and i don't mean you lovely people of tumblr

god fucking bless tumblr user @gatheringbones, who when I said “hey I need something to listen to on a long car trip” replied “hey, check out this podcast about space and people being quintessentially human, which means angry and vicious and loving and protective and all the shades of complicated moral feeling in between, but mostly just human”

(which is my invitation to listen to to the wolf 359 podcast if you have not already, because it has been the saving grace of my last few weeks, and there is no salve to a shattered love for humanity quite like a story about how relentlessly rebelliously good we can be) 

  • Someone: *ships something I don't ship*
  • Me: That's awesome, man. Good for you.
  • Someone: *proceeds to bash and ridicule other ships*
  • Me: What the heck, man! Not effing cool!

I’m really glad to have been wrong about Split (well, more like misled, the advertising paints a different picture) and I’ll tell you why.

What I’ve seen from tumblr and the small Split fandom in general is not fear for those of us with DID. I’ve seen childish “haha tumblr is so easily triggered! I’m edgy!!” posts here and there but the thoughtful posts vastly outnumber those. I see understanding and a willingness to learn. I’ve talked to more people about DID in the last week than I have in a long while, even on my DID sideblog.

I, and more importantly we, never felt comfortable talking about it on our main. We’ve had this account for over 5 years and have barely mentioned it. We felt ashamed, like people wouldn’t understand us, or think worse of us. But here we are talking openly about it and people are listening.

Thats one of the best things is people are listening. Split has brought attention to DID. Is there misinformation in the film? Sure. Is it dramatized? Yup. Does it put DID on a weird pedestal? To me, yes. But have people walked out feeling sympathy for Kevin and his system, wanting to learn more? Yes they have. I’ve yet to read a single post that says they are now more scared of systems after viewing the movie. And I think most people who view the film are mature enough to realize the supernatural aspect of the movie caused those events to occur, not the disorder itself.

I would love someday for there to be an excellent portrayal of DID as it actually is. Split was never meant to be that but the struggles Kevin, Barry, Hedwig, Dennis and Patricia go through (outside of the Beast) are something we can relate to. And if it gets even 10 people to look into DID and understand us we’ll take it.


“In the comics, there’s a, again, I don’t know how much further you’ve read, but there’s a period of time where Bucky takes the shield and becomes Captain America. Do you think you’d be possibly ready to take that on if that happens somewhere down the line in the Marvel films?” (x)

See? This is one of the, er… things I love… no, like about Sebastian Stan, his, er… snap-to efficiency and… er… concise way to… express, his clarity and his way to, er, get to the point, and… er…just get it out there, his views, and his… feelings about the… big questions.

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You and forovnix are basically my favorite people on Tumblr rn, ngl. Also, I just started Centripetal Force, and I'm officially hooked on your fics. Your writing is so good!

@forovnix *whispers* we are somebody’s favorite people can u believe!!! hype <3

Ahh I’m so glad you’re enjoying CF and thank you so much!!! :D :D

psa: just because you can’t afford merch doesn’t mean you aren’t a “good” or “real” fan 

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Whatever you think of antis, this is the kind of messages they're getting: badships[.]tumblr[.]com/post/158482800260/so-u-were-born-a-girl-but-u-r-trans-and-feel-like. My friend is a trans man and a kylux shipper. He left the fandom because he got this same stuff in his inbox. I'm pan and cis and a woman, but I stay out of kylux because the casual homophobia makes me uncomfortable. I don't agree with the way antis throw words like Nazi around. But your fandom has some cleaning up to do.

That’s very sad, and I would like to say that if whoever has been sending stuff like that is reading this, can you please fucking stop it. But it has exactly zero to do with me. The entire kylux fandom is not my responsibility. I know I’m not homophobic or transphobic, and I know the people from this fandom I would call friends aren’t either. This fandom does has its problems, but I don’t think it warrants the over the top hate-mongering that the anti blogs engage in. 

I would be careful trusting anonymous messages at face value. I’m not saying b*dships isn’t being harassed, but I wouldn’t put it past them to send messages to themselves to make the fandom look bad, as antis have done that in the past. And that message looks like a parody of what you think of when you imagine a transphobe. Sorry if that makes me super duper problematic, but it’s just my genuine opinion. 

I’m not discounting what happened to your friend, because I know that stuff like that does go on, but I would trust b*dships as far as I could throw them. Which is not very far. 

Sometimes, effort is not enough at all. Or should I say, it means nothing to some people. No matter how many times you break yourself, no matter how hard you try to reshape yourself, to cut your pieces in order to fill in the voids of another soul, it will not work at all. Because if it does not fit, it will not fit no matter what you do.
—  L.W. // Some people just don’t fit in your life

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I’m well aware that, even among my own followers on tumblr, some people just do not like me. I’m a bit…. overzealous??? To put it nicely??? I get super excited about this or that thing, and if it’s a creative project, I end up taking utter control of it’s direction without meaning to, until other people feel pushed out or inseconsequential. I have a lot of big ideas, and love making connections or coming up with solutions to problems; but it means I’m annoying to have in a group, and unbearable in some aspects to have in a fandom.

As it stands, I will probably walk to the house of the next person to use the main digimon tags to argue about Hurricane Touchdown’s canon status, just to watch the light go out of their eyes as I stand over their unmoving body with a shiv.


For now I’m into undertale, Kingdom Hearts and some anime like owari no seraph, katekyo hitman and others. Yes I know I don’t draw well but I’m trying my best here and I know that nowadays people don’t post a lot of arts made on I mean the sketches and drafts are on paper but then they correct them on computer but since I don’t have a scan I can only do so much sorry. I’M NOT SAYING THAT ARTISTS SHOULDN’T DRAW ON COMPUTER HECK MOST OF MY FAVOURITE ONES ON TUMBLR DO IT LIKE THAT SO DON’T MISUNDERSTAND MY WORDS. Well see you soon ^^ (this is one of my best drawings so far)

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But I swear to god I don’t think I’ve ever come across a more gross characterization than of the whole “Snape just wanted to bang Lily!!1111!!!!” situation.

I mean – what, what – when … did you … when did this assumption come about? When did people begin to feel this way about Snape? Okay, so, two things:

First, this was the case, JK Rowling, a strong, well-educated woman would never be so fond of him as a character. Because, if you haven’t noticed, JK Rowling is a writer who is capable of hating her own characters when they deserve it. She despises Umbridge, and hasn’t really spoken on Peter Pettigrew’s behalf (that I can remember). If that’s all Snape ever was, she wouldn’t have Harry relate to him as he does, he wouldn’t have named Lily’s grandchild after him, so many things wouldn’t have happened if that’s all Snape ever was. Just because he is that to you does not mean that that is the reality of his character, nor is it supported in canon or anywhere outside of fanfiction where his character is vastly OOC.

Second, and this is the most important – WHEN have you ever seen a man who just wanted to have sexual relations with a woman do the things Snape has? Dedicate the rest of his life and any potential future happiness he could have had to said woman? Spend his life protecting her child who looks like the man who, besides his father, that contributed to a great deal of his unhappiness and misery?

Insist that they were friends, best friends, and supposedly leave her alone for the rest of her life?

Any man (or person in general) looking for a conquest would have moved on to easier pursuits.

Personally, I feel like Snape was in love with Lily and was not asexual, but If  you did want to think that his love was intense yet platonic, and that he was asexual, I wouldn’t fight you in a second; Snape is not a lewd character, nor is he a sexual one. And just because it is a series for children does not mean we couldn’t have gotten a hint of sexual attraction from Snape without being inappropriate (hell, maybe we did; I’ll go back to The Prince’s Tale and see if I can nitpick on this subject)

The logic is sick, and severely lacking in compassion or empathy or … or anything I can get behind.

This is too much, I’m in tears. In the Flesh is was one of the most important shows on television, even if you’ve never seen this show; you’re probably aware from all of the people on tumblr just how amazing it was. I’m devastated; I can’t comprehend the fact that it’s gone. However, the BBC’s decision doesn’t affect how much I love the show and it doesn’t affect how much this show means to me so this blog is still going to remain an 80% ITF blog.

alright punks listen up

I get that a lot of people ship Clintasha or Bucky/Nat or whatever. I get that. Good for you. But just because you don’t ship Bruce/Natasha does NOT MEAN you get to send hate to the actors! IT DOES NOT MEAN you get to go to Mark’s tumblr and send him crap about it and complain about how much you don’t like it.

The actors don’t make these kinds of decisions, and even if they did, sending them hate does NOTHING except make you look like a whiny two year old. These are actual people here, real, breathing, people. If you don’t like what’s going on in the movie, that’s okay, no one expects you to like all of it.


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So I never do these, but I feel like I should in honor of New Years. I shed a ton of people in 2015, so I feel like this means a lot more since I’ve officially decided that I won’t waste time on people I don’t care about, so if I’m still paying attention to you, you must be awesome.

Bold is for people I consider my tumblr friends (the ones I actually talk to).

Everyone else just has a really awesome blog and I really hope I get the chance to get to know you better this year.

Thanks for everything guys!

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If I missed anyone, you have permission to come yell at me. (Unless you changed your url. Then I blame you. JK. mostly…)

Am I the only one who’s really bothered by Tumblrs attitude towards Meghan Trainor?

So what, she said she didn’t consider herself a feminist, but to be fair, how many people outside of this website actually know what feminism really means?

And she’s been getting a lot of shit for the line “boys like a little more booty to hold at night” which I don’t get because when AATB first came on all of tumblr LOVED it. But when someone posts something along those lines it gets THOUSANDS of notes???

Just saying some of you are being awful hypocritical towards her.

Also: “According to Trainor, Title was developed as a "very honest” album for all ages, and its writing reflects on the changes in her life and in her artistic process. The singer intended the album as a source of empowerment for youth, writing songs she said she wished she had before going into high school.“

The Title EP includes a song called "Close Your Eyes” which I think yall should take a listen to before you start hating on her