a fucking extra that is idolized for being bland af.
And about the whole queer baiting thing, lol. No, that’s not queer baiting. You guys got what you wanted, and it was foreshadowed and known that Lexa would be killed off. There’s a very big difference between queer baiting and what happened on the 100.
I just feel bad for the cast and their characters being belittled all because the new fans obsessed over clexugh. The show was never about ships, and now thanks to them I actually really hate this toxic fandom. Most clexugh shippers I’ve encountered are frankly, mean and ignorant and really don’t care about anyone or anything other than getting their precious ship. (Standing up for j rat when he bullied Ricky, but suddenly hating him when he kills of a fictional character). Giving a fake spoiler to disappoint bellarke fans. The fact that they trample over all the other characters like they’re not the main cast and their fav isn’t an extra. Trying to cancel and show and their efforts to do so actually hurt Bob so much he had to speak about it. Like wtf is wrong with you people?
This show used to be about the 100 and their survival and friendship and character growth. I haven’t seen any of that this season, at all. All I see is a total 180 of Bellamys character that even Bob and the cast think is absurd, Clarke falling head over heals for some chick that is literally not bunnies and rainbows like the clexugh fandom paint her out to be. Season 1+2 Clarke would never act like the lovesick puppy she is now, never mind the fact it took her ages just to admit she loved Finn who she knew longer than Lexa by a shit ton. I have so much more to say but my fingers are starting to cramp.

Can we just backtrack to season 2? Kay thanks.

“One of the biggest reasons I’m anti-feminism is because I don’t think women are in need of any coddling, special treatment, or need in any way to be told how or what to think. This mentality that you have to be a part of a group to get anywhere, to me, is poisonous and is completely antithetical to actually being a strong, independent person.”

Manslation: Ladies, ladies… don’t listen to what the EVIL FEMINISTS tell you to think! Listen to what I tell you to think! You can’t be strong by being in a group! To overcome systemic oppression you need to go it alone and never team up or organize, okay? Trust me, creating a social movement is bad! It’s so bad!!

If you wanna boycott GMOs because you’re against creepy corporate monopolies on patented varieties of crops and are trying to oppose the way companies like Monsanto screw over farmers and the environment with their ‘Roundup Ready’ proprietary bullshit and irresponsible herbicide/pesticide use then I am behind you 200%

If you wanna boycott GMOs because you think they’re creepy mutant plants that are going to give you horrible cancers, you need a crash course in what domestication means.