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I don't have anything against opinions that differ from my own and I understand how the internet works, thank you. I do however have a problem with a community that perpetuates misogyny and violence against women, even if it's not intentional. I think it's clear when a relationship is abusive and I can say with absolute certainty that I will never belong to any community that directly or indirectly normalizes abuse. I still don't understand how anyone can.

Oh, look! You’re back! Because apparently, everything I said before wasn’t clear enough for you.

Also, basically EVERYTHING you just said is completely blown out of proportion. We are not “even unintentionally” supporters of misogyny or violence against women. In any way, shape, or form. About 90% of people I know who ship Joker x Harley have actually outright said that they are feminists and do not support any sort of abuse in reality. I myself am a feminist. I am a survivor of emotional/mental abuse and I was neglected and felt left out for a vast majority of my childhood. I have nothing against men, but I think that meninism and misogyny is absolutely ridiculous. Telling me that because I ship a couple that is often seen as nothing more than abusive makes me an abuse supporter is honestly the same thing as telling someone who ships a couple with an age difference that they “must have a daddy kink” or something. What I ship and what I believe in are none of your goddamn business, and the two don’t even have anything to do with each other.

WE! ARE! ALL! AWARE! THAT! THE! RELATIONSHIP! IS! ABUSIVE! BUT! WHAT! ALL! OF! YOU! CAN’T! SEEM! TO! GET! THROUGH! YOUR! THICK! SKULLS! IS! THAT! WE! DO! NOT! SHIP! THEM! FOR! THE! ABUSE! BUT! FOR! THEIR! DYNAMIC! AND! THEIR! PARTNERSHIP! Honest to God, that is the absolute LAST time I’m going to repeat that, so please, try and understand it this time.

Oh, and I’m THRILLED to hear that you would never be a part of this community. Why? Because believe it or not, Joker x Harley shippers are AMAZING PEOPLE! We’ve all gone through this same shit from idiotic and obsessive anons like you who do nothing but try to demote us to feeling like absolute garbage just for liking a certain ship. People like YOU are the ones who disgust me. You are shaming us, you are bullying us, you are harassing us, you are ridiculing us, and you are completely disrespecting us. JUST BECAUSE WE LIKE A DIFFERENT SHIP! You people are the reason why the DC fandom is utterly toxic and why we can’t enjoy anything without being afraid of receiving dozens of hate messages for it. The people in the Joker x Harley fandom are incredibly kind and supportive, and we all are able to speak to one another reasonably without people losing their tempers because someone doesn’t agree with them. We don’t want rude, disrespectful, and arrogant people like you around.

WE’RE PEOPLE! We aren’t abuse supporters or anti-feminists. We just like a ship. That’s all. We are no different from anyone else on this site and we deserve respect.

You say you can respect other peoples opinions, but it really doesn’t seem like it, as the end of your ask literally shames every single member of the Joker x Harley community. If you have something of actual substance you would like to ask or discuss with me instead of this repeated nonsense, feel free to come back. If not, then kindly get the hell off of my blog and stop hiding behind anon like all of the other hateful cowards. Have a lovely fucking day. :)

Regarding this whole mess between Amber Herd and Johnny Depp

You all need to calm the fuck down and shut up long enough to analyze shit instead of jumping to conclusions. I don’t even consider Johnny my idol and I stand with him. You all act like just because he’s a man that automatically means he abused her and that’s bullshit.

Amber Heard was almost charged with assaulting her exgirlfriend in public then went onto call the female cop who arrested her homophobic and misogynic. The cop who arrested her was GAY for fucks sake. People have witnessed her being aggressive towards Johnny but it’s funny how you all tend to leave out that little detail.

Amber Heard waited until after Johnny refused spousal support to file for abuse. She didn’t do it after everything was finalized with the divorce which is funny considering that’s what anyone who was actually suffering from domestic abuse would do. Also she cares an awful lot about the fucking money for someone who just wants justice. Anyone who is actually sincere wouldn’t give two shits about the money, instead they would worry about making sure that person hurts no one else.

The police even said they had nothing to report and Johnny did nothing wrong. THE POLICE. They are trained to be able to identify domestic abuse, especially in this day and age. Not only that when she claimed that he threw a phone at her, he was too far from her. The phone would’ve never made it to her face. Which is also something to consider.

I find it funny how the “bruise” she had just happened to move around. When people sustain injuries like that the bruise does not move from one spot to another. Bruises just don’t do that in general. For example if I get a bruise on my knee, it stays on my knee. It doesn’t take a vacation down to my calf.

Now onto the video, which is just as questionable as everything Amber has presented so far. Let’s start off with the fact that he was drunk. I don’t know what plant you guys are living on but a good number of people slam stuff when they’re drunk. He was 5 feet away from her and there was absolutely no fear embodying that woman. It looked like she was a bystander recording someone making a spectacle on the street. Not only that, if she’s so scared of him why was she even recording in the first place? If things were as bad as she’s making them out to be, she would be too fucken scared to record it. Also the guy in the video did not look like Johnny. I don’t recall him having 10 chins.

Amber Heard is manipulative and falsely accusing him period point blank. You wanna jump to conclusions and stand with her? Fine. However, you need to realize that not all men are abusers and not all women are victims. Tons of abuse cases filed by men get thrown out because, for some reason, people can’t comprehend the fact that men are victims too. She’s lying and accusing him because she has a very high chance of getting away with it because she’s a woman. Im not anti-women (obviously considering I’m a woman) but I’m also not anti-men like a lot of you on here seem to be. Things should be equal across the board and someone shouldn’t have a higher advantage because people can’t see the opposite sex as something.

Put down the phone, Blooming. Just put it down. You are not capable of responding to your MIL in any way that isn’t utterly sarcastic and rude. Things are starting to get tolerable with them lately, don’t fuck it up. 

What. The. Fuck. @cosmopolitanmagazine
So first off no, that’s not okay.
Second off, I thought Cosmo was all for equality, you know for being run by feminist. If so I would love an article about why it’s okay to stare at women’s Brest or even to grope strangers without their permission.

Double standards much?

I’d like to hear your opinion

Y’all I’ve started a new Tumblr

Currently, there’s nothing there but if you’ve followed me because of my star trek ramblings or if you want to know more about my writing it would be pretty cool of you to stop by and give me a follow, ask a question…..submit fan art…….praise my skills…..inflate my ego….tell me i’m pretty…..

Let’s talk about it...

I’m a piece of trash bullshit. I sometimes feel dead inside. What you call life I call it “downhill path”. I’m tired. I’m always tired. I’m going to start school in a few weeks. In the school, some assholes bully me, just because I help others. One of the bullies almost throttle one of my friends, and I literally kicked them. It all started when I started playing with one of my friends a videogame, and he uploaded the gameplay. Then again, this is bullshit and nothing compared to what other people suffer. Well, they started teasing me, I ignored them. After that, they decided to just tease me. One day, I exploded out of madness. I threw them water at their faces and started to punch the “leader” of the group. They started bulling me. I still ignored them, but then they started bulling my friends. What makes me angrier, sad and sometimes depressed is the fact that I am the only one that tries to defend herself and the others. When they bully my friends, I shout, scream and fighting if the thing turns out bad. Then, when they bully me, my friends and everyone just stare at the situation, and try to comfort me after it ends. When they “comforted me”, they say right after that I shouldn’t do anything and just ignore them, besides when they’re bullied they thank me. I always try helping everyone I can, but almost nobody tries to help me. My parents tell me also to ignore them, and when I’m crying, to not be weak. I don’t suicide because I’m stuck in this downhill path and I’m the only one in my group who fights back. When my mother is at home, sometimes my father goes with his friends and get drunk. When my father gets drunk, he goes naked in house and start shouting at the first turn. When I was four/ five, I had a bus accident in which my uncle died and I just got hurt my foot. I like to role play because I always get to the character, have their purposes and dreams. I cannot watch nor play anything related with horror because I feel the fear of the character. Most of friends that I have in Tumblr are much more depressed than me, what makes this post even more bullshit because I’m just saying all my problems that are probably less than others. When I’m sad, I try to be always smiling because I don’t want to drag people into my crappy downhill path. I sometimes paint/ read/ play the guitar to avoid depression. I feel like the biggest selfish girl of the Earth just for writing this. If I sometimes shout, is because: I’m confused, I have a rough day, I’m feeling bad or because the fact that I’m stupid. I have the best marks in my class (more reason for bulling, yay!) but I’m really slow with people and I usually don’t understand something of the current conversation. I always say sorry because I’m so stupid I mistake almost every time. I think I could say more crap about my downhill path, but right now I don’t want to continue this post…

Sorry for those who had to read all the bullshit I say… I’m really sorry…

as an artist one of my weaknesses that isn’t strictly the old hat of ‘underdeveloped at x or y thing because of lack of experience and dedicated practice’ is that its very difficult for me to draw to fill a page, i kind of wonder if this is a result of always having kind of limited supplies - or if its like. ok, listen. storytime. as with a good amount of my storytimes its pretty shit!

when i was in grade school i’d get in trouble a LOT. i don’t remember why, real inane shit, probably - i don’t remember much in the way of being belligerent or misbehaving outright but i do remember being often admonished / receiving ISS & even corporal punishment completely against my family’s wishes for the crimes of - horrid grades, missing assignments, a total lack of paying attention. oh, and drawing in class.

yall i got intimidated and treated like a lil demon child so many times just for having the gall to doodle

so, often i’d be in trouble, right, so when that happened i’d have to sit alone away from my peers at the ‘everyone look at the pariah over in the corner at that table alone’ table, and i’d be kinda digging the quietude and lack of social jockeying, but also id be bored to shit. And ah, naturally you can’t bring your things to pariah lunch, so i can’t draw, except i can and i do because i’d sneak in pencils in my pockets or sleeves and just draw and draw on the napkins. and i could only really draw whole things very very small on those.

so, i don’t know, maybe it got started that way.

um. wow! this rant really got away from me. the moral of this story is that i despise each and every single staff member from my old elementary school.

The black suit is very exciting to see of course but like where did he get this suit and where is my blue and red suit and are we gonna touch some eradicator bullshit or invent him a fortress on the fly or is Zack going to really ruin my life because as I’ve said before my son does not need help coming back from the dead he is fine and can get up on his own schedule you buried him in a completely wooden box, Zack, he photosynthesizes, Zack, he can just bake down there in the soil for 6 months to a year and then knock on his fiancees door and politely ask for his suit back I don’t care that it has a hole in it just don’t fuck me up ok

I just woke up and I don’t feel good. I’m really disturbed with this fandom and how it has become so quickly.

As said, I really don’t tolerate bullshit so if you for one moment thing it’s okay to outright throw shit at people and attack VAs and are shitty in general to shit on people who ship what they do, please for the sake of me and you /leave/. I’m beyond sick of this and really need to see more positive stuff.

I’m disgusted and done.

This Makes Me Happy

So, I recently found out that Exo’s Monster is not the kpop group video who got the most number of viewed within 24 hours. Disregarding PSY, (Who is worldwide king. Not king of kpop but worldwide king) Exo’s Monster stands with 3.84 million views while 2ne1’s Don’t Stop the Music stands with 9.59 million views within the 24 hour mark. Proud BlackJack forever.

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I’ve been pretty much separate from the bullshit that’s going on and intend to stay that way, but I want to reassure my followers; if you don’t like rping with me, don’t think we mesh, or I’ve p’d you off, you can unfollow me, no questions asked. I will respect your decision, you don’t have to tell me why, you won’t get any messages afterwards. 

We all, as players, need to respect each other’s boundaries. If someone unfollows/blocks, yes it might hurt if we’ve RP’d a lot, but they are taking a step for their own safety and emotional well-being. 

What really baffles me is that people with a certain amount of privilege (white ppl, cis ppl, men, etc.) never really step back and go “wait a minute. maybe my personal pov doesn’t let me see the issue at hand here. maybe I need to listen to these [poc, trans* ppl, women, etc.] to at least hear their side of the story.”

That almost never happens. What happens instead is, by default, “there is no problem and these [n***rs, tr***ys, femnazis] are crazy.” or “these Others ARE the problem.”

How fucking hard is it to not be a dick? How hard is it to admit that your pov is limited?


made quite a bit of new shit; couple of extra farms, some BEES, a tent, a pet boid, and built a meat effigy and the Prestihatitator

just need to go insane to create the Shadow Manipulator YAAAAYYYYY  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ