and i don't like bashing either

can ppl be upset without getting shit for it? touka and ken literally just had sex. let the ones who either don’t ship it/don’t appreciate it/don’t understand it grieve or process this. this is not to say, let people bash it.

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Tbh... Frances and Madam Red let a traumatized 12 y/o orphan live alone with a complete stranger, it's not that strange that they didn't ask about the twin, if he's real. It's not the first forced situation we have in this manga but oc the fandom will bash Yana only for this bc they don't like the 2CT.

Yeah, that’s a good point. I guess it was either one big plot convenience (which isn’t that unusual in fiction) OR there was some drama between Sebastian and Frances (considering her personality I don’t think either she’d just let a complete stranger like Sebastian become her beloved nephew’s butler without any background check), but it all happened off-screen, i.e. Yana didn’t show us those scenes (yet).

There were a lot of flashback scenes in the story so far (Madam Red’s Cinematic Record in ch10, Kelvin’s flashback in ch31-32, Lizzy’s flashback in ch58, Sebastian’s Cinematic Record in ch61-63) which make us believe we already know quite everything about Ciel’s past, when in fact, we actually know very little about him and his family, and there still are a lot of things that have yet to be explained/shown. We have to keep in mind that we have never seen a “complete” flashback/Cinematic Record, but only “fragments” of it. So maybe some important scenes were missing on purpose (e.g. people asking about Ciel’s twin or about Sebastian’s past before he became Ciel’s butler).

Anyway, I really think we should just wait and see. Maybe there’ll be an explanation for everything and we’ll see a complete version of Sebastian’s Cinematic Record or someone else’s flashback with all those missing scenes someday!! :D

About the bashing though, some people “bash” Yana for every trivial thing they don’t like/agree with anyway^^; I remember that one user in the old BB forum once accused her of being racist™ for giving 2CT hints that are only understandable to Japanese readers, which is, of course, totally ridiculous… (I mean if Yana is racist™ for including verbal hints that only work in Japanese language, then so is J. K. Rowling for the “Tom Marvolo Riddle/I am Lord Voldemort” anagram which btw doesn’t work in Japanese at all lol)
So yeah, basically what I wanted to tell you is to not take those bashings of some people too seriously, it’s just waste of time xD

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Okay, so I hear people saying that no one likes Karamel because we don't have a high amount of fics on Ao3. However, 95% of my friends love him/the couple, you guys trended 4 times already? Almost 4 million views on YouTube, and in many of them we can see who came from tumblr to bash because they look like whining kids who have no life and the highest amount of people like him in there. So what's the truth?

The truth is that in Tumblr the world is either in black or white, is the place where minorities can be heard but they think that just because they’re from a minority that excuses bullying. Everyone has the right of wanting more wlw represantation, there’s a huge lack of it, but this is not how you get it. At all. If I wrote SG I would never get bullies what they want, like ever. You don’t get what you want by harassing people, in the real world if people do something like that they will hear until they die, in the real world people like this will end up highly disappointed because in real life no one has to hear people that have no respect for others. So they either get a grip on themselves or they will learn the hard way, their choice. 

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are there any halsey songs you like, other than Castle? lots of her songs are a bit too much for my taste, but castle is awesome

Sooooo I JUST FIND CLEAN VERSIONS OF HER MUSIC ON YOUTUBE. XD Same thing with Melanie Martinez. 

But you know, I’m not super into a lot of Halsey music either? One song that I REALLY love but have to use the clean version for, is Gasoline. I love that song SO MUCH. Oh! And Colors! I love that one too, that was the first Halsey song I ever heard, it was with that really epic Gravity Falls comic. 
The Gasoline one I heard in like my favorite Shiro amv. I’ll link both of them so you guys can see. :D

Also here is the link to that clean version of Gasoline I like:

I really like how they edited it, they doubled the words over and I think it sounds cool and dramatic, LOL.

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Ok, so I looked through the tags of anti mcu & anti dceu and for the anti mcu tag I saw nothing but people bashing the fans for liking marvel and saying they’re disrespecting DC fans. So I go and look in the anti dceu tag and all I see are people stating why they don’t like Batman V Superman. So I don’t see the notion that mcu fans are hostile towards dc fans. It seems to be quite the opposite to me.

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It's a pity to see your own view of Sun and Blake is affecting your charts this way. I always liked the way these kind of things were usually two-sided, both in shipping and in jokes. But since you somehow think it was okay to eavesdrop the most important and intimate scene in Blake's arc, and you don't like her, the jokes on her and Sun's side are basically 'wow Blake is so bad and mean!!'. Not saying those slaps were okay. But the eavedropping wasn't either. He could have just called.

>Sending a message under anon with the intent of bashing my content because you don’t like the way I joked about a character.

Funny thing, that. How people wind up taking comedy so seriously. Have had people message me before about how some jokes aren’t fair to a certain character or how some people were offended by my jokes, well I’ve honestly had enough of it. Tough shit. It’s comedy. It isn’t meant to be fair toward every single character. I go off of what I see in the episode and play it up so that it’s funny. My own views rarely come into play with my charts and that’s always the way it has been. I keep ships out of it unless it happens in the show, so that shouldn’t even be an argument here. Blake was rude to Sun. Should Sun have been eavesdropping? No of course not; but it was, in my mind, much more sensible to joke with Blake here because of how she acted instead of Sun.

This fandom needs to lighten the fuck up sometimes. That’s why I started to make these things, because there’s always so much fighting among people and I wanted to bring smiles to people’s faces. You guys ever watch roasts? The people getting roasted always laugh along even if the jokes are low blows, because they know it’s meant to be comedic and lighthearted and in the end it doesn’t fucking matter.

me: thinks i’m free of the reign hellhole

also me: goes into the mabastianedit tag, sees that bash has confessed to mary that his feelings for her never went away and he’s going with her back to scotland, abandoning his home country for the woman he loves, just like i always predicted he would

me: …..SON OF A—

I wanna point out that I’m a Lucaya fan but I adore Riley, not hate her. I think she’s adorable, really pretty, funny, and Rowan’s getting better and better at portraying her. I would never ever bash her. She’s this bright ball of sunshine and while she’s not always the sharpest tool in the shed I love that about her anyways . 

Any other Lucaya fans love Riley too?

Unpopular-ish opinion?

I don’t see Malide. I really don’t. I honestly feel like Manon and Dorian were set up for something more romantic. I mean, ship what you ship, but I honestly felt like Elide was more the person who made Manon go “feelings aren’t terrible” because Elide was both witchling and human. Like, Elide took a turn that she didn’t expect.

But I never detected anything romantic for them. I saw two girls who cared for each other but not that way.

“You’re just against gay ladies”

No. I swear that I’m not. Before I even got to their book, I honestly thought that they were going to have some really deeply intimate romantically charged emotional moment that was going to make me go “ah there we go”, but I waited. And waited. And waited. And nothing ever jumped out to me that made me really see it in that light. To me, it seemed that Manon just came to have an actual care for Elide and, in the end, saw her as a real friend.

I honestly feel like Manorian is what was set up tbh. Especially near the end. It’s like, Elide paved the way for Dorian, even. Like, Elide helped Manon be open to feelings and that’s being practiced/applied to Dorian. Even Aelin.

I have no super deep feelings for either ship so, while I prefer Manorian because it intrigues me, I also don’t care either way.

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I don't understand why people give you so much shit for drawing Narusaku. Like there are plenty of Naruhina/Sasusaku artists, like idk why these turds come and bother you tbh. You deserve way better treatment imo.

Thank you for your words. I really don’t get it either, just when I upload a Narusaku fanart antis have to always bash me for some reasons… They just look desperate to me… Luckily there are amazing fans in their fandom too. Cheers!

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I really do feel like Lana is very misunderstood, even by her own fans sometimes. Now I obviously don't know her either but I feel like she truly is an artist, and her music and music videos are art and when I see people bash her for romanticising things I don't think that's a reason to bash her, because I think art can be controversial but that doesn't make her a bad person at all. Idk just a thought

Yes.. so much. That’s why I try to respond to things with quotes & like to compile quotes together. I feel like she is SO misunderstood.

“I’ve had despair and grief in my life. In the past four years journalists have always asked me about death, icons and my persona. My own depressions and experiences has gotten miscommunicated as this need to be dark. Actually it’s not my preferred way of being. I love when things go really well. Anyone who knows me knows this.” 

“The thing about me is, coming from an alternative music background and singing for nine years, being basically invisible, I’m so used to writing for myself — and at the end of the day, I do it because I feel like I have to. So when I’m recording or writing, I don’t have other people in mind. It’s not always comfortable for me, but I don’t not say what I want to.”

“First of all, when you’re writing a record alone, you don’t really think about the effect your music is going to have on other people. I’m not really the type of person to condone any behavior that would end up being harmful to anyone else but at the same time I’m not going to limit my lyrical content to things that don’t really relate to me or sing about things just because they rhyme. The further away I get from each record the more space I have to think about whether it’s important to be responsible. I still don’t know.” 

“I just don’t want them to hear it at all,” she says. “I’m very selfish. I make everything for me, kind of. I mean, every little thing, down to the guitar and the drums. It’s just for me… I don’t want them to hear it and think about it. It’s none of their business!”

“I’m really specific about why I’m doing something or writing something,” she says. “But it always kind of gets translated in the opposite fashion. I haven’t done it yet, but I’ve learned that everything I’m going to do is going to have the opposite reaction of what I meant. So I should do the opposite if I want a good reaction.”

Okay let’s talk about art a little.

I’ve gotten some criticisms (and complaints) and was linked to some websites/art forums/other forums where others had strong opinions about my art style, so I feel like a little explaining is in order !

  • “Maryne’s art is too child-like/all characters looks the same”

True and true. 

But I have to point out that it’s part of a trick that a lot of artists, especially on the internet, use all the time. 

“Sacrificing quality for quantity”

Most of you know me by now, and know how invested I am on social medias and how often I post very long or short comics and basic illustrations. 

My posting pace is one of the reason why this blog works, and this blog working means publicity, which is super important for an artist. But you also know that I have a job and a life of my own, and while I’m a lot on tumblr (working, tumbling and watching shows at the same time is a skill of mine), drawing for it is a thing I only do on my free time.

Summary: I gotta post a lot, and I gotta do it fast!

So while most of my art looks like that:

When it comes to my job or serious personal projects, it looks a little more like that:

10 minutes against 45 minutes.

(Also note that it’s traditional art = scanning + cleaning takes tiiiime and you can’t correct your mistakes)

When people expect a 30 panels long comic for tumblr and I have to do it on my free time, you understand why I choose the first option (although it’s usually a little bit better looking than that :’)).

So, I could post “adult looking” art, but then I’d have to post only 2 or 3 things per weeks instead of 6 or 7. 

I do understand how off putting it can be when I draw NSFW stuff, though. I’ll remember that and take extra care and time into NSFW pieces from now on (so of course, expect less of them).


  • “Her angst is weak and she tries too hard”

This is actually true, especially for the “Where is Carmilla” one. I was new to the fandom when I posted “How is Laura”, and it was linked to a tragic event on the actual show, meaning: I had the element of surprise, hence why it worked so well. After that, everyone expected me to do another and another and another, but all the effect was lost + telling that big of a story in only 30 panels didn’t work, and to be honest I didn’t have the time or energy to add 30 other panels. Same for “Who is Angie”.

The “Perry is grounded” one was clearly just a joke so it doesn’t really matter.

While I feel sad when I read things like “her storytelling is shitty”, I do understand where it comes from but also know that you guys can’t really judge that by the work I post on tumblr. But I do get it and hope that one day you’ll hold one of my personal graphic novels and give me an honest judgement :)


  • “She does a lot of english mistakes”

I am french guys HAVE MERCY. Hell, there must be like 40 on this post alone. But I’ll make sure to find a beta among my english speakers friends, if it can make you all enjoy my work a little better! :)


  • “Her characters doesn’t look like the characters”

That’s not how things works, everyone has their own style and while I could make them actors-like, I just don’t want to.


I think I got everything.. the rest of what I’ve seen isn’t worth talking about.


All of this is not me being bitter, I do enjoy criticism when it’s actually helpful and intelligent, which from what I’ve read, it was, most of the time. Criticism leads to amelioration and while some things were just gratuitously mean, some other things were helpful :)

All of that to say, I’ll never stop trying to be better, either for my personal work or for you all in here. Also you are all the best, thanks for sticking with me and my antics.

- Maryne

About the comic

Look. It’s all fun and games to joke about the lateness but please for the love of God be patient and understanding! Comics are hard (esp long good ones) and something may have occurred that caused another setback.

Also, please be kind to Mr. Pinkerton. Don’t you dare send him any hate or bash him because guess what? Nothing works out perfectly, dates aren’t always correct, and the man is under some real stress. I know it’s getting ridiculous. I know. But please be strong a little bit more and cut him some slack 

Be thankful he’s making it in the first place ya know? Valve could easily decide to stop making the comic.

But seriously, Connor and Michaela have been set up as being extremely similar from day one.  That’s why they’re rivals.  They’re both smart, elitist, bitchy, competitive, and impossibly good looking.  When it came out that Michaela’s fiancé had had a thing with Connor, I wasn’t surprised at all, because obviously if you’re in love with Michaela, Connor would also be your type.

More than just sharing personality traits, they do similar things in similar time spans.  They were the two standouts in the first episode.  Michaela was unnecessarily mean to Laurel, calling her by the wrong name, minutes before Connor was unnecessarily mean to Wes, with the whole, “You have friends?” thing.  They are both constantly throwing smug looks at each other when one shows the other up.  Judging by the flash forwards, they both lose their heads in crisis situations, which is so interesting because they’re both normally so confident and poised.

Like, I understand if you dislike both of them, because they’re both kind of unpleasant people, and I wouldn’t want either of them as a friend, but there is no legitimate reason to like Connor and not Michaela.

I’ve recently come to the realization that I’m not genetically blessed with the perfect figure and I straight up don’t have the desire to eat super healthy and don’t have the time or energy to exercise regularly either and as a result I have no cute bikini photos to post and I catch myself spending hours on Instagram wishing I had others’ bodies but honestly fuck all that because it’s totally okay to not have a naturally ideal body frame and to simply decide that efforts to change your lifestyle in any ways that would improve your looks aren’t for you. (There’s nothing wrong with opting to eat healthier and exercise more either, of course.)

Love yourself for who you are and the decisions you’ve made to better yourself and the lives of others, not for what size or shape you come in or the decisions you make that help achieve a flat stomach.


|| youcancallmeorangelightning || continued from here! ||

   How could she forget, he could see through her bad lying skills from a mile away. The snarky comeback had the mechanic shooting him a look, eyelids lowered as she went to glare at him through her peripherals. 

But the image of ever-scowling Torn in a pretty pink dress with fairy wings was entirely amusing.

Puffing out a breath, she awkwardly turned her head away, refusing to look at the ginger as he insisted on giving her the damn jacket. In an attempt to veil the timidness she felt with the gesture, she opted for a pout instead, frozen still as the warmth began radiating into her skin. 

To be honest, it felt like heaven right now– letting slip a subtle sigh of contentedness, shrugging it a little closer to herself. Stupid, dumb Daxter, having to be nice of all things! 

Head mostly bowed down, she had to glance up at him, making her look more shy than angry like she had wanted to. A tank top– that’s all he had underneath?! She was right– he needed this too!

“ Either you’re telling me you’re not strong enough or I’m too heavy, and it better not be the latter! “ A sharp warning, trying to ebb the bashful quality she’d taken on.

“ And really– you’re one to lecture me! Look at what you’re wearing! I doubt you’ll make it far, either! “

When I See Other People Unnecessarily Bashing Other Peoples’ Headcanons and Fanworks

I’m just like

Really? You have nothing better to do with your time than wreck others?