and i don't know why people can't love both

My favorite thing that Cory said is that a person doesn’t have to define themselves as gay/queer in order to fall in love with the same sex; you just love them cause well, they love you and accept you!

Cory is one of those people who doesn’t want to be put in a box and just be who he is and take what life has to offer; fluid.

.. But hey what do I know cause people just assumed he’s closeted because of not wanting to label himself like I feel so offended and this is shit I think of everyday.


What happened to Beth,
I will carry that with me forever.

Current muse: Curly Prince Harold with doodlie-angel-wings. I’m pretty sure Angel Harry is somewhere on the list there… he’s prolly top 1, I wouldn’t even be surprised to be honest. :D

A Dialogue on Polyamory - From Alt.Polyamory
  • Person: "Are you seeing my friend or this other girl?"
  • Me: "I'm seeing them both".
  • Person: "So you're cheating on them?"
  • Me: "No. They both know; we're all friends and we're happy that way."
  • Person: "Well, which do you love?"
  • Me: "I love them both."
  • Person: "Which do you love more?"
  • Me: "I don't understand the question. They're different people. How do you measure?"
  • Person: "Why don't you commit to one of them?"
  • Me: "Why can't I commit to both of them?"

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I don't know why but I just can't find any link to page I could donate you guys ... - So do you have any patreon or stuff like that?

Oh we don’t have anything like that :D We just take in moral support! Seeing people excited/happy about the comic keeps us going! <3 However, I did make a list sometime ago about artists I love a lot that need support!

Both of us work quite good jobs and draw for fun! So we just run on our own motivation and peoples reactions to our content. There’s some awesome people like dragonsong544444 who puts the best stuff in the tags which I look forward to every day! :D

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'I Love You' Part 1 :D
  • Aaron: Why are you here?
  • Robert: You just ran off, I didn't know what you were gonna do
  • Aaron: Worried I was gonna blurt it out more like, cause I nearly did you know, I was gonna tell Vic
  • Robert: Do you have any idea how bad that would've been? For both of us
  • Aaron: I don't care anymore I just want it all over with
  • Robert: I wish we could change what happened Aaron but we can't
  • Aaron: I can, by telling people the truth
  • Robert: You think thats gonna make it better? You think Andy's just gonna say thanks? Cause hes not. The only thing we can do is try and find a way to live with this
  • Aaron: That easy is it?
  • Robert: No I didn't say it was but its got to be better than this. I'm the only one you can talk to Aaron, the only one who understands this. You're not alone Aaron. If I had to take a beating to get through to you then it was worth it, I don't want you ending up at the edge of a Quarry again
  • Aaron: You can go now
  • Robert: No I'm not going until I know you won't do anything, cause if I lost you.... cause if I lost you Aaron I couldn't handle it
  • Aaron: You've got Chrissie
  • Robert: Its not enough
  • Robert: I love you
  • Robert: I love you and I can't watch you suffer. So if you want to go tell Andy or Chas about what I did, about Katie then go ahead. Its your choice.
  • Snow: You once asked me to keep a secret. And I couldn't. But now I'm going to ask you to keep one for me ... a secret Emma can never learn.
  • Regina: I can't.
  • Snow: Why?
  • Regina: I promised not to keep secrets from the people I love.
  • Snow: You love Emma?
  • Regina: Don't tell her.
  • Snow *shakes her head*: You tell her. You can't ask me to stay silent about that. If you want to be honest with her then be honest with her. Tell her the truth of your heart Regina. You never know what the outcome will be if you don't try.
  • Regina *smiles*: And you should do the same.
  • Snow: I..uh...what?
  • Regina: Take your own advice dear. We both have secrets that we've kept for long enough. I think it's time we shared them.